By Errol Lewis

( — MacKenzie Mauzy is returning to CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” later this month.

Mackenzie Mauzy

Mauzy, who has portrayed the role of Phoebe Forrester, daughter to Ridge (Ron Moss) and Taylor Forrester (Hunter Tylo), since 2006, is returning to the drama series beginning Thursday, February 28 as the character returns to Los Angeles, CA with a new perspective in life. Phoebe was last seen in December during the Forrester Holiday Celebration.

Specific storyline details were unavailable at press time.

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    Who Knows What Can Happen?
    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 12:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Casting News for the Week of February 18.

    On the February 18 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Tim Haldeman and Karnel Matthews guest-star. Haldeman, whose credits include guest roles on such primetime series as “Pacific Palisades,” “Passions,” and “Skin” will play the “Newspaper Editor.” Matthews plays the “Layout Artist.”

    Eric David portrays the “Pilot” and Carly Jane Steel portrays the “Flight Attendant” on February 19.

    Mykel Shannon Jenkins and Dan Martin return as Detective Charlie Baker and Lt. Bradley ‘Brad’ Baker, respectively, on February 22 at the request of Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery).

    Pictured: Mykel Shannon Jenkins courtesy John Paschal/JPI

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      Come Celebrate in Genoa City
      Tuesday, February 12, 2008 11:30 PM | By Errol Lewis

      ( — CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” launches “Monthly Dream Prize” Sweepstakes to celebrate upcoming 35th anniversary.

      Interested in winning a super prize package that includes first class airfare for two, 5 days/4 nights at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel with standard room accommodations plus one spa treatment for winner and guest, two tickets to “The Young and the Restless” 35th Anniversary Exclusive Event in Beverly Hills, PLUS a Sony BRAVIA(R) LCD TV, BRAVIA Theatre System, and Cyber-shot(R) Digital Camera? If so, Sony Electronics Inc. and its Card Marketing & Services Company in cooperation with Sony Pictures Television Inc. have created the “Monthly Dream Prize” Sweepstakes in honor of the upcoming 35th anniversary celebration for daytime’s number one drama series. The sweepstakes runs now through Sunday, February 17 at

      To enter in the sweepstakes, do the following:

        1. To enter the sweepstakes, go to from Monday, February 11 through Sunday, February 17 and log in with your current Username and Password. (If you are not a member, go to to sign up. See Official Rules for more details.)

        2. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Play Monthly Dream Prize” then follow the instructions and bid up to 1,000 of your Sony Rewards Points to obtain entries in the sweepstakes. It’s easy and fun! Simply spin the Winner’s Wheel and multiply your points instantly for more entries. If you’re not a winner, don’t worry. Your points will automatically be returned to your account

        3. The winning entry will be drawn at random on Monday, February 18 and posted on the Prize Winners page at for one week. So be sure to check back to see if you’re the lucky winner and claim your prize.

      Here’s a complete list of what the lucky winner will receive:

      * First class airfare for two

      * 5 days/4 nights at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel with standard room accommodations plus one spa treatment for winner and guest

      * Tickets for two (2) to The Young and The Restless 35th Anniversary Exclusive Event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills on April 10, 2008

      * Private tour of The Young and The Restless set for winner and guest

      * Two hour walking tour of the Sony Pictures lot for winner and guest

      * A Young and the Restless logo tote bag packed with Y&R items

      * Dinner at an exclusive L.A. restaurant for winner and guest

      * A chauffeur-driven car for winner and guest — 8 hours a day for 4 days

      * Sony 46″ BRAVIA(R) XBR series LCD TV

      * BRAVIA Theatre System

      * Cyber-shot(R) Digital Still Camera

      Pictured: The Young and the Restless courtesy Sony Pictures Television

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        Kassie DePaiva | Fan Club Breakfast

        OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 11 Edition

        I Know a Secret
        Saturday, February 9, 2008 2:27 PM | By Scotty Gore

        ( — Secrets are made to be found out with time.


        At the Lord mausoleum, Allison continues to tease Jessica and Natalie, but does not reveal her secret. Desperate, Jessica locks her in the tomb overnight. Now alone, Allison finds what she was looking for inside the crypt. Layla interrupts Cristian and Sarah’s romantic evening. Allison escapes and bumps into Roxy at the Diner. Natalie and Jessica are surprised to learn from Viki that Charlie is Rex’s father. Jared places his secret into the ‘Get If Off Your Chest’ box. Starr is certain that there is something going on between Cole and Langston. Telling Roxy they have unfinished business to settle, Allison hides out at Foxy Roxy’s. Jessica and Natalie’s search is interrupted by Nash; later they nearly discover Allison when picking up Bree from Roxy’s. Viki is delighted when Gigi and Shane visit Llanfair. Charlie’s lies mount as Viki tells Gigi that Charlie is Rex’s father. Viki invites Gigi to the Go Red Ball. Charlie hates having to lie to Viki. Bo informs Viki that Allison is on the loose. Nora’s curiosity is quipped as Lindsay drops her secret into the box. Antonio and Talia have their minds on things other than work. Allison overhears Jessica’s phone call to Natalie informing her that the police are involved. Antonio, Rex, Vincent, and Cristian wonder what women really want. Jessica turns her and Nash’s tickets over to Roxy. Charlie pressures Jared. Nora wants to know Lindsay’s secret. Addie shocks Blair by inviting Miles as her guest to the ball. A disguised Allison forces Roxy to take her to the ball. Jared sees Charlie in a new light. Nash is upset to learn what Jessica did. Lindsay catches Nora red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar. Addie defends Miles to Blair. Starr realizes she jumped to the wrong conclusion as Mary J. Blige sings for her Sweet Sixteen. Langston and Cole feel guilty about lying to Starr. Cristian and Sarah leave the ball early.


        Todd attacks Ramsey, and the two fight over the gun. Rex, Gigi, and Shane hide out as John goes after Ramsey and Todd. Confronted by the LPD, Todd and Ramsey blame each other. With Todd and Ramsey taken in for questioning, Gigi tells Rex that he is not Shane’s father. Michael begs and pleads with Marcie to fight the charges. Marcie, meanwhile, prepares for the worst. Lindsay trades insults with Nora at the courthouse when she arrives to support Marcie. John uses blackmail to force Todd into publicly defending Marcie and posting her bail. Marcie and Michael are aghast at Todd’s actions, however, he soon shows his true colors. At home for the first time since loosing Tommy, Marcie is horrified to discover that Michael has removed all traces of Tommy from the apartment. Once Michael retrieves the items, he and Marcie began to mend their broken hearts. Blair is impressed by Todd’s honesty. Llanview’s mayor is none to happy that his police commissioner has assumed guardianship of Lindsay. Bo has a turn of bad luck.


        Monday: Jared informs Natalie that he’s in love with her; Jessica is held at gun point; Mary J. Blige sings “Hurt Again.”

        Tuesday: Jared and Allison hang on for dear life-literally; Dorian is tempted by the secrets of others.

        Wednesday: Dorian stops Jared from coming clean; Sarah and Cristian get intimate; Todd won’t give in to Ramsey.

        Thursday: Antonio questions Jessica about Allison; Gigi is terrified of Ramsey.

        Friday: Natalie and Jared are miserable, Langston fights her feelings; Ramsey gains leverage.

        Pictured: Kristen Alderson courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

        One’s Final Request…
        Friday, February 8, 2008 8:27 PM | By Venus Stone

        ( — Victor honors a former love’s dying wish…


        Things heat up between Lily and Cane during Valentine’s Day. Nikki makes her move in running Jabot, creating new alliances in the process. Gloria and Kevin continue to plot against Jeffrey. Victoria discovers that JT was willing to sacrifice their son’s life to save hers. Gloria finds herself being tormented by Noah. David pays a portion of the money he owes Walter. Phyllis asks Jack if he can offer Daniel a job. Rock star Pat Benatar tries to coax Karen out of her stage fright.


        Jack informs Gloria that they both have equal rights to the house, but he can toss her out if she tries breaking the rules. Lily attempts to ease Neil’s mind regarding modeling. Victor leaves for Kansas to see Hope. While he is there, he learns that she is dying of pancreatic cancer. As the two talk, Victor offers his promise to be there for their son, Victor Jr. Victor Jr. discovers that Victor is his father.

        Pictured: Eric Braeden courtesy CBS

        A Startling Revelation…
        Fr9day, February 8, 2008 8:07 PM | By Venus Stone

        ( — Jon and Alan’s feud against one another escalates, while Cassie sees red regarding Reva…


        Gus spends his wedding night comforting an ailing Olivia, leaving Natalia alone. While Cyrus is caring for Marina, he still manages to find excuses to sneak off to be with Harley. Fear sets in Lizzie when she learns Beth is alone on the island with Alan. Bill requests Lizzie to move in with her. Rick goes to Josh for help when he can’t find Beth.


        Beth tries in vain to keep Alan on the island, lying that she left Rick. When Jon learns that Beth could be in danger, he takes off to have his confrontation with Alan. Alan and Jon come face-to-face with one another, and as Jon is about to aim his gun, Beth suddenly goes into labor. Jon and Alan momentarily put aside their hate and help Beth deliver her baby. When Alan immediately bonds with the new addition, Lizzie reminds him he’s not the father. Josh tells Rick that he doesn’t think he can bless the baby, knowing who the real father is. Cassie, meanwhile, still dealing with Will’s behavior, reaches a breaking point with Reva. Josh manages to get Stephen to do the baptism of Beth’s baby. Alan, along side two thugs, wrestles Sarah away from Jon and leaves. Lizzie manages to find Jon and the two head off to catch up with Alan. Alan, who is at the baptism spots Jon from a distance. The two men have a heated confrontation and in a struggle, Alan is holding Jon’s gun on him. Just as Alan is to pull the trigger, Reva, trying to save her son, drops the bombshell on Alan.

        Pictured: Ron Raines courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

        Good-bye My Love…
        Friday, February 8, 2008 7:48 PM | By Venus Stone

        ( — As Sami says good-bye to the love of her life, EJ stands on the sidelines ready to make his move…


        Steve catches a glimpse of the mystery woman before heading back home. Bo opens up to Hope about his illness. As the plane begins to lose air pressure, all on board look to John save the day. Victor and Caroline share their history together with Chelsea. Max and Stephanie can’t seem to see eye-to-eye on their growing relationship. Abe and Roman get word about the plane being lost. As the plane continues to lose oxygen, both Grandpa Shawn and Bo fight one another to save the other’s life.


        Sami goes to the prison to see Lucas one last time. As she is there, she professes her love for him and bids him a tearful farewell. Kate locates Roman and begs him to get Lucas’s sentence lessened. Tony and Anna head to the safe house to visit EJ and immediately takes notice to EJ’s parenting skills. Abe informs Sami and EJ that they no longer have to stay in the safe house. Anna reprimands Tony for telling EJ that Sami will soon forget all about Lucas. Meanwhile, back in her apartment, Sami tearfully watches the DVD Lucas left for her.

        Pictured: Alison Sweeney courtesy NBC

        As Time Goes On, We Get Closer
        Friday, February 8, 2008 7:30 PM | By Errol Lewis

        ( — While most of Port Charles thinks the Text Message Killer died with Coop, others remain unconvinced and work to unravel the mystery of who the killer really is.


        Trevor puts the pressure on Marianna to steal the deed to Alcazar’s piers from Ric. Marianna feels she has no other choice but to betray Ric after Trevor threatens to end her life. Luke goes to Sonny when he is interested in a new career path, but Sonny informs him that he won’t allow himself to put Luke’s life in danger. After her meeting with the five families and a face-off with Sonny, Claudia hopes Luke can tell her more about Mr. Corinthos, but is disappointed after Luke gives her fair warning about messing with the mafioso’s family.

        Convinced that Elizabeth is innocent, Jason is determined to find out who ran Sam down when he questions Monica and Carly. Carly confides in Jason about her fears of the Text Message Killer as Michael eavesdrops. Michael’s poor judgment places Morgan’s life in jeopardy.


        The Text Message Killer approaches Sam in her hospital room and leaves her with a frightening taunt. The killer sets his/her sights on Alexis as their next target. Hoping to unmask the Text Message Killer, Spinelli and Maxie hold a stakeout where Spinelli feels a little too close for comfort to Maxie. Alexis defends Jerry from Diane after Diane feels that Jerry is still a danger to Port Charles. Lucky informs Alexis, Scotty and Mac of Sam’s claims that the killer is still alive and led to her being run-over. Diane drops by the lake house to be a friend to Alexis, but Alexis senses that something is wrong outside. Taking action, Diane ends up hitting Mayor Floyd over the head just as Kristina finds herself in the presence of the Text Message Killer through the window. As a result, a traumatized Kristina shuts down. Lucky and his team are unable to find any trace of an intruder, but Alexis and Diane are convinced the killer was outside.


        – Robin breaks down in Mac’s arms when she becomes convinced that Patrick will not be the man she wants him to be.

        – In a nod to their history, Steve Burton (Jason) and Sarah Brown (Claudia; ex-Carly) share a game of pool on Valentine’s day.

        – No fighting ladies! Robin and Carly learn about each other’s respective pregnancies.

        – Elizabeth reunites with Cameron and Jake, but she’s more certain than ever that she ran Sam down, even though Nikolas thinks it was him.

        – “GH” will tackle the issue of how heart disease effects women with a more practical approach as a noteworthy member of the General Hospital staff suffers a heart attack. READ MORE

        – On the February 14 episode of “General Hospital,” Spinelli and Maxie will be involved in a film noir fantasy, which was shot entirely in black and white, a la “Casablanca.” READ MORE


        Monday: Lulu confronts Logan over his lies; Claudia puts a plan in motion; Sonny discovers a lifeless body.

        Tuesday: Sonny is out for blood when he comes across Dear, Johnny; Marianna puts her life in danger; Nikolas remembers the night Emily was killed.

        Wednesday: Marianna pledges herself to Ric; Maxie is out for justice; Luke and Tracy figure out the truth.

        Pictured: Rick Hearst courtesy Marina Chavez/SOAPnet

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        What’s Happening Next Week
        Friday, February 8, 2008 4:15 PM | By Errol Lewis

        ( — A moment of weakness could destroy the lives of many.


        An emotional Taylor finds herself in the arms of Rick Forrester as the two share a passionate kiss. Eric and Donna play games with Stephanie’s mind. Nick asks Brooke to be with him. Katie and Brooke are alarmed when they learn of Donna’s deceitful plan. Stephanie gives Brooke a stern warning. Ridge surprises Brooke with a pre-wedding present. Katie and Brooke share a heart-to-heart about love, Nick, and Ridge. Eric gives Donna a special Valentine’s day gift. Stephanie is one step closer to finding out the truth about Donna and Eric. Eric finds himself in a sticky situation after he tries to hide from Stephanie.


        Expect the unexpected as two individuals find their lips locked, and it isn’t who you think!

        Pictured: Kyle Lowder courtesy Robert Voets/CBS