OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 13 Edition

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 5:00 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Why must I be a teenager in love?


Natalie and Jared dispose of their evidence, and are confident they are doing the right thing as far as Jessica is concerned. Viki offers Clint some food for thought concerning his relationship with Nora. Rachel is successful in getting Matthew to crack a smile. On Wednesday, April 15, Destiny tricks Justin and Becca into believing that Matthew may be hauling their sorry butts into court, charging them as accessories to his accident. Brody makes amends with Jessica. Clint and Nora drift further apart. Shaun refuses to help Destiny hunt down their brother. Baby Chloe is christened on Thursday, April 17. Cole confides to Marty that he is still in love with Starr. Starr confesses to Cole that Hope didn’t die of Rh disease, and they soon become determined to find the baby’s real cause of death.

The Inside Story: Will the Real Murderer Please Stand Up?
As he is taunting Todd, Zach considers raping Starr, but quickly decides that it would hurt Todd more if he just killed the girl. Fortunately, Todd is able to distract Zach long enough for Starr to run away. Meanwhile John, Llanview’s resident superhero, leaps from the heating duct and onto Zach, just as he pulls a gun on Todd. While they are wrestling on the ground for control of the weapon, Todd grabs the gun and fires a shot. Zach is wounded, however not fatally, and is promptly taken away by the cops. However, on his way out, Zach is confronted by Marty. The encounter brings back a memory for her on Tuesday, April 14. Even with Zach’s attack on Starr, John isn’t convinced that he is the KAD killer. Todd and Starr are grateful that neither was hurt. On Wednesday, April 15, John becomes even more convinced that Zach is not the culprit after watching Nora interrogate the convicted rapist. However, he isn’t sure what to make of a bloody knife found in Zach’s motel room. Todd tries to sway Téa into helping him get his kids back. The argument soon becomes heated, however, when Téa slaps Todd when he alleges that she wants him to make love to her. Before Téa even knows what hit her, she and Todd soon find themselves in a fierce embrace. Meanwhile, a smarter than he looks Cole realizes that he will now fail his drug test. Desperate to find a solution to his problem, he turns to Markko on Wednesday, April 15. At first hestiant to help his friend, Markko soon agrees to provide Cole with a urine sample. Across town, Langston is honest with Starr about Cole and Schuyler. Rachel learns that she has been assigned as Cole’s drug counselor. On Thursday, April 17, Todd and Téa enjoy a wild night of passion, before she pulls the rug out from under him. Nora receives unexpected information following analysis of the bloody knife. Cole informs Starr that he was the one who told Todd about her and Schuyler. By Friday, April 18, Mayor Lowell demands John be arrested after evidence surfaces linking him to the murders. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Bo is forced to order Talia and Fish to haul John in for questioning. Marty relates to John that Starr and Schuyler may be involved in an inappropriate relationship, and both unaware that they are being watched. And after hearing a noise outside, John makes a grizzly discovery when he goes to investigate.

A Closer Look: Stand by Your Man
Gigi feels remorseful, and is determined to set the record straight to Jessica. However, she soon hushes up when Rex arrives. With her heart breaking, she reiterates to Rex that she did sleep with Brody. Afterward, Roxy confesses to Gigi that she knows Stacy is blackmailing her, and suggests that they expose her following Shane’s transplant. Rex evades Shane’s questions about him and Gigi. Schuyler gets the wrong idea after seeing Stacy and Kyle together. Rex and Gigi team up to tell Shane that there is trouble in paradise, but fall short of mentioning their break-up. Stacy fakes being surprised when confronted by Schuyler. And on Friday, April 17, Roxy, Kyle, and Stacy place their plan in motion as young Shane prepares to undergo his bone marrow transplant.

One Life to Live News and Headlines


  • Monday: Mayor Lowell orders that John be charged with attempted murder. Schuyler becomes increasingly suspicious of Stacy. Rex’s comatose father begins to come back to life.
  • Tuesday: Todd considers using John’s woes to his benefit. Viki figures out that Todd still has the hots for Téa. Lola wants to settle the score with Markko and Langston.
  • Wednesday: Antonio is there for John. The temperature rises between Todd and Téa. Cole finally wises up and does something responsible.
  • Thursday: John says farewell to Blair and begins life as a wanted man. Nora is unnerved to learn that Rachel is Cole’s counselor. David and Dorian take a long, hard look at their relationship.
  • Friday: Marty is determined to help John track down the killer. Schuyler demands to know what Stacy is hiding. Kyle blackmails Roxy in exchange for his silence.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009 5:00 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Taking blows.


Frankie’s family and friends throw him an emotional goodbye party before he ships out to Iraq. Scott and David’s camaraderie dissipates with the revelation that they’re each in the process of trying to develop an artificial heart valve. The turn of events brings Stuart and Adam’s sons closer on Monday, April 13. David begins to manipulate Zach into thinking Ian could need a new heart valve. Aidan races to cover for Annie who breaks into Ryan’s penthouse to visit Emma. Amanda admits to Jake that she trusts him. Taylor and Brot surprise Randi with a “visit” from Frankie on Wednesday, April 15. Aidan and Annie learn that Ryan has pulled strings to have Annie transferred to a different facility to keep them apart. Jake pulls a gun on David after he threatens to take Amanda’s baby away on Friday, April 17. Tad realizes that his brother is falling head over heals for Amanda. Adam offers to bankroll Scott’s latest project after learning his main competitor is David. Jesse and Angie take the time to enjoy their happiness.

The Inside Story: (Un)Buried Secrets
Krystal makes a mysterious call after she and David finish prepping for the next day’s hearing. On Tuesday, April 14, Adam informs a shaken Krystal that he knows where her skeletons are buried and threatens to expose Krystal secret if she doesn’t do his bidding at the custody hearing. David and Erica take notice of Krystal’s uneasiness. The custody hearing comes to a brief halt when a disoriented Adam suddenly collapses. Erica tries to hide her concern for Adam who she accompanies to the hospital. Erica wonders what Adam has on David’s wife. Krystal turns on David on the witness stand as a pleased Adam listens in from the hospital. David pleads with a devastated Krystal to tell him what Adam is holding over her. Adam dismisses Erica’s concerns and leaves the hospital.  Later, a menacing David approaches Adam with a hypodermic needle. Scott clobbers David after overhearing him threatening his uncle’s life. Krystal demands that Adam keep her secret. Adam gives Krystal an address which turns out to be that of a gravestone.

A Closer Look: Parting Shots
Erics’s relentless in her quest to get Ryan to stop pursuing Kendall and let her be happy with Zach, but is she fighting a losing battle? Zach tells a hurt Kendall that the kiss they shared meant nothing and that he doesn’t need her anymore. Kendall goes in search of Erica after learning she’s gone missing and ends up finding her mother and Ryan in a very shocking situation. Ryan believes Kendall doesn’t want to let go of her marriage to Zach. Kendall returns home where she relates her mother’s latest mis-adventures to Zach and proceeds to finally sign their divorce papers. Kendall is surprised by Ryan’s reaction to learning that she signed the divorce papers on Thursday, April 16. Ryan won’t let Kendall walk away from him. Kendall is gut-punched when Zach tells her she no longer means anything to him while they wait for Ian’s test results. Zach leaves Kendall at the hospital and heads to the casino. Ryan arrives to support Kendall. Zach is intrigued by a beautiful woman he plays cards with at the casino and they are soon having no-strings sex.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Monday: Zach evens the score with Kendall. Colby’s feelings about Liza hit home for Amanda. Aidan and Annie plan on hitting the road.
  • Tuesday: Annie makes a desperate move. Krystal goes on a mysterious mission. David needs to brush up on his Hippocratic Oath.
  • Wednesday: Ryan plans on making Aidan and Annie pay for their crimes. Erica suspects David is up to something. Reese thinks Kendall is getting just what she deserves.
  • Thursday: Krystal gets an unexpected surprise. Frankie witnesses Randi and Scott’s easy rapport. Aidan refuses to rat out Annie.
  • Friday: Ryan is fed up with Kendall’s game playing. Krystal has an ominous dream. A vision of Annie throws a fright into Opal.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009 5:00 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The resurrection of evil.


Spinelli is crushed when he sees Maxie kissing Johnny. Carly learns that the complications could kill her should she become pregnant on Monday, April 13. Robin gives Patrick the cold shoulder. At his breaking point, Patrick publicly accuses Robin of having been unfaithful. Carly turns to Jason, on Wednesday, April 15, unable to bring herself to take a pregnancy test knowing the decision she will have to make if it comes out positive. Patrick and Robin take steps towards rebuilding…after a heated argument on Thursday, April 16. Carly finally takes the pregnancy test, with Jason’s support. Spinelli brushes a hurt Maxie off. Maxie refuses to abide by Lulu’s wishes that she move out of their apartment. Robin goes against her doctor’s wishes and dumps her anti-depressants in the trash.

The Inside Story: Of Mice and Men
Claudia panics when Ric informs Sonny and Jason that she was the one in cahoots with Ian and Devlin and gives them the DVD as proof. Nothing but static shows up on the screen after Sonny pops in the DVD. A shocked Ric continues to insist that Claudia is the guilty party. Sonny warns Claudia that there will be no place for her to hide if he finds out she had anything to do with Michael’s shooting. Claudia prays that Sonny will take her word over Ric’s and is relieved when he stops her from moving out. The relief is short lived as Claudia realizes the lethal reason why he wants to keep her close on Tuesday, April 14. Claudia works on Jason. An increasingly hapless Ric returns home to come face to face with a dangerous Jerry. Spinelli informs Jason that Jerry is alive and has been siphoning money from Devlin’s account. Sonny orders Jason to find and kill Jerry. Jerry makes it clear to Ric that he’s calling the shots and then informs Claudia that he’s going to keep the truth about Michael’s shooting a secret…for now. Claudia squirms as Sonny lets her now that she’s a dead woman if he finds out Ric’s claim is correct. Jax discovers Jerry at Michael’s bedside.

A Closer Look: Strangers in the Night
Nikolas and Rebecca celebrate her biopsy results over ice cream at Kelly’s. Rebecca accepts a private call. Nikolas anticipates General Hospital’s reopening with an impressed Rebecca by his side. Nikolas is taken aback when Helena suddenly appears at the hospital’s reopening ceremony. Alexis shares her theory with Nikolas: Rebecca is in cahoots with Helena. Rebecca manages to get away from a protective Edward and Monica and returns to Nikolas’ side. Helena pays Nikolas and Rebecca a visit at Wyndemere. Alexis straight out accuses Rebecca and Helena of working together on Friday, April 17. Helena demands that Nikolas hand her over a certain painting from Wyndemere.


  • Monday: Carly gets the results of her pregnancy test. Jax leaves Jerry with a lethal warning. Nikolas finds Helena and Rebecca together.
  • Tuesday: Claudia thinks her plan is working out perfectly. Carly can’t bring herself to shatter Jax’s happiness. Robin suffers a setback.
  • Wednesday: Carly hides her condition from Jax. Jason learns that Jerry is back in town. Tracy shares her suspicions about Ethan with Luke.
  • Thursday: Claudia wants to silence Jerry once and for all. Carly gets the news she’s dreaded to hear. Patrick and Robin are on the right path.
  • Friday: Ric puts the screws to Claudia. Carly makes a decision. Robin’s denial about her condition leads to tragedy.

“General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

‘General Hospital’ Goes High-Def.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 1:23 AM EDT | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Port Charles is about to get a makeover as ABC prepares to launch “GH” in HD.

Brian Frons, president of daytime at the Disney-ABC Television Group, announced Monday that the network’s senior daytime drama will be begin broadcasting in 720-line-progressive high-definition format on April 23rd. The move will coincide with the unveiling of a new hospital set, designed by “GH” production designer Chip Dox, and possibly a new, or updated opening sequence.

According to Frons, “Our loyal viewers will be very pleased with the technology that provides top-notch video and audio quality, and shows our commitment to the production of this long-running series, as well as the daytime drama genre. The people and places in Port Charles will never look better.”

However the move to HD didn’t come cheap, as Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that the Alphabet Network spent $3 million to make the necessary upgrades to help transition “GH” into the new format. Aside from equipment, expenses also accounted for the renting of a second control room, which the soap used from January 4th until March 13th while the main studios were upgraded. Dom Nuzzi, senior VP of production for ABC Daytime, explains the difficulty in the change, “Doing an HD upgrade on a show that’s in production 48 to 50 weeks a year takes some logistical juggling.” According to Nuzzi, “GH” had the fortune of being able to use an empty control room adjacent to the show’s Stage 4 at ABC’s Prospect Studios facility in California. The move to HD began late last year, during the daytime drama’s two-week hiatus around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. It was during this time that Nuzzi and his staff installed rental equipment from Sweetwater Digital in the temporary control room, while crews dismantled the old command center.

Broadcasting & Cable states that “ABC had already purchased high-definition Ikegami HDK-725 cameras (six and a backup) for ‘GH.’ Key new gear added since January includes Fujinon HD lenses, a 48-input Grass Valley Kayak production switcher, and an upgraded Avid Unity ISIS server system with Nitris editors that uses Avid’s DNxHD 145-megabit-per-second compression rate. The system is capable of storing 20-30 episodes for post-production and on-air promo applications. The new control room takes a scaled-down approach to monitoring; instead of a giant virtual monitor wall, it uses five 65-inch Panasonic professional plasma monitors fed by an Evertz MVP multi-image display processor system.”

During the week of March 16th, while “GH” took a break from filming, crew members installed the new hospital set and upgraded the lighting (which operates at lower levels) in the show’s 20,000 square foot studio. Also, camera operators and technical directors received training regarding the 16.9 aspect ratio associated with HD, and the make-up team experimented on the show’s cast to determine the best look for high def. Nuzzi comments, “We wanted to make sure that the actors were comfortable. But we’re settling into a good routine.”

As for the new medical center set, the network was able to salvage bits and pieces of sets used in the suder’s prime-time spinoff, “General Hospital: Night Shift,” and incorporate them into the set deign for the new hospital. The new set is made up of 14 pieces and “will allow the realism of ‘General Hospital’ to grow bigger than it’s ever been,” according to Frons. The old “GH” set was recently destroyed in an explosion, as part of a major storyline on the show. The carefully crafted tale laid the groundwork for the construction of the new set.

From filming to post-production, it takes approximately three to four days to complete an entire episode of “General Hospital,” which are usually shot about three to four weeks before being scheduled to air. The March 30 episode was the first to be filmed in HD, meaning it will air on April 23rd, which is also the first day of May sweeps.

Impressed by the initial HD test shoots, Frons expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “Because the cameras operate in less light, you get much more of a filmic, primetime look,” states the ABC Daytime head.

“General Hospital” becomes only the second daytime drama to make the switch to HD. “The Young & the Restless” has been broadcasting in high def. since June 2001. In addition, “GH” is also the second show on the ABC Daytime programming block to be produced in HD, following “The View” which made the transition in 2006.  ABC currently broadcasts most of its primetime schedule in HDTV, in addition to both the weekday and weekend editions of “Good Morning America” and the the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” 

As for ABC’s two New York based soaps, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” Frons laments that the network has no definite plans to convert either soap to HD in the short-term. However, he is hopeful that the entire ABC Daytime lineup will broadcast in HD within the next two years. “In this economic environment, it’s about two things. One: how much life the equipment in the studio has left. Two, can you get the capital expense [for new equipment] approved? The second one is a little different now than it’s historically been, but we hope to coax it along.”

“GH” recently celebrated its 46th anniversary on April 1st, and is ABC’s longest-running daytime serial. Created by Frank and Doris Hursley, “GH” has won a record ten Daytime Emmys, six Soap Opera Digest Awards, and 4 Soapy Awards for Best Daytime Drama, and has aired more than 11,780 episodes. Jill Farren Phelps in Executive Producer, while Robert Guza, Jr. serves as Head Writer. Senior cast members include Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot, Anthony Geary, John J. York, and John Ingle. Full episodes of “GH” are available on ABC.com the day after airing on the network for users to watch online.

“General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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‘OLTL’ April Casting Report

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 4:49 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The latest casting news for “One Life to Live.”

BethAnn Bonner’s days in Llanview as Talia Hesser Sahid come to an abrupt end on Friday, April 17, when John McBain (Michael Easton) makes a troubling discovery poolside at La Boulaie. To assist in dealing with the aftermath, Kamar de los Reyes briefly returns as police detective Antonio Vega, who left Llanview in late March in search of Talia’s biological father, Carlo Hesser. While in town, Antonio will also say his final good-byes to the woman he loves. As for McBain, he quickly becomes a thorn in the side of Mayor Stan Lowell, when Kevin O’Rourke returns as Llanview’s inept public official on Friday, April 17th. Look for Mayor Lowell to demand John’s head on a silver platter when the ex-lawman gets a little too involved while investigating the K.A.D. serial killings. Speaking of murder, is convicted rapist Zach Rosen a killer? That remains to be seen, although the show is keeping the length of Josh Philip Weinstein’s return to Llanview hush-hush.

Are Ray Montez and his daughter Lola Columbia bound? Quite possibly, since A. Martinez and Camila Banus are about to learn that life in Llanview isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. So much for the budding relationship between Dorian and Ray. Langston Wilde Cramer (Brittany Underwood) would be wise to hang often with her uncle and backstabbing cousin in the coming weeks, before June comes and the Montez family is no more.

Family is everything to Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser), who would gladly welcome niece Kelly Cramer back to town if given the opportunity. Word on the street is that the folks are “One Life to Live” are interested in trying to lure two-time Daytime Emmy winner Gina Tognoni back to the role she originated fourteen years ago, since her days on “Guiding Light” are numbered. In the meantime, Dorian will barely have time to say hello and good-bye to wayward husband David Vickers Buchanan as Tuc Watkins returns on April 7th, only to leave yet again two weeks later on the 22nd.

It’s a family affair later this month for the Gannon clan, as Timothy D. Stickney is back as reformed gangster R.J. Gannon to be near his recently returned brother Hank (Nathan Purdee) and niece Rachel (Daphnée Duplaix Samuel). In addition, R.J. begins to feel a bit nostalgic after bumping into Téa and Todd upon returning to town on April 22nd.

Rob Bradford walks the halls of Llanview Hospital on as an Orderly, while Adam Zuniga lends his vocal talents as the voice of a DJ, all on May 15th.

It’s no surprise that Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) has daddy issues, given the various lies mother Roxy has told him over the years (including telling her son that she killed the old man). However, Roxy will soon have some ‘splainin’ to do, as the supposedly comatose mystery man, begins to show signs of life again. Soap Opera Digest, is hinting that “One Life to Live,” could be on the verge of putting a face with the persona, by casting a as yet unnamed, big name soap vet to tackle the role. Apparently, the sudser had originally intended for Charlie Banks (Brian Kerwin) to be Rex’s daddy; however that plan was soon scrapped for unknown reasons.

Is Llanview going to the dogs? It certainly looks that way the week of April 20th, according to episode pictures posted at ABC MediaNet, showing an unfamiliar canine interacting with Layla Williamson (Tika Sumpter) and Cristian Vega (David Fumero).

And fans can rest easy, as “OLTL” is reporting that Jerry verDorn is hanging around as Clint Buchanan, despite Internet gossip to the contrary, and significantly reduced airtime in recent months. However, a spokesperson for the show assures us that verDorn is still on contract, and that Clint remains an important character in Llanview.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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Monday, April 6, 2009 2:40 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The latest casting news for “All My Children.”

David Canary returned as Adam Chandler on Friday, April 3, following a one month hiatus. Canary puts on a cute sweater and portrays Adam’s rarely seen twin, Stuart Chandler, on Friday, April 10. Stuart is back to welcome his son, Scott Chandler, back to Pine Valley. Adam Mayfield will be playing Scott this time around. Mayfield first airs on Thursday, April 9.

Look for the Chandler men to take on David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry). Custody issues will die down as the men find something new to battle over: the development of artificial heart valves. Should Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Kendall’s (Alicia Minshew) heart-sick son, Ian, be flattered or very, very afraid?

Speaking of David, his wife Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) is keeping a major secret. The secret Mrs. Hayward thought was dead and buried rises on Tuesday, April 21. On that day, Brittany Allen premieres in the role of Marissa Tasker. Marissa shares a surprising tie to Krystal; a secret tie significant enough to cause David’s loyal wife to succumb to blackmail and turn on him in the upcoming weeks. After an arresting entrance, look for Marissa to tangle with the younger Chandler men.

Liza Colby was last seen in January of 2005 played by Marcy Walker. Jamie Luner premieres in the role of the business woman turned legal eagle on Friday, April 17. Liza returns with a bang.

Eden Riegel returns as Bianca Montgomery on Friday, April 24. Bianca returns with daughters Miranda (Haley Evans) and Gabrielle. Riegel was back on the set to tape for just three days. Tamara Braun has also finished taping with “All My Children” ending her 6 month run as Bianca’s ex-wife, Reese Williams. Riegel and Braun’s characters last air on Wednesday, April 29.

Ronald Guttman recently taped an episode of “AMC;” that episode will air on Tuesday, April 28. Soap Opera Central’s Dan Kroll is accurately reporting that Alexander Cambias Sr.’s visit will be conductive to rattling Tad Martin’s (Michael E. Knight) cage. Could the elder Cambias’ admission mean trouble for more than just Tad? Stay tuned.

“All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009 7:41 PM ET | By Venus Stone

alt (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Sober up…


Luke won’t give up until he finds out what Damien is up to. Damien on the other hand catches Lily up to something, Thursday, April 9. Lucy finds another way to give Dusty what he wants. Luke and Noah’s new friends pull a cruel prank at Damien’s expense.

The Inside Story: Bottoms Up

Janet, wanting to get a break from all the troubles that have been bothering them, suggests Jack and she go to Metro. Jack, not wanting to deal with anything associated with Carly hesitates. Across town Carly is getting ready for her date with Craig but gets cold feet when Sage expresses how she wishes she would just stay home with her. When Craig arrives Carly tells him that she thinks they should call the date off but Craig insists they go out and takes her to Yo’s. When they arrive they run iinto Jack and Janet. Janet quickly offers the olive branch by buying drinks to thank Craig for all his help with Liberty and Parker, which peeves Jack. While together Jack realizes that Carly is drunk but Craig comes to her rescue. After their night with Jack and Janet, Craig takes Carly back home where he and she have more drinks together and later make love. Back at the farmhouse Janet expresses her concerns about Carly’s drinking. In the meantime, Parker is upset that Liberty won’t return home to him and takes his frustrations out on Carly. Craig advises Parker to be there for Liberty if he really loves her. Liberty on the other hand is sharing her doubts about marrying Parker with Jack and Janet. The two parents insist that she tells Parker how she feels but when she does go to talk to him, Parker tells her how sorry he is for hurting her. Craig, wanting to continue to look good in the eyes of the kids and in Carly’s, decides to give Liberty a chance at an internship in New York. When Craig shares the news Liberty is instantly excited but Parker doesn’t like the idea at all. Wanting his plan to work, Craig goes to Janet and tells her about the internship and asks if he can have her permission to give Liberty the opportunity. While Jack is surprisingly agreeing to the internship, Janet on the other hand isn’t ready for her daughter to leave Oakdale. Liberty sonn receives a call saying they want her to start the internship the following day. Craig and Carly agree to take her since they have business to do in New York as well. Parker is upset that he is unable to go but Craig and Carly convince him that since it’s only for one night Liberty going without him will be fine. Meanwhile Janet’s upset that Jack suddenly took Craig’s side to have Liberty in New York for an internshhip. Back at Carly’s place, Craig and Carly break out the drinks to celebrate.

A Closer Look: Bad Influence
When Luke and Noah learn that the account for the foundation has been frozen Luke immediately points the finger at Damien, accusing him of starting drama to get his attention. Noah, however, isn’t sure that he is the one that did it. When they inform Lily about the matter, she goes over to confront Damien at the hospital but finds that he isn’t in his room. When Lily doesn’t get back in contact with Luke he worries about where she could be. He soon finds the two of them together in his hotel room. Lily quickly explains that a stitch from his wound came loose and she was helping him, but Luke is still leery of his father. Back at the office, Noah is trying his best to find out where the funds might have gone. Zac soon arrives offering his help but when the computer crashes he stuns Noah by giving him a spontaneous kiss. Pushing him away Noah asks why he did that. Zac quickly apologizes and leaves before Luke arrives. Once alone, Noah tells Luke what has happened and Luke gets upset. He soon calms down and realizes that Noah isn’t going to let anyone come in between them. As the two are talking Luke lets Noah know that he just doesn’t trust his father and wants to make sure his mother doesn’t fall for his lies. Meanwhile Zac and Zoe learn that Damien is Luke’s father and begin to badmouth him.

What To Watch

  • Paul’s latest stunt to get what he wants pays off
  • Meg wants nothing to do with Dusty
  • Henry feels left out of everything regarding the baby

As the World Turns News and Headlines

  • Word is that Cady McClain will be returning back to Oakdale as Rosanna Cabot. Cabot’s airdate has been slated for May 20
  • Chauntee Schuylere, who plays ‘Bonnie McKeechnie’ originally opted to depart from the role after relocating to the West Coast with her husband. News is that she will be staying right where she is and commute back and forth to shoot her scenes.
  • Ewa da Cruz (‘Vienna’), Trent Dawson (‘Henry’) and Billy Magnussen (‘Casey’) will be attending the 11th Annual Southwest Florida SoapFest, an event that returns the best of daytime television’s soap opera stars to Marco Island, May 2 and May 3 to raise money for local children’s charities. Those interested in ticket and sponsorship information go online to SopaFest or call 239-394-4559
  • ‘As the World Turns’ fans have an opportunity to bring out their charitable side in them by joining Kelley Menighan Hensley, Jon Hensley, Michael Park and Martha Byrne at the Inaugural Angels for Hope Gala Friday. May 29. The event begins from 7 PM to 11 PM at the Estate at Florentine Gardens, located at 97 Rivervale Road in River Vale, NJ. Angels of Hope is the first major fundraiser event that is held on behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Bergen County. Those in attendence will have the opportunity to enjoy a night of fine dining, cocktails, music and dancing along with a silent auction. Tickets are $200.00 each with limited seating. Please visit Angels for Hope or call (212) 239-3239 to reserve.
  • ‘As the World Turns’ fans will want to take advantage of seeing some of their favorite stars when they host the ATWT Annual Fan Club Luncheon 2009 on April 18 from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM at the Marriot Marquis located at 1535 Broadway, New York, NY. Those interested are required to pay a $25.00 non-refundable deposit per person in order to reserve seating. Those who are current fan club members pay $125 and non-fan club members pay $135 For more information regarding the event, please visit ATWT Fan Club
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on “ATWT” during the week of March 30 – April 3, 2009? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday’s at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Paul issues out a warning to Meg
  • Carly has some serious decisions to make regarding Craig
  • Bad news hits Lily and Holden

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Y&R PreVUE: Week of April 6 Edition

Sunday, April 5, 2009 1:15 AM ET | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — So this is good-bye…


Kevin and Amber get into more trouble when the cuffs go on them Wednesday, April 8. Karen may have some decisions to make regarding her marriage when she learns more about what’s been going on between Neil and Tyra, Thursday, April 9.

The Inside Story: Walking Out
After his heated confrontation with Phyllis, Nick finds himself at Sharon’s suite at the G.C.A.C. When she opens the door she breaks down in his arms but soon pulls herself together and requests that he goes away. Nick refuses, telling her he’s staying right where he is. Sharon soon tells him that if he wants to really help her he can do whatever he can to keep Phyllis away from her. In the meantime, Phyllis, unable to accept Nick’s constant concern for his ex, dons a disguise to snoop. Nick’s coming out of Sharon’s suite when he spots Phyllis lurking about ready for another showdown with Sharon. Phyllis becomes upset and tells Nick that everytime Sharon calls he’s right there and she wants it to stop. Nick, fed up with Phyllis’s accusations whisks her back to their house where they have it out. Things go from bad to worse, however, when Phyllis trashes Sharon’s character, which causes Nick to pack his bags. Upset with his decision to walk away, Phyllis questions if their whole marriage to one another was a lie but Nick’s silence speaks volumes. Meanwhile, Jack wants another chance with Sharon but she tells him that there is no new start for them since she’s signed off on the divorce papers. A saddened Jack heads back downstairs to the bar and spots Nick. Jack expresses his concerns by telling Nick that if he cares for both Sharon and Phyllis, he’ll need to decide on doing the right thing by both of them. Later that evening, Sharon’s upset that Noah has missed his curfew and instantly heads over to find Nick at the tack house. When she arrives though she is met by Phyllis who lets her know that Nick has moved out of the house. Phyllis continues by telling Sharon that the more she runs to Nick for help the more she’s damaging their marriage and pulling him away from his family. Their conversation is interrupted when Noah shows up and before Sharon can talk to him about his curfew, he lashes out that he’s not interested in another discussion. After Sharon has left, Nick returns home with hopes of possibly working things out.

A Closer Look: More Than He Can Handle

Billy can’t bellieve his eyes when he comes face-to-face with Mac at his wedding to Chloe. Things instantly get tense when Katherine, emerging from her fight with Jill, tells everyone that the DNA results have come in. She explains that while Brock is definitely her son, Jill on the other hand is not her daughter. The news sends everyone in a tailspin, including Mac and Billy, who both realize that this news shows that they are not related after all. Sensing how uncomfortable Chloe is about Mac’s arrival, Esther tells her about Billy’s relationship with her. Billy later pays Mac a visit and Chloe seeing the two of them together, is not pleased. After he and Mac have parted ways, Billy passes his phone number along to Brock to give to her, unaware that Mac has decided to stay in town.

What To Watch

  • Cane realizes his harsh words toward Katherine
  • Jill packs and moves out
  • Mac meets Jill’s other son
  • Victor pulls off another scheme without a hitch

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Karen Hensel returns to the show as Sharon’s mother Doris on Friday, April 10
  • Scott L. Scwartz appears as Amos Slaughter, a bounty hunter looking for Kevin and Amber on April 8
  • Maria Arena Bell, Christian Jules LeBlanc and Jeanne Cooper are discussed in the current issue of Soap Opera Digest in ‘Behind the Scenes’, where Cooper and LeBlanc put together a surprise birthday party for the headwriter that she soon won’t forget.
  • As previously mentioned on SON, Tom Casiello has joined the writing team of Y&R. His first scenes begin airing April 20 and April 28, May 12 and May 19.
  • Judith Chapman, who plays scheming Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell, is also featured in the current issue of Soap Opera Digest in a segment called ‘Look What We Dug Up’ featuring some of her memorable photo shoots.
  • Viewers who watch the ‘Y&R’ week-end marathon on Saturday nights on SOAPnet will see a time change beginning April 11, moving it from the 7PM EST/PT slot to 4PM EST/PT. Check your local listings for this time slot change.
  • Fans can ‘get restless’ by participating in the Get Restless in Jamaica Sweepstakes. A fan could win their chance of a lifetime to have a 4 day/3 night vacation. Those interested can visit Get Restless in Jamaica
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on “Y&R” during the week of March 30 – April 3, 2009? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday’s at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Jill and Katherine go another round.
  • Phyllis plots yet again against Sharon.
  • Sharon finds herself getting arrested.

    “The Young and the Restless” airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings .

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    Discussion: Y&R PreVUE: Week of April 6 Edition

My View of Llanview: March 30 Edition

Saturday, April 4, 2009 1:37 AM EDT | By Scotty Gore


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The cancellation of “Guiding Light” has sent shockwaves throughout the soap world, and Llanview is no exception.

It has been said that time flies when you’re having fun. However, it also seems to fly (albeit not as fast) when you are busy as well. Every time I have set down to write my column this week, something has come up. Whether it was waiting out tornado warnings, working around power outages, babysitting my aunt’s dog (whom I love like a baby), taking grandma to the grocery store, mowing the lawn while dodging raindrops, writing casting reports for “OLTL” and somehow becoming a pseudo reporter for a soap I have never each watched, it was a very hectic week. It’s amazing. Some weeks, I have to dig like a dog with a bone to find “OLTL” related news to write about, while other weeks I barely have time to complete one article before another one needs to be written. This has been one of those weeks. I have had little time to actually set down and think out what to write about in this column. And when I did, I found myself glued to the television and Internet sports message boards, swept up in the drama surrounding Memphis basketball coach John Calipari becoming the next head coach of the Kentucky Wildcat basketball team. Being a true blue UK fan (and bleeding blue), I honestly could not be happier that top coach in the nation is now at the winningest program in college basketball. Pardon me for gushing, however, I haven’t found myself this excited about Kentucky basketball in several years. But I digress.

However, all the news was not good this week, at least not in soap land anyway. Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote deserted island or trapped under a rock or in a cave this week, you know what I am referring to. After more than 72 years on television and radio, “Guiding Light,” was cancelled earlier this week. While I never watched the soap (aside from twenty or thirty second intervals while channel surfing), I found the news sad and disturbing nonetheless. Even though I am not a regular viewer of “GL,” I feel for the show’s fans, cast, and crew. It is never easy when a soap gets cancelled, especially in an era when the daytime genre appears near extinction. Soaps are a dying breed, and once they’re gone, that’s it. Daytime television will become a vast wasteland of trashy talk shows and copycat game shows. Much like variety shows and weekday afternoon network cartoons, soaps will become an experiment only discussed in textbooks, museums, and people’s memories. It’s a rather grim picture, isn’t it? Now that I’ve brought everyone down, how about a little pick me up? Here goes…

In the midst of “OLTL” casting reports and everything else that has consumed my life this past week, I found myself in the unfamiliar situation of writing articles for something which I knew very little about. That something was “Guiding Light.” While not being a fan or regular viewer of a particular show does not automatically disqualify you from being able to adequately cover that show as a reporter, it does tend to make it rather difficult. So on Wednesday, when news broke of “Guiding Light’s” imminent demise, I immediately brought the news to the attention of my fellow staff members at Soap Opera Network, informing them that an article needed to be written ASAP. However, everyone was tied up with other projects. So, not wanting such a big story to develop without so much as a ounce of coverage by SON, I felt compelled to tackle the news myself. For hours that afternoon, I poured and scoured over countless press releases and “Guiding Light” related websites. While composing the first article (dealing with the cancellation of “GL”), I realized just what a rich legacy and history the show had doing its record breaking run. A few facts about “GL” I was aware of (such as that it was the brainchild of Irna Phillips, who once employed “OLTL” Agnes Nixon on Head Writer on “Another World,” another of Phillip’s creations), but mostly I was writing about a show I knew next to nothing about. “GL” has such an impressive history, one that I had never realized until working on that report. I find myself in awe of the show and amazed by its long run both on radio and television. It is disheartening that such a once mighty and powerful show, has fizzled out in recent years. It makes me regret that I didn’t grow up watching the show as did countless other fans.

It also made me realize how very easily that article could have been about “One Life to Live,” a show I have grown up watching since childhood. “OLTL” hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire lately. In fact, it regularly finishes only a few spots ahead of “GL” in the ratings each week. What if “OLTL” were the soap that had gotten cancelled? How would I react? How would I want the show remembered? What could I say to honor ‘my’ show? Those were just some of the questions I asked myself while writing the “GL” article. I wanted to pay homage to the long-running daytime drama, while at the same time showing to the show’s loyal viewers that, as a fellow soap fan, I could feel their pain and sorrow. We should all be in mourning over the loss of “GL.” No matter what soap(s) you root for, pledge allegiance to, or watch faithfully and religiously, you should still feel bad about the fate of “GL,” because if it could happen to daytime’s oldest soap, it could very easily be your favorite show next time. I like to compare “Guiding Light” to Kentucky Wildcat basketball. Those of you who may be at least somewhat familiar with UK b-ball, might get the comparison. UK is the winningest program in college basketball with 1,988 wins and seven NCAA Championships over 105 season, where as “Guiding Light” has earned 63 Daytime Emmy Awards during its 72 year run. UK has a long and distinguished history that is full of colorful characters and firgures. The same is true with “GL.” And both have struggled in the past few years to live up to that history and to the overwhelming expectations of their fans. Those are just a few of the many parallels that can be drawn between the two; but there are many others.

Speaking of ‘my’ show let me talk about “OLTL” for a moment. About time, I suppose, considering this is what this column is supposed to be about anyway (ha ha). Llanview has been anything but a happy place lately. With all the doom and gloom, the show needs a little comic relief (and no, I am not referring to the acting talents of Farah Fath). The show needs some levity, what with serial killers, dead babies, sick kids, and drugs becoming a part of the everyday life of nearly all Llanview residents. Where is the love, the romance, and the joy? When was the last time any character was actually happy on “OLTL?”

Furthermore, why does “OLTL” consistently showcase freshmen cast members in front burner storylines? Crystal Hunt wasn’t in Llanview a week before her character Stacy Morasco was scheming to break up Gigi and Rex by withholding needed bone marrow from her leukemia-stricken nephew. And how stupid is Gigi? Why not just tell Rex what her sister Stacy is up to, so that they could fake ending their relationship until Shane got the transplant, and then expose Stacy for the evil bitch that she is? Wouldn’t that have been the logical route to go with this story? But then again, why should we expect anything “OLTL” has done lately to seem sane and rational? That makes about as much sense as Shane’s highly visible skullcap (which looked as if it were about to fall off) and the shameless plug for Disney World recently. I half expected Shane to have one those cards that from the commercials that shoots out fireworks and Mickey Mouse eared balloons when you open it. Either that or Rex or Gigi asking Shane what he wanted to do after beating cancer, so he could reply, “I’m going to Disney World!” But at least the poor boy didn’t tell his parents how long a six-day, seven night (or was it the other way around?) Disney World vacation would cost. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Mouse has ruined ABC. Since Disney bought the network, they have made one bad decision after another…. including hiring Brian Frons to head up ABC Daytime. Oy vey!

And what is up with all the casting changes on “One Life to Live” lately? Camila Banus, Justis Bolding, BethAnn Bonner, Kathy Brier, Kamae de los Reyes, Jacqueline Hendy, A. Martinez, and Chris Stack have all either left or will soon be leaving Llanview. It must be like a bloodbath behind-the-scenes over there. While most on the list needed to disappear anyway, I think the firings of Kathy Brier and Chris Stack will prove to be the biggest losses for the show. The characters of Marcie and Michael still have a lot of potential and there are plenty of storyline possibilities for the couple, no matter what “OLTL” says. I had always thought the show should have had Marcie miraculously get pregnant after losing baby Tommy (Sam), resulting in Marcie and Michael finding their way back to one another as they raise their child. I even thought they were headed in that direction a few times, when they would randomly show them becoming intimate with one another. But instead, the separated Marcie and Michael, and even had Marcie go looking for another baby related to Todd Manning. Talk about screwing over Marcie and Michael fans, and treading down the path of no return. It was already bad enough that they turned them both into wallpaper for the past two years.

Much the same can be said of the veteran “OLTL” cast members. Viki has been turned into the Frances Reid of Llanview. She is never seen unless someone needs advice or a shoulder to cry on. Otherwise, Viki has no life and is like a classic old car you keep in the garage that you only take out to drive a few times a months. Viki should be a driving force of this show right now. They should have back at The Banner dealing with running a newspaper in a struggling economy, and trying to compete with The Sun. This would be a great storyline and would tie in nicely with the recession-type storylines ABC is forcing each of their soap’s to do in the coming months. It would also be relevant since several large newspapers across the country have either ceased or scaled back production already this year. Along the same lines, they could have Clint, Bo, and the rest of the Buchanan clan struggle to keep BE afloat, while having Renee do the same with The Palace. Or Bo could have to deal with budget cuts concerning the police department. Heck, even Carlotta could be given a storyline where she has to consider selling her diner to a corporate restaurant chain or going out of business. The possibilities are endless. Lastly, “OLTL” fans continue to amaze me…even more so in the last few weeks. After sifting through posts on several message boards, it seems as if most people either love or hate “OLTL” right now. There appears to be relatively little middle ground at the moment. You either like the show or not. For some reason, I just find that amusing. Not sure why….maybe it’s just because it’s late and I’m tired. Or maybe it’s just because I’m crazy. Who knows?

Now for a few random thoughts…. ABC MediaNet seems to love to annoy “OLTL” fans by waiting until after scenes have already aired before uploading them to the website. In the past, they often posted spoiler pictures for upcoming episodes on a regular basis. However, now they mostly wait until it is too late…. although they did put up a few images of Chloe’s upcoming christening at St. James Church. Secondly, I just hate it when a character casually mentions another rarely seen character while in a conversation with someone else. This happened the other day when Jessica told Natalie that she had talked to Andrew about having Chloe baptized. But why didn’t we get to see her talking to the good Reverend? That would have been a treat for all us long time fans. But instead, we will have to watch as some dayplayer priest performs the ritual with Andrew no where in sight. Which reminds me. Where the hell is Dr. Larry Wolek? Llanview Hospital badly needs another doctor, especially with Michael about to leave town. Next, is “OLTL” cursed, or just its time slot? Breaking news always seems to happen during the 2:00 pm et hour, interrupting “OLTL.” Such was the case this past Thursday when ABC News pre-empted the first thirty-five minutes of “OLTL” with President Obama answering questions from foreign reporters while taking a break from the G-20 Summit in the United Kingdom. The President didn’t say anything earth shattering, and ABC was the only one, outside the cable news outlets, covering the Q & A session in London. Meanwhile, it was business as usual for CBS and NBC soap fans, who got to watch their soaps with no interruptions. Leave it up to ABC News…. which I think would break in for two or three hours for almost anything. Honestly, I think the President could just say hello to one of their reporters, and they would be on air discussing it for hours. And, as if that wasn’t a big enough slap in the fans to “OLTL” fans, after the special report the network squeezed in about four or five minutes of commercials before returning to the show. After all that, we only got to see about ten or twelve minutes of the episode, since ABC chose not to re-broadcast it on Friday. What a rip-off. While I’m on the subject….did anyone else notice the logo displayed on the screen following Thursday’s ABC News Special Report (and again on Friday, during the brief cut-in at the beginning of the episode)? Typically, the announcer guy says “We now return to (whatever show was interrupted),” while the show’s logo is on the screen. However, this time they showed an ABC network logo while the announcer guy was talking. They did it to “OLTL” both days, and the same was done to “GH” on Friday when the extended ABC News Brief ran about thirty seconds (ironically) into “GH’s” time slot. I thought that was interesting. And, last but most certainly not least, I would like to send a belated congratulations to veteran “OLTL” Director Larry Carpenter and his team, who picked up a third Director’s Guild of America award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Daytime Serial. Carpenter’s submitted episode, number 10,281 (which aired last October), and was entitled “So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco’s Father?” Way to go!

For those of you unable to figure out the answers to the trivia questions from my last column, here they are (correct answers are bolded): Question #1: Llanview Police lieutenant Ed Hall was introduced in 1972 to investigate someone’s murder. But whose? Was it a) Marcy Wade, b) Dr. Mark Toland, c) Rachel Wilson, or d) Victor Lord. Question #2: During his many years at Llanview Hospital, Dr. Larry Wolek’s treated everything from the common cold to performing major surgery. But what was his field of medical specialty when the show began in 1968? a) pediatrics, b) proctology, c) plastic surgery, or d) psychiatry. Question #3: In 1992, Sloan Carpenter wrote a biography of Victor Lord’s life. What was its title? a) Dark Victor, b) Victorious, c) Citizen Lord, or d) Lord of The Banner. And Question #4: In 1999, Viki tried her hand at karaoke by performing this song in a contest at the Crosswords Bar. Was it a) “Ben,” b) “I Will Survive,” c) “Crazy,” or d) “It’s Raining Men.”

I hope those questions weren’t too difficult for you. Now, time for this week’s trivia challenge: Question #1: What seasonally named soap actress was Megan Gordon’s main competitor for the fictional Daisy Award for Best Actress in 1989? Was it a) Autumn Days, b) Spring Skye, c) Summer Shade, or d) Silver Winters. Question #2: On Christmas Eve in 1993, Cassie Callison found a newborn baby, which she would later adopt and name River. But where did she first discover the little bundle of joy? Was it: a) at the mall, b) under her tree, c) in the church manger scene, or d) in the backseat of her car. Question #3: In 1978, what type of show did Pat Ashley host on WVLE? Was it: a) advice to the lovelorn, b) beauty makeovers, c) cooking, or d) talk show. And Question #4: In 1981, what was the ominous name of the Llanivew estate where Asa Buchanan had imprisoned his first wife, Olympia? Was it: a) Widow’s Peak, b) Timberdark, c) Ravenwood, or d) Moor Cliffe. I’ll have the answers in the April 15th edition of the column. But if you are stumped and can’t wait, you may want to consult a copy of The One Life to Live 40th Anniversary Trivia Book by Gerry Waggett. Just a suggestion…. but one you might find useful.

Well that does it for yet another installment of “My View of Llanview.” I hope you have enjoyed reading this column as much as I did writing it. Celebrate the spring season and stay safe. Also, please do your part to help save our fellow soap “Guiding Light.” Sign a petition, write a letter, send an e-mail, or call CBS to voice your opinion on the matter. Your actions could make a difference, and also help save “OLTL” and other soaps in the process. After all, as Viki told Rae Cummings at the end of the 2001 special ‘Trading Places” episode, “There’s no place like Llanview.” So let’s try and keep it that way.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live”…

“One Life to Live airs weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Discussion: My View of Llanview: March 30 Edition

‘Pyramid’ to Replace ‘Light?”

Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:40 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Only one day after CBS announced that they were cancelling “Guiding Light,” the network provides a glimpse at what may take its place on their daytime line-up.


In an update to a story SON first brought you yesterday concerning the cancellation of “Guiding Light,” television’s longest running daytime drama, new details have emerged as to what may move into the time slot presently occupied by the iconic soap opera on the CBS schedule.


TV Week is reporting that executives at CBS are pondering replacing “GL” with a revamped version of the classic game show “The $25,000 Pyramid,” according to an Entertainment Weekly story posted on their official website early Thursday morning. While neither CBS nor Sony, the studio developing the supposed project, would comment publicly, sources familiar with the situation have told TV Week that television producer Michael Davis, best known for his behind-the-scenes work on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,” has recently been working on re-launching the popular game show which was originally hosted by America’s oldest teenager Dick Clark. CBS also appears to be weighing other options, including talk shows produced in house by the network. There has also been some speculation that CBS might turn the hour over to their affiliates for local or syndicated programming. However, reports seem to indicate that the network plans to hold on to the hour soon to be vacated by “Guiding Light” in September. It is important to note that talk and game shows are much cheaper for networks and studios to produce then other daytime programming, specifically soap operas.


The “Pyramid” series of game shows has a long history on CBS, both in the daytime and prime-time, and is second only to “Jeopardy!’ in total amount of Daytime Emmy wins. Created by Bob Stewart, the game show debuted as “The $10,000 Pyramid” on March 26, 1973, and was hosted by Dick Clark. After some initial kinks and format changes, the game show paired up celebrity guests with regular, everyday Americans. An instant hit, “Pyramid” maintained its ratings even as much of the daytime genre was pre-empted by Congressional hearings on the infamous Watergate scandal involving then-President Richard Nixon. When the ratings temporarily feel in mid-1974, “Pyramid” jumped ship, leaving CBS for ABC, and soon became a fixture on the Alphabet Network’s daytime schedule. Later that same year, a syndicated prime-time version of the game show (titled “The $25,000 Pyramid”) premiered, and was hosted by the late Bill Cullen. It lasted for several years before being cancelled in September 1979. As for the ABC version, “Pyramid” rose in the ratings, and soon became the third highest rated game show at the time. After upping the cash prize in January 1976, the show was re-christened “The $20,000 Pyramid.” For five weeks in 1979, the show was again renamed, this time becoming “Junior Partner Pyramid,” as celebrity guests were replaced with children teaming up with a parent or other adult relative. However, ratings soon became to fall, resulting in cancellation once again in 1980.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, however, a new syndicated incarnation of the game show premiered in 1981 as “The $50,000 Pyramid,” with Dick Clark again as host. After being cancelled later the same year, “The $25,000 Pyramid” was resurrected by CBS Daytime in 1982. The word “New” was added to the title from 1982 until 1985, to help viewers distinguish it from reruns of the 1974 prime-time version hosted by Bill Cullen. The success of that version led to new nightly syndicated version, called “The $100,000 Pyramid,” which was also hosted by Dick Clark. Ratings for the daytime version again declined, and CBS cancelled “Pyramid” for a second time on December 31, 1987; however it would briefly be revived for thirteen weeks the spring of 1988, following the failure of the short-lived game show “Blackout.” This daytime version of “Pyramid” ended on July 1st, 1988, while the syndicated prime-time version lasted until September 2nd. Left in reruns for three years, the popular game show returned for a few months in 1991 as the John Davidson emceed “$10,000 Pyramid.” The latest version lasted from 2002-2004, and was simply called “Pyramid.” It was hosted by Donny Osmond, and ran in first-run syndication. In recent years, reruns of several of the various “Pyramid” series have aired on “GSN” (formerly “Game Show Network”).

If picked up by CBS, the latest version would mark the ninth installment of the long running game show, which ran for more than 1,800 episodes during its reign. The news that CBS is contemplating replacing “Guiding Light” with a revamped version of “Pyramid” has been met with resistance and anger by many “GL” fans who have jammed message boards, circulated petitions, and threatened to boycott the network in an attempt to save their show. No doubt the memories will turn bittersweet when “Guiding Light” airs its final episode on September 18th and fades into television history.

SON will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Discussion: ‘Pyramid’ to Replace ‘Light?’