How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


‘One Life’ Suffers Another Loss

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 12:43 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

( — “One Life” mourns the death of Phil Carey.

Only days after losing long-time cast member Clint Ritchie (ex-Clint Buchanan) following heart surgery, the “One Life to Live” family is hit with yet another shocking loss. On February 6th, Phil Carey lost his hard fought three-year battle with lung cancer. He was 83-years-old.

Phil Carey brought Asa Buchanan and his oil empire to Llanview in January 1980, as “One Life” cashed in on the buzz surrounding the then-popular CBS primetime drama “Dallas,” which featured the powerful Ewing clan of Southfork. In the decades that followed, Asa and the Buchanan family would create much drama, scandal, and deception in Llanview. With Asa at the head of the table, the family would ultimately consist of four sons and a mirarid of wives. In all, the oil tycoon was married 14 times to 10 different women. Carey also took the character of Asa to “All My Children’s” Pine Valley for one episode in 2004, as part of a complicated baby switch storyline involving the two sister soap operas.

After being prominently featured on “One Life to Live” for more than a quarter century, Carey’s airtime diminished considerably following a lung cancer diagnosis in January 2006. While being treated with chemotherapy, he managed to make only a handful of appearances on “OLTL” in 2006 and 2007. In March of that year, news broke that Carey was leaving “One Life to Live” after twenty-seven years with the soap.

The decision stemmed from a tense confrontation between Carey and “One Life” executives in which the show refused to offer him a new contract, and instead asked him to go on recurring status. As a result, writers killed off the character of Asa as part of the “OLTL’s” 10,000th episode storyline on August 16th, 2007. However, Carey would return to “OLTL” for a few episodes in 2008, most notably during “One Life to Live’s” 40th anniversary special episode on July 21st, 2008, when VIki Davidson (Erika Slezak) encountered Asa while visiting Heaven following her “death.” Carey’s final “One Life” appearance was on December 29th, 2008 when the late billionaire announced in a screening of a video will made before Asa’s death, that his entire fortune now belonged to his illegitimate son David Vickers. A portion of Carey’s appearance in that episode was shown again early last month during a conversation between Asa’s two-time wife Renee and trusted manservant Nigel.

Eugene Joseph “Phil” Carey was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on July 15th, 1925. He spent much of his childhood in the communities of Rosedale and Malverne on Long Island in New York. He was a member of the U.S. Marine Corp. during World War II, and was injured when Japanese warships attacked the U.S.S. Franklin in 1945; several hundred of his fellow crewmates were killed. He later saw action in the Korean War.

After leaving the military, Carey studied drama at the University of Miami. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by a talent scout from Warner Brothers who offered him an audition for the film “Operation Pacific.” “They flew me out to the coast,” Carey stated in a 1994 interview. “They were going to be seeing several other actors for the part. “I was on the set with these other guys and suddenly I see John Wayne. He took one look at me and said, ‘You look tired . . . Here’s my dressing room — go take a nap.’ I did. After we did the scene, Wayne says to me, ‘You got the part, kid.’ “

With Carey’s career suddenly taking off, he was placed under contract by Warner Brothers and later by Columbia Pictures during the 1950s. Film roles included “I was a Communist for the FBI,” “Springfield Rifle,” “Calamity Jane,” “The Long Gray Line,” “Mister Roberts,” and “This Woman is Dangerous.” From 1956-57 Carey co-starred in the NBC adventure series “Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers,” which was set in the post-Civil War era. He landed a starring role in the 1959-60 ABC crime drama “Philip Marlowe.” And from 1965-67, Carey co-starred as Texas Ranger Capt. Edward Parmalee in NBC’s “Laredo.” Throughout his film career, Carey worked with such greats as Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Joan Crawford, Tyrone Power, Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak.

Despite these early television and film roles, Carey didn’t receive much widespread recognition until becoming the spokesman for the Southern California based ‘Granny Goose Potato Chips.’ Commercials for the popular snack food company featured Carey rescuing a damsel in distress, only to tell her that ‘You may not believe this . . . but my name is Granny Goose.’ “

Throughout his long career, Carey also appeared in a number of television series, including “The Ford Television Theatre,” “The Rifleman,” “Cheyenne,” “The Gallant Men,” “77 Sunset Strip,” “Little House on the Prairie,” “Gunsmoke”, “The Bionic Woman,” “Felony Squad,” and “All in the Family,” where he played an old army buddy of Archie Bunker who revealed that he was gay.

Carey was also an avid golfer, often hitting the green with Dean Martin at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. And he toured in his several stage plays, including Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” and “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

As news spread of Carey’s death, several of his “One Life to Live” co-stars recalled the years they spent with their former co-star. Robert S. Woods, who portrayed Carey’s TV son Bo Buchanan, stated that Carey had been like a second father to him over the years. “He was like ‘Pa’ to me. My own father passed away in 1975 and I met Philly in 1979. For those 30 years, he has been like a father to me. I don’t know if I could love him more if he was my dad.”

Hillary B. Smith, whose character Nora was for years married Carey’s onscreen son Bo, expressed her grief over Carey’s death in a post on her official website. “It is with great sadness that I write this: Phil Carey passed away yesterday afternoon after a three-year valiant fight with cancer. He was a light in my life around the studio. A big man, with a big heart that hated the idea that he had such a big heart. It is amazing to lose Clint Richie and Phil Carey in the same week, and yet I don’t think they would have wanted it any other way. I just hope they both end up in the same place or there will be Hell to pay…. literally. Phil’s presence on the show is still palpable and will always be felt. I miss him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Phil rest; the fight is over; you can go home now. I love you. Hillary”

Timothy D. Stickney (R.J. Gannon, “OLTL”) had this to say about Phil Carey. “He was a very kind and considerate man. Always aware of the others feelings. NOT like Asa at all in that respect, I grew to like him as much as I respected him. A good man from a time when not all were as open and respectful toward others.”

Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord, “OLTL”), who worked alongside Carey for many years, has left a message on her hotline in memory of her former co-star. In reference to both Clint Ritchie and Phil Carey: “They were both great guys. Not easy, not uncomplicated, bigger than life. Clint, I’m sure, is with as many horses as you can possibly be surrounded by and on top of one of them, riding free. It was never simple with women but it was unconditional about horses. Their spirits are set free and I feel so lucky to have known them. I celebrate their legacy. My condolences to their near and dear… Wherever [Clint] is, I hope that he’s on his favorite horse, riding free, getting together for a few good ones with Phil Carey.” Strasser’s entire message can be heard on her hotline by calling (212) 414-5300.

Carey’s former “One Life” daughter-in-law Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson) revealed that she was “incredibly fond” of Phil Carey. “I loved that man very much. He was larger than life like his character of Asa. He was a central figure on the show and to everyone at ‘One Life to Live.’ When Phil was in the building, you knew it. He will be sorely missed. I was so honored to have the privilege to work with him one final time for our 40th Anniversary show.”

And “OLTL” Executive Producer Frank Valentini had this to say: “In a week where we said goodbye to Clint Ritchie (ex-Clint Buchanan), the overwhelming news of Phil Carey’s death was truly a profound loss to the ‘One Life to Live’ family. “His presence will always be a part of ‘One Life to Live.’ The best way to describe Phil was bigger than life. Like Asa, he possessed an undeniable quality that drew you to him, whether he was amusing you with a story or he was just plain ornery. We can only imagine that he and Clint Ritchie are sitting back and having a drink together. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Colleen, and his five children.”

Carey is survived by his wife Colleen Welsh, and their two children Shannon and Sean; and three children with his first wife (Maureen Peppler), Lisa, Linda and Jeff. Three grandchildren also survive.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Clint Ritchie Dies, ‘One Life’ Mourns

Monday, February 9, 2009 12:22 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

( — Clint Ritchie, “One Life to Live’s” original Clint Buchanan, has passed away in Roseville, California following a brief illness, according to ABC spokeswoman Lauri Hogan. He was 70-years-old.

When cowboy Clinton “Clint” Buchanan first rode in Llanview in 1979, America had “Dallas” fever, brought on by the popular CBS primetime sudser featuring the wealthy and scandalous oil loving Ewing class. Cashing in on the success of “Dallas,” “One Life to Live” created the Buchanan family. Headed up by wealthy oil tycoon Asa, the family also included Clint’s younger brother Bo. In 1979, the Buchanans left Texas, moving their multimillion-dollar empire to Llanview, where they remain a central focus of the show to this day. The role often allowed Ritchie to display his rugged persona, but none so much as when the character of Clint Buchanan was transported back in time to the old west town of Buchanan City in 1888. The out of this world storyline played out in the imagination of the elder Buchanan brother following a blow to the head.

Clint Ritchie spent nearly two decades on “One Life to Live,” most of which were spent at the side of his two-time onscreen wife Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson). Viki was first introduced to Clint by her dying husband Joe Riley, who had handpicked Clint to take his place as Editor of ‘The Banner,’ owned by Viki’s father Victor Lord. Originally, the character of Clint Buchanan was to be named Chris Logan (later changed to Buchanan). However, once Ritchie landed the role, he had one small suggestion for the casting director. Ritchie didn’t think the name ‘Chris’ sounded like a good cowboy name, and offered his own name instead. And the rest is Llanview history.

Known affectingly as ‘Bucky’ by his “One Life” co-stars, Ritchie was often described as a prankster on the set. Co-star Robert S. Woods, who portrayed younger brother Bo Buchanan, affectionately recalled his first days on the set with Ritchie. “Bucky really acted like he was my older brother. We had so much fun on the set. At the time, whenever our characters drank beer they gave us the real thing. That ended when we were having too much fun on the set.”

Born on August 9th, 1938, Clinton C.A. “Clint” Ritchie was raised on a farm in Grafton, North Dakota. At the age of seven his family moved to Washington State. During his teenage years Rtichie moved to California, where he enrolled in acting classes.

His early acting roles were sparse throughout the 1960s and ’70s, landing guest spots on programs such as “The Wild, Wild West,” “Batman,” and “Thunder,” along with numerous bit parts in feature films, including the Oscar-winning George C. Scott film “Patton.” In the 1980s, Ritchie, along with co-stars Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) and John Loprieno (Cord Roberts), appeared as their “One Life” characters in a fantasy sequence on the popular sitcom “Roseanne.”

Ritchie was an experienced horseman and strong proponent of animal rights. He rescued countless animals throughout his life. Ritchie won the 100M Silver Buckle in 1982, after competing in the Tevis Cup 100M Endurance Ride. A lover of the outdoors, he participated in numerous fifty-mile endurance rides during his lifetime. Ritchie was also a member of AFTRA/SAG.

Years before his retirement from “One Life to Live” in December 1998, Ritchie told soap reporter Lynda Hirsch that was growing tired of his onscreen persona, and that he had devised a way to write out the character of Clint permanetly. “I have a great way for Clint to be written out: He cannot stand life anymore. He takes one of his dad’s shotguns and points it at his head. The blood splatters everywhere. That is the end of Clint; we see his blood all over the wall.”

Following his departure from “OLTL,” Ritchie returned briefly in 1999, 2003, and 2004. The role was then recast with “Guiding Light” long time veteran Jerry ver Dorn on October 25, 2005.

On May 10, 1993, Ritchie was critically wounded when he was pinned under his John Deere tractor while working on his northern California ranch. The tractor hit a tree stump, throwing Ritchie into a pasture. Before he could get out of the way, the tractor ran him over. Following a prolonged recovery from his wounds, Ritchie returned to the “One Life” set. The injuries Ritchie sustained in the accident were so severe that the actor reported that he could ‘hear his own ribs cracking.’ Ritchie’s injuries included a broken collarbone, shoulder blade and ribs, along with a collapsed lung. In an interview with “People” magazine later that year, Ritchie commented, “It took forever. I heard and felt bones breaking like toothpicks.”

When news of Ritchie’s accident first broke, his “One Life” co-star Erika Slezak approached then “OLTL” Executive Producer Linda Gottlieb, urging her not to recast the role while Ritchie recovered from his wounds.Clint Buchanan’s onscreen absence was explained by having the character become injured in an off-screen plane crash, and needing time to recuperate at his ‘Happy Horse Ranch.’ The fictional retreat was named after Ritchie’s own ranch in Grass Valley, California near Sacramento.

Ritchie returned to “OLTL” following his recovery, but ultimately left the show in December 1998, claiming that the long-running daytime drama had ruined the character of Clint Buchanan. He blamed Clint’s wife Viki’s 1992 affair with Sloan Carpenter as the downfall of his character. “I never got hate mail in my life until they changed Clint Buchanan,” he often explained as the character of Clint was turned from a loving family man to an angry homophobe. The love triangle proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Clint and Viki, resulting in viewer outage at the break-up of one of “OLTL’s” longest running ‘super couples.’

Returning to “OLTL” for three short stints following his retirement from the soap, Ritchie made it clear that, while he was more than happy to bring Clint back to Llanview for brief engagements, he had absolutely no desire to return to “One Life,” acting, or New York City, on a full-term basis. In one of Ritchie’s final “OLTL” appearances, Clint met his daughter Natalie for the first time. After leaving “One Life,” Ritchie, a life-long bachelor, returned to his sixty acre ranch, surrounded by his pets (numerous dogs and cats and his beloved horses).

Ritchie enjoyed his life out of the public spotlight at his ranch until a few weeks ago. In late January, he underwent successful surgery to have a pacemaker inserted in his chest following a heart attack. However, shortly thereafter, a blood clot dislodged and traveled to Ritchie’s brain, resulting in a massive stroke. After lingering near death for several days, Ritchie died around 4:00 am Pacific Time on January 31st, 2009 at the age of 70. According to his close friend and bookkeeper Linda Honore, “[Ritchie] had been sick for awhile. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”

As news of the tragedy reached his “One Life” family, Ritchie’s former cast and crewmembers recalled their fallen colleague. “We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear friend Clint Ritchie. He will always have a special place in our hearts and ‘One Life to Live’s’ legacy,” “OLTL” Executive Producer Frank Valentini lamented. ” With his creation of the role of Clint Buchanan, he helped to bring to life one of the most memorable families in the show’s history. The ‘OLTL’ family will always hold dear the memories of the man we fondly referred to as ‘Bucky.’ Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

Catherine Hickland, whose “OLTL” character Lindsay Rappaport was once briefly married to Clint Buchanan, dedicated a recent blog entry to Ritchie, praising her former co-star.
Visit to read the entry entitled “Carry on Clint Ritchie….”

Hillary B. Smith (Nora, “OLTL”) released this statement: “I am saddened by the news of Clint Ritchie’s passing. I had the honor of working with him long after I became a die-hard fan of his work. He was a tenderhearted soul wrapped up in a tough cowboy exterior. He smiled with a naughty twinkle, would pass you in the hall with a wink and a pinch and lived his life with an uncontained passion. What a guy! Here’s to you, Clint! It is amazing to lose Clint Ritchie and Phil Carey in the same week, and yet I don’t think they would have wanted it any other way. I just hope they both end up in the same place or there will be Hell to pay . . . literally.”

Robin Strasser (Dorian, “OLTL”), who worked alongside Ritchie for many years, has left a message on her hotline in memory of her former co-star. In reference to both Clint and Phil Carey: “They were both great guys. Not easy, not uncomplicated, bigger than life. Clint, I’m sure, is with as many horses as you can possibly be surrounded by and on top of one of them, riding free. It was never simple with women but it was unconditional about horses. Their spirits are set free and I feel so lucky to have known them. I celebrate their legacy. My condolences to their near and dear… Wherever [Clint] is, I hope that he’s on his favorite horse, riding free, getting together for a few good ones with Phil Carey.” Strasser’s entire message can be heard on her hotline by calling (212) 414-5300.

And Ritchie’s long-time onscreen love interest Erika Slezak also recalled her time working with Ritchie on “OLTL” for twenty years. “I was incredibly sad to learn that my colleague and friend, Clint Ritchie, passed away on January 31. Clint and I worked together for nearly twenty years, and shared some wonderful stories together. Clint will be missed by me and his family here at ‘One Life to Live.’”

Although Ritchie, who was often quoted as saying “Hey, I may live on a ranch, but I did not just fall off a turnip truck,” once dated Candice Earley (ex-Donna, “All My Children”), the actor was never married and had no children. He is survived by two sisters, Darlys Patton and Marge Virgil, one brother, Roger Ritchie, and countless friends and fans. He was predeceased in death by his parents, J.C. and Charlotte Ritchie and one sister, Charlyne. The Chapel of the Angels Mortuary in Grass Valley, California is handling the funeral arrangements. A memorial service is presently being planned and will be announced at a later date.

Fans may pay their respects by visiting Clint Ritchie’s official website/fan club headquarters at

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Over and Out on ‘AMC’

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 4:59 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

( — Now you seem them, now you don’t.

“All My Children” just continues to break new ground. Immediately following daytime television’s first same-sex marriage between Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) and Reese Williams (Tamara Braun), you may get a front seat to daytime television’s first same-sex marriage annulment. Is the ABC drama also aiming to beat the record for shortest daytime marriage on record?

Eden Riegel exits from the role of Bianca Montgomery on Tuesday, February 24. Riegel returned to “AMC” on October 17, 2008 with a four-month contract. This will be Riegel’s eighth departure from the show. The Emmy-winning actress started in the role of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) youngest child in the summer of 2000.

An embittered Reese will stick around Pine Valley for a while longer.

Dr. Sinclair’s misdeeds will come to light in the not too distant future. McKenzie Westmore’s bitter and vengeful character seems to vanish after getting a taste of her own medicine on Thursday, February 19. Is the not so nice doctor gone for good? Possibly; although the latest issue of ABC Soaps In Depth reports that at press time the “Passions” alum was very close to extending her recurring stint with the show. The 31-year old actress began airing in the role of Annie Lavery’s (Melissa Claire Egan) psychiatrist on December 12, 2008.

“All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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    ‘AMC’s’ Mortality Count

    Sunday, February 1, 2009 11:49 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Who’s not going to wait to die another day in Pine Valley?

    Soap death comes in sets of…six? Babe (Amanda Baker), Di (Heather Kenzie), Myrtle (Eileen Herlie) and Josh (Colin Egglesfield) are about to get some company (that’s a spoiler alert for those of you that enjoy being surprised).

    Laura Koffman is out as Rebecca. Jesse Hubbard’s (Darnell Williams) surprise ex-wife’s brain tumor isn’t as stabilized as everybody thought. Jesse and Natalia (Shannon Kane) will deal with Rebecca’s sudden death during the week of February 9. Koffman first appeared on “AMC” in the recurring role of Rebecca on October 28, 2008.

    Wait just a minute! Don’t put your best black outfits away quite yet.

    Before Rebecca’s (off-screen, of course) funeral can even be arranged, Greenlee Smythe finds herself in great peril when she takes off on her motorcycle into an extremely volatile situation. Rebecca Budig finished taping at “AMC” this past week. Unlike the aforementioned five, Ms. Smythe is expected to face one of those rather ambiguous deaths – remember Leo’s (Josh Duhamel) exit? Although Budig’s Greenlee disappears during the week of February 16, sources close to Soap Opera Network report that come March “AMC” fans can expect one more sighting of one of Pine Valley’s favorite vixens.

    Budig made the decision to return to “AMC” for one year during the crippling 2007 Writers’ Strike. In January 2008, the Emmy-nominated actress replaced Sabine Singh who was unceremoniously bounced from the role of the cosmetics mogul after approximately nine months of service. Budig originated the role of Greenlee Smythe in August 1999 and remained in the role until November 2005.

    “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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      Matters of the Hart on SOAPnet

      Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1:18 AM EST | By Angela Rosa

      ( — SOAPnet takes Valentine’s Day to heart with “All My Children’s” Kendall Hart.

      Pine Valley’s own Sleeping Beauty, Kendall Hart Slater, played since 2002 by Alicia Minshew, wakes up from her nearly four month long coma on Friday, January 30. (The actress was on vacation). On Saturday, February 7, SOAPnet celebrates the sugar, the spice and everything nice about Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) first born.

      The “We Hart Kendall” marathon, which airs from 3 to 7 PM EST, coincides with SOAPnet’s six-week long (January 7 – February 14) anti-establishment Valentines Day celebration entitled “Sugar Free Valentine’s;” a celebration of Valentine’s Day without the usual amount of goo.

      The four “All My Children” episodes were specifically chosen to highlight the many fundamental sides that make up Ms. Hart: rebellious daughter of Erica Kane, loyal sister, generous friend, outrageous flirt and simply an all-around strong woman who’s longing to be loved.

      List of Episodes:

      • 3 PM (Original Airing 1/9/02): Kendall meets, flirts and spars with her future lover, fiancé and baby daddy Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison). Ms. Hart also finds a few moments to exchange “pleasantries” with her mother, Erica Kane, who pays her a surprise visit that ends in an arrest.
      • 4 PM (Original Airing 11/14/03): Kendall covers for her sister after a pushy Ryan finds Bianca’s sonogram. No good (albeit crazy) deed goes unpunished as Kendall soon finds out after confronting her paranoid sister. Don’t worry, the sisters make up as passionately as they fight!
      • 5 PM (Original Airing 8/15/05): Kendall takes friendship to a whole new level when she offers to carry the baby of her arch enemy and best friend, Greenlee (Rebecca Budig), and the “deceased” man the aforementioned stole from her.
      • 6 PM (Original Airing 12/15/05): Desperately in need of a vacation after all that drama, Kendall finds herself in paradise with her in-name-only husband, Zach Slater (Thorsten Kaye), for what might be Pine Valley’s most romantic divorce ever.

      “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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        Sunday, January 18, 2009 9:36 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

        ( — Out with the old, in with the news.

        When Barack Obama takes the oath of office on January 20th, 2009 and becomes our nation’s first African American President, the cable news outlets and broadcast networks will provide wall-to-wall coverage of the landmark event. As history is made in the United States, the eight daytime dramas will take a back seat to politics.

        It happens once every four years, and only 55 times in American history. And on January 20th, 2009, it will happen for the first time since 2005. The United States of America will transfer power from one Presidential administration to the next. And on his way to White House to begin the job of running the country, President-Elect Barack Obama will travel by train from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., where he will be sworn in as the 44th President on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building, echoing the journey President Abraham Lincoln made nearly a century and a half ago. In addition, Obama will be sworn in using the same Bible Lincoln used when he first took the oath of office in 1861.

        Although the swearing in ceremony will not take place until noon est, numerous events have been scheduled throughout the day and into the evening, concluding with ten ceremonial Inaugural Balls. Following the oath of office, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will make the traditional journey down Pennsylvania Avenue as part of the annual Inauguration Day Parade.

        Television coverage of the 56th U.S. Presidential Inauguration, themed “A New Birth of Freedom,” will result in the pre-emption of local newscasts and all regularly scheduled daytime programming on the four major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) on Tuesday, January 20th. However, soap fans needn’t worry. All soaps will return on Wednesday, January 21st and no episodes will be missed.

        ‘AMC’s’ Latest Casting Tidbits

        Sunday, January 18, 2009 12:00 AM EST | By Angela Rosa

        ( — A quick look at some of the characters that will color in the canvas of Pine Valley during the next few weeks.

        - Erica (Susan Lucci) brings the mother load to Bianca, Reese and Greenlee’s (Eden Riegel, Tamara Braun and Rebecca Budig) upcoming bridal shower. Literally.

        On Thursday, January 29, Greenlee’s mother, Mary, and Reese’s mother, Claire, surprise the brides-to-be with a little help form Ms. Kane. In their latest issue, Soap Opera Digest reports that the magnificent Anna Stuart will be back as Mary; we last saw the character in 2005. For all of us that miss the great Erica and Mary snark, we’ll get a brief moment of that in between mama Smythe getting under her daughter’s skin. Laila Robins will take on the role of Claire Williams.  

        Mary will appear on just one episode before disappearing again but Stuart reports that the show is booking her for another episode in February; Claire will stick around for two consecutive episodes.

        - Colby’s (Brianne Moncrief) old friends, Ren (Chris Henry) and Corrina (Jenna DiMartini), who is seen semi-regularly as Emma Lavery’s (Lucy Merriam) babysitter, will hit the Pine Valley scene again on January 22. The lucky kids are dressed up to face some righetous indignation from their old pal.

        - Death be not a hindrance. Erica’s soon to be deceased son, Joshua Madden (Colin Egglesfield), makes an after-death appearance during the week of February 2.

        - Tad and Krystal’s custody battle is over but we haven’t seen the last of Livia Frye. Tonya Pinkins will continue to make sporadic appearances on “All My Children.” The legal eagle will next be seen during the week of February 2.

        Updated on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.  

        “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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          Disney/ABC Television Group

          “General Hospital” and “The View” receive a special vote of confidence from the ABC Television Network as the two have been added to the network’s popular Full Episode Player lineup. The series join ABC’s primetime programming including “Desperate Housewives,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ugly Betty.”

          “We are excited to collaborate with the team to offer our viewers another way to get their daily dose of ‘General Hospital’ and ‘The View’,” said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney ABC Television Group. “As part of our ongoing strategic effort to grow our audience and increase awareness of our shows, is a proven platform that not only gives existing viewers more access to our shows, but is a great way to introduce a new audience to these shows.”

          “General Hospital” and “The View” are the first ABC Daytime programming to be showcased on the networks website. Weekly episodes will be available starting today, January 14. The most current broadcast of “The View” will be made available at 1:00 PM, PT the same day it airs on ABC. “General Hospital” will be made available at 2:00 AM, PT the day after airing on ABC. The programs join CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Guiding Light” and “As The World Turns” as the only daytime programs currently streamed over the web.

          Users will also be able to access episodes of “General Hospital” through the recently redesigned website via a link to the video player on the site’s “General Hospital” section. “General Hospital” will continue to be broadcast on SOAPnet Weekdays at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

          “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” remain the only daytime dramas not currently available online. NBC’s “Days of our Lives” is currently available for download on the Apple owned iTunes platform.

          “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

          Tuesday, January 13, 2009 5:21 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

          ( — Congratulations go out to actress Alison Sweeney who welcomes a new baby girl into her family.

          At 11:48 PM PT on Monday, Sweeney gave birth to Megan Hope Sanov (not pictured), who weighed in at 6lbs, 7 oz., reports People magazine. This is Sweeney’s second child with husband Dave Sanov. They have a 3-year-old son named Ben.

          “Both mommy and baby – and daddy, too – are doing well,” said Carrie Simons, Sweeney’s representative, in a statement.

          Ironically enough, Sweeney’s Sami Brady is about to give birth to a baby girl on ”Days of our Lives ” in the coming weeks. Pictured, Sweeney holding said baby on the “DAYS” set on December 18, 2008.

          In addition to her work on “DAYS,” Alison also serves as primary host of the popular NBC reality series, “The Biggest Loser.” The series airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM ET on NBC.

          “Days of our Lives” airs Weekdays on NBC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

           Discussion: Alison Sweeney Welcomes Baby Girl

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            Tuesday, January 6, 2009 11:06 AM ET | By Errol Lewis

            ( — In an update to a story Soap Opera Network first brought to you on Sunday, we have learned a little more about Shiva Rose’s appearance on “The Young and the Restless.”

            Rose will be appearing as herself in the episode, not some made up character that the show created for inane reasons. She will be dealing primarily with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Billy (Billy Miller) in the episode. 

            We have also learned that an old friend of Billy and Chloe’s comes to town and the two will freak out, thinking said friend might divulge their past together to Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil). It is unclear if this friend will be played by Shiva, who is playing herself (*wink* *wink*).

            Rose’s “Y&R” appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21. 

            “The Young and the Restless” airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

             Discussion: Update to Shiva Rose on ‘Y&R’

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