OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 9 Edition

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 5:00 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — For every action, there are consequences.


Brody leaves St. Ann’s with Jessica at his side. On Monday, March 9, Schuyler informs Starr that he is no longer allowed to teach and that they can’t be seen together. Stacy arrives at Schuyler’s door with suitcases in hand. On Friday, March 13, Marcie discusses Hope with Starr, who later visits Schuyler, looking for a shoulder to cry on. And on Friday, March 13, Jared and Natalie think they have discovered what really happened the night Chloe was born.

The Inside Story: On the Trail of a Killer
Blair is prepped for surgery. With Dorian dismissing his claims, Todd claims to Talia that he is not responsible for Blair’s condition. Starr believes that her father is innocent, and Dorian soon changes her mind as well. On Wednesday, March 11, Blair remains in critical condition following surgery. An emotional Starr sets vigil at her mother’s bedside, and reminds Todd of the pain he has caused her. Dorian briefly accuses Ray of attacking her niece on Wednesday, March 11, only to apologize shortly thereafter. A remorseful John finds a clue while visiting a comatose Blair. Ray gives Dorian his support. On Thursday, March 12, John begins to piece together the puzzle, believing that Wes and Lee’s murders to be connected. Later, John makes a troubling discovery.

A Closer Look: Consequences
Driving under the influence, Cole is involved in a terrible accident with Gigi and Shane. A nearby John and Marty rush to scene, and work to free those involved. On Monday, March 9, John rescues Gigi and Shane, while Marty gathers her strength to save Cole. However, no one is aware that Matthew was thrown from Cole’s car in the accident. At Llanview Hospital, Cole nearly OD’s on pills. While investigating the crash site, Bo discovers Matthew’s hat. On Tuesday, March 10, Bo races to the hospital after making a terrifying discovery. As Bo and Nora nervously watch Michael examine Matthew, Starr and Cole decide to temporarily put aside their anger. Marty is there for her son when he needs her most. Meanwhile, Stacy puts the moves on a disoriented Rex, who is unaware of the accident. On Wednesday, March 11, Gigi gets an eyeful when she returns home looking for Rex. Stacy lies to Gigi, while Rex can’t recall exactly what happened. Gigi soon realizes that Stacy isn’t telling the truth, but remains shaken nonetheless. Back at the hospital, Michael shares his rather devastating prognosis with Bo and Nora. Reeling from the news about her son, Nora blasts Cole for being so irresponsible. Marcie makes a chilling discovery while looking at Cole’s toxicology report on Thursday, March 12. Michael is full of bad news as he shares his lastest findings about Matthew and Shane with Bo, Nora, Rex, and Gigi.

One Life to Live News and Headlines


  • Monday: Stacy formulates a plan while spying on Roxy. Natalie and Jared determine what to do next. Brody and Jessica decide to take things slow.
  • Tuesday: Nora is ready to destroy Cole. Téa is through being Todd’s babysitter. Cristian visits an old friend and leaves Layla with some food for thought.
  • Wednesday: Nora hashes it out with Marty. Todd decides to fight for his children. Bo and Rex share their grief.
  • Thursday: Rex is there for Shane. Natalie and Jared take action. Jessica and Brody think of one another.
  • Friday: Stacy confronts Roxy. John finds another clue. Marty seeks help from someone unexpected.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Discussion: OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 9 Edition

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 5:00 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Misery loves company.


Aidan and Annie ignore Dr. Burke’s (John Behlmann) reservations and continue to grow closer on Monday, March 9. Brot and Taylor reflect on the anniversary of his accident. Brot fights his fears and heroically rescues an unconscious Opal as Cortlandt Manor begins to go down in flames. Tad expresses his gratitude to Taylor for saving Kathy’s life. Aidan and Annie make love. On Friday, March 13, Opal becomes upset when she learns she’s broke; Annie becomes upset when hew new friend Tori (Lauren Singerman) brings up Ryan; and Randi is not a happy camper when she learns the secret Frankie’s been keeping from her.

The Inside Story: Desperate Moves
David moves to gain custody of Little Adam. Desperate to prevent that from happening, Adam and Erica decide to leave the country with Little Adam. The latest development leaves David livid but he nonetheless presents JR with legal paper suing him for sole custody of Little Adam. Amanda tells JR she’ll testify that David paid her to make him fall off the wagon when the custody battle begins. Unfortunately for Ms. Dillon, Krystal, fearing for her grandson’s safety, gives David the ultimate leverage to keep Amanda in line. David confronts Amanda with the knowledge that he’s her baby’s father. Krystal knocks Tad’s lights out when he absolutely refuses to let her go on being under David’s spell. Amanda agrees to the terms David gives for his silence. A cruel David double cross his baby momma and reveals to JR the true paternity of the baby on Thursday, March 12. Angie and Jesse fear David’s next move. Jake promises Amanda that he’ll protect her and the baby from David. JR rips into Amanda for her betrayals.

A Closer Look: Tunnel Vision
Zach accuses Ryan and Kendall of deliberately setting it up so that he’d find them in an intimate setting and storms out. Erica chastises Kendall for confiding in Ryan instead of her husband. Ryan kicks Erica out. Kendall arrives at the hospital just as Zach is carrying Reese out in his arms. Ryan’s wheels begin to spin when Jack informs him that he’s now Kendall’s partner at Fusion. Ryan assures Kendall that they’ll get Fusion back on its feet. Thanks to an unwitting Pete, Ryan gets his hands on some of Cambias’ financial documents. Zach accuses Ryan of using Fusion to get his hands on his wife. On Tuesday, March 10, Kendall tells Zach that he needs to do what he can to help Reese after seeing how helpless the architect has been rendered. Zach doesn’t understand how Kendall can feel compassion for Reese while still punishing him and walks out on her. Kendall asks Ryan to swear that he’s not using her to go after Zach. Aidan agrees to help Zach neutralize Ryan under the condition that Zach keeps Annie out of prison. Zach decides to move into the casino after Kendall refuses to cut Ryan out of her life. Kendall points out to Zach that she has never stopped loving him but Zach believes she’s never stopped loving Ryan either. Kendall admits to Ryan that he’s part of the problems she and Zach are having. The tension remains thick when Kendall calls Zach over to the house under the guise of needing help with the boys. Ryan continues to plot against Zach while lying to Kendall about his true intentions. Aidan’s hones in on Pete as he begins doing Zach’s dirty work. Zach reads Reese the letter Bianca sent her and the moment soon becomes charged between the pair.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Monday: Aidan strikes a deal with Pete. Kendall accuses Zach of having an affair with Reese. Amanda concocts a wild scheme to protect her baby from David.
  • Tuesday: Kendall questions Zach about Reese. Ryan and Kendall find comfort with each other. Aidan makes a curious discovery.
  • Wednesday: Kendall admits she still has feelings for Ryan. Zach stays by Reese’s side after her surgery. JR wants nothing to do with Amanda.
  • Thursday: Zach wonders what secrets Aidan might be keeping. Ryan loses it when he thinks he’s betrayed Greenlee’s memory. David is up to his old tricks.
  • Friday: Zach tells Kendall what Ryan is really up to. Reese realizes what she truly wants. Colby plays into David’s hands.

“All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

My View of Llanview: February 28 Edition

Monday, March 2, 2009 11:48 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Could Llanview survive without Viki, and “One Life to Live” without Erika Slezak?

Viki Davidon=Erika Slezak. Erika Slezak=”One Life to Live.” The words seem interchangeable. When one is thought of, the other often immediately comes to mind. Those words have become so associated with one another that it would be difficult to think of them as separate entities. For almost 38 years, “OLTL” fans have not had to concern themselves with such a terrible thought. But what if they were suddenly forced to admit the unthinkable? What if Viki suddenly faded out of existence or left Llanview in search of a new hometown? And what if Erika Slezak suddenly left “One Life to Live” and her signature role after nearly four decades? Fans of the long running daytime drama have found themselves forced to deal those very questions recently, thanks to a conspicuous rumor that refuses to die. While the rumor, which warns that a female veteran cast member will be let go because of budget cuts, has yet to be verified by “One Life to Live” or ABC Daytime, it has left many fans uneasy, fearing the worst for their beloved heroine, believing that Erika Slezak is the one facing the chopping block. Which leads us to the question of whether Llanview could survive without Viki, and “One Life to Live” without Erika Slezak.

Whether you like her or not, you have to admit that Erika Slezak has talent. No other daytime actress, past or present, can rival the six Daytime Emmy Awards Slezak has received over the years for her portrayal of Victoria Lord Davidson, and only two actors (Anthony Geary and Justin Deas) have earned as many awards. But even still, Slezak is not as readily acknowledged outside the daytime community as her “All My Children” counterpart Susan Lucci. But why is that exactly? The answer, I think is simple. Unlike Lucci, Slezak doesn’t flaunt her fame from one end of the television dial to the other. Over the years, Slezak has rarely ventured far from Llanview, having appeared in only a handful of interviews and made-for-television movies. Lucci, on the other hand, has appeared on everything from “That’s So Raven” to “Saturday Night Live,” and has even been seen hocking her wares on infomercials and the home shopping channel QVC. Those appearances have given Lucci exposure to a whole new generation of viewers outside of the traditional daytime drama fanbase.

Secondly, Erika Slezak does not ooze sex appeal the way Susan Lucci does. Although they are same age (sixty-two), Lucci comes across as more of a sexpot, and Slezak as more of a mature, distinguished motherly figure. And I think the same is true of their onscreen personas as well. Just try picturing in your mind for a moment Viki seducing a man in the same way that Erica Kane would. Freighting, isn’t it? As much as I love the character of Viki, and admire Slezak’s acting talents, even just the mere thought of it makes me nauseous. It has nothing to do with Erika Slezak’s physical appearance or age, but more so with how the character of Viki has developed over the years. Viki is just not the sexual animal that Susan Lucci, or even Slezak’s own co-star Robin Strasser, is. Instead she is more of a mother, friend, confidante, sister, and comforter.

But that’s what makes Viki, Viki. In the chaotic world of Llanview, we expect Viki to be the voice of reason-the calm, cool, level headed woman who dispenses advice and helps others see the error of their ways. In that sense she is the complete opposite of her long-time adversary Dorian Lord. It is a rivalry that spans nearly thirty-five years to before Robin Strasser was even considered for the role of Dorian, and when Nancy Pinkerton was firmly entrenched in the role. The origin of the feud can be traced back to the mid 1970s, when Dorian was fired by the Llanview Hospital board when a patient, Rachel Wilson, died while in her care (Dorian had made a mistake on the patient’s chart, due to her affair with Dr. Mark Toland). Dorian never forgave Viki for her firing from the hospital, unaware that Viki had actually cast the lone vote of dissent against firing Dorian. Bent on revenge, Dorian lured Viki’s millionaire father Victor Lord, into marrying her after becoming the old coot’s personal physician, making her Viki’s stepmother. She even went as far as hiding the truth from Victor that Tony, a young man he had been budding heads with, was really his illegitimate son. When Victor finally learned the truth about Tony and of Dorian’s betrayal, he suffered a major heart attack. Soon thereafter, Dorian kept Victor from his family and friends, where he soon died under mysterious circumstances. As a result, Dorian inherited (for a short time at least) the entire Lord estate, including Llanfair and the Banner newspaper. Thus began Viki’s hatred of Dorian. This set-up would fuel a fire of hatred, revenge, and jealousy that would last between the two women to this day, often earning them the honorary title of “OLTL’s” best couple.

Although the feud has been placed largely on the backburner in recent years, it would be hard to imagine a Llanview where Viki and Dorian didn’t trade jabs at one another, or rehash how much they despise each other. It is here where Viki shines. I like to use the following analogy to explain the Viki/Dorian feud. I’m sure everyone has seen one or two television programs over the years that have done this, so it isn’t anything new. Anyway, the character typically displays their subconscious conflicting thoughts on an issue by imaging a small angel dressed in white, playing a harp, and wearing a halo on one shoulder. On the other shoulder is the devil, dressed in red with a pitchfork, a tail, and little pointy horns. In my mind, that is Viki and Dorian. Viki is the calm voice of reason, and Dorian is the temptress. Basically, Viki represents good and Dorian represents evil. If Viki were to leave Llanview, then the balance would be upset, and Llanview would lose its rock of Gibralter.

It may seem hard to fathom someone else stepping into the role of Viki other than Erika Slezak. However, she was not the first, or even the second actress to play the character. Gillian Spencer, “All My Children’s” Daisy Cortlandt, originated the role in 1968. She left in 1970, and was replaced by Joanne Dorian (odd coincidence, don’t you think?). On March 17, 1971, Slezak became the third actress to become Viki. However, she wasn’t the last. In the years that would follow a handful of other actresses would briefly take over the role for flashbacks, body doubles, and Slezak’s two maternity leaves. Even Roger Howarth, stepped into Viki’s shoes in a hilariously funny ‘Trading Places ‘ episode in 2001. But none of the other actresses who have portrayed Viki during the last forty years have left a mark on “OLTL” the way Erika Slezak obliviously has.

Through multiple personalities, breast cancer, widowhood, discovering lost children, a heart transplant, and a stroke (just to name a few), viewers have watched Viki’s life intimately for four decades. It seems as if there is nothing that the town matriarch has not endured or been a part of over the years. Publisher of the Banner, Mayor of Llanview, Co-Chair of the Go Red Ball, Dean of Llanview University, spokeswoman for heart disease…. Viki has long been involved in many community and charitable organizations. In many ways, she is a part of Llanview. There is no one in the fictitious Philadelphia suburb that has not been touched in one way or another by Victoria Lord Davidson.

Whether it be by blood or friendship, all of Llanview is connected to Viki in one way or another. From her children Jessica, Natalie, Kevin, and Joey, to her adversary Dorian and best friend David, to her former in-laws the Buchanans and her siblings Todd and Tina, it truly is Viki’s “Life to Live”–with everyone else seemingly revolving around her. Even though the soap’s focus has largely shifted away from Viki in recent years, she still remains an integral part of the show. As recently as 2007, she was involved in a major storyline where Viki left Llanview for Paris, Texas to “find herself.” However, while it could be claimed that show simply used Viki to introduce several new characters to the canvas (which is somewhat true), it also significantly increased Slezak’s airtime, and gave Viki her first serious love interest since the death of her most recent husband Ben Davidson. Granted both Viki and boyfriend Charlie Banks have faded somewhat from public view following their sweet, down-to-earth romantic rendezvous in the Lone Star State; however, Viki is always there to care for and help her children whenever needed. They need Viki and she needs them. Could imagine what Llanview would be like if Jessica, Natalie, and Todd didn’t have Viki’s sound advice and words of reassurance to guide them? I know I can’t.

For those who still don’t believe that Viki and Erika Slezak are essential to Llanview and “One Life to Live,” here is some food for thought. In 2008, ABC paraded Slezak around the media circuit promoting “One Life to Live’s” 40th anniversary…. from a panel discussion at the Pauley Center, to stopping by “The View,” to attending the final Super Soap Weekend, the alphabet network made full use of the star power of one of their long-running daytime actors. Furthermore, one of the soap’s most memorable storylines involving Viki was re-recreated for “OLTL’s” 40th anniversary tribute, taking Viki back to heaven for a second time. The sudser even broke the fourth wall at the end of the episode with Slezak (appearing as herself) and “OLTL” creator Agnes Nixon personally thanking viewers for their loyalty to “One Life to Live” for the past forty years. And who could forget Slezak’s comments concerning then “OLTL” Head Writer Dena Higley in a 2006 edition of her official fan club newsletter? Her vocal disdain for Higley’s inept writing capabilities ultimately led to her firing, and Ron Carlivati’s promotion as the show’s top scribe. How many other soap stars do you think have that kind of power? None that I’m aware of. Unlike some of her fellow daytime actors, when Slezak speaks people listen. It’s not everyday that Erika Slezak voices her thoughts and opinions on how the show she has helped to carry all these years, which makes her words even more powerful when she does choose to speak. And I admire her for that.

But let’s face facts…soaps are not what they used to be. The daytime genre, as a whole, is dying. The popularity of the soap opera has been steadily declining for decades. And the push these days is toward an increasingly younger audience. Gone are the days when storylines revolved solely around mature, veteran cast members with teenagers and young adults as merely supporting characters. Even so, characters such as Viki have still managed to carve out a niche in Llanview. While not featured prominently so far in 2009, Viki has still been seen regularly, appearing in nearly half of the episodes so far this year.

We’ll probably never again see Slezak in involved in another major storyline like the one she was a part of in 1995, but that’s not to say Viki won’t have any stories to call her own in the future. I use the 1995 example because, in my mind, it is a classic example of Erika Slezak’s superb acting skills and of Viki’s importance to the canvas. It was that particular storyline that amazed my then fourteen year old mind the most. In a time before the widespread availability of the Internet and message boards, and at a time when I had no job and couldn’t afford the newsstand soap magazines, I had no idea of what was coming next. I literally sat on the edge of my seat each and every day filled with both horror and astonishment as Viki’s mind snapped, and developed into six separate and distinct alternate personalities. Normally, I am not a fan of a show re-writing its own history (i.e., Victor Lord’s 2003 return from the dead). However, in this one instance I can make an exception. Turning Victor Lord into a creepy old sex pervert was pure gold. Now, if I had been born ten years earlier, and grew up watching Victor Lord back in the early days of “OLTL,” I may have a different opinion of the character. But growing up on the “OLTL” of the late ’80s and ’90s, I think the writers made a smart move by making Victor a dirty old man. My reasoning is the fact that it helped explain Viki’s DID (which, by the way, first appeared in 1968), and that it really helped define the character of Viki. In addition it has provided storyline possibilities that continue to exist nearly fifteen years later.

To say that Viki’s 1995 DID storyline, in which her altars kidnapped Dorian, threatened her family, and confessed to killing her father, wowed me is an understatement. Often times I find myself watching clips of those now infamous episodes on Youtube, and think of what “One Life to Live” can and could be. It also makes me think of just how dismal Llanview would be without Viki. She is so much a part of everyone and everything. She is our last direct connection to the past and a time when characters like Carla Gray, Meredith Lord, Joe Riley, and Steve Burke called Llanview home. And she is our last link to Agnes Nixon and her original vision for a soap she at first titled “Between Heaven and Hell.” Perhaps that is why we are so endeared to Viki and to Erika Slezak. There is a reason why her picture has closed all versions of “OLTL’s” opening sequences for the past fifteen years. It’s no accident that the character of Viki has endured for more than forty years.

So, to answer the question, I think that Llanview could survive without Viki (and “One Life to Live” without Erika Slezak), but her departure would leave a huge hole on the canvas that could never be filled. Think of it as a family which has lost beloved grandparent, or as a person who has lost a limb…. life still goes on, but it is never the same. They find a way to survive, but their lives are forever changed. But what has been lost is never forgotten; but lives on in memories. Such would be the future of “One Life to Live” without its matriarch. It would be fine for a while, but would eventually be like grapes withering on the vine. It just would never be the same again.

Fortunately however, I honestly doubt that we will have to concern ourselves with a Viki-less Llanview anytime soon. In my personal opinion, I think the rumor is just that-a rumor. I have yet to see a grain of truth in it. Of course, I could be wrong, but I just don’t see Erika Sleazk retiring from “One Life to Live” anytime soon. Instead, I see her having plenty of ‘Life’ left to live in Llanview.

Well, that concludes this edition of the column. I hope that somewhere in all my ramblings and jumbled thoughts, I have made my point. No matter how well mapped out my thoughts and ideas seem to be in my mind, it always seems difficult to properly express them in written form; but hopefully you got the jest of what I was talking about. As always, I welcome your feedback on this and other “One Life to Live” related issues. I invite you to join me again on March 15th for another installment of ‘My View of Llanview.’

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live”…

ATWT PreVUE: Week March 2 Edition

Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:58 PM ET | By Venus Stone

alt (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — One room will do…


Jade gets the cold shoulder from Casey on Thursday, March 5, while Henry is seeing green when he spots Brad and Vienna together on Friday, March 6. Meanwhile Elwood tells Luke and Noah to meet him at the bridge for some vital information concerning Reg’s overdose, but they could be too little too late…

The Inside Story: A Bed Big Enough for Two

Carly and Craig continue their work on the new label for the vodka, Midnight Sun with Stan, who manages to go a little too far in making a move on Carly. Craig, not liking what he sees gives Stan a warning. That night, the two get together for drinks and Carly stays up most of the night sketching labels for the vodka bottles. When she shows the designs to Craig he immediately thinks they should take a trip to Chicago to present it to their distributor, Siegler. Once they are in Chicago they begin to take pleasure in having more drinks with one another to the point where they are too drunk to drive back home. Craig gets a hotel room where he insists they just sleep it off and head home first thing in the morning. One thing leads to another however when the two of them get busy between the sheets. When the two wake up Carly is mortified while Craig thinks that the whole night with one another wasn’t bad at all. The minute they are back in Oakdale Carly tells Craig she can no longer stay friends; that is until she heads home to learn something bad has happened while she was gone.

A Closer Look: Rekindling the Past
Unable to leave Meg alone, Paul coaxes Emily in helping him make her uncomfortable in hopes of getting her back in his life. At the hospital, Meg has a little trouble swallowing the closeness that she witnesses between Dusty and Lucy. Meg soon approaches Dusty and requests that they go out that night. At the Lakeview the two are settled to have a nice meal time together when Paul and Emily saunter in instantly drawing attention from Meg. When Meg sees Emily and Paul cozying up to one another she gets upset and flies out of the hotel restaurant, Dusty right behind her. Once they are alone at the farmhouse, Dusty and Meg turn up the heat when the two share steamy kiss.

What To Watch

  • Matt does a disappearing act
  • Brad and Katie accept Vienna’s ‘gift’
  • Parker’s ‘frisky’ behavior burns Jack up

As the World Turns News and Headlines

  • Anne-Marie Cusson plays Olga a babysitter who tends to Johnny, Monday, March 9
  • Estes Tarver plays Stan, a business associate helping Craig and Carly with their vodka labeling
  • Lannon Killea returns as troublemaker Mark on Thursday, March 5 to give Alison a hard time
  • ‘As the World Turns’ fans will want to take advantage of seeing some of their favorite stars when they host the ATWT Annual Fan Club Luncheon 2009 on April 18 from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM at the Marriot Marquis located at 1535 Broadway, New York, NY. Those interested are required to pay a $25.00 non-refundable deposit per person in order to reserve seating. Those who are current fan club members pay $125 and non-fan club members pay $135 For more information regarding the event, please visit ATWT Fan Club
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on “ATWT” during the week of February 23 – 27, 2009? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday’s at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Lucy makes a mysterious phone call.
  • Henry still has a hard time accepting Katie and Brad’s request.
  • Meg gets a little bit closer to Dusty.

    “As the World Turns” airs Weekdays on CBS. Check local listings.

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    Discussion: ATWT PreVUE: Week of March 2 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of March 2 Edition

Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:22 PM ET | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In the danger zone…


When Billy can’t commit entirely to her and baby Cordelia, Chloe decides to turn him away. Jack and Victor put Ashley in the middle of their heated argument.. Clint trips Amber and Kevin up in their attempt to find Katherine. On Wednesday, March 4, Sharon just can’t seem to keep her hands off things that don’t belong to her.

The Inside Story: In the Hands of a Madman
Esther, still reeling from the news that her new husband Roger only wanted to marry her for her money. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have much time to do something about when Clint shows up and kidnaps her and puts her face-to-face with Katherine. Esther can’t believe her eyes but soon realizes that they are in grave danger. Clint heads back to the hotel and demands that Esther writes her daugher a letter telling her all is well and that she is enjoying a wonderful honeymoon with Roger. Clint soon hits the roof when he learns that his plan to get Esther’s fortune was for nothing when he discovers that Esther is only the owner of Katherine’s estate, rather than all of the money she has. Realizing that they are in serious danger, Katherine advices that Esther try to get Jill to buy her portion of the mansion. When Esther goes to Jill with her offer however, Jill turns her down flat. Meanwhile Murphy shows Amber and Kevin a letter that Katherine left. After looking over it again, they realizes that Katherine has left a clue for them: the name Clint. Amber later finds herself talking with scheming Clint who approaches her with a load of questions about the ‘woman’ she’s trying to find. Gina, witnessing Clint pressing Amber for infomration, waits until he’s gone. Once alone with Amber she warns her that Clint is nothing but bad news and to steer clear. Amber soon realizes that he is the man that Katherine clued them in on. Returning back to the hotel, Clint’s presence stirs up more memories for Katherine who remembers more of his kidnapping her and that of her late husband Rex. This time however Clint soon believes that he is in fact dealing with Katherine and not Marge. Using Esther, Clint sends her to Jill with a ransom note but Jill, still thinking it to be a con, dismisses her. Furious and running out of options to get what he wants, Clint decides it’s just best to get rid of Katherine and Esther. Meanwhile, Amber, Kevin and Daniel are hot on Clint’s trail and are at the hotel. Kevin, separating from Amber and Daniel, goes snooping on his own and has a nasty run-in with Annie.

A Closer Look: Who Do You Love?

Turning his back on Chloe and preparing to start the divorce proceedings, Cane finds Lily and tells her that he and she can finally be together, no questions asked. The two again become engaged and celebrate by hitting the sheets. Chloe, however, becomes disappointed when Billy won’t make a full commitment to her and Cordelia. Jack wanting to make sure that Billy takes his advice in making Cordelia a part of the Abbott family decides to pay a visit to his new niece and Chloe. Later that day, Chloe warns Billy that Cane is set to do whatever it takes to get custody of their baby. Jill, still fuming over Chloe deception realizes that Billy is the one that she’s falling in love with.

What To Watch

  • Holding Cordelia brings Amber bittersweet moments
  • Victor prepares his mystery lady for her big debut
  • Annie, Katherine and Esther prepare to flee

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Karen Hensel makes another appearance as Sharon’s mother on Friday, March 6
  • The new little bundles of joy playing Chloe and Billy’s daughter, Cordelia are that of Riley, Olivia and Isabelle.
  • ‘The Young and the Restless’ is mentioned in the currrent issue of Soap Opera Digest in the Thumbs Up & Down section, where the magazine gave thumbs up for the show bringing the Abbott family back to the forefront where they belong.
  • Fans can ‘get restless’ by participating in the Get Restless in Jamaica Sweepstakes. A fan could win their chance of a lifetime to have a 4 day/3 night vacation. Those interested can visit Get Restless in Jamaica
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on “Y&R” during the week of February 23 – 27, 2009? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday’s at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Adam’s eyes are ‘deceiving’ him.
  • Karen demands Neil make some serious choices.
  • Kevin gets caught up in drama…AGAIN.

    “The Young and the Restless” airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings .

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    Discussion: Y&R PreVUE: Week of March 2 Edition

‘OLTL’ March Casting News

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 8:20 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The latest Llanview comings and goings.

Who’s Returning?

  • Timothy D. Stickney brings R.J. Gannon back to town later this spring to bond with brother Hank and niece Rachel, who are slated to return to Llanview in early April. Stickney has portrayed the gangster R.J. Gannon on and off since originating the role in 1994; he was bumped from contract to recurring status with “OLTL” in 2006. R.J. was last seen in June 2008 following his break-up with girlfriend Lindsay Rappaport. No first airdate has yet been announced.

  • Tuc Watkins leaves Llanview on March 2nd, only to return again the following month. Watkins’, who has left “OLTL” almost as many times as his onscreen grandpa Asa took a new bride, has recently been performing double duty for ABC with recurring roles on both the daytime drama “OLTL” and the primetime sudser “Desperate Housewives.” Watkins’ latest departure comes only weeks after his character David Vickers learned that he was a Buchanan. According to the actor’s co-star and onscreen wife Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord), David heads for Los Angeles, where he will attempt to jump start his acting career, and that Dorian will continue to wear his wedding ring.

Who’s Going?

  • Former “I Wanna Be a Soap Star” competitor BethAnn Bonner has been fired from “OLTL.” Look for her character, Talia Sahid, to soon exit Llanview in a “dramatic fashion.” The news comes on the heels of Bonner’s co-star and on-screen love interest Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega) announcing that he has chosen not to renew his contract with “One Life.” The soap has given no final airdate for Bonner, but has hinted that de los Reyes, who last airs in early March, may briefly return as Antonio to help escort Talia out of Llanivew. Bonner joined “OLTL” in December 2006.

  • Jacqueline Hendy last airs as Vanessa Montez during the week of February 23rd, when the character is sent to prison for framing her ex-husband Ray for murdering his first wife.

  • Florencia Lozano, whose short-term contract with “OLTL” reportedly expires in April, is rumored to be considering extended her stay in Llanview for a few extra weeks in order to wrap up her storyline. Lozano reprised her role as Téa Delgado last December.

Who’s Coming?

  • Robert Miles has been cast in a dayplayer role, scheduled to air on March 17th and 20th, according to the website Internet Movie Database. Miles, not to be confused with the musician with the same name, has made his rounds on the daytime circuit, having appeared in bit parts on several of the soaps already this year. According to the IMDb, Miles’ soap credits include “The Young and the Restless,” “As the World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Emmerdale Farm.” In addition, he has co-starred in several films, including “The Kings of Appletown,” “Soundcheck,” and “17 Again.” Aside from acting, Miles has also explored his talent behind the camera, directing episodes of “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light,” as well as producing four episodes of “Guiding Light” already this year. Other daytime credits include producing an episode of “As the World Turns” and assisting with continuity for the March 6th, 2009 episode of “One Life to Live.” Miles also appeared as himself in the January 16th edition of “Good Morning America” and provided several of the voices for the 2008 video game “Resident Evil: Degeneration.” IMDb incorrectly lists Miles’ “OLTL” dayplayer character as ‘Eric Lord,’ a role he portrays in upcoming episode of “Guiding Light.” However this is most likely an error, with Miles portraying an entirely different dayplayer role on “OLTL.” For more information on Robert Miles’ filmography, click here.

  • Brett Claywell made his “One Life” debut on February 24th as LPD Lab Technican Kyle Lewis. The role is recurring.

  • Look for another dayplayer role coming up in the April 3rd episode.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Could Thorsten Kaye be headed back to Llanview as the presumed dead Patrick Thornhart, or perhaps even as his doctor brother Ian, who was last seen in Port Charles? Speculation continues to escalate given Kaye’s recent stalled contract negotiations with “All My Children,” where he has portrayed Zach Slater since 2004. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Kaye’s wife Susan Haskell recently reprised the role of Patrick’s wife Marty Saybrooke on “OLTL,” and that a spokesperson for the soap recently stated that someone from Marty’s past would be returning to Llanview this spring. However, at this time, Kaye remains in negotiations with “AMC.”

  • “One Life to Live” is currently in the process of casting two new roles. The first appears to be either a dayplayer or recurring role, while the second looks more like a recurring role. Both casting calls, released earlier this week, continue the sudser’s policy of confusing fans by changing names of the existing characters interacting with the newcomer. The first script is for the role of “Ellen.” In the script, Ellen informs ‘Dan’ that he and his sister ‘Zelda’ will be able to visit ‘Mr. Rosner’ since they are related to him, but that the man has never had any visitors before. Ellen goes on to inform Dan that Ms. Rosner is typically sedated, restrained to the bed, may not respond very well to visitors, and that he may not even be able to remember his two cousins. As the scene ends, Zelda assures her that she and Dan will be careful, and Ellen reminds them that they can only visit them one at a time.

  • The second script is for “Veronica,” who regales ‘Bobby’ with wild tales of her past. Her tall tales include skinny dipping in a fountain in downtown Paris because it was a hot day and then passionately kissing a boy while the water poured over them. Bobby soon grows tired of Veronica’s exaggerated tales, and wishes she would just be herself for once. Veronica fires back at him claiming that it’s not her fault, but is the result of being stuck alone at a boarding school during holidays, while all the other kids visited family and friends. She claims the loneliness forced her to find other outlets for her pain. Bobby reassures Veronica that he could never hate her for making up such lies, but wishes she would promise to quit making up stories and be the girl that he loves.

  • According to IMDb, the production crew for the upcoming March 6th episode of “OLTL” is as follows: amy Boutet (production assistant), Robert Miles (continuity), and Amy Venta (assistant director/production coordinator). Most or all of these crew personal have been working on “OLTL” for some time now.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Discussion: ‘OLTL’ March Casting News

OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 2 Edition

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 5:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A killer strikes again.


Ray attempts to repair his relationship with Langston and Lola. On Wednesday, March 4, Dorian and Ray prove to be a perfect match for one another. Markko sees Lola’s dark side. Ray and Langston’s reunion doesn’t go as planned. Gigi confides to Viki that she doesn’t trust Stacy, who buddies up to Layla in order to learn more about Rex. Later, old friends Stacy and Schuyler bump into one another at the diner. On Thursday, March 5, Dorian’s luck goes from bad to worse. After unsuccessfully throwing Moe out of La Boulaie, she is left speechless when Moe offers Ray a room in the mansion.

The Inside Story: Family Secrets
Natalie hires Rex to uncover Tess’ motives the night Chloe was born. On Wednesday, March 4, Natalie and Rex talk themselves out of trouble when Fish discovers them snooping around Llanview Hospital. Soon afterward, they locate the surveillance tape, and discover that Bess, not Tess, visited the hospital just after Chloe was born. Rex catches Gigi up to speed on his talk with Roxy. On Monday, March 3, Dorian turns down David’s offer to move to California with him. Before leaving, David hates what Dorian is doing, but is forced to accept the fact that she is seeking vengeance from Clint. Meanwhile, Roxy visits a special care facility, where she tells a comatose patient that their plan is working, and that Rex will never uncover the truth. Bo and Matthew work to repair their relationship.

A Closer Look: Tough Choices
Antonio’s questioning of Brody causes Jessica to become defensive. Brody, however, refuses to allow Jessica to lie for him, and confesses that he has no alibi for the night of Wes’ murder. Antonio observes just how close Jessica and Brody have become. On Tuesday, March 3, Nora gives Marty an ultimatum; either go to jail or bond with her son. Meanwhile, Cole has another encounter with Asher. Marty returns home to be a mother to her son again and quickly discovers the pills in Cole’s room. Blair stands her ground when John confronts her about attacking Marty in the Intruder on Wednesday, March 4. When Blair challenges John to deny his feelings for Marty, he pulls her into a kiss. At the same time, Marty urges Cole for a second chance. Still hurting, however, Cole tears his mother a new one. Blair forces John to choose between her and Marty, and doesn’t like his decision. A high as a kite Cole confronts Todd, blaming him for everyone’s troubles. Blair blasts Todd over the phone. On Friday, March 6, Blair is left fighting for her life after being surprised in the shower. Todd and Dorian make a grizzly discovery. After gathering the nerve to ask Becca to the school dance, Matthew is embarrassed in front of his classmates by Justin. Starr denies Cole’s allegations. As their argument escalates, the pair kiss, but his drug use continues to drive a wedge between them. Afterward, Cole contemplates calling Narcotics Anonymous, but instead finds comfort in his pills on Monday, March 2. Starr and Schuyler are drawn into a kiss at the school dance on Thursday, March 5, which Cole witnesses. On Friday, March 6, Marty takes full responsibility for Cole’s present state of mind. Spiraling out of control, Cole jumps in his car and speeds off. To make matters worse, Matthew finds himself in the same vehicle as a spaced out Cole. Starr is devastated by Cole’s behavior.

One Life to Live News and Headlines


  • Monday: Matthew’s loved ones are unaware that he in danger. Schuyler’s academic career is over. Stacy puts her plan in motion.
  • Tuesday: Michael makes an alarming discovery concerning Matthew. Todd wants to prove his innocence to Starr. Stacy puts phase two of her plan into effect.
  • Wednesday: Cole’s streak of bad luck continues. Starr reminds Todd of his past crimes. Gigi is caught in Stacy’s web.
  • Thursday: John hunts down a murderer. Gigi kicks Stacy out. Marcie is surprised by what she finds.
  • Friday: Bo and Nora receive heartbreaking news, as to Rex and Gigi. Stacy is curious about Roxy’s secret. Natalie and Jared inch closer to the truth.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.


AMC PreVUE: Week of March 2 Edition

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 5:05 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Downfalls.


Taylor charms Tad. Amanda spits in the face of the recession when she quits her job at Fusion. Adam and Erica trade threats but will the bickering pair ultimately agree to come together for the good of Pine Valley’s cosmetics industry? Find out on Tuesday, March 3. Brot and Taylor bask in the afterglow. Aidan and Annie share a kiss on Thursday, March 5, but Emma’s mom is not as well as she claims. Opal picks up a strange vibe about Greenlee.

The Inside Story: The Odd (S)Quad
Zach and Kendall hold their own against Adam who nonetheless remains confident that he has Zach right where he wants him. Reese faces the Slater’s wrath. Zach forces Kendall to choose between loving him or hating him. Kendall follows her heart and she and Zach make love on Monday, March 2. Reese is devastated when she spies on Zach and Kendall in the afterglow of lovemaking. The next day, Kendall confronts a feisty Reese and later challenges Zach to get rid of the architect. Ryan refuses to say goodbye to Greenlee. The truth about who was driving on the night of Greenlee’s accident does nothing to re-direct Ryan’s anger. Reese make it clear to Zach that she’s staying put. The confrontation takes an unexpected turn when Reese suffers a nasty fall. A guilt-ridden Zach chooses to go to Reese at the hospital while Kendall attends Greenlee’s memorial. Greenlee is remembered by her friends and family. Kendall reaches out to Ryan, who ends up at Greenlee’s memorial service after all. A devastated Reese lashes out at Zach after the doctors remove the bandages from her eyes. Zach arrives to find Kendall and Ryan in a seemingly intimate moment.

A Closer Look: Battling Demons
True to his word, David exposes every single detail of Amanda’s misdeeds to JR. Amanda finds herself homeless. JR asks Amanda to sign papers giving him primary custody of “their” child. An angry Ms. Dillon gives JR his answer. Jake comes to Amanda’s aid when David starts to harass her. Jake invites Amanda to move in with him, Tad and the girls. Krystal marries David in a sterile ceremony at Wildwind after signing his pre-nup without even reading it. JR falls off the wagon, again. Krystal fights her uneasy feeling about David, who heads to the hospital after being informed that Amanda is there. Tad tears into JR for abandoning Amanda. JR arrives at the hospital just as Amanda is preparing to tell David the truth about the baby on Wednesday, March 4. JR pledges to stand by Amanda and the baby. David tells a stunned Krystal that he wants them to have a baby together. Jake and Amanda’s bond continues to grow. Krystal confronts David after Tad informs her of his misdeeds. David tells Krystal that he’s just protecting his grandson. Krystal pledges her allegiance to David after finding Little Adam with alcohol on his breath at the Chandler mansion on Friday, March 6.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Monday: Zach storms out on Kendall. Erica urges Kendall to fight for her marriage. David tells Krystal they’re going after custody of Little Adam.
  • Tuesday: Zach suspects that Ryan is up to no good. Kendall no longer trusts Zach. Annie might be growing too attached to Aidan.
  • Wednesday: Aidan strikes a deal with Zach. Zach accuses Kendall of having never stopped loving Ryan. David puts the screws to Amanda.
  • Thursday: David double crosses Amanda. Zach suspects Ryan is out to get Kendall for himself. Aidan and Annie take their relationship to a new level.
  • Friday: Aidan agrees to do Zach’s dirty work. A furious JR unleashes a tirade against Amanda.

“All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 7:35 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — On Tuesday, February 24, The CW Television Network gave the green light to show producers of six of its highest rated series to continue on with production during the 2009-2010 broadcast season.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that The CW has renewed dramas “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill,” “90210,” “Smallville” and “Supernatural,” while adding two more cycles for reality hit “America’s Next Top Model.”

“As we continue to build The CW Network as a destination for young women, these six shows have clearly contributed to strengthening our schedule and our brand identity,” said Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment, The CW.


“Gossip Girl” will enter its third season on the network. The drama surrounds Upper East side Manhattan high school students involved in adult situations. The series stars Blake Lively (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”), Leighton Meester (“Tarzan,” “Surface”), Penn Badgley (“The Mountain”), Chace Crawford (“The Covenant”) and Ed Westwick (“Children of Men”). The series currently airs Mondays at 8/7c.

“One Tree Hill” enters its third season on the CW in the fall. This will be its seventh season overall. Chad Michael Murray (“House of Wax”), James Lafferty (“Once and Again”), Hilarie Burton (“The Secret Lives of Bees”), Bethany Joy Galeotti (“Guiding Light”) and Sophia Bush (“John Tucker Must Die”) star. The series currently airs Mondays at 9/8c.

“90210,” a spin-off of the popular 90′s drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” will enter its second season on the network. The series stars Rob Estes (“Melrose Place”), Shenae Grimes (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”), Lori Loughlin (“Summerland”), and Jennie Garth reprising her role as Kelly Taylor from “Hills.” The series currently airs Tuesdays at 8/7c. It moves to Tuesdays at 9/8c beginning March 2. 

It is understood that “Smallville’s” ninth season renewal came down to locking in star Tom Welling (“Cheaper by the Dozen”). Welling has been playing Clark Kent on the drama series since its debut on The WB in 2001. The series also stars Erica Durance (“The Butterfly Effect 2″) and Allison Mack (“The Ant Bully”). The series currently airs Thursdays at 8/7c.

Jensen Ackles (“Days of our Lives,” “My Bloody Valentine”) and Jared Padalecki (“Gilmore Girls,” “Friday the 13th”) fans can breathe easy knowing that the Winchester brothers will return for a fifth season of “Supernatural.” The series currently airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

Tyra Banks hosted “America’s Next Top Model” will present cycles 13 and 14 next season after debuting on UPN in 2003. The series currently airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.

Discussion: The CW 6: Fall’s Returning Shows

  • 90210
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Lori Loughlin
  • Smallville
  • Blake Lively
  • Gossip Girl
  • Supernatural
  • One Tree Hill
  • Dawn Ostroff
  • Leighton Meester
  • Penn Badgley
  • Chace Crawford
  • Ed Westwick
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • James Lafferty
  • Hilarie Burton
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti
  • Sophia Bush
  • Rob Estes
  • Shenae Grimes
  • Jennie Garth
  • Tom Welling
  • Erica Durance
  • Allison Mack
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Tyra Banks

    ‘AMC’s’ March Casting Notes

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:06 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The ins and outs of March 2009.

    “All My Children” Head-Writer Charles Pratt Jr. recently reported that David Canary’s character, Adam Chandler, would go on a three week hiatus in March. Don’t miss getting in your last winter 2008-2009 glimpses of the silver-fox on Monday, March 9, when Adam decides to hit the road. The grandfather won’t be leaving Pine Valley alone, expect not one but two other characters to join him, at least for a while. 

    Anna Stuart reprises the role of Mary Smythe on Thursday, March 5. Mary returns for her daughter Greenlee’s (Rebecca Budig) memorial service. Stuart, who regularly appeared on “AMC” from 2002-2005, last aired on the serial on Thursday, January 29 at Greenlee’s bridal shower.

    Frank Runyeon, Laila Robins and Adam-Jon Fiorentino will briefly return as Reese’s (Tamara Braun) father, Forrest, her mother, Claire, and her ex-fiancé, Simon. An appearance by the trio during the week of March 16 appears to finally give Reese clarity.

    * Correction on date (March 9) made on 2/24/09 at 10:25 PM ET. Additional information added on 2/25/09 at 4:37 PM ET (final edit).

    “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.


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    • Frank Runyeon
    • David Canary
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    • Adam-Jon Fiorentino
    • Anna Stuart