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Here is a comparison of the last five cancelled soap operas.

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On the heels of a cancellation announcement and a failed online venture, it was announced that successful former Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, and former Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, of "One Life to Live" were hired for the same positions at a struggling "General Hospital." Rattling many "GH" fans, in recent days, has been the announcement that at least several major "OLTL" stars will be showing up in Port Charles as their Llanview alter egos. Carlivati insists to insiders that "GH" fans need not worry as he has no intention of turning their soap into "OLTL." To that end, the show-runners have also announced the return of three of "GH's" most legendary performers and characters - Finola Hughes, Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms as Anna, Robert and Holly - for extended runs on the last-standing ABC daytime drama.

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