OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

Confessed secrets
Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:33 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Will Natalie reveal Jared’s secret now that she knows the truth?


Bo and Nora reminisce while stranded on the side of the road. Lindsay’s accusations that Bo and Nora still have unresolved feelings for one another gets under Clint’s skin. Bo and Nora are rescued by Clint and Lindsay and the quad head for the lodge. Bo pleads with Lindsay to get over her jealousy of Nora. Lindsay, meanwhile, strikes a nerve while talking to Nora. Lindsay offers to help Clint with yet another crisis at BE. Nora and Lindsay butt heads when Lindsay accuses Nora of having feelings for both Clint and Bo.

Starr confides in Langston that she may be pregnant with Cole’s baby. Langston, meanwhile, pledges to stand by her best friend. Blair manages to convince Todd to do what’s best for his daughter. Starr fears that Todd will spot the pregnancy test, and manages to hide it, but not before it get ruined. Todd agrees to allow Starr to return to school as long as she stays away from Cole. Langston dodges Blair’s questions about Starr. Cole and Starr struggle to keep their distance at school. Starr asks Langston to get her another pregnancy test. Cole gets into a fight with a boy at school when he makes an inappropriate comment toward Starr. Meanwhile, Starr tells Langston that she’s not sure what she’ll do if she is indeed pregnant. Starr and Langston panic upon thinking Todd will find the test. The two friends anxiously await the test results.


Finally giving in to temptation, Jared kisses Natalie and confesses to her that he’s not really a Buchanan. Natalie is floored to discover that David Vickers is really her uncle, and that Jared and Nigel have been lying to the family. Jared’s apology to Natalie falls on deaf ears. Jared has something to say to Clint and Bo. Natalie confronts a horrified Nigel. Later, she stops Jared from confessing to the family, but tells him that nothing will ever happen between them. Jared informs Charlie of what he has done. Charlie, meanwhile, prepares to come clean with Viki. Natalie reminds Jared that she is only keeping his secret to protect Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie considers calling Pamela when Jared tells her that he really did grow up with her. Viki jumps to the wrong conclusion when Charlie attempts to confess. Jared warns Charlie to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, across town, Rex drops by Llanfair to visit Gigi and Shane while claiming he came to see Charlie. Gigi is on the verge of making a confession to Rex when he receives a call from Adriana, who is on her way back to Paris. Later, Adriana orders Dorian to dig up dirt on Shane’s ‘supposed’ father. Viki, Dorian, Roxy, and Charlie go over plans for the wedding. Rex and Shane continue to bond. And Dorian hires a PI to investigate Brody Lovett.


- Cristian and Jessica try to convince themselves not to be jealous of Sarah and Nash’s trip to Napa.

- The tension between Talia and Antonio continues to grow, while John works to establish a connection between Caitlin and Ramsey.

- John realizes too late that Ramey set him up by leaving him alone with the evidence following a drug bust.

- John confronts Ramsey, who pushes his buttons by taunting him about Caitlin.

- Antonio and Talia argue about Ramsey at the LPD.

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Monday: Langston makes a pact with Starr; Rex confronts Gigi about Shane; Natalie overhears Jared pouring out his heart.

Tuesday: Jared wants to take things to the next level with Natalie; Todd stand up to Ramsey; Cristian discovers that Nash and Sarah are staying in the same room.

Wednesday: Clint enlists Linsday’s aide once more; the person behind BE’s troubles is revealed; Gigi regrets the years Rex lost with Shane.

Thursday: Ramsey increases the tension between Talia, Antonio, and John; Jared challenges Natalie to tell his secret.

Friday: Todd teams up with Gigi to take down Ramsey; Langston ponders Starr’s dilemma; Ramsey arranges for Antonio to find John and Talia together.

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Springfield mourns the loss of a loved one…
Sunday, March 30, 2008 5:59 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The loss of a life saves another’s…


Dinah makes plans to buy the Spaulding mansion and woo Mallet. Vanessa continues to get phone calls from her stalker, not knowing that Cyrus is the one behind the scenes. Harley is immediately asked to look into the matter. Marina learns of Cyrus’s scheme and blackmails him into taking her out for her continued silence. Lizzie learns that Spaulding belongings are being auctioned off. When she runs into Ava, she gloats that she is moving in with Bill. Mallet becomes uneasy when he learns that Dinah bought the mansion.


Natalia and Harley rush to the hospital after receiving the news about Gus. As the doctors try to stabalize him, Jeffrey encourages him to hold on. When Olivia learns that Gus is there, she visits him. He tells her that he was racing to the hospital to be by her side. Natalia is forced with the decision to give her consent to have Gus operated on. Harley tries her best to comfort Nat. Before surgery, Gus and Harley talk, where he offers his apologies for not finishing her home. Harley tells Gus he’ll always be the love of her life and that he’s a fighter. Gus slowly succumbs to his injuries. Rafe is devastated by the news of Gus and falls apart. Rick approaches Natalia with the suggestion to donate Gus’s organs. A weak Olivia asks Jeffrey about Gus, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. Cyrus finds himself on the outside looking in when Harley turns to Buzz for support.

Natalia refuses to make the decision to give Oliva Gus’s heart but soon feels guilt when she seems Emma. Harley give Natalia encouraging words about Gus to hold on to. When Alan tries to offer his support, Natalia lashes out at him. Natalia prepares to visit Olivia at the hospital. The Coopers are all at Harley to help paint her home when Rafe and Natalia show up to help what Gus originally started. Harley takes it upon herself to organize a huge funeral but Josh reminds her that Natalia may not want this for her husband. When word gets out that the transplant was a success, Natalia goes to see Olivia. Reva learns the news of Jeffrey and Olivia’s marriage. Olivia learns the news of Gus’s death and is stunned that the heart that saved her life was his.

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Returning home to stir things up…
Sunday, March 30, 2008 3:25 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Steve tries to save Hope and another familiar face shows up on Victor’s doorstep…


An immigration official keeps an eye on EJ and Sami, who must prove their marriage is true. When Kayla experiences pains, Lexie rushes to her aid to monitor her. Victor remembers some key information regarding Chloe and Brady. Chelsea is very much smitten with Daniel. Stephanie and Max share a tender kiss on the docks. Bo picks up on the obvious feelings Chelsea has for Daniel and immediately confronts the doctor. John decides it’s time to have a face-off with the Kiriakis empire.


Ava finds Steve and takes him to Hope, who she still believes is Kayla. Once alone, Steve convinces Hope to go along with his ruse with Ava. Ava tells Steve it is time to cut ties with his ‘wife’. When Ava gloats that Steve belongs with her now, Steve and Hope realize they have to work hard to outwit her. Meanwhile Nicole returns to Salem and heads to the Kiriakis mansion, facing off with Victor and Chloe.

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Getting the cold shoulder…
Sunday, March 30, 2008 2:55 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Someone finds themselves out in the cold, while another is lured back into temptation…


Victor makes plans to visit in Los Angeles. Jana asks Amber to be in her wedding to Kevin. Jabot adds a new addition when Heather starts her new job. Jack doesn’t want Alistar around, but Alistar has other plans. Amber makes the assumption that Lily could be pregnant. Adam and Nikki have an emotional discussion about Hope. Phyllis sets Adam straight about his flirtation. Victor shares a steamy kiss with Sabrina. Alistar pays a visit to Jill and Katherine.


Jack comes clean with Michael about his scheme against Gloria. Gloria finds herself falling in love with Jeffrey. Gloria and Kevin go on the search for Alistar. Jack finally gives Gloria what she wants. A frustrated and fed-up Michael tells Gloria that she is on her own. Brad, meanwhile, sets up a poker game with Adrian and Cane, in his attempt to get David to stumble back into gambling.

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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

Taking a Stand
Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:36 AM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – Are the residents of Pine Valley making the right decisions or taking wrong turns this week?



Erica’s deft knowledge of fashion forces the truck driver to rescind his threat of calling the cops. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings as they settle in for the night at the discount superstore. Erica manages to release herself from her bind and snatch the gun after Carmen gives way to sleep. Kendall and Zach are relieved to hear from Erica but dismayed when she informs them that she’s going to stick with Carmen for a bit longer to help her out. Erica holds her ground with Mando’s mother, Louisa, who is none too pleased to have uninvited guests in her home. Carmen melts at the sight of Mando. Louisa gets the upper hand on her visitors after she manages to snatch the gun away from Erica.


Frankie and Colby rush JR to the hospital where Angie investigates the marks on his body. Richie’s anger boils over when instead of taking him to her home, Babe takes him to Opal’s to recuperate. Babe sets Richie straight about their relationship. Babe stays by JR’s side as he remains delirious with fever. Angie determines that JR is suffering from Hepatitis A. JR begins to remember what happened with Richie the night Zach was run over. Opal has a bad feeling when she gives Richie a tarot card reading. Richie starts to develop a high fever.


Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal have a double date at the Comeback. Samuel wants to meet with Jesse. Although appreciative, Jesse turns down Samuel’s job offer. Samuel opens up to Jesse and reflects on how lucky Mr. Hubbard is to have such a caring family. Jesse surprises Angie by taking her to the home of the Justice of the Peace that originally married them and even though he’s no longer alive, they romantically renew their wedding vows.


Zach defends his actions when Kendall takes him to task for the unorthodox method of “memory rejuvenation” he used on Ryan. Ryan is hard-pressed to believe Greenlee’s claim that he wasn’t the horrible man he believes he was. Greenlee’s feelings for Ryan come bubbling to the surface as she recounts their history. Elsewhere, freshly rejected by the detective, Annie questions how Aidan can be so accepting of Greenlee’s behavior. The tension between the Lavery’s remains thick. Ryan visits his sister’s grave where he vows to make amends for his mistakes. Aidan’s romantic proposal to Greenlee is interrupted when Ryan’s first act of amendment leads him to make an important call to his ex-wife. Aidan reels straight to Annie’s door after Greenlee turns down his proposal. The Slater’s agree to disagree about the tactics Zach used with Ryan, but an angry Greenlee is less amicable about Zach’s behavior. Kendall urges Greenlee to keep her distance from the situation with Ryan but Greenlee has other ideas and tracks down her ex. Greenlee refuses to let Ryan walk out of her life. A drunk Aidan reveals a little too much information infront of Annie.


Monday: Greenlee wants to know where she stands with Ryan. Zach and Jack are hot on Erica’s trail. Jesse and Angie’s romantic evening is anything but.

Tuesday: Jack and Zach come to Erica’s rescue in the nick of time. JR tells a disbelieving Babe he remembers what Richie did to him. Colby’s attraction to Frankie continues to grow.

Wednesday: Ryan finds Annie’s divorce papers. Greenlee tries to make things right between her and Aidan. JR enlists Amanda’s help in his quest to expose Richie’s crimes.

Thursday: Ryan makes a heartfelt and honest appeal to Annie. Zach questions Greenlee’s feelings for Aidan. Erica sets out on a mission to help Carmen.

Friday: Greenlee uses seduction to win Aidan back. Rob tries to get information out of Jesse. Zach grows suspicious of Kendall and Aidan.

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

Like mother, like daughter
Sunday, March 23, 2008 3:10 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Adriana is ready to sever ties with Dorian, who begs her daughter for another chance. Adriana gives Dorian one last chance, but with strings attached–she must ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch or she is out of her life for good. Rex and Jared come to blows at the diner. Layla informs Adriana of what happened between Jared and Rex. Gigi treats Shane to a special birthday breakfast, and dodges his questions about his father. Adriana proves she is her mother’s daughter when she confronts Gigi and demands the name of Shane’s father. Rex’s curiosity is quipped when Dorian is overly nice to him. Just as Adriana is about to get the truth from Gigi, Shane enters the room and states that his father was Sgt. Hogan McNair. As Dorian covers for Adriana, Rex confronts her on her sudden interest in the wedding. Layla’s arrival pokes a hole in Adriana’s cover plan. Adriana, meanwhile, tells Rex that she and Gigi had a nice friendly conversation. Dorian notices changes in Adriana.

Blair narrowly succeeds in keeping Todd from spotting Cole, and reminds he and Starr what Todd will do if he finds them together. Cole manages to sneak back out of the house. After confronting Markko, Blair seeks John’s aid in keeping Cole away from Starr. Todd finds wisdom in Addie’s words about Starr. John receives warning from Blair that Todd knows about Cole shooting Miles. John forces Cole to realize that he must stay away from Starr. Langston is shocked to discover Starr bought a home pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Antonio gives Talia and John the cold shoulder. Ramsey gets to John when he warns him that his job is in jeopardy and wonders how many people will go down with him. Antonio’s jealousy continues to build. Talia slaps Antonio when he tells her that John only wants to sleep with her. Ramsey and the other cops at the LPD watch as John confronts Antonio about his attitude toward Talia. Later, Ramsey makes a cryptic phone call.


Viki and Charlie are blissfully happy together. Charlie responds to Dorian’s overt threat with a stern reminder of whose holding all the cards. Roxy confesses to Charlie that she has no clue as to the true identity of Rex’s father. Charlie and Roxy come to the realization that they were both in Atlantic City and heavy drinkers around the time Rex would have been conceived. Clint gives in to temptation and uses the information Lindsay gathered on Warren Cobb. Bo tells Lindsay he wants them to take things slow and see where they lead. Nora’s blood boils when Lindsay suggests that she knows Clint better than Nora does. Bo is disappointed to watch Clint gleefully destroy Warren Cobb. The tension begins to mount as Clint defends his actions to his brother. Jared agrees with Clint, while Natalie sides with Bo. Natalie tells Jared she doesn’t like people who pretend to be someone they’re not. Clint organizes a BE business meeting retreat at the Buchanan Lodge. Jared and Natalie are rattled after almost sharing a kiss. Jared tells Charlie that he is unsure how much longer he can pretend to be a Buchanan, and wonders if Natalie and Viki could forgive him. Viki continues to be happy with Charlie. Jared and Natalie find themselves stranded at the lodge in an ice storm without power. Jared gives in to his feelings and kisses Natalie. Lindsay demands Clint take her to the lodge upon learning that Bo and Nora are on their way there. Meanwhile, Bo and Nora’s car swerves off the road.


- Blair buys Capricorn.

- Marcie and Michael find themselves growing apart.

- Blair offers to buy Capricorn.

- Nash’s business partner continues to offer him money.

- Nash hires Sarah to help him organize an event in Napa.

- Sarah is surprised by Nash’s offer.

- Jessica and Cristian bond over their shared past.

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Monday: Jared confesses to Natalie; Lindsay warns Clint that Bo and Nora may still have feelings for one another; Starr shares her greatest fear with Langston.

Tuesday: Natalie makes an unexpected decision concerning Jared; Adriana looks for info. on Shane’s father; Bo tells Lindsay to get over her jealousy of Nora.

Wednesday: Cole comes to Starr’s rescue at school as they try to steer clear of each other; Cristian and Jessica are shocked as Nash and Sarah head to Napa.

Thursday: John discovers that he has been set up by Ramsey; Jared informs Charlie that Natalie now knows the truth; Lindsay and Nora continue to bicker.

Friday: Starr receives the results of her home pregnancy test; John accuses Antonio of siding with Ramsey; Dorian does Adriana’s dirty work and investigates Shane’s father.

Pictured: Melissa Archer courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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Olivia’s wish comes true…
Friday, March 21, 2008 4:45 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A dying woman may get several blessings in disguise…


Mallet offers to help Marina recover after the doctor tells him of her health. Harley finds herself in serious financial woes because of paying off Pheobe for Cyrus. Daisy decides to take up a hobby of creating fake IDs for cash in order to help pay for an apartment for her and Rafe. Ava signs final documents concerning Emma’s custody. Lizzie and Bill make plans to be together, despite a looming Alan. Dinah pulls off the ultimate feat when Alan’s left with absolutely nothing. Ava unsuccessfully tries to get a rise out of Lizzie where Bill is concerned. Gus buys a home for he and Natalia but Rafe ruins their happy moment.


When Olivia learns that Gus will be at the courthouse to help Alan, she becomes upset. Josh breaks Olivia’s heart when he tells her he is unable to wed her and Gus. Jeffrey suggests that Ava be by her mother’s side. Olivia is thrilled when Jeffrey offers to help marry her and Gus. Ava learns that Olivia has arranged for a surprise wedding to take place. When Gus arrives, he is taken aback by Olivia’s arrangement. He tells a devestated Olivia that he can’t marry her. Jeffrey finds her and offers to be her husband, but worries that Reva will not be understanding. A boastful Ava tells her father that she thinks she’s going to have a baby. When Olivia passes out, Jeffrey takes her to the hospital. Gus talks to Doris and asks help in having a park dedicated to Olivia. Gus shares the news with Harley about the dedication. Jeffrey is unable to tell Reva the truth. Ava returns to see Jeffrey crushed that she’s not going to have a baby after all. When Oliva’s continues to worsen, Jeffrey calls Alan to get Gus to come see her. Unfortunately, Alan doesn’t tell Gus anything about Jeffrey’s request.

Pictured: Crystal Chappel courtesy Robert Milazzo/PGP

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One man way too many…
Friday, March 21, 2008 3:55 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Another man takes a shine to Gloria…


Things don’t go as planned at the launch party. Nick continues to stress that he is done with Victor. Victoria and Adam go head-to-head once again. Felicia tells Phyllis to watch her back where Amber is concerned. Daniel and Danny reconcile. Devon is there to catch Lily’s fall. Kay lets Jill know that she suffered a mini stroke. Nikki can’t shake her doubts about David.


Gloria continues to believe that Jeffrey is the one scaring her with items of John’s. Alistar helps himself to the liquor at the Athletic Club and gets drunk. Jeffrey tells Jack about Gloria’s fears of seeing the ghost of John. A ticked Jack has a confrontation with a drunken Alistar, prompting him to quit. Someone gets caught in the crossfire of Jack’s scheme. Alistar floors Jack and Sharon when he tells them that he’s seriously attracted to Gloria.

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The wrong person becomes the target…
Friday, March 21, 2008 3:31 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Mistaken identity catches Hope off guard…


Marlena is stunned to learn that Belle and Shawn plan to leave Salem. Nick visits Chelsea at the hospital. Stephanie and Morgan learn that they must have live documentation of their internships. Anna is furious when she discovers that Tony has claimed Kate’s business for his advertising agency. Bo shares a special moment with Chelsea. Chelsea audtions for a local opera house. Max tries to say those three words to Stephanie. Marlena is not swayed by John’s attemps at romance.

Phillip tries to conduct business with Tony. All suspicious eyes are locked on Chloe concerning Brady. Maggie has some sound advice for John. Bo susgests that Victor let Chelsea stay at the mansion to recupperate. Daniel pampers Chelsea with tons of his attention. Kayla keeps a close vigil on Bo, fearing something will go wrong with the transplant.


Steve gives Hope information about who Ava is. Bo has a disturbing dream and worries when Hope doesn’t answer his phone calls. Hope is hit from behind and taken captive. Bo doesn’t inform anyone of his worries about Hope. Hope, pretending to be Kayla, contacts Steve. Ava is convinced by Hope to get Steve to meet them Meanwhile, Steve informs Bo about Ava and how Hope was kidnapped by her.

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Captured Hearts
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:30 PM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – Are some of Pine Valley’s finest doomed to remain prisoners?



After killing him, Robert claims that he Rafael was really Papel, the drug lord after Jesse, and that he is an undercover FBI agent. Angie implores Jesse to accept that his nightmare has finally ended. Jesse and Angie are affected as they face Jesse’s photo on the wall of fallen officers at the police station. Tad remains wary of Robert, who is still secretly after Jesse and is clearly not what he seems to be. Angie is overcome with emotions as she and Jesse adjust to living a “normal” life together free of danger. Joe reveals that Mrs. Remington was murdered. Opal continues to be charmed by a deceptive Robert.


A jealous Greenlee ends up saying too much as she reveals to Annie that she kissed Ryan and admits that he’s been faking getting his memory of her back. Annie is furious that Ryan lied to her. Ryan turns to Kendall as a friend and admits that he lied to Annie about starting to get his memory back. Zach returns home and comes face to face with Ryan. Zach pulls no punches with Ryan as he forces him to face his past. Annie pretends to forgive Greenlee.


Krystal is concerned for Adam’s health and the connection between them is very much alive. Moving day arrives at the mansion. JR makes it clear to Babe that he’d like her to stay right where she is. Meanwhile, Adam and Krystal try to hide their true feeling as she packs to leave. Elsewhere, Colby’s attraction to Frankie grows.


After sharing a heartfelt goodbye with Kendall and Zach, Erica finds herself in a major jam when the van transporting her to federal prison skids off the road rendering the guards incapacitated. Carmen’s powers of persuasion prove to outweigh Erica’s who decides to cease her protest of Carmen’s plan – for them to hunt her ex-fiancé down and kill him – in exchange for not getting shot. Kendall fears Erica is in trouble after suffering a nightmare. Zach receives word of a clue Erica left behind from a clerk at the convenience store. As they stow away in the back of a truck headed to Chicago, Erica and Carmen begin to bond as they discuss the men in their lives and after a literal bump in the road prompts them into an impromptu fashion show. Back home, Jack blames Samuel for Erica’s predicament. Erica is relieved when Carmen assures her that she won’t hurt her but alarmed when Carmen picks up the gun to deal with the approaching truck driver.


Monday: Erica proves she’s a force to be reckoned with. Greenlee grows more and more attracted to Ryan. Annie sets out to seduce Aidan.

Tuesday: Angie starts to piece together what really happened to JR. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings. Richie lashes out when he doesn’t get what he was hoping for.

Wednesday: Aidan romantically proposes to Greenlee. Babe finds herself drawn to JR. Although free to leave, Erica decides to stay and help Carmen.

Thursday: Greenlee gives Aidan an answer to his marriage proposal. Ryan cuts his ties to Greenlee. Angie and Jesse enjoy a little romance.

Friday: Greenlee won’t simply allow Ryan to walk out of her life. Erica and Carmen set out to confront Carmen’s ex-fiancé. A drunken Aidan pays a visit to Annie.

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