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On September 26, "All My Children" will be replaced on ABC Daytime by a lifestyle program - with a focus on food - titled (arguably in poor taste) "The Chew." Early this morning, Entertainment Weekly revealed that CBS Daytime reached out to several actors from the cancelled ABC drama to assist them in some interesting counter-programming beginning on September 26.

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Lisa Connor Supervising Producer for "All My Children" on September 11, 2001I was producing at “AMC” at the time. The morning was perfect. I remember walking down West End Avenue and thinking 'this is the most perfect day'. The sky was the most beautiful blue and the temperature perfect for New York in September. I was in my office with the ABC feed on when the first plane hit. I remember thinking it was a horrible accident when one of our PA's came in and said "that was no accident." I went up to the control room to start taping...
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"All My Children" Episode Recap - Wednesday, September 7, 2011.
As Soap Opera Network reported late last week, Susan Lucci has added a scathing new chapter to "All My Life" scheduled to be included in the paperback release of her memoir on September 13. In the new epilogue, the actress who is known for being too well-mannered uncharacteristically blasts ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons for what she feels is his mismanagement of ABC Daytime and his general arrogance. Following a weekend of book leaks, ABC released what could only be construed as a biting statement about Lucci's book addition and conduct. On Tuesday - coincidentally or not - after getting information from an unnamed source, a article held back few jabs after revealing the actress turned down the offer to continue with "All My Children" online.

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"All My Children" Episode Recap - Tuesday, September 6, 2011.
"One Life to Live" fans have reason to celebrate today as a handful of the show's current cast members, including six-time Daytime Emmy winner Erika Slezak (Viki) have already agreed to make the transition with the show from ABC to online-only distribution with Prospect Park. According to Deadline Hollywood the company, which leased the rights to "OLTL" and sister soap "All My Children" in July, Slezak, along with Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John), and Ted King (Tomas) will all be remaining with the show after it airs its final ABC episode early next year.

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