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( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Friday, January 8, 2010.


Liza comes through for Ryan when she gets Adam’s corrupt judge to remove himself from presiding over Emma’s custody hearing. Annie fears she lost all chances of winning custody but Adam urges her to be confident that things will work out. Ryan and Annie each give their heartfelt testimony in front of the judge.

Colby plans on keeping a close eye on Annie.

Ryan and Erica mutually agree to keep their burgeoning romance a secret.

Marissa gives JR a dose of tough love when he wants to put off starting another round of chemotherapy. JR admits to Marissa that he’s scared.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Ryan and Annie learn Emma’s fate.
  • Greenlee faces a crisis during surgery.
  • David lays a guilt trip on Amanda.
  • “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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Friday, January 8, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

( — Explosive moments.


Kristina’s strife with Sonny leads her straight to Kiefer’s arms on Monday, January 11. Michael rips into Kristina for talking ill of Sonny. Carly tries to reach out to a shaken Lulu on Tuesday, January 12, but it’s in Dominic’s arms where the young Ms. Spencer finds comfort. Jason explains to Sam why he doesn’t regret the decision he made at the warehouse. Patrick and Robin clash over Lisa’s run-in with Steve. On Wednesday, January 13, Lisa’s mood darkens when Robin and Patrick kiss and make-up. Lisa sees the perfect opening to get closer to Patrick when Robin and Emma leave on a trip abroad. Johnny is on a mission. Dominic confronts Olivia about keeping secrets from him on Thursday, January 14. Olivia and Johnny grow closer.

The Inside Story: Girl Interrupted
Nikolas can’t deny Elizabeth who pleads with him not to leave Port Charles. Under the belief that Elizabeth has played no part in Nikolas’ love-sick fantasy, an angry Lucky confronts his brother on Tuesday, January 12. Nikolas begs Elizabeth to give them a chance to have a something real by telling Lucky the truth. Lucky struggles to contain the anger he feels. On Thursday, January 14, a confrontational Lulu accuses Elizabeth of having led Nikolas on. Steve offers Elizabeth some advice. Nikolas, meanwhile, decides to take Lulu’s advice and leave town. Lulu presses Lucky to say goodbye to Nikolas before he leaves. On Friday, January 15, Lucky discovers the crushing truth about Nikolas and Elizabeth when he arrives at Wyndemere unannounced.

A Closer Look: The Body Count
Lucky rips into Jason when he returns from the demolished warehouse without Lulu on Monday, January 11. Jason realizes he played right into Franco’s hands. To everyone’s relief, Dominic and Lulu stagger out of the rubble unharmed. Franco leaves behind a message on a DVD. On Tuesday, January 12, Sonny tears into Jason for letting Franco get into his head. Sonny asserts the necessity for co-operation to protect Michael from Franco’s threat. Jason remains unsettled by his “duel” with Franco. The forensics team is a DNA test away from identifying Claudia’s killer. Michael is overcome with memories of the night of Claudia’s murder at the ski cabin. Sonny stops Michael from going in to see Claudia’s corpse. Dominic misinterprets what he overhears. Jason is adamantly opposed to Sonny’s plan to implicate Franco for Claudia’s murder.

General Hospital News and Headlines:


  • Sonny’s freedom is at risk with all signs pointing to his guilt in Claudia’s murder. (National Enquirer)
  • Dominic and Lulu realize a future together may not be plausible. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • A jealous Michael directs his wrath at Dominic after Sonny makes a major decision. (National Enquirer)

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( — The ties that bind us.


Randi sees red when her attempt to help Madison ends up landing the blond a position above her at Fusion on Tuesday, January 12. On Monday, January 11, a reeling Ryan drops Emma off at the Chandler mansion, where the court has ruled she will reside on alternate weeks. Thoughts of Ryan pull Greenlee through a operation room crisis; while Ryan finds comfort in Erica’s bed back home. Ryan and Erica’s decision to take on Fusion together may stand in the way of their decision to keep their romance under wraps. Tad takes Liza out to decompress after a disastrous run-in with Colby. Liza comes to Damon and Bailey’s rescue again. Things heat up between Tad and Liza on Friday, January 15.

The Inside Story: Familial Dysfunction
Colby decides to try a different tactic with Annie on Monday, January 11. Liza clashes with her single-minded daughter. Colby warns Scott not to get in her way of her plans to rid their family of Annie. JR’s response to her cry to arms frustrates Colby. Emma remains uneasy around Adam but takes an instant liking to her new sister. On Wednesday, January 13, a frustrated Scott catches a glimpse of Annie’s sexy private show for his uncle. Liza, Colby and Scott later hear a scream coming from the parlor, where they find a barely dressed Annie standing over Adam who has suffered another cardiac episode. Adam receives distressing health news on Thursday, January 14. Scott fantasizes about Annie. Adam downplays the seriousness of his condition but does reveal that he needs to get a pacemaker. Adam makes plea to his family.

A Closer Look: Path to Freedom
Amanda’s concern for David threatens to put the kibosh on the Martin’s attempt to reconnect on Monday, January 11. Amanda researches David’s condition and learns that it is hereditary. Jake and Angie convince an upset Amanda to have a DNA test run on Trevor to see if he carries the deadly marker for the disease David claims to have. Jake, Amanda, JR and Marissa’s concerns mount as they wait for the test results on Wednesday, January 13. Jake and Angie are confounded by the results of Trevor and Marissa’s DNA tests on Friday, January 15. Amanda and Marissa realize that Trevor’s paternity is in question. Jake gets his hands on a strand of David’s hair. David is forced to to tell Greenlee about his plan to make everyone think he’s dying. Greenlee insists on spinning some details about her disappearance to help David out.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Greenlee finds herself in a conflict after David reveals all of his dirty laundry. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • Jake and Amanda learn who baby Trevor’s biological father is. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • Reeling from his epic failure to make amends, David tells Greenlee that he can never return home. (National Enquirer)
  • Misunderstandings threaten to get in the way of Tad and Liza’s intensifying attraction. (National Enquirer)
  • Adam reveals the contents of his new will to his stunned family. (National Enquirer)

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 11 Edition

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Friday, January 8, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

( — Independence Day.


Blair and Eli have sex on Police Commissioner Lowell’s desk on Monday, January 11. Matthew feels lonesome without Danielle. Jessica decides to be nicer toward Stacy after learning from Rex that Mitch is out to get her baby. Ford takes Fish, Layla and Cristian up on their offer to move in with them. Rex informs Gigi that he is now living with Stacy because of threats to “his” unborn child. Schuyler goes after Stacy upon learning that Mitch attacked her and the baby. Kyle walks in during the argument just in time to hear that Schuyler, and not Rex, is Stacy’s baby’s daddy. Blair can’t get enough of her new boytoy. David sets out to sue Ford over royalties he’s been getting from an Internet version of their failed reality TV show, however his visions of dollar signs are soon dashed on Friday, January 15. Kyle and Ford have an awkward meeting. Stacy and Schuyler work to convince themselves that Kyle will keep his mouth shut. And Fish tells Kyle that has accepted Rex’s offer to pick up a little extra cash by protecting Stacy and the baby when not on duty with the LPD.

The Inside Story: Am I My Father’s Daughter?

Lowell must drop all charges against John when Jessica, Brody, Marty and Cole all confess to stabbing Mitch. However, Lowell remains furious that Nora tricked him, and promptly fires John from the police force on Monday, January 11. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief when John announces that no one will ever serve time for stabbing Mitch. Natalie later tells Viki and Charlie that she is the guilty party. Bo and John ask Brody to be their mole as they plot to take down Mitch and Dorian. Meanwhile, Mitch reminds Dorian who’s boss. Later, Dorian hatches a new scheme after overhearing Charlie say that he recently tried to kill Mitch while in a drunken stupor. Across town, Stacy confides her recent ordeal with Kim, telling her that Rex has decided to move back to the loft to protect her and the baby. Kim, meanwhile, quickly lands on her feet and finds a new home in the Buchanan mansion. However, by Tuesday, January 12, Nora threatens to sell the family home when Clint attempts to sue her millions of dollars as part of their divorce settlement. Fortunately, Kim manages to convince Clint to drop the lawsuit in exchange for keeping the mansion. Suspicious of his uncle’s new lady friend, David confronts Kim. His plans of exposing her fail when Clint thanks Kim for having only the best of intentions on Wednesday, January 13. After tossing David out, Clint informs Kim that he knows what she’s trying to do. By Friday, January 15, Dorian is left a nervous wreck when John realizes the real reason why she fired Bo. John tells her that the only way to break free of Mitch’s control is to turn on him. Mitch, meanwhile taunts and teases Viki, Charlie, Jessica and Natalie at the Buenos Dias Café. And Viki grows concerned for Charlie’s mental state when he leaves alone and angry.

A Closer Look: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Todd is enraged when Cole asks Starr to move in with him on Monday, January 11. Even though he remains vehemently opposed to the idea, Blair convince him to bite his tongue or risk straining his relationship with his daughter. Starr gathers her and Hope’s belongings, and shares and emotional farewell with her parents. Another Cramer girl soon leaves the nest as well, when Langston accepts Markko’s offer to move into the apartment as well. But will four teens and a baby be able to share an apartment without driving each other crazy? In Tahiti, Danielle is shocked to be greeted by Ross. On Tuesday, January 12, Téa is floored to discover that her ex-husband is very much alive. Unnerved to learn that Danielle attempted to murder Todd, Ross decides it’s time “his” daughter learned the truth. Ross and Téa rehash the entire sordid story when she refuses to accept the fact that Todd Manning is her biological father. Furthermore Ross encourages Danielle to return to Llanview to get closer to Todd. As they prepare to leave for the U.S., Téa and Danielle forge a pact in which she won’t squeal about Ross if Danielle will got back to home with her. Back in Llanview, Mitch suggest to Todd that he could silence Cole permannetly if he would nudge Jessica to get closer to him on Wednesday, January 13. Realizing what a physco the former cult leader is, Todd advises Mitch to stay away form his family; Mitch warns Todd that he’s making a big mistake by crossing him. Meanwhile, Langston and Markko realize that their new living arrangement with Starr, Cole, and Hope isn’t going to work. Blair gives Dorian an icy reception when she informs her aunt that Langston has moved in with Markko. And on Thursday, January 14, Langston bumps into Ford, who is apartment hunting, and the pair are soon spotted by Markko.

One Life to Live News and Headlines:


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Thursday, January 7, 2010 9:46 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( – Stars from the ABC soap “One Life to Live” set to appear on “Good Morning America” to participate in coat drive for needy.

On Tuesday, January 12th, Eddie Alerderson (Matthew Buchanan), Kelley Missal (Danielle Rayburn), and Shenell Edmonds (Destiny Evans) will appear on the popular morning news program to participate in “GMA’s” annual “Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Drive,” “OLTL” publicity director Lauri Hogan tells SON

For the third straight year, “Good Morning America” is teaming up with Burlington Coat Factory and the non-profit group “One Warm Coat” to distribute free coats to those in need all across the United States.  Organizers are hoping to surpass last year’s total of 177,339 coats (175,125 were collected in 2007).  Currently, this season’s total stands at 174,803.   

Donations will be accepted through January 15th at more than 400 Burlington Coat Factory locations nationwide, and “GMA” audience members can drop off their coats at the show’s studios in Time Square in New York City. 

New and gently used coats will be accepted, along with other types of outer wear (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc…) and hats and gloves.  In the coming weeks the donated coats and other items will be distributed across the country by charaities working closely with “One Warm Coat.” 

For more information on how you can participate in this event, click here.  Individuals who have received donated coats from this drive are also encouraged to share their experiences with “GMA,” who may choose to showcase some of your stories on air. 

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

OLTL Recap: Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, January 7, 2010.

IT HAPPENED TODAY “Nurse Charles in Charge”…

Dorian knows there’s going to be consequences when she carries out Mitch’s latest demand, which is naming former mayor Stanley Lowell as Bo’s replacement. Outraged, Starr, Blair, Langston and Addie walk out on Dorian. Marty calls John on his habit of trying to rescue people whether they want it or not. Charlie fights the temptation to drink. Viki takes Charlie to Jared’s grave, where they find Natalie in tears. Charlie and Natalie come together in their grief. Nurse Charles menaces Stacy with a drug filled syringe when Stacy tells her she has no intention of giving Mitch her baby. Mitch arrives at the loft and doesn’t like what he sees. Eli strongly advises Rex not to fight Gigi for full custody of Shane.

On the Next One Life to Live…

  • The Cramer girls pay Todd a visit.
  • Nurse Charles and Mitch try to kidnap Stacy.
  • Gigi is frustrated with Rex.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

GH Recap: Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, January 7, 2010.


Carly tears into Michael when he blames Jason for the mess they’re all in. Michael finally lets his emotions come to the surface as he reveals to Carly how tormented he’s been since killing Claudia. Sonny realizes Franco has the means to destroy Michael.

Lucky and Dominic are desperate to find Lulu.

Elizabeth doesn’t lead Lucky to believe otherwise when he assumes that Nikolas’ love for her is all one-sided.

Lisa manipulates Patrick when she talks about the wild times they used to have.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • Jason races to rescue Sam.
  • Lucky and Dominic team up to try and find Lulu.
  • Michael struggles with his feelings.

“General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, January 7, 2010.


Opal barges in on Ryan and Erica, effectively ruining the mood just as things are heating up between them. Ryan leaves but can’t take his mind off Erica, who’s also consumed by thoughts of him. Ryan surprises Erica when he returns and they make love for the first time. David doesn’t shatter Greenlee’s fantasy that everything is just as she remembers with the people she loves.

Amanda gives Jake an ultimatum, saying he needs to back off David or they’re through. Jake, however, remains determined to find out what David is really doing up in Gloucester. David lies to Amanda, telling her he’s going to Malaysia for treatment but is really headed to Gloucester for Greenlee’s surgery. Amanda tells Jake she thinks David is going away to die.

Bailey turns to Liza for help after Damon gets arrested. Bailey admits to Liza that she’s missed her. Tad’s there for Liza when she’s forced to say goodbye to Stuart all over again.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Ryan and Annie face off in court.
  • Liza goes to bat for Ryan.
  • Marissa begs JR to fight for his life.
  • “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

OLTL Alerts: Week of January 11 Edition

Thursday, January 7, 2010 9:24 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of January 11, 2010.


  • Monday: Bo,John, and Brody work to bring down Mitch. Natalie is impressed with all of John’s help. Mitch reminds Dorian who’s in control.
  • Tuesday: Starr and Cole make a bold move. Danielle is happy to see her “father” again. Clint enrages Nora with his divorce demands.
  • Wednesday: Téa and Ross tell Danielle that Todd is really her biological father. Todd realizes just how crazy Mitch is. David confronts Kim.
  • Thursday: Gigi is concerned that Mitch may go after Shane. Blair refuses to forgive Dorian. Langston again gets an eyeful when she encounters Ford.
  • Friday: Kyle discovers what Schuyler and Stacy have been hiding. Following a showdown with John, Dorian hatches a new plan. Viki is worried about Charlie’s mental state.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 8:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children” VCR Alerts for the Week of January 11, 2010.


  • Monday: Ryan and Annie learn Emma’s fate. Greenlee faces a crisis during surgery. David lays a guilt trip on Amanda.
  • Tuesday: Amanda’s discovery could change everything. Greenlee doesn’t know whether or not she’ll walk again. Randi isn’t pleased by the turn of events.
  • Wednesday: Amanda agrees to have a DNA test run on Trevor. Colby’s out to get Annie. Annie tells Scott nothing will ever happen between them.
  • Thursday: Adam’s days could be numbered. Madison catches Ryan and Erica locked in a kiss. Greenlee debates contacting Ryan.
  • Friday: Greenlee wants to know what David’s really been up to. Amanda begins to question Trevor’s paternity. Colby wonders if Annie tried to kill Adam.

“All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings. “AMC” also airs online at and can be accessed 24/7.