How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


Tomas and Blair and Yvette have spent the night looking for Sebastian, who finally returns and admits he went to Llanview to check it out. Yvette tells Tomas he has to take Sebastian now if he wants her to sign the divorce papers, which Tomas does. Yvette leaves, first giving Blair another veiled warning about Tomas. Blair entices Sebastian to go stay with his father by promising access to the equipment at Capricorn, and he agrees.

Starr tells James about the strange guy who disapproved of her music and put his own on her MP3 player. James insists he’s not jealous, even though Starr wants to hold on to the music.

Téa gives Rex the bad news that she can’t find a way to marry him and Gigi at this point. Echo appears and they deal with the issue that Rex now knows Echo knew Charlie wasn’t Rex’s father. Todd and Jack argue over Jack’s behavoir. They nearly come to blows after Jack pushes Todd’s buttons. Téa arrives and keeps Todd from slugging Jack. John gets the forensics report and at he and Brody arrive and arrest Jack.

Earlier, John notes Brody looks like hell and Brody tells him he’s moved into the Angel Square. John learns Jessica is back and is puzzled as to what’s up between Brody and her, but doesn’t pursue. Jessica and Natalie argue and Natalie finally lashes out at Jessica for abandoning Brody. Jessica points out she didn’t sleep with Natalie’s fiancé, although maybe she should change her ways.

Dorian and David arrive from CA, fighting over an actress whose bra Dorian found in David’s dressing room. He appeases her but then an envelope arrives with incriminating sexy pictures of David and Ionia, the actress. Dorian has a fit but David explains the actress threw herself at him and he kicked her out. Dorian finally accepts the explanation but both wonder who took those pictures, and why. Meanwhile Echo thanks the messenger for delivering the pictures to Dorian.

On the Next One Life to Live…

  • David pays his family a visit.
  • Rick threatens Deanna.
  • The man with the scar appears again.
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    GH Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    GH Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


    Dante tries to soothe Lulu over her family’s self-destruction. Dante and Tracy discover Lulu has left to find Luke herself.

    Siobhan reveals she also knew the truth about Aiden. Elizabeth stings over Lucky and Siobhan’s loving reunion at the hospital. Lucky and Elizabeth confront Nikolas about Aiden – and are surprised by his reaction.

    Sonny and Diane discuss whether or not he should officially adopt Alec. Meanwhile, Anthony threatens Brenda and Alec at Kelly’s. Sonny drops in on Anthony.

    On the Next General Hospital…

    • Spinelli cannot unfreeze mob funds for Sonny’s business.
    • Alexis and Sonny argue over the right way to punish Kristina after her Dominican Republic antics.
    • Michael gets multiple job offers to keep him busy over the summer.


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      Amanda Setton

      ( — As we first reported last night, thanks to a tweet from a “One Life to Live” crew member, it was looking as if Amanda Setton, who currently plays Penelope Shafai on “Gossip Girl,” was making her way back to Llanview as the former stripper and Buchanan wife Kimberly Andrews. This afternoon, both Soap Opera Digest and ABC Soaps in Depth confirmed the news, stating that the actress was indeed returning to Llanview.

      The tweet in question came from Julia Davis (of Julia Jovone Beauty), who has been a make-up artist on “OLTL” since October 2005. On June 13, she tweeted that she had “Just finished getting @amandasetton into character for ‘One Life to Live.’ Love her features.”

      “I am thrilled to be returning to ‘One Life to Live.’ I had such a great time working with everyone at ‘OLTL’ and I am looking forward to the trouble that Kim will get into once she is back in town,” the actress said in a statement.

      However, Setton’s first airdate, as well as the length of her stay on “One Life,” are unknown at this time. But with her taping scenes earlier this month, she should first appear on screen sometime in August.

      Setton made her “One Life” debut as Kimberly Andrews on August 14, 2009. She left the role on April 2, 2010 after rejecting an offer by the show to place her on contract, in order to return to her primetime roots.

      So what brings Kimberly back to Llanview? Revenge on David Vickers after he blackmailed her into leaving town? Looking to reunite with her sugar daddy Clint Buchanan? Or could it be something more? Here’s your chance to sound off!


      The Big Talk: Has ABC Declined Offers for All My Children and One Life to Live?

      ( — Daytime's biggest night was Sunday, June 19, but before the star studded "Daytime Emmy Awards" got underway there was talk around the Hilton that ABC had received offers from multiple unnamed production companies seeking to purchase the rights to "All My Children" and/or "One Life to Live" from the Walt Disney owned television network nearly three months since it canceled the dramas. This despite the network making it clear there was no longer a wide enough audience to sustain viewership and advertising dollars. Reasons for declining said offers remained unclear as Soap Opera Network went to press.

      Since announcing the cancellations on Thursday, April 14, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan revealed that network insiders were telling him that ABC was open to selling "AMC" and "OLTL" to anyone "that might be interested in picking up the shows or even taking over ownership."

      An ABC rep declined comment.

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        DePaiva Reflects on Her Time in Llanview

        DePaiva Reflects on Her Time in Llanview

        ( — Kassie DePaiva has spent nearly two decades on “One Life to Live” in the role of Blair Cramer. Earlier this month, the Kentucky native sat down with a local newspaper to talk about the show’s cancellation and the next step in her career.

        The Union County, KY native (whose hometown is roughly 130 miles from that of yours truly), told the Evansville (Indiana) Courier Press on June 13  what it was like when he first took over the role of Blair from Asian-American actress Mia Korf back in 1993, commenting that “When I did get the part I was thrilled, but also a little bit shocked because I didn’t think that I looked the part.”

        Now, nearly twenty years later, DePaiva admits that she has grown to love the role and working on “One Life to Live,” and that she will be depressed to see it all end later this year when the show finishes production in November, and airs its final episode on January 20, 2012. “It’s a bittersweet goodbye. I’ve been so happy playing the role of Blair and it makes me sad that it’s ending, but I’m so happy to have been blessed with the part.” She goes on to say that she has been forcing herself “to go through the process of grieving the loss of the show,” but at the same time she is “also excited about the next chapter.”

        She states that she and her fellow “OLTL” cast mates and crew members first learned their show, along with sister soap “All My Children” had been cancelled when, during a lunchtime rehearsal, they were asked to go to the studio floor of “The View” where Brian Frons, head of daytime programming for the Disney/ABC Television Group, broke the news via satellite feed from Los Angeles.

        “I was very shocked because we had heard rumors, but it was more rumors of ‘All My Children’ being cancelled. I had a mixed bag of emotions because, you know, it was my job, it was my friends that I’ve worked with,” DePaiva states, regarding the announcement.

        During her time in Llanview, DePaiva met her future husband James DePaiva (ex-Max Holden) and her real-life pregnancy written into the show. Working on “One Life” “afforded me a beautiful lifestyle. I have met unbelievable friends working there … (and) I’ve had an abundant amount of acting material to do, more than most people get to do in a lifetime, and it’s been a wonderful, wonderful ride for me.”

        However, don’t expect the actress to take a break when “OLTL” leaves the air. “This has been an unbelievable experience for me, but it won’t be the last thing on my resume, that’s for sure. I’ll continue to audition and then we’ll just see where I land; I don’t know.” In addition to auditioning, DePaiva plans to devote more time to volunteering at the Center for Hearing and Communication, on behalf of her deaf son JQ DePaiva, and to continue her mission to make the public more aware of hearing loss and cochlear implants. And she plans to spend more time visiting her parents, Quentin and Hildegarde Wesley, at their Morganfield, KY home.

        Recalling her Kentucky roots, DePaiva remembers competing alongside her three siblings in 4-H and Farm Bureau talent shows, singing in her church choir, and taking dance classes. “I think the best thing that happened to me growing up in Union County was there was a high school drama coach named Judy Woodring who really made a beautiful foundation for me to really get my feet wet with acting,” she says.

        DePaiva’s father claims that fame hasn’t changed his daughter much. “parents are only as happy as their saddest child, so we have celebrated Kassie’s ups and downs over the years. … She’s the same little old girl she was when she left home.”

        Her mother, meanwhile, admits that she has watched most of her daughter’s “One Life” episodes, and that still has “boxes and boxes” of videotapes of the shows. She also notes that “”The fans are really devoted and nice people. They’re going to miss these shows, I tell you.” As for what’s next for her daughter, she states that “When a door closes, a window opens, or something like that.”

        Click here to read the full interview.

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          Nationwide EAS Test Scheduled During 'One Life to Live' Timeslot

          ( — This is only a test. Repeat, this is only a test. On Wednesday, November 9, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is scheduled to have its first ever nationwide test of the fourteen year old Emergency Alert System. The planned time for the test is 2:00 pm ET, which will leave many soap fans, especially those of “One Life to Live,” feeling a sense of déjà vu.

          The system, which has existed in its current form since 1997, has most recently been used by the National Weather Service, state and local governments, and law enforcement agencies to relay information to the public regarding natural and man-made disasters, severe weather warnings, and Amber Alerts. The nationwide test will be similar to those currently used by television and radio stations around the country, and is intended as a way to get all of the kinks out of the system.

          According to a press release from FEMA, all “radio and television broadcasters, cable operators, satellite digital audio radio service providers, direct broadcast satellite service providers and wireline video service providers ” in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of America Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are required to participate in the test, which will consist of an audio message from the White House with the words “This is a test.” All those participating EAS have until a government imposed September deadline “to implement a Common Alerting Protocol, an advanced data format intended to standardize the alerts issued by various federal agencies. The protocol is said to be much more complex than regular EAS transmission, and the FCC is said to be considering an extension of the deadline.”

          “A national test of our Emergency Alert System, with the vital communications support and involvement of participants, is a step towards ensuring that the alert and warning community is prepared to deliver critical information that can help save lives and protect property. Because there has never been an activation of the Emergency Alert System on a national level, FEMA views this test as an excellent opportunity to assess the readiness and effectiveness of the current system. It is important to remember that this is not a pass or fail test, but a chance to establish a baseline for making incremental improvements to the Emergency Alert System with ongoing and future testing. It is also important to remember that the Emergency Alert System is one of many tools in our communications toolbox, and we will continue to work on additional channels that can be a lifeline of information for people during an emergency,” says FEMA’s assistant administrator of National Continuity Programs, Damon Penn.

          The tests comes after two years of planning and on the heels of a localized version of the test involving 104 radio and 26 television stations in Alaska in January 2010. The results revealed that “there were points of failure involving audio levels and improperly functioning encoders and decoders. That the hardware is not configured to a single standard complicates matters.”

          “The upcoming national test is critical to ensuring that the EAS works as designed,” said Jamie Barnett, Chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.  “As recent disasters here at home and in Japan have reminded us, a reliable and effective emergency alert and warning system is key to ensuring the public’s safety during times of emergency.  We look forward to working with FEMA in preparation for this important test.”

          “A national alert enables the president to break into regular broadcasts and address the American public during emergencies. One has never been issued in the history of the system, established in 1951 by then President Harry Truman during the Cold War. It was then known as CONELRAD and included the capability to jam aircraft homing devices. It was replaced in the 1960s by the Emergency Broadcast System, which in turn was supplanted with the current Emergency Alert System in 1997,” states one report.

          The good news for “One Life to Live” fans, who have seen their favorite soap interrupted countless times by breaking news conferences and reports over the years, is the test is only expected to last, at the most, three and a half minutes. And that is good news, considering the show is on borrowed time after being cancelled earlier this year by ABC.

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            Is a Buchanan Bride on Her Way Back to Llanview?

            ( — More than a year after her character divorced Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn) and was blackmailed into leaving town by David Vickers (Tuc Watkins), could “Gossip Girl” actress Amanda Setton be returning to “One Life to Live” as the jilted Kimberly Andrews? While the speculation has yet to be confirmed, its source lies with one particular “OLTL” crew member.

            Julia Davis (of Julia Jovone Beauty), who has been a make-up artist on “OLTL” since October 2005, tweeted on June 13 that she had “Just finished getting @amandasetton into character for ‘One Life to Live.’ Love her features.” Setton, however, hasn’t commented on a possible “OLTL” return on her Twitter page.

            Setton made her “One Life” debut as Kimberly Andrews on August 14, 2009. She left the role on April 2, 2010 after rejecting an offer by the show to place her on contract, in order to return to her primetime roots. From 2007-2009, and again from 2010-present, she has appeared in The CW’s “Gossip Girl,” in the recurring role of Penelope Shafai.

            Soap Opera Network will follow this story and bring you updates as they develop.

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              AMC Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

              ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              Jake questions Amanda on where she’s been. Amanda cries on Angie’s shoulder. She knows how hard things have been for the couple and Angie spills the beans on the trip Jake was planning. She encourages Amanda to go and tell her husband that she needs him.

              “Erica” makes the announcement that David is the perfect partner to help her guide PVH. Jackson wants to look at the contract and find a way to break it but she insists it’s her decision and she doesn’t need his approval. Caleb gets in the mix and “Erica” tells both he and Jackson that they either trust her or they don’t. Tad calls Jake with news of what’s going on with the hospital. Jake’s angry and won’t let David get away with this. Afraid of what Jake’s going to do, Cara heads to the hospital and Griffin agrees to go with her. Jake finds David at the hospital and rejects his peace offering. Jake starts throwing punches just as Cara arrives. Jane joins David for a drink at the Yacht Club. Jackson finds her there and she tells him she didn’t have a drink, just sparkling cider and while he isn’t mad, he’s concerned. Jackson realizes Erica is just “being Erica” and he realized he missed it. Krystal and Caleb wonder how Jackson could stand by and “let Erica” do such a thing. Angie tells Frankie it looks like David is his new boss and admits that David is a talented physician. Krystal’s also taken aback by Angie’s attitude towards the David news.

              Krystal gives Jackson her resignation and thinks it’s best for both of them. Caleb offers her a job with him and she accepts.

              On the Next All My Children…

              • Kendall tells Griffin she is going to stop blaming David for everything.
              • David tells Greenlee that his dark side helps him understand her in a way that Ryan never will.
              • Bianca continues to struggle with her feelings for Marissa.


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                OLTL Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                OLTL Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY

                Natalie is caught in the middle of Clint and Rex’s war. Natalie and Viki confront Clint over his tactics.

                Todd and Téa defend Jack from John. Todd takes Jack home but John promises he’ll be seeing the kid real soon.

                Ford learns that Jessica has sent Tess packing and retaken control. Jessica makes it clear that she is not going anywhere, but he is – she wants no part of him and won’t stand for him to take part in Ryder’s life. Ford refuses to give up on Ryder or Tess.

                Blair is surprised to find out that Tomas isn’t visiting New York to meet with a gallery owner – he’s meeting with his wife, Yvette. Tomas arrives and admits this is true but quickly explains to Blair that he and Yvette have been over years, despite her refusal to sign divorce papers – a divorce he sought when he discovered her affair that landed her pregnant with her lover’s baby. Yvette turns Tomas’s world upside down when she tells him that her son is actually Tomas’s.

                Meanwhile, Starr meets a brash young newcomer with sophisticated taste in music. Starr takes issue when he monkeys around with her iPod, but grudgingly cops to some interest in his music. The young man introduces himself as Sebastian, but she can call him Baz – just as we’re learning that Yvette and Tomas’ son is named Sebastian, and missing from his NYC hotel room.

                On the Next One Life to Live…

                • Baz returns home to find his parents and Blair waiting for him.
                • Starr tells James about her strange encounter at LU.
                • David and Dorian return home in the midst of a heated argument.
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                  Y&R Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

                  Y&R Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

                  ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, June 20, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  Kevin, Chloe and Abby are at Crimson Lights, wondering on the outcome of the custody case regarding Lucy. When Daniel walked in, they knew that things didn't go as they had hoped. Meanwhile, back at the Abbott home, an upset Billy vented with Rafe on how they could have lost custody of Lucy to a woman that did more dastardly deeds than he's ever done. As they talked, back at Phyllis's, she tried her best to soothe a crying Lucy, telling herself that she did the right thing by having her with her real family.

                  Victor is in his office on the phone with Michael, issuring that the SEC comes in search of Adam and Diane for their set up to swipe stock. Back at Gloworm, Adam and Diane are quietly celebrating their victory against Victor. Jack, soon arrived and disrupted their gathering by letting slip that Diane put him in the know of what was doing down. He shared that when the stock went down he snatched up enough of it. Adam failed at playing dumb and slowly relished in his victory.

                  Rafe lets Billy know that their chances of getting Lucy back are slim to none. Billy is furious that nothing can be done and starts to realize that because Lucy is no longer in the picture, he's going to wind up losing his relationship to Victoria as well. As for Victoria, she opened up to Nick about how difficult it is for her going forward now that Lucy is gone. She also admitted that JT could come and take Reed once he learned of Billy's buying Lucy. They soon switch the conversation about the fake news about Victor's stroke. Nick says he knows that it was set up.

                  Victor arrived at Gloworm in time to see Jack, Diane and Adam drinking up celebratory champagne. Jack is first to get his jabs in, as well as Adam. Jack lets him know that he can't do anything to them for taking up stock; they are a bit shocked when Victor admitted that they are correct, he can't. Victor grabs his food and is heading out when he stops back by their table. He drops the word that the SEC is investigating them; he tells them to drink up the new bottle of champagne he's given them; their victory will be short.

                  At Crimson Lights, it's the blame game at the table for Abby, Daniel, Chloe and Kevin. Kevin shared that while he wasn't keen on Billy, he knew that Lucy was in good hands with he and Victoria. Chloe scoffed and said it was Billy's fault to begin with; Abby and Daniel both agreed that Phyllis was the troublemaker. When Chloe said she was still going after Billy for Delia, Kevin questioned her motives in hurting Billy when he's already lost so much. Upset that Kevin didn't have her back, she left.

                  At the Abbott house, Victoria returns to learn that Billy is willing to move out. She asked where he was going to go but he tells her that it shouldn't really matter. He headed up to pack his belongings. Meanwhile at Phyllis's house, Nick, who went to have it out with her, is having a hard time getting Summer to understand why Lucy is now a part of their family. Summer tells Phyllis that Lucy belongs with her family. Nick watches on without saying a word. When Summer is gone, the two of them get into it again. Phyllis snapped that if Nick were in the same postion with Noah as she was with Daniel, he'd do the same thing.

                  Abby paid Tucker a visit at the hospital. She opened up to him about the lie she created that caused him to be in the hospital. She opened up and shared the truth with him. She begged for him to get better.

                  Back at Gloworm, Adam and Diane leave Jack to finish up the bubbly. Katherine showed up and gave him the news: she's putting him in the position of CEO of Jabot. A gleeful Jack thanked Katherine and continued his celebration solo.

                  Billy takes solace at a bar, while back at the Abbott house, Victoria finds herself being comforted by her father.

                  On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                  • Victoria tells Chloe Billy's moved out
                  • Victor wants to make sure Adam and crew go down hard
                  • Adam gloats to Diane that she's in serious trouble
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