Monday, December 22, 2008 9:21 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Maddie’s return makes Casey and Luke uneasy…


When Craig shows up bearing gifts for her kids, Carly lets him know she’s not in the mood for him. Parker, upon Craig’s arrival, immediately questions him about bombing Paul’s car. Craig quickly tries to smooth Parker over by pleading his innocence. Jack’s arrival sets him off when he sees Craig, which later bothers Janet. Meg and Dusty return with baby Eliza from the hospital and Craig instantly becomes overwhelmed with emotions. He soon calls Dusty out on trying to attach himself to Meg as a way to ‘replace’ Johnny in his life. Upon this, Meg decides that Dusty must leave, somewhat agreeing with what Craig has said.

Alison received a text message from Lucy and quickly meets her at Old Town. There, Lucy explains to Alison that she must have a room at the Lakeview and asks her if she can help her out. She soon admits that Johnny needs to have a bone marrow transplant. Luke goes to the police to see Jade, who is still angry at him for turning her in. Derek soon comes to the station as well, with Jade’s ex-boyfriend, Robby. When Robby holds Jade hostage in an effort to escape, it is Derek that comes to the rescue. Lily and Bonnie want Derek to tell Jade truth but he refuses. Jade later figures things out after confronting Lily about Derek.


When Maddie shows up in hopes of reuniting with Casey, Casey becomes uneasy. Things don’t fair well for Maddie when Alison shows up and she takes her arrival the wrong way. Alone at the hospital, Casey tells Alison that he fears that things could go wrong if he were to get back together with Maddie. Alison advises him to tell Maddie how he feels. When he goes to see Maddie, he admits that he does miss her. The two of them soon plan a date together but Casey once again has reservations when Maddie presses harder to him that they should get back together.

After Luke sees Lucinda and Brian in a cozy moment, Lucinda points out how Luke seems to be warming up to Brian. Luke later heads to hang out with Noah, who gives him a watch for his Christmas gift. When Noah sees Maddie, Luke instantly becomes uneasy about how they still have a close bond with one another. When Noah invites Maddie to the New Year’s Eve party he picks up on Luke’s envy. Noah reassures him that he’s the only one that he wants in his life.

NOTE: As the World Turns will be preempted Thursday, December 25.

Pictured: Van Hansis courtesy CBS

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

( — “Days of our Lives” may be a sinking ship, but that won’t stop Darin Brooks (Max Brady) from expanding his horizons.

Brooks has signed on to star alongside former NFL running back-turned-actor Ed Marinaro (“Sisters,” “Hill Street Blues”) in the SpikeTV comedy pilot “Blue Mountain State” from Lionsgate Television and Varsity Pictures, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

While still in the pilot stage, “Mountain” is a scripted series surrounding three college freshman who join the Midwestern college football team of Blue Mountain State University, and must adapt to college life while juggling football, girls, classes and hazing rituals. Brooks will play Alex, a talented quarterback content with riding on the bench, while enjoying college parties. The pilot was written by Chris Romano and Eric Falconer (“The Sarah Silverman Program”). Romano will play Sammy, Alex’s best friend,  who aspires to be the school’s mascot.

The potential series will also stars Sam Jones III (“ER”) as Craig, a top recruit and future pro footballer, whose life is already mapped out by his controlling girlfriend, Denise (played by Gabrielle Dennis, “The Game”). Alan Ritchson (“Smallville”) will portray Thad, a senior on the football team who loves hazing incoming freshman.

Brian Robbins serves as the potential series’ executive producer.

At this time, it is still unclear as to whether “Blue Mountain State” will interfere with Brooks’ “DAYS” obligations if it receives a full series commitment from SpikeTV.

“Days of our Lives” airs Weekdays on NBC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on iTunes. Check local listings.

Monday, December 22, 2008 3:00 PM EST | By Errol Lewis

( — The holidays are a time when family and friends gather together and feel the joy and love in the room. For daytime’s remaining eight soap operas, it is a time to remember the murders and mayhem, the evil brothers and sisters or the back from the dead aunts and uncles that took up time and space over the past year of years.

During the week of December 22, the daytime lineups of ABC, CBS and NBC will be littered with re-broadcast episodes or pre-emptions of their top soaps.

ABC Daytime will air repeats of “All My Children,” “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live” on Christmas Eve (December 24), while “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live” will be pre-empted on Christmas Day (December 25). “All My Children” will air a repeat episode from October.  CBS Daytime will also air repeats or pre-empt part of its soap lineup consisting of “As The World Turns,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Guiding Light” and “The Young and the Restless” on Christmas Day, but will be in all originals on December 24. NBC Daytime and its lone “Days of our Lives” will be in originals on both December 24 and 25. All soaps return with originals on Friday, December 26.

Wednesday, December 24

  • AMC: In the aftermath of the tornado Zach finds a pregnant Bianca and an unconscious Kendall in the beach house wreckage. It is revealed that Zach is the father of Bianca’s child. Bianca talks about her partner, Reese, while Kendall fights for her life. Bianca goes into labor. Aidan digs through the rubble to try to rescue Greenlee and Ryan and another tornado hits. JR is forced to choose between Babe and Little A. While trapped in the rubble Adam and Erica resign themselves to dying. (episode #9983; original air date 10/20/08).
  • GH: Sonny and Kate long for each other after she returns to New York. Jason watches from afar as Liz and the boys celebrate Christmas together. Carly fights the flu while spending the holiday with Sonny and their children and Jax. Maxie and Felicia continue to have conflicts over Georgie’s death. Luke undergoes open heart surgery while visiting his idea of heaven (episode ##11456; original air date 12/2407).

  • OLTL: Brody shoots Rex. Bo and Gigi rally around Rex at the hospital as Shane worries about Brody who has been arrested. Langston, Markko, and Starr try to formulate a plan to prevent Ray from taking custody of Langston. Cole discovers Clint’s plan and confronts Clint but Clint threatens Cole. Michael and Marcie yearn for each other and Marcie sings a song for her unborn child. (episode #10279; original air date 9/29/08).

Thursday, December 25

  • AMC: After suffering a head injury during the tornado Kendall flat lines, is revived but still unconscious and remembers happy times. Zach helps Bianca through labor and delivers a baby girl. Erica starts digging through the wreckage; a hand breaks through and grabs her as more rubble falls on Erica and Adam. Krystal and JR sit vigil while Angie operates on Babe but the prognosis is not good. Babe asks JR to marry her that night. Annie tells Ryan that Emma has been kidnapped. Jesse agrees to sign consent forms for Natalia’s surgery admitting that she is his daughter. Angie is shocked (episode #9984; original air date 10/21/08).
  • ATWT: Pre-empted.
  • B&B: Pre-empted.
  • GH: Pre-empted.
  • GL: A repeat of this summer’s interrupted wedding between Reva and Josh.
  • OLTL: Pre-empted.
  • Y&R: A repeat of a classic episode from Christmas 1989.

Friday, December 26

  • Y&R: Michael has an extraordinary experience that teaches him how important he is to the people he loves and how different their lives would be without him (special stand-alone episode).

The 2008 Holiday Celebrations will be the first time that only eight daytime soap operas remain on the airwaves (cable or English language broadcast).

Check local listings for times and stations.

Discussion: Rinse and Repeat: Happy Holidays

  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • All My Children
  • One Life to Live
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Days of our Lives
  • General Hospital
  • As The World Turns
  • Guiding Light

    ‘One Life’ Casting Carousel

    Friday, December 19, 2008 5:23 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

    ( — Another week, another round of casting tidbits for “One Life to Live.”

    Who’s Coming?

    • Crystal Hunt joins the cast of “One Life to Live” on February 6th in the contract role of a stripper named Stacey.

      The 23-year-old actress is best known for portraying Elizabeth “Lizzie” Spaulding on “Guiding Light” from 2003-2006. In 2005 Hunt was both Daytime Emmy and Soap Opera Digest Award nominations. In addition to her work on “GL,” Hunt has appeared in the films “Brooklyn to Manhattan,” “The Derby Stallion,” and “Problem Child 2.” Rumor has it that the new character is related to someone in Llanview. Could Stacey be Talia’s troublesome younger sister that “OLTL” recently issued a casting call for? Only time will tell.

    • Scott Clifton first airs as Schuyler Joplin, the drug abusing son of the late Dr. Joplin, on Friday, January 9th; Clifton began taping December 8th.
    • Brett Claywell, originally cast the role of Schuyler, premieres as a yet unnamed member of the Llanview Police Department sometime in January. It is unclear if the new role will be contract or recurring; a first airdate has yet to be announced.
    • Henry Yuk and Clem H. Cheung portray Yogi and Master, respectively, beginning the week of December 29th and will be tied to David Vickers (Tuc Watkins) return to Llanview as a Buddhist monk.

    Who’s Returning?

    • Tonja Walker briefly returns to “One Life to Live” as Alex Olanov on January 2nd.
    • Phil Carey appears as Asa Buchanan via a video made before his death on December 29th.
    • Peter Brouwer portrays Asa’s lawyer Beaver Calhoun again on December 29th.
    • A. Martinez returns as Ray Montez on December 23rd. Montez was last seen on “OLTL” early last month.
    • Tia Hodge makes another appearance as Dorian’s angel “Mel” on December 26th.
    • Olga Merediz is expected to pop up again as Sister Mary Clare at St. Ann’s sometime near the Christmas holiday.
    • Tari Signor appeared as Margaret’s ghost on December 18th.

    Who’s Going?

    • Kamar de lose Reyes exits “OLTL” at the end of January. The actor has portrayed Antonio Vega on and off since 1995.
    • Justis Bolding last airs as Sarah Roberts on January 7th. Bolding took over the role of Cord and Tina’s rebellious daughter in 2007.
    • Janet Zarish last aired as Janet Ketring (aka Lee Halpern) on November 11th, however, the actress was listed with other recurring cast members in the extended holiday closing credits of “OLTL” on December 17th.

    Who’s Staying?

    • Tuc Watkins returns to Llanview for the millionth time on December 26th and, according to “OLTL” Head Writer Ron Carlivati, look for Watkins to stick around for awhile this time. The scribe promises plenty of screen time for David Vickers as he finally finds that he’s the long lost Buchanan heir.
    • Justin Paul Kahn will be sticking around Llanview awhile longer as Brody’s old Navy buddy Wes Granger. Kahn made his “OLTL” debut on September 25th.
    • “One Life to LIve” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    ‘C’est la vie’ for ‘One Life’ Hunk

    Friday, December 19, 2008 12:53 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

    ( — Kamar de los Reyes confesses that “it is time to say good-bye” to “One Life to Live.”

    After nearly a decade on “OLTL” portraying gang leader turned police detective Antonio Vega, actor Kamar de los Reyes has decided not to renew his contract with the long running daytime drama, claiming that “Antonio is longer the central figure I believe he deserves to be,” and that “over the years, he has become less and less valued.”

    While admitting that Antonio’s time on the sidelines is likely not intentional on the soap’s part, de los Reyes does admit “I believe that there is a cut-off point for characters…and I think it may be time to say goodbye.”

    De los Reyes originated the role of Antonio Vega in 1995. He would leave Llanview in 1997, only to return briefly the following year. In February 2000, he returned full-time to “OLTL.” Fellow actor Robert Montano briefly stepped in to the role of Antonio for seven episodes in May 2007 while de los Reyes recuperated following an injury he suffered while filming on the set of “OLTL.” Look for de los Reyes to last air in late January; he wraps up taping on January 5th.

    “One Life to Live” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 22 Edition

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008 5:00 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

    ( — There’s no place like home for the holidays.


    Bess and Tess battle for control; Brody makes progress; Starr rips in to her father on the witness stand; Todd’s life falls in around him; Roxy almost ruins a surprise; Viki and Clint decorate the Llanfair Christmas tree; Jared asks Clint for his blessing; Tea has a gift for Todd; Carlotta bites her tongue; Dorian has another spiritual visit; Rex confesses to Gigi; Dorian does a good deed, and David Vickers returns to Llanview.

    Encore Presentation

    On Christmas Eve, ABC will air a special re-broadcast of the September 29th, 2008 episode of “OLTL.” The episode will feature Brody reliving the trauma he endured in Iraq, while on top of Llantano Mountain with Shane; Addie visiting a jailed Dorian; Langston, Markko, and Starr formulating a plan to prevent Ray from returning to Columbia with Langston; Cole accusing Clint of being in cahoots with Ray; and Michael and Marcie struggling to set aside their differences as Marcie prepares for the birth of baby Hope. On Christmas Day, “OLTL” will be pre-empted. Merry Christmas!

    The Inside Story: Love Is In The Air

    Tess orders Bess to confess about the baby. Urging her to let it go, Bess insists Tess allow Jessica to re-emerge. Viki informs Clint that Jessica’s recovery has hit a roadblock. Worried about their daughter, Viki and Clint hang a special ornament for Chloe on the Llanfair Christmas tree. Natalie talks openly with Viki about her feelings for Jared. Meanwhile, Jared asks Clint for his daughter’s hand in marriage. After giving the young man his blessing, Clint offers Jared a job with Buchanan Enterprises. Viki is ecstatic to learn that Jared is planning to pop the question to Natalie. Roxy nearly upsets Jared’s surprise proposal to Natalie. However, after getting rid of Roxy, Jared asks Natalie to be his wife.

    A Closer Look: You Can’t Lose What You Never Had

    Tea takes on John and Marty on the witness stand. At the same time, Starr persuades Cole against the idea of buying a gun and murdering Todd. Later, following the judge’s ruling, Starr makes a shocking announcement. The judge allows Starr to take the witness stand, much to Tea’s dismay. Marty is destroyed by the court proceedings. Afterward, Tea pays Todd’s bail and drops him off at home. After leaving, Todd is left alone in Marty’s old bedroom. As he mourns his life with Marty, Todd breaks down. Meanwhile, a happy Marty exchanges Christmas gifts with Nora and Cole. Tea gives Todd a conch shell and advises him not to lose hope in the future. Later, Todd has an unexpected visitor.

    What to Watch

    • Brody opens up to Dr. Levin in therapy.
    • Gigi learns of Rex’s financial troubles.
    • Bo reminds Rex of the true meaning of Christmas.
    • Angel Mel pays Dorian another visit.
    • Dorian surprises Rex with a ZBox for Shane.
    • Cristian and Vanessa have an awkward wedding reception.
    • Carlotta can hardly hold her displeasure.
    • Tea has plans of her own.
    • David Vickers returns to Llanview a new man.

    SON ALERTS: WEEK OF December 29, 2008

    • Monday: Marty enacts her revenge against Todd; Beaver Calhoun has unsettling news for the Buchanan’s concerning Asa’s will; David reveals a secret about Dorian to Viki and Charlie.

    • Tuesday: Puddle of Mudd assists Llanview in rocking in the New Year; Todd prays for a second chance with Marty; John invests in a new business venture; Ray has an ally in Llanview.

    • Wednesday: Encore of 10/01/08 episode — Rex plays “So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco’s Father” while fighting for life; Rex’s loved ones gather at the hospital; Tess intends for Natalie to suffer.

    • Thursday: Pre-empted — Happy New Year!

    • Friday: Marty turns the tables on Todd; Cole and John are taken aback by Marty’s behavior; Dorian has a run-in with Alex Olanov; David apologizes to Addie.

    GH PreVUE: Week of December 22 Edition

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008 5:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

    ( – Joy to the world.

    Jason and Spinelli save Sam’s life. Jax’s plans disappoint Kate. Carly and Jax share a kiss under the mistletoe. Sonny and Morgan have a happy reunion. Carly and Sonny discuss Michael and guidelines for Sonny’s future involvement with Morgan. Claudia and Ric give into their primal urges. Claudia is desperate to find the incriminating DVD. Jason asks Sonny to end his alliance with the Zacchara’s. Lucky and Sam recommit to their relationship on Friday, December 26.

    Santa’s Helpers
    On Tuesday, December 23, with Maxie at his side, Spinelli conjures up miracles for the citizen of Port Charles at Santa’s bequest. Robin’s greatest wish comes true as she’s finally able to soothe Emma. Alan gives Monica hope. Luke, Lucky and Lulu find Laura’s Christmas angel and place it on the tree.

    Love In the Afternoon
    Feeling he hasn’t earned the honor, Robert turns down Robin’s request that he walk her down the aisle. Mac and Robert have a chat. Robert asks a thrilled Robin if her offer is still open. Robin asks Anna to be her Matron of Honor. Robin, Patrick, Emma, Robert, Anna and Mac all happily gather for Christmas dinner on Monday, December 22. Luke and Robert remember old times. Robert and Anna are hit by the reality that their little girl is getting married. Robin and Patrick’s wedding ceremony gets underway.

    “GH” Headlines:


    • Monday: Jason and Sonny remain at an impasse. Jax comforts Carly on Michael’s birthday. Sonny and Carly reach a new understanding.
    • Tuesday: A power outage draws Jax and Carly closer together. Spinelli’s timing couldn’t be worse. Luke wins Tracy over.
    • Wednesday: Encore Presentation of October 31, 2007 episode of “GH.”
    • Thursday: Pre-emption.
    • Friday: Claudia scrambles to cover her tracks. Johnny finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Nikolas and Nadine make a surprising discover.

    AMC PreVUE: Week of December 22 Edition

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008 5:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

    ( – So this is Christmas.


    David gets an earful when Krystal realizes the doctor’s been drugging her on Monday, December 22. Krystal’s tirade comes to a fiery end. David rescues Krystal. Krystal accepts David’s comfort.

    Little Adam and JR are happy to see Amanda who arrives at the Chandler Lodge at David’s bequest. JR reels after misplacing Babe’s “magic” shell. Amanda manipulates the situation and pushes JR right off the wagon. A guilt-ridden Amanda reports her progress to a delighted David.

    Bianca surprises Reese with an engagement ring. Reese and Bianca’s love for one another is evident.

    Taylor takes action after a troubling visit with Brot. Brot’s legal troubles immediately disappear after Taylor has a chat with Zach. Brot continues to turn away from Taylor.

    Zach hopes for a miracle. Kendall’s spirit rises from her body and follows Zach as he leaves her hospital room. Kendall watches over Zach and their family on Tuesday, December 23.

    A Closer Look: The Big Bang

    Emma is delighted when Santa (Greenlee) arrives at the penthouse. Ryan and Greenlee can’t turn away from each other and finally make love. The lovers bliss is interrupted when Ryan receives an urgent call about Annie. Annie wakes up from her overdoes completely rational…or so it seems. Greenlee’s guilt overwhelms her as she watches a video of Ryan, Annie and Emma in happier times. Ryan implores Greenlee to not give up on their future. Greenlee has a nightmare after making love to Ryan. Aidan realizes Annie is as delusional as ever. On Friday, December 26, the trapped detective panics as he watches Annie walk out of the sanitarium. Annie, who believes she’s Emma, heads to Ryan’s penthouse.

    • “AMC” will air encore presentations on Wednesday, December 24 (10/20/08) and Thursday, December 25 (10/21/08).


    • Monday: Annie confronts Ryan and Greenlee. Krystal finds comfort in David’s arms. JR defends Amanda from Adam’s accusations.

    • Tuesday: Ryan pops the question to Greenlee. Zach and Reese share a friendly kiss. Bianca gets an unexpected visitor.

    • Wednesday: Encore Presentation of October 22 episode of “AMC.”

    • Thursday: Pre-emption.

    • Friday: Opal takes a peek into Greenlee’s future. Zach and Reese want to put their kiss behind them. Aidan makes a surprising discovery.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:10 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Senta Moses, 35, joins cast of ABC’s “General Hospital” as the mysterious computer hacker behind Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) woes.

    Recently viewers have been noticing some interesting occurrences happening on Spinelli’s computer, including numerous file transfers. Until now, we never really knew the meaning of it all. Beginning Friday, January 2, look for Moses to make her “GH” debut as Winifred, who is described as Spinelli’s “female counterpart.” The question remains…is she just in it for the fun or is she working with some powerful people? One things for certain, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will make it her mission to find out.

    Moses is best known for her role as Tracy McCallister, sister to Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister in the 1992 blockbuster film “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”  She has also appeared in numerous television series including “Sister, Sister” and “My So-Called Life.” More recently she appeared in the hit ABC Family series “Greek” as Lizzi. The actress recently wrapped filming of the upcoming “Ten Years Later” motion picture. No release date has been set.

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet.

    Discussion:  ‘GH’ Casts a New Recurring Role


    • General Hospital
    • Bradford Anderson
    • Senta Moses
    • Kirsten Alderson
    • Macaulay Culkin
    • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
    • Sister
    • Siter
    • My So-Called Life

      Tuesday, December 16, 2008 1:45 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

      ( — Natalia Livingston may have left “General Hospital” in May as ghost Emily, but she’s ready to make her return to the ABC Daytime drama series as a new character.

      Livingston, last seen as the ghost of Emily Bowen-Quartermaine on the Wednesday, May 7 broadcast of “GH” is returning in the “forseeable future” as a new character by the name of Rebecca, confirms an ABC representative. Though, we’ve since learned that Natalia makes her on-air return during the week of January 12. The actress began filming this week. No official character description was made available, but we can expect to see a new, blonder, Livingston playing a role quite the opposite of Emily, confirm sources.

      The “FOX 11 Morning News” in Los Angeles, CA was given an exclusive first look at Livingston back in action while filming scenes with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) and Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos). Currently, Nikolas has been paired up with Nurse Nadine Crowell, a spunky character who seems to like toy ducks. No, seriously…she likes children’s toys because that is the type of personality she has. For those thinking more into it…

      Interestingly, a number of recent scenes aired during “GH” have emphasized Livingston’s  presence. It appears we just didn’t know why.

      “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet.

      Discussion:  Natalia Livingston Returns to ‘GH’


      • General Hospital
      • Laura Wright
      • Natalia Livingston
      • Tyler Christopher