How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Y&R Recap: Tuesday, September 20, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 20, 2011.


Chloe was overcome with joy when Kevin told her that he was a match as Delia’s bone marrow donor. Kevin failed to get Chloe to remain mum about his being a match, when she shared the news with Victoria. He approached her, asking her to keep quiet, giving the excuse that he was afraid Nick would make it big news in Restless Style. While Victoria didn’t understand why Kevin would want to keep it quiet, she understood. He was on the verge of telling her the truth but Esther’s arrival prevented him. She learned of what he did and couldn’t stop thanking him.

Cane and Jill met one another at Gloworm. She was still upset about Colin leaving with Genevieve. Cane offered his sympathy for her sadness. While they were together, Cane noticed the bottle of wine Jill was drinking. It was from the Atkinson family wine cellar. Katherine’s arrival dampened things when she accused Jill of getting closer to Cane because she didn’t have Billy there. She told Cane he was no better than his father. Tired of Katherine’s meddling, as well as cruel words, Jill blasted her as being a woman that was unable to have a relationship with her own son, rather settling in on a twisted relationship with her instead.

Victor continued to keep a watchful eye of Billy, determined to make sure he stick to the deal they made. Growing frustrated, Billy snapped at him. Billy was stunned to learn that Michael, who showed up, was a participant in Victor’s little scheme. Michael admitted to arranging everything, even making sure to have hired Dr. Renner to perform the transplant. A disgusted Billy was more than ready to hightail it out of the trailer and to the hospital to expose Victor. Victor threatened to expose Billy’s secret. He went on to tell him that Chloe would keep him from Delia if she learned the truth. Billy believed that even if Victoria learned the truth, she would forgive him. When Victor left, Billy opened up his laptop, he stared at images of Victoria. He soon started to daydream of Victoria coming to the trailer. In his daydream, she told him how much she needed and missed him. He tried telling her what he did, but she didn’t let him. She begged for him to never leave. Snapping out of he daydream, a sad Billy realized that he wouldn’t be a hero.

Still trapped in the wine cellar, Colin bemoaned that Genevieve made sure to keep him fed. Gloria, in the meantime, babbled on about herself and her fabulous sons, as well as how a bookie business was being done at Gloworm. Colin chose to ignore her when she requested he share his past with her. He stumbled on to a safe during his search. Before Gloria could see it, he covered it up. After drinking more wine, Gloria passed out, leaving Colin making his way back to the safe. In the meantime, Cane showed up at the Atkinson house and headed downstairs to the wine cellar. Gloria, nor Colin heard his knock on the door.

At Tucker’s apartment, a contrite Abby told Ashley it wasn’t her intention to get her into trouble. She, however, didn’t hold back in her belief that Tucker was a murderer. A furious Ashley told Abby that when she tries her best to hurt Tucker, she is also hurting her. Tucker, meanwhile, was telling Devon to be on his guard when it comes to Katherine. She was only using him to get back at Tucker. Devon, however, didn’t take his words too seriously. Tucker left and headed back to the apartment, where he overheard Ashley and Abby’s conversation. He interrupted their conversation and blasted Abby for what she did to her own mother. He told her if she didn’t like the two of them together it was too bad. Ashley soon hopped on the bandwagon and Abby that either she accept their relationship or stay out of her life. Abby chose to walk out of the apartment. Alone together, Tucker questioned Ashley’s interrogation with Ronan, but she shared about how she was in the park the night of Diane’s murder. They each promised one another that no matter what, they wouldn’t keep things from one another.

At the hospital, Kevin learned that Michael was the one that helped Victor set up the faux donor. He told him he wanted it to be him because he knew that his heart truly belonged to Delia. Jill and Cane soon arrived, learning of Kevin being a match. Chloe wanted to celebrate her daughter having a donor. When she spotted Victoria outside Delia’s hospital room, she realized she was still trying to get in contact with Billy. She told Victoria that she had to give up on believing that Billy would do the right thing, because it only led to disappointment. She told Victoria that Billy would never be allowed back into Delia’s life. Once Chloe left, Victoria sent off the email to Billy. Back at the trailer, Billy got the email and was tempted to write back. He again had another daydream, but this time, Victoria wasn’t at all pleased to see him, telling him that he shouldn’t have returned.

At Gloworm, Abby vented to Devon about how Ashley once again chose Tucker over her. She said that as far as she was concerned she didn’t want to see her mother or be in her life. Devon lectured her, telling her that she needed Ashley in her life. He told her it was time to stop hurting her mother and take the high road.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

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  • Gloria sees the dark side in Colin
  • Avery tells Sharon to get ready to be shredded by Adam’s testimony

Y&R Recap: Monday, September 19. 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, September 19, 2011.


Abby went to Victor to tell him the latest drama she created for herself. She shared with him how she wore a wire for Malloy in an effort to catch Tucker admitting he killed Diane Jenkins. She told Victor how she instead Malloy overheard her conversation with Ashley about the night she was in the park. Victor told Abby to stop confiding in others, but do so with family. He assured her he would take care of everything.

Ashley was still upset that Abby wore a microphone. Tucker asked how she responded to being found out, but Ashley shared that Abby took off before they could talk. He guessed that she was scared about something other than being lectured. He gave Ashley a heads up on Ronan trying to get in contact with her. Just then the phone rang. She told him she was going to go see him, while he kept a eye out on if Abby returned or not. When she reached the police station, Ronan played her ‘confession’ for her. He wanted to know what if she called Nick in order for him to help her get rid of Diane’s body. When she refused to answer him, he pulled the bloody rock out of drawer, placing it in her hand. He wanted to know how many times she hit Diane over the head with the rock until she was dead.

Kevin lectured Billy for sneaking out to see Delia. He warned Billy that by doing it would only make things worse for Delia, especially if he’s trying not to be found out by anyone. When Billy agreed, Kevin started to wonder what he could possibly be up to. Billy didn’t hide his frustration at not being able to see his daughter. Kevin wanted to know what Victor had on Billy, but Billy kept quiet. Back at the hospital, Chloe read to Delia, who complained of a headache. The nurse comes in to take her vitals. She has a slight fever. While Delia is resting, Chloe calls Kevin, leaving him a message.

Jill was having a drink, when she pulled out the note that Genevieve wrote. Still miffed that Colin ran off with his ex, Jill set the note on fire and tossed into the ashtray. As for Colin, he was still locked in the wine cellar with Gloria. Colin slowly learned that Genevieve purposely set him up in order to keep him and Jill apart. A tipsy Gloria babbled about how everyone seemed to focus on Jill. Both questioned the other on who would be looking for them. When Colin went over to a section of the wine cellar, he unwittingly stumbled upon a hidden craps table that lowered down. They realize that there is another hidden area. The go inside, in hopes to see if they can find a way out. Unfortunately, they come up short.

Ronan continued his interrogation, asking Ashley was there to witness Diane’s last breath after taking her life. Ashley told him that she didn’t do anything to Diane. Ronan tossed in that he’s aware that she was angry that Diane was fooling around with Tucker. It’s then that Ashley tells the detective that their conversation is done. As she was heading out, Ronan brought up how Kyle must be wondering who would hurt is mother. He then jabs her with her thinking about her daughter and how hurt she could be. The minute she walks out, he calls to have a police detail tail her. Shortly after placing the tail on Ashley, Victor arrived and told Ronan to leave his family alone. Outside of Ronan’s office, Victor received the call to let him know that the blood work for Billy came in.

Tucker shows up at the Athletic Club and takes a seat across from Jill. Jill shares that Colin took off with Genevieve. Tucker offers a little sympathy. Jill mentions how Tucker not once tried to warn her about what she was getting into when she was set to marry Colin. She bemoans how Katherine will be all over her when she learns what has happened. Tucker doesn’t mince his dislike for Katherine, calling her a ‘busybody’. During their talk, Jill lets slip that Katherine has managed to give Devon a job in the music industry. Tucker can’t believe what he is hearing. Meanwhile, Devon walked into Gloworm and spotted Abby. The minute he approached her, she started in on how she felt about Tucker. Devon changes gears and shares his news about his job.

In Billy’s trailer, Victor arrived to tell Billy that he is a match to save Delia. He then instructs Kevin to head to the hospital to inform Chloe that he matched after all. As for Chloe, she gets a visit from Ronan. She admits that if she weren’t with him in his hotel room, she might have been able to be there for her daughter sooner. She also admits that if she hadn’t fought Billy for custody, he’d still be in town and be there to help his daughter.

Outside of the police station, Ashley hurriedly rips up the photos that were taken of her and Diane, tossing them into the dumpster. While Ashley was hiding incriminating photos against her, Tucker was at Gloworm approaching Devon, curious to know about his job from Katherine.

Billy was overjoyed that he was a match for his daughter, but a cold Victor told him that once she was fully in the clear, he was to leave town. He said both Victoria and Delia would be better off without him in town at all. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kevin gave Chloe the news that he was a ‘match’ for Delia.

Ronan returned back to the police station and was being briefed on Ashley and her whereabouts. The police officer handed him a Zip-loc bag with the shredded photographs. Back at the apartment, Abby waited for Ashley, who wanted to know if she was there to apologize.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

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  • Billy has it out with Victor
  • Kevin gets ready to confess to Victoria

Y&R Recap: Friday, September 16, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, September 16, 2011.


Lauren and Jill met up at Crimson Lights, where Jill complained at how she was once again duped by Colin. Lauren didn’t believe Jill had enough proof, but Jill insisted that if Genevieve wanted to have Colin, she could. She was done. Gloria and Jeffrey were there and stopped at their table. They said they were going down to the hospital to be tested. Jill, in the meantime, was a little taken-aback in Jeffrey openly flirted with her. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, she wasn’t interested.

Jack, Victoria and Chloe were in the hospital room with Delia. They were all talking about Billy together. Victoria excused herself to leave but promised to return. She headed home to have a home cooked meal with Sam. Jack, in the meantime, was still working on finding any leads on where Billy was. He received a phone call and learned that Billy could be in Myanmar. He stepped out of the hospital room, promising Chloe he’d keep her posted if he heard anything. He called Victoria to report the same news to her. After getting off of the phone, Jack ran into Jill, who came with Lauren. Jill wanted to know if Jack was aware that Genevieve took off with Colin on the business trip. Jack told her he wasn’t but it was none of his business. He told her that their concern should be that of Delia. She agreed, and she and Lauren went into the hospital room, where Lauren shared a home video of Fen and Kevin.

Kevin wanted to know why Billy wasn’t at the hospital to see his daughter. Victor, however, did all of the talking, telling Kevin that the two of them would be working together. He took Kevin’s phone from him, to prevent him from making any calls to alert anyone about Billy. He went on to tell Kevin that Billy would have some preliminary tests and if he matched, Kevin would be the faux donor. Kevin told both Victor and Billy that it wouldn’t work, since everyone knew that he didn’t match. Kevin wanted to know what was going on and why Billy was laying low. Victor explained that Billy got into serious trouble and couldn’t simply re-emerge to the family. Realizing that Delia needed to be saved, Kevin reluctantly agreed to help.

Victoria showed up for dinner and marveled over the smell of Sam’ chili. The two dined on chili and a game of Parcheesi. While they were playing, Sam received a phone call and had to take it, leaving Victoria by herself. Sitting there alone, her mind raced to thoughts of Billy and her playing games together. Once off of the phone, Sam and she went back to playing the board game. Victoria did a little victory dance after beating Sam in several matches. An amused Sam challenged her to playing some penny arcade games with him some time. Once again, her mind went back to Billy and the time they shared.

At the Athletic Club, Victor and Jack ran into one another. Jack told Victor about his possible lead, and Victor, said he would ‘look into it’. While he was away, Kevin wanted to know why Billy would turn to Victor for help, when he hated the man so much. Billy, however, wanted to know how Delia was. Kevin told him that Chloe was holding it together. He shared that gave Delia McGruff to her. Billy teared up when he learned that Delia was asking for her daddy. Victor showed back up with a nurse to draw Billy’s blood. He instructed Kevin to go back to the hospital and tell Chloe that the hospital called to have him re-tested. The minute the nurse and Victor were gone, Kevin departed to go back to the hospital. Billy, unable to contain being apart from Delia, also left, sneaking to the hospital to see his daughter.

Victoria decided to leave the house and head to Billy’s trailer. When she peered inside, she noticed it empty. Trying to turn the handle, she discovered it locked. As she stood there, Victor appeared, wondering why she was there. She too, was surprised to see her father there. She shared the news of Jack learning that Billy could be in Myanmar. Victor once again urged her daughter to accept the fact that her marriage to Billy was over. When she left, Victor unlocked the trailer, looking around. He wondered where Billy went off to.

Jack was with Kyle at Crimson Lights. He called Chloe to let her know that he found Billy. He shared with his son that he had to go out of town to bring Billy back home from Hong Kong. An eavesdropping Victor overheard and called someone to tell them that he was glad to see Jack heading out of Genoa City to China.
Kevin told Chloe that he had to be re-tested, which puzzled her. She shared the news that Jack was headed to China to get Billy. When they both headed back to Delia’s room, the little girl told them that she had a dream that Billy was there to visit her.

Jeffrey told Gloria that he had to leave for Las Vegas. He once again flirted with Jill, which annoyed Gloria. She soon received a call from the security company, telling her that she was put down as a person to contact if there was a problem with the security system at Genevieve’s house. Gloria glowed at the notion that Genevieve put her down as someone to keep an eye on things for her. When she arrived, she let herself in, making sure everything was in order. Meanwhile, Colin, who tripped the alarm system, prayed that someone would come. When Gloria came down to the wine cellar, she was surprised to see a drunken Colin sitting in there. Colin hollered for Gloria not to let the door close, but it was too late: Gloria locked herself, along with him, again, in the wine cellar.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Abby goes to Victor for help regarding Ashley
  • Ronan interrogates Ashley
  • Kevin once again asks Billy what Victor has on him

Y&R Recap: Thursday, September 15, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, September 15, 2011.


Chloe was the hospital, tending to Delia, who just returned back to the room from her first round of chemotherapy. Delia received a visit from Kevin, he brought her favorite stuffed animal, McGruff. When she saw the stuffed animal, she asked Chloe if her father was going to come and see her. Chloe said that Billy was away on business but loved her very much. Cane soon showed up, giving the young girl a little stuffed koala bear. He told Chloe he went to be tested but wasn’t a match for the transplant. Kevin, in the meantime, stepped out, promising to come back to see Delia. Alone together, watching a sleeping Delia, Cane asked how Chloe was doing. She vented that she was upset that Billy hadn’t made any attempts to see his daughter. Cane made the suggestion that Chloe give Lily a call, since she too was a cancer patient that beat the odds. Chloe thanked him, along with others for their kindness.

Victoria called the office to talk to Victor but was told that he wasn’t there. When Sam came in with Keely, the dog he gave to Victoria, he asked if she had any news on Delia. She shared that the young girl just had her first round of chemotherapy. He was sure that Delia would survive and pull through. As the two were talking, Jack arrived to see Victoria. Spotting Sam, he offered his hellos and asked how he was doing. Jack was curious if Victor had any luck in locating Billy, but Victoria said she tried calling her father but was told he was out of the office. Sam revealed that when he was at the ranch, he heard that Victor was out of town. She was surprised that he left town. Jack and Victoria soon started to talk about Billy and his not being there for Delia. Jack relayed how he talked to Chloe on his being there for Kyle now that he was without a mother, saying it was similar in some ways for her having to handle Delia’s illness without Billy. Jack departed, determined to find out where Billy was. Sam learned that Victoria hadn’t had much to eat and offered to cook her something. Victoria was touched by how kind Sam was being toward her.

Ronan continued to listen to Ashley’s ‘confession’ as Abby wore the wire. Abby, tried in vain to get Ashley to stop talking about the park, but was soon interrupted when Tucker arrived. He wanted to get things out in the open about her not supporting her mother’s decision of them being together. Still freaked out by what she learned and what she knows Ronan had heard, Abby tried to leave, but Tucker said that she wasn’t leaving until they all talked to one another. Abby soon rushed into their bedroom, locking the door. There, she removed the wire and threw it into her purse. When she re-emerged, and bolted out of the door. Tucker was puzzled by her behavior and wanted to go after her, but Ashley told him to let her go. She was thankful that he was being supportive in repairing their relationship

At the Athletic Club, Victor talked to someone on his cell phone to let them know he made it back in town, and that Billy was also in Genoa City. He headed over to see Victoria, who wanted to know when he was out of town. He fibbed and said it was business. He told Victoria he wasn’t able to find Billy at all. Victoria was crushed by the news. When Victor left, Sam told Victoria that while he was making something to eat for her, she should head to the hospital to check in on Delia. Meanwhile, Jack, who had Billy still on his mind, went to his trailer to see if he might have returned there. Seeing the trailer empty, Jack looked around and spotted a picture of Billy and Delia on the table. Jack silently cursed Billy for staying away when people needed him the most.

When Abby reached to police van, she begged Ronan to turn a deaf ear to what he heard Ashley say. Ronan, however told Abby that he couldn’t do that, and he had a confession. Abby told him that her mother wasn’t a murderer. Ronan told Abby that he had what he needed and that she could leave. He asked for the wire and the microphone. She gave him everything out of her purse, but he asked her where the mic was. She said she didn’t have anything else. Meanwhile, back in the bedroom together, Tucker and Ashley found the mic on their bed. Tucker believed that Abby was the one that was trying to get dirt on him. A furious Ashley said she would take care of her daughter. She called her and told her to meet her at Crimson Light immediately. In the meantime, Abby departed the police van and Ronan instantly put a ‘tail’ on her to see where she would go.

At the hospital, Chloe and Cane still talked, as Delia slept. He was grateful that she treated him a bit better than the others have been since he returned back to Genoa City. Chloe told him that she still wasn’t ready to forgive him for what he put everyone through, but she knew that he cared for Delia. Lily arrived and she too offered to be there for Chloe and Delia in anything they needed. When Delia woke up, Lily shared with the little girl a secret on how to handle the nurses and doctors.

Victor ushered a hidden Billy to come into his trailer. While inside, Billy read up the reports on the bone marrow donors. He didn’t believe he’d be a match for Delia, but Victor believed he would be. A concerned Victor wanted to move Billy from staying in the trailer but Billy didn’t want to leave. Billy was more focused on learning the condition of his daughter. Victor called Victoria and both learned that she went through her first bout of chemotherapy. When he got off of the phone, Billy talked on an experimental procedure. They continued to talk on Delia’s condition but when Billy mentioned Victoria, Victor told him that she was of no concern to him anymore, per the deal they made.

Jack arrived at the hospital to see Delia. He told Chloe he found a picture of Delia and Billy and wanted to show it to her. Chloe objected, saying it would just made it harder for her to understand why her father wasn’t there. She continued to gripe at how Billy was proving to be an uncaring father, but both Kevin and Jack defended him. Jack said if Billy knew what was going on, he’d be there for her. Victoria arrived, and Jack showed her the picture. Victoria, too, thought Delia might like to see it, but Chloe, again was against it. Victoria and Jack both tried to reason with Chloe, saying that with Billy gone, Delia had only the good memories of her father. They both encouraged her not to keep her from seeing the photo. Chloe soon agreed to give the photograph to Delia.

At the trailer with Victor, Billy questioned how they were going to hide that fact of who the donor is if he is a perfect match. Victor told him he had a plan to cover their bases. Billy wanted more information on who else was working with them. When there was a knock at the door, Victor answered it. Both Billy and Kevin were stunned to see one another. Billy was horrified to learn that Victor was going to have Kevin be the faux donor.

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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, September 14, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Wednesday, September 14, 2011.


Jack learned that his shipments in product were not going out as planned and discovered that his workers were staging to slow things down. When Katherine learned of the problems, she laid the blame at Jack’s feet, but he told her he wasn’t to blame for what was going on. Jack soon learned that Tucker was behind trying to sabotage Jabot. When he informed Katherine, she immediately wanted to call him, but Jack said he could handle it. Katherine threw her weight around, pointing out that she was the one in charge. She called Tucker, insisting that he come see her. When she turned around, Jack was gone.

Tucker was happy to see that Ashley was at his home. While she was still upset with him, she soon softened, glad that he was trying to make things right by her. Tucker asked Ashley if they had a chance to try again. He opened up a jewelry box , showing Ashley a huge diamond ring. He wanted the two of them to renew their vows to one another. He wanted to have the wedding that Ashley always wanted. A happy Ashley said yes to his request and the two shared a passionate kiss then proceeded to the bedroom to have sex.

Eden was still having troubles at Crimson Lights, working with the espresso machine. She voiced her frustration to Daniel. Daniel in turn shared his own woes by telling Eden that Lily hadn’t been answering his telephone calls. He believed that she was still upset at him for going to Neil about Cane. As they talked, Eden made Daniel her guinea pig to taste coffee for her. He told her she was improving. As he talked on taking his own advice he was giving to her, Eden told Daniel that it was really up to Lily to come to him.

Cane showed up at Lily’s to see the twins. When she let him in, she told him that the nanny would be there to supervise his visit. When the nanny did arrive, she told her that she had to step out, which disappointed Cane. Talking to the nanny, she told her to make sure not to leave Cane alone with the twins. Cane assured her that he wouldn’t harm their children.

Jill was getting things set in Colin’s room for their romantic evening together. Wondering where he was, Jill called Colin’s phone but received no answer. After waiting for a period of time, a frustrated Jill got dressed and was ready to leave. When she opened the door, a deliveryman showed up at the door to hand her a bouquet of flowers. Assuming that they were from Colin, Jill opened the card that came with them. She fumed when she read a note from Genevieve stating that she knew she could keep Colin from her. As for Colin, who was locked in the wine cellar, realized he was without his cell phone. Berating himself for once again falling for his ex-wife’s antics, he tried to see if he could find a way out. He, unfortunately came up short. With only a corkscrew with him, he decided to down wine, unaware that Jill was there, looking at the open laptop to show two boarding passes out of Genoa City. Jill assumed that Colin went off with Genevieve.

At the Athletic Club, Ronan bumped into Abby. Abby wanted to know when he was going to arrest Tucker for Diane’s murder. Ronan said he didn’t have anything to go on. Abby, however, pointed out again about the poison sumac. Upset that Ronan wasn’t taking her seriously, she huffed off, heading over to see Ashley. When she got there, she asked her why she was packing. Ashley told her it was time for her to move out. Abby thought she was moving at the Abbott mansion but was upset to learn that she was actually moving back with Tucker. She slammed her decision, telling her that Tucker couldn’t be trusted, especially if he killed Diane. Ashley was angry that Abby was back to her accusations and told her she had to go. Abby shot parting words to her mother that she should watch her back. When she was gone, she called Ronan and told him that she wanted to do his original suggestion on wearing a wire to catch Tucker in a lie.

Jack set up a meeting, pretending to be Tucker, in hopes that some of those who were slowing down business would show up. When they did, Jack was honest, letting them all know that he set up the meeting, wanting to know if Tucker was the one that called upon them to sabotage Jabot’s business. They were upset that he lied, but Jacked worked on them by telling them all Tucker’s real motives: he wanted to destroy Jabot because he was bitter that he no longer had control of the company, and was doing it in order to get back at Katherine. After making a few suggestions, as well as a fair business deal with those in attendance, Jack was successful in getting the workers back on track.

Tucker met with Katherine at her office and was happy to hear that Jabot was having problems. He told her if she didn’t give him the company back, he’ll do much more harm to Jabot. Katherine was furious that Tucker would be that spiteful over not having the company for himself. Tucker didn’t care about Katherine’s feelings and once again told her that if she didn’t give him what he wanted, he’ll take great joys in seeing Jabot fall apart. As the two were there arguing with one another, Jack showed up and told both of them about Tucker’s failed attempt at destroying Jabot. He lectured them for using Jabot as a toy to get back at one another. He pointed out to Katherine that he was the one in charge and that he was doing things without any authority from her. An angry Katherine snapped that Jabot was her company and not his. She pushed Tucker out of her way and huffed out of the door. An angry Jack listened as Tucker told him that as long as Katherine had him wrapped his finger, it would always be this way for him. Jack told Tucker that he’d have his help in getting Jabot away from Katherine on the condition that Tucker kept him in charge.

Lily went to Crimson Lights, where she saw Daniel. She immediately called him out for telling Neil about her situation with Cane. She went on to tell him that she couldn’t trust him. Daniel told her he wasn’t going to apologize for caring about her. Unfortunately, Lily didn’t want to listen to him, instead telling him to stay out of her life.

Abby met with Ronan in his van, ready to be wired to get the dirt on Tucker. Ronan instructed her on how to get the information on Tucker, as well as telling her to be calm when she encounters him. Meanwhile, Ashley, who has returned to Tucker’s home, was opening her mail, when she opened up an envelope that had a picture of Ashley and Diane in a struggle in the park the night she was killed. Freaked out, she tried to call Nick but her message went to his voicemail. At that moment, Abby arrived at the door and Ashley opened it, letting her inside. Abby said she stopped over to talk to Tucker, but Ashley told her he wasn’t there. She noticed that Ashley was upset and wanted to know what was going on. A frightened Ashley started to confess that she was scared that what she did the night that Diane Jenkins died would come back to bite her. She admitted to Abby that she was in the park that night. Abby, realized that Ronan was listening to every word she had said, and tried to get her mother to stop talking.

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  • Victor continues to keep Billy at his word
  • Abby tries to make a hasty escape from Tucker’s

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, September 13, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 13, 2011.


Devon met up with Roxanne at the Athletic Club. At the same time, Tucker arrived, where Roxanne learned from Devon that Tucker had fired him. Once Tucker departed, Devon showed her an original painting he planned on putting in his office. At that moment Neil arrived, but was less than thrilled at seeing Devon’s new item. While Neil expressed his wanting Devon to succeed, he was worried that he was getting in over his head. Devon, however, took it as a way of Neil saying that he didn’t fully believe in him.

Heather ran into Adam at the courthouse. He told her his surgery was a success and thanked her or letting him go to get the operation. Adam played on Heather’s emotions by bad-mouthing Sharon, expressing her lack of caring about him and his restored vision. Heather told Adam that she was going to call him to the stand as a witness for the prosecution. Meanwhile, Avery was talking to Sharon about how jury selections. While they talked on the preparation for the case, Avery told Sharon that she wanted to use Adam as a witness for case. Sharon wasn’t sure that was such a good idea.

Genevieve complained to Jack about how Jill passed off her business trip to her. Jack told her he was aware of her giving the job to Genevieve and stated that Jill needed to be there for Delia. Genevieve wasn’t too convinced that Delia was the only reason why Jill didn’t want to go Jack reassured her that once he had complete control of Jabot, she wouldn’t have to worry about Jill. Meanwhile, Colin and Jill were getting cozy when she heard Katherine arriving. Refusing to leave through the back, Colin passed by Katherine. Katherine realized that Jill was still hung up on Colin.

Paul was surprised to see his son Ricky. Ricky said he had to get going downtown to meet his boss for his job, but would meet up with Paul and Heather later to get together. Paul later ran into Devon, where he learned about Katherine giving him a job to head up a new record label. He was surprised that Katherine would do something like that. After briefly congratulating him, Paul walked away, a bit concerned about what Katherine was going.

Avery met Adam at his hotel suite, where she tried again to get him to help support Sharon. When she commented that she could have him pulled as a witness, Adam rubbed it in her face that Heather beat her to the punch. Later, she met Sharon at the courthouse where she shared the news with her. Outside the courthouse, Heather ran into Ricky, who was there. He attempted to try to tell her about his job, but she hurriedly had to leave. When he walked into the court room to hand Avery the list of jurors, Heather looked on in confusion. She soon learned that Ricky was working for Avery. Avery, meanwhile learned that Ricky and Heather were brother and sister.

Paul showed up at Katherine to advise her to not let her anger toward Tucker be the thing that keeps her from telling the truth about Devon. He learned that Katherine was afraid that if she told the truth, Tucker would embrace his son; only poisoning him into being a callous person as he is. Paul told Katherine that many people would be hurt by her hiding the truth; not just Tucker and Devon, but Neil, as well.

Tucker again tried to goad Jack into helping him take Jabot away from Katherine, but Jack wasn’t biting. After seeing Jill at the bar, Tucker tried to sweet talk her into siding with him, even offering her a sweeter position than what she had now. Seeing Tucker trying to weasel her, Jack approached and gave her a warning in not trusting him. Jill departed, leaving the two of them alone so she could get ready to meet up with Colin.

Genevieve lured Colin to see her at her place, where she said she had to messages for him from his Australian business partners. When Colin arrived, he began to wonder what she was up to when she couldn’t produce the messages. He was set to call Jill to tell her it would be a bit before she saw her. Genevieve said she wanted to talk to Jill about the trip and she realized that Colin didn’t tell Jill he was going to see Genevieve. Genevieve offered to get a bottle of wine while he talked to Jill but he demanded her to find the written messages while he got the wine for her. When he went downstairs to get the bottle of wine, Genevieve showed up and proceeded to lock the door. Meanwhile, Jill, unaware of where Colin was, was getting ready for a romantic evening.

Neil stopped by Katherine’s where he wanted to talk to her about her job offer to Devon, pointing out that it was interfering in his parenting his son.

Adam ran into Jack at Athletic Club bar. Jack commented on how despite his eyesight being fully repaired, Adam would still have a “a warped and selfish view of the world.”

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Jill wonders what is keeping Colin
  • Abby warns Ashley to watch her back when it comes to Tucker
  • Lily tells Cane she still doesn’t trust him

Y&R Recap: Monday September 12, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, September 12, 2011.


Nick learned that Avery and Phyllis are sisters. Avery let’s slip that she intended to keep quiet about it the way Phyllis wanted. Phyllis was even more upset to learn that Avery shared the news with Sharon. After she left the courtroom, Nick questioned why Phyllis kept quiet about something so personal. Phyllis didn’t offer up any apologies to Nick for keeping it a secret, telling him that she never had any plans on sharing her past with him. She just had to get away from her home and her past. Nick asked if she had any regrets losing touch with Avery; Phyllis admitted that she didn’t. She said once the case was over, Avery would most likely be gone to live her life, while she could live hers as she always has.

Chloe was with Delia in the hospital, offering up comfort to her. Meanwhile, Billy, who was behind bars in a Burmese prison, was marking down the many days he was there, when the doors opened. Victor walked in, demanding Billy to get up. Billy wanted to know why he was there: Victor said he was there to help get him out, but on one condition: he stay away from Victoria for good.

Adam showed up at the jail to see Sharon to tell her about the surgery he had to repair his eyesight. Sharon asked if he came to see her to rub it in that he was doing well, while she was in jail rotting away. Adam admitted he came back to share the news with her because it wouldn’t have felt real to him unless she knew. Sharon lashed out at him and told him she no longer cared about him; she will never be hurt by him again. As they were bickering, Avery overheard a portion of their conversation. Sharon left, leaving Adam alone. Avery appeared and questioned Adam on still possibly having feeling for Sharon. He denied it but Avery said that it was obvious that he did, or else he wouldn’t have come to see her. She wondered if he would be there for her when her trial started.

Jill arrived at the Chancellor house demanding to know why Katherine is making Devon an heir. After ushering the lawyer away, Katherine tried to skirt around the topic but Jill soon put two-and –two together, realizing that Tucker is Devon’s father. Jill warned Katherine that if it were found out, both Tucker and Devon would be upset. Katherine said it was a risk she’d have to take.

At the hospital, Victoria was offering comfort to a distraught Chloe. Chloe was upset that Billy wasn’t even there to be there for their daughter. Victoria said she, along with Jack and others were trying their best to locate him. Meanwhile, Billy scoffed at Victor’s request to stay away from Victoria. He said he wasn’t going to stop seeing her if he didn’t want to, however, Victor said that he would do as he wanted him to. He then told Billy about Delia needing a transplant. When Billy became concerned, Victor again told him that he would help him get home to help her, but only on the condition that he never lay eyes on Victoria again.

Genevieve ran into Colin at Crimson Lights, where she dropped his missing cufflink into his coffee cup She teased that Jill’s romp with him in the office most likely will be her last once Jack got the company back for sure. She tried the best to seduce him again but he rebuffed her Jill arrived and told her that she wasn’t going to be able to go to the meeting out of town. Handing her over everything for the meeting, Jill stated that Genevieve would be going in her place.

Tucker tried to talk Jack into helping him regain Jabot, but Jack scoffed at his request. Later, at the Athletic Club, Tucker cornered Katherine, telling her he was about to bring her down. He showed her documentation of how the board felt her decision regarding Jabot was a bad one. Katherine, however, shot back that the board already made her aware of what Tucker was up to, and told her that they supported her 100%.

Jill and Colin met up at her place where they shared a kiss. Meanwhile, Genevieve was complaining about how Jill set her up to Jack. She wanted to know what Jack was going to do about what she was up to.

Nick spotted Avery at Crimson Light looking at a picture of her and Phyllis as kids together. When he scared her, she quickly closed her laptop. He asked if she was up for sharing a cup of coffee, which she accepted. Meanwhile,

Phyllis went to the jail and placed the blame on Sharon for Nick finding out about her and Avery.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Avery looks forward in putting Adam on the stand
  • Devon is disappointed that Neil doesn’t have faith in him
  • Katherine holds her ground in keeping quiet


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, August 25, 2011.


Jack wanted Noah to take up his offer to do the music for some of the Jabot cosmetics commercials that he had in mind. Noah, however, declined, obviously unsure on how his family would feel about his working with Jack and Jabot. When Noah left, Jill teased Jack a bit at being rejected. Jill received a text message from Colin. Jack pointed out to Jill that it was clear that Colin wanted to move forward, and wanted to move on with her. Jill, however, wasn’t sure but Jack pointed out that it was obvious that Colin was taking steps to end things with Genevieve to be with her.

Colin went to see Genevieve and gave her the divorce papers. He admitted that he caused her pain in their marriage and was sorry for it. When he was set to leave, Genevieve stopped him by letting him know that she confessed to Jill about their night together before he called her to call their marriage off. Colin was angry and told her he was no longer going to play into her games. After he left, Genevieve started crying.

Nick and Phyllis were at The Athletic Club together. He told her that Noah went to see Sharon. Phyllis, however, was still curious about Sharon’s new attorney. After Nick departed, Phyllis spotted Adam sitting at the bar and joined him. She started to question him on his thoughts on Sharon’s attorney. When Adam repeated her entire name, Avery Bailey Clark, he noticed that she became slightly spooked. He wanted to know why she was suddenly interested in the newcomer. Phyllis lied and said she was doing some research on a story. When Adam said he believed that Avery was way out of her league, Phyllis said she would use his statement as a quote. Adam quickly pointed out that he believed she wasn’t doing a story but wanted more on Avery. He wondered what she was to Phyllis. Phyllis attempted to cover by saying she wasn’t interested in Avery, just merely asking questions. When she headed out to her office, she promptly searched Avery Bailey Clark on her laptop and was stunned to see who it was.

Nick saw Noah at Crimson Lights and was curious how his visit with Sharon went. He admitted that things went well between them. When he shared that Sharon wanted Nick to bring Faith to see her, Nick said it wasn’t a good idea at all. Noah accused Nick of being spiteful and unwilling to forgive Sharon for her choosing Adam over him. Although Nick didn’t outright deny it, he told Noah he wanted stability for Faith and her seeing Sharon in jail would only confuse the little girl. Noah told his father that when Phyllis and Victor wronged him, he was willing to forgive and move forward; so why not for Sharon. Noah went on to hit Nick with the truth about how they were forgiving of him when he walked out on them shortly after Cassie died. Walking away from his father, Noah went to the patio area of Crimson Lights and left a message for Jack: he was going to take the Jabot job after all, regardless of what his family thought.

Avery went to see Sharon in jail, giving her the news that she got her a new trial. Sharon was speechless and appreciative. Avery said that she had a lot of work to do to prepare against D.A. Walsh, who she pointed out thought she to be unprepared. The trial would take place the following week. Avery wanted to know in detail why Sharon went to Hawaii. Sharon shared she went to Hawaii to clear Adam’s name by finding Skye. After writing down everything, Avery told Sharon to maintain her positivity because she was going forward in trying to locate Koa As they were talking, Nick arrived. Avery gathered her things and headed out, leaving them alone.

Jack went to see Genevieve. He wanted to see how she was doing, after hearing about her divorcing Colin. She figured that Jill shared the news with her. Jack wanted to be there to keep her company and cheer her up, but Genevieve said that she was more into celebrating her freedom instead. Jack said that Colin was foolish to let her out of his life. Genevieve admitted that she hadn’t made friends since being there. He offered her friendship and leaned in to kiss her. When things became heated between them, Jack wanted to go upstairs to have sex with her. Genevieve was willing but soon hesitated. She admitted that Colin was the only man that she had ever been with and she was nervous. Jack spotted the picture of Samantha on the mantle and Genevieve talked a bit about her. Jack was set to depart but Genevieve stopped him; she was ready. The two headed upstairs to have sex.

Colin arrived after calling Jill. When he arrive, he admitted to sleeping with Genevieve prior to asking her for a divorce. Jill told him that she was already aware of what happened between the two of them. She accused him of only telling her to cover himself. He apologized for his actions and told her that he still was very much in love with her. Jill, however, wasn’t interested in playing games with him. Colin once again told her that his marriage was over and that all he wanted was her.

Nick told Sharon that Noah convinced him to come see her. She was curious as to why he was there now; after all, the last time they spoke, he wished she would have stayed dead. Nick apologized for what he said to her but wanted to know why she wanted them all to believe she died. Sharon shared with her ex that she felt that everything was hopeless for her. After a few more minutes of talking, Nick suddenly stood up and walked out. He soon returned with Faith in tow. Sharon was overcome with joy at seeing her daughter.

At that Athletic Club, Avery cornered Adam, telling him to get ready; Sharon’s new trial was slated for next week. When she said that she was calling him to testify, Adam asked her why she didn’t jump at an offer to represent him. Avery pointed out she only take on those who are innocent. As Adam walked up the stairs to head to his suite, Phyllis appeared behind Avery. She wanted to know why she was in Genoa City.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Nick warns Adam that he’ll expose him
  • Jill blasts Jack’s choice in company
  • Phyllis tells Michael her past is coming back to haunt her

Y&R Recap: Thursday, August 18, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, August 18, 2011.


Lily was upset that Cane broke his word about staying away from her and the babies. He told her not to blame the nanny, he happened to come upon them but he wasn’t going to turn away from seeing his children; he missed and loved them. Lily stressed to them that their relationship was over with. He understood but it was clear that he missed her. While still in the park, a man approached Cane and served him with divorce papers.

Daniel was still waiting for Lily to return back to Jimmy’s bar. He wondered what was taking her so long. Eden and Kevin were keeping him company when Noah, Hunter and Devon walked in. Eden wasn’t pleased at seeing the pretty blonde near her ex-boyfriend. Noah introduced Hunter to Kevin and Daniel, and they all wished Daniel a happy birthday.

Katherine was with Paul at the house discussing what he’s found out regarding Tucker’s long lost son. He told her based on the forensic analysis, they have a good chance of learning the timeframe of the actual letter. Paul deduced that Tucker’s son had to be around the age of 26. Paul, however, warned Katherine not to get too happy on what he’s found out so far; it was still a long shot in finding her grandson. As they were talking, Paul discussed that the mother of Tucker’s son was someone that may not have been just a one- time fling.

Colin assumed that Jill would be pleased with him that he was proving that he loved her by telling Genevieve that their marriage was over. Jill, however, didn’t buy it. She thought it was all an act to win her over. When he got up to leave, Katherine arrived and chastised Jill for hanging around him. Katherine sat down and Jill told Katherine that she wasn’t at all with him. Meanwhile back at her house, still seething in anger at Colin’s bombshell, Genevieve was nursing her hurt hand, vowing that that Colin wouldn’t be leaving her; it would be the other way around.

Tucker was doing his best to go over business documents when Sofia arrived. She brought over new contracts for him. He was telling her that he was making progress in understanding a bit more clearly. He, however did become frustrated at still needing help. Their conversation took on a personal note when Tucker admitted that Ashley and he weren’t on good terms. Sofia in turn shared that Malcolm and her were no longer together, either. She told him about the baby possibly not being his and admitted to have slept with Neil.

Cane met Colin at Crimson Lights. His father wanted him to go spend some time with Genevieve. Cane didn’t want to do that, but when Colin told him that he was going to divorce her, he immediately jumped on him for doing it just to get closer to Jill. Once again, Colin stressed for Cane to go see his mother, telling him that she’s going to need someone to lean on. Cane agreed and headed over there. When he arrived, Genevieve came down the stairs and figured that Colin was the one that sent him to check up on her. Cane told her he was aware of the divorce. A bitter Genevieve told her son that she didn’t need anything from the likes of her husband. Cane told her that being divorced from Colin was the best thing for him. She shot back if he would feel the same way when Lily ended their marriage. He got upset and was ready to leave when she stopped him. She learned that Lily in fact did serve him with divorce papers. Meanwhile, Colin met with his divorce lawyer, determined to get things moving on ending his marriage.

Lily made her way back to Jimmy’s and privately told Daniel about her run in with Cane. He thought that she would want to have some private time to herself, but she told him that she wanted to celebrate his birthday with him. After they enjoyed birthday cake with their friends, the two of them departed. She took him to a private suite at the Athletic Club. Daniel became flustered, not realizing that Lily was truly ready to move forward with what was going on between the two of them. She soon started to kiss them, and they were ready to have sex with one another. As things started to heat up, Lily suddenly started to think about her times of sex with Cane and instantly pulled back, telling Daniel that she couldn’t go through with it.

Devon asked Hunter if she had her internship yet with Restless Style but she said even when it came through, she would still need a job to cover the cost of living there. Noah found a sure solution by telling her that there was a job opening at Crimson Lights for a barista. When he gushed how they could spend more time together while she was working there, a jealous Eden quickly blocked the girl’s joy by telling her that the job was no longer available. She told a crushed Hunter that she took the job. Kevin skeptically went along with it but pulled his sister to the side and questioned her suddenly wanting the job. She said she changed her mind but Kevin said she only did it because she didn’t want to see Noah getting closer to Hunter.

Paul called Katherine and let her know that he found several pictures of Tucker and a woman together. He wondered if the woman could be the one that is kept her son from him. He told her that he would be looking into who the woman was.

Cane entered Jimmy’s to pick up his check. Devon asked him why he was there if it was his night off. When Cane told him, a skeptical Devon asked if he know that Lily was going to be there. Cane said he didn’t know she would even be there. A nerve was hit when Devon told him that Lily and Daniel left the bar together.

Katherine and Jill were still together at Gloworm when Genevieve showed up. Jill told her that if she was there to talk about Colin divorcing her, it had nothing to do with her. Genevieve coolly shared that before he made his phone call to end his marriage, hours earlier, he was with her, having sex together. Jill didn’t believe her. Genevieve told her whether they got divorced or not, Colin would never be over her.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Abby insisted that Ashley end her marriage to Tucker
  • Deacon backs Phyllis in a corner with Ashley and Nick present
  • Avery wanted to know why Adam destroyed evidence to clear Sharon

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, August 17, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Wednesday, August 17, 2011.


Sam went to see Sharon in the jail visitation area. Avery showed up to meet them. Sam told her that it would be hard for her to get anywhere with Adam but thought the best place to start would be with Phyllis, who was keeping tabs on him from the very beginning. Sharon disagreed with that idea, pointing out that Phyllis would do anything to twist things and pretty much couldn’t be trusted. Sam said it was worth a shot.

Phyllis ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights and wished him a happy birthday. It was obvious things were tense between the two of them. She wanted to do something with him but he declined. Lily arrived at that moment and asked Daniel if he was ready to go celebrate. Phyllis wasn’t pleased that the they wre together, and started listing off how it was a bad idea, since she was still married. Lily told her that she was getting a divorce. The two of them left before Phyllis could have anything else to say.

Kevin was at Gloworm with Eden when Gloria spotted them, instantly going into mother mode. She wanted to cheer him up since it was his anniversary of being married to Jana. He told her he was doing just fine. When she mentioned Chloe, he broke the news that they were not together anymore. She tried to play match-maker but a freaked Kevin said he didn’t need anyone in his life. He and Eden quickly exited the restaurant.

Across the way, Cane was on his way out when Jill approached him. She wanted him to sit with her and talk. She admitted that while she was still heartbroken and angry at how he treated her, she missed him. She shared the news about Chance and Billy, on how she was unable to talk to him, and admitted that she missed talking with him. He apologized for what he put her through and promised to not do it to her again. While she admitted she was a fool to trust him again, she would slowly let him back into her life, but if he ever betrayed her, it would be over.

Colin went to see Genevieve. He wanted to know if the two of them could have a truce; he no longer wanted all of their fighting to give people more reason to hate them. Genevieve pointed out that he brought out all of his troubles on himself. As for Colin, he wanted to know if she was going to continue to punish him for Samantha’s death. The two exchanged heated barbs with one another. He snatched her by the arm and the two fell into a heated kiss. When she pulled away and attempted to walk upstairs, he cornered her again, kissing her. The two soon headed upstairs to have sex.

Phyllis was back at Restless Style when one of her co-workers told her about a man coming by to see her. Phyllis assumed that it was Deacon but was wrong when Sam appeared, asking her to come see Sharon with him. She balked at the idea, but went anyway. When she got there, Sharon was less than pleased to see her. While Phyllis admitted that she didn’t believe that Sharon killed anyone, she took her to task on her lack of mothering skills, especially to hook up with Sam and let all believe she was dead. Sam tried to get them back on the actual subject at hand: helping clear her name. When Phyllis got a bit antsy, Sam told her to be patient and wait for Avery, Sharon’s D.A. to come back. Meanwhile, Avery clearly wasn’t in any rush to head back to the jailhouse to meet up to hear what Phyllis had to say.

At Jimmy’s Daniel and Lily were settling in for a quiet time together for her birthday. While she stepped away, Eden and Kevin arrived. Daniel was surprised at how much she’s changed. Kevin felt awful for forgetting his birthday, but Daniel understood. Eden joined them and set up a birthday karaoke party for all of them. They all got ready to set up things when Lily got a call. The nanny called to ask about Maddie’s blanket and Lily headed out to go give it to her. While she was on her way, Cane, who was in the park, spotted the nanny with Maddie and Charlie. He started to talk to them and bond with them, telling them how much he missed the two of them. It was at that moment Lily showed up, wanting to know why he was there with the kids. Back at Jimmy’s, after singing some karaoke, Daniel started to wonder where Lily was, unaware that she was detained dealing with Cane.

Colin showed up at Gloworm and wanted to know how Jill was doing. She commented that he just missed his son. Colin quipped how it was nice that she was making amends with Cane and wondered if she would ever feel the same way about him. Jill told him that wasn’t going to happen. Colin continued to profess how much he loved her and in an attempt to prove it, called Genevieve to tell her that he was divorcing her. After getting off the phone with him, Genevieve, who was at the house, went into a fit of rage, destroying the house.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Katherine wants to know what Jill is doing talking to Colin
  • Cane is served divorce papers in front of Lily
  • Lily and Daniel get ready to take their rekindled relationship to the next level

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