You can always come home again…
Monday, October 13, 2008 1:57 AM | By Venus Stone

( — Dr. Olivia Barber Winters and Danny Romalotti make their way home to Genoa City.

In recent weeks “Young and the Restless” characters have been making their way back home to Genoa City. Two weeks ago, Eileen Davidson’s character of Ashley Abbott returned home, along side the return of Billy Abbott. This time around, fans will be happy to see the returns of Tonya Lee Williams and Michael Damien.

Williams reprises her role of Dr. Olivia Barber Winters Thursday, October 23rd. No word yet as to how long the Daytime Emmy nominated actress will stay on the show or as to what exactly brings her character back to Genoa City, but it is evident that Williams is excited about her return.

Williams admits to reaching out to the soap in hopes of one day returning and Maria Arena Bell soon offered up the invitation to return as the beloved doctor. Viewers may remember seeing Olivia at Drucilla’s memorial service in the spring of 2007.

As mentioned earlier, Damien, who also had a brief return to Genoa City as Danny Romalotti earlier this year, will begin taping scenes October 20. His scenes will air sometime in November.

At a recent charity event in Massachusettes, Damien spilled the beans on his return, but at that time wasn’t sure as to how long he would be staying or if he would once again be paired with Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis Newman. No word yet as to when in November his official airdate will begin.

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Back together or just messing around…
Monday, October 13, 2008 12:43 PM | By Venus Stone

( — One couple could be headed back together, while another couple have some serious obstacles to overcome…


Meg, still furious for Paul setting Dusty up, tells him he has to make things right by apologizing to him. Emily isn’t happy when Dusty asks her to keep an eye on Meg to make sure she’s alright. When he leaves, Emily instead disregards his request. When Paul and Emily run into one another, they both plot together to keep Dusty and Meg away from one another. Spencer and Brad are a success on OAKDALE 411, which irks Katie. Katie is unsuccessful in telling Kim about her doubts and when Spencer returns to the set, she immediately showers Katie with kindness. Spencer gives Katie some of the leftover Chinese food. Katie soon gets sick to her stomach and has to go to the hospital. She soon begins to suspect that Spencer is trying to harm her.

Luke and Noah learn that the college my stop funding on the gay film festival and immediately head to the college to talk to the student council. On their way there they run into Dusty. Luke is instantly rude to him and even more peeved to see that Noah wants to talk with him. Luke huffs off upset and runs into Reg at Al’s. Luke discovers that the student council election will hold the fate of the festival in it’s hands. Luke is even more stunned to learn that Kevin is going to be running for the deciding seat. Awkwardness sets in between Kevin and Luke but is soon broken when Noah arrives.


Lucinda arrives at the Snyder farm furious that Holden and Lily might have sent Margo after her regarding her help in Dusty’s disappearing act. Dallas soon arrives with a warrant for Lucinda’s arrest. Lily later leaves the house to go find Dusty. When she and he meet up, she asks him to help her out regarding Lucinda. Holden, who wants the same thing, goes to the police station and asks Margo to let Lucinda go. Dusty soon arrives and clears the air about why he faked his death and that Lucinda did nothing wrong in helping him. Back at the Snyder home, Holden is upset that Lily once again went running to Dusty. Dusty later arrives letting Lily know that they no longer owe each other anything. When he leaves, Lily assumes that her relationship with Holden will survive, however, Holden isn’t so sure

Jack, still upset about the loss of his job, purposely ignores Janet. Hurt by his treatment, Janet calls Carly for some help. When Carly invites Jack over, he begins to see that she’s trying to push him and Janet back together. He tells her the only reason why she’s so focused on putting Janet on him is to avoid the serious attraction they are beginning to have for one another again. Over at the diner, Henry and Vienna devise a plan to get Jack jealous. When Henry plants a kiss on Janet, it is Vienna that becomes upset. Carly later finds Jack watching a movie and invites him for a walk with her. They soon get into another discussion about their feelings. Carly insists that her saving his life wasn’t a way to eventually get back together. Jack continues questioning her until she shoves him into the pond and walks away. A wet and furious Jack followers her back to the house and things get serious between the two of them. Carrying her upstairs, they start to make love. Janet, still upset and needing help, arrives at the house, unaware that Jack is with Carly.

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Y&R PreVUE: Week of October 13 Edition

Stopping a witch hunt…
Monday, October 13, 2008 11:47 AM | By Venus Stone

( — A new scheme is hatched to keep Victor out of trouble…


Sharon, after some serious thought, accepts Nick’s offer for a position at Newman Enterprises. In an effort to try to save his father, Michael makes a serious plea. Lily gets back in the dating scene; online. Amber and Phyllis have a heated argument live on national radio, forcing Daniel to open up, making a serious confession. Karen is none-to-pleased to see Tyra back in Genoa City and quickly voices her concerns about it to Neil.


When it becomes obvious that Heather isn’t going to stop her pursuit in trying to find out what Victor was doing in Mexico, along with the fact that the authorities are now involved, Nikki meets with her family to devise a plan to help protect her ex. Nikki tells them that the only possible way to protect Victor is to have Heather to believe he’s in a different country. Although wary of her plan, JT, Nick and Victoria do what they can to help set the goose chase in motion. Meanwhile Paul is caught between a rock and a hard place when he has to choose whether to protect Nikki or help Heather.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008 2:37 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Captive audiences.


Mallet and Marina take action after realizing they can’t afford the house. Jeffrey’s arrival at Towers proves to be a buzz kill for a frustrated Reva. Reva explains to Jeffrey that she needs to find a life of her own. Cassie and Cyrus vehemently deny they’re dating when confronted by RJ. Olivia accuses Natalia of only caring about Gus’ heart after Rick gives them bad news. Olivia storms off after Natalia gives her a piece of her mind. Olivia sees Natalia in a new light. Frank surprises Marina.

The Inside Story: Hot Under the Collar

The administrator at Mallet and Marina’s new part-time job informs them that Cassie donated the entertainment system they suspect is stolen. Mallet and Marina then find Cyrus and Cassie breaking into a car but soon realize it belongs to Cassie. Cyrus’ radar is raised after a talk with Marina. Cyrus gets to Cassie in time to prevent her from cracking. Mallet is upfront with Cyrus who is indignant about his accusation. The situation is ripe with sexual tension when Cyrus gives Cassie a private lesson on how to beat a polygraph test.

A Closer Look: Cruel Intentions

Dinah takes action after a disappointed Bill reveals that he was going to tell Lizzie that he loves her. Bill finds a ransom note in Lizzie’s trashed room. Dinah kisses Grady after he shows her the improved second ransom note. Daisy gives Grady back his key. Grady snaps at Daisy to leave after Lizzie manages to make a loud noise. Grady stares at the key while Lizzie discusses love. Bill realizes Lizzie isn’t faking her kidnapping. Dinah pretends to be shocked when Bill shows her the ransom note for Lizzie. Bill thanks Dinah for her friendship. Dinah adds two more zeros to the amount on Grady’s ransom note, but explains to a delighted Grady that all she truly wants is her brother back. Bill calls Dinah after receiving the second ransom note.

Budig Says Good-bye Again

Friday, October 10, 2008 8:40 AM EST | By Angela Rosa

( — Aidan and Ryan’s (Aiden Turner and Cameron Mathison) favorite lady checks out.

Rebecca Budig has elected to do what many suspected she would do from the start of her return and leave “All My Children” when her one-year contract expires in January.

Budig, of course, plays Greenlee Smythe on “AMC.” The Emmy nominated actress originated the role on August 11, 1999 and played the role until November 30, 2005. Budig elected to return to the soap with a one year contract on the heels of the 2007-2008 writers’ strike and made her “AMC” return on January 16, 2008 as “the real Greenlee” (noting ABC’s controversial promotional onslaught for the return of the popular actress). Sabine Singh played the second incarnation of Greenlee from April 2007 until the episode before Budig’s return.

During her two years away from “AMC,” Budig guest starred on CBS’s “CSI” and starred on a Lifetime movie titled “The Perfect Child;” she also had her hand on one or two prime-time pilots that failed to be picked up. Budig started her daytime career on CBS’s “Guiding Light,” as Michelle Bauer (1995 to 1998). The 35-year old actress is married to Bob Guiney, of ABC’s “The Bachelor” fame.

Meanwhile, Budig’s long time co-star and friend, Alicia Minshew (who plays Kendall Hart Slater), has re-signed with the soap. Minshew has been with “AMC” since January 8, 2002. Minshew will be taking time off from the soap (two months) later this fall when she marries her long-time boyfriend, Richie Herschenfeld.

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  • Rebecca Budig
  • Alicia Minshew

    Thursday, October 9, 2008 3:34 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “All My Children” loses one of the greats.

    Eileen Herlie, a legend, passed away yesterday, October 8, 2008, at the age of 90.

    Herlie was born on March 8, 1918, in Glasgow, Scotland. Before starting her career on television, Herlie was an accomplished theatre and film actress. Herlie starred opposite Laurence Olivier in his 1948 film adaption of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” and later reprised her role of Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude, opposite Richard Burton on Broadway. Other plays Herlie appeared in include “The Matchmaker,” which was an early adaptation of “Hello Dolly,” and “Take Me Along,” opposite Jackie Gleason, which earned her a Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical in 1960.

    Herlie made the move to television in 1976 on the ABC daytime drama “All My Children,” where she played the irreplaceable Myrtle Fargate. The talented actress earned three Daytime Emmy nominations for the role and in the years to follow briefly crossed the role over to two other ABC soaps, “Loving” and “One Life to Live.” Myrtle was the ultimate mother figure and the voice of reason for many of the personalities that passed through the fictional Pennsylvania town; Ms. Fargate also gave many of these eccentric characters a place to live with her famous boarding house and a place to shop with her famous boutique. Herlie last appeared on “AMC” on May 23, 2008.

    Eileen Herlie married once but leaves behind no children. Herlie’s beloved character, Myrtle, will be greatly missed by her fictional friends and family, and the exceptional Herlie will be greatly missed by legions of “AMC” fans, her co-stars, and of course by her friends and family. Rest in Peace, Eileen.

    “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    • All My Children
    • Eileen Herlie

      Latest “OLTL” Casting News

      Thursday, October 9, 2008 2:28 AM EDT | By Scotty Gore

      ( — Who’s in and who’s out of Llanview this October.

      THE IN’S

      • Robert Krimmer returns to Llanview for a couple of episodes this fall as Rev. Andrew Carpenter. Krimmer has portrayed the role off and on since 1992.
      • Rumors are circulated that his return may be tied to the potential nuptials of Todd Manning and Marty Saybrooke. No first airdate has yet been announced.

      • Christopher Cousins returns to “OLTL” on October 10th when Cain Rogan confronts Tina Roberts about the Mendorran Crown Jewels. Cain was last seen in July jumping out of an airplane with what he thought were the real jewels.
      • Erika Slezak returns on Friday, October 13 as Viki Davidson, following her annual summer vacation. Viki’s sudden return to Llanfair could spell trouble for Tess’ plan to destroy Jared and Natalie.
      • Despite the fact that her character Natalie Buchanan is currently trapped in a secret room, Melissa Archer has signed a new contract with “OLTL.” Archer joined the soap in 2001.
      • Greg Kachejian returns as Dr. Brewster on Friday, October 3rd after being assigned Rex Balsom as a patient. Look for him to also air on October 9th and 10th
      • John Rue and January LaVoy will be returning again this fall as Bon Jour Café owner Moe Stubbs and his waitress/fiancé Noelle Ortiz. Both were first seen in the fall of 2007 when Viki Davidson started a new life by working at the Paris, Texas café. Both Rue and LaVoy were spotted outside the “OLTL” studios on October 3rd.

      THE OUT’S

      • The speculation has been confirmed, A. Martinez is on his way out as Llanview at end of his five-week contract with “OLTL.”
      • Martinez began his soap career as a grape picker on “Falcon Crest” in 1982. In 1984 he debuted in daytime on “Santa Barbara” as Cruz Castillo. After winning a Daytime Emmy for the role, he left “SB” in 1992. From 1999 until 2002, Martinez portrayed FBI informant Roy DiLucca. The role netted Martinez three consecutive ALMA Awards in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

        After debuting on September 10th as Langston Wilde’s uncle Ray Montez, Martinez will leave “OLTL” in late October. But will his character Ray leave town voluntarily or in a body bag?


      • ESPN Fantasy Sports expert Matthew Perry, will make a brief appearance in two episodes of “OLTL” beginning November 5th. Perry portrays a jewelry appraiser named Neil.
      • Fans may recall that in February of this year, ESPN and ABC teamed up to promote their “Endless Drama” campaign by taping fantasy sequences involving “OLTL” cast members.
        Perry was such a hit at the taping with the soap’s cast and crew that he was asked back to tape an appearance on “OLTL.”

      • Gary Hilborn portrays a Llanview Airport Security Officer in a few episodes beginning October 17th when chaos erupts at the airport.
      • Orlando S. Columbus returns as Officer Greenly on November 4th. Columbus appeared in a handful of episodes of “OLTL” in 2002, and from 2004-2007.
      • Columbus has also had day player roles on “All My Children” and “As the World Turns.”

      “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

      Soap Opera Network Celebrates Seven Years

      Wednesday, October 8, 2008 11:31 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

      ( — Soap Opera Network, an online magazine celebrating the world of the daytime drama, celebrates their seventh anniversary.

      Launched on October 8th, 2001, Soap Opera Network, or SON, was a joint venture by two ardent soap fans, with dreams of providing accurate, reliable, and timely soap news and information to the genre’s loyal and dedicated fans. Since that time, Soap Opera Network has grown to become one of the foremost sources of soap news, previews, interviews, and ratings information on the Internet.

      Based in New York City, Soap Opera Network became a division of the privately held firm Manti Incorporated in April 2005. Monthly circulation regularly surpasses 80,000 hits. Popular features include the “One Life to Live” column “My View of Llanview,” mySON TV™, a forum dedicated to online soaps and fan fiction writers, and a special section containing the latest news on your favorite primetime dramas. Popular past features include the SON Top 10 and SON Awards, celebrating the best of daytime. Earlier this year, SON became affiliated with several popular social networking websites, including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Wikipedia.

      Present SON staff includes Errol Lewis (Editor-in-Chief), Xavier Toups (Co-Founder), and staff writers Scotty Gore, Angela Rosa, and Venus Stone-Cutter.

      On behalf of the staff and management of Soap Opera Network, thank you for trusting us as your number one source for soap opera news and information during the last seven years, and may the best be yet to come.

      OLTL PreVUE: Week of October 13 Edition

      Wednesday, October 8, 2008 5:16 PM | By Scotty Gore

      ( — The ties that bind.


      Dorian and Markko bond over Langston. Ray demands Clint pay up. Doing Clint’s dirty work, Ray informs Langston they are now leaving for Columbia. Dorian orders Jackie McNaughton to carry out their agreement. Cristian contacts Antonio, but the connection is terrible. As Antonio, Talia, and Sarah make arrangements to leave for Columbia, Cristian, Vanessa, and Lola leave for Llanview. Dorian, Addie, Blair, Starr, Cole, and Markko are heartbroken over Langston’s imminent departure. Following a failed assassination attempt, Ray arrives at La Boulaie to escort Langston to the airport. Meanwhile, Clint remains confident that Dorian will cave at the last minute. Despite the fact that Clint and Nora have a difference of opinion about his plans, they soon make up. Jackie assures Dorian that everything will work out as planned. Addie tips off John and Blair about Dorian’s deal with Jackie. Langston’s loved ones say good-bye to her at the airport. Dorian has second thoughts after an encounter with “Mel.” But is it too late for her to stop the events she has already set in motion? Also, Antonio, Talia, and Sarah are floored to see Cristian at the airport with Vanessa and Lola. Renee gives Nora love advice. And all hell breaks lose at the Llanview Airport when several groups bump into one another.

      The Inside Story: Misery Loves Company

      Jared works in vain to break the security code and free Natalie from the secret room. Working together they discover the password, only to be confronted by Tess, who locks them both in the room together. Meanwhile, Viki’s return to Llanfair could spell trouble for Tess. At the same time, Tina is confronted by Cain who accuses of her of double-crossing him, and demands she hand over the Mendorran Crown Jewels. With her back against the wall, Tina pretends to try to open the safe, aware that Tess has changed the combination. Fortunately for Tina, however, Cain passes out after eating Tess’ drugged dip. As Jared and Natalie pray that Viki will find them, Jared is able to call Viki with his cell phone. However, the line goes dead before he can tell Viki where they are. Meanwhile, Tess and Tina hide Cain’s body from Viki, only to discover it missing a short time later. Tess overhears Bo voice his concerns about Jessica to Viki. Deciding to get out while she can, Tess leaves Llanview with Bree, leaving Jared and Natalie to fend for themselves. Tina is shocked to learn that Cain has kidnapped doggie David Vickers.

      A Closer Look: Passed The Point Of No Return?

      Armed with new ammunition, John interrogates Janet by threatening to reveal her secret past, if she refuses to tell him what he wants to know. John reminds Janet of how she lived in Llanview twenty years ago under the names Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders, and Carol Dennison, and begins to list her misdeeds. Meanwhile, Marty decides to start a journal detailing her blossoming feelings for Todd. Dr. Joplin gives Todd an earful by warning that, if he doesn’t drop his agenda for Starr’s baby that he’ll pass the point of no return in terms of redemption. In addition, she urges him to reconsider his plan to raise Starr’s baby, while at the same time making Starr believe her baby died. Nearby, Starr suffers abdominal pains after attending Lamaze class. After getting the call, Dr. Joplin heads to the hospital with Todd in hot pursuit. Todd becomes emotional after eavesdropping on Starr. Blair and Marcie are relieved when Starr’s pains are deemed a false alarm. Marty’s excitement grows over the prospect of raising a child. Janet only confesses to John that if someone where to be living with Todd, they’re not being held against their will.

      What to Watch

      • Bo asks Adriana if Rex informed her of his last wishes.
      • Roxy and Adriana butt heads.
      • Bo threatens to use his connections to allow Gigi to see Rex.
      • Shane opens up to Gigi about his feelings for Rex and Brody.
      • Gigi figures out she may not have a legal right to see Rex, but that Shane does.
      • Adriana has Rex removed from Llanview Hospital.
      • Adriana informs Gigi that she will never see Rex again.
      • Gigi levels the playing field by punching Adriana.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF October 20, 2008

      • Monday: John demands answers from Dorian; Antonio is suspicious of Vanessa; Gigi asks Marcie to help her find Rex.
      • Tuesday: Tess gains more leverage over Todd; Bo and Viki are unsure of what to do with “Jessica” once they find her; Cain pressures Tina.
      • Wednesday: Marcie aides Gigi in sneaking into La Boulaie; Marty has a memory of her past; Viki and Charlie bond over their missing children.
      • Thursday: Michael saves Gigi from bumping into Adriana; Tina devises an explosive new scheme–literally; Brody is horrified to learn of his actions.

      • Friday: Love brings Gigi and Rex back together; Tess and Tina are at an impasse; Starr and Blair look forward to the birth of the baby.

      Wednesday, October 8, 2008 4:30 PM | By Angela Rosa

      ( — The wind of change blows through Pine Valley.


      Adam forces Colby and Pete to do his bidding. Erica and Carmen have a honest and long overdue discussion on the topic of Jackson. Kendall has a change of heart after realizing Zach is helping Annie for Emma’s sake. Zach and Kendall make love. Adam gets what he wants when his subpoena forces JR, Babe and Little Adam back home. Kendall tells a disappointed Zach that she wants them to wait to have another baby. Colby warns Adam that there will be consequences if he turns on Pete. Annie fears the stalker will go after Emma. Jesse continues to deceive his family about Natalia. Adam and Erica make a surprising discovery in the Chandler tunnels.

      The Inside Story: The Pangs of Love

      Realizing the truth about her feelings for Ryan, Aidan walks out on his devastated wife. Aidan destroys the house he was building for him and Greenlee and then confronts Ryan at gun point. Greenlee confesses to Ryan that she never stopped loving him but, unable to reason with the pain they’ve caused everyone, insists that they can’t ever be together and leaves him. Greenlee confesses her dilemma to Jackson. Kendall finds a sobbing Greenlee outside of her door. Ryan spots Greenlee at “their” gazebo.

      A Closer Look: Ready, Set, Natural Disaster

      Fleeing from Adam, JR takes his family to the Comeback, where an overwhelmed Opal soon suffers a heart attack. Jesse allows Tad to take Opal to the hospital but orders everyone else to stay put. Unaware of the weather situation, Zach leaves Kendall and the boys at the beach house to run a quick errand. Ryan and Greenlee take shelter in a nearby shed as one tornado after another begins to spin through Pine Valley. Zach cheats death. JR and Babe distract the scared kids with an impromptu wedding. Tragedy strikes at the Comeback. Zach is surprised to find Bianca while frantically searching for Kendall in the rubble of the beach house. Another twister suddenly hits as Aidan spies on the intimacy between Ryan and Greenlee. Erica and Adam’s route to escape and air supply is sealed off by a collapsed wall. Colby saves Pete.


      • Monday: Kendall fights for her life at the hospital. Bianca is full of unexpected surprises. JR is forced to make an impossible decision.
      • Tuesday: Jake has dire news about Kendall. Zach comes through for Bianca. Jesse shocks Angie with the truth about Natalia.
      • Wednesday: Jake warns Zach that time is running out for Kendall. Angie has surprising news for Frankie. Ryan and Annie are desperate to find a missing Emma.
      • Thursday: Babe admits to JR she knows what’s really going on. Bianca and Zach swear Greenlee to secrecy. Ryan comes to Adam and Erica’s rescue.

      • Friday: Ryan and Annie get chilling news about Emma. Angie wants the truth from Jesse. Zach blames Jake for Kendall’s condition.