How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

‘B&B’ Coverage Returns to SON
Sunday, February 3, 2008 7:30 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — Battle Lines are drawn as rivals bring a new war.


Taylor is angry with Brooke after learning she refuses to marry Ridge, just as Jackie reveals that baby Jack is Brooke’s biological child to a stunned Stephanie. After her meeting with Brooke, Taylor finally admits to Nick and James that she has been drinking. Brooke learns what Donna and Eric have been up to. Nick is questioned by James. After his talk with James, Nick confesses his true feelings to Brooke. After realizing that her hallucinations have returned, Taylor gets some words of advice from James regarding her relationship with Nick.


Can Rick save Taylor from self destruction?

Pictured: Hunter Tylo courtesy CBS

OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 4 Edition

The ties that bind
Friday, February 1, 2008 9:00 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — You can’t handle the truth.


Viki and Charlie are ecstatic to be reunited, however Viki can’t help but wonder how Charlie ended up at Dorian’s. Dorian, meanwhile, blackmails Jared. Viki confronts Jared about Jessica, not knowing that he is Charlie’s son. Charlie and Viki make love at Llanfair. Allison offers Jessica a deal–break her out of St. Ann’s, and she’ll confess her secret. A lying Charlie informs Viki that Rex is his son. Dorian wants to go head-to-head with Viki. Starr wants Markko to reassure her that nothing is going on between Langston and Cole. Antonio and Talia’s time alone is
interrupted by Officer Oliver Fish, who arrives to take Antonio back to Llanview. Viki tells Dorian Charlie’s lie about Rex. Charlie comes clean to Rex, who agrees to go along with the plan in hopes of getting the truth from Roxy. Jessica’s plan horrifies Natalie. Lindsay gets Vincent’s help with the “Get It Off Your Chest” project for the upcoming Go Red Ball, whose purpose is to ask people to write down their secrets and place them in a “heart box” sculpture with the promise that no one will ever see them. Talia and Antonio are successful in convincing Oliver to switch place with Talia, however Bo warns Antonio about the LPD’s fraternization policies. Jared’s actions surprise Jessica and Natalie. Jared offers to sell Nash back 1% of the vineyard, and later the two make a pact. Jessica puts her plan in motion. Addie and Roxy place their secrets in the box, while Lindsay chooses not too. Cole and Langston inform Blair of Starr’s surprise party. Free from St. Ann’s, Allison forces Jessica and Natalie to take her to the Lord Mausoleum. Bo and Lindsay grow closer.


John forces Todd to choose between going to jail or helping Marcie. Afterward, Ramsey attempts to persuade Todd that killing Gigi and Shane would be the best solution to their predicament. Gigi tries to assure Adriana that Shane is not Rex’s son. Rex confides in Bo about Walter Balsom, and asks him to be his best man. Bo, meanwhile, gives Rex the ring he had planned on giving to Gabrielle. Adriana can’t shake the feeling that Rex and Shane are father and son, and shares her suspicions with Layla. John places Todd on the hot seat in front of Nora. In secret, Todd tells Ramsey that he cannot allow him to murder Gigi. Blair tells John how difficult it is for her to be a mother to Sam. Rex tells Adriana the truth about Charlie. Todd is horrified when Ramsey remains determined that they kill Gigi and Shane. Todd has fire in his eyes when Ramsey threatens to go after Blair and the children if Todd backs down. Markko unknowingly alerts John to the fact that Ramsey is staying at the penthouse. Rex is speechless to learn from Adriana that Gigi has a son. Ramsey hides out across from the Angel Square Hotel armed with a high-powered rifle. After coming to, John discovers that Gigi and Shane are missing. Meanwhile, on the roof of the hotel, Gigi dodges Rex’s questions about Shane. Rex is clueless to the fact that Gigi was once in love with him. Todd is mortified to discover that Jack knows how he tried to give him away when he was a baby. After he and Blair ease Jack’s fears, Todd hunts down Ramsey.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 11

Monday: Gigi answers Rex’s questions; Todd and Ramsey fight for survival; Allison is full of surprises.

Tuesday: John forces Todd to become Marcie’s ally; Allison forces Roxy to help her.

Wednesday: Roxy pleads with Allison to keep quiet; Todd impresses Blair; Michael and Marcie bond.

Thursday: Jessica and Natalie fear their plan will be uncovered; Nora plots to discover Lindsay’s secret; Starr receives a shock.

Friday: Mary J. Blige returns to Llanview to sing for Starr’s Sweet 16; Lindsay catches Nora red-handed; Bo receives bad news; a gun-wielding Allison searches for Jessica.

Pictured: Bree Williamson courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

A Week You’ll Never Forget
Friday, February 1, 2008 10:50 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — Can a hit-and-run bring lovers closer together? Can a power struggle tear a family apart? Will doctors be able to save a Prince in need?


After Lucky and Sam have a heated confrontation over her lies and deception, Lucky is forced to leave Sam and move on with his life. After their confrontation, a distraught Sam finds herself to be the next target of the Text Message Killer. Hoping that Lucky will save her before its too late, Sam calls Lucky. Lucky doesn’t believe Sam’s claims, just as the killer strikes! READ MORE



After a visit with Dr. Lee last Friday, Carly is on her way to tell her husband some exciting news. While en route, she finds herself involved in a mishap resulting in damage to her vehicle. When she arrives home, she isn’t happy to find her husband with mortal enemy, Kate Howard. Sonny is stunned to learn that Kate told Jax about her past. Kate tries to get Sonny to admit his true feelings for her. Jax is ecstatic to learn that Carly is pregnant with his child. Mike catches Michael buying bullets. Is danger on the horizon for the Corinthos clan?


Claudia returned to Port Charles with one agenda in mind, one that will have Trevor living to regret his decisions. Claudia tries to re-connect with Johnny, who has Lulu on the brain. With an afterglow from their heated night of passion, Ric feels his future could be looking up, while Marianna gets troubling news. Taking over control of the family business, Claudia calls a meeting with the Five Families. Claudia sees eye-to-eye with Carly while visiting the Metro Court, just before meeting face-to-face with her Latin lover, Sonny Corinthos. Will sparks continue to fly or will a new truth be revealed?


- Robin grows suspicious of Dr. Devlin.

- Jerry finds a battered Sam after her hit-and-run and brings her to the hospital.

- Spinelli and Maxie investigate Coop’s room to find clues about his death.

- Patrick is protective of Robin.

- Not able to reach the pedestal that is Laura Spencer, Tracy tells Luke she is done with him.

- Elizabeth confesses to Jason that she might be the one who ran Sam down, but Jason doesn’t believe her.


Monday: Lucky doesn’t believe Sam when she tells him the killer attacked her again. Sonny and Claudia are birds of a feather. Trevor puts the pressure on Marianna to get the deeds from Ric.

Tuesday: Jason accuses Carly of being the driver that ran Sam down. Elizabeth feels guilty over Sam’s accident. Logan tell Lulu he loves her.

Wednesday: Alexis is the next target of the Text Message Killer. Luke meets Claudia and gives her some words of advice. Lucky can’t forgive Sam.

Pictured: Sarah Joy Brown courtesy ABC/SOAPnet

Y&R PreVUE Week of February 4 Edition

A quest for power…
Thursday, January 31, 2007 7:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Just how much trust can you give a man you might not know?


Kevin and Jana plot to bring Jeffrey down. Katherine lets Amber know that she’s going to start writing the memoirs of her life. JT and Victoria prepare to get married. Gloria buys crappy decor to make Sharon and Jack feel uncomfortable with living in the mansion. Victor gives Neil Nick’s old job. Amber and Daniel have a party but wind up between the sheets.


Colleen begins to see red when she notices the close bond between Heather and Adrian. Victor decides to head out of town to see a past love. Victor gives Jill an earful about how Nikki’s being in control of Jabot will ruin her. Nikki asks David if he’ll accept a position at Jabot as the new Chief Operations Office, to which he immediately accepts.

Pictured: Vincent Irizarry courtesy ABC

DAYS PreVUE: Week of February 4 Edition

A Reunion and a Farewell…
Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:54 PM | By Venus Stone

( — A brother is reunited with his sister; while John continues to fight his inner demons…


Lexie gives Kayla the news that she is going to have a baby. The autopsy results on Ford are turned in to Roman. Billie gets a job offer from Victor, which she accepts. Chelsea feels that she is losing her friends Lucas lets Sami know that he will be headed for prison. Chloe asks Philip if he meant what he said about making peace with Shawn. Stephanie and Max share a kiss.


In Ireland, John requests that he have a moment alone with Colleen. Grandpa Shawn is reunited with his sister. Alone, Belle and Shawn discuss their future together. John’s mission to take care of Colleen is halted after she reveals that he’s her son. Colleen tells Grandpa Shawn that she doesn’t have much time to live. Patch and Kayla find Bo and insist that he tells Hope the truth about his illness. John contemplates taking his life. Colleen requests the Brady family to surround her as she prepares to say good-bye. John has a hard time getting a grip on his emotions. Meanwhile, Steve sees a mysterious woman and instantly recognizes her.

Pictured: Peter Reckell courtesy NBC

GL PreVUE: Week of February 4 Edition

A costly mistake…
Thursday, January 31, 2008 7:32 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Desperate women do desperate things all for a man’s attention…


Lizzie wants to have the family she was robbed of. Bill swears Ava to secrecy about Sara and Jon being alive. With Nat and Gus’s wedding underway, Olivia’s meddling pushes Nat to her breaking point. Cassie continues to turn a blind eye to the evil side of Will. RJ gives Josh a reason to be worried about Will. Ashlee shows the Coopers just how good she is in the game of poker.


After kissing Mallet, Marina admits that her spontaneous actions are because of Cyrus. When Frank comes in their direction, the two of them quickly cover, then realize that what happened was a mistake. Dinah finds Mallet and shares her news that she received from the doctor about her health. When Harley tells Ccyrus that she doesn’t want him to leave her, he pulls her into a kiss. The two start to undress when Dinah walks in on them. Later on Cyrus runs into Marina, who begs him not to leave. As she’s about to kiss him, his phone rings. At the Coope family poker game, Marina comes with Cyrus in tow. During the game, Harley and Marina swap hinting barbs at one another. Cyrus buys plane tickets to France and asks Marina to go with him; she excitedly accepts Dinah points out that Cyrus obviously wants to be with Harley, not Marina. When Harley walks in on their going away party, she and Cyrus instantly lock eyes. Mallet gets a call regarding a disturbance and sets out to go but Marina insists on taking his place. When Cyrus gets alone with Harley, she tells him that he needs to be with the woman he wants to be with; he tells her he is. Marina, who is at the scene of the disturbance, tries calling Mallet, but Dinah purposely turns his phone off in order to talk to him about starting over. Meanwhile, as Harley and Cyrus give in to their desires and make love, Marina is knocked out cold.

Pictured: Mandy Bruno courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

The Plot Thickens…
Friday, February 1, 2008 1:12 AM | By Angela Rosa

( – Ryan’s brain injury turns Pine Valley’s messy quadrangle into an even messier sextet.


Angie has a life-saving epiphany as Jesse prays for their son’s life at his own grave. Jesse makes a plea to Tad. Jesse’s mind struggles to overcome his heart when he sees Angie approaching Tad’s car. The government freezes one of Erica’s financial accounts. Tad sends Aidan out on a mission to get him the answers that Jesse won’t give him. Jesse privately recalls the night of his “death.” Knocked unconscious after coming to a battered woman’s aid, Jesse is rushed to the hospital where Angie just happens to be on duty.


As Ryan’s behavior leaves Kendall befuddled, Annie clues Zach in to the fact that Ryan can’t remember the last four years of his life and believes he and Kendall are engaged. Zach’s news about Ryan’s memory backtrack prompts Greenlee to remind her pal that his wife and her ex-husband share a powerful connection. After convincing a reluctant Kendall to go to the launch party for “Charm,” Greenlee recaps her, Kendall and Ryan’s history to Zach who listens on intently. Meanwhile, Ryan looks to Kendall for answers and is stunned to learn that they share a son. Kendall explains to a lovelorn Ryan that his friendship with Greenlee was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Greenlee and Aidan make time for romance. Annie’s hopeful determination turns into devastation when Ryan confesses to her that he feels nothing for her. Zach convinces Kendall to attend her first book signing and as the fates would have it Kendall ends up on the same flight as Aidan. Ryan questions Greenlee about their past. Zach offers to help a distressed Annie in any way he can until Ryan regains his memory. Believing it’s truly best if Zach and Greenlee never learn about their trangression, Aidan implores Kendall to let go of the guilt she feels.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 11

Monday: Ryan is mesmerized when he meets Spike for the “first” time. Kendall fears she’s pregnant.

Tuesday: Angie can’t shake the feeling that Jesse is alive. Sparks fly when Erica meets Samuel Woods.

Wednesday: Ryan and Annie try to get to know each other again. Jesse hides as Angie arrives at Tad’s door.

Thursday: A shocked Krystal meets Jesse. The women of Fusion prepare for the Go Red Fashion Show.

Friday: Ryan accuses Zach of stealing his life. Angie and Jesse finally come face to face.

Pictured: Aiden Turner courtesy ABC

Critical Moments
Saturday, January 26, 2008 7:55 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — While Angie struggles to save two lives, Jesse struggles to stay hidden at Pine Valley Hospital.


JR realizes how much Adam cares about him but continues to plot to unearth his father’s secrets as he recognizes that Adam will never get over his vendetta against Tad. An equally faithless Adam gives his son a “family heirloom” which is merely a listening device. Erica orders Val to find a previous correspondence concerning her finances. A desperate Richie manipulates Emma into wanting to be a donor for him. Erica’s fire to book Samuel Woods, a charismatic politician who vows to make the rich and powerful pay for their crimes, only intensifies when he rejects her invitation to appear on her show. Adam is both hurt and infuriated as he listens in on JR and Krystal’s meeting. Annie is alarmed when she realizes that Ryan doesn’t rememeber her or Emma…or anything else from the last four years of his life.


An exhausted Angie assumes Frankie was hallucinating when he tells her about seeing his father. Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Jack sit vigil for Greenlee whose condition takes a turn for the worse. Tad tries to bolster Angie’s spirits. Angie prays to Jesse to see Frankie through after administering the experimental treatment to their son. Frankie goes into cardiac arrest. Angie and her team remain baffled on how to treat Frankie and Greenlee’s illness without killing them. Angie informs Jack and Aidan that the potentially deadly antidote is Greenlee’s only chance of survival. Zach supports Greenlee as she’s faced with the life and death decision of whether to proceed with the treatment. A stoic Angie insists to Joe that she’s up to the task of treating her own son but then breaks down in his arms. Greenlee is moved when Kendall brings Spike to see her before she undergoes the potentially deadly treatment. Greenlee’s condition takes a swift turn for the worse after Angie administers the antidote. Jesse barely escapes being caught by Angie as he watches over Frankie. Her condition deteriorating, Greenlee has an out of body experience in which she encounters Erica, Aidan, Zach, Jack and Kendall. Angie jumps into action to save Greenlee. Tad sees Jesse while sitting vigil by Frankie’s bedside.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 4

Monday: Kendall is bewildered by Ryan’s behavior. Tad comes face to face with Jesse.

Tuesday: Greenlee is on the road to recovery. Jesse leaves Tad with more questions than answers.

Wednesday: Ryan can’t shake his feelings of love for Kendall. Adam continues to spy on JR.

Thursday: Tad investigates Jesse’s return from the dead. Ryan’s blunt honesty leaves Annie devestated.

Friday: Greenlee takes Ryan on a trip down memory lane. Jesse and Angie are on a collision course.

Pictured: Michael E. Knight courtesy ABC

DAYS PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition

Someone all too familiar…
Thursday, January 24, 2008 9:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — As one person can no longer run from the truth, others get closer to discovering the truth about the past…


Hope let’s Roman know that she’s rejoining the police force. Shawn, Belle, Philip and Chloe set out to find Claire on their own.Adrienne bids farewell to Steve and Kayla. Tony’s business announcement isn’t what Anna was expecting to hear. Chelsea comes forward and tells Crawford Decker the truth about his son. Lexie learns she has been appointed the new Chief of Staff. Roman reveals that the D.A. is being pressured to have Chelsea arrested.


Marlena takes Stefano’s life in her own hands as she injects a drug to put him in a catatonic state. John wants Marlena’s help in getting him to Ireland. Marlena doctors Stefano’s test results. Roman has questions for Marlena about Stefano’s stroke. EJ tells Sami the are no longer in danger, thanks to Stefano’s health. Meanwhile, in Ireland with John, Marlena is stunned to find someone very familiar to her.

Pictured: Drake Hogestyn courtesy NBC

OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition

A web of lies
Thursday, January 24, 2008 8:47 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.


Allison Perkins begins to taunt Jessica at St. Ann’s, while claiming to know a secret about her family. Jessica’s attitude causes Nash to believe that she has something up her sleeve. While visiting Buchanan Enterprises to beg Jared for another chance, Charlie nearly runs into Viki. Aunt Corrine tries to stonewall Rex. Addie believes she recognizes Miles, and later they learn that they have a great deal in common. Nora thinks Bo holds a grudge over their failed marriage. Starr is oblivious to the fact that Langston and Cole are planning a surprise party for her. Rex receives Natalie’s help, and is shocked to see Gigi at the Angel Square Hotel. Rex uncovers an envelope in Roxy’s desk. Lindsay promises Clint that her breakdown was real. Starr admits to Blair that she’s jealous of Cole and Langston’s budding friendship. Nora’s comment about his being able to forgive Lindsay but not her leaves Bo speechless. Roxy spins a lie to Rex that Charlie is his father to throw him off the trail. Antonio finds a creative way to spend time with Talia. Dorian comes up with a plan concerning Charlie and Jared. When Charlie denies being his father, Rex seeks advice from Bo. Addie’s new personality shocks Viki. Charlie and Viki are reunited. Dorian issues Jared an ultimatum. Adriana bumps into Gigi and Shane. Renee stops Clint and Nora from tossing Jared out of the mansion.


Todd refuses to adhere to Blair’s suggestion that he and Sam move back to the penthouse, and tells Blair he wants a real marriage. Although hesitant at first, Blair can’t deny her feelings. Blair and Todd wake up after making love only to be interrupted by Addie. Todd is floored by the ‘new’ Addie, who warns him not to hurt Blair. Antonio brings Marcie back to Llanview, and gives her and Michael a few moments alone. Marcie appears ready to accept her punishment. Nora makes it clear to Marcie that she is forced to throw the book at her. John welcomes Gigi and Shane into his apartment. John blackmails Todd into helping Marcie. Roxy’s arrival thwarts Ramsey’s plan. As Ramsey tells Todd that Gigi is a threat, Roxy
gets to know Shane. Gigi dodges Rex’s questions. Running out of options, Ramsey tells Todd that Gigi and Shane need to be eliminated. Charlie helps Blair with Sam. Blair is horrified to see Todd and Ramsey together. Michael encounters Gigi and Shane again. Gigi tells John that Rex was her high school sweetheart, and is sympathetic to learn of John’s recent loss and Ramsey’s role in Marty’s death.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 4

Monday: Viki and Charlie are ecstatic to be reunited.

Tuesday: Adriana wonders if Rex has a son; Natalie learns of Jessica’s encounter with Allison.

Wednesday: Dorian and Viki are named co-hosts of the “Go Red” Ball.

Thursday: Todd is on the brink of murder; Rex learns Gigi has a son.

Friday: Natalie breaks Jessica and Allison out of St. Ann’s, and the trio go on the run.

Pictured: John-Paul Lavoisier courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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