Y&R Recap: Wednesday, October 19, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Wednesday, October 19, 2011.


After making arrangements to meet one another at Colin’s hotel suite, Jill departed to go visit Delia. The minute she was gone, Colin set his plan in motion. He sent out a text to Genevieve, who replied back that she would meet up with him. He then called the hit man to make arrangements to eliminate Genevieve and Gloria. Meanwhile, Ronan met up with Cane at the park. He informed him about the phone call Colin made, placing the hit out on both women. Cane couldn’t understand why his father wanted to kill Gloria. Ronan told him that he believed that Colin feared that Gloria may know about the books while they were locked in the wine cellar. The detective warned Cane to keep quiet about what he knew; they couldn’t afford to ruin the case they were building against Colin. Cane, however, ignored his warning when he tried to give Jill a vague warning to steer clear of Colin.

Neil told Lily that Malcolm demanded Sofia to give him a divorce, leaving town soon after. Lily couldn’t believe that Malcolm would walk out on everyone the way he did. Neil shared that he planned on having Sofia and Moses move in with him. Lily put together a packaged of baby toys and other items for Moses. Her father was curious to know on her decision regarding keeping Cane away from the twins. She admitted she didn’t know what to do, because she knew that they needed their father in their lives. Neil once again pointed out that Cane couldn’t be trusted.

Tucker and Sofia were in her hospital room discussing Malcolm’s choice to leave her. Tucker advised her to not put the blame on herself; the main thing was for her to be there to care for Moses. They talked about Neil and his decision to be hands on with the baby. While Tucker was happy for Sofia, he expressed how disappointed he was that Devon still wanted nothing to do with him. He told Sofia that Devon’s mother, Harmony was in Genoa City. He discussed their heated conversation the two had with one another, and how back in the day, when he was with her, he mistreated her. Sofia told Tucker that what happened between them was all in the past. She also gave her two cents by saying that she believed that Harmony was plotting to get back into Devon’s life, while trying to get what she could from Tucker financially.

Harmony was thankful to Katherine for letting her stay at the mansion. Katherine excused herself to get the telephone. When she left the room, the doorbell rang, so Harmony went to answer it. She opened the door to find Devon standing there. He was surprised to see his mother there. After ending her telephone conversation, Katherine approached the door and shared the news that she asked Harmony to stay with her. When Devon rebuffed Harmony’s offer to stay in Genoa City to bond with him, she changed her mind and opt to go back home. After Devon left, Katherine questioned why Harmony would throw in the towel and go home when she needed to be there for her son. Harmony said she merely wanted to do what was best; and it might be best to give Devon space.

Gloria learned from Kevin that all of her money from her accounts had been drained. She couldn’t understand how that could be, but Kevin pointed out that Jeffrey may have been the one to take the money. When she called Jeffrey, all she got was his voicemail. Not long after, a bouquet of flowers arrived with a note from Jeffrey. He told her that he couldn’t do their marriage any longer and wouldn’t be coming back home. Gloria also got a message from Genevieve letting her know that she was going to put the house back on the market, and wanted her to be the one to sell it.

Genevieve met up with Colin at Crimson Lights. She was curious as to why he wanted to see her. When he tried to make pleasantries with her, she called him out. She wanted to know why she was there. He wanted to ledgers and the code, but she refused to give it to him. Genevieve relished in having control over him by keeping it from him. Colin spat out a few threats, but Genevieve laughed them off.

After leaving the coffee shop, Genevieve ran into Cane at the park. She was curious about the investigation on Colin but he told her that they were at a dead end. She encouraged Cane not to give up because she was sure they would find something to nail Colin with. Genevieve left to head back home. Ronan soon called Cane telling him that it was a mistake talking to Genevieve.

A confused Jill met up with Lily and talked about the strange behavior Cane was displaying regarding Colin. Lily was upset that Cane could tell Jill about both Colin and Genevieve but not her. During their conversation, Lily learned that Jill was still seeing Colin. She gave her a warning that Colin was still a dangerous man. She told Jill that she was going to head to Genevieve’s to talk to her about what Cane was keeping from her.

Devon talked with Neil at Crimson Lights, where he told about Harmony’s moving in with Katherine. Tucker overheard their conversation and stormed off. He soon was at Katherine’s front door, ringing the doorbell. Harmony went to answer it and saw the look on Tucker’s face. He couldn’t believe that he moved in with his mother, yet turned down the money he had offered for her to leave Genoa City. Tucker believed that she was taking Katherine’s side against him. He accused Katherine of purposely keeping him away from Devon. Katherine arrived to see the two talking. She told Tucker that although she offered Harmony a place to stay, Harmony made the decision to leave Genoa City after all.

Tucker was confused by her decision, but Harmony said she was doing what was best for her son; Devon needed space. She suggested that Tucker do the same thing by giving their son space, but Tucker thought otherwise: he wanted a place in his son’s life. After calling him selfish, Tucker barked that he was happy to see her leave town. After he left, Katherine commended Harmony on how she handled Tucker. She suggested she think it over about leaving.
Angry at Jeffrey taking her money and leaving town, Gloria downed a few drinks. Kevin suggested he go to the bank to see where her money had been transferred to. Picking up her cell phone, Gloria left a message for Genevieve, telling her that she wouldn’t be able to meet with her regarding the house.

Jill met up with Colin back at his hotel suite. Noticing that she was upset, he asked her what was wrong. She told him about the conversation she had with Lily. She wanted him to come clean about anything that he could be hiding from her. Colin assured Jill that he had nothing to hide. Jill told Colin that Lily was going to Genevieve’s for a visit. After leaving the room to take a bath, Colin quickly made a phone call, telling someone that there would be a change of plans. He was unaware that Jill overheard his conversation.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Tucker gives Jack what he’s been waiting for
  • Lily goes to Genevieve’s unaware of the danger around her
  • Text messages are sent out to many to meet at a warehouse

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, October 18, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, October 18, 2011.


Sharon wanted to know why Adam was there to see her. He wanted answers from her about her feelings for him. Adam asked if Sharon had any intentions of coming back to him while she was hiding out in New Mexico. Sharon admitted that she had deep remorse for what she put everyone through. While she admitted that she had loved Adam, his actions showed her who he could truly be; someone cold enough to humiliate her when they were to get married in jail. Sharon pointed out that Sam never replaced him in her heart. When Adam said he thought he could fix things for her, but Sharon rebuffed him, telling Adam that she was through trusting him. She wanted him to stay away from her.

Holding the court order in his hand, Nick was furious that Victor was forcing him to bring Faith to the courthouse. He told his father that when Faith was there the last time Sharon was in court, it became upsetting for her. Although Victor claimed to understand how Nick felt, he told his son that either he bring Faith or he’d go get her himself. Nick found it hard to believe that Victor was looking out for either Faith or Sharon’s best interest.

Alone with Ricky, Avery gave instructions to have a photographer in the court room. She wanted them to take a picture of Sharon and Faith’s ‘reunion’. Sharon entered the court room and told Avery about Adam’s visit. They both believed that he was up to something. When he arrived and entered the court room, Sharon was surprised. The minute Victor spotted Adam he cornered him, asking why he was there. Adam chose to ignore him. Nick, meanwhile, returned back to the court room with Faith. The minute Sharon looked over her shoulder she became overjoyed.

Chloe went to see Kevin in his hospital room. He was getting dressed to check out. She offered to take care of him while he was recuperating from his operation, but Kevin was focused on Delia’s recovery. When Chloe thanked Kevin for being there for Delia, Kevin stressed for her to stop calling him a hero. The two shared a kiss before she left to go see on her daughter.
In his hospital room, Billy dressed in pain. Michael arrived, set to take him back to the trailer. Billy told Michael that he was tired of listening to Victor’s demands, and planned on starting a life with Victoria again. Michael commented that he wouldn’t have such a reunion, since Victoria had divorce papers drawn to be signed. Billy laughed them off, determined to win Victoria back. The lawyer asked Billy if he was sure he wanted to test Victor, especially with what Victor held over his head. Michael said that Victor would used the damaging information to destroy Billy and Victoria.

Victoria and Sam talked at her house. He was surprised that she was having new divorce papers drawn again. She admitted that she didn’t want to divorce Billy, but she needed to move on. She didn’t believe that Billy would return to her, therefore, she needed to stop dreaming that he would.

In the courtroom, Heather questioned a witness who testified that she saw Skye and Sharon exchanging heated words with one another. During the cross examination, however, Avery successfully ripped apart the witness’s testimony, when she admitted that she didn’t hear exactly what was being said between Skye and Sharon. The judge called for a brief recess. Sharon, still overcome with emotions at seeing Faith in court, reached out to touch her. The guard witnessed the loving exchange and barked that there was to be no physical contact. At that moment, upon Avery’s request, the photographer snapped a picture of Sharon and Faith. Nick was furious that the photographer took a picture of the two of them, but Avery told Nick that she requested him to take the picture. Nick didn’t like Avery’s latest stunt, but Avery pointed out that the picture could be the thing that would get the public on Sharon’s side. Meanwhile, in court, Adam continued to compliment Heather on doing a good job in court and asked her to go with him for a drink. Heather was leery but took up his offer.

Michael ran into Victoria, who was at the hospital to see Delia. As the two talked, Billy, ear hustled their conversation. He heard Victoria ask if Michael had the divorce papers drawn up. A heartbroken Billy listened as Victoria told Michael that she was ready to sign the papers. The minute he noticed both Michael and Victoria nowhere near his room, he snuck out to see Kevin. He asked for Kevin’s help in helping him see Delia, but Kevin refused. He thought it was time that Billy came clean about being the actual donor. When Victoria came to Kevin’s room, Billy was forced to hide in the bathroom. Victoria thanked Kevin for saving Delia’s life. Inside of the bathroom, Billy listened to Victoria’s harsh words about him. When she left, Kevin told Billy there was no way he would help him.

Chloe and Gloria were in Delia’s room when Victoria walked in. She told her that Delia was doing very well. Michael popped in as well glad to see the young girl resting well. They all again gave credit solely to Kevin. When they left the room, Billy made an attempt to go into Delia’s room, but Kevin stopped him. Billy asked him to help keep Chloe occupied so he could say good-bye to his daughter.

Once he saw that Chloe was distracted, and Michael nowhere in sight, Billy went into his daughter’s room. After spending a few minutes with Delia, Billy was interrupted by Kevin, who told him that he had to leave. As they were coming out of her room, Michael saw the two of them. He quickly took Billy back to the trailer where they saw Victor. Victor told him that he’d be leaving Genoa City in the next few days. He told Billy that he would make sure to know where Billy would be staying in case Delia needed him again.

Going back home, Victoria found the envelope containing the new set of divorce papers. She took a look at her wedding picture. Unsure of what to do, she stared at the documents. She was drinking tea when Sam and Keely’s arrival startled her, causing her to spill her tea all over the documents.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Jill is curious to know what Colin is up to
  • Tucker and Devon aren’t pleased about Harmony’s new home
  • Cane tries to keep Lily from seeing Genevieve

Y&R Recap: Monday, October 17, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, October 17, 2011.


Neil became the proud papa, after it was revealed that he was Moses’ father. Sofia was curious to know if he had heard anything from Malcolm, but Neil told her no. He went on to share his frustrations of Malcolm always leaving when things got rough. Sofia believed that he merely needed time to adjust. Malcolm soon arrived, followed shortly by the nurse holding the birth certificate. She questioned which man would be signing the document. It was then that an upset Malcolm walked out of the hospital room, leaving Neil and Sofia to sign the documents as the parents of Moses.

Malcolm found himself headed to Restless Style to talk to Phyllis. He shared his disappointment at not being the father of Moses, pointing out that he not only lost a relationship with Sofia, but that of Neil and now a developing one with Moses. Phyllis tried to talk him into making things work with Sofia; that all that mattered was that Moses had love. Unfortunately, Malcolm was still not in the best of spirits on what he should do. Before Phyllis could continue her conversation, Avery arrived. Malcolm quickly departed, thanking Phyllis for listening to him.

Avery irked Phyllis when she told her that she was there to look for Nick. The two exchanged words with one another. As Avery was digging through her purse to write Nick a note, a video game fell out. Spotting it, Phyllis started to question her about still playing video games. It soon came out that Nick gave her the game, which peeved Phyllis. Nick arrived and Avery told him that she wanted him to bring Faith with him to the trail. He told her it was not going to happen; but she thought otherwise. The minute she left, Phyllis wanted to know what was going on between Nick and Avery.

At Gloworm, Neil saw Victor and went over to talk to him. He wanted to know if he had seen Malcolm at all, but Victor told him that he hadn’t. Neil shared the news about Sofia having the baby and that he was the father. Victor told Neil that he would be an excellent father to the baby. Neil voiced concerns on how he would deal with matters regarding Malcolm. Victor pointed out that Neil should spend all the time in the world with his son.

After accusing Nick of ‘infidelity by video game sharing’ with Avery, Phyllis headed to Gloworm, where she approached Victor. She wanted to know why he would hire her sister to take on Sharon’s case. Victor told her when he hired Avery, he knew nothing about the two of them being related. She whined that she didn’t know why he was doing this to her. Victor stared at her in disbelief and pointed out that he was doing nothing to her. He soon gave her a warning not to use Restless Style as a way to mess with Sharon’s trial. Phyllis left the table, telling Victor that all she cares about is writing good news stories.

Nick went to see Sharon, before trial started. She wanted to badly to be reunited with her children. When she asked Nick if it were possible to bring Faith with him to the courthouse, Nick disagreed, sharing that it would only do more harm than good. A nervous Sharon admitted that she regretted not taking the plea offer when it came to her. She once again asked Nick to bring Faith, pleading that she needed to see her daughter. Nick told Sharon that at the last hearing, Faith was troubled at not being able to go to her mother and told her how she was having a problem sleeping. He promised that while Faith would not be there with him, he would be there to give his support.

Avery went to the Athletic Club to find Adam in his suite. She once again tried to get him to do the right thing where Sharon was concerned. She pointed out that at one time he had loved Sharon even so much as to try to find proof to clear her name. He scoffed at her pressing him for help, stating that she wasn’t living up to her reputation if she were coming to him for help. Despite Avery’s words, Adam continued to stare at her stone-faced. Once Avery was out of his room, however, Adam seemed to have thought on her words regarding his ex.

Neil returned to the hospital to see Sofia. He shared that he didn’t want to be an absentee father to Moses. Sofia, however, was still holding out for hope that Malcolm would come around and play an active role in the baby’s life, despite who the father was. When Malcolm showed up, he wanted to talk to Sofia alone. Once Neil was gone, Malcolm said that now that he knows who the father is of Moses, he wanted a divorce from Sofia. She pleaded with him to fight for their relationship, but Malcolm wasn’t hearing it. He planned on flying to Guam to get the divorce and move on. Sofia’s pleading turned into anger as she signed the papers and called him out for always running away from his problems. When Neil arrived, wondering what was going on, Sofia icily informed Neil how Malcolm wanted a divorce and he was on the next plane out. Malcolm, in turn, glared at Neil, huffing out without another word. The minute Sofia started to ball her eyes out Neil immediately was there to comfort her.

Adam was asleep on the couch in his suite. He soon had a dream that he was going to
ward a metal door. Pulling it open, he was startled to see Sharon strapped into an electric chair. When she looked up at her, he could see her fear. She soon was zapped with electricity, which startled Adam out of his dream. Adam immediately tried to compose himself with what he just dreamt.

Sharon received a visit from Victor. She wanted so much for the jury to find her innocent; she missed being with Faith and Noah. Victor mentioned Faith being there in court, but Sharon informed him that Nick didn’t want her to be there. The older Newman pointed out that Faith needed to be there and he would see that she was. After Victor departed, the guard returned. Sharon assumed it was time to head to the court house, but the guard was there with another visitor: Adam. Sharon was not pleased to see him, wanting to know what he was doing there.

In the courtroom, Avery once again tried to get Nick to have Faith there when Sharon’s trial began. Nick, however, pointed out that Sharon understood the reasons why he wouldn’t bring her there. A frustrated Avery lashed out, accusing Nick of doing Sharon the same way as Adam was; denying his support. Nick reminded her that Adam was withholding evidence to clear Sharon, he, however, was being a protective father of his daughter. Avery apologized for her cutting remark, but continued to work the matter about Faith. When Victor arrived, he thrust a court order into Nick’s hand. He told his son that he was now in charge in making sure that Faith was there for her mother. Nick was furious at Victor’s bullying tactics; Avery, however, was delighted that she got her way.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Adam wants answers from Sharon
  • Nick is angered by Avery’s latest stunt
  • Billy asks Kevin for his help

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – A look at what’s happening on “Days of Our Lives” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Lexie cautiously agrees to a truce with EJ on Monday, October 24. Chad reinforces his decision not to be a part of the DiMera family. Madison prompts Brady to open up about his feelings about his father on Tuesday, October 25. Later, she tells a mysterious caller that it would be a mistake for that person to show up in Salem now and that it would ruin everything she’s worked so hard to accomplish. Brady plays a guinea pig for Sami and Madison on Thursday, October 27, when he helps them test out their new line of men’s line of products. The session turns sexy when Madison turns the heat up and pampers him. Halloween is celebrated at Horton Square on Friday, October 28. Melanie and Abby discover they are wearing the same Halloween costume. Later Chad sneaks up on “Abigail” and gives her a passionate kiss – only it turns out to be Melanie! EJ steals the spotlight from Abe once again and takes advantage of the situation by kissing Nicole. John escapes from house arrest and surprises Marlena at the town square. Will he be discovered?

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Inside Story: Politics of Love
On Monday, October 24, Daniel asks Jennifer if she would’ve moved in with him if Jack hadn’t shown up. Jennifer refuses to acknowledge “what ifs” because that would also mean she would still be with Jack if he had never been kidnapped. Abe comes by and asks Jennifer to do PR for his campaign. Jennifer is torn because she knows it will take time away from her family. She is touched when Daniel offers to help out. Daniel realizes how deep Jennifer’s feelings for Jack are when she opens up about their nice date. Daniel shows up for his “date night” with Jennifer on Thursday, October 27 but surprises her with an arrangement he made for her to meet with a professional political operative. She can ask him about his work to help decide whether or not to take the job with Abe. Jennifer is grateful but realizes he’s giving up solo time with her. After meeting with the man, Jennifer is excited and tells Daniel she’s going to call Abe and accept the job. Jennifer pulls Daniel close, knowing he made a sacrifice for her. They kiss. On Friday, October 28 Jennifer and Daniel have a fun halloween date. Daniel confides in Melanie how hard this situation has been on him. Jennifer realizes a masked man has been spying on her all night. Thinking it’s Jack, she confronts him but he leaves before she can learn his identity.

A Closer Look: Awkward
Rafe can’t say no to Sami, so they agree to let Austin settle in on their couch on Monday, October 24. Rafe worries about telling the kids he no longer has a job. but Sami bucks him up. Later, Austin spills water all over himself. Sami walks in and they end up on top of each other…just as Rafe enters. Carrie calls Rafe on Tuesday, October 25  and apologizes to him for losing his job. She shares good news with him that she found the clinic worker who will testify that John was at the clinic, not in Paris making an illegal transaction. Carrie is shocked when she learns Sami invited Austin to stay at her place and urges him to move back to the hotel before she comes home. Austin and Sami realize their spouses are justifiably upset about the two of them living under the same roof. Sami slips into the shower with Rafe to make sure he knows he is the only man she loves. Kate and Austin have lunch on Wednesday, October 26. Kate encourages him to look at more than just the evidence against John. She know’s her ex isn’t capable of committing embezzlement. Kate is horrified when Austin tells her he’s staying with Sami. Austin tells her that Sami isn’t the problem – Rafe is. On Friday, October 28 Sami argues with Marlena and Rafe about John’s innocence.

Another Closer Look: Egg Mystery
Bo and Hope manage to get the name of the woman who took Maggie’s eggs: Lillian Parker. Maggie doesn’t recognize the name. Later Melanie sees the name written down and reacts: what is Maggie doing with the name of her grandmother? On Friday, October 28  Bo and Hope receive partial information from a background check – they learn Lillian is deceased and had a son born on December 18th. Melanie overhears and wonders why they are talking about her grandmother. Bo, Maggie, and Hope are all stunned when they realize Daniel is Maggie’s son! Maggie explains to Melanie and the two share a tearful hug when they realize they are related.

Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — As Soap Opera Network first reported yesterday evening, Lisa De Cazotte has been hired to fill the shoes of the departing Noel Maxam as Co-Executive Producer of NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” In a statement issued earlier today to the press, Co-EP Greg Meng confirmed that De Cazotte will be joining him as Co-Executive Producer and that, “[Executive Producer] Ken Corday is excited to have Lisa join the ‘Days of our Lives’ family.”

The change from Maxam to De Cazotte is effective immediately.

De Cazotte was the Executive Producer of “Passions” for the show’s entire run (July 5, 1999 – August 7, 2008). This reunites her with former “Passions” writers and current  “DAYS” Co-Head Writers Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. and Marlene McPherson.

De Cazotte began her soap opera career as an intern for “One Life To Live” in the early 1980′s and worked her way up to Coordinating Producer before leaving in 1991 to join “Santa Barabara” as a Producer. When “Santa Barbara” ended in 1993, she joined “All My Children” where she was a Coordinating Producer and later Supervising Producer. In 1996, De Cazotte left “AMC” to help start NBC’s new soap opera “Sunset Beach” where she worked as a Producer and Supervising Producer. In 1998, De Cazotte was chosen to be the Executive Producer of another new NBC soap, “Passions.” After “Passions” ended, De Cazotte was name the Executive Producer for the second season of SOAPnet’s “General Hospistal: Night Shift” (July 22, 2008 – October 21, 2008). In 2009, she returned to “All My Children” as a Producer and worked there for a year.

Maxam joined “DAYS” as a Producer/Director in August 2007. In late 2008, Maxam was promoted to Supervising Producer. Beginning his daytime career with “The Young and the Restless” in 1997 as an Associate Director, Maxam directed a number of episodes at the drama series starting in 1999 until his departure in August 2007 to join “DAYS.” He was named Co-Executive Producer along with Meng in June 2011 in what producers called a “reboot” of the series.

Disney/ABC Television Group

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — With the cancellations of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” back in April it was unclear at the time as to where their replacement shows “The Chew” and “The Revolution” would film their daily episodes. Now with “Chew” filming in New York and soon “The Revolution” set to begin filming in New York as well, Soap Opera Network has learned that ABC Daytime is shifting much of its operations to New York City including talent management and media relations.

Along with the behind the scenes shift to New York, look for Katie Couric‘s new syndicated talk show to be filmed there as well. As previously reported, Couric’s new show will replace “General Hospital” in the 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM CT/PT timeslot as ABC is set to hand over the hour back to its affiliates beginning in September 2012 in hopes that their affiliates will choose to pick up what the company deems to be a more profit sharing program.

With just three hours left available to program effective September 2012, “General Hospital,” which will be the last remaining regularly scheduled daytime soap still airing on ABC and the last daytime series (scripted or otherwise) produced by ABC filming in Los Angeles, will be fighting for its survival in the coming months as it goes head-to-head with “The Chew” and “The Revolution” when it comes to the almighty dollar (ie. which show brings in enough income relative to cost). Upon announcing the timeslot shift for “GH” back in June, Jori Petersen, Vice President, Publicity, ABC Daytime/SOAPnet stated via a company press release that “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital.’ Rather it means that in September 2012, we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows. We’ll have options for the daytime daypart just like we do each year with prime-time. We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want will be the ones that continue. There are many options that could happen … only time will tell. We are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business. The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

New York’s last remaining regularly scheduled daytime soap opera, “One Life to Live,” is set to film its final episode on the afternoon of Friday, November 18 and air its series finale in January 2012. “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “Another World,” “The City” and “Loving” were the last regularly scheduled daytime soaps to film in New York City. In the case of “AMC,” the soap moved to Los Angeles in January 2010 in a cost saving move after nearly 40 years on television. The soap was later canceled along with “One Life to Live” in April 2011, four months after celebrating its 41st anniversary.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Sources have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that actress Erin Chambers is returning to ABC’s “General Hospital” in the near future. However, word has it that she might not be playing Siobhan McKenna, the role in which she originated back in September 2010.

Interestingly enough, on Thursday, October 20, Chambers wrote the following on both her Facebook page and on Twitter: “Hey people! I am filming “something” right now. Worked on it last week & this week. Can’t tell you just yet what it is…but stay tuned! :)”

While there is no certainty that the two occurrences are related, Soap Opera Network will continue following this developing story as details become available.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — EXCLUSIVE! Sources have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that “Days of our Lives” has fired Co-Executive Producer Noel Maxam. His replacement will be former “Passions” Executive Producer Lisa De Cazotte.

This comes as a shocking development as Maxam was named Co-Executive Producer this past June, along with Greg Meng, who will remain as Co-Executive Producer.

De Cazotte was the Executive Producer of “Passions” for the show’s entire run (July 5, 1999 – August 7, 2008).   This reunites her with former “Passions” writers and current  “DAYS” Co-Head Writers Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.  and Marlene McPherson.

De Cazotte began her soap opera career as an intern for “One Life To Live” in the early 1980′s and worked her way up to Coordinating Producer before leaving in 1991 to join “Santa Barabara” as a Producer.   When “Santa Barbara” ended in 1993, she joined “All My Children” where she was a Coordinating Producer and later Supervising Producer. In 1996, De Cazotte left “AMC” to help start NBC’s new soap opera “Sunset Beach” where she worked as a Producer and Supervising Producer. In 1998, De Cazotte was chosen to be the Executive Producer of another new NBC soap, “Passions.”   After “Passions” ended, De Cazotte was name the Executive Producer for the second season of SOAPnet’s “General Hospistal: Night Shift” (July 22, 2008 – October 21, 2008). In 2009, she returned to “All My Children” as a Producer and worked there for a year.

De Cazotte is a graduate of Fordham University and has 4 Daytime Emmy nominations.

Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network as more details become available.

OLTL Recap: Friday, October 21, 2011

Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Friday, October 21, 2011.


Blair begs Todd to save Tomas from a prison sentence. Inside the hearing room, Tomas faces sentencing. But before hearing the judge’s decision, he directs a heartfelt speech to Téa and Blair in which he takes responsibility for his failures.

Meanwhile, Todd is confronted by another vision of Irene which prompts him to take drastic action. Cutter comes up with a scheme to get the Buchanan money.

In Llanview, Aubrey tells Rex about her idea for Natalie and Brody’s engagement party. Rex informs Aubrey about Cutter’s attempt to get his money. In Llanview, Cutter goes to Rex with an offer.

Starr gets physical with one of the pushy paparazzi, then is spirited inside by James. Starr is glad to be home and can’t wait for life to get back to normal. She goes upstairs to see Hope, leaving James to answer the door to Rick. Rick congratulates Starr on her arrest; buzz is building, and her new bad girl image is just the thing they need to sell records. Rick tells her that if she won’t play ball, he’ll seize control of her music. At EOD Rick has something else up his sleeve to get what he wants.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Cutter presents his deal to Rex.
  • Todd makes a confession.
  • Nora makes a tough call.

GH Recap: Friday, October 21, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Friday, October 21, 2011.


Olivia realizes she may be competing with someone in Steve’s memory.

Johnny struggles to walk.  Lisa confronts Robin and Patrick.

Spinelli and Maxie investigate the curious light at Wyndemere.

Sonny won’t take Kate’s attitude, and Coleman tries to make himself scarce.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Lisa has plans for Robin and Patrick.
  • Carly and Sam find middle ground.
  • Elizabeth has an encounter with a mystery man.