OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 29 Edition

Sunday, December 28, 2008 4:06 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — 2008 goes out with a bang.


Marty plays upon Todd’s feelings; Asa delivers an ominous message to his family from beyond the grave; John enters a new business venture; Langston officially becomes a
Cramer; David recounts his spiritual journey; Charlie and Viki confront Dorian; Sarah’s anger boils; Alex has news for Dorian; and Puddle of Mudd rocks Llanview on New Year’s Eve.

Encore Presentation

On New Year’s Eve, ABC will air a special re-broadcast of the October 1st, 2008 episode of “OLTL.” The episode will feature Rex battling for his life on the operating table while subconsciously playing a game show called “So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco’s Father,” hosted by the late Colin McIver; Shane’s horrible reaction to the news that Rex, and not Brody, is really his father; Rex’s family and friends rallying around him at the hospital; Layla attempting to contact Adriana with the news; and Natalie unsuccessfully attempting to bargain with Tess to allow her visit Rex at the hospital. “OLTL” will be pre-empted on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!

The Inside Story: A Life Altering Experience

Bo, Nora, and Clint are shocked by the news delivered by Asa’s lawyer Beaver Calhoun. Beaver plays a message from Asa informing the Buchanan clan that, since they did not meet the conditions of his will, that his entire fortune now belongs to his long lost son David Vickers. Meanwhile, Viki, Charlie, Moe, and Noelle don’t like the changes in David, who has become a monk since last leaving Llanview. Citing his lifestyle change on a life altering experience, David confesses to Viki and Charlie that Dorian is responsible for drugging Charlie and forcing him to drink again. As Charlie and Viki threaten to talk to Bo about her actions, Dorian decides it might be a good idea to skip town until the heats off.
Arriving at St. Blaze’s, Dorian is shocked to learn that Alex Olanov now owns Asa’a former island retreat. As Alex entices Dorian with information about David, Clint and Nora go into panic mode after learning from Viki that David is back in Llanview. David apologizes to Addie.

A Closer Look: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Todd is shocked to see Marty sitting on her old bed and quickly realizes he is not dreaming. Claiming she is there only to retrieve her old journal, Marty sets her plan in motion. In front of Todd, Marty pretends to read passages from the journal about her budding feelings for Todd, and suggests that she is still in love with him. Later, Marty raises Todd’s hopes by asking him to meet her for New Year’s Eve. John hands Blair plane tickets as they prepare to head off into the sunset together. Meanwhile, Marty invites Todd to the Palace and claims she wants to discuss their future. Disregarding Tea’s warning that he’s making things worse, Todd heads for the Palace. Todd believes that he may still have a future with Marty when she tells Todd that she just can’t get over him. Pretending to be emotional, Marty escapes to the rooftop with Todd in hot pursuit. Across town, John floors Blair by announcing that he is the new owner and manager of Rodi’s, and the two have a romantic evening. A solemn Starr and Cole spend New Year’s Eve together at the Puddle of Mudd concert at Ultra Violet. Back on the roof of the Palace, Marty taunts Todd by telling him that the entire evening was a set-up and that he fell for it. Marty further crushes Todd by letting him know that the only feelings she has for him are those of hatred. Cole is shaken to discover Marty’s research into Todd’s past. Meanwhile, Marty insists Todd end her misery by committing suicide. At the same time, a worried Cole contacts John, who is disturbed by the contents of Marty’s new journal. Blair understands when John needs to help Cole.

What to Watch

  • Dorian surprises Langston with an adoption certificate.
  • Gigi is able to get Puddle of Mudd to perform at Ultra Violet for New Year’s Eve.
  • Ray calls Tea, who informs him that the plan is working perfectly.
  • Sarah’s anger over Cristian and Vanessa’s marriage continues to simmer.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF January 5, 2009

  • Monday: Marty’s plan takes a new direction; Clint and Nora are impressed by David’s transformation; Dorian uncovers the truth about David Vickers.

  • Tuesday: Sarah causes trouble for Cristian and Vanessa; Bess issues Viki a warning; Nora finds a way to make Todd pay.

  • Wednesday: Jared is focused on detouring David; Jessica and Brody each have deep dark secrets; Rex begins to realize just how much of Shane’s life he missed.

  • Thursday: Blair angrily confronts Todd over his latest actions; Marty meets up with Brody’s Navy buddy Wes; Cole has to make a tough decision.

  • Friday: Marty tells John not to stick his nose in her business; Cole is tempted to take the low road; Nora is floored by what she discovers; Schuyler Joplin arrives in Llanview.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 2:50 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “As The World Turns” is getting its resident bad boy back as Paolo Seganti returns to Oakdale in 2009 as Damian Grimaldi.

Last seen in 2006, after heated battles with Lily (then played by Martha Byrne) and Holden (Jon Hensley) over their abilities as parents when it came to raising their son Luke (played by Van Hansis, pictured), Damian left town after it was revealed he was out for his own and would do anything to get his hands on Luke’s inheritance. Subsequently, Luke disowned his father.

A first airdate has not been set.

Seganti originated the role of Damian Grimaldi in 1993. His television credits include guest-roles in such series as TNT’s “The Closer” and CBS’ “CSI: Miami.” He recently appeared in the short film “Bye Bye Sally,” which was written by former “World Turns” co-star Paul Leyden.

Discussion: Welcome Back to Oakdale, Damian!

“As The World Turns” airs Weekdays on CBS. Anytime on CBS.com. Check local listings.

  • As The World Turns
  • Van Hansis
  • Paolo Seganti
  • Paul Leyden
  • The Closer
  • CSI: Miami

    Behind the Scenes of "The Art of Getting Over It"

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live’s” Trevor St. John (Todd Manning) to screen film short directed by former co-star Dan Gauthier(ex-Kevin Buchanan) at two upcoming film festivals.”The Art of Getting Over It,” tells the story of an angry and frustrated Cameron Clothier (St. John), who unleashes his rage on those who hurt him, all the while surreptitiously courting an angelic barista in his neighborhood coffee shop and, almost against his will, finding redemption in love. The 23 minute short was filmed in Trevor’s home town – Spokane, Washington. St. John served as writer, producer and actor in the film.

    “I am proud of this film and even prouder that I could make it with my family and a dear friend,” says St. John. “The experience was one of the thrills of my life.”

    The film came to be “after many hours of dressing-room conversation when Trevor and I co-starred in a project produced in New York,” said Gauthier.” We talked about working together on a film as creators and collaborators, bringing our very similar perspectives to the process. This is exactly the kind of film we talked about making.”

    “Getting Over It” will be screened in Los Angeles on Monday, December 29 during the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest at the Fine Arts Theatre starting at 10:00 PM. In will debut in New York City on Sunday, January 4 during the New Filmmakers Festival at the Courthouse Theater starting at 7:15 PM.

    “We are proud of our creation and I would absolutely love it if you have a chance to see if yourself.” – Trevor St. John.

    For Los Angeles Tickets and Information: Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
    For New York Tickets and Information: New Filmmakers Festival

    A Kiss at Midnight

    ABC Family

    When website Romance.com threatens the matchmaking business run by Susan (Faith Ford, center left), she signs up on the site to prove that her old-fashioned touch is best. Surprisingly, the site finds her the perfect mate, who just happens to be the company’s CEO (Cameron Daddo, center right). Dyan Cannon (left) and Hal Linden (right) also star along with young actresses Jadin Gould (front left) and Abigail Mavity (front right).

    Friday, December 26, 2008 5:30 PM ET by Errol Lewis

    Photo: Lisa Rose/JPI Studios

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — While he left “All My Children” in 2003 to pursue primetime and film roles, Josh Duhamel, 36, will never be forgotten for playing the role of Leo du Pres on the ABC Daytime drama series. Now, the actor is ready to wed his long-time lady love, Stacy Ann Ferguson.

    On Saturday, January 10, 2009,  family and friends will gather together for the wedding of music sensation Stacy Ann Ferguson (aka: Fergie), 33, and film star Josh Duhamel. The two will be wed in Los Angeles, CA. Josh popped the question last year after three years of dating. This is Duhamel’s second engagement (previously engaged to a Kristy Pierce in 2004).

    The couple met on the set of NBC’s “Las Vegas,” when Fergie made a special guest-appearance. Duhamel admitted to crushing on the singer, and later asked her out on a date.

    Shortly before their engagement, Fergie admitted that she was “madly in love with him [Duhamel],” and that he understood “how to treat a woman and give me respect.”

    According to Access Hollywood, confirmed guests include actresses Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard and Dame Judi Dench.

    • All My Children
    • Las Vegas
    • Josh Duhamel
    • Stacy Ann Ferguson
    • Kate Hudson
    • Marion Cotillard
    • Dame Judi Dench

      Friday, December 26, 2008 9:33 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — New Year, New “Days of our Lives.”


      Phillip asks Stephanie to spend New Year’s Eve with him and ring in the New Year. Will she accept? Meanwhile, Rafe tells Sami that he is happy to be spending the holiday’s with her. Kate urges Lucas to move up her wedding date. Max and Chelsea share a kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s. Marlena is upset over John’s latest action.

      A Closer Look: Nicole the Watched
      Chloe wants Brady to stay far away from Nicole, while Nicole finds herself bonding with a pregnant teenage girl. Stefano warns EJ that life isn’t as simple as one thinks, especially a life with one Nicole Walker. EJ has a surprise in store for Nicole, but she can she handle this grand daddy?

      What To Watch

      • EJ proposes marriage to Nicole on Friday, January 2.
      • Daniel and Chloe are interrupted by a ringing telephone.
      • Sami misses her family as a New Year begins.

      Days of our Lives News and Headlines

      • “Days of our Lives” will be pre-empted on Thursday, January 1.


      • Hope plots a trip with Bo.
      • Max and Chelsea grow closer.
      • John begins to remember Marlena.

      “Days of our Lives” airs Weekdays on NBC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

      Friday, December 26, 2008 2:05 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — It is a time for forgiveness and a time when families come together. Will the new year bring changes to “General Hospital?”


      Sonny won’t end his allegiance with the Zacchara’s. Jason has a warning for Sonny. Battle lines are drawn between Sonny and Jason. Robin and Patrick’s wedding goes off without a hitch. Anna and Robert are filled with emotion over their daughter’s happiness. Sam tips Jason off over Agent Rayner’s interest in Spinelli. Someone is watching Spinelli through Cyberspace. Sonny and Carly visit Michael’s hospital room on Monday, December 28 (actor Dylan Cash appears as Michael). Jax knows how hurt Carly is feeling on Michael’s birthday. Sam answers Jax’s questions about Jerry’s last moments.

      A Closer Look: Looking at you 2009
      On Tuesday, December 30, the power is out at the MetroCourt and Jax and Carly find themselves closer than ever. Jax can’t deny the power of love he feels for Carly and is drawn to her. Johnny and Lulu watch as the first snow of the new year falls. Nikolas lovingly tells Nadine that she is the best thing to happen to him all year. Tracy and Luke spend a romantic evening together. Spinelli misses the boat with Maxie. A kiss at midnight brings couples together.

      What To Watch

      • Sonny catches Claudia in the act on Friday, January 2.
      • Johnnny starts looking for a job.
      • Spinelli meets Winifred, his female counterpart.
      • Sam and Lucky are at odds.
      • A new storyline kicks off for Nikolas and Nadine beginning Friday, January 2.

      General Hospital News and Headlines


      • Monday: Jax is certain Carly’s heart will always belong to Sonny. Maxie grows suspicious of Winifred. Johnny accuses Ric of setting him up.
      • Tuesday: Carly and Claudia battle it out over Sonny. Maxie is on the right track. Jax gives Olivia an offer she can’t refuse.
      • Wednesday: Carly has a warning for Sonny. Maxie is getting too close. Luke is there for Johnny.
      • Thursday: Olivia staves off Jax’s advances. Spinelli and Maxie grow closer. Lucky and Sam hit a roadblock in their relationship.
      • Friday: Jax and Carly finally see the light. Lulu is suspicious of Johnny and Claudia. Nikolas saves Nadine, again.

      “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

      AMC PreVUE: Week of December 29 Edition

      Wednesday, December 24, 2008 6:34 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Perilous relations.


      Taylor puts a plan in motion after realizing Brot plans on leaving for good as soon as she’s completely healed. Adam blames Amanda for his son’s condition. A guilt-ridden Amanda tells JR he’d be better off without her in his life. Amanda finds JR fighting the urge to drink on Friday, January 2. Colby is unsettled by Krystal’s relationship with David. Krystal can’t fight the urge to be with David and drops the kids off with Winifred in order to get to him. On Tuesday, December 30, a guilty Krystal wakes up in the David’s bed. Krystal learns Tad’s missing. JR and Jake observe David and Krystal’s bond. Jake pays for the price for sassing the chief of staff.

      On New Year’s Eve, Bianca is detained at home with Gabrielle and then Simon, Reese’s former fiancé. Zach and Reese, meanwhile, ring in the New Year with a friendly kiss. Zach and Reese dismiss their kiss and try to convince themselves it was nothing. Bianca worries that Reese is keeping secrets. Reese isn’t happy to see Simon.

      A Closer Look: Group Therapy
      Ryan, Greenlee and a delusional and dangerous Annie’s confrontation grows even more tense when Opal and Emma arrive at the penthouse. Greenlee distracts Annie while Ryan tries to regain his wits after being knocked unconscious. Aidan runs into trouble at Oak Haven on Monday, December 29. Ryan and Greenlee share a very romantic New Year’s Eve. Greenlee initially rejects Ryan’s marriage proposal but has a change of heart after a calming meeting with Opal. Opal later realizes she misread Greenlee’s cards. Opal is convinced something horrific will happen if Greenlee marries Ryan. Aidan, meanwhile, discovers that Dr. Sinclair has been secretly videotaping Annie.

      • “AMC” will air an encore presentation on Wednesday, December 31 (10/22/08) and be pre-empted on Thursday, January 1.


      • Monday: Bianca’s suspicions are raised when she finds Reese with Zach. Krystal denies JR and Jake’s accusations about her and David. Adam wants to know where he stands with Erica.
      • Tuesday: David is a step closer to getting what he wants. Zach and Erica don’t see eye to eye. Amanda tries to stop JR from drinking.
      •  Wednesday: JR takes action against David. Brot realizes Taylor has been lying to him. Bianca can’t get past her insecurities.
      • Thursday: Opal accuses Krystal of having an affair with David. JR threatens to kill David if he doesn’t come clean. Bianca decides to test Zach and Reese.
      • Friday: Tad learns Krystal has been spending time with David. Krystal tries to talk sense into JR. Erica confronts Zach and Reese.

      Daniel Goddard Welcomes Baby Boy

      Wednesday, December 24, 2008 4:00 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — While the holiday travel season is in full swing and families are gearing up for a long vacation and the beginning of a new year, one “Young and the Restless” star is welcoming home a new baby boy to his ever growing family.

      Daniel Goddard, who portrays Cane Ashby on the CBS Daytime drama, “The Young and the Restless,” welcomed Sebastian William Goddard to the world on Friday, December 19 at 8:15 AM. The actor announced the birth to the public and his fans via a posting on his MySpace Blog. Sebastian weighed in at 9lbs 11oz and 21in. This is Goddard’s second child with wife Rachel. Ford Martin Goddard was born on February 6, 2006.

      Goddard’s Cane Ashby on “Y&R” is currently in a battle for love and family as the love of his life (Lily,  Christel Khalil) fights for him and his worst enemy (Chloe, Elizabeth Hendrickson) has entrapped him.

      “The Young and the Restless” airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

      Discussion: Daniel Goddard Welcomes Baby Boy

      ‘One Life’ Teen Now On Contract

      Wednesday, December 24, 2008 12:54 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

      (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — With a huge new storyline for his character in the offing, Eddie Alderson has been placed on contract with “One Life to Live.”

      Since 2001, Eddie Alderson has played the squeaky clean Matthew Buchanan, son of Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan and District Attorney Nora Hanen. Seldom seen outside of family gatherings and holidays, Matthew wasn’t much more than a background character. But all that is about to change as Matthew enters the realm of Llanview High School. Facing puberty and peer pressure, the young Buchanan teen looks to have a rather stressful freshman year of high school.

      With the start of Matthew’s big storyline getting underway in early 2009, fans can expect to see more of the 14-year-old Alderson. So much more in fact that a spokesperson for “OLTL” has announced that the younger Alderson, who is the kid brother of co-star Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning), has been signed to a contract with the daytime sudser.

      While we can’t give specifics of Alderson’s upcoming storyline, SON can tell you that Matthew will be dealing with some typical teenage problems, including being offered drugs. In addition, “OLTL” is in the process of casting other teens that will interact with Matthew in the coming months. Among them are an adversary named Justis and an admirer named Becca. Also, Michelle Robinson makes another appearance as the Llanview High Principal on January 13th.

      “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.