Wednesday, July 9, 2008 5:00 PM| By Angela Rosa

( — Honesty is (not) the best policy.


Krystal has misgivings about how Tad is handling Kathy. Carmen visits Krystal looking for pointers on how to handle Mr. Chandler. Angie stands up to Randi’s pimp Fletcher when he comes looking for Randi, who is later brought into the precinct on solicitation charges. Samuel and Erica continue to dance around their growing feelings for each other when he shows up to give her the news that she’s being released early. Frankie offers Randi money in order to spend time with her. Jesse takes care of Fletcher and has him arrested. Erica’s fellow prisoners give her a heartfelt goodbye. Erica’s perfect farewell comes to a screeching halt when Sable pulls a knife on her.

Hide and Seek

Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty in front of Jesse. Meanwhile, Jesse takes Zach back to the roadside where Richie’s body was found. After coming up with a new theory on how Richie met his demise, Jesse decides to have Richie’s corpse re-examined but gets some surprising news when he calls the morgue. Petey, meanwhile, informs Colby, Dre and Cassandra that he knows it’s human blood on the fender of Colby’s car and that he suspects it belongs to Richie. Adam gets the truth out of Colby and Cassandra. Adam sets a cover up into motion after Colby adamantly refuses to go along with his plan to rat out her friends to save herself. Annie is all nerves as Jesse once again questions her about Richie. Memories of Richie haunt Annie. Zach assures Kendall that he didn’t kill Richie. Once alone, Zach calls Annie and demands she meets him. Zach confronts Annie with her wedding ring. Colby turns to the bottle to deal with the Richie secret. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Annie begins to hear Richie taunting her and collapses in Zach’s arms. Adam lets Pete know that he will destroy him if he even thinks of implicating his daughter in Richie’s hit and run. Tad and Jesse discuss Richie’s case. Jesse pays Adam a visit after getting some additional forensics evidence.

Total Recall

Ryan’s memories of the last four years come flooding back to him as he frantically tries to get to his unconscious ex-wife. Ryan voices his love to an unconscious Greenlee. Unaware of Ryan’s feelings for her, Greenlee voices her love for Aidan when she comes to at the hospital. Ryan is heartbroken to see Greenlee in Aidan’s arms. Aidan takes Greenlee home from the hospital and they begin to act on their pent up passion. Ryan basks in the memories of being a father to Emma but can’t get Greenlee out of his mind. Ryan tells Annie that his memory has returned but covers when she questions if he remembers loving her. Jake catches Greenlee and Aidan in a private moment. Greenlee convinces a hesitant Jake to stay and be roommates with her and Aidan. Kendall realizes Ryan is in love with Greenlee. Ryan warns Kendall to keep her mouth shut to Greenlee; Kendall later decides to do just that after seeing how happy in love Greenlee is with Aidan. Ryan and Tad discuss destiny. Ryan jumps to the wrong conclusion and briefly believes Greenlee feels the same about him as he feels for her. Annie issues a threat to Greenlee. Ryan is stunned by Annie’s news.


Monday: Ryan gets proof he really is going to be a father again. Adam shares his troubles with Krystal. No one messes with Erica Kane.

Tuesday: Annie gets an earful when she overhears the kids talking about Richie. Frankie gets Randi to open up to him. Ryan can’t bring himself to tell Greenlee how he feels about her.

Wednesday: Tad realizes that Krystal willingly backed up Adam’s latest lie. Erica is back where she belongs. JR wants Zach to form an alliance with him against Adam.

Thursday: A scheming Annie sets a trap for Colby and Cassandra. Randi warns Frankie not to get involved with her. Erica and Samuel get caught in a kiss.

Friday: Kendall drops a bombshell on Greenlee. Erica stirs up trouble between Jack and Samuel. Ryan pulls the plug on Annie’s scheme.

My View of Llanview: June 30 Edition

Monday, July 7, 2008 4:14 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Tina Lord’s history and connections to Llanview.

Greetings! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday. Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. In what seems to have become a broken record with me, this column is late again as usual. I’m starting to get lazy in my old age (I’m pushing 30), so you can imagine how bad I’ll be by the time I’m really old. Anyway, here is my column. I thought this go around I would help out new viewers by providing a character sketch of Llanview recently returned vixen Tina Lord Roberts.

However, before I delve into Tina’s history in Llanview, here’s a quick look at the various actresses who have portrayed Viki’s younger sister over the years. Since her arrival in town in 1978, a total of six different actresses have portrayed Tina. Of those, the most popular is Andrea Evans (1978-1981; 1985-1990; 2008-present), who originated the role. Other actresses to step into the role over the years have been Nancy Frangione (temperarily in 1980), Kelli Maroney (1984), Marsha Clark (1984-1985), Karen Witter (1990-1994), and Krista Tesreau (1994-1996; 1997). Now on to the history of Tina Lord, as presented in my own words…

In 1978, Viki’s dear childhood friend Irene Clayton realized she was not long for this world. Worried about what might become of her daughter Tina, Irene asked Viki to take in the 16-year-old troublesome teen. Viki agreed, however, she soon found her new arrival to be quite the handful. Around this same time, Llanview’s dastardly conman, Marco Dane, saw a golden opportunity to seek revenge on Viki.

Marco, quickly setting his plan in motion, buddied up to Tina and decided to open a modeling agency. Unbeknownst to Tina, Marco planned to snap pictures of underage teen, and superimpose them on pornographic images. He would then release the pictures to the media, resulting in the public humiliation of Viki. However, Marco’s plan soon hit a stumbling block as the conman began to become enamored with Tina. Never a man to miss an opportunity, however, Marco still managed to use the faux photos of Tina to blackmail Viki. A short time later, a horrified Viki stumbled upon Marco’s dead body, which resulted in her being arrested for murder. Fortunately for Viki, she was eventually cleared as a suspect in the murder.

As time progressed, Tina became romantically involved with a man named Greg Huddleston, and by 1980 had turned into quite a seductress. At the same time Tina was seducing Mark Gordon, boyfriend of her best friend Samantha Vernon, and lusting after country-music artist Johnny Drummond. Around this time, Ted Clayton, a man claiming to be Tina’s father, arrived in Llanview with only one goal–to swindle Tina and Viki out of as much money as possible. While in town, Ted (whose real last name was Clarkson), began to position himself against Clint Buchanan. Clint meanwhile had begun to have a soft spot for Viki, who had recently lost her husband Joe Riley to a brain tumor. Upon learning that Clint planned to pop the question to Viki, Ted executed his plan to kidnap his ‘daughter’ Tina. He schemed to not only receive the ransom money, but also to cozy up to Viki. Later, after making sure Tina had been safely returned to Llanview, Ted proposed to a shocked Viki. Clint appeared to have dropped out of the running for Viki’s affections, as the widow asked Ted to give her a little breathing room so she could make up her mind. Time, however, was not on Ted’s side as he was arrested and placed in prison for his part in Tina’s kidnapping. After managing to escape, he pursued a plan to kill Tina. Before his plan could be carried out however, Police Detective Ed Hall gunned him down. Deeply troubled by the turn of events, Tina decided to leave Llanview far behind her.

Nearly four years later, in 1985, Tina decided to return to Llanview in search of her biological father. Shortly before returning to town, Tina had come across an entry in her mother’s diary confessing that Ted Clayton was not her real father. Not along after returning to Llanfair, Tina inadvertently discovered a secret room beneath the library of the former home of Victor Lord. As she searched the room, Tina came across numerous valuable paintings, which had been plundered by Nazi Germany during World War II. She also found a letter written from the late Victor Lord to his daughter Viki proclaiming that Tina Lord was his daughter, the result of an affair with Viki’s good friend Irene Clayton, who was 19 at the time of the affair.

The news began that her father had seduced her best friend, began to take its toll on Viki, especially when the letter became public. Tina, meanwhile, became to enjoy the title of heiress, and all the perks that came along with it. Enter into the picture cult leader and all around bad guy Mitch Laurence, who plotted to rob Tina of her inheritance. After learning that Victor’s estate would be placed in Tina’s possession if Viki’s DID ever returned, Mitch convinced a reluctant Tina to assist him in his evil plot.

Luckily, Tina’s conscious got the better of her when Mitch revealed he planned to murder Clint Buchanan and pin the crime on Viki. As a result, Mitch instead killed Harry O’Neil. Sometime early Harry, not realizing she wasn’t real, fell in love with Niki Smith. Now with Harry O’Neil dead, Tina used Viki’s illness to gain control of Victor’s empire. Also, after suffering a relapse of her multiple personality disorder, Viki was able to recall seeing Victor and Irene in bed together. This led Viki to believe at the time, that the traumatic incident brought about her struggles with DID. But now, Tina found herself charged with the murder of Harry O’Neil. It took take Niki Smith’s testimony in court before she would be cleared of the crime.

Next, in 1986, Tina began to fall in love with Clint Buchanan. As she plotted to get Clint into bed, Niki, ready to distance herself from Viki, posed as her supposedly cured alter ego. Unfortunately, Tina would stop at nothing to get the man she wanted, even going so far as to blackmail Niki Smith into filing for divorce from Clint. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, she also pretended to be pregnant with Clint’s baby, although Dorian Lord quickly exposed her scheme. Cint soon discovered that Niki was still around, and developed a plan to place Viki back in control. He tricked Niki into discovering him and Tina in bed together. Although the encounter was staged, it proved successful in getting Viki to reemerge.

As Viki and Tina worked to mend their relationship, Tina found herself attracted to good guy Cord Roberts. The two had met after Tina had intercepted a letter from Maria Roberts to her brother-in-law Clint. After traveling to El Paso, Texas, Tina discovered that the letter was nothing more than a job request for Cord. Before Tina could return to Llanview, however, she was introduced to Cord. Instantly smitten, Tina was treated to a tour of the American Southwest by Cord. As he was snapping pictures of her in the family barn, Cord declared his love for Tina. However, being the schemer that she was, Tina was unable to picture herself with him.
She said good-bye to Cord and returned home with her wealthy fiancé Richard Abbott.

All around good guy Cord would not take no for an answer. He moved to Llanview, and took as a job as a photographer for The Banner newspaper, which was being run by Viki and Clint.
Tina managed to control her emotions until she returned to Texas with Cord for the funeral of Clint’s ‘father’ Al Roberts. Earlier, while on his deathbed, Al had revealed to a minister that Clint was not his biological son. Upon arriving in Texas, Tina was horrified to learn the minister was none other than her old adversary, cult leader Mitch Laurence. Furthermore, he floored Tina with the news that Clint was really Cord’s father.

Roughly twenty years earlier, Clint Buchanan and Maria Roberts had been teenage sweethearts. However, Clint’s disapproving father Asa Buchanan, would have nothing to do with his son’s relationship with a Mexican, and managed to bully Maria and her mother back to Texas. Clint remained oblivious to the fact that Maria was carrying his child. After placing all the pieces of the puzzle together, Tina realized what had happened, and paid Asa a visit. During her confrontation with the Buchanan family patriarch, Tina blackmailed Asa into claiming that Al Holden’s will contained a provision that Cord would receive a million dollar inheritance upon his death.

Learning that he was actually Clint’s son, Tina plotted to wed Cord before he discovered his true heritage. The two were married, resulting in Tina having both Cord’s love and money. However, all good things must come to an end. A few months later, Viki confessed the truth to Clint, who shared a tenderhearted reunion with Cord. This was followed by Cord’s discovery that Tina had long since known the truth and that she had swindled Asa out of a million dollars. Although hesitant to give the money back, Cord handed Asa a check for the money. However, it was too late. Tina had already dumped the money into a frivolous investment, a supposed exotic island known as Devil’s Claw. While taking a tour of the island, Cord and Tina quickly discovered that the island was a safe haven for terrorists. Barely escaping with their lives, Tina and Cord found their marriage nearing an end.

Although successful in her quest to marry Cord, she soon faced the wrath of his disapproving mother Maria Roberts. Not long after the ceremony, Maria forged a deal with her good friend Max Holden in 1987. She ordered Max to court Tina and whisk her out of the country.
However, Tina soon learns that she is pregnant, and that Cord doesn’t seem to want the baby. In reality, Cord has no idea that Tina is pregnant, thanks to Maria. Heartbroken, Tina agrees to leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina with Max. Once out of the country, Cord learns of Tina’s bun in the oven, and heads for Argentina with his archaeologist friend Kate Sanders. Cord arrived to save Tina, but it was too late. After plunging over Iguazu Falls, Tina was believed dead by all her loved ones.

In reality, however, Tina was very much alive. Kate’s brother Jamie Sanders had kidnapped her after she and Max unknowingly find themselves in the middle of a drug ring. When Tina fell over the falls, Jamie had been shot and fell over the side of the boat. Now, in the jungle of South America she meets Gabrielle Medina, who was also pregnant…but with Max Holden’s baby. Gabrielle befriends a distraught and despondent Tina, who believes she has suffered a miscarriage. In time, Tina becomes well enough to deliver Gabrielle’s baby body. Believing that Max and Tina are soon to be married, Gabrielle makes the difficult decision to give her baby over to Tina so she can make sure he has a good life. Tina leaves for Llanview with the baby in tow, but not before naming him Al, after Cord’s dead stepfather.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Cord and Kate have grown quite close in the months since Tina’s ‘death.’ In fact, they are about to be married, when Tina suddenly arrives at the church with Gabrielle’s baby proclaiming, “Stop! Am I too late? Cord, I’ve come so far … this is your son,” before fainting. Cord, whose marriage to Kate in now invalid, is thrilled that Tina and baby Al are alive, however, he still plans to divorce her in order to marry Kate. Not missing a beat, Maria blackmails Tina after learning that Al is really Max and Gabrielle’s son, ordering that she divorce Cord immediately. At the same time, Maria starts to fall in love with Clint. But, in order to do so, she must first get rid of Viki. So she plots to murder Viki and frame Tina. When her plan to plow down Viki with her car is a bust, Maria poisons a pair of earrings that Tina plans to give Viki as a gift. This plan to backfires, as Gabrielle touches the earrings instead and collapses, but manages to survive. Meanwhile, a struggle ensues between Tina and Maria over the vile of poison. During the altercation, the bottle spills onto Maria, resulting in her death.

In court, Tina is convicted of Maria’s murder, but later acquitted. She and Cord make love, but his heart still belongs to Kate. She finds comfort in the arms of Max Holden, who she agrees to marry. A short time later, Tina and Max learn that while she was in the South American jungle and consumed by fever, that natives helped deliver Tina’s baby, and that it was being held captive by a henchmen named Rolio. As Tina and Max head back to Argentina in search of the baby, Cord, after breaking things off with Kate, also heads south of Equator. After several twists and turns, Max and Tina locate the baby, named “Milagro” (miracle), back to Llanview in 1988. Cord and Tina name the baby Clinton James, and call him CJ for short. Max calls off his engagement to Tina when she accidentally says “I take thee, Cord” while at the altar with Max. Following this, Tina once more goes after Cord, who has by this time taken an interest in Sarah Gordon. Around this same time, Gabrielle reveals that Al was really Max Holden’s baby and that she pressured Tina into claiming the baby as her own. After getting back together briefly with Cord, Tina finds herself courted by Bo Buchanan, who has recently returned to Llanview. However, unbeknownst to anyone, he is not actually Bo, but instead Kate Sanders’ ex-lover Dr. Patrick London. Hired by Asa Buchanan’s adversaries, London had plastic surgery in order to pretend to be Bo and infiltrate the Buchanan clan. While pretending to be Bo, London plans to marry Tina and gain control of her inheritance. Before he can do so, however, he is ousted and killed by the real Bo Buchanan, whom London had been holding captive for months.

Finding their way back to one another in November 1988, Cord and Tina wed in a double ceremony with Cord’s grandfather and step-grandmother Asa Buchanan and Renee Divine. Ursula Blackwell, Tina’s newest rival, hides an explosive device in the wedding cake. But, instead of hitting its intended target, the blast kills Max’s brother Steve Holden. In January of 1989 Tina, along with Gabrielle and Michael Grande, discover the underground city of Eterna, and the trio became trapped there for months along with Viki, and many other residents of Llanview. Also around this time, Tina concocted a number of other schemes, including searching for lost jewels and other get rich quick schemes.

By 1990, Cord and Tina’s latest marriage is once again on life support. Cord is becoming fed up with Tina’s lies and schemes. But the final straw comes when Tina accesses Cord of sleeping with Gabrielle’s sister Debra. After Cord requests a divorce, Tina takes baby CJ and leaves Llanview for San Diego.

Cord and the Buchanan clan arrived on the island of Badderly only a few months later, in an attempt to infiltrate the isle. It was then that they first met Carlo Hesser’s son Johnny Dee, and learned that Tina was his guest on the island. Although excited to see Cord again, Tina was didn’t want him to get in any trouble with the mobster. When Johnny was about to rummage through Clint’s room, Tina distracted him with sex. A short time later, while still on the island, Tina and Cord reunited, and made love as well. Back in Llanview, Tina soon discovered she was pregnant, and mistakenly believed Johnny to be the baby’s father.

Being the man that he was, Cord, nonetheless offered to help raise the baby. Johnny Dee, however, had other ideas. He broke into Llanfair and knocked Tina out cold, and planned to kidnap her. Meanwhile, Viki saw the whole thing. However, the town matriarch had recently suffered a stroke after being shot while giving a speech as the newly elected mayor Llanview. Unfortunately, the stroke left Viki confined to a wheelchair and unable to move or speak. However, Viki could sense that Tina needed her help, so she allowed Niki Smith to reemerge. Niki could accomplish what Viki was unable to do. After managing to stand and threaten the mobster, Niki pumped Johnny Dee full of lead. At first, neither Tina or Viki could recall what had happened, but Tina soon became the prime suspect. An audiotape was soon discovered in the room, which proved that Viki had murdered Johnny Dee in self-defense. The cassette had been recorded by Johnny, and stolen from his pocket by Gabrielle Medina only minutes after the shooting. While the tape proved that Niki had shot Johnny, it also revealed that Gabrielle Medina had been present at the crime scene.

Soon, Carlo blackmailed Gabrielle into attempting to convince Tina to give up her baby to him. Reluctant to ally herself with the notorious crime boss, Gabrielle was forced to do Carlo’s dirty work when he threatened to go public with a videotape of her seducing Father Tony Vallone. Tina soon fled to Texas while being pursued by Carlo Hesser, who wanted custody of his unborn grandchild. Cord soon joined them in hot pursuit, armed with paternity test results, which revealed him to be the father of Tina’s baby. In February 1991, while still in Texas, Tina went into labor while stranded in a blizzard. Cord soon located her and, with the aide of DuAnn Demerest, delivered the baby, which they named Sarah Victoria after Viki and presumed dead family member Sarah Gordon Buchanan. Shortly thereafter, Tina and Cord returned to Llanview where they remarried for a third and final time. Later that year, Tina devised another of her signature doomed to fail plans, by planning to write a book on the history of the Lord and Buchanan families. Her interest in the project peaked when publisher Hudson King offered to pay Tina a huge amount of money for the book, and she began to put in long hours at his New York City apartment working on it.
Cord, however, soon discovered the truth, that Hudson King was, in fact, the cleverly disguised conman Cain Rogan. Cain had arrived in Llanview disguised as three different fictitious people in order to help Dorian Lord gain control of the Buchanan family’s assets. But proving it to Tina was easier said than done. In order to prove his point, Cord concocted a scheme where he would ‘discover’ Tina and Cain together. He would then portray the jealous husband and shoot Tina with a blank, and she would play dead. The ruse worked. After ‘killing’ Tina, Cord threatened to ‘shoot’ Cain if he didn’t confess his true identity. Cord had once again saved Tina’s life.

Meanwhile, Megan Harrison was distraught over Jake being so far away in Jaba City, so she hit the slots in Atlantic City. It was there she bumped into Cain Rogan, who was pretending to be German film director Heinrich Keiser. After Tina encountered the conman in an elevator at the Palace, she spilled the beans to a horrified Megan. Meanwhile, Tina and Cain decided to get revenge on Carlo Hesser and Alex Olanov. To do so, they plotted to steal the Cleopatra jewels and pin the heist on Alex. The scheme backfired however, when Alex, posing as a cleaning lady, tricked Tina and Cain into stealing the jewels, and watched from a distance as the security alarm sounded and the lovebirds fell into her trap. Not to be outdone, Tina and Cain found the jewels, planted them in Alex’s apartment, and contacted District Attorney Hank Gannon. No charges were filed in the complicated case, and Tina and Cain got off scot-free.

Cord, along with Rev. Andrew Carpenter, were called in late 1991, to go to Jaba City and rescue Jake Harrision from a prison camp. While Jake and Andrew managed to escape, Cord was shot in the chest. Although no body was found, the Buchanan family, and especially Tina, mourned for Cord, who was presumed dead. In time, however, Tina managed to move on, and soon became involved with conman and master of disguise Cain Rogan. In 1993, Tina received the shock of her life when Cord ‘returned from the dead.’ But something had happened to Cord during his time in the Middle Eastern prison camp at Jaba City. He was now angry at the world, and unaware that Tina had moved on with her life. Cord had tracked Tina down at a casino in Atlantic City. In her room, Tina was dressed in lingerie, anxiously awaiting Cain’s return. Instead, Cord walked in on Tina, at which point she promptly fainted. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder he was horrified to learn of Tina’s involvement with Cain Rogan. He was equally upset that his friends and family had keep mum while Tina had spent time with both him and Cain. He began yelling at everyone he cared about, including CJ and Sarah. CJ didn’t care much for Cord or his attitude, and considered Cain a more fitting father figure. This only infuriated Cord even more. Cord also forced Tina to make a choice–either him or Cain. In the end, Tina chose Cain. Bitter, Cord managed to dig up Angela Holiday, who had once been Cain’s partner in crime to break up the new couple. Tina didn’t respond well to the news that Cain and Angela had once been married. In time, however, Tina forgave Cain, although Angela Holiday remained a thorn in their side.

Some time later, children CJ and Al found themselves trapped in a cave. While working to free them, Cord bumped his head, which resulted in selective amnesia. Not being able to remember anything after Jake’s rescue mission in Jaba City, Cord believed he and Tina were still married. Dr. Larry Wolek cautioned Tina about telling Cord otherwise, citing health concerns. Tina, happy her son was safe, readily agreed. For months, she and Cain met behind Cord’s back, until one day Angela Holiday confessed the truth to Cord. The blow prompted Cord to divorce Tina, leaving her free to be with Cain.
The pair then wed on Valentine’s Day 1994. However, while on their honeymoon, the newlyweds received a postcard from Angela Holiday, stating that before she skipped town, she had hired a fake minister to marry them. Less than a year later, Tina, having dumped Cain, returned to Llanview.

Once back in Llanview, Tina became acquainted with another charming conman, David Vickers. With Dorian Lord sentenced to death for the 1976 murder of Victor Lord, thanks to a recently published book by Viki’s husband Sloan Carpentar, David Vickers arrived in Llanview with the alleged diary of Tina’s late mother Irene Clayton Manning. In an entry in the diary, Irene confessed to murdering Victor. David also claimed that the diary made mention of another child she had of Victor Lord’s, with David claiming to be that very child. However, the entire episode was a scam, with Dorian paying David to help get her out of prison. Although the plan initially went off without a hitch, it soon encountered a speed bump when David started to fall for his ‘sister’ Tina. After learning Tina felt the same way, the two gave into their passion at Viki’s cabin. Not long after, David confessed to Tina that he wasn’t really her brother, but that Todd Manning was, and that he was only in it for the money. Tina, blinded by love, agreed to go along with the ruse, and the pair were married in Las Vegas. Following her release from Statesville, Dorian learned that Todd Manning was the true Lord heir, and floored Viki with the identity of her long-lost brother. Dorian also caused Viki’s personality to fragment by revealing a disgusting fact that Viki had buried deep in her mind–that Victor Lord had sexually abused his own daughter as a child. As Viki’s personality to split, a strange new altar emerged. Her name was Jean Randolph, and she was calm, cold, and calculated. As Viki, Jean confronted David Vickers. She warned him to divorce Tina and break all contact with her, or else she would report him to the authorities. In addition, Jean ordered David to marry Dorian, who couldn’t stand the sight of him. Later that year, Tina informs Todd that Blair is only after him for his money. This results in Todd forcing Blair to take a pregnancy test. However, much to Blair’s delight, she learns that she really is pregnant with Todd’s baby.

The following year, in 1996, Tina received a job offer from Logan’s Department Store as a professional shopper. Deciding to take the job, she packed up and headed to Baltimore with CJ and Sarah. In early 1997, she briefly returned to Llanview to help usher Cord Roberts out of town.

Although off-camera for nearly a dozen years, Tina had frequently became the topic of gossip between the years 1997 and 2008. This was especially true when her daughter Sarah, who had become a professional singer and starting referring to herself as “Flash,” returned to Llanview in 2003, without her mother. Sarah was unsure of her mother’s recent whereabouts, as was Viki, Clint, Cord, and the rest of her family and friends. No one seemed to know what had happened to Tina since she had moved to Baltimore. Sarah stated that she had left her mother and brother and joined a rock band called “Midnight Logic.” According to Sarah, Tina had left Baltimore, hooked back up with Cain Rogan, and that neither of them supported her dream of being a musician. Furthermore, Sarah noted that, due to Tina’s abrasive parenting techniques, that her brother CJ had also left home, and had joined the military. The following year, in 2004 Cord made a quick return to Llanview to escort Sarah back to London, and vowed to Viki and Asa that he would do his best to locate Tina.

However, when Sarah returned to Llanview in 2007, she informed her loved ones that Tina was off somewhere up to her old tricks, and that Tina occasionally sent her money. However, the two rarely communicated. Sarah also informed Viki and Clint that they encounter extreme difficulty in finding Tina, stating “she’s where I got my run and hide genes.” Later Clint, after assisting Cord with his search, reportedly that were unable to find Tina.

Then came June 11, 2008 when Tina arrived back in Llanview, only to be greeted by Jonas Chamberlin, the U.S. Ambassador to Mendorra. In the days that followed, Tina was revealed to be the Crown Princess of Mendorra. She paid a visit to Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey who had earlier arranged for the Mendorran Crown Jewels to be ‘stolen’ while on exhibit at Lindsay Rappaport’s Art Gallery in Llanview, and placed in his possession. Once back in her hometown, Tina visited Ramsey and offered him money in exchange for the jewels. However, Jonas soon turns the tables on Tina, and hires goons to bust into Ramsey’s penthouse and shoot the place up. Ramsey, his doorman, and Jonas’ two hired goons end up murdered in the attack, while Tina manages to successful sneak away with the jewels. During this time, Tina reveals that she now has a dog, which she has brought to Llanview. A dog that she has named David Vickers, after her former lover. Also, while in the park spying on his children Starr and Sam, Todd spots his sister Tina from a limo. After ordering his driver to follow her, he loses sight of her after she enters his former apartment building, which was bought by Lee Ramsey. Tina leaves with Jonas, who threatens her, but not before he shoots Police Detective John McBain in the arm. John, while working to uncover the identity of Ramsey’s female houseguest, chases Tina, but the trail soon grows cold. The mystery woman John was searching for is revealed to be the presumed dead Marty Saybrooke.

Jonas, who threatens them, but does not harm them, holds Sarah and Cristian at gunpoint in the park. Later, while trying to hide out from Jonas, Tina reveals herself to Sarah and her boyfriend Cristian Vega. Sarah manages to convince Cristian to help hide Tina in his loft. He reluctantly agrees to, all the while questioning her about why she is back in Llanview. Jonas, however, gets the upper hand by kidnapping Sarah and her roommate Talia Sahid, whom he forces to call Antonio and send the Vega brothers on a wild goose chase to their mother’s diner while he drags the women out of Llanview. But after learning from Carlotta that Talia had lied about injuring her leg, they become highly suspicious. Meanwhile, Tina flees Cristian’s loft and ends up in Angel Square, where she comes face-to-face with Jonas. Holding her hostage, Jonas threatens to kill the canine David Vickers if she doesn’t turn over the jewels. However, K-9 David carries out Tina’s command that he bite Jonas, which results in the dog being able to escape. In the ensuing melee, Tina manages to sneak away with the jewels. Later, Antonio, Cristian and Tina learn from Jonas that Sarah and Talia have been taken to Mendorra, and that they will be heading there as well.

Once in Mendorra, Tina is reunited with Cain Rogan, who is now the Crown Prince of Mendorra. Shortly thereafter, they reveal how they conned the people of Mendorra into believing that Cain was the rightful heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Sarah has been thorn in a dungeon with Talia, who receives a visit from her father Carlo Hesser. Cristian and Antonio are also held captive in the palace. And David Vickers the dog, ended up with Natalie Buchanan and Jared Banks who, after learning of the dog’s identity, takes him Dorian Lord’s home where he meets his namesake.

Well, there you have it. That is a *brief* character history of Tina Lord Roberts. Although those are some of the highlights, they do not include all of Tina’s exploits in Llanview. But you get the picture; Tina has a long history in Llanview with many past and present characters. I hope this helps newer viewers understand Tina’s connection to Llanview. I know that I myself learned some things about Tina that I wasn’t aware of while doing research for this column.
I hope you do the same. And I hope you enjoy reading this column as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Before I close, don’t forget to submit your fondest memories of “One Life to Live’s” first 40 years by including them in your responses to this column on the Soap Opera Network message board. You can also leave your comments on the SON website, or you can PM or e-mail them to me. I look forward to hearing from all my fellow “OLTL” fans! Remember that “OLTL’s” 40th anniversary is coming up very soon on July 15th, which will also be the date of my next column, which I swear to post on time.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. Keep enjoying your summer. Take care and see you next time on “OLTL’s” 40th anniversary on July 15th.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Monday, July 7, 2008 10:05 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — Rick Springfield is returning to ABC’s “General Hospital” as both Dr. Noah Drake and musician Eli Love.

Beginning Tuesday, July 8, Rick Springfield will reprise his role of Dr. Drake, who learns his son Patrick (played by Jason Thompson) is going to be the father to Robin Scorpio’s (Kimberly McCullough) baby. Patrick and Robin are in a legal fight for the unborn baby due to Robin’s inability to commit to Patrick or allowing him access to their child when it is born. After learning of the impending birth, Noah makes it known that he sides with Robin.

On Thursday, July 17, Eli Love returns to Port Charles hoping to rekindle his romance with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Robin’s mother. However, learning that Anna will be a grand-mother, Eli has a change of heart as he believes a baby will cramp his style. Patrick sticks up for Anna.

Springfield is returning to the soap for the first time since 2007, when Eli ran off with Anna for a worldwide adventure after Noah stood in for Eli during an AIDS charity concert. The event was the first time the actor/musician performed on the soap opera.

Springfield’s return to “GH” coincides with the release of his latest album, “Venus in Overdrive”, which is set for release on July 29. The album features lead single What’s Victoria’s Secret, which can be purchased on

Monday, July 7, 2008 9:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — Covering up a murder brings a town closer together.


Jason warns Carly that bad things will happen if she continues with her plan to destroy Sonny and Kate’s relationship, in particular her marriage to Jax could be in jeopardy. Anthony throws Claudia’s past mistakes in her face, which brings back old wounds for Claudia who seduced Trevor when she was sixteen. Robin questions Sonny’s reasons for marrying Kate. Jax and Kate are caught in a seemingly compromising position during a business event by the paparazzi. Dr. Noah Drake returns to Port Charles and learns his son, Dr. Patrick Drake, is having a child with Dr. Robin Scorpio. Noah sides with Robin where the baby is concerned. Jax works to appease Carly’s insecurities about their relationship after she sees photos of the duo getting intimate. Claudia tries to seduce Sonny, but is once again rejected by the mafioso. Robin changes her mind about Patrick after he bares his soul on the witness stand.

The Inside Story: Covering Up a Murder

After attacking Maxie at the Crimson offices, Logan heads over to Johnny’s apartment with an axe after he catches sight of Lulu, who witnessed the attack from Johnny’s window. Johnny arrives at Crimson and works to revive Maxie, who is unconscious. Johnny realizes Lulu witnessed the attack and heads over to his apartment with Maxie in toe. Hoping to calm Logan down, Lulu takes drastic action that results in her killing Logan. Maxie and Johnny try to convince Lulu that they can’t get the police involved as there is no evidence that an attack took place and they’ll be put in jail for murder. Johnny informs Claudia that he killed Logan, which stuns both Lulu and Maxie. Johnny and Claudia work to get rid of the body at Nikolas’ clinic without anyone knowing they were involved. Nadine catches sight of Claudia and Johnny’s speeding car as it rushes away from the clinic. Claudia informs Anthony of what happened. Anthony orders his men to bring Maxie to him. Jason is convinced that Johnny killed Logan. Claudia stands her ground with Jason.

What to Watch

  • Jason questions Carly’s warped logic over the Kate and Jax kiss.

  • Ilia Volok joins the cast of “General Hospital” in the recurring role of Karpov beginning Friday, July 18 (see story).
  • Rick Springfield is returning to “General Hospital” as both Dr. Noah Drake and musician Eli Love beginning Tuesday, July 8 (see story).


  • Monday: Maxie confesses the truth to Spinelli; Jax is furious with Carly; Jason and Claudia find themselves in hot water.
  • Tuesday: Jason promises Lulu that he will take care of everything; Spinelli and Maxie have sex; Johnny is arrested for Logan’s murder.
  • Wednesday: Maxie warns Johnny that Lulu could crack at any moment; Sonny questions his relationship with Kate; Nikolas, Lucky and Sam team up to get to the bottom of the drug mystery.
  • Thursday: Johnny fears for Lulu’s safety; Patrick defends Anna to Eli; Carly continues with her plan to get back at Kate.

  • Friday: Johnny jumps into action when he fears Lulu is making a huge mistake; Maxie tells Jason what really happened to Logan; Kate tries to turn the tables on Carly.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 1:20 AM | By Errol Lewis

( — The average age of a daytime viewer has increased tenfold on the ABC, CBS, and NBC Broadcast Networks.

According to data released last week by Steve Sternberg, executive vice president, audience analysis at Magna Global, one of the world’s largest media services firms, the average age of an individual watching daytime programming on the broadcast networks has increased season-to-season to 54 years-old from 50 years-old. ABC jumped four years to 53 from 49 last year; NBC went up to 49 from 43, while CBS aged up to 59 years-old from 56.

The oldest skewing daytime series was CBS’ “The Price is Right” with an average audience of 64, while NBC’s “Days of our Lives” had the youngest audience at 49.

Overall CBS is the oldest skewing network with an average viewer aged 55 between all day parts (morning news, daytime, evening news, primetime and latenight). NBC is the youngest at 52.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of July 7 Edition

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 6:47 PM| By Scotty Gore

( — Karma has a way of coming back to bite you when you least expect it.


Tina and Cain, overjoyed to be reunited, explain how they tricked the people of Mendorra into believing that Cain was actually Prince Heinrich, the rightful heir to the throne. Tina remains concerned for Sarah’s safety; however, Cain isn’t ready to give up the good life just yet. Carlo Hesser keeps Sarah and his daughter Talia imprisoned in the dungeon, and has ominous plans for them, Tina, Antonio, and Cristian. Antonio is shocked to see Cain once more. Sarah is reunited with Cristian just as Antonio is tossed into the dungeon with Talia. Carlo comes face-to-face with Antonio. Sarah informs Cristian that Carlo is the brains behind the operation.

The Main Event: The Grandfather is Always the Last to Know

Todd fumes with anger upon learning from Cole that Starr is pregnant, and becomes even more enraged by the news that Starr plans to hand the baby over to Marcie and Michael. Meanwhile, Michael points out to Starr all that is wrong with her decision. Marcie promises Starr that she will try to sway Michael’s mind. Todd confronts Starr and Blair, and vows never to allow the McBains to have her baby. Marcie is unable to change Michael’s mind. Cole confesses to John that he came clean with Todd. Marcie remains undeterred by Todd’s continued threats, while Michael can’t bear the thought of watching Marcie lose another baby. Starr blasts Cole, and tells him that he has awakened a sleeping giant, who won’t rush to his aide. Blair appreciates John’s support.

Just as they are about to tie the knot, Bo and Lindsay’s wedding comes to a standstill, thanks to Nora. As Nora displays RJ’s incriminating letter for all to see, Clint questions her motives for exposing the truth. Lindsay’s confession to Bo is too little, too late. Rex stumbles across Bo hitting the sauce at his apartment. Rex is unsuccessful when he tries to reach out to Bo. Lindsay is aghast when Nora has her arrested for murder, and accuses Nora of wanting revenge, as well as Bo all to herself. Lindsay shocks Nora when she pleads guilty in court. Rex learns that Bo has moved out of his garret.

Around Town:

Tess, still posing as Jessica, asks a delighted Viki if she and Bree can move back into Llanfair. Tess then invites Natalie and Jared to move in as well, claiming she needs her family to close to her. Charlie, along with Roxy, learn that he wasn’t drinking at Rodi’s the night he blacked out. Roxy manages to get Charlie to retrace the event of that night, which prompts him to recall that his last memory was bumping into Dorian at the hospital. Charlie then confronts a nervous Dorian, who denies any involvement. David informs Viki that he has married Addie. Charlie tells Viki that he believes Dorian is somehow involved in his falling off the wagon. Heartbroken, Viki confesses to Charlie that, while she still loves him, she can’t forgive his lies and deceit. Viki is privately concerned to learn that “Jessica” has invited Natalie and Jared to live at Llanfair with her. Clint ponders if David and Addie’s trip down the aisle could be the missing piece in defeating Dorian. Marty demands to know more about her past. Rex tells Gigi that he isn’t sorry for what she said at the wedding, and admits that he cares for her. After receiving a phone call from Adriana, Rex pulls Gigi into a kiss. Brody and Shane interrupt Rex and Gigi’s warm moment, and later, Brody makes it clear to Rex how he feels about
Gigi and Shane.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 14, 2008

Monday: Todd and Cole form an unlikely pact. Madame Delphina has advice for Rex. Talia prevents Antonio from murdering Carlo.

Tuesday: Todd and Cole are pit against Starr and Marcie in court. Clint and Nora decide to attack Dorian’s through her weaknesses. Langston pulls out all the stops in her plan to blackmail David.

Wednesday: Tess has murderous intentions. Viki finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charlie and Gigi yearn to be with the ones they love.

Thursday: Bo receives the shock of his life. Jessica begs Tess to drop her quest for revenge. Carlo exposes Tina and Cain.

Friday: Dorian makes an unnerving discovery about Viki. Bo and Rex fight for their lives. Carlo makes his plans clear.

By Angela Rosa

( – What lies beneath.



JR is extremely upset to see a drunken Colby. Dre surprises Cassandra with a kiss. Adam challenges Krystal to embrace her true feelings. Babe decides to remain at the mansion. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Frankie is desperate to protect Randi who fights her growing feelings for Dr. Hubbard. Erica and Kendall share an emotional moment as Erica is allowed to hug her daughter for the first time since her incarceration. Samuel’s father, Melvin (Melvin Van Peebles), questions his son about his interest in Erica Kane. Carmen pushes Jack to pursue Erica. Babe continues to complain about her position at Fusion which prompts JR to offer to buy the company for her. Angie and Frankie get into it after mother Hubbard finds Randi on Cassandra’s bed.

Main Story: Getting Away with Murder

Jesse isn’t pleased to learn that Zach has taken off in search of Richie. Kendall fears Zach will take matters into his own hands if he finds Richie. Zach calls Jesse to report that he found Richie dead on the road. Jesse questions Zach at the scene of the crime. Annie is at a lost about what to feel upon getting the news of her brother’s death. Zach and Kendall drop in on Ryan and Annie to offer whatever support they can give. Zach privately begins to suspect that Annie is hiding something. Jesse doesn’t believe that Richie’s death was merely a hit and run accident and calls Zach in for more questioning. A nerve wrecked Annie remembers back to what really happened the night of Richie’s death as she and Ryan wait on the results of Richie’s autopsy. Zach maintains his innocence to Jesse. Jesse grills Annie about the night of Richie’s death after discovering that Novak’s last call was to Annie’s cell phone. Kendall becomes furious at Annie when she deflects blame on to Zach with some very damaging statements. Zach ends up in handcuffs after challenging Jesse to arrest him.

Dre and Cassandra panic after learning that Richie died in a hit and run. Dre and Cassandra explain to Colby that they hit something with her car while driving her home the night before. Colby, Dre and Cassandra are almost certain they’re responsible for Richie’s death and contemplate doing the right thing. The teens ultimately decide not to tell anyone about that fateful night but can’t keep their minds off Richie. Colby is surprised when Pete Cortlandt (Daniel Kennedy) stops by. Pete makes a disturbing observation as Colby tries to get rid of him.

Rocking the Boat

Aidan insists on spending the night outside of a shaken Greenlee’s door. Jake urges Greenlee to give his pal a second chance. A flirtatious Aidan begins to wear Greenlee down with the help of cue cards. Ryan is hit with more memories of Greenlee. Aidan and Greenlee begin to find their way back together but Greenlee wants to take things slow. Greenlee goes sailing to try to sort out her feelings for both Aidan and Ryan. Ryan is horrified when he sees Greenlee fall and hit her head.


Monday: Ryan is filled with memories from the past four years. Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty of murder. Pete’s discovery spells trouble for Colby, Dre and Cassandra.

Tuesday: Ryan remembers his love for Greenlee. Angie and Frankie search for a missing Randi. Adam takes control when Colby and Cassandra come clean with him.

Wednesday: Kendall figures out that Ryan loves Greenlee. Samuel has good news for Erica. Annie questions Ryan about his feelings for her.

Thursday: Kendall is faced with a dilemma where Greenlee is concerned. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Randi is reluctant to open up to Frankie.

Friday: Annie warns Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the scene of Richie’s hit and run. Ryan gets some surprising news at the hospital.

Monday, June 30, 2008 7:20 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — ABC’s “General Hospital” is bringing in a new mafia lord to Port Charles in an effort to up the ante in the drama surrounding the Corinthos and Zacchara family organizations.

Ilia Volok, 42, is joining the cast of “GH” in the recurring role of Karpov beginning with the Friday, July 18 episode of the soap, confirms a show spokesperson.

Karpov is a Russian mob kingpin who tries to tempt Sonny into conducting business with him, essentially bringing Sonny Corinthos back into play within organized crime once more – Sonny gave up his half of the Corinthos organization after his son, Michael Corinthos, was shot in the head earlier this year and sent into a coma. Michael is currently being cared for in an around-the-clock state medical facility.

Volok, born in the USSR, is best known for roles in such shows as CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” “ER,” and “Power Rangers: Wildforce.”

The actors film credits include “Air Force One” and summer blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” starring Harrison Ford and 2007′s “Charlie Wilson’s War” with Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks. He can next be seen in the Robert Downey Jr. film “The Soloist,” which is set for release on November 21 of this year.

He is repped by Gold Talent Group.

  • General Hospital
  • Ilia Volok

    Monday, June 30, 2008 11:54 PM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — The Logan family aligns together.


    The Logan’s frantically search for their matriarch just as Beth finds herself meeting granddaughter, Hope, face-to-face. After finding Beth, Brooke realizes she is in for an unheil battle with Beth. Steffy and Marcus don’t realize just how close they are to being found by an angry Ridge. Rick and Marcus realize that they share a common bond, “The Wrath of Ridge Forrester.” A mystery man from Marcus’ past shows up and congratulates him on his “good fortune.”

    Eric and Stephanie’s conversation over Marcus takes an unexpected turn. Katie makes her decision known to Nick after being interrogated by Brooke. Felicia realizes Owen’s interest in Donna. An unexpected marriage proposal is made.

    What to Watch

    • Brandon Beemer joins the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the contract role of Owen Knight beginning Wednesday, July 2.

    Monday, June 30, 2008 11:50 PM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Entrapment.


    During an argument with Marlena, John reveals to her that the man she once loved is now dead. Chloe tells Philip they are over. Max has questions for Trent about the girl he saw in the photo. Victor goes off on Daniel for not telling him that he was seeing Chelsea. EJ and Nicole are trapped in an elevator after the power goes out.

    Many things can happen when the lights go out.

    What to Watch

    • Bill and Susan Hayes return for the annual Salem 4th of July festivities beginning Tuesday, July 1.

    What Not to Watch

    • “Days of our Lives” on Thursday and Friday, July 3 and 4. The soap is pre-empted due to sporting events on NBC.