How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


At Crimson Lights, Diane spotted Nick there and tried to cozy up to him. When he showed annoyance rather than kindness, Diane was quick to bring up how the two of them had sex the night before. Unfortunately, Nick could have cared less, telling Diane that the sex they had was a one time thing. Their conversation was interrupted when Adam arrived with the news that the two of them did a great job in getting Sharon's name cleared. Showing him an Internet news story, it pointed out that Sharon's accident was just that: an accident.

Sharon was in the barn reading the Internet article about herself with Sam arrived inviting her to dinner. She quickly declined him and he soon received a phone call. While he was gone, she wondered what it would have been like if she would have approached Adam at the festival. She soon changed her mind and decided he was in a better place without her around. Sam returned to tell her about a horse that died. During the conversation, Sharon learned that Sam used to be married. He shared how his wife walked on him. She soon decides to join him for dinner after all.

Sofia tried to conduct business with Katherine, but becamse frustrated that she was being blown off by her. When she left, Jack, who was spying them, approached Katherine; determined to get her to make him CEO of Jabot. Katherine told him she'll let him know what her decision is in due time.

Everyone was angry at the courthouse when Daisy and Phyllis walked into the courtroom. Phyllis gloated that now that Daisy was back wanting her parental rights, Billy and Victoria doesn't stand a chance in having the baby. They were further infuriated when they learned that Phyllis was trying to get rights for herself as well. Daniel pointed out that Phyllis was doing it for herself and that once she got what she wanted, Daisy would be history. When Lucy tried to reach out to the baby, Billy backed away from her.

After reading the article about Sharon, Nick was pleased that things were changed to make Sharon's accident was just that: an accident. Before Diane could say anything more to Nick, he left the table and found himself running into Noah, who was back from New York. The two started to talk and Nick filled him in on what was going on back home. As the two talked, a young girl approached them. Noah introduced Nick to Hunter, who he was helping out with a place to stay while in New York. He assured his father that she was just a friend. Nick was pleased to learn that Noah would be staying in Genoa City to continue his music with Devon.

At the jail, Abby told Ashley how she tried to tell the D.A. that she was the one that was driving the car. She admits that despite her telling the truth, the attorney didn't believe her. Ashley warned her that her constant pursuit of trying to get Ashley off will only hurt her chances in the long run. A heartbroken Abby left and Sofia arrived, miffed that Ashley was the cause of Tucker being in a hospital bed. When Ashley told Sofia that she didn't try to purposely harm Tucker, Sofia soon softens and shares her frustrations regarding Katherine. Ashley advised Sofia to not back down from Katherine and to do what Tucker would want her to do.

When the authorities come to take Daisy to jail, Kevin leaves to follow them. Billy and Victoria leave also, taking Lucy back home. Lauren and Michael have their turn in lashing out at Phyllis for her betrayal. Michael can't believe Phyllis would use Daisy to get what she wants; while Lauren can't believe Phyllis is helping free Daisy after the torture she put her through. Phyllis stands up for Daisy but it only makes Lauren more furious. Michael quickly escorts his wife out of the courtroom, leaving Daniel and Phyllis alone. Daniel snapped that he couldn't believe that she resorted into helping the likes of Daisy all to get what she wanted, but Phyllis barks that it's not for her; she's doing it all for him. When he doesn't comment, she laments that she's disappointed in the person that he's become. Not at all buying her song and dance, Daniel walks out on her.

Adam teased Diane with the fact that he saw her and Nick having sex. Diane told him that it wasn't his business what she did with Nick. She soon tried another approach and asked if Adam would ever stop grieving Sharon; Adam admitted to her that he would not.

Sofia returned back to Gloworm to talk to Katherine. She shared that she didn't believe that Ashley belonged in jail and that Tucker wouldn't want her in there either. Katherine didn't want to hear Sofia's stance and told her that she was doing what she wanted to protect her son. When Sofia continued to press the issue, Katherine said that if she didn't like working with her, hand in her resignation. When Sofia refused and questioned why Tucker would ever give control over his company to her, Katherine shot back that effective immediately she was putting her on a paid leave of absence.

Jack ran into an upset Abby, who blamed him for everything that was going wrong in her life. Not taking the bait, Jack calmly talked to her into reason. He soon headed to the jail and visited Ashley. He told her that he talked to Katherine again about taking the CEO position. A peeved Ashley told her brother that she didn't want her new line in the hands of Katherine and for Jack to do whatever it takes to get back into Jabot.

Phyllis who is alone at the courthouse is faced once again by lauren and Michael. She tried to explain that she was the one that finally was able to get Daisy in jail and that Lauren should be able to be a peace in her doing that. Lauren told Phyllis that after what she did, there was no going back. She tells Phyllis their friendship is over and done. A silent but obviously angry Michael joined his wife as they walked out on a heartbroken Phyllis.

On the Next The Young and the Restless…

  • Katherine has a change of heart with Jack
  • The carjacker comes to Sam's with a photo of Sharon
  • Adam tells Diane they are going to do away with Victor Newman
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    Y&R Recap: Monday, June 6, 2011

    Y&R Recap: Monday, June 6, 2011

    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, June 6, 2011.


    Jack informed Ashley that Tucker was doing alright and that the authorities are aware that no foul play was involved. She shared her frustration at the way Katherine was treating her, which prompted Jack to break the news that Katherine offered her job to Victoria.

    At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Jill bonded over coffee. She shared that she wanted to do something special for Colin; and that was setting a trip up for the two of them to go to Australia. The two stopped talking on the trip when Colin arrived. Lauren quickly excused herself and talked to Kevin about the courtcase. She hoped that Phyllis would drop her obsession with luring Daisy back. She suggested that Kevin go to the courthouse to give his support. Meanwhile, Jill shared the news with Colin that she has planned a trip to go to his home.

    Cane told Genevieve that he was backing out of their plan; his focus was on helping Lily. Genevieve was upset that Cane was defying her and pointed that by not doing what they have planned would be a bad mistake. She continued to toy with him but he turned the tables when he questioned why he hadn't seen her since the death of Samantha. Genevieve doesn't excuse her reasons for leaving; telling her son that they have a common goal and that's taking Colin down.

    At the courthouse, the judge refused to hand over parental rights to Billy and Victoria, shortly after giving them to Daniel. She wants to know why she should agree to let them adopt her. Billy took the stand first to share what he did to get Lucy. The judge soon listens to Victoria tell her about the support her family has given her when Lucy was first placed in her family. Daniel admitted that his mother wasn't supportive of the Abbotts adopting Lucy. When Kevin pipes up to have his say, he initially worries everyone, and despite protests for him to continue talking, the judge tells them all that she is going to let him have his say. Kevin shocks them all when he tells the judge that the best place for Lucy to be is with Billy and Victoria.

    Phyllis headed home and was stunned to see Daisy emerge. She said she had to come back after reading her blog; after it it was what Phyllis had hoped for her to do. Phyllis showed pictures of Lucy to her and told her that she wanted to help Lucy get her parental rights back. Diasy wanted to know what she would need to do if she wanted Phyllis's help. She laughed when Phyllis told her that she would need to turn herself in to the police.

    Jill shared her disappointment with Lauren about how Colin wasn't happy about going to Australia with her. She believed that she didn't want to go with her but Lauren waved it away as him wanting to have been the one to organize the trip. Meanwhile, Colin told 'Caleb' that if everything goes as planned, they would be able to take the twins out of Genoa City by the next evening. When Colin gets a phone call, he is unaware that Genevieve has tapped into his phone and has written down his plans.

    At the jail, Michael and Ashley are going over her case when Abby arrived. When he stepped out to leave them alone, Abby told her mother that she remembered that she was the one that was driving the car. Ashley quickly told her daughter that she was incorrect and that it was her that she was driving. Unfortunately a determined Abby doesn't believe her and decided to tell the DA on her own about who really was driving the car.

    Daisy refused to be kept in jail and demanded that Phyllis help her to get the right to see her child. Phyllis however, didn't deny that she wanted Daisy to help her to get Lucy for herself. The two bounced back and forth until the both came to some sort of 'mutual' agreement.

    At the courthouse Daniel, then Victoria and Billy thanked Kevin for what he did for them. Michale arrived and Jacked shared the news of what Kevin did for his family. Jack soon directed his attentions on Victoria and commented on hearing about the offer that Katherine made her. Billy told a relieved Jack that she wasn't going to take the job. When the judge arrived, everyone awaited her decision: Billy and Victoria would be able to be the adoptive parents of Lucy. Daniel, Lucy and Billy all sign the adoption papers. Lauren arrived and was delighted by the news of the adoption, certain that Phyllis didn't have a chance in luring Daisy back to get a hand on the baby.

    Leslie showed up and told both Phyllis and Daisy that DA Walsh wanted to send officers to arrest her but she managed to talk him down. She stressed that while she could help her, she had to be cooperative in order for that to happen. Phyllis, thinking she called the shots told Daisy that if she didn't do as she was told, she'd have her arrested, but Daisy sniffed that without her, Phyllis didn't stand a chance in getting Lucy.

    Colin apologized with upsetting Jill regarding the trip to Australia. He assured her that it wasn't that he didn't want to go with her but rather the 'threat' that was still there possibly waiting for him. Meanwhile, Cane returned to see Genevieve and learned from her about Colin's flight plans. She admitted that she had been keep watch over every move Colin has made since his arrival into Genoa City.

    Lauren and Michael go into the courtroom, all ready to help celebrate the adoption of Lucy with Billy and Victoria. As they are all talking, Phyllis, Daisy and Leslie arrive and enter the room. Daniel demanded to know what was going on. All are stunned when Phyllis tells them that Daisy is back to get her parental rights reinstated.

    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

    • Diane thinks Adam might have a thing for her
    • Katherine wants Sofia's resignation
    • Lauren snaps when she comes face to face with Daisy
    • The Young and the Restless
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      OLTL Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

      OLTL Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

      ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


      John questions Todd. Todd has the truth about Liam’s paternity on the tip of his tongue but John’s aggressive tactics ultimately lead him to keep quiet. John arrests Todd.

      Meanwhile, Téa confronts Tomas about his and Todd’s involvement with Marty and Liam. Tomas denies all, but Téa is skeptical, and her misgivings grow when she gets a call from Todd saying John arrested him. Téa arrives at the police station to bail out Todd. Blair calls Tomas a hero for bringing Liam to the police.

      Natalie and Brody discuss their surprising second kiss. At first they explain it away as a side effect of their relief at having Liam returned safe and sound. But they quickly admit there might be more at play. They agree on several points, most of all that it would be too complicated.

      At St. Ann’s, Ford and Tess are still absorbing the shock of realizing (privately) that they are falling for the other. They are on the verge of divulging the truth when Joey and Aubrey arrive to retrieve Ryder. Tess pretends to be Jessica in an attempt to get free of St. Ann’s, but Joey sees through her. Joey and Aubrey leave with Ryder, and Ford and Tess’s feelings for one another remain unsaid.

      Cutter makes himself at home in Asa’s mansion. Vimal, released from prison as a result of Téa’s legal maneuvering, arrives in search of Rama. Meanwhile at Serenity Springs, Rama has a hard time keeping her hands of Cristian. Back at Asa’s mansion, Vimal is dismayed to learn that Rama has been living there with Cutter. Rama returns just as Cutter is letting slip that she is not pregnant. Rama is forced to confirm this, though she maintains that her reason for lying was to protect him.

      Alone with Rama, Cutter later points out that she did it for the money. Rama threatens to out Cutter’s other mysterious secret should he tell Vimal the truth. Back at Serenity Springs, Blair advises Cris to stay away from married women. Cris hears her, but at can’t shake thoughts of Rama.

      On the Next One Life to Live…

      • Natalie and John share a close moment.
      • Things heat up between Starr and James.
      • Shane is on to Jack’s latest ruse.
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        Rick Rowell/ABC

        ( — On Monday, May 23, three days after news broke that Ingo Rademacher (Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks) had been fired by ABC’s “General Hospital,” Soap Opera Network tweeted that we had exclusively learned that Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda Barrett Corinthos) would be the next actor leaving the daytime drama series. On Thursday, May 26, just before the long Memorial Day Weekend, the actress confirmed our report when she revealed that her days with the soap were numbered via her Twitter page. Interestingly, the actress has been tweeting up a storm since revealing the news while keeping mum for nearly 3 months on her twitter account (it had previously been crickets since February of this year). Marcil Giovinazzo’s confirmation follows months of rumors since she revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood Live back in March that she was on her way out.

        “I came back to honor my roots. These are the people that I grew up with. I haven’t been a regular on the show in 13 years. It was like going to an incredible high school reunion,” said Marcil Giovinazzo of her time back at the Prospect Studios where “GH” is filmed in her AHL interview. “We had so much fun. I have so much respect for these people. They work so hard. I loved being there. We shot the wedding for seven days. We just had the best time. There were all these insane things that happened and now after the wedding, there’s a lot of drama because now my time [on 'General Hospital'] is almost done.”

        In a tweet posted on Tuesday, June 7, the actress revealed her last tape date will be this Thursday, June 9. “Thank you ‘GH’ for a great year. Best cast and crew in the world and in my heart forever,” she commented after revealing the date.

        In the days leading up to her exit, the actress showed her appreciation for her co-stars, fans and crew including “General Hospital” executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. “My final days are near… will miss Maurice [Benard] and cast with every cell of my being. Should I keep Brenda’s thigh high stilettos?” was just the beginning of numerous tweets made by the actress back on May 26. It was followed up by the revelation that she’d be working on a cartoon series post “GH.” In her tweet to follower nygall33, Marcil Giovinazzo stated she was “working on an animated children’s show that I wrote with my sister and my son. GAGOO AND THE LAND OF CHOICES :)” On Farren Phelps, the actress said “My boss Jill says door is open. :) She”s lovely.” On Friday, May 27, Marcil Giovinazzo revealed that Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) “got me through first 3 months here. He’s breathtakingly talented. Wish we had gotten more together.”

        While a “GH” representative was unable for comment at press time nor do we expect to receive one on this matter as it is ABC policy not to respond to actor tweets, look for Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo to last air in mid-to-late-July as the soap currently films 5 weeks ahead of airdate.


        AMC Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

        ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


        Griffin lays into Cara for almost sleeping with Jake. Tad asks Jake if he’s done with Cara after admitting his feelings for her. Jake says yes. Cara tells Tad what happened between her and Jake and says she still wants Tad if he still wants to be with her. Tad convinces Cara to go back to work at the hospital. Tad and Griffin share a drink and toast to Cara working back at PVH and Tad hopes Griffin will stick around town as well. Cara and Jake toss their old wedding rings into the hazardous materials container.

        Greenlee struggles to keep her relationship with Ryan alive. She tries to plan a night alone but they’re interrupted by Kendall and Spike. Jackson consoles Greenlee when she panics that she’s turning into her mom. She vows to keep fighting for Ryan. Kendall tells Ryan that if he can’t get past what Greenlee did then he owes it to both of them to walk away. Ryan confronts Greenlee and things don’t go so smoothly.

        Griffin shows up at the penthouse to talk to Greenlee about the charges against him but runs into Kendall instead. Kendall discusses the Miranda Center expansion with Griffin and the pair almost share another “moment.” Their conversation takes a tense note as Griffin shuts down and runs out at the idea of him staying in town a moment longer than absolutely necessary.

        On the Next All My Children…

        • Jane and David make a deal.
        • Madison decides to end things with Scott.
        • Scott hits JR after he makes a sarcastic comment.


        • All My Children
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          GH Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

          ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


          Jason and Sam discuss whether he should leave the mob – especially if they plan on having children together. Sam maintains that quitting the mob will not bring Jake back. Jason gets called to investigate a shipment that has been blown up by Anthony.

          Devastated by Maya’s “affair,” Ethan returns home determined to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic.

          Dante and Lulu make love, and we see Lulu get some perspective on her father’s addiction despite struggling with codependency. Lucky realizes where Luke has gone – the Bordello he grew up in. Lucky and Siobhan take off to find him.

          Spinelli and Maxie share a sentimental cross at Jake’s with Patrick and Robin, but Matt ends up saving the day when Maxie starts to choke on her drink.

          On the Next General Hospital…

          • Johnny help an unlikely ally.
          • Matt helps out at Crimson, to Maxie’s delight.
          • Spinelli daydreams of being a gumshoe.


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            'All My Children' Confirms that Josh Duhamel is Coming Home

            ( – Soap Opera Network first reported news of a Josh Duhamel return being in the works at “All My Children” in May following the 38-year-old actor making curious comments relating to the cancelled ABC soap on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Twitter and Facebook. On Monday, June 6, ABC confirmed speculation with the announcement that the “Transformers” star will indeed return to the serial drama that started his acting career this summer.

            Entertainment Weekly reports that Duhamel will make a cameo appearance in one or potentially two episodes this August. The Daytime Emmy Award winner, who aired on “All My Children” from November 1999 to October 2002, has not taped the aforementioned appearances yet. There is no final word out on if Leo du Pres, who disappeared into the raging waters of Miller Falls while attempting to rescue his wife Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) from his deranged mother, will return as a ghost or in the flesh. For what it’s worth on that front, late on Tuesday evening, Duhamel did tweet to his followers that “Leo Lives!!!” Stay Tuned.

            On the high profile return, Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer of “All My Children,” notes that the soap she heads is “thrilled and excited to welcome Josh back to Pine Valley.” Referencing in part some of the many returns executives at “All My Children” have ironed out and are working on as they inch closer to September 2, the final tape-date for the soap that will last air on ABC on September 23, she adds that “the appearance of Leo is sure to be one of the highlights of the season.”

            Duhamel, who attended and presented at this past weekend’s “MTV Move Awards,” will once again hit the big-screen before his trip back to Pine Valley. On Wednesday, June 29, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” opens in theaters across the world in 3D. This will mark the third installment in that blockbuster series. Duhamel has starred in each installment, alongside Shia LeBeouf, John Turturro and Tyrese Gibson, as hero Lt. Colonel William Lennox.

            (Updated on Tuesday, June 6 at 8:58 PM EST)

            • All My Children
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              Tognoni & Degnan Bid Llanview Adieu

              Tognoni & Degnan Bid Llanview Adieu

              ( — With only seven months left to go before the show becomes a part of television history, two more actors are about to depart from “One Life to Live.” ABC Soaps in Depth reports that Gina Tognoni (Kelly) and Tom Degnan (Joey) will be both be leaving Llanview behind later this summer as their storyline winds down.

              But there is some good news for Joey and Kelly fans, however, as both characters expected to ride off into the sunset together. The news comes only weeks after their co-star Robin Strasser (Dorian) tweeted that Tognoni, who returned to “One Life” in February 2010, was leaving the show. Tognoni originated the role of Kelly back in 1995. Degnan, meanwhile, became the seventh actor to take over the role of Viki and Clint’s youngest son Joey on November 24 of last year.

              Final airdates for the actors have not been announced, however, look for them to continue to air through at least early July, when Joey tells Kelly how he feels about her and Dorian tries to play matchmaker. A spokesperson for the show had no comment.

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                OLTL Recap: Monday, June 6, 2011

                OLTL Recap: Monday, June 6, 2011

                ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, June 6, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY

                Marty tells Todd the whole story. Todd presses her to leave but she’s having a fit of remorse. Todd tells her she’s suffered enough. He promises he’ll tell John about the baby. John arrives and is face to face with Todd.

                Meanwhile, Brody searches Todd’s house, to Téa’s dismay, as John has found Tomas with the baby at the poolhouse. Tomas claims he heard the baby crying and found him. John brings the baby to Brody and tells him to take his son to Natalie.

                Téa argues with John about Tomas, convincing him not to arrest him but to go after Marty. Téa asks Tomas if what he told the cops was true, and he swears it is. Téa remembers Todd keeping her out of the poolhouse previously. Tomas makes a phone call to Calmar, telling him they dodged a bullet.

                Natalie is at the hospital with Roxy, who doesn’t get a chance to reveal the tape recorder to her before Brody comes in with the baby. It’s a huge happy reunion. Roxy tries to play the recorder. After depositing Shane at the gym, with Cristian showing Shane the ropes, Gigi goes back to Buenos Dias where Blair is with Jack.

                Jack tells Blair about police cars at Todd’s and Blair calls Tea, learning about the search for Marty. Gigi arrives and refuses to serve Jack. Blair and Gigi argue.

                Jack tells Blair he’s going to the library but goes to the gym to torment Shane. Shane intentionally drops a barbell on Jack’s toe. Jack cries and Shane laughs at him. Gigi arrives and takes Shane back to BD and warns him to find more effective ways to resolve conflict. Blair tells Jack she knows he came to the gym to make trouble for Shane, and she sends him home. Jack texts a warning to Shane. Shane tells him to bring it.

                Rama cries on Cristian’s shoulder about her inability to tell Vimal the truth about the baby. They have a fraught moment. She moves away but then returns to apologize and ends up kissing him.

                On the Next One Life to Live…

                • John puts the screws to Todd.
                • Joey doesn’t fall for Tess’ antics.
                • Cutter outs Rama’s secret to Vimal.


                Disney/ABC Television Group

                After news broke today that ABC would be bumping “General Hospital” from its long time 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT timeslot beginning in September 2012 in favor of a new Katie Couric talk show, the network was forced to calm the nerves of fans who are still reeling from the cancellations of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Unfortunately, the network is just delaying the inevitable to placate fans from believing that their favorite soap could be next.

                “As you’ll note, we went out of our way to state that we continue to support the show,” Disney-ABC Television spokesman Kevin Brockman told CNN. “We have a long time between now and fall of 2012, so fans should be encouraged to continue watching and supporting.”

                Brockman’s statement was echoed by Jori Petersen, Vice President, Publicity, ABC Daytime/SOAPnet. “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital,’” said Petersen. “Rather it means that in September 2012, we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows. We’ll have options for the daytime daypart just like with do each year with prime-time. We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want will be the ones that continue. There are many options that could happen … only time will tell. We are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business. The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

                If you read the statements clearly, no where does it state that “General Hospital” is indeed safe. Petersen’s “we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows” means that if “The Revolution” and “The Chew” are successful and “General Hospital” is canceled, they will join “The View” as the “three strongest shows” on ABC Daytime. Let’s reminds ourselves that ABC is giving back the fourth hour of its daytime schedule to affiliates beginning in September 2012 with the understanding that while Couric’s show will air in syndication (ie. not just ABC affiliated stations), it will air solely in the 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT timeslot as Oprah Winfrey did in the 4:00 PM ET/3:00 PM PT over the course of her 25-years hosting “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” This will be the deal breaker the Disney/ABC Television Group will make with affiliates looking for programming to air beginning in fall 2012.

                Will “General Hospital” indeed be canceled? No one is saying that either, but unless “The Chew” or “The Revolution” flat out bomb and the network loses money, odds are “GH” will end in September 2012 to make room for Katie Couric.

                Side Note: While we understand that Oprah’s show did not air at 4:00 PM ET/3:00 PM PT in all parts of the country, the majority of stations airing her show were contracted to air the program during those hours.


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