How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

All My Children


( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Friday, July 29, 2011.


Dixie is sedated in her cell and cries out, No David. Tad shows up at Oak Haven to get Opal. Both he and Dixie sense something while he stands outside her cell, clueless to the fact she is alive. When Tad takes Opal home he asks if she noticed anyone unusual there.

Griffin tells Cara that he and Kendall broke up because he’s working with David and says David has done a lot for the both of them. Cara points out how every time he tries to protect her he winds up sacrificing something for him and this time she won’t let him do it. Cara says he must choose between work and his personal life. Cara asks David what he is doing with Griffin. Before he can answer, Griffin shows up and says he’s quitting. David says he’s giving up a chance to bring people back to life for a picnic with Kendall. Griffin asks who else is a part of the project and David wonders if Griffin is worried the answer may cost him Kendall and admits it could.

Marissa visits David in the hospital and tells him about her and Bianca. After having pushed a drunken JR in the pool, Tad helps him get out. JR admits he overheard Tad’s memorial for Dixie and says he isn’t like Tad and he couldn’t take being rejected by Marissa and AJ. When JR goes to get AJ from Marissa, AJ smacks his father with his fists and says he doesn’t want to see him anymore. JR grabs a bottle and leaves. Bianca realizes her keys are missing while JR gets into her car and starts it.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Brot finds Bianca’s car that was totaled by JR, but no JR?
  • Jackson tells Kendall to give Griffin another chance.
  • Janet gives Erica some advice.

AMC Recap: Thursday, July 28, 2011

( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, July 28, 2011.


JR tells Scott he has more important things to worry about than dealing with Chandler Enterprise problems. Like salvaging his family. Scott can’t possibly understand what he’s going through because he doesn’t have a wife and kid. JR says he doesn’t care about anyone besides AJ but Scott points out that he had AJ until he started drinking. JR finds Tad and demands to see AJ. He tries to apologize to Krystal but winds up yelling at her and Marissa instead. AJ admits to Tad he doesn’t want to see JR.

Scott bumps into Madison at the park and he tells her about the work he’s doing on Stuart’s house and Madison says she would love to see his progress and Scott invites her to come over anytime.

Kendall, Greenlee and Madison prepare for the Fierce presentation. Since the breakup Kendall’s thrown herself into work while Greenlee urges her to give Griffin another chance since David is to blame for their breakup. Griffin shows up to ask Kendall to trust him but when he still can’t tell her what’s going on he apologizes for upsetting her and says he’ll leave her alone, hoping one day she will understand and forgive him. He tells David that he broke up with Kendall in order to keep the research confidential and wants to know what’s going on and how he can help. Greenlee comes into David’s room and tells him she doesn’t want him to die because she doesn’t want to die. She tells him that she hasn’t told Ryan he is treating her and won’t until she knows what David did to her and if she is going to die. David agrees to treat her but says he must take her somewhere for treatment.

Opal has convinced Jackson into believing Erica’s story and along with Tad and Jackson tries to figure out how he can get to Oak Haven to see Erica. Jackson shows up as her attorney and asks Erica to tell him everything right from the beginning. He says they need to find Ben and the plastic surgeon that did Jane’s work. Jackson tells Erica that he believes her and the two embrace, not sure when he’ll be able to visit again. Erica follows Janet to arts and crafts and finds Marian and Annie there. Marian tries to comfort Erica.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Erica’s shocked when she sees the dead.
  • AJ smacks JR and says he doesn’t want to see him anymore.
  • Marissa visits David in the hospital and tells him about her and Bianca relationship.


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    ( — “All My Children” DVR Alerts for the Week of August 1, 2011.


    • Monday: Brot finds Bianca’s car that was totaled by JR, but no JR. Jackson tells Kendall she should give Griffin another chance. Janet gives Erica some advice.
    • Tuesday: Kendall’s heart races when she thinks about Zach. Jesse tells Brot he needs to find a way to get Lucy away from Maya. Amanda’s doctor gives her some more bad news.
    • Wednesday: Maya points out to Angie how Lucy looks a lot like the baby she gave up. Jesse wonders if he should tell Angie the truth. JR accuses Marissa of poisoning their son against him.
    • Thursday: Ryan and Griffin break into David’s office. Josh Duhamel returns as Leo du Pres. Cara prepares for a real honeymoon with Tad.
    • Friday: Will Erica break out of Oak Haven? Will Dixie and Tad finally reunite? Thorsten Kaye returns as Zach Slater.

    AMC Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 27, 2011.


    While JR’s nursing a hangover, Tad shows him some cards he made for Dixie as a child. Tad finds it strange that Kathy said she saw Dixie and now JR imagined her in the park. JR says she’s dead and Tad is the one that needs help. Cara tells Tad about Amanda. In the park, Brot asks Dixie if there’s anyone he can call for her but she takes off. Brot meets up with Jesse and tells him about the woman in the park who he thinks might be mentally disturbed (Dixie). Jesse’s too concerned with what’s going on at home to be of any use. Brot runs into Dixie again and takes her to Oak Haven. Dixie freaks out when she’s locked in a cell.

    Amanda tells Cara she has cancer and thanks her for her help. She apologizes for calling immigration but Cara’s thankful she did because it led her to Tad. Cara apologizes for coming to town and threatening Amanda and Jake’s relationship. A cancer survivor herself, Cara offers Amanda her support. Amanda asks the doctor if she will be able to have more children and it’s possible but if the cancer cells have progressed she might need a hysterectomy.

    Jesse and Angie argue over Maya living with them and Angie wants to help Maya get out of an unhealthy relationship. Jesse tells Frankie he discovered something Maya hasn’t told them. She recently gave up a child for adoption and he’s worried she may reconsider her choice. Frankie says she gave up her baby because she could not take care of it herself. He admits the father doesn’t even know. Maya tells JR she is leaving her job at the mansion to go and work for the Hubbard’s. Mookie’s upset, claiming he moved here from NY to be close to her and she had a nice gig at the mansion. Mookie believes Angie talked her out of it but Angie says no one is stopping him from seeing Maya and an angry Mookie slams out. Jesse tries to think of a way to get Maya out of the house. He cannot risk her finding out that Lucy is her child

    On the Next All My Children…

    • Kendall, Greenlee and Madison prepare for the Fierce presentation.
    • David agrees to treat Greenlee.
    • Marian and Annie return.


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      ( — Llanview loses a Todd, Dorian moves on to a higher calling, Kelly makes her next move, and other casting changes for the month of August.

      As we previously reported, Trevor St. John (Todd) revealed on his website in June that he would be leaving “One Life to Live” when his current contract ends this summer. We now know his final tape date, which, according to Soap Opera Digest was last Friday (July 22). SOD also reports that St. John treated his fellow cast and crew mates to a catered breakfast, lunch, and snacks on set, and his onscreen daughter Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted that she had received “Gorgeous ‘thank you’ flowers from Trevor St. John… Going to MISS him around the studio. Love, love, love him.” Just a few days earlier she also commented that “Trevor made us laugh, laugh, & laugh today!”

      According to reports “OLTL” has ripped a page from the headlines to help give Robin Strasser (Dorian) a proper sendoff. Apparently, Mayor Lord will be receiving an offer too good to pass up in the coming weeks when she is called to serve as a Senator after her predecessor is ousted as a result of a scandal that is eerily similar to that of real-life former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York. Strasser, who last airs on Thursday, August 25, is reportedly leaving “One Life” as a result of back problems.

      August also marks a new chapter in the life of another Cramer girl as Dorian’s niece Kelly (Gina Tognoni), who just recently reunited with her old beau Joey Buchanan (Tom Degnan), makes a decision about her future on Wednesday, August 17.

      And, just because James (Nic Robuck) hasn’t been seen lately, don’t look for him to be leaving Llanview anytime soon. In fact, look for he and Starr to grow closer in the coming weeks.

      In other news…

      Meena Nerurkar and Harsh Nayyar play Vimal’s  (Nick Choksi) parents from India.

      Helmar Augustus Cooper portrayed Louie, the man who pulled the man with the scar (Roger Howarth) out of the Llantano River last Friday.

      Austin Peck is still taping scenes as the sleazy porn producer Rick Powers.

      Carlos Gonzalez appeared again as Officer Garcia back on Tuesday, July 19.

      Look for some courtroom scenes coming up next month as Clint (Jerry verDorn) prepares to face the music for the crimes he recently confessed to. The scenes will also feature a dayplayer judge and Clint’s attorney, however, it is unclear at this time if the Buchanan patriarch hires Morgan Guthrie (Tom Zeman) to represent him, or if he gets someone else.

      Kristen Alderson tweeted this picture of herself in her Starr clothes as she prepared to tape scenes on July 19 along with the tweet “All dressed and ready for Llanview! Have a great day everyone!” Later she commented that it was “Nap Time in Llanview. So Cozy..” So keep a watch out in the coming week’s for Starr’s green dress.

      Is Barret Helms (Baz) not long for Llanview? Last Saturday he tweeted a fan that “It’s gonna be a while til I work again.” And on June 21 he tweeted that he had “Just finished one of the craziest 13 week periods of my life!!” It should be noted that Helms was cast on April 14, the day ABC cancelled “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.”

      David A. Gregory (Ford) has also been MIA from the studios lately. The actor commented on Facebook on July 17 that “I haven’t been in to the studio this month. Going back in soon.”

      Check out these adorable pictures of Andrew Trischitta (Jack) hanging out at the “OLTL” studios last week with his onscreen little brother Patrick Gibbons, Jr. (Sam). And here’s a picture of the plaque outside Trischitta’s dressing room which also lists his “roommates” Eddie Alderson (Matthew) and David A. Gregory.

      And “OLTL’s” Music Director Paul S. Glass, responds to a question from a fan asking about the name of the song played in the closing montage of the June 11, 2008 episode (where Adriana left Rex for Paris), by tweeting that it was “CARMEN RIZZO ‘Next Life,’ featuring Thomas Hanreich.”

      AMC Recap: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

      ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 26, 2011.


      Amanda is nervous about her test results. Jake confirms she has cancer. Amanda starts immediately planning for the future, telling Jake she wants him to remarry so Trevor has a mother. Jake doesn’t want her to go there since she is going to win this fight. He’s going to be with her every step of the way and will not let her die.

      After Mookie drops Maya off at the Hubbard’s, Angie gets the impression he’s controlling, like her father, and admits he made her give up her first child. Maya starts to cry and says that while Mookie is possessive they love each other. Jesse gets back the DNA test results which prove Maya is Lucy’s mother. Brot tries to calm down Jesse’s fears that Maya is there to reclaim her baby while all Jesse can think about is what will happen if Angie learns the truth. He needs Brot to find out if Maya knows Lucy is her baby. Not knowing what’s going on, Frankie reassures his father that he has nothing to worry about with Maya when Jesse asks how they met. Jesse gets an even bigger surprise when Angie tells him she’s asked Maya to move in and be their full time nanny.

      Jackson’s afraid everything is spinning out of control. When Opal overhears that Erica is not allowed any visitors she tells Jackson they have to get her out of there. Jackson tells Opal the story Erica’s told about just being released from the kidnappers and she thinks it explains why they didn’t recognize Erica when she came back. David assures Kendall that he’s done with Erica and she belongs to Jackson. Kendall can’t understand how Griffin can work for David and wants to know everything. Unfortunately he can’t tell her and Kendall says she can’t be with him. Griffin understands, until he can be honest with her they don’t have a chance.

      As David’s on the phone trying to find Dixie she’s out hiding in the bushes.

      On the Next All My Children…

      • Brot runs into Dixie and takes her to Oak Haven.
      • Jesse tells Frankie he discovered something Maya hasn’t told them.
      • Cara offers Amanda her support.


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        AMC Recap: Monday, July 25, 2011

        ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Monday, July 25 2011.


        When Cara asks how things are going between her and Griffin, Kendall admits she needs to let go of her past. Ryan catches Griffin in David’s office and questions if he’s having doubts about David. Griffin tells Ryan the Orpheus Project is a research project but doesn’t expand because he doesn’t want to risk ruining something that is bigger than all of them. Ryan warns Griffin if David’s secrets end up getting people hurt that will be on Griffin’s head. Ryan tells Kendall that Griffin knows about the Orpheus Project and could possibly be helping David control Erica. Kendall can’t believe he’d hide something from her and is disappointed that he might be working with David. Erica insists to Jack and Jesse that she is telling the truth. They listen as she details story of what has gone down over the past few months with her, David, Jane and Ben. Acting as her concerned fiance and a doctor, David plays on Jack and Jesse’s disbelief of the outrageous story. Frustrated as David continues to do what he can to discredit her, Erica ultimately stabs him. David will only Griffin to treat him. He claims all the others will die without him. Erica is sent to Oak Haven for an evaluation and runs into Janet.

        Tad and Cara toast to the road that led them together and are proud of the fact that were both able to let the other put to rest their past relationships. JR talks to Dixie but in his drunken state thinks she is a figment of his imagination. He believes he would be better off dead but reconsiders when he thinks about AJ. JR thanks Dixie for the talk and stumbles away to go and find his son. Still drunk JR shows up at Krystal’s only to find that AJ is at the movies with Marissa. He takes his anger out on Krystal, claiming she wants everyone to be miserable because she couldn’t hold onto Tad, and when she tries to call Tad, JR grabs her. Realizing what he’s doing JR drops to the couch with his head in his hands. Tad shows up to help him and is startled when JR says Dixie was not happy with him and wouldn’t talk to him today.

        On the Next All My Children…

        • David assures Kendall that he’s done with Erica and she belongs to Jackson.
        • Jesse gets back the DNA test results for Lucy.
        • Amanda gets nervous about her test results.


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          AMC Teasers: Week of July 25 Edition

          AMC Teasers: Week of July 25 Edition

          ( — “All My Children” Teasers for the Week of July 25, 2011.

          ALL MY CHILDREN: Teasers

          • Monday: (Episode #10670) — Erica goes after David. Janet is back. Will Dixie and J.R. reunite with one another? (Rated: TVPG V)
          • Tuesday: (Episode #10671) — Jesse receives Lucy’s DNA test results. Amanda is a bundle of nerves. David informs Kendall that Erica should be with Jackson. (Rated: TVPG L)
          • Wednesday: (Episode #10672) — Jesse confides in Frankie. Cara wants to help Amanda. Dixie is sent to Oak Haven. (Rated: TVPG)
          • Thursday: (Episode #10673) — Kendall, Greenlee, and Madison prepare to give their presentation. David agrees to treat Greenlee. Marian and Annie return. (Rated: TVPG)
          • Friday: (Episode #10674) — Erica is shocked by what she observes. Marissa and David discuss Bianca. A.J. tells J.R. to go away. (Rated: TVPG)
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            AMC Recap: Friday, July 22, 2011

            ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Friday, July 22, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            As Angie prepares for her consultation with the surgeon she tells Jesse that David’s earned her trust. When David shows up he tells the couple the surgeon postponed so they’ll have to reschedule but when the nurse enters and says the surgeon called to ask why they missed their appointment and Jesse realizes David lied and goes to find out why.

            Erica asks Jane to show her what she looked like before the transformation and realizes she looked a lot like her before. Jane says her mother called her the ugly best friend. Erica sympathizes and can relate because her father left her and that took a toll on her confidence. She gives Jane some advice to stop trying to be Erica and be Jane. She shouldn’t accept being anyone’s second choice. Ben promises to stay with Jane and they decide to let Erica go but cannot let her know where they are or how to get back.

            Marissa tells AJ that JR is not himself and JR dares her to tell him why. Marissa doesn’t think JR should punish his son by telling him about her and Bianca. Marissa tells AJ that she and Bianca love each other very much and are going to make a good home for him. While Marissa’s talking to AJ, Bianca tries to get JR to understand that he had nothing to do with Marissa falling in love with her and promises to get Marissa and AJ through this but JR walks back into the room drunk, his demeanor scaring AJ. Marissa knows AJ is trying to be brave but deep down he’s scared and confused and she feels responsible. Bianca doesn’t want her to blame herself and Marissa wonders why it took her so long to see how right they are for each other.

            Cara comes home from the park and finds Tad going through Dixie’s things. She tells him about Kathy seeing Dixie in the park and wonders if Tad is not ready to let her go just yet. He says that by going through her things it’s helping him to move forward. Based on something Tad read in Dixie’s journal he gets an idea on how he can say goodbye. Tad invites Opal, Krystal, Liza and Cara to a yard sale/memorial and he talks about screwing up until Dixie and JR came along just as JR appears at the door and listens. As the women give him a standing ovation, Tad credits Cara with giving him the courage to say goodbye.

            On the Next All My Children…

            • Erica attacks David.
            • Janet returns.
            • Will Dixie and JR reunite?


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              AMC PreVUE: Week of July 25 Edition

              ( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of July 25, 2011.


              Seeing the remnants of Tad’s service for Dixie, Kendall admits that she’s not having the easiest time moving forward. Tad & Cara toast to their future. Jake & Amanda reel upon learning her diagnosis on Tuesday, July 26. Amanda confides in Cara and later learns about the possible courses of action to treat her cancer. Brot tries to calm Jesse after he receives the confirmation of his worst fear. Angie convinces Maya to move in with her and her family. On Wednesday, July 27, Jesse feels the pressure as both Angie & Frankie begin to question his issue with Maya. Angie & Mookie face-off. Madison & Scott take a small step back towards each other.

              The Inside Story: The Walls Between Us
              Erica ends up back in lock up after using extreme violence to deal with David’s extreme trouble-making. Janet welcomes Erica to Oak Haven. Griffin tells Ryan that he is not willing to compromise Project Orpheus. Ryan asks Griffin if he is prepared to shoulder the responsibility if all of this doesn’t turn out how he expected. Ryan fills Kendall in on the situation with Griffin. Kendall tells Griffin their relationship is done after he makes it clear he won’t tell her the truth even on the off chance it affects her mother. Kendall confronts David. Jackson realizes Erica was telling him the truth about the kidnapping after a heart to heart with Opal. Tad & Opal help Jackson get into OH to see Erica. Jackson concludes he has to find Ben & Jane’s plastic surgeon after talking to Erica. Unsure of when they’ll see each other again, on Thursday, July 28, Jackson & Erica share a heartfelt goodbye. Erica runs into some more familiar faces in OH. Kendall tells Griffin to receive trust he has to return it. Griffin presses David to tell him everything now that he’s gotten what he wants from him. Greenlee tells David she hasn’t told Ryan about them as she needs to know what he did to her and if she is going to die first. David agrees to treat Greenlee at a secret site. Griffin reevaluates the decisions he’s been making after talking to Cara. David mocks Griffin for turning down the chance to bring people back to life for a woman; adding cryptically, a woman that he might not have a chance with anyway.

              A Closer Look: The Living Days
              On Monday, July 25, a suicidal JR has an interesting face to face with Dixie. Too drunk to realize she wasn’t just a figment of his imagination, JR thanks his mother and takes off to retrieve AJ. JR lashes out at Krystal when she’s unable to produce AJ. JR breaks down after getting physical with Krystal. Tad confronts JR who makes an odd comment about Dixie. JR mocks Tad when he appears to be taking the recent Dixie sightings too seriously. David desperately searches for Dixie. In the park, Dixie makes a run for it when Brot confronts her. Brot tells a preoccupied Jesse about the woman in the park. He takes Dixie to Oak Haven after running into her again. Dixie freaks out after being locked in a cell. JR & Scott discuss family and business. Scott tells a brooding JR he had his son until he started drinking again as AJ tells Tad he doesn’t want to see his father. JR loses his temper while trying to apologize to Marissa & Krystal for earlier. Tad pushes JR into the pool to get him to cool down. JR opens up a bit. Cut to the core by AJ’s words and actions, JR takes off on his own with a bottle of booze and Bianca soon realizes her car keys are missing. Meanwhile, as she’s being sedated, Dixie cries out “No David.” Tad goes to OH to collect his mother and momentarily freezes outside of Dixie’s door. Still reeling from the moment, back home, he questions Opal about her stay at the mental facility … as Erica runs into his not so dead ex at OH on Friday, July 29.

              All My Children News and Headlines:

              AMC ALERTS: WEEK OF AUGUST 1, 2011

              • Brot finds Bianca’s wrecked car but there is no sign of the driver, JR.
              • Jesse is conflicted on how to handle the situation with Maya.
              • Kendall’s heart has a strong reaction to the thought of her departed husband, but will Kendall leave the past in the past and take Jack’s advice about Griffin?
              • Josh Duhamel returns as Leo du Pres. Thorsten Kaye returns as Zach Slater.
              • Janet, Erica, Dixie, Marian and Annie escape from Oak Haven . Some are reunited with their loved ones. Will Dixie finally reunite with Tad?
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