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On Wednesday, September 21, daytime newcomer Nathin Art Butler tweeted to his followers (@nathinbutler) "I was welcomed into the family of 'GH' today. 1st day on set felt like 1st day of high school. Feel so blessed." For those wondering what exactly he was talking about, on that day the actor revealed to the soap world that he had been hired to portray the contract role of Dr. Ewen Keenan, also known as "the mad Aussie therapist" on ABC's "General Hospital. Soap Opera Network has since learned when you can expect to first see the actor, musician and digital photographer on screen.

Nelson Branco, best known as the writer of the popular Suds Report column for website TV Guide Canada and his contributions to magazine Hello! Canada is back! This time he's Uncensored. With Soap Opera: Uncensored fans of Branco will notice the same writing style from his Suds Report, which includes an interview, translated comments on daytime moves, a breakdown of what's happening on each soap and his uber popular Blind Items.

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