OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

The truth is closer than you think.
Sunday, April 6, 2008 10:44 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — The person out to destroy Buchanan Enterprises is revealed.


Clint meets with Calvin Jenkins, who appears to have it out for Buchanan Enterprises. Lindsay informs Dorian of all she’s done to help BE. Dorian, meanwhile, is revealed to be partners with Calvin. Viki confronts Clint with a distasteful article about him that Todd plans on running in The Sun. Much to Viki’s dismay, however, Clint admits that most of what Todd says in the article is true. Meanwhile, Clint asks Lindsay to search for dirt on Calvin. Dorian has Calvin completely under her control. Calvin comes to the realization that Dorian will stop at nothing in order to exact her revenge. Dorian, meanwhile, looks forward to seeing both Clint and Viki destroyed. And later, while doing Adriana’s dirty work, Dorian discovers from her PI that Brody Lovett really does exist.

With Langston by her side, Starr receives the results of her home pregnancy test. Cole suspects that Langston isn’t being truthful about Starr. Natalie spies Jared telling Cole that he understands how it feels to not be able to be with the woman you love. Starr breaks down in Blair’s arms after having a dream about Cole. Langston keeps Starr’s secret. Cole and Markko suspect that Langston and Starr are hiding something. Langston worries about what Starr will do now that she is pregnant. Langston and Starr are thankful for one another. Meanwhile, Todd discovers that Ramsey is threatening Gigi, and considers joining forces with her in order to bring down Ramsey. Gigi throws Rex a curveball concerning Shane. Todd storms in on Ramsey and issues him an ultimatum. After he leaves, Ramsey beings to wait on and read to an unseen woman. Gigi is remorseful that she will never be able to tell Rex that Shane is his son. Gigi is concerned with Todd informs her that he has already told Ramsey that they have teamed up against him. Rex quizzes Gigi on why she is upset, who tells him that she dreams of having a real family. Adriana grows increasing jealous of Rex’s closeness with Shane.


Viki and Charlie agree that it is too soon to get married, but that he should move back to Llanfiar. Jared reassures Charlie that he won’t take him down with him. Natalie fumes when Jared attempts to put the moves on her. After taunting Jared with the knowledge that she can reveal his secret at any time she pleases, Natalie orders Pamela Stuart to Llanview. Upon her arrival, Pamela is confronted by Natalie who demands to know why she is in cahoots with Jared. Pamela informs her that Jared’s abusive stepfather was her brother. Charlie confesses to Viki the tragic story of Jimmy’s death. Meanwhile, Pamela’s recollection of the events surrounding the boy’s death leaves Natalie shaken. Later Pamela introduces herself to Charlie when she encounters he and Jared at the Palace. Jared informs Pamela of Charlie’s true identity, who then gives Charlie the cold shoulder. The sexual tension is high between Jared and Natalie.


– Blair enjoys her first night as owner of Capricorn.

– Jessica is clueless to the fact that Sarah and Nash are splitting a two-bedroom suite in Napa; Nash and Sarah have a great first day at the convention.

– Cristian is shocked when Nash answers the phone when he calls Sarah’s room.

– Antonio continues to give Talia the cold shoulder and defends Ramsey over John.

– LPD cop Eddie, as well as Cristian, pick up on how close John and Talia seem to have become.

– Cristian informs Jessica of Nash and Sarah’s sharing a suite, and work to convince themselves that they have nothing to be worried about; Sarah and Nash are having a great time in Napa.

– Ramsey sees John kissing Talia, and continues to try to win over Antonio; Ramsey sets up John and Talia for a fall.

– John receives some interesting information concerning Caitlin.

– Marcie and Michael continue to grow apart.

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Monday: Cole blames Todd for ruining Starr’s life; Gigi contemplates confessing to Rex; John and Antonio duke it out.

Tuesday: Adriana spirals out of control with jealousy; Lindsay provides Clint with dirt on Calvin Jenkins; the mood between Sarah and Nash turns awkward.

Wednesday: Ramsey admits to Antonio that he wants John kicked off the LPD; Nora is not pleased with the changes in Clint.

Thursday: Starr and Langston put their desperate plan in motion; John talks Talia into going out on a date; Antonio asks Jessica about her doubts concerning Sarah and Nash.

Friday: Adriana threatens Gigi; Jared is jealous of Natalie’s decision to spend more time with Miles; Cole orders Langston to tell him what is happening with Starr.

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