AMC PreVUE: Week of March 29 Edition

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Friday, March 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

( — What does your heart reveal?


On Monday, March 29, well aware that Ryan is within hearing distance, Greenlee declares her love for David. Greenlee insists to David that she really does have feelings of love for him. David tells Greenlee how he really feels. Tad encourages Ryan not to give up. David reveals the reason he doesn’t want Greenlee at his trial to Liza. Greenlee is determined to find out the details surrounding her accident. On Wednesday, March 31, the anxiety of both being working parents proves to be a little too much for Jake and Amanda to handle. JR uses Annie’s fear about his knowledge of her and Colby’s latest antics to inch closer to his skeptical step-mother. Marissa’s illness clears the way for JR who takes his plot to the steps of Congress. JR’s manipulations appear to be paying off as Annie begins to open up to him on Thursday, April 1. Tad and Krystal help Ryan catch a pilfering Craig in the act at the casino. Ryan offers Tad the newly vacant casino manager position.

The Inside Story: This Used To Be My Playground
JR takes notice of his father’s affection for Brooke. It’s just like old times when Erica and Brooke run into each other at BJ’s on Tuesday, March 30. Jack surprises Erica with a declaration and a kiss. Adam dreams that Brooke is the woman he’s sleeping besides. Brooke and Jack catch up. Jack questions if Brooke’s concern for Adam goes beyond friendship. Opal urges Erica to give in to her feelings for Jack. Jack offers Krystal a job at his new law office. Brooke admits to Adam that empty nest syndrome may be playing a part in her need to care of him. Adam remains wistful about Brooke. Jack challenges Erica to cut the crap and go out on a date with him on Thursday, April 1. On Friday, April 2, Adam confesses to Brooke that he needs her. Erica and Jack’s progress goes out the window when Jack asserts that Greenlee needs to be told that Kendall was behind her accident.

A Closer Look: Wrong Way on a One Way Track
Tad arranges for Damon to take a job as an intern at Fusion. Damon grows frustrated and takes off when he’s unable to complete the assignment Randi hands him. Tad is confounded by Damon’s behavior on Monday, March 29. Damon leaves Tad in his dust after explaining that he’s a high school drop out. Tad is anxious to find Damon who takes refuge with Colby. On Wednesday, March 31, Angie tries to broker a cease-fire between Tad and Damon. Damon’s effective touch with a troubled teen at the hospital doesn’t go unnoticed by Angie. Colby offers Damon her assistance. Tad is frustrated by his inability to bond with Damon, who once again runs from his responsibilities. Damon puts several lives in jeopardy when he text messages while driving on Friday, April 2.

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  • Erica is determined to keep Greenlee away from Kendall and the truth. (Soap Opera Weekly)

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