Is Logan Really the Text Message Killer?
Friday, February 15, 2008 10:00 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — The Buildup is worth the wait.


After an embarrassing visit with Sonny, Claudia finds a bloody and unconscious Kate on the docks after she was shot by Michael’s gun. Claudia walks away before Kate is found by a devastated Sonny. Remembering his father’s previous warnings, Michael goes on the run. Sonny shares words with Jason about how business effects their family lives. Carly tells Jason that she is pregnant but her mood changes when Jason brings up the night of Sam’s accident. Carly panics when she learns that Michael is missing. Jax tries to calm his wife down.

Ric and Marianna grow closer, but Marianna’s guilt could destroy them. Jerry calls Ric to inform him of Kristina’s breakdown. Ric finds Marianna at the mercy of an abusive Randy. Marianna reveals her citizenship status to Ric. Elizabeth tends to a battered Marianna at the request of Ric, who wishes Elizabeth could see how much he’s changed for the better.


Lulu questions a guilty looking Logan about the Text Message murders. Logan proclaims his innocence by admitting that he tried to frame Johnny for the murders in order to prevent Lulu and Johnny from growing closer. Fearing for her life, Lulu knocks Logan out and screams for help just as Johnny kicks down the door looking to save her. Once again, Port Charles citizens, including Scott Baldwin (Logan’s father), believe that the Text Message killings will cease when it is “revealed” that Logan is the killer. Patrick frantically works to save Logan’s life. Maxie has it out with Lulu after learning of Logan’s possible involvement in Georgie’s murder. Maxie makes it clear she wants Logan dead. Lulu tells Johnny that she doesn’t think Logan is the Text Message Killer. Maxie enters Logan’s hospital room with vengeance on her mind. Maxie is able to stop herself from doing the unthinkable thanks to memories of Coop. Johnny and Lulu get intimate.


– Ian clashes with Robin and Patrick over Nikolas’ medical case.

– Nadine urges Nikolas to get his vision of Emily to tell him more of the night she died.

– Jim Palmer portrays the role of Randy. READ MORE

– Claire Coffee, who portrays Nurse Nadine Crowell, has been offered a contract. READ MORE


Monday: Sonny holds Johnny hostage; The Text Message Killer reveals himself to Sam; Ric has a warning for Trevor.

Tuesday: The Text Message Killer holds Sam hostage; Robin’s emotions get the better of her; Claudia pays Kate a visit in the hospital.

Wednesday: Claudia warns Jason of the consequences if Sonny hurts Johnny; Sonny questions Trevor; Emily gets Nikolas to remember the night of her murder.

Thursday: Maxie and Spinelli get closer to the killer; Elizabeth and Sam’s lives are in danger; Sonny and Kate see eye-to-eye.

Friday: Robin and Patrick have a heart-to-heart after a tragic event; Lucky’s life hangs in the balance; Claudia reveals a secret to Kate.

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Y&R PreVUE Week of February 18 Edition

Playing dirty can get you caught…
Friday, February 14, 2008 8:57 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Victor’s namesake comes to Genoa City and Jeffrey gets the upper hand yet again…


Jana decides to play cupid for her friends. Heather could lose her job when she makes a costly mistake in the Ji Min murder case. JT begins his first day on the job as head of security for Newman Enterprises. Nick shares news of the building he bought for the new business with Sharon, Jack and Phyllis. Kay gives Amber the job of helping her write her memoirs. Brad hands his soul to the devil. Victor puts the kabosh on the Beauty of Nature account. Victor talks Victor Jr. into coming back to Genoa City with him.


As Kevin and Gloria continue to plot and scheme against Jeffrey, both are unaware their deeds are being video-taped. Michael comes with news about Jeffrey’s mystery woman who lives in Korea. Jack and Sharon come to the Abbott mansion and are floored to see that Gloria and Jeffrey are nowhere to be found. Michael smells a rat when Kevin comes to him voicing his suspicions of Jeffrey poisoining Gloria. Meanwhile, Jeffrey gets the upper hand on Gloria and Kevin when he watches the footage of their plotting to set him up.

Pictured: Greg Rikaart courtesy CBS

GL PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

Payback Time…
Thursday, February 14, 2008 8:31 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Alan, Beth, and Marina feel scorned and the only solution is sweet revenge…


Josh learns that he is suspended from being a pastor and in anger opts to toss his collar. Alan tells Cassie she will pay dearly for her role in the paternity switch. Will plays on Cassie’s weakness by saying he has ‘conversations’ with Tammy. Rick tries to justify keeping the paternity a secret from Beth; Beth in turn tells Rick that if he wants a life with the baby, he needs to let Cassie take the rap for the DNA switch. Natalia gives Olivia what she wants; Gus. Bill gets a vital piece of information on Jon and begins to investigate. Lillian tells Doris to keep her hands off of Buzz. Ava leaks that Bill is working for Alan. Jeffrey tries talking Beth out of pressing charges against Cassie, unfortunately Beth holds her ground.


Marina continues to listen in on Cyrus and Harley’s telephone conversation and is furious to learn that they are sneaking around with one another. When Cyrus returns, Marina encourages him to get out of the house for a bit. Once alone, her anger flares as she begins smashing a picture of Cyrus. Dinah walks in and immediately realizes that Marina’s anger is aimed at Harley. Dinah offers to help Marina with Cyrus if she’ll help her get Mallet back. Marina covers when Cyrus asks about the broken picture. Harley becomes flustered when she sees Cyrus and Marina together

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Finally! Confirmation
Thursday, February 14, 2008 1:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — After weeks of speculation, Soap Opera Network can now confirm that actress Arianne Zuker is returning to NBC’s “Days of our Lives” in the role of Nicole Walker.

Zuker, who left “DAYS” in 2006,” was rumored to be returning to the soap after message boards began discussing what further changes the show would be making after it was announced that Martha Madison (Belle) and Brandon Beemer (Shawn D.) were being released from their contracts. Her return in March now gives a clearer picture as to what viewers can expect in Salem’s future.

Zuker can next be seen in the film “The Last Resort,” a film about a Bachelorette party gone awry. The film, set for release later this year, co-stars America Olivo (ex-Marianna, ‘GH’).

Pictured: Arianne Zuker courtesy Levine Management

  • Days of our Lives
  • Arianne Zuker


    “The Young and the Restless” Swings the Axe!

    Soap Opera Network has just learned that Executive Producer and Head Writer Lynn Marie Latham has been fired from CBS’ “The Young and The Restless,” effective immediately. Latham’s husband, Bernard Lechowick, who served as a Creative Consultant and Writer, has also been let go. Other writers exiting the show are Marina Alburger and Lynsey Dufour. More writers from Latham’s team are expected to follow.

    Josh Griffith, who went on “Financial Core” status and replaced Latham as Executive Producer, is expected to remain in that position. However, there is no word yet if Griffith will remain as Head Writer. The status of Co-Head Writer Maria Arena Bell and Writer Paula Cwikly were unclear at press time.

    “Y&R” is the second Sony Pictures Television owned soap to have mass firings. On February 1, 2008, nine writers from NBC’s “Days Of our Lives” were given the axe.

    Stay tuned to SON as more details become available.

    EXCLUSIVE: Soap Opera Network has learned the names of soap opera writers who declared “Financial Core” status to keep on working during the strike. By going “Fi-Core,” these writers can never be members of the WGA again but they continue to pay reduced union dues and the Guild is obligated to continue providing services such health insurance, pension and residuals. Though they can still work on Guild projects, Guild members will not be keen to hire them.

    Here is the list of “Fi-Core” writers:

    • “All My Children”: James Harmon Brown & Barbara Esensten (returned to work in late December)
    • “The Bold and The Beautiful”: Kay Alden
    • “Days Of Our Lives”: Hogan Sheffer (went “Fi-Core” in early January), Meg Kelly (went “Fi-Core” in late November), Victor Gialanella, Mark Christopher Higley
    • “General Hospital”: Garin Wolf (went “Fi-Core” immediately), Michael Conforti
    • “One Life To Live”: Gary Tomlin, Fran Myers, Jeanne Marie Ford, Michelle Poteet Lisanti (all went “Fi-Core” immediately)
    • “Passions”: James E. Reilly, Shawn Morrison, Pete T. Rich (went “Fi-Core” immediately)
    • “The Young and The Restless”: Josh Griffith, Maria Arena Bell, Paula Cwikly (all went “Fi-Core” immediately)

    There are no “Fi-Core” writers at “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light.”

    At “DAYS” the show decided not to use the services of Hogan Sheffer and Meg Kelly; instead they were paid to stay at home. This signifies that “DAYS” will name a new Head Writer.

    Still at “DAYS,” it is unclear as to whether or not that the fired writers (Tom Casiello, Frederick Johnson, Gordon Rayfield, Judy Tate, Judith Donato, Renee Godelia, Richard Backus) will be returning to the show. More on this story in the upcoming days or weeks.

    Over at “Y&R” there have been rumors and speculation about the departure of Executive Producer and Head Writer Lynn Marie Latham. However, there has been no word if these rumors are true or not.

    UPDATE: April 18, 2008

    The WGA released a letter today naming more writers that I didn’t originally have.

    The list of writers are:

    • “The Bold and The Beautiful”: John F. Smith
    • “Days Of Our Lives”: Dena Higley (went “Fi-Core” just before the strike ended in February)
    • “Passions”: Marlene Clark Poulter, Clem Egan, Darrell Ray Thomas Jr.

    By Errol Lewis

    ( — “General Hospital” bumps actress to contract status.

    Claire Coffee

    Claire Coffeee, who portrays Nurse Nadine Crowell, has been put under contract with the ABC Daytime drama series effective immediately. Coffee began playing Nurse Crowell in 2007.

    Prior to joining “GH,” the actress got her big break courtesy of NBC’s “The West Wing,” where she played Cassie Tatum for several episodes in 2003. She has also appeared in the Jerry Bruckheimer produced “Cold Case,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and “CSI: Miami.”

    Coffee can next be seen this summer in the Sandra Bullock romantic-comedy, “All About Steve,” where she’ll play a reporter.

    • General Hospital
    • Claire Coffee

      One Less Lavery on ‘AMC’

      Branson makes it official!
      Wednesday, February 13, 2007 11:15 AM | By Angela Rosa

      ( — Ryan Lavery loses his last remaining sibling…

      Ending months of rumors and speculation, an “All My Children” spokesperson has finally confirmed that Jeff Branson has been let go from the soap. Branson will officially disappear from the “AMC” canvas this spring. The Emmy nominated actor has not taped a single episode of the soap this year and has not appeared on a single episode of “AMC” this year. For fans of the actor and character, the good news is that unlike Ryan’s (Cameron Mathison) other sibling, Erin (Connie Fletcher), Jonathan will leave town with his pulse still beating.

      Jeff Branson began playing Jonathan Lavery on June 15, 2004. As Jonathan, the actor played everything from an abusive boyfriend to a serial killer to a mentally challenged victim of a brain tumor. During a 2005 hiatus from “AMC,” Branson filmed a movie titled “The Big Bad Swim.”

      Branson becomes the fourth contracted actor to part ways with “AMC” since December 2007. Stacy Haiduk, who played Hannah Nichols, Brent Weber, who played Sean Montgomery, and Alec Musser, who is still said to be playing Del Henry in a recurring capacity – though sources close to the actor don’t expect Musser to make any more appareances on the daytime drama – preceded Branson in finding the door out of Pine Valley.

      In other casting news, Cornelius Smith Jr. is now on contract with “AMC.” Smith plays Frankie Hubbard, son of Jesse and Angela Hubbard (Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan). And expect to see James Mitchell, who plays Palmer Cortlandt, make another one of his very rare “AMC” appearances at the end of this month.

      Pictured: Jeff Branson courtesy ABC

      • All My Children
      • Jeff Branson
      • Jonathan Lavery
      • Cornelius Smith Jr.

        By Errol Lewis

        ( — “Ric, meet Randy…Randy, this is Ric!”

        Yeniffer Behrens

        Next week on “General Hospital,” Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) comes face-to-face with lady love Marianna’s (Yeniffer Behrens) past mistake and his name is Randy.

        While specific storyline details are unavailable at this time, it is understood that Randy is revealed to be an abusive lover trying to control his better half and those around her. Violence ensues and lives hang in the balance.

        The role of Randy will be played by Jim Palmer. His first airdate is set for Tuesday, February 19.

        • General Hospital
        • Rick Hearst
        • Yeniffer Behrens
        • Jim Palmer

          By Errol Lewis

          ( — MacKenzie Mauzy is returning to CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” later this month.

          Mackenzie Mauzy

          Mauzy, who has portrayed the role of Phoebe Forrester, daughter to Ridge (Ron Moss) and Taylor Forrester (Hunter Tylo), since 2006, is returning to the drama series beginning Thursday, February 28 as the character returns to Los Angeles, CA with a new perspective in life. Phoebe was last seen in December during the Forrester Holiday Celebration.

          Specific storyline details were unavailable at press time.

          • The Bold and the Beautiful
          • MacKenzie Mauzy