How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

Llanview plots against Ramsey
Sunday, February 24, 2008 4:37 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Power isn’t everything.


Jessica fears Allison may never regain consciousness and that she really does have a secret. Jessica and Nora are women on a mission following a call from Clint. John and Antonio grill Jessica and Natalie about Allison’s escape from St. Ann’s. A sketch artist faxes a drawing of Allison’s accomplices to the LPD. The Buchanan girls fear the worst. Jared and Nash join forces to tamper with the sketches before they reach John and Antonio. As Nash hovers over Allison’s bed determined to make sure that she will never hurt Jessica again, Allison opens her eyes. Meanwhile, after being turned down for a loan, Nash makes a secret phone call, and later has a mysterious business meeting. Jared refuses to sell his half of the vineyard to Nash. Natalie gets Jared to reconsider in order to keep peace in the family.

Rex realizes why Adriana is hesitant to go to Paris and, with the help of Layla, convinces her to change her mind. Gigi surprises Rex with the news that she is staying in Llanview. Cristian is unable to hire Gigi at the diner.


Cole shares his concern about Ramsey with Langston. Talia finds herself on Ramsey’s bad side, and later teams up with Antonio and Bo to trick Ramsey into signing John’s reinstatement papers. John is shocked to see that he has a new boss upon returning to Llanview. Antonio and Talia keep John from making a mistake. Bo convinces John to stay on the force and be his mole. Ramsey leaves Talia with a creepy feeling. John and Ramsey prepare to do battle. Gigi hides Ramsey’s threats from Rex. Todd formally drops the charges against Marcie, but not before insulting her. Nora realizes the effect that Ramsey’s new position has on Todd, and suspects that he holds the key to destroying Ramsey. Todd drops a bombshell on his family, declaring that they are moving to Hawaii. Ramsey sees red upon realizing he has been tricked. John confronts Ramsey. Blair believes Todd’s announcement is somehow connected to Ramsey. The thought of leaving Llanview devastates Starr. Viki questions her brother’s motives for wanting to move his family across the country. Blair is spooked by her encounter with Ramsey at the diner.


- Michael tells Marcie to stop feeling sorry for herself.

- Jared and Natalie find themselves together in a crisis.

- Michael forces Marcie to face the fact that Tommy is safe and loved.

- Dorian confronts Nora after watching the surveillance tape of her breaking into the box of secrets.

- Bo and Nora slip into their old routine while helping the family at BE.

- ABC Daytime Joins Forces with ESPN. READ MORE

- The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Pre-Nominations. READ MORE

- ABC Daytime Loses Three Million Viewers in One Year. READ MORE


Monday: Jessica and Natalie discover what Jared did to help them; Dorian and Nora reach a stalemate; Starr rebels at the thought of leaving Llanview.

Tuesday: Starr makes a decision concerning Cole; Nora confesses to Clint.

Wednesday: Todd resorts to violence; An unexpected ally comes to the aide of the Buchanans; John, Talia, and Antonio work to bring down Ramsey.

Thursday: Blair finds herself between John and Todd; Being close to Rex has an effect on Gigi; Natalie and Jared struggle with their feelings.

Friday: Antonio is floored to learn about his financial status; Clint decides what’s best for the family; Gigi is unsettled to watch Rex bond with Shane.

Pictured: Hunt Block courtesy CBS | Carmen LoPorto/Jacob & Luke Clodfelter/Trevor St. John courtesy Steve Fenn/ABC

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Y&R PreVUE Week of February 25 Edition

New in town and already has eyes on a certain someone…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 9:09 PM | By Venus Stone

( — There’s a new Newman in town and heads are gonna roll…


JT and Nikki work together to prepare a surprise for Victoria. Neil persuades Karen to sing at Indigo for him. Lily receives some harsh critcism from Chloe at a photo shoot. Daniel loses all hope on Amber. Jack and Sharon head off to Los Angeles for business. Jeffrey and Gloria make an unlikely pact with one another. Nick and Phyllis try to get Abmer to work for them.


Victor Jr. introduces himself to Victoria as Adam. Victor and his son bond together over business. Victor decides to keep Victor Jr.’s identity quiet. Phyllis and Nick have their first encounter with Adam. Victoria and Adam don’t see eye to eye at Newman Enterprises. Nikki and Victor have dinner with one another.


- Eric Forrester meets Jack and Sharon to discuss business

- Adam finds himself very attracted to Phyllis

- When David reveals his secretive past to Nikki, she begins to have doubts

- Thanks to Victor, Eric declines to work with Jack and Sharon on Restless Style

- Reed gets sick, which worries JT and Victoria

Pictured: Michelle Stafford courtesy CBS

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DAYS PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

A son shoulders the guilt…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 8:49 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Grief and illness consume Bo Brady…


After Steve is confronted by Ava, he asks Abe to do a check on the woman. The sorority girls determine if Chelsea can stay at the sorority. Anna shows up to work at her brand new job. John wonders about his marriage to Marlena. Steve insists that Kayla take care of herself and avoid stress for the baby’s sake. Marlena and John pay Stefano a visit.


Bo admits to Caroline that he feels the blame should be put on him for the loss of his father. Lexie promises Bo that she won’t give up until they find out what’s truly wrong with Bo’s health. Bo’s health takes a turn when he nearly passes out and is instructed to go back to the hospital. After getting back the test results, it’s discovered that Bo’s pancreas is failing.


- Sami tells EJ she wants an annulment

- Caroline bids a tearful good-bye to her husband

- Stefano shares how he and Rolf erased all of John’s memories

- Caroline and Victor share a tender moment with one another

Pictured: Peter Reckell courtesy NBC

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GL PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

Double-crossing Jonathan is Lizzie’s huge mistake…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 8:17 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Jon’s pushed to the edge and Lizzie could get caught in the crossfire…


Gus and Natalia sneak to be together, but agree to continue to pretend that they are on the outs. Olivia keeps up her hopes in having Gus all to herself. Angry at how the situation between Gus and Natalia has become, Rafe lashes out by seeing Daisy against Nat’s wishes. Harley and Cyrus escape from getting caught by Frank, which ticks Marina off. Marina and Dinah get together to plot how to get the men they love back in their lives. Gus is torn when he hears Emma asking Oliva about dying, which then prompts him in staying the night with them. Ashlee is stunned when Doris admits she had a wonderful time lunching with Coop and Buzz.


When Billy asks Bill about his feelings for Lizzie, he dismisses him, telling him Lizzie means nothing to him. Lizzie asks Jonathan if he was involved in the murder in California. Jon doesn’t deny that he was involved in the crime. When Bill gets a visit from Jon, he warns him that he will tell Lizzie the true reason why he wants to marry her. Lizzie makes the suggestion that she and Jon leave town after the wedding. Jon tells Jeffrey that he plans on getting out of town once married to Lizzie. While getting prepared for her wedding, Lizzie see Bill and assumes he’s there to talk her out of getting married. She’s immediately crushed when he’s there to pick up a nail stylist. Jeffrey meets with Bill, persuading him to end his investigation on the Tourmaline incident. While the men are talking, Jeffrey slips about Jon and Lizzie’s leaving town after the wedding. As the wedding gets underway, Beth receives a call about Alan and Bill interrupts the nuptials, begging Lizzie not to marry Jon. Reva, trying to stop Bill from ruining the wedding, is floored to learn of Lizzie and Jon’s plans to split Springfield with Sarah. Billy escorts Bill away from wedding, but Lizzie gets cold feet. When she finds Bill she admits she couldn’t go through with marrying Jon, as he admits he couldn’t let her go. The two kiss, and as Bill is going to his car, a furious Jon whisks Lizzie away. He tells her that took Bill’s side, she became his enemy.


- Lizzie is left stranded in the woods by Jonathan for double crossing him

- An unlikely friendship is formed between Josh and Jeffrey in hopes to put Will in his place

- Cassie and Reva have a face-off with one another and wind up getting lost

- Rick finds himself behind bars, courtesy of Alan’s manipulations

Pictured: Tom Pelphrey courtesy Steve Vaccariello/PGP

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By Errol Lewis

( — After the reveal, the story nears its climax as multiple lives hang in the balance.

Ignacio Serricchio


Robin can barely contain herself when she’s around Patrick. Angie arrives at General Hospital seeking medical help. Patrick arranges for Angie to be treated at the hospital, despite her lacking medical insurance. Patrick reveals that he posted Joe’s bail. Ian informs Robin and Patrick that their patient has been taking counterfeit prescription drugs and they race to save a life, but they are too late. Patrick asks Robin if he’s the father of her baby. Will Robin finally admit the truth?

Elizabeth fears she is the one that ran Sam down. Scott yells at Lulu for what she did to Logan after it is revealed that he couldn’t possibly be the Text Message Killer. Carly is hit with abdominal pains during her talk with Jason.

Sarah Brown and Megan Ward


Sonny believes the Zacchara’s are behind Kate’s shooting and Michael’s disappearance. Seeking answers, Sonny has a standoff with Claudia, who once again has seduction on her mind. Sonny begins to play Claudia’s little game, but when Jason arrives Claudia departs in a fit of rage. Johnny is knocked unconscious and kidnapped by two thugs hired by Sonny. Humiliated, Claudia pays a visit to Kate, but Kate takes a turn for the worse. Sonny warns Claudia about consequences and leaves her with an ominous message about Johnny. Sonny presents himself to Johnny, who is being held captive in a padded room at an abandoned psychiatric clinic. Claudia tries to make a deal with Jason and warns him that there will be hell to pay if Sonny harms Johnny. A worried Lulu is looking for Johnny, but finds herself meeting Claudia instead. Claudia learns that Sonny is holding Johnny hostage and vows revenge. Claudia returns to General Hospital with the intention of revealing a secret to Kate, which when revealed could spell the end for Kate and Sonny’s relationship.


The Text Message Killer is revealed to be Diego Alcazar. Diego reveals that it is because of Jason and Sonny that all the women he killed had to die. Maxie finds herself at Sam’s door, but exits before she realizes Diego’s presence – Sam is not as fortunate. Diego ties Sam up and hauls her to his warehouse lair. Diego reveals the final phase in his plans for revenge against Sonny and Jason while planting explosives in the warehouse. Sam attempts to escape, but is recaptured just as Elizabeth finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Diego knocks Elizabeth out and handcuffs her in his car with Sam bound and gagged in the trunk. A gun-battle escalates between Max and Diego and their vehicles crash. Seeing an opportunity, Elizabeth tries to rescue Sam. Lucky comes onto the scene hoping to save Sam and Elizabeth, but gun fire is aimed his way.


- Kate piques Alexis’ interest in her past when Kate calls her Olivia, but Kate is weary of revealing anything.

- Nikolas is able to live out the memory of Emily’s murder at the hands of the Text Message Killer.

- Former “3rd Rock from the Sun” star Elmarie Wendel plays the role of “Peg” beginning Thursday, February 28. READ MORE

- Jim Palmer brings Marianna’s abusive ex “Randy” to Port Charles as “Randy” follows Ric and Marianna to the town during the Week of March 3.


Monday: Jason tries to rescue Sam and Elizabeth; Maxie and Spinelli fall into a dead end in their pursuit of Diego/The Text Message Killer; Images of Claudia and Sonny having sex haunt Kate.

Tuesday: Patrick has painful news for Jason; Maxie is trapped between a rock and hard place; Nikolas seeks the ultimate revenge against the killer.

Wednesday: It’s a battle of the titans as Nikolas and Diego fight to the bitter end; Ian takes a special interest in Sam; Luke and Scott have a war of words.

Thursday: Jerry feels the pressure from his partner in crime; Ric and Marianna have luck on their side; Patrick confronts Elizabeth about Jake’s true paternity.

Friday: Jax puts his faith in Jerry, but he might regret his decision; Emily forces Nikolas to face his fears; Lucky overhears Elizabeth’s confession.

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The Return of ‘Passions’ Coverage
Friday, February 22, 2008 4:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — A scorned child could put his parents’ life in danger.


Gwen defends herself from Pilar, and spouts out threats of her own. Marty refuses to acknowledge Fancy. Juanita threatens Marty, or did she? Noah requests help from Tabitha and Kay. Kay accidentally sets Tabitha’s kitchen on fire. Tabitha senses that all is not what it seems and it could have devastating results for the citizens of Harmony.

Vincent continues his path of destruction as he plots the deaths of mommy and daddy, Eve and Julian. Vincent turns into alter-ego Valerie Davis and plans a night of romance with daddy! As Valerie, Vincent drugs Julian. Julian comes to his senses and realizes that Eve was telling the truth all along about what Vincent has been up to.


Vincent’s plot for revenge escalates.

Tracey Ross and Phillip Jeanmarie courtesy Brian Lowe/JPI

Pictured: Phillip Jeanmarie courtesy Sean Smith/JPI

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What’s Happening Next Week
Friday, February 22, 2008 3:00 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — The custody of a child pits family against family.


Stephanie shocks the Logan and Forrester clans with a surprising turn of events – she doesn’t reveal that Storm is the one that shot her.

Brooke and Nick share a passionate kiss. Taylor lets Nick know that she will never give up her son and abruptly takes Jack home with her in front of a stunned Nick and Brooke. Nick serves Taylor with custody papers. Rick comforts Taylor in her time of need. The custody trial for Baby Jack is in full force as Nick hires Storm as his lawyer, while Taylor brings in Gloria Schiller (Meeghan Holaway). Phoebe and Rick show their support for Taylor. Chaos erupts in the courtroom.


Ridge learns of Taylor and Rick’s growing relationship.

Pictured: Hunter Tylo courtesy Ray Christian/JPI

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Pine Valley is a Battlefield
Thursday, February 21, 2008 3:28 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Can the residents of Pine Valley survive the perilous situations set in their paths?



The bad news keeps on mounting for Erica who learns that New Beginnings has been cancelled. Erica blames Adam for her predicament and demands he help her. Erica shows Samuel just what she’s made of as she calls a press conference where she both addresses the charges against her and aptly turns the table on her prosecutor.


Richie spins a tale to Babe as his henchmen take JR hostage and prepare to extract his bone marrow. Babe assumes the worst about JR when she learns that he never showed up at the hospital. A calculating Richie arranges it so Babe and Krystal find JR in a hotel room with a prostitute. Richie is confident that he can have it all.


Jesse believes Remy’s death may somehow be connected to what happened to him. Angie lays down the law to both Jesse and Frankie. Jesse decides to take action to reclaim his life. Tad, Jesse and Angie search the hospital files to find out who was on duty in the morgue the night Jesse “died.” Jesse realizes that the people who are after him know that he’s back in Pine Valley.


Despite an emotional scene between father and daughter, Annie remains adamant that Ryan move out as planned. Greenlee enjoys the easy rapport she shares with Zach. Meanwhile, Kendall and Aidan remain uneasy over their impending travel arrangements. Zach encourages Annie to fight for Ryan – who Kendall and Greenlee later push in Mrs. Lavery’s direction. The tension spills over as Ryan, Annie, Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Greenlee find themselves stuck in the Fusion elevator together. Later, Greenlee sidles up to Ryan in an effort to get him to remember, while a tipsy Annie sidles up to a stranger in an effort to forget. Zach prevents Annie from making a mistake she’ll regret. A frustrated Greenlee pulls Ryan into a steamy clinch in an effort to make him remember the love they shared. Zach, Annie, Ryan, and Greenlee end up at Zach’s casino. Ryan reaches out to Annie. Kendall and Aidan get past the awkwardness between them.

- “Dancing with The Star’s” sexiest professional dancer stops by Pine Valley. READ MORE


Monday: Kendall is terrorized by an overzealous male fan. Annie and Ryan’s anger soon gives way to passion.

Tuesday: JR is frustrated by Babe’s refusal to believe him. Someone has ominous plans for Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal. Aidan insists on keeping a close eye on Kendall.

Wednesday: Annie sets herself up for major disappointment. A confident Erica gets in the last word with Samuel. Adam sets out to find out more about Samuel.

Thursday: Tad wants to get Krystal and Jenny out of the line of fire. Richie is certain his scheme will turn out exactly how he wants it to.

Friday: Tad senses danger when he realizes he and Angie are being watched. Frankie lets Jesse know exactly how he feels.

Pictured: David Canary courtesy ABC | Cameron Mathison/Melissa Claire Egan courtesy Steve Fenn/ABC

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

Will Allison’s secret be revealed?
Sunday, February 17, 2008 3:32 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — The ‘Go Red’ Ball is full of surprises.


With Bo fired, Ramsey is named Llanview’s newest Police Commissioner. Gigi finds the news hard to swallow. Nora blames Lindsay for Bo’s predicament. Ramsey wants to throw the book at Jessica for helping Allison escape. Todd’s happiness comes under attack. Gigi gives in to Ramsey, while Todd formulates a plan to stop the rogue cop. Jessica evades Antonio’s questions. Bo rebuffs Clint’s proposal that he come to work at BE. Matthew ponders what his father will do next. Ramsey and Antonio start off on the wrong foot. Todd is a bundle of nerves thanks to Ramsey.

Lindsay swallows her secret before Nora has a chance to read it. Clint is forced to referee Nora and Lindsay’s catfight; but not before everyones’ secrets fall out of the box. Dorian catches Roxy sorting through a floor full of secrets. Dorian gives in to her curiosity and sneaks a peak at some of Llanview’s deepest, darkest secrets; later she bribes a security guard in order to get possession of valuable surveillance tape.


Jared and Natalie are interrupted by news that Jessica is in trouble. At the same time, Allison forces Jessica to plead and beg for her life while holding her at gunpoint. In an act of bravery, Jared throws himself in front of Jessica, but ends up tumbling over a balcony railing with Allison. With his life hanging on by a thread, Jared clutches the railing with one hand and Allison with the other. Charlie arrives just in time to save Jared, who purposely releases his grip on Allison. As she hurriedly plummets to the pavement, Allison vows to take her secret to the grave. Jared is treated as a hero by the Buchanans. Ramsey announces that Allison’s condition is grave. Jessica realizes that she may never uncover Allison’s secret as the DVD she had with her when she fell was destroyed. Allison isn’t expected to make it through the night.


- Jared’s declaration leaves Natalie feeling uneasy, and later, heartbroken.

- Langston and Cole continue to fight their feelings.

- Jamie interrupts Talia and Antonio’s evening of romance.

- Cristian and Sarah give into temptation; Layla and Vincent see more than they bargained for.

- Adriana is jealous of Rex’s rapport with Gigi and Shane.

- Mary J. Blige continues her visit to Llanview. READ MORE

- The ABC Daytime Dramas ‘Go Red’ for a good cause. READ MORE


Monday: John is aghast to learn Ramsey is his new boss; Cole confides in Langston his fears about Ramsey; Rex realizes Adriana still thinks Shane is his son.

Tuesday: Jessica fears she may never know Allison’s secret; Marcie’s future is decided; Antonio and Talia team up to bring down their new boss.

Wednesday: Bo and Clint deal with family issues; Michael gives Marcie some tough love; Nash has a cryptic meeting with potential business partners.

Thursday: Todd vows to protect his family; Langston and Cole feel guilty; Antonio confronts Jessica.

Friday: Jared helps Jessica and Natalie; Dorian gains the upper hand on Nora; Allison has a reaction to Nash’s visit.

Pictured: Barbara Garrick courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC | Jerry verDorn/Hillary B. Smith courtesy Jeff Neira/ABC

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The Past, the Present and the Future Collide
Saturday, February 16, 2008 4:35 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Shades of the past.



Jack’s misgivings about Samuel prove to be foretelling as the U.S.D.A. ends Erica’s night at the “Go Red for Women” fashion show by fitting her with a new accessory – handcuffs! Jack follows Erica to the police station where Ms. Kane fails to take Montgomery’s advice and manages to get herself into even more legal trouble courtesy of a smug Samuel. Erica is no more open to suggestion at her bail hearing where she unleashes a tirade against Samuel.


Annie can’t ignore Ryan’s longing for Kendall and neither can Zach. Convinced that Ryan poses a threat, Zach hires a reluctant Aidan to be Kendall’s bodyguard on her book tour. Kendall is aghast to learn of Zach’s arrangement. The Slater’s and Lavery’s are overjoyed when Spike’s cochlear implant is successfully turned on and he can hear again. A tortured Ryan witnesses the close family unit Zach, Kendall and Spike have become. Things remain strained between Annie and Ryan.


Babe lays down the night’s agenda to JR: a poker game – if she wins he donates his bone marrow to Richie, if he wins he gets whatever he wants. JR up the stakes and turns their match into a game of strip poker. After having some fun, JR finally admits to Babe that he was planning to donate his bone marrow to Richie all along. Things turn passionate between Babe and JR. Meanwhile, Richie learns JR is his donor match and sets an ominous – and unnecessary – plan into motion.


Jesse is unable to walk away from Angie and the two embrace for the first time since his “death.” Angie counters Jesse’s claim that he can’t stay with her by explaining that her life means nothing without him in it. Jesse and Angie make love. Angie insists she, Jesse and Frankie can go into hiding together after Jesse tells her his sordid tale. Frankie follows Tad and Krystal and comes face to face with his father. Tad, Frankie, Krystal and Angie convince Jesse that together, they can defeat any enemy. An enemy lurks nearby.


Monday: Richie is certain he’s going to get everything he wants. Annie insists Ryan move out as planned.

Tuesday: Erica swears to make Samuel pay for what he’s doing to her. Zach urges Annie to fight for Ryan.

Wednesday: Zach not so subtly pushes Ryan away from Kendall. Someone is keeping a close eye on Frankie.

Thursday: Greenlee tries to get Ryan to remember their love with a kiss. Only Krystal believes JR may be the victim he claims he is.

Friday: Angie’s anger and frustration finally comes rushing to the surface. Erica sets out to prove she isn’t down for the count.

Pictured: Billy Miller courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC | Debbie Morgan/Darnell Williams courtesy Steve Fenn/ABC

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