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alt ( — A father’s return…


Parker stoops low to get what he wants when he blackmails Carly, Wednesday, May 27, while that same day Craig goes to Jack for guidance. On Friday, May 29, Bonnie and Dusty race to find Eliza.

The Inside Story: Reunion Most Unwanted

Wanting to celebrate Alison’s graduation and an award she received, Casey plans a dinner with the family, to which Hunter overhears. Unaware of what he’s doing, Hunter, upon hearing that Alison’s father isn’t included in the celebration, decides to track him down and offer up an invite. When Emily discovers what Hunter has done, she’s livid but soon doubts that Larry will even show up. Later that evening, Casey, Alison and Emily are talking at the Lakeview Lounge when Hunter shows up offering to help distract Larry if he in fact decides to come to the dinner. Emily wants Hunter to leave but Alison tells him he’s more than welcome to stay to celebrate with them all. Meanwhile Larry shows up as the party is getting settled for their dinner and it floors Alison that he’s there. Realizing how upset she is, Hunter comes forward and tells her that it was his doing, further upsetting Alison. When Susan comes to the Lakeview and sees Larry she is angered and tells him no matter what he does, she will never accept any apologies. Upset by what he’s done, Hunter leaves and soon finds himself face-to-face with Alison and Casey. While Alison is willilng to forgive him, Casey lets it be known that he’ll be the one to help Alison because he loves her. Later that night, Hunter heads to Java and ins approached by Larry who wants to know where Alison is. Hunter at first refuses but soon relents and tells him that she is with Casey. Larry later meets up with Susan at the hospital and after some talking both decide to put the past in the past. Meanwhile after admitting how much he loves Alison, Casey and Alison make love for the first time.

A Closer Look: One Step Ahead
Paul calls Barbara in need of funds, instructing her to meet him at the airfield. After his phone call he meets up with Rosanna and asks her to watch Eliza for a bit until he comes back. Meanwhile in Oakdale, Lisa fills Damian and Meg in on Barbara’s plans to meet Paul and they follow her. When all three arrive, Paul, who sees them, contacts Barbara and warns her that Damian and Meg are on her tail and that she won’t see him any longer. When Barbara approaches Meg and Damian, they realize that Paul tipped her off about them following her and that Paul cut out of sight again. When Paul returns to Rosanna, he asks her if he and Eliza can stay with her. She goes before the Farm Stand Committee to ask if Paul can stay but one of the committee members named Edna isn’t sure that he is on the up and up. After discussion, the committee agrees to let Paul stay but only because of Rosanna. When they are alone Rosanna gives Paul a warning to keep out of trouble and not mess up the life she has made for herself. Back in Oakdale, Noah approaches Meg with the idea of creating a video tape requesting Paul to bring her daughter back to her. Damian, alongside Lily, Luke and Noah all help Meg with the video and Damian later sends out the finished tape to his busines email lists while Noah uploads it, in hopes that someone sees it in time.

What To Watch

  • Carly kicks Craig to the curb
  • Paul comes up with yet another scheme
  • Jack’s lecturing to Carly sets her off

As the World Turns News and Headlines

  • Word is that Daniel Hugh Kelley is on his way back to Oakdale as ‘Noah’s’ father, ‘Col. Winston Mayer’ some time in June.
  • Allyce Beasley comes to the show playing the role of ‘Edna’ who has big suspicions about ‘Paul’, Tueday, May 26
  • Joe Dawson joins the show playing ‘Gus’ a man that encounters ‘Carly’ at the bar on Friday, May 29.
  • Ellen Dolan, who plays ‘Margo Hughes’ is appearing in a production of Sophistry, which started April 22 and ends its run June 6 at the Samuel Becket Theater on Theater Row, located at 410 W. 42nd. For ticket information, please contact [email protected]
  • Word is that Julie Pinson’s ‘Janet’ could be getting a sister arriving in Oakdale. Actresses have been doing screen tests with John Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery)
  • ‘As the World Turns’ fans have an opportunity to bring out their charitable side in them by joining Kelley Menighan Hensley, Jon Hensley, Michael Park and Martha Byrne at the Inaugural Angels for Hope Gala Friday. May 29. The event begins from 7 PM to 11 PM at the Estate at Florentine Gardens, located at 97 Rivervale Road in River Vale, NJ. Angels of Hope is the first major fundraiser event that is held on behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Bergen County. Those in attendence will have the opportunity to enjoy a night of fine dining, cocktails, music and dancing along with a silent auction. Tickets are $200.00 each with limited seating. Please visit Angels for Hope or call (212) 239-3239 to reserve.
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on “ATWT” during the week of May 18 – 22, 2009? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday’s at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Bonnie and Dusty are near in locating Paul and Rosanna
  • Katie has some positive news
  • Bob tells Emily some disturbing news
  • Meg continues to play with fire

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Memorial Day Greetings

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( — Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

On behalf on the staff and management of Soap Opera Network, we hope that all of our members and guests enjoy the Memorial Day holiday and that you take time to remember your dearly departed loved ones and all the soliders (past and present) who have fought for our freedom by paying the ultimate sacrifice. All Americans owe them a huge debt of gratitude for keeping our nation safe and secure. Happy Memorial Day!

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“The Young and the Restless” Weekly Promo – Week of May 25, 2009.

Tag: The Truth Comes Out.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009 10:30 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

“Guiding Light” Weekly Promo – Week of May 25, 2009.

Tag: A Body is found.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009 9:44 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

“One Life to Live” Weekly Promo – Week of May 25, 2009.

Tag: Baby Hope is Kidnapped.

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“General Hospital” Weekly Promo – Week of May 25, 2009.

Tag: Robin is Back!

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“All My Children” Weekly Promo – Week of May 25, 2009.

Tag: A New Prime Suspect.

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Friday, May 22, 2009 10:11 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

( — Michael Muhney has joined the cast of CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” as the new Adam Wilson, taking over the role from the vacating Chris Engen, beginning Thursday, June 25.

The actor posted on his website about his first day on set, and Soap Opera Network has your first look at Muhney on the set of “Y&R.”

“My first day on the set was crazy and fun and quite a wild ride. I had to hit the ground running at full speed. I think I need a new pair of shoes, but in these economic times I’ll just have my shoes resoled,” said the actor.

“I’m honored to be a part of such an iconic piece of work and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this thing.”


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Discussion: Y&R First Look: Michael Muhney

  • The Young and the Restless
  • Chris Engen
  • Michael Muhney

    Friday, May 22, 2009 8:00 AM EST | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Does the truth set you free?


    Adam asks JR and Scott to run Chandler Enterprises together. Colby’s mom and dad, Liza and Adam, clash on Wednesday, May 27. Krystal is bolstered by Marissa’s unexpected return. Pine Valley comes together to pay a very emotional farewell to Stuart Chandler on Thursday, May 28. Still acting rather peculiar, Tad delivers a unique tribute in memory of Stuart. Colby softens towards Liza. A stunned Colby later overhears her mother and Jake discussing the disturbing details of her conception on Friday, May 29.

    The Inside Story: Prime Suspect
    Liza successfully manages to turn Jesse’s suspicions away from her when she reveals to him that she saw Kendall at the mansion aiming a gun straight at “Adam” on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, on a mission to protect his ex-wife, Zach pleads guilty to murdering Stuart and is sentenced to prison. Jesse can’t ignore the holes in Kendall’s alibi for the night of the murder nor the fact that both Zach and Ryan’s behavior reeks of trying to cover for her. Kendall learns what Liza’s been up to on Wednesday, May 27. Jesse arrives at the church just as Stuart’s funeral is about to get underway and arrests Kendall for murder. Erica accuses Liza of targeting Kendall to deflect blame from the real murderer: Liza! The fur flies between Erica and Liza on Friday, May 29. Kendall swears that she didn’t kill Stuart. Ms. Hart finds an unlikely friend in the form of the convict in the cell next door, Annie.

    A Closer Look: In the End
    David is taken before the hospital ethics committee on Tuesday, May 26. Nurse Gayle bursts Jake and Angie’s bubble when she takes the blame for all of David’s misdeeds. A relieved David gives Gayle a large sum of money and offers her a job taking care of a patient at a private facility in another town. David makes it clear to a chilled Amanda that he’s going to stake his claim to their child. Krystal is appalled when she comes upon David offering Jake money to buy Amanda’s unborn child. A regretful David admits that he can’t stop himself from doing horrible things and pleads with Krystal for understanding. Krystal takes off her wedding ring and walks out on David on Friday, May 29.

    All My Children News and Headlines:


    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Friday, May 22, 2009 8:00 AM EST | By Angela Rosa

    ( — The truth is…


    On Tuesday, May 26, Maxie tries to convince herself Spinelli is the right guy for her despite her attraction to Johnny. Claudia supplies Johnny with a gun to protect himself from Sonny. A threatening Sonny orders Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Johnny and Olivia continue their flirtation but agree to put things on hold as they both don’t want to be together for the wrong reasons. Believing she’s carrying his child, Ric asks Claudia to take off with him. Lucky and Elizabeth grow more suspicious of Rebecca. Elizabeth faces off with Rebecca on Wednesday, May 27. Rebecca places a cryptic call. Carly turns to Kelly for help (and proof) when an overly-cautious Jax refuses to be intimate with her for the baby’s safety.

    The Inside Story: The Heartbreaker
    Edward clashes with Sonny and Carly. Michael has a major outburst and later confesses to Jason that he’s troubled by the changes he sees in himself. Jason opens up to Michael about the experiences he went through after his accident. Carly tells a highly agitated Michael that he’s going home with her. Jax pleads with Michael to give his mother a chance on Wednesday, May 27. Claudia subtly probes Michael to see if he remembers any of her visits. Michael learns that Sonny and Claudia are married. Michael turns to Jason for answers about his accident on Thursday, May 28. Jason later teams up with Sam to get the truth once and for all. Carly balks when Jax implies that it would be best for her to give Michael the room he needs…away from her, for now. Michael is clearly fond of Claudia. Carly is hurt when she overhears Michael’s enthusiasm over Claudia’s pregnancy. Sonny thinks Claudia could be just the medicine Michael needs. Jason and Sam track down Fredo. Fredo rats out Claudia to save himself.

    A Closer Look: The Mother Hen
    Robin and Patrick meet at a restaurant they had planned on meeting at once before after Robin is released from her in-patient treatment. Although their meeting is a bit strained, the duo are clearly still in love. Patrick watches on anxiously as Robin reaches out to pick up Emma after they arrive home. Robin has no trouble bonding with Emma on Wednesday, May 27 and is obviously thrilled to have her daughter in her arms. Patrick is ecstatic to have his family back. Holly shows up to confront Robin after learning she advised Ethan that his mother was more than likely being dishonest with him when she told him that Robert is his father. Holly’s conscience takes over and she heads to the Haunted Starr where she finally tells Luke and Ethan the truth on Friday, May 29.

    General Hospital News and Headlines:


    • Lulu urges Lucky to try to forgive their father; Ethan, meanwhile, turns his back on his mother. (Soap Opera Digest)
    • Michael admits to Claudia that he’s starting to remember things. (Soap Opera Digest)

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