How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus



( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of November 7, 2011.


Someone watches over Lucky on Monday, November 7. Lucky questions if his mind is playing tricks on him. Spinelli embarks on a new venture. On Wednesday, November 9, Franco’s surprise leaves Jason and Sam reeling. Husband and wife regain their bearings and look for clues on the location of their nemesis. Robin questions what Patrick’s hiding. Patrick, Robin, Matt, Maxie, Steve and Olivia are all suspect as Mac opens an official investigation into the death of Lisa Niles on Thursday, November 10. Lulu is disappointed as her newly released fiance takes an immediate interest in the case. Tracy fills Luke in on what he’s missed. Maxie is left out in the cold as Matt tends to Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s life continues to hang in the balance on Friday, November 11; will it be Matt or … Jason that pulls her from the edge?

The Inside Story: Surprise Visitors
Olivia is unable to shake her symptoms and decides it’s time to take a pregnancy test. Steve arrives at Olivia’s unexpectedly. After a run in with Olivia’s pregnancy test, the doctor heads to Jake’s to digest the potential implications. Sonny checks on Olivia. On Thursday, November 10, Olivia and Steve end up tending to Cameron and Aiden together. General Hospital’s new pediatric doctor, Maggie, arrives in town. Olivia learns that Steve shares a past with Maggie.

A Closer Look: The Dating Game
Carly uses Johnny to get under Sonny’s skin. Kate and Carly pull no punches. Shawn tries to defuse the situation. Carly questions Shawn’s lack of interest in her. Later, Carly and Shawn make a surprising discovery. Johnny watches as Kate and Sonny share a close moment on Tuesday, November 8. Later, Johnny offers to lend a hand when he passes Kate and her stalled car. Sonny and Olivia find the pair together. Carly manages to get some more personal stories out of Shawn on Veteran’s Day.


  • Mac questions the suspects in Lisa’s death.
  • Sam and Jason are haunted.
  • Luke leaves on a surprising mission.
  • Steve and Maggie discuss their past/
  • Ethan discovers something during his investigation of the portrait.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of November 7 Edition


( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of November 7, 2011.


On Thursday, November 10, Rick is less than pleased with the final cut of Starr’s music video and forces her and the Ford brothers to shoot it again. Nora finds Bo praying for Matthew at St. James, and the pair recall happier times in the church on Friday, November 11. Feeling nostalgic, they share a dance before the guests arrive for Natalie and Brody’s wedding. And Vivian shocks Shaun by claiming she doesn’t want to get married. Later the situation becomes more awkward when Roxy asks when they are planning to wed.

The Inside Story: A Family Legacy
Todd pushes Louie to hand over the gun on Monday, November 7. Tomas questions Todd about his brother’s murder. Téa gets the results of her pregnancy test. Sam makes an interesting discovery, much to Blair’s horror. Bo tells John about Mayor Finn’s ultimatum. On Tuesday, November 8, Tomas contacts Calmar. Later, Blair comes upon Tomas in Todd’s office. Neela crushes on Jack, who tells her about his hatred of Todd. Vimal and Rama are frantic over his little sister’s disappearance. Later, Jack has harsh words for Todd. Tomas lies to Blair. Todd returns to his office and blasts Tomas. As Blair and Tomas return to La Boulaie on Wednesday, November 9, Todd grabs a gun. Meanwhile, Jack prepares to torch The Sun. Todd spies Blair and Tomas kissing. Rama tries to persuade Neela to return home, and agrees to talk to Vimal for her. Back at Dorian’s, Todd continues to spy on Blair and Tomas receives another visit from Irene, who urges him to take drastic action. Blair and Tomas take the next step in their relationship. And Jack learns the now burning office building isn’t empty after all.

A Closer Look: Sisterly Hate
Natalie invites her sister to her wedding on Monday, November 7. However, Jessica surprises her with the paternity test results. Meanwhile, Clint is depressed about being unable to walk Natalie down the aisle. Viki asks Tea for a special favor. Clint is moved by Viki’s actions. Natalie shares Jessica’s assumptions with Brody, who later overhears Vimal deciding to tell John the truth on Wednesday, November 9. Brody follows Vimal to Todd’s office. Clint and Viki nearly kiss. Clint discovers doggie David Vickers carrying something in her mouth. Natalie and John have a heart-to-heart discussion on Thursday, November 10. Jessica searches for the test results and leans on Ford. Brody is also on the lookout for the missing piece of paper.  Tina gives Natalie some advice, and runs after her dog. Roxy pushes John to confess his feelings to Natalie. Cord overhears Brody mumbling to himself. Brody covers in front of Cord. By Friday, November 11, Clint and Rex share a father/son moment. Viki receives an urgent letter from Dorian. And the wedding begins, but where is Tina?


  • Natalie and Brody’s wedding takes a dramatic turn.
  • An unexpected couple ties the knot.
  • Nigel is found unconscious.
  • Rex and Aubrey leave the country.
  • Cutter shares a connection with a former Llanview resident.

B&B PreVUE: Week of October 31 Edition


( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of October 31, 2011.


Thomas reaches out to Hope as she tries to get her life back together. Ridge continues to wonder if Eric and Jackie are having an affair. Taylor listens to Thorne as he makes a heartbreaking declaration about his life. Steffy confesses the truth to Liam. Jackie grills Nick about his lunch with Brooke and later lets it slip to Owen that she spent time with another man. Amber reacquaints herself with Rick.

  • Monday, October 31 - Eric remembers the good and bad times he’s shared with Stephanie over the years; Taylor interrupts Thorne and Amber to give Thorne an unexpected surprise.
  • Tuesday, November 1 - Marcus lovingly hints to Dayzee what their future might hold; Brooke and Taylor finally find something to agree upon.
  • Wednesday, November 2 - Dayzee and Marcus take their relationship to the next level; Eric turns to Jackie for comfort after having a devastating encounter with Stephanie.
  • Thursday, November 3 - Thomas brings news to Hope as the Logan women attempt to console her heart; Jackie eavesdrops as Ridge ferociously confronts Eric about Stephanie.
  • Friday, November 4 - Ridge urges Brooke not to interfere in Steffy’s marriage; Steffy seeks her mother’s love and guidance and admits she’s keeping a terrible secret.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of October 31 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of October 31, 2011.


Cord and Tina give in to temptation on Monday, October 31. Rex gets more than he bargained for at the Buchanan stables.  Cord confides in Clint, and thinks his father still has eyes for Viki. Tina thinks Cord should be Brody’s best man. Natalie nearly overhears Roxy talking to John on Thursday, November 3. Tina tells Natalie how she almost married the wrong man once. Roxy confides in Tina about John. Natalie tells Tina she’s sorry.  On Friday, November 4, John sees Natalie in her wedding dress while Brody has a few choice words for John. Elsewhere in Llanview, Nora eases Destiny’s fears about being a single mother. And Ford appears to be falling in love with Jessica.

The Inside Story: Happy Halloween
Sam asks Todd to go trick-or-treating with him and Blair on Monday, October 31. Todd considers confessing his feelings to Blair. Viki and Todd grill one another about Blair and Clint. Blair tells Starr she’s torn between Tomas and Todd. Tomas vows to use his CIA training to find Victor’s murderer. On Wednesday, November 2, the judge in the case makes a shocking decision regarding Victor’s will. Blair and Tomas argue over Todd. Nora isn’t convinced Todd is innocent. Jack is enraged to find Todd at The Sun on Thursday, November 3. Later he encounters Vimal’s little sister Neela. Dani is concerned about her mother’s health. Téa encourages Dani to get to know Todd. On Friday, November 4, Todd encounters Louie and offers to make a deal with him. Téa worries she may be pregnant. And Neela follows Jack, while Rama and Vimal search for the missing girl.

A Closer Look: A Case of Mistaken Identity?
Cutter and Stacy show up in costume at Natalie and Brody’s party on Monday, October 31. Tina identifies the woman she saw at Llanfair. Natalie leaves  Aubrey with a warning. Shane unknowingly bumps into Stacy. Cutter whisks his lady friend away. Rex attempts to uncover the identity of Kim’s friend. Bree inadvertently misplaces something of Clint’s. On Tuesday, November 1, Aubrey and Rex inch closer. Stacy makes an admission about Rex. Rex arrives at the Minuteman Motel. Nigel has important news for Clint, who contemplates continuing his search for Kim. Cutter puts the next phase of his plan in motion. Stacy hides from Rex, who gives the unknown woman an earful on Thursday, November 3. Cutter confides in Rama. And Stacy has second thoughts about helping Cutter.


  • Natalie and Jessica’s relationship takes another hit.
  • A fire breaks out at The Sun.
  • Todd watches Tomas and Blair kiss.
  • Bo and Nora brush up on their dancing skills.
  • Shaun is surprised by Vivian’s views on marriage.

Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of October 31, 2011.


Johnny turns to Steve for help. Claudia weighs on the mind of the Zacchara men. On Monday, October 31, a determined Ethan returns to Wyndemere. Elsewhere, Ethan’s brother remains as determined on his search for answers. Lucky faces a surprising outcome. Luke is spotted at an unexpected place. Later, Luke butt heads with another family member. Everybody but the person she most wants to remembers Maxie’s special day. Maxie lashes out at Spinelli. Can Matt save Elizabeth’s life on Tuesday, November 1? Carly finds Shawn on an apparent date with another woman on Thursday, November 3. The dramatics are on as Carly reacts to Shawn’s “betrayal.” Patrick and Robin put together something special for Emma. Sam and Jason make the most of their last day in paradise. Where exactly does Jason Morgan end up on Friday, November 4?

The Inside Story: The Last Supper, of Sorts
Kristina begins to have second thoughts as time ticks down to her leaving her friends and family behind for Yale. Sonny invites Kate to a family dinner he’s throwing in honor of his daughter. Dante and Lulu consider announcing their engagement at the dinner but will Lulu’s fears end the engagement before the main course? Later, will Diane’s update unhinge Dante’s father? Kristina, Michael, Abby, Olivia, Dante, Lulu and Alexis arrive for the big dinner celebration on Wednesday, November 2. Olivia has another worrisome spell. Molly helps Kristina as she packs for Yale. The Davis women share a heartfelt moment. Sonny appears to be at peace. Kate interrupts the dinner. Dante and Michael go at it again about the warehouse. Lulu confronts Olivia. Sonny and Kristina have a heart to heart. Ethan pleasantly surprises Kristina before she takes off for Yale.


  • Jason receives a belated wedding gift from Franco.
  • Steve makes a surprising discovery.
  • A new doctor arrives at General Hospital.
  • Johnny lends Kate a hand; meanwhile, Sonny worries about Olivia.
  • Elizabeth is the recipient of a surprising visitor.

B&B PreVUE: Week of October 24 Edition

Gilles Toucas

( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Thorne gets frustrated when his ideas for change at Forrester are ignored. Ridge appoints Marcus as the publicity person for the “Hope for the Future” campaign. Katie and Bill’s marriage faces more challenges. Amber and Rick meet up at a Halloween party at the beach bar and remember old times. Steffy denies everything when Liam confronts her about keeping him apart from Hope in Aspen. Ridge and Taylor don’t believe Brooke’s suspicions that Steffy and Bill conspired together. After arguing with Ridge, Brooke goes out to dinner with Nick. Taylor decides whose side she wants to be on – Ridge or Thorne’s?

  • Monday, October 24 -  Liam and Hope have a heart to heart; Brooke gets angry with Ridge when he compares her to his mother.
  • Tuesday, October 25 - Brooke and Ridge fight about their daughters; Steffy defends herself against Liam and Hope.
  • Wednesday, October 26 - Nick and Brooke spend some time together; Thorne executes his plan for Forrester.
  • Thursday, October 27 - Amber and Rick reflect on their past relationship; Thorne loses his temper with Ridge.
  • Friday, October 28 - Ridge and Brooke see Eric and Jackie together; Thorne thinks about all of his previous fights with Ridge.

( – A look at what’s happening on “Days of Our Lives” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Lexie cautiously agrees to a truce with EJ on Monday, October 24. Chad reinforces his decision not to be a part of the DiMera family. Madison prompts Brady to open up about his feelings about his father on Tuesday, October 25. Later, she tells a mysterious caller that it would be a mistake for that person to show up in Salem now and that it would ruin everything she’s worked so hard to accomplish. Brady plays a guinea pig for Sami and Madison on Thursday, October 27, when he helps them test out their new line of men’s line of products. The session turns sexy when Madison turns the heat up and pampers him. Halloween is celebrated at Horton Square on Friday, October 28. Melanie and Abby discover they are wearing the same Halloween costume. Later Chad sneaks up on “Abigail” and gives her a passionate kiss – only it turns out to be Melanie! EJ steals the spotlight from Abe once again and takes advantage of the situation by kissing Nicole. John escapes from house arrest and surprises Marlena at the town square. Will he be discovered?

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Inside Story: Politics of Love
On Monday, October 24, Daniel asks Jennifer if she would’ve moved in with him if Jack hadn’t shown up. Jennifer refuses to acknowledge “what ifs” because that would also mean she would still be with Jack if he had never been kidnapped. Abe comes by and asks Jennifer to do PR for his campaign. Jennifer is torn because she knows it will take time away from her family. She is touched when Daniel offers to help out. Daniel realizes how deep Jennifer’s feelings for Jack are when she opens up about their nice date. Daniel shows up for his “date night” with Jennifer on Thursday, October 27 but surprises her with an arrangement he made for her to meet with a professional political operative. She can ask him about his work to help decide whether or not to take the job with Abe. Jennifer is grateful but realizes he’s giving up solo time with her. After meeting with the man, Jennifer is excited and tells Daniel she’s going to call Abe and accept the job. Jennifer pulls Daniel close, knowing he made a sacrifice for her. They kiss. On Friday, October 28 Jennifer and Daniel have a fun halloween date. Daniel confides in Melanie how hard this situation has been on him. Jennifer realizes a masked man has been spying on her all night. Thinking it’s Jack, she confronts him but he leaves before she can learn his identity.

A Closer Look: Awkward
Rafe can’t say no to Sami, so they agree to let Austin settle in on their couch on Monday, October 24. Rafe worries about telling the kids he no longer has a job. but Sami bucks him up. Later, Austin spills water all over himself. Sami walks in and they end up on top of each other…just as Rafe enters. Carrie calls Rafe on Tuesday, October 25  and apologizes to him for losing his job. She shares good news with him that she found the clinic worker who will testify that John was at the clinic, not in Paris making an illegal transaction. Carrie is shocked when she learns Sami invited Austin to stay at her place and urges him to move back to the hotel before she comes home. Austin and Sami realize their spouses are justifiably upset about the two of them living under the same roof. Sami slips into the shower with Rafe to make sure he knows he is the only man she loves. Kate and Austin have lunch on Wednesday, October 26. Kate encourages him to look at more than just the evidence against John. She know’s her ex isn’t capable of committing embezzlement. Kate is horrified when Austin tells her he’s staying with Sami. Austin tells her that Sami isn’t the problem – Rafe is. On Friday, October 28 Sami argues with Marlena and Rafe about John’s innocence.

Another Closer Look: Egg Mystery
Bo and Hope manage to get the name of the woman who took Maggie’s eggs: Lillian Parker. Maggie doesn’t recognize the name. Later Melanie sees the name written down and reacts: what is Maggie doing with the name of her grandmother? On Friday, October 28  Bo and Hope receive partial information from a background check – they learn Lillian is deceased and had a son born on December 18th. Melanie overhears and wonders why they are talking about her grandmother. Bo, Maggie, and Hope are all stunned when they realize Daniel is Maggie’s son! Maggie explains to Melanie and the two share a tearful hug when they realize they are related.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of October 24 Edition

Thomas A. Montalto/

( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Viki and Clint share a tender moment on Monday, October 24. Rick wants the Ford brothers to be in Starr’s music video. Starr and Rick clash over details. Cord is taken aback when Tina dons Viki’s old wedding for Rex’s costume party for Brody and Natalie on Friday, October 28. Viki and Tina discuss the men in their lives. Viki offers to stay home with Clint. A letter arrives at Llanfair for Clint from Kim. And Tina makes an interesting discovery at the party.

The Inside Story: Lost Loves
Todd makes an admission at Tomas’ hearing on Monday, October 24. Nora is forced to make a decision about Todd, and gives Téa a warning. Blair remains angry at Tomas for his recent actions. Todd has some good news to share with Viki. On Wednesday, October 26, Tomas asks Blair if she is still in love with Todd. However, a confused Blair isn’t able to give him an answer. Helping his sister get ready for Halloween, Todd tells Viki he plans on getting his life back. Tina claims to her siblings that peace within the family is most important to her at the moment. Meanwhile, Jack makes a frightening discovery at the cemetery on Wednesday, October 26.  And later, he spots Rex and Shane having a warm moment at Gigi’s grave.

A Closer Look: Who Am I?
Rex gets into a scuffle with Cutter on Monday, October 24. Kim’s friend makes an surprising realization about herself. Clint explains to Viki why he’s really been holding a grudge against Rex. Rama and Vimal confess their secrets to one another. Cutter freaks out when Kim’s friend goes missing on Tuesday, October 25. Meanwhile, the woman turns up at Llanfair. Tina comes face-to-face with Cutter. Aubrey and Rex continue to bond. Marcie and Michael surprise John with a visit to Llanview. John, meanwhile, dodges their questions about his love life. On Wednesday, October 26, Rex and Aubrey talk with Shane about Halloween costumes. Marcie reminds John of Brody’s past, while Michael suggests a possible motive. Brody arrives at an inopportune moment. Roxy questions Natalie about her engagement. Rex and Marcie share a warm reunion. By Friday, October 28, Cutter convinces Kim’s friend to attend Rex’s costume party. Natalie’s actions make Brody feel guilty. Roxy and Michael push John to talk to Natalie. And Shane eulogizes his mother as the party gets underway.


  • Viki and Clint take a trip down memory lane.
  • Cord and Tina find themselves all alone.
  • Roxy finds a confidant in Tina.
  • Dani is worried about her mother.
  • John encounters Natalie in her wedding dress.


( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Olivia’s symptoms continue. Kate and Sonny return to Jake’s on Wednesday, October 26 to confront the issue at hand. Michael is not happy to learn about Carly and Shawn’s trip. He takes out his ire out on Abby on Thursday, October 27. Michael and Dante’s bonding session soon takes a sour turn. Lulu confides in Ethan. Lucky heads to the church Siobhan wrote about despite being warned against it. A mysterious woman watches Lucky. Luke’s words surprise Tracy.

The Inside Story: Bondage at Sea
Matt races to find Elizabeth. A mystery man saves Elizabeth from her seemingly imminent fate but then disappears. Patrick and Robin are helpless to defend themselves as Lisa proceeds with her macabre plan to “bond” husband and wife forever on Monday, October 24. Maxie tries to get through to Matt. Matt fears its too late. Elizabeth has a vision from the great beyond. Spinelli finds a near lifeless Elizabeth. Robin breaks lose and manages to get the upper-hand as she and Lisa struggle. Dr. Scorpio awakens to a mystery. Things get heated as Johnny and Anthony disagree on their next move. Is the danger really over for Elizabeth? The mystery man from earlier lurks inside Wyndemere.

A Closer Look: Sweet Temptation
While Shawn fills Jason in on the warehouse drama back home, Sam and Carly hash a few things out. Sam and Jason discuss the pros and cons of having a baby. Carly and Shawn draw closer as he opens up about his PTSD … but pull back before things get too hot to handle. Jason gets an update on Franco’s location. Carly confides in Jason but ends up putting her best friend in a tough spot. Shawn and Carly share a charged moment. The pair later let loose over booze. But how do things escalate into a pissed Carly charging at the hunk on Friday, October 28? Jason and Sam discuss his relationship with Carly. Franco continues to watch Jason.


  • Sonny plans a family dinner.
  • Diane has news about Brenda.
  • Kristina questions her future.
  • Carly gets upset with Shawn.
  • Jason is in for a surprise.

B&B PreVUE: Week of October 17 Edition

Gilles Toucas

( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of October 17, 2011.


Jackie M is rocked when Bridget (Ashley Jones) returns to Los Angeles. Will she stay? Owen and Jackie share a happy reunion. Brooke confronts Steffy about Aspen. Hope vows to get to the truth. Stephanie admires what Stephen and Pam have together compared to her and Eric.

  • Monday, October 17 -  Ridge makes a surprising decision regarding Steffy and Hope; Two families gather together to celebrate a momentous occasion.
  • Tuesday, October 18 - Steffy shrugs off Brooke’s accusations knowing that Bill has her back; Bridget causes upheaval when she returns to town with baby Logan.
  • Wednesday, October 19 - Jackie asks for a substantial favor from Owen; Nick revisits memories of an old flame.
  • Thursday, October 20 - Hope decides to help out a model; Rick offers Eric his support when Eric confides in his son about his relationship with Stephanie.
  • Friday, October 21 - Eric and Jackie’s meeting turns unexpectedly nostalgic; Stephanie gets uncomfortable when Stephen surprises Pam with plans for their honeymoon.

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