Monday, July 7, 2008 10:05 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — Rick Springfield is returning to ABC’s “General Hospital” as both Dr. Noah Drake and musician Eli Love.

Beginning Tuesday, July 8, Rick Springfield will reprise his role of Dr. Drake, who learns his son Patrick (played by Jason Thompson) is going to be the father to Robin Scorpio’s (Kimberly McCullough) baby. Patrick and Robin are in a legal fight for the unborn baby due to Robin’s inability to commit to Patrick or allowing him access to their child when it is born. After learning of the impending birth, Noah makes it known that he sides with Robin.

On Thursday, July 17, Eli Love returns to Port Charles hoping to rekindle his romance with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Robin’s mother. However, learning that Anna will be a grand-mother, Eli has a change of heart as he believes a baby will cramp his style. Patrick sticks up for Anna.

Springfield is returning to the soap for the first time since 2007, when Eli ran off with Anna for a worldwide adventure after Noah stood in for Eli during an AIDS charity concert. The event was the first time the actor/musician performed on the soap opera.

Springfield’s return to “GH” coincides with the release of his latest album, “Venus in Overdrive”, which is set for release on July 29. The album features lead single What’s Victoria’s Secret, which can be purchased on

Monday, July 7, 2008 9:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — Covering up a murder brings a town closer together.


Jason warns Carly that bad things will happen if she continues with her plan to destroy Sonny and Kate’s relationship, in particular her marriage to Jax could be in jeopardy. Anthony throws Claudia’s past mistakes in her face, which brings back old wounds for Claudia who seduced Trevor when she was sixteen. Robin questions Sonny’s reasons for marrying Kate. Jax and Kate are caught in a seemingly compromising position during a business event by the paparazzi. Dr. Noah Drake returns to Port Charles and learns his son, Dr. Patrick Drake, is having a child with Dr. Robin Scorpio. Noah sides with Robin where the baby is concerned. Jax works to appease Carly’s insecurities about their relationship after she sees photos of the duo getting intimate. Claudia tries to seduce Sonny, but is once again rejected by the mafioso. Robin changes her mind about Patrick after he bares his soul on the witness stand.

The Inside Story: Covering Up a Murder

After attacking Maxie at the Crimson offices, Logan heads over to Johnny’s apartment with an axe after he catches sight of Lulu, who witnessed the attack from Johnny’s window. Johnny arrives at Crimson and works to revive Maxie, who is unconscious. Johnny realizes Lulu witnessed the attack and heads over to his apartment with Maxie in toe. Hoping to calm Logan down, Lulu takes drastic action that results in her killing Logan. Maxie and Johnny try to convince Lulu that they can’t get the police involved as there is no evidence that an attack took place and they’ll be put in jail for murder. Johnny informs Claudia that he killed Logan, which stuns both Lulu and Maxie. Johnny and Claudia work to get rid of the body at Nikolas’ clinic without anyone knowing they were involved. Nadine catches sight of Claudia and Johnny’s speeding car as it rushes away from the clinic. Claudia informs Anthony of what happened. Anthony orders his men to bring Maxie to him. Jason is convinced that Johnny killed Logan. Claudia stands her ground with Jason.

What to Watch

  • Jason questions Carly’s warped logic over the Kate and Jax kiss.

  • Ilia Volok joins the cast of “General Hospital” in the recurring role of Karpov beginning Friday, July 18 (see story).
  • Rick Springfield is returning to “General Hospital” as both Dr. Noah Drake and musician Eli Love beginning Tuesday, July 8 (see story).


  • Monday: Maxie confesses the truth to Spinelli; Jax is furious with Carly; Jason and Claudia find themselves in hot water.
  • Tuesday: Jason promises Lulu that he will take care of everything; Spinelli and Maxie have sex; Johnny is arrested for Logan’s murder.
  • Wednesday: Maxie warns Johnny that Lulu could crack at any moment; Sonny questions his relationship with Kate; Nikolas, Lucky and Sam team up to get to the bottom of the drug mystery.
  • Thursday: Johnny fears for Lulu’s safety; Patrick defends Anna to Eli; Carly continues with her plan to get back at Kate.

  • Friday: Johnny jumps into action when he fears Lulu is making a huge mistake; Maxie tells Jason what really happened to Logan; Kate tries to turn the tables on Carly.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 1:20 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — The average age of a daytime viewer has increased tenfold on the ABC, CBS, and NBC Broadcast Networks.

According to data released last week by Steve Sternberg, executive vice president, audience analysis at Magna Global, one of the world’s largest media services firms, the average age of an individual watching daytime programming on the broadcast networks has increased season-to-season to 54 years-old from 50 years-old. ABC jumped four years to 53 from 49 last year; NBC went up to 49 from 43, while CBS aged up to 59 years-old from 56.

The oldest skewing daytime series was CBS’ “The Price is Right” with an average audience of 64, while NBC’s “Days of our Lives” had the youngest audience at 49.

Overall CBS is the oldest skewing network with an average viewer aged 55 between all day parts (morning news, daytime, evening news, primetime and latenight). NBC is the youngest at 52.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of July 7 Edition

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 6:47 PM| By Scotty Gore

( — Karma has a way of coming back to bite you when you least expect it.


Tina and Cain, overjoyed to be reunited, explain how they tricked the people of Mendorra into believing that Cain was actually Prince Heinrich, the rightful heir to the throne. Tina remains concerned for Sarah’s safety; however, Cain isn’t ready to give up the good life just yet. Carlo Hesser keeps Sarah and his daughter Talia imprisoned in the dungeon, and has ominous plans for them, Tina, Antonio, and Cristian. Antonio is shocked to see Cain once more. Sarah is reunited with Cristian just as Antonio is tossed into the dungeon with Talia. Carlo comes face-to-face with Antonio. Sarah informs Cristian that Carlo is the brains behind the operation.

The Main Event: The Grandfather is Always the Last to Know

Todd fumes with anger upon learning from Cole that Starr is pregnant, and becomes even more enraged by the news that Starr plans to hand the baby over to Marcie and Michael. Meanwhile, Michael points out to Starr all that is wrong with her decision. Marcie promises Starr that she will try to sway Michael’s mind. Todd confronts Starr and Blair, and vows never to allow the McBains to have her baby. Marcie is unable to change Michael’s mind. Cole confesses to John that he came clean with Todd. Marcie remains undeterred by Todd’s continued threats, while Michael can’t bear the thought of watching Marcie lose another baby. Starr blasts Cole, and tells him that he has awakened a sleeping giant, who won’t rush to his aide. Blair appreciates John’s support.

Just as they are about to tie the knot, Bo and Lindsay’s wedding comes to a standstill, thanks to Nora. As Nora displays RJ’s incriminating letter for all to see, Clint questions her motives for exposing the truth. Lindsay’s confession to Bo is too little, too late. Rex stumbles across Bo hitting the sauce at his apartment. Rex is unsuccessful when he tries to reach out to Bo. Lindsay is aghast when Nora has her arrested for murder, and accuses Nora of wanting revenge, as well as Bo all to herself. Lindsay shocks Nora when she pleads guilty in court. Rex learns that Bo has moved out of his garret.

Around Town:

Tess, still posing as Jessica, asks a delighted Viki if she and Bree can move back into Llanfair. Tess then invites Natalie and Jared to move in as well, claiming she needs her family to close to her. Charlie, along with Roxy, learn that he wasn’t drinking at Rodi’s the night he blacked out. Roxy manages to get Charlie to retrace the event of that night, which prompts him to recall that his last memory was bumping into Dorian at the hospital. Charlie then confronts a nervous Dorian, who denies any involvement. David informs Viki that he has married Addie. Charlie tells Viki that he believes Dorian is somehow involved in his falling off the wagon. Heartbroken, Viki confesses to Charlie that, while she still loves him, she can’t forgive his lies and deceit. Viki is privately concerned to learn that “Jessica” has invited Natalie and Jared to live at Llanfair with her. Clint ponders if David and Addie’s trip down the aisle could be the missing piece in defeating Dorian. Marty demands to know more about her past. Rex tells Gigi that he isn’t sorry for what she said at the wedding, and admits that he cares for her. After receiving a phone call from Adriana, Rex pulls Gigi into a kiss. Brody and Shane interrupt Rex and Gigi’s warm moment, and later, Brody makes it clear to Rex how he feels about
Gigi and Shane.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 14, 2008

Monday: Todd and Cole form an unlikely pact. Madame Delphina has advice for Rex. Talia prevents Antonio from murdering Carlo.

Tuesday: Todd and Cole are pit against Starr and Marcie in court. Clint and Nora decide to attack Dorian’s through her weaknesses. Langston pulls out all the stops in her plan to blackmail David.

Wednesday: Tess has murderous intentions. Viki finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charlie and Gigi yearn to be with the ones they love.

Thursday: Bo receives the shock of his life. Jessica begs Tess to drop her quest for revenge. Carlo exposes Tina and Cain.

Friday: Dorian makes an unnerving discovery about Viki. Bo and Rex fight for their lives. Carlo makes his plans clear.

By Angela Rosa

( – What lies beneath.



JR is extremely upset to see a drunken Colby. Dre surprises Cassandra with a kiss. Adam challenges Krystal to embrace her true feelings. Babe decides to remain at the mansion. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Frankie is desperate to protect Randi who fights her growing feelings for Dr. Hubbard. Erica and Kendall share an emotional moment as Erica is allowed to hug her daughter for the first time since her incarceration. Samuel’s father, Melvin (Melvin Van Peebles), questions his son about his interest in Erica Kane. Carmen pushes Jack to pursue Erica. Babe continues to complain about her position at Fusion which prompts JR to offer to buy the company for her. Angie and Frankie get into it after mother Hubbard finds Randi on Cassandra’s bed.

Main Story: Getting Away with Murder

Jesse isn’t pleased to learn that Zach has taken off in search of Richie. Kendall fears Zach will take matters into his own hands if he finds Richie. Zach calls Jesse to report that he found Richie dead on the road. Jesse questions Zach at the scene of the crime. Annie is at a lost about what to feel upon getting the news of her brother’s death. Zach and Kendall drop in on Ryan and Annie to offer whatever support they can give. Zach privately begins to suspect that Annie is hiding something. Jesse doesn’t believe that Richie’s death was merely a hit and run accident and calls Zach in for more questioning. A nerve wrecked Annie remembers back to what really happened the night of Richie’s death as she and Ryan wait on the results of Richie’s autopsy. Zach maintains his innocence to Jesse. Jesse grills Annie about the night of Richie’s death after discovering that Novak’s last call was to Annie’s cell phone. Kendall becomes furious at Annie when she deflects blame on to Zach with some very damaging statements. Zach ends up in handcuffs after challenging Jesse to arrest him.

Dre and Cassandra panic after learning that Richie died in a hit and run. Dre and Cassandra explain to Colby that they hit something with her car while driving her home the night before. Colby, Dre and Cassandra are almost certain they’re responsible for Richie’s death and contemplate doing the right thing. The teens ultimately decide not to tell anyone about that fateful night but can’t keep their minds off Richie. Colby is surprised when Pete Cortlandt (Daniel Kennedy) stops by. Pete makes a disturbing observation as Colby tries to get rid of him.

Rocking the Boat

Aidan insists on spending the night outside of a shaken Greenlee’s door. Jake urges Greenlee to give his pal a second chance. A flirtatious Aidan begins to wear Greenlee down with the help of cue cards. Ryan is hit with more memories of Greenlee. Aidan and Greenlee begin to find their way back together but Greenlee wants to take things slow. Greenlee goes sailing to try to sort out her feelings for both Aidan and Ryan. Ryan is horrified when he sees Greenlee fall and hit her head.


Monday: Ryan is filled with memories from the past four years. Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty of murder. Pete’s discovery spells trouble for Colby, Dre and Cassandra.

Tuesday: Ryan remembers his love for Greenlee. Angie and Frankie search for a missing Randi. Adam takes control when Colby and Cassandra come clean with him.

Wednesday: Kendall figures out that Ryan loves Greenlee. Samuel has good news for Erica. Annie questions Ryan about his feelings for her.

Thursday: Kendall is faced with a dilemma where Greenlee is concerned. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Randi is reluctant to open up to Frankie.

Friday: Annie warns Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the scene of Richie’s hit and run. Ryan gets some surprising news at the hospital.

Monday, June 30, 2008 7:20 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — ABC’s “General Hospital” is bringing in a new mafia lord to Port Charles in an effort to up the ante in the drama surrounding the Corinthos and Zacchara family organizations.

Ilia Volok, 42, is joining the cast of “GH” in the recurring role of Karpov beginning with the Friday, July 18 episode of the soap, confirms a show spokesperson.

Karpov is a Russian mob kingpin who tries to tempt Sonny into conducting business with him, essentially bringing Sonny Corinthos back into play within organized crime once more – Sonny gave up his half of the Corinthos organization after his son, Michael Corinthos, was shot in the head earlier this year and sent into a coma. Michael is currently being cared for in an around-the-clock state medical facility.

Volok, born in the USSR, is best known for roles in such shows as CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” “ER,” and “Power Rangers: Wildforce.”

The actors film credits include “Air Force One” and summer blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” starring Harrison Ford and 2007’s “Charlie Wilson’s War” with Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks. He can next be seen in the Robert Downey Jr. film “The Soloist,” which is set for release on November 21 of this year.

He is repped by Gold Talent Group.

  • General Hospital
  • Ilia Volok

    Monday, June 30, 2008 11:54 PM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — The Logan family aligns together.


    The Logan’s frantically search for their matriarch just as Beth finds herself meeting granddaughter, Hope, face-to-face. After finding Beth, Brooke realizes she is in for an unheil battle with Beth. Steffy and Marcus don’t realize just how close they are to being found by an angry Ridge. Rick and Marcus realize that they share a common bond, “The Wrath of Ridge Forrester.” A mystery man from Marcus’ past shows up and congratulates him on his “good fortune.”

    Eric and Stephanie’s conversation over Marcus takes an unexpected turn. Katie makes her decision known to Nick after being interrogated by Brooke. Felicia realizes Owen’s interest in Donna. An unexpected marriage proposal is made.

    What to Watch

    • Brandon Beemer joins the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the contract role of Owen Knight beginning Wednesday, July 2.

    Monday, June 30, 2008 11:50 PM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Entrapment.


    During an argument with Marlena, John reveals to her that the man she once loved is now dead. Chloe tells Philip they are over. Max has questions for Trent about the girl he saw in the photo. Victor goes off on Daniel for not telling him that he was seeing Chelsea. EJ and Nicole are trapped in an elevator after the power goes out.

    Many things can happen when the lights go out.

    What to Watch

    • Bill and Susan Hayes return for the annual Salem 4th of July festivities beginning Tuesday, July 1.

    What Not to Watch

    • “Days of our Lives” on Thursday and Friday, July 3 and 4. The soap is pre-empted due to sporting events on NBC.

    Monday, June 30, 2008 8:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Desperate crimes calls for desperate measures.


    “If I am pregnant, I need you to claim to be my baby’s father,” says Carly to Jason while awaiting results of her pregnancy test (Carly had sex with her ex-husband, Sonny Corinthos, and her current husband, Jasper “Jax” Jacks, on the same night). Jax confronts Carly after an argument with Sonny in which Sonny claims he could be the father of Carly’s baby as well. Jerry holds Johnny at gun point in an effort to get Anthony to back off Alexis. Nikolas threatens to reveal Claudia’s secret involvement in Michael’s shooting to Jason if any harm comes to Alexis or her family. Carly eases Jax’s mind about her and Sonny. Leyla and Spinelli grow closer. Anna and Patrick discuss how Robin’s childhood may have effected her views on marriage and parenthood. Anna stuns Robin with her new view.

    The Inside Story: Introducing Dr. Matt Hunter

    Just days after joining the staff of General Hospital, Dr. Matt Hunter (played by “Days of our Lives” alum Jason Cook) takes a liking to Lulu after her visit with Spinelli in the hospital. After a brush off from Lulu, Logan lets Matt in on a business proposition, but Maxie warns Matt to stay away from Logan. Nikolas, Leyla, Matt and Nadine work together in figuring out if the drugs given to a patient treated at the clinc were actually placebos. Matt informs Nikolas that counterfeit drugs were a lucrative business for organized crime.

    A Closer Look: Remembering May 1, 2008

    ABC Daytime and “General Hospital” will be in re-run mode on Independence Day, July 4, therefore the network will present the May 1, 2008 episode of the soap opera in which Claudia sets a plan in motion by changing her story about Anthony threatening her life. Sonny and Jason’s relationship begins to strain, while Claudia and Johnny form a secret alliance against their father. Look for Kate to receive a startling message from Ian, while Maxie finds a large amount of money missing from Crimson’s operating account. Sonny has a warning for Luke about his growing attachment to the Zacchara family and their organization. Nikolas and Emily share their final dance as Nikolas agrees to live life to the fullest.

    What to Watch

    • Carly threatens to seduce Sonny if he continues getting in the middle of her relationship with Jax.
    • After being rejected again by Lulu, Logan corners Maxie in the Crimson offices and attacks her.

    • Carly is out for Kate’s blood after learning that Jax and Kate shared a passionate kiss.


    • Monday: Lulu is unable to calm an enraged Logan; Anthony can’t forgive Claudia’s past mistakes; Carly makes her life mission in getting revenge on Kate.
    • Tuesday: Johnny, Lulu and Maxie work together to cover up a murder; Claudia is rejected by Sonny; Robin stands her ground with Patrick.
    • Wednesday: Claudia aides in a cover-up; Jax and Carly fight over a kiss; Sonny pledges his faith in Kate.
    • Thursday: Johnny continues to watch over Lulu; Anthony knows something is up with Johnny; Maxie and Lulu grow closer under circumstance.

    • Friday: Maxie holds Lulu’s life in her hands; Sonny has a warning for Carly; Patrick is successful in his ability to reach out to Robin.

    Easton Tackles New Career

    Monday, June 30, 2008 12:15 AM | By Scotty Gore

    ( — Michael Easton discusses his latest graphic novel, and his future in Llanview.

    Michael Easton, who has portrayed Llanview’s dark, brooding Police Lieutenant since 2003, has written his first graphic novel, which is entitled Soul Stealer. In addition, Easton is already in negotiations with producers to turn the book into a feature film.

    In a recent interview with TV Guide’s Michael Logan, Easton discusses his new career move. “Comics fans are just like soap fans—very loyal but easy to alienate if they don’t find you honest and genuine. Soul Stealer is pretty dark. I hope people like it, and that they don’t go, ‘Wow, that writer’s really twisted and messed up.'”

    The 148-page novel tells the story of a 3,000-year-old love starved superhero that receives the authority to retrieve souls from both heaven and hell. Artwork on the book was completed by Christopher Shy, and contains an introduction by Easton’s good friend, author Peter Straub. Easton and Straub have also teamed up on another upcoming graphic novel, DC/Vertigo’s the Green Woman.

    When asked about his future on the daytime sudser “One Life to Live,” Easton commented, “I’ve been thinking strongly about moving to the other side of the business,” and that “It’s getting to the point where, as a grown man, I’m finding it strange to put on a costume and makeup every day.”

    Prior to his stint on “OLTL,” Easton portrayed Tanner Scofield on “Days of Our Lives” from 1991-1992 and Caleb and Michael Morley on “Port Charles” from 2001-2003. In 2004 Easton appeared as his “OLTL” character John McBain in a handful of episodes of “All My Children.” He has also appeared in episodes of “Ally McBeal,” “The Practice,” “Mutant X,” and “413 Hope Street.” Easton is an accomplished poet, having released a volume of poetry entitled Eighteen Straight Whiskeys. Photography is also among Easton’s talents, having taken pictures of the various “OLTL” cast members who lent their musical talents to the “One Life, Many Voices” CD designed to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    In 2005, Easton, along with “OLTL” co-stars Melissa Archer and Renee Elise Goldsberry, won a Soap Opera Digest Award for Favorite Triangle. He was also nominated in 2002 for a Special Daytime Emmy Fan Award for America’s Favorite Villain for the role of Caleb Morley on “Port Charles.” Easton received a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for David Hume on “Total Recall 2070″ in 1999. And in 2003 he was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award in the category of Outstanding Younger Actor for his work on “Port Charles.”