Monday, June 2, 2008 2:51 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — Children are a precious thing.


Lucas and Sami’s daughter, Allie, is handed over to child protective services, while Lexie and Abe learn that their son Theo is having trouble at school. Max Brady runs into John Black, and the two face off. Nicole threatens to reveal EJ’s secrets. Bo and Hope question Paul about the mysterious activity going on at the docks.

What to Watch

  • Victor throws a fit and forbids Philip from seeing Chloe.
  • The Brady Pub is honored with a green certification for all the work they’ve done to help protect the environment. The family throws a party in celebration.

Monday, June 2, 2008 3:45 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — A murder plot is set.


Sam carries a dying Ivy into the ER, and it is up to Eve to save her life. Finding her plan to make Ivy her next victim thwarted, Viki is confronted by Vincent who gives her a proposition. Juanita finds a picture of Luis in a bookstore and believes it is the key to her finding out where Pilar and her family are. Tabitha uses her magic in hopes of saving Harmony from impending doom.

The Inside Story: Pilar’s Chance to Save her Family

Pilar tries her best to convince her family that they all must leave Harmony at once before they all succumb to Juanita’s wrath, but no one is willing to listen. Pilar comes up with an impromptu trip out of town to save her loved ones from impending doom. In a last ditch effort, Pilar pleads with her family to leave town with her, but is unable to reveal why. Kay and Fancy, however, know what is going on and try to help Pilar’s efforts. Luis and Miguel are suspicious of their other half’s agendas.

A Closer Look: The Wedding Plans Begin

Theresa, in disguise, overhears Ethan and Gwen discussing plans on renewing their wedding vows. Although heartbroken, she is pleased when Gwen asks her to take Ethan’s measurements for his tuxedo.

What to Watch

  • Viki and Vincent plot a murder spree in Harmony and find the upcoming nuptials of Luis/Fancy, Miguel/Kay, and the renewal of vows of Ethan/Gwen the perfect events to get the job done.
  • Theresa refuses to leave Ethan with Gwen despite her mother’s pleas for her to leave town with the family.


  • Monday: Gwen complains about Little Ethan to Gertrude; Luis and Miguel agree to take part in the family trip; Juanita has questions for Kay.
  • Tuesday: Ethan finds Theresa’s diary; Rebecca has a warning for Gwen; Tabitha worries about Kay’s wedding.

  • Wednesday: Gwen wants to move up the wedding date; Juanita plots to sabotage the wedding ceremonies; Pretty plots to keep Luis and Fancy’s wedding from happening.

Monday, June 2, 2008 2:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — A mystery man hits town and causes havoc for some Springfield citizen’s.


A mystery man hits Springfield and sets his sights on Daisy, but it is Ashlee who causes a “twist” of fate and finds herself at the mercy of “dog-tag man.” Cyrus heads to Harley’s house only to find unpaid bills and final notices. Hoping to help out he hits up Dinah for some cash, but she refuses. Finding a dead end, Cyrus tries to steal a painting that Adrianna is willing to pay big bucks for. Mallet catches Cyrus, but the evidence is no where to be found. Bill offers to help out a nauseous Ava, but she finds Remy more appealing. Lizzie seeks out Reva’s help when it comes to Bill, who makes it clear that Lizzie and he were a mistake and they are over.

The Inside Story: Jeffrey’s Awake

Jeffrey wakes up in a hospital bed to an ecstatic Reva, who reveals he was shot. Joshua informs Cassie that Jeffrey has awoken, which prompts her to propose a visit. Jeffrey insists to the police that his shooting was an accident, but the evidence proves otherwise. Jeffrey reveals to Reva that he lied to the cops when he said he remembered everything that happened. Reva and Jeffrey avert marriage talk. Olivia visits Jeffrey and informs him that Ava is happy to know that he is going to be fine, and that she would miss him if he ever left her as she likes having her father around. Reva is annoyed by Jeffrey’s current stance on their marriage plans.

What to Watch

  • Just who is “G?” This week family ties are revealed.

Danger of a different kind…
Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:08 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Danger continues to loom for Noah and Luke; and an unstable woman’s hidden agenda becomes clear…


Bonnie informs Henry she has been let go from the case regarding Gray Gerard’s estate for snooping a little too much. Upset of the outcome, Henry and Bonnie devise a plan on getting the money in the estate. Brad sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong where Janet is concerned and lands in jail, which causes Katie to once again turn to Jack for help. Carly pays a visit to the farm and heat immediately generates between her and Holden, to which Lily notices. Brenda gives Alison the news that she has been let go from the nursing program. When she learns that she has been removed from patient care, she confronts Chris.


Sophie spins her web of lies to Mike about how Paul raped her. Mike tells her she needs to press charges against Paul, but Sophie quickly gets out of doing so. When Paul has a confrontation with Mike about Sophie’s allegations, it’s Meg that stands by Paul’s side telling Mike Sophie is a liar. Mike tells Meg to wake up and admit that Paul is nothing but trouble. Realizing Meg is not backing down, an angry Mike runs to Margo. Sophie produces evidence from the first night she and Paul became intimate and uses that to her advantage.. Meanwhile, Paul and Meg are stunned when they learn Sophie has pressed charges against him for rape. Desperate to help Paul, Meg goes to Barbara with the news so they can find a way to keep him out of jail.

In New York, Luke and Noah try to get Ameera out of police custody, but are stopped by Coyle and an NYPD detective named Livia. Both tell them Noah needs to set up a meeting with Col. Mayer. Luke decides he wants to go to help but when it is time to leave, Livia knocks Luke out. Noah, who is with Coyle is being wired and then escorted on the pier where he is to meet his father. When Noah asks Col. Mayer where Ameera is, he is stunned when he sees a handcuffed Ameera being led on the pier by Coyle and Livia. Papers are soon exchanged and Ameera is left with the Mayer. Before his father can escape with Ameera, Noah jumps on board his boat.

Pictured: Jake Silbermann courtesy CBS

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Another dastardly deed committed…
Sunday, June 1, 2008 8:53 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Jack does the unthinkable…


Chloe feigns sickness to get closer to Cane. Adam gets offered the key to Heather’s room, which Phyllis witnesses. Lily is a no-show in New York. Nikki and Victor, once again go another round of bickering. Amber thinks that Adrian would be well-suited in writing for Restless Style. Victor asks Nick and Adam to stand up in his wedding but only one son agrees to. It’s time for Noah to go away to summer camp. Paul does another investigation; this time on Walter. Cane tries to get Jill to renegotiate Lily’s modeling contract.


Michael and Jeffrey had a heated discussion about Gloria, which leads to Michael punching him. Jack falls on his sword and offers Gloria a place to stay. When she arrives there, she learns she’s been assigned to live in the pool house. Sharon comes home to find out that Gloria will be staying there and she is furious that Jack didn’t talk to her about his decision first. Kevin gives his mom the old heave-ho. Gloria finds herself in yet another mess when she unwittingly poisons Jeffrey.

Pictured: Peter Bergman courtesy CBS

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Sunday, June 1, 2008 3:45 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — Relinquishing the power one holds could land others in more danger than ever anticipated.


The Zacchara’s are homeless now that Jason has burned down their mansion, so the family is forced to take shelter at the MetroCourt Hotel run by Jax and Carly Jacks. While Jax wants them out of his hotel, Carly informs him that the Zacchara’s are more than welcome to stay in her hotel. Edward and Tracy are appalled when they catch Johnny and Lulu in bed together at the mansion. Anthony Zacchara takes his time in plotting his revenge on Jason. Claudia and Nikolas grow closer as the kisses get hotter and a growing family war is set off. Carly warns Lulu to stay away from Claudia. Lulu warns Nikolas to stay away from Claudia. Johnny warns Claudia to stay away from Nikolas. Claudia warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny.

The Inside Story: The Mob Life Hits Close to Home

Now that Sonny has relinquished his power to Jason, he finds that life is different for a man on the up and up. Kate admits to Sonny that she loves him so much that it scares her. Ric admits to Sonny that now that Jason has taken action against the Zacchara’s, his family could be in more danger than ever before. Jason makes it clear to Sonny that he is in charge now. When Kate has problems with one of Crimson’s main distributors, Sonny intervenes and he and Kate fight over his butting his nose in her business. Sonny faces the realities of being ‘out’ of the business.

A Closer Look: Advice for Spinelli

Everyone in town has decided to give Spinelli pointers on how to win a girl’s heart starting with Sam. Patrick offers Spinelli a job, while Robin suspects Spinelli is sabotaging her blog on Patrick’s orders and questions Maxie. Spinelli tries to pick up a girl at Jake’s but things don’t go as planned. Diane inadvertently gives Spinelli some bad advice, which he acts on when he sees Maxie. Sonny once again takes his anger out on Spinelli, who finds an understanding Leyla appealing.

What to Watch

  • Robin is disturbed by the bad reception her blog is receiving.
  • Lulu accuses Tracy of using her anger over Luke’s disappearance on her.
  • Jax is furious with Carly when she refuses to distance herself from Jason and his ties to the mob.
  • Nikolas visits Emily’s grave for the first time since her funeral.
  • Monica admits to Jason that she wishes things could be different and that he never got himself involved with Sonny.
  • Jax and Carly make up and discuss baby plans just before making love.


  • Monday: Sonny finds life hard without ‘the life;’ Claudia has a proposition for Maxie; Spinelli is stuck in an unexpected situation.
  • Tuesday: Sonny questions his decisions; Alexis once again asks Sonny to relinquish his parental rights to Kristina; Spinelli inspires Leyla.
  • Wednesday: Carly has revenge on her mind when it comes to Kate; Luke contacts Sam; Robin shares her fears with Elizabeth.
  • Thursday: Claudia has a warning for Lulu; Jax helps Spinelli change his look; Lucky and Sam land in Mexico while searching for Luke.

  • Friday: Jerry has a new game to play with Claudia; Sonny thinks Carly won’t keep him from his sons forever; Robin is rushed to the hospital.

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 2 Edition

By Scotty Gore

( — Dorian unleashes her wrath of destruction on an unsuspecting Llanview.

Robin Strasser


John and Antonio continue to keep up appearances in front of Eddie. However, both become suspicious upon overhearing a nervous Janet inform Ramsey that “she” has become very restless. Antonio, Talia, and John begin to suspect that Ramsey is hiding a woman in his apartment, and decide that Antonio should attempt to break in to investigate. Meanwhile, Ramsey works to calm his houseguest by telling her that she will see her loved ones soon enough. While snooping in Ramsey’s office, John comes across a woman’s medical information and an x-ray. Antonio pays Ramsey a visit, and later tells John that he managed to plant a bug while he was there.

The Main Event: You Can’t the Handle the Truth!

Jared realizes that Dorian and David have teamed up against him, and quickly shares this newfound information with Natalie. Although she feels somewhat remorseful for what she is about to do, Dorian places her well-oiled plan in motion. As Dorian takes to the floor at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders meeting, Jared and Natalie prepare for the worst. Dorian begins dropping one bombshell after another at the meeting, and produces Pamela Stuart to help back up her claims. Meanwhile, the entire Buchanan family are left speechless by Dorian’s announcments. Enraged, Clint lunges for Dorian’s throat. Jessica can’t believe her sister was in cahoots with Jared. Thanks to Jared’s lies, Malcom gains possession of Nash’s vineyard. Jared and Nash’s fight has tragic consequences. Jared blames himself for all that’s happened, while Natalie realizes what she has done. Gigi and Rex are horrified to discover Nash’s bloody body. Jessica breaks down in Viki’s arms at the hospital. Gigi thanks Rex from protecting her from the broken glass. Viki is disheartened to overhear Jared calling Charlie “dad.” Michael has devastating news for Jessica. Natalie tells Bo that Jared never meant to hurt anyone. As Jessica and her family set vigil for Nash, the young wife attempts to stay strong. Michael tells the family to say their good-byes to Nash. Viki learns that Jessica is pregnant. Nash’s life comes to an end as Jessica wonders how she will ever be able to go on with her life. Natalie becomes the target of Jessica’s wrath. Dorian gives David a rude awakening, and realizes that victory isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be. Jessica tells Natalie she hates her. David informs Viki that he may have a clue as to Charlie’s whereabouts. A Rodi’s bartendar discovers a passed out Charlie in an alley and uses his cell phone to contact Viki. A horrified Viki arrives to find that Charlie has quit breathing, calls 911, and begins administring CPR.

Gig and Rex have an akward encounter. Rex receives a cryptic note concerning Adriana. Viki asks Roxy why she wanted Charlie to claim to be Rex’s father. Roxy makes a quick get away following David’s arrival. Gigi comforts Rex after he learns that Charlie is not really his father. Rex questions Gigi about the note he received. Adriana finds herself backed into a corner when Rex confronts her about the anonymous message he was given. Adriana admits to lying to Rex, but only out of love. Rex decides he has heard enough, and walks out on Adriana, leaving her destroyed. Brody tends to Gigi after realizing that she is in shock following her near death experience. Adriana blames Dorian for sabotaging her marriage, and wants nothing more to do with her. Bo gives Rex some fatherly advice when he admits that he and Adriana are having problems. Rex is grateful for Bo’s friendship.

Around Town:

Blair, Starr, and Addie want nothing to do with Dorian’s latest plan for the Cramer women. Starr wishes that everyone would just get over the fact that she is pregnant. Todd is anything but complacent when Blair slaps him with a restraining order.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 9, 2008

Monday: Blair calls the cops on Todd. Jared prepares to deal with the ramifications of his lies. Rex demands that Adriana grant him a divorce.

Tuesday: Clint and Bo demand justice for Jared. Adriana has a long distance plan to salvage her marriage. Renee confronts Jared, while Nigel prepares to confess. Blair questions Addie about her father.

Wednesday: John, Talia, and Antonio spy on Ramsey. Rex confronts Charlie and Roxy. Marty Saybrooke is revealed to still be alive. Tina Roberts returns to Llanview as “The Crown Princess of Mendorra.”

Thursday: Tina’s return to town is anything but quiet. Todd makes a shocking discovery. Starr seeks Marcie’s help with Sam.

Friday: Todd formulates a new plan. Tina places Sarah and Cristian’s lives in danger. Starr contemplates placing her baby up for adoption.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 5:15 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

( — “All My Children’s” Cameron Mathison and “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd team up as co-hosts of the “35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards,” which will air live on Friday, June 20 at 8:00 PM EST/PST (tape-delayed to the West Coast) from Hollywood’s Kodak Theater on the ABC Television Network. SOAPnet original series “MVP” to air immediately after the two-hour Emmy telecast.

“Cameron and Sherri both have such an inviting way about them. Viewers will feel like they’re in the Kodak and part of the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this year’s broadcast,” said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. “They bring the perfect vibe to the celebratory atmosphere of this show.”

“We are excited to have two of the biggest supporters of daytime programming as our hosts,” said show executive producers Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss. “The audience – both in the Kodak and at home – is in for a very entertaining evening, courtesy of Cameron and Sherri.”

“MVP,” also known as the “Secret Lives of Hockey Wives,” tells the story of the Mustangs hockey team and gives viewers a behind the scenes look at their lives off the ice.

“The Daytime Emmys are the perfect springboard into SOAPnet’s new original series. We have a unique opportunity to leverage the strength of the division and showcase a great new dramatic series to a broad audience that loves serialized drama,” said Frons.

The series is an original production of Screen Door Inc., with Mary Young Leckie and Heather Haldane serving as executive producers. It was cancelled in March by its Canadian broadcaster the CBC. Each episode reportedly cost about $1.5 million

“MVP” stars Lucas Bryant, Dillon Casey, Matthew Bennett, Peter Miller, Kristin Booth, Anastasia Phillips, Deborah Odell, Natalie Krill and Olivia Waldriff.

By Angela Rosa

( — Lingering effects.



Friends and family gather to celebrate Spike’s birthday but thoughts of Tad and Julia weigh heavily on everyone’s mind. Erica is frustrated that she can’t be there for her family. Tad learns of Julia’s death. After hearing JR talk about Richie, Babe calls Amanda to put her plan in motion. JR gives Adam his word that he’s not trying to steal Chandler Enterprises away from him after word of the elder Chandler’s institutionalization leaks. Treena introduces Babe to her pimp. Babe quickly finds herself in over her head.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Despite heavy resistance, Adam is determined to do the right thing. Krystal thinks Adam has lost his mind when he orders Babe and JR to bring Kathy to the hospital. Tad is ready to go into the light and be with Dixie forever. Dixie tells Tad that he needs to go on living for the sake of both of his daughter and disappears as Adam arrives in Tad’s room. Adam’s admission brings Tad back to life. Tad absorbs the revelation that Kathy is really Kate as word spreads across the hospital. Krystal realizes Adam has known the truth about Kate for quite awhile and is disgusted that he deliberately kept Tad away from his daughter. JR disowns Adam…again. Looking for validation that he isn’t an evil man, Adam turns to Erica. Later, an unapologetic Adam arrives at Tad’s room where he proceeds to justify his actions. Tad thanks Adam for telling him the truth about Kate and the two men shake hands. Tad challenges Krystal to be honest about her feeling for Adam.

Home Wreckonomics

Ryan and a newly single Greenlee’s closeness irks Annie. Ryan can’t force himself to muster up feelings for Annie, who feels like an outsider at Spike’s birthday party. Greenlee agrees to talk to Aidan but remains unforgiving. Aidan theorizes that Greenlee is sabotaging her own happiness because she has never really gotten over Ryan. After giving Aidan back his engagement ring, Greenlee surprises Ryan on the beach. Ryan admits to Greenlee that he isn’t sure that he ever really loved Annie. Greenlee covers her hurt when Ryan asserts that he isn’t the man for her. A determined Annie visits a fertility doctor. Greenlee puts forth a successful effort to push Kendall’s insecurities to the surface as she makes implications about her and Zach’s special bond. Greenlee doesn’t return home alone after she and Jake drown their sorrows at ConFusion.


Monday: Aidan tells Greenlee that he still loves her. Zach wants answers from Kendall. JR comes to Babe’s rescue.

Tuesday: Zach is pleased by the changes he sees in Greenlee. Angie hopes Jesse doesn’t become Pine Valley’s new Chief of Police. Erica’s blood boils when she learns she’s been booted off New Beginnings.

Wednesday: Greenlee fuels Kendall’s insecurities about Zach. Tad tells Kate that he is her father. Adam tries to convince Krystal that he’s a changed man.

Thursday: Dixie takes Tad on a magical journey. JR puts the screws to Richie. Erica proves that nothing can keep her down.

Friday: Babe is shocked by the extent of Richie’s crimes. Annie is fed up with Greenlee’s attachment to Ryan. Kendall believes Greenlee is out for revenge.

Posted Monday, May 26 12:22 PM | By Venus Stone

Restless Style Magazine Cover
( — On Friday, May 16, 2008, “The Young and the Restless” launched an online fashion and lifestyle magazine,, to go hand in hand with the launch of their in-show print magazine, RestlessStyle.

The new online website gives viewers the latest in runway trends, beauty pointers and coverage on the red carpet. The magazine also offers videos, polls, horoscopes and photo galleries. Content will run concurrently with upcoming “Y&R” storylines connected to RestlessStyle, run by Nicholas and Phyllis Newman (Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford) and Jack and Sharon Abbott (Peter Bergman and Sharon Case).

George Kotsiopoulous, current style director at C Magazine lends his expertise in fashion and style for the site and will also appear on the daytime drama as a fashion consultant. Alongside Kotsiopoulous, Peter McQuaid, a contributor to The New York Times, InStyle Magazine and The Los Angeles Times, will oversee and provide editorial content for

“Y&R” fans will have the opportunity to engage with some of the interactive features including a slideshow widget, which allows photos showing favorite fashions to upload onto the site. The widgets can be taken and embedded into viewers blogs, online social networks and their own websites. Fans are also allowed to customize their very own playlists from the five themes listed: New York Lifestyle, Hollywood Lounge, Summer Stylin, Paris Runway and of course Restless Style.

“The Young and the Restless” airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on Check local listings.