Tuesday, November 11, 2008 3:28 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Aleksander puts Springfield back on the map.

Grant Aleksander is returning to “Guiding Light” as the mega-popular Phillip Spaulding in January.

The three-time Daytime Emmy nominee cites his close friendship with current “GL” Head Writer Jill Lorie Hurst, who began talking to him about a return late this past summer, as a main element in prompting his return. Aleksander, who has signed a long-term contract with the CBS sudser, tells Soap Opera Digest that his greatest wish is that the storyline opportunities that his return affords will “help the show stick around for a while longer.” Aleksander will find out what his story entails when he starts taping later this year but thinks whatever is coming should be fun considering that Phillip is “either the father or has been married to everybody in town;” the actor also expects his return story to be a long-arc.

The 49 year old actor started his daytime television career on “GL” in 1982; he remained on the show until 1984. In 1986, Aleksander joined the cast of “Capitol” as DJ Phillips but would return to “GL” later that year. Citing exhaustion, Aleksander would take another leave from the sudser in 1991. He moved on to ABC’s “All My Children” in 1993 as Hayley’s naughty husband, Alec McIntyre. In 1996, Aleksander took his leave from “AMC” and rejoined the cast of “GL” for a third time. He’d remain on the show until 2004 when he was fired under a cloud of controversy.

Phillip’s daughter is sticking around, too. SOD reports that Marcy Rylan (who plays Phillip’s daughter, Lizzie) has re-upped with the show. The specifics of Rylan’s contract have not been revealed; she has played the role of Lizzie Spaulding since 2006.

“Guiding Light” airs Weekdays on CBS.

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    Monday, November 10, 2008 11:56 PM | By Angela Rosa

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) – The trouble with love.


    Josh explains to Blake that he doesn’t believe that Jeffrey is the man for Reva or her unborn child. Reva and Josh discover that they’ll be neighbors while Jeffrey is off on a job interview in D.C. Natalia makes a major sacrifice in order to ensure Rafe’s well-being. Remy hides his high M-CAT score from Christina who didn’t fare nearly as well. Ashlee introduces a stressed out Beth to her new mentor – Coop. Buzz and Ashlee tease Coop about chemistry with Beth. Later, Beth and Coop head to the same room at the Beacon where things immediate ignite between the duo once behind closed doors.

    A Closer Look: No Rest for the Wicked

    Grady assures Alan that he’s up to his challenge. Cyrus questions if Grady is ready for the ramifications should Daisy figure out the truth. Frank shows Lizzie and Alan evidence that seems to implicate Bill in the kidnapping. A disbelieving Lizzie listens as Frank gives reason to the possibility of Bill being the guilty party. Confident of Bill’s innocence, Lizzie allows Frank to search the house but soon makes an alarming discovery herself. Lizzie shows Alan and Frank the magazine with the cut-out letters. Daisy ignores Ashlee’s protests and agrees to give Grady another chance. Grady, meanwhile, informs Alan that Dinah was his partner in crime. Beth later points out to Alan that things seem to be working out just perfectly for him considering his hatred of Bill. Lizzie pleads with Bill to wake up. Ashlee finds Grady going through files in Dinah’s office and inadvertently lets it slip that Daisy is in love with him. Grady grabs Ashlee in an attempt to get her to spill more just as Daisy walks in.

    ATWT PreVUE: Week of November 10 Edition

    Recreating the past…
    Monday, November 10, 2008 10:16 AM | By Venus Stone

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Can a total stranger become someone you want them to be?


    Charges are dropped against Brad and Katie realizes that it’s because both evidence and Spencer’s body went missing. Margo hauls both Vienna and Henry in for questioning, telling them they are both accused of swiping the evidence. Katie wants to celebrate Brad’s freedom at the Lakeview but Brad wants to spend a quiet night at home instead. Henry and Katie both assume that the other took the evidence but learn someone else must have. Katie become worried that the person who emailed her is going to call her on his favor soon. Janet is asked to watch Sage when Jack gets a call to come back to the police station. The minute they are alone, Janet heads for the closet and is immediately locked in. Janet demads Sage let her out but Sage says the only way she will do so is if she calls off her marriage to her father. When Janet refuses, Sage takes the next approach by calling Carly to report that Janet slapped her. Once Jack arrives, Janet is let out of the closet. Carly and Jack later have an argument and Carly says that the only way Jack will see Sage is if Janet is not around.

    Luke and Noah continue to fight due to Luke’s dishonesty in the election. Casey and Alison meanwhile learn that there is going to be a full investigation at the school about the election. Alison become furious to learn that Casey helped stuff the ballot box. Luke gets a call from the dean and once there, he realizes that the dean has also called Noah. He quickly asks Noah not to tell the truth about the campaign but Noah tells him he’s not about to do that for him. Later that day, Luke sees Noah and the dean together and begins to worry. It becomes clear that Luke has been expelled from school, a matter that infuriates Lily. Luke is angry that Noah told the dean the truth and the two of them decide that perhaps it’s time to have some time away from one another.


    Interested in learning more about his connection to Josie, Dusty tells Josie more about Jennifer, including the fact that she was a fashion designer. Josie immediately thinks that to be creepy. Dusty soon asks her if she is up for meeting someone and makes a call to Barbara to meet him at the Lakeview. When Barbara arrives they have an emotional reunion. He tells her he has someone he’d like her to meet but before he can get Josie, he’s called away on a business matter. Alone in the lounge, Barbara comes face-to-face with Josie, who’s come into the lounge. Josie startles Barbara when she says they must know one another. Dusty returns and Barabara tells him that although they would all like to re-create the image of Jennifer, it’s impossible to do. On the other side of town, Paul voices his concerns to Meg about Dusty’s attachment to Josie. Meg and Paul both decide to take Barbara to dinner and warn her. It’s too late however when they arrive in the lounge to see Barbara with Dusty and Josie. Paul instantly attacks Josie for being a fraud. Barbara becomes upset when Dusty defends Josie and leaves the Lakeview. Meg takes an upset Paul home and after he admits that his sins against Jennifer are coming back to haunt him, Meg decides to stay to keep him company. They soon find themselves making love.

    After Dusty finds Josie, she questions why everyone is so wigged out about her. He shows her a photograph of Jennifer and Josie tells him she can’t be his deceased wife. Emily laters sees Dusty and tries in vain to convince him that Josie is simply using him. Dusty adds insult to Emily by telling her that romance is not in the cards for them any longer. Barbara sees Josie while shopping and talks about needing help for her Trunk show at Fashions. Although wary of the girl, Barbara accepts Josie’s offer to help her. When Josie speaks kind words after seeing a picture of Hal, Barbara instantly becomes touched She offers a dress to her, which Josie accepts. Dusty, seeing Josie in the dress, and realizing how much she looks like Jennifer. pulls her into a serious kiss.

    Pictured: Grayson McCouch courtesy CBS

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    OLTL PreVUE: Week of November 10 Edition

    Thursday, November 6, 2008 11:58 PM | By Scotty Gore

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Mind games.


    Viki and Charlie rush to save Natalie and Jared; Tina is forced to face the music; Starr and her loved ones grieve for her “dead” baby; Marty discovers the sick, twisted truth about Todd; John enacts his own revenge; and Tess’ reign of terror comes to an end as Jessica re-emerges.

    The Inside Story: Secrets See The Light Of Day

    Viki and Charlie race against the clock to save Natalie and Jared. Starr, Blair, and Marcie receive the devastating news that the baby is dead. Charlie puts his life on the line to save his loved ones. Natalie and Clint’s reunion becomes emotional. Todd realizes that it’s too late to back out of the scheme he has already put in motion, when Bess decides to handle things her way. However, Todd’s sudden change of heart is welcome news to Janet and Dr. Joplin. Meanwhile, Bess takes Starr’s baby back to the vineyard, explaining to the infant that she only did what she had to do. Viki realizes Tess is likely at the cottage. Viki and Clint locate Jessica, who convinces them she is no longer Tess. As they prepare to escort Jessica and the baby to the hospital, she is devastated to learn that Tess has been out for months, and saddened that she cannot remember giving birth. Dr. Joplin makes a gruesome discovery. Tina informs Cain that she has known for weeks that Natalie and Jared were in danger. Tina declines Cain’s offer to run away together, deciding instead to face the consequences of her actions. Starr, Cole, Marcie, and Michael all grieve for the baby they think is dead. Tina bumps into Jared and Natalie. Clint and Viki reassure Jessica that she will get the help she needs. Natalie and Jared don’t buy Tina’s explanation. Jessica has a nightmare. Natalie issues Tina an ultimatum. Viki is devastated to learn of Tina’s actions. And Natalie and Jared can’t keep their hands off one another.

    A Closer Look: You Can’t The Handle The Truth

    John is floored by Marty’s reaction when the two come face-to-face. While trying to make her wake up and smell the coffee, John realizes the lengths Todd went to in order to keep Marty in the dark. As John tries to shock Marty back into reality, Todd walks into the room. Marty holds John at gunpoint, while John aims his gun at Todd. At first Marty isn’t sure which one of the men is being honest, however, she begins to piece together the truth when John reminds her that she is a “good mother.” Shortly thereafter, Marty is disgusted and horrified at the depth of lies Todd fed her, especially about the rape. Todd tries to defend himself by claiming to be a changed man, however neither Marty nor John believe him. Afterward, John beats Todd to a pulp after learning he slept with Marty. John convinces Marty not to take matters into her own hands as far as Todd is concerned. Antonio arrests John for assaulting Todd. Cole and Marty each head for the hospital.

    What to Watch

    • Cristian and Sarah find the loft crowded when Vanessa and Lola move in.
    • Bo thinks John finally snapped.
    • Antonio and Talia are shocked by what they find at Todd’s home.
    • Blair spots a handcuffed John at the police station.
    • Starr and Marcie are in mourning.
    • Cole and Michael lean on each other.

    SON ALERTS: WEEK OF November 18, 2008

    • Monday: Blair and Nora are shocked to learn about Todd and Marty; Cole’s joy is short-lived; Todd dreams of what might have been.
    • Tuesday: Cole and Blair unleash their anger on Todd; Marty makes certain her one night stand has no repercussions; John ponders his relationship with Blair; Jessica learns what Tess did to Natalie and Jared.
    • Wednesday: Marty confronts Todd; Starr learns what her father did to Marty; Dorian puts Dr. Joplin on the hot seat; Bess makes a tough decision.
    • Thursday: Jessica “meets” Bess for the first time; Tess makes a discovery about the baby; John is a hero; Marty can’t remember her own son.

    • Friday: John makes a decision about his career; Cole’s efforts upset Marty; Todd takes a long, hard look in the mirror; Viki and Jessica dismiss Tess’ claim.

    A Soldier’s Story

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008 10:03 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Can Taylor handle the truth?

    As Soap Opera Network previously reported, the role of Taylor’s not so dead fiancé has been cast. Iraq war veteran JR Martinez has been cast in the role of Brot Monroe.

    “All My Children” put out a casting call for a real-life war veteran to take on the role of Taylor Thompson’s (played by Beth Ehlers) fiancé in September. As pre-scripted from the beginning, the storyline involves Brot having led Taylor to believe he was dead due to the severity of the injury he acquired in Iraq. Brot’s injury depended on who “AMC” ultimately cast in the role; 25 year old JR Martinez is a burn victim.

    Soon after arriving for his tour of duty in Iraq, in April of 2003, JR Martinez was severely burned when the Humvee he was driving hit a landmine. More than 40 percent of Martinez’s body was burned in the accident and he would undergo 32 surgeries in the three years that followed. Martinez now serves as the national spokesperson for the Coalition to Salute America’s Hero’s, a coalition that promotes the support of programs that aim to help wounded service members.

    Martinez first airs on Friday, November 7 and for his first few weeks will air predominantly with Colby Chandler (Brianne Moncrief) and Frankie Hubbard (Cornelis Smith Jr.). On Thursday, November 6, Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight) follows the lead on who has hired him to investigate Taylor to a VA Hospital. In the same episode “AMC” will follow in the footsteps of their 2007 transgender storyline and show us a group of real-life Iraq war veterans discussing their journeys in unscripted scenes.

    “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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    • JR Martinez
    • Brot Monroe

      Wednesday, November 5, 2008 5:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Wicked games.


      David and Tad clash over Krystal. Jesse presses Angie to be honest with him. Erica accepts Adam’s invitation. David presents Amanda an offer she can’t refuse in exchange for her doing his devious bidding. Jesse and Frankie clear the air. Bianca and Reese make a decision about their future. Reese offers Zach her assistance. Pete spills his heart out to Colby. Bianca questions why Reese wasn’t truthful with her. Amanda’s tactics please neither JR or David.

      A Closer Look: Road Blocks

      Ryan figures out where Annie is being held. Aidan violently restrains Ryan when he refuses to do things his way and stay put. Greenlee finds Ryan tied up. Aidan meets with Annie and the pair recount how they got to the place they are now. Annie takes Ryan on a dangerous wild goose chase for their daughter. Aidan goes on alert when Ryan shares his suspicions about Annie. Greenlee takes notice of Aidan’s strange behavior. Ryan grows more suspect of Annie, who runs into a major roadblock in her game.

      The Inside Story: Hide and Seek

      Taylor continues to let her guard down around Jake who gives her a private physical therapy lesson. Jake and Taylor are ecstatic when she starts to regain some feelings in her legs. Frankie and Brot (J.R. Martinez) have an emotional confrontation. Jake and Taylor’s bond grows as he pushes her to her limits. Brot’s heart breaks as he spies Jake and Taylor’s closeness. Frankie struggles with whether or not to tell Taylor the truth. Colby discovers an injured Brot. Jake plans a romantic surprise for Taylor.

      What to Watch

      • Look for “All My Children” creator Agnes Nixon to make a special appearance as a helpful ghost from Pine Valley’s past on the 10,000th episode of the ABC daytime drama on Wednesday, November 12.


      • Monday: Annie’s scheme spins out of her control. Brot witnesses Jake and Taylor closeness. David and Amanda plot against JR.
      • Tuesday: Ryan and Annie are in a race against time in their search for Emma. Colby urges Brot to let Taylor know he’s alive. Amanda invokes memories of Babe in her efforts to manipulate JR.
      • Wednesday: Ryan grows certain that Annie’s been up to no good. Adam enlists Pete to spy on Erica for him. Colby offers to let Brot hide out at the mansion.
      • Thursday: Bianca reaches out to Reese’s parents. Amanda’s latest stunt pushes JR over the edge. Krystal turns to David for comfort.

      • Friday: Ryan confronts Annie with his suspicions. David refuses to let Amanda out of the deal they made. Greenlee clashes with Erica at Fusion.

      Uncharacteristic behavior…
      Monday, November 3, 2008 11:51 PM | By Venus Stone

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Brad gets himself into a world of trouble; while Luke does the unthinkable…


      Dusty goes to Sandusky to talk to Josie. While visiting, he tells her all about Jennifer, to which she becomes sympathetic. Soon after, the doctor arrives and assuming Dusty is her husband, tells him that Josie can go home. Dusty offers up his home to her. Emily pays a visit to the grave of her lost daughter when Paul comes upon her. The two share a bonding moment, in which Paul asks Emily to speak kind of him to Meg. Later when Emily sees her, she does as he asks. Meg goes to the cemetery and she soon finds herself growing close to Paul. The next morning, Emily spots Dusty and Josie. She immediately questions Dusty’s judgement about the young woman.

      When Lucinda is spotted by Lily at the hospital after a check-up, she is stunned by Lucinda’s cool distance. Not wanting to share news about her cancer, Lucinda dishes out some heartbreak when she tells Lily she made her choice in their strained relationship. Brian witnesses the tension and approaches Lucinda. She shares her news with him, who in turn tells her he’s there for her.


      Luke hits the roof when he learns that Kevin is buying students votes. Noah advises Luke against confronting Kevin, but Luke disregards him and goes anyway. Kevin gloats that Luke doesn’t stand a chance and that he’s already got the election in the bag. Across town, a disappointed Margo can’t believe that Casey has gotten himself suspended. Alison soon visits him to tell him they still need to be a support system to Luke by voting for him. When they approach Luke, Casey makes a joke about stuffing the ballot box. Luke takes him at his word, however, and do just that. Noah is disappointed to learn that Luke is willing to cheat to win. Luke, Casey and Reg all have plans in stuffing the ballot box after seeing Kevin celebrating early. Later that day, a very disappointed Noah watches as Alison, Casey and Reg all celebrate with Luke on his win.

      Katie sees red when she spots Spencer shopping for sexy lingerie. She tells Brad that he can’t go to Chicago because she believe Spencer is going to put the moves on him. Brad laughs off her suspicions and takes the trip to Chicago anyway. Once there, Katie’s warnings ring true when Brad has to fight off Spencer’s advances. When he returns home, he apologizes to Katie and tells her she was right. She tells him that he must tell Kim about it but when he heads there, Spencer has already filled Kim’s mind with her lies that Brad tried to seduce her. Furious that Kim would believe Spencer, he confronts her and demand she tell Kim the truth. In the process of trying to get her to do the rigth thing, he accidentally tears her blouse. Spencer cries wolf to Margo, unaware that Katie is there with her, demanding charges be brought up on him. Angry that Brad disregarded her orders to stay away from Spencer, Kim fires him. Margo and Katie soon worry that Brad could make things worse with his temper. Meanwhile at the bar, Brad gets a call from Spencer who apologizes for what she’s done. She asks if they can meet but when he is unable to locate her in the lounge at the Lakeview, he goes to her room. Opening the door, he finds that Spencer is dead. Brad soon calls Katie who rushes to the hotel, soon followed by Margo. Margo tells them both to keep quiet till she figures everything out. Unfortunately for Brad, all evidence begins to point to him when the ballistics report comes in. Margo has no choice but to take him in.

      Pictured: Austin Peck courtesy CBS

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      A reason to worry?…
      Monday, November 3, 2008 8:46 AM | By Venus Stone

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Katherine’s good Samaritan ways could cost her more than she realizes…


      Victoria has had enough of Adam and gives him a serious warning. Anger sets in for Michael when he realizes that it was Gloria’s actions that caused River to go on the run for so many years. Olivia makes another return to Genoa City. Nikki turns to Ashley for help regarding Victor. Lily begins to flirt with someone new. Kevin discovers a bag loaded with cash. Jack gets a visit from John. Ashley comes face-to-face with Victor in Paris.


      Despite putting her life in chaos, Katherine continues to reach out to Marge. Jill, unaware of Kay’s actions, begins to wonder if something is seriously wrong with her. When Katherine refuses to tell Jill where she’s been, Jill gives her a serious ultimatum. Katherine continues to do what she can for Marge, and later finds out that she is in a rehab center. Jill decides what to do regarding Katherine’s role at Chancellor Industries, unaware that her mother is in serious danger.

      Pictured: Jess Walton courtesy CBS

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      GL PreVUE: Week of November 3 Edition

      Saturday, November 2, 2008 10:43 PM | By Angela Rosa

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) – Turning points.


      Touched by Bill’s love for Lizzie, Daisy places a call to Grady. Josh doesn’t want Reva going after the kidnapper. Mallet vents to Coop about Marina’s insecurities about Dinah, while Buzz tries to calm Marina down about Mallet. Mallet and Marina both realize how lucky they are to have each other. Olivia continues her crusade for prison reform.

      The Inside Story: Goodbye Springfield

      RJ’s run in with Mallet spells the end of Cyrus’ deception. A hurt Cassie tells Cyrus to stay out of her life after he tells her that he’ll always be a thief just like he’ll always be Grady’s brother. Cyrus refuses to answer when Mallet questions if he planned the whole robbery just so Cassie would leave him. Cassie explains to Reva that while Cyrus eased her pain over Tammy she’s not over losing her and needs to leave Springfield. Reva tries to enlist Jeffrey and Josh’s help in changing Cassie’s mind. Dinah apologizes to Cassie for everything. Reva lashes out at Cyrus, who is upset to learn of Cassie’s decision to leave. Reva’s plea to Cassie fails. Cassie confronts Cyrus and tells him she knows the truth and thanks him. Cassie tries to get Reva to understand her decision. Cassie pays an emotional visit to Tammy’s grave.

      A Closer Look: Curing what Ails

      Lizzie sets Decker and Alan straight about Bill’s position in the business and later apologizes to Dinah for misjudging her. Mallet informs Dinah that they’re closing in on an arrest for the kidnapping. Dinah tells Grady that she’s going to make sure her brother gets better after he observes that it would be best for them if Bill never wakes up. Lizzie refuses to leave Bill’s bedside. Grady questions Lizzie. Dinah researches Bill’s condition. Lizzie tries to reassure the stockholders and press that a faltering Spaulding-Lewis will overcome. Dinah is stunned when she walks into a surprise gathering to celebrate everything she did for Bill. Grady enters Bill’s room while no one is there and seems poised to suffocate Mr. Lewis.

      OLTL PreVUE: Week of November 3 Edition

      Saturday, November 1, 2008 12:06 AM | By Scotty Gore

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Two’s company, three’s a crowd.


      A whole new side to Jessica’s personality is revealed; three mothers give birth, only two of them human; John uncovers the truth, only to be hit with a new obstacle; Todd and Marty get physical; Rex and Shane bond; and Ray’s claims fall on deaf ears.

      The Inside Story: The End Is Near

      Tess, while pretending to be Jessica, presents Charlie with a plausible explanation for recent events. However, as he heads for the stairs to inform Viki of her arrival, Tess knocks him unconscious. Suffering from severe abdominal pain and not realizing that Bree is with Viki, Tess makes her way toward Nash’s old cottage. Across town, Tina begs Cain to give doggie David Vickers back to her. Upon arriving at the cottage, Tess is “visited” by Niki Smith who urges her to drop her quest for revenge and rescue Natalie and Jared. Having a change of heart, Tess takes Niki’s hand. Jared and Natalie make love for what they fear may be the last time. Viki and Clint overwrought with concern for Jessica and Natalie. Tina summons the courage to stand up to Cain, and is determined to save Natalie and Jared before it is too late. Later, Tina receives a shock when doggie David Vickers goes into labor. Meanwhile, Tess is overtaken with more abdominal pains before she can leave the cottage to save Natalie and Jared. Tess gives birth all alone, with only a vision of Niki Smith to help her through. Back at Llanfair, Viki is “visited” by Jean Randolph who helps Viki realize what Tess has done with Jared and Natalie. Cain and Tina get physical after doggie David Vickers becomes a mother. Back at the cottage, Jessica’s newest alter, Bess, takes command. After she and Cain make love, Tina heads for Llanfair to make things right. Viki, Charlie, and Tina arrive at the secret room just as time is running out for Natalie and Jared.

      A Closer Look: The Truth Doesn’t Always Set You Free

      John is successful in getting the truth out of Keys, after tracking Todd’s former bodyguard down in Mexico. Meanwhile, Todd shows Marty a picture of Starr and Cole, but leaves out the fact that Cole is her son. At the same time, Starr and Cole continue to bond, as he escorts her to the emergency room, where Blair and Marcie soon join them. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Joplin phones Todd with the news, and urges him one last time to abandon his scheme. Refusing to back down, however, Todd orders Janet to go the hospital to assist in the delivery of Starr’s baby. Unfortunately, Todd gets a conscience when Starr surprises him with a phone call. Meanwhile, Marty is eager to start her new life with Todd, and discovers that he has bought them a new home in Taos, New Mexico. As John gets Marty’s name out of Keys, she surprises Todd by wearing one of the new outfits he bought her. John is held in contempt of court when the judge refuses to grant him a search warrant. Feeling extreme guilt and remorse, Todd confesses to Marty that she would be smart to run away from him and never return. Instead, Marty tells Todd that she’s fallen in love with him and asks him to deny that the feelings are not mutual. Meanwhile, John plots his escape and plans to “rescue” Marty. As Starr is giving birth, Dr. Joplin prays Todd will have a change of heart. At that same moment, Todd and Marty’s relationship moves to the next level. Marcie is taken aback by the change she sees in Todd, and quickly tips off Blair and Starr of his arrival at the hospital. Marty writes down her feelings for Todd in her journal. John moves heaven and earth to get to Marty.

      What to Watch

      • Rex pays Brody a visit, as to Gigi and Shane.
      • Rex makes progress with Shane.
      • Gigi thanks Brody for everything, promising not abandon him in his hour of need.
      • Brody pushes Shane toward Rex.
      • Ray paints Vanessa as a compulsive liar to Antonio and Talia.
      • Ray’s claims are disregarded as he is escorted back to the Columbian prison.
      • Vanessa is released into Cristian’s custody.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF November 10, 2008

      • Monday: Marty doesn’t give John quite the reception he was hoping for; Bess throws a wrench in Todd’s change of heart plan; Charlie and Viki work desperately to free Natalie and Jared.
      • Tuesday: Starr and Marcie receive devastating news; John is appalled by the web of lies Todd fed Marty; Viki and Clint find their daughter; Bess takes matters into her own hands.
      • Wednesday: Jessica finally returns; Starr, Cole, Michael and Marcie grieve for the baby they think is dead; Tina rebuffs Cain and is confronted by Natalie and Jared.
      • Thursday: Marty realizes Todd lied to her; John beats Todd to a pulp; Jessica fears Tess may return; Natalie gives Tina an ultimatum.

      • Friday: Natalie and Jard enjoy their newfound freedom; Viki orders Tina out of her life; Bo worries John may have snapped; Cole and Marty could be on a collision course at the hospital.