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AMC PreVUE: Week of May 31 Edition

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 7:50 PM ET by Errol Lewis

Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of May 31, 2010.

Editor’s Note: “All My Children” is currently bumping forward in episodes due to a presidential press conference which interrupted ABC programming on Thursday, May 27, 2010.


Ryan bares witness to a heated moment between David and Greenlee and reports the news to Jackson. Jackson asks Jesse for a favor. Brot has flashbacks of his time in Iraq and freezes up. Ryan and Greenlee agree to attend Jake and Amanda’s wedding separately. Tad keeps working on making Damon feel like he is part of the family. Colby asks Tad to talk to Liza about Damon as she wants her mother to see in him the way she does. JR catches Annie stealing from the mansion. Marissa looks to her father to help her get Annie out of her life and marriage.

Memorial Day Episode
“All My Children” Episode #10331 (original air date 02/15/10) — Greenlee’s sudden return from the dead sends shockwaves through the assembled guests, who soon take their leave with the exception of Ryan. Ryan’s speechless over Greenlee’s intention to marry David let alone on Valentine’s Day of all days. Ryan tells Greenlee he never stopped loving her and is dismayed she kept the fact that she survived the accident from him. Greenlee defends David, insisting he’s the one who’s going to take care of her now. Jack wants nothing more than to see David behind bars but Jesse points out he hasn’t really committed any crimes. Annie crashes the now non-wedding and is stunned to see Greenlee.

The Inside Story: Erica Kane is a Survivor
On Tuesday, June 1, Greenlee finds her father holding a gift intended for her archnemesis, Erica Kane! On Wednesday, June 2, an alive Erica finds herself near death after just surviving a horrific plane crash and in serious need of medical attention, but what happens on Friday, June 4, may cause dire consequences for any future she may have with Jackson Montgomery. Meanwhile, David tries to find out where Erica is on his own before anyone else does. Why the worry Dr. Hayward? Will Jackson be able to find Erica in time to claim her as his wife, again?

A Closer Look: Madison on Fire
On Wednesday, June 2, Jesse tries to save a trapped Madison who is stuck in a burning suite in the Pine Valley Hotel starting with the Tuesday, June 1 episode, which is ironically just after Ryan accepts her offer to a date. The question is, who or what started the fire? After finding out what happened to her, Ryan goes to see Madison on Thursday, June 3 and asks her to move into the Casino until she finds her footing again. Madison accepts Ryan’s invitation to join him as his date to Jake and Amanda’s wedding on Friday, June 4.

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