How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Matthew Borlenghi

The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network

Tentacle 8/John Chi

Tentacle 8/John Chi

Anyone who’s been watching “The Young and the Restless” as of late knows that Nicholas Newman’s life is about to be blown to smithereens. Not only has his father been tricking the love of his life into thinking she’s been seeing and speaking with her dead daughter, he’s on the verge of finding out that the very same woman he loves has been lying to him about the true paternity of his daughter! The drama is all pretty typical for Nick’s portrayer, Joshua Morrow — who’s been dealing with twisted Genoa City plots for nearly 20 years — but the drama he faces in his latest stint in the political drama thriller ‘Tentacle 8?’ Not so typical for him! Soap Opera Network spoke with the actor about momentarily stepping away from his “Y&R” craziness to film the exciting project, which is available on DVD in select stores and on Amazon today. And we also got him to spill on all of the Victor (Eric Braeden), Sharon (Sharon Case) and Adam (formerly Michael Muhney) drama, too!

Tentacle 8/John Chi

Tentacle 8/John Chi

Fans of CBS’ number one soap have seen Morrow as the hot-blooded and impetuous character of Nicholas for nearly two decades. And though the Alaskan-born actor loves to play his ongoing alter ego, he admits that it was rather refreshing to take a bite out of a new character — especially within a project as clever and nail biting as “Tentacle 8,” which follows an NSA analyst entangled in a top secret investigation after a malicious computer virus crashes U.S. Intelligence Community networks. “I really, really enjoy being able to play somebody other than Nick; it’s fun to go shoot something else for a little bit,” he says. “And this is a very clever story written by director, John Chi, who’s whip smart.”

Morrow plays Brian Mosley, a character he says is a complete 180 from Nicholas. “Nick Newman quite often doesn’t think situations through clearly, and he acts impulsively,” he explains. “He has a huge heart, and his family matters to him very much, but he’s got kind of a quick trigger and doesn’t really assess all of the information before he acts — whereas Brian Moseley is pretty much the polar opposite. His job is to figure out the truth in situations and kind of do some dirty work for some important people. But sometimes, in his journey for the truth, he realizes that maybe he’s not being told the truth from his superior officers, maybe the problems are much deeper, so he has to kind of wade through a bunch of truths and lies to get to the ultimate truth.

“Brian is much more of a cerebral person than Nick,” Morrow continues. “He doesn’t think with his heart near as much; he’s all about his brain. He’s got to solve the riddle, because he’s not being given all the answers, and that’s kind of the best way to describe it without giving away too much of the story! But I will say it’s a thin line between good and evil in this movie. You don’t really know who the bad guys are at all times.”

Tentacle 8/John Chi

Tentacle 8/John Chi

In addition to Morrow, “Tentacle 8″ features several other daytime stars, including John Callahan (ex-Edmund Grey, “All My Children;” ex-Dr. Baker, “Days of our Lives”), Matthew Borlenghi (ex-Brian Bodine, “AMC;” ex-Anthony Marino, “DAYS”), Bruce Gray (ex-Mark Wilcox, “Y&R”) and Teri Reeves (ex-Megan McKenna, “General Hospital”). “It was such a great cast and crew,” Morrow enthuses. “It was just an awesome group all around. And when I agreed to do the project, I remember telling my wife, [Tobe Keeney], ‘It’s not a big role, but I really love this character, and I sure do want to do it. They’re shooting it in LA, and I think this will be perfect for me.’ And I did end up loving it. I loved working with the director — I’d work with him again anytime he wanted. He was very smart. And I’m honored to have been a part of the project.”

As for “Y&R,” the actor knows that life for Nicholas is about to get flipped completely upside down — and he’s welcoming the drastic storyline twists that will soon be ahead. “What’s coming up is pretty crazy,” he teases with a sly smile of the Sharon paternity story and the Victor/Sharon/Cassie (Camryn Grimes) story. “Soap writers do what they do: they build up stories and then they blow them up, and I have complete trust in them to [destroy Nick’s life] in a great and creative fashion.”

But what specific twists and turns do the writers have in mind for poor Nicholas? How will he fit into the major search for Adam? What does Morrow think about the recent departures of some of “Y&R’s” most popular actors/characters, including Muhney, Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbott), Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis Summers) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Abbott)? You’ll have to wait for Part 2 of SON’s Joshua Morrow Center Stage interview to find out! In the meantime, enjoy this teaser trailer for ‘Tentacle 8,’ which is now available on DVD in select stores and on Amazon, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more from “Y&R’s” Morrow!


Jon McKee Studio

Jon McKee Studio

There’s a rumor going around that former “All My Children” star Vincent Irizarry (ex-David Hayward) has been tapped to play the role of “General Hospital’s” Valentin Cassadine — a role former “AMC” star Matthew Borlenghi (ex-Brian Bodine) had been cast to play before the storyline was scrapped back in 2009. And when Borlenghi caught wind of the supposed recast, his online comments prompted “GH” headscribe, Ron Carlivati, to shed some news on the Irizarry casting rumor!



( — “All My Children” is scheduled to last air on ABC on Friday, September 23. Although “AMC” and “One Life to Live” are slated to go on in a different format thanks to a licensing deal between ABC and production company Prospect Park, several events have been organized to assist the actors and viewers in saying good-bye to “AMC” in the format fans have come to know and love it in for the first 41-years of its existence. These events will be held on the East Coast where the soap was produced for four decades before being moved to Los Angeles in January 2010.

The upcoming scheduled events are as follows:

Good Night Pine Valley will be held on Saturday, September 17 from 1:30 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST at Prohibition Restaurant & Outdoor Cafe located at 503 Columbus Avenue in New York City, New York. This event will be hosted by Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall). Expect special guests to drop by as attendees enjoy the company of the hosts, food and an open bar. There will also be a charity auction with prizes that include luxury items and items from “AMC.” Tickets for this event are now sold out.

A Tribute to Pine Valley: A Tribute of the Final Network Broadcast of “All My Children” benefiting A Season of Concern will be held on Friday, September 23 from 11:00 AM CST at Sidetrack Chicago, The Video Bar located at 3349 N Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois. Attendees will get to watch the last episode of “AMC” with fellow viewers and past and present cast. During the event there will be trivia, a Q & A session and a Meet and Greet. So far the scheduled attendees include Chrishell Stause (Amanda), Terri Ivens (ex-Simone), Jeffrey Carlson (ex-Zarf/Zoey), Brian Gaskill (ex-Bobby), and Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian), Chris Bruno (ex-Michael). More names to be added in the weeks to come. Talent is subjected to change without notice. Tickets for this event go on sale on August 22. Visit A Season for Concern site, which is linked above, for more details on this event as they are disclosed in the coming weeks.

A Tribute to Pine Valley: Celebrating 41 Years of “All My Children” debuts from Tuesday, October 25 thru Thursday, October 27 at The Town Hall in New York City on Tuesday, the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Wednesday and The Theatre of Westbury in Long Island, New York on Thursday. Scheduled attendees for this event include Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Vincent Irizarry (Jesse), Walt Willey (Jack), Julia Barr (Brooke) and Jacob Young (JR). The event will be held in two parts. The first part is called “Live on Stage” where fans will be able to listen to personal stories from the actors and participate in a Q & A session. This event runs from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST each night. Tickets for this event range from $45.00 to $85.00. The second part is called an “Up Close & Personal” where you get to meet and talk to the actors in a personal setting. This event runs from 9:30 PM EST to 11:30 PM EST. Tickets to attend both events range from $225.00 to $240.00. Tickets are now available for sale for this event.

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