How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 8:37 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

( — Lynn Herring (ex-Lucy Coe, “General Hospital”; “Port Charles”) is making her highly anticipated return to daytime television next month when she joins the cast of CBS’ “As The World Turns” in the recurring role of Audrey, reports TV Guide Magazine. Audrey is the mother of Henry Coleman (Trent Dawson).

Fans can expect to see Herring on “World Turns” for up to eight weeks according to comments from Executive Producer Chris Goutman. “Chris Goutman said the main story is six-to-eight weeks long and then we’ll see what happens after that. If it ends there, I will love it and be appreciative. If it goes on, I can’t lose.”

Her appearance on the soap reunites her with former “Port Charles” co-stars Jon Lindstrom (ex-Kevin Collins, now Craig Montgomery) and Julie Pinson (ex-Eve Lambert, now Janet Ciccone Snyder).

Since the cancellation of “Port Charles” in 2003, Herring left the industry for small town America and hasn’t looked back. “It sounds hokey but people are so nice here. We’ve been ranching up in this area for 20 years. The kids knew it from living here in the summers, but it was still a huge culture shock to leave L.A. after ‘Port Charles’ ended and make a permanent move to such a remote area.”

In 2004, after the death of actress Anna Lee, “General Hospital” paid their respects to the actress and rested Lila Quartermaine, a character she portrayed for 26 years. Herring returned for that special episode as Lucy, but wasn’t been asked back by show producers. Why you ask? “The show had gone in a whole new direction with Sonny and the Mafia and they’ve done very well by that. I knew Lucy wouldn’t fit into that. Her high jinks and her comedic vixeny thing didn’t seem to match with that serious tone, so it didn’t bother me not to be asked back. I understood.”

Herring is married to former “Days of our Lives” star Wayne Northrop (ex-Roman Brady; ex-Alex North). Her first airdate on “As The World Turns” is scheduled for Friday, July 24. In case you were wondering, the soap tapes nearly two months before airdate, which means the actress started taping last week.

To read the full interview, head on over to the TV Guide Magazine website.

“As The World Turns” airs Weekdays on CBS. Anytime on Check local listings.

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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 7:44 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

    ( — The entertaining Ronnie Marmo is heading to Port Charles next month as the actor joins the cast of “General Hospital” in the recurring role of “Ronnie” on the ABC Daytime Drama series. Marmo first airs on Thursday, July 9.

    While character details are scarce at this time, it is understood that the actor started taping today.

    Prior to joining “GH,” Marmo was best known for his appearances in such films as “A Bronx Tale,” “The Peacemaker” with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman,” and “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.” In 2002, he starred as Moof in “Deuces Wild” with Frankie Muniz, Stephen Dorf and the late Brad Renfro. The film also starred James Franco, Vincent Pastore, Matt Dillon, and Balthazar Getty (“Brothers & Sisters”). In television, he’s guest-starred on CBS’ “Jag” and “The Young and the Restless.”

    In 2002, Marmo co-founded the 68 Cent Crew Theatre. The theatre, currently in its seventh year, is running a Fundraiser during the annual “General Hospital” fanclub weekend on Friday, July 17. The fundrasier also serves as a fan event for “GH” star Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine), who is a close friend of Marmo’s. If interested in attending, you can purchase tickets at

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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      Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:10 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

      ( — Daytime Emmy-Award winning actress Gina Tognoni is ‘thisclose’ to signing a contract to return to “One Life to Live” when “Guiding Light” bites the dust this fall, according to TVGuide Canada’s The Suds Report.  

      Tognoni, a former Miss Rhode Island Teen USA and Miss Rhode Island Teen All-American, made her soap debut on “One Life to Live” as the fiesty, rebellious teen Kelly Cramer (neice of Dorian, cousin to Cassie and Blair) in 1995.  After a successful run in Llanview, the actress left the soap in 2001; only to reprise the role briefly in 2002.  Two years later she returned to her daytime roots as Dinah Marler on “Guiding Light.”  Tognoni was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2006 (which she won) and 2007.   In Tognoni’s absence from “OLTL,” the role of Kelly was recasted twice — first with Tracy Melchior (2003), then with Heather Tom (2003-2006).  It was while Tom portrayed Kelly that the character also made appearances on “All My Children” (2004-2005), as part of a complicated baby-switch storyline which played out on both soaps. 

      Now, with”GL” expected to end its historic 72-year run in September, speculation that Tognoni may be heading back to Llanview has started to increase.  The Suds Report has revealed that, according to an set-side source, the 35-year-old star has recently turned down offers from two west coast soaps (“The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless”), because she “wants to stay in New York with her new husband.” However, it appears that “OLTL” would be a perfect fit for actress, given that Tognoni is a an alum and that the soap is taped in the Big Apple. 

      And, if everything falls into place, Tognoni could be back in Llanview as early as late fall.  However, it remains to be seen if Kelly Cramer would return to town alone, on the arm of beau Kevin Buchanan (last portrayed by Dan Gauthier, 2003-2006; 2007), or with son Zane. 

      SON will continue to follow this story and keep you posted on any further updates.    

      In other news… 

      Scott Henderson, director of publicity for Canada’s CTV Network, tells TVGuide Canada that “With respect to ‘One Life to Live,’ unfortuantely we were unable to find a spot for it on on our schedule, and did not renew [our licencing contract with ABC]. With ‘Dr. Oz’ joining CTV, ‘General Hospital’ moves to ‘A,’ partnered with ‘Ellen,’ to reinforce a strong afternoon lineup.”  The network announced earlier this week that it was dropping “OLTL” from its daytime line-up this fall, and replacing it with reruns of the recently ended primetime medical drama “ER.” 

      The mother of Sullivan triplets Maddie, Tess, and Molly (the adorable babies who portray Hope Manning McBain) has posted new upcoming airdates for the tiny tots.  Viewers can watch “OLTL” on June 5th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, and 29th, along with July 20th and 22nd, to try and determine which triplet is which. 

      “Soaps Up!,” a daily soap news recap report, which airs between “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” on CTV in Canada, is linking the recently released “OLTL” audtion script for the role of “Ford” with the summer return of Tuc Watkins to Llanview as David Vickers Buchanan.  It appears the sudser is looking to create a reality series within a soap, called “The Real Ladies of Llanview,”  and that it will someone involve the newest Buchanan heir.  And people say “OLTL” Head Writer [Re-]Ron Carlivati can’t pen an original storyline to save his career. 

      Also, for those who don’t think that “OLTL” has issued enough casting calls in recently, here is a yet another one.  Seems the show is now looking to cast the character of “Griffin.”  Keep in mind that “OLTL” switches character names in audition scripts.  Nonetheless, it appears that Llanview is about to get some gay characters.  The scene opens with “Griffin” and “Daniel” in a bar on their first date.  He tells Daniel that his friends are welcome to join them, to which he replies that they are not his buds.  Daniel goes on to say that where they are is fine, even though the jukebox has only old songs on it.  He then apologizes for so uptight and tells Griffin that he’s not usually like that, but that he hasn’t been out on a date in forever.  This catches Griffin by suprise, and he tells Daniel that he seems like the kind of guy that really has it going on.  Daniel says that he used to, but that his social life has been non-exsistant lately. Griffin starts to ask him about his last boyfriend, and Daniel responds that the break-up has left him suspicious of other guys.  He then tells Griffin that his ex is a great guy, but that he keeps things bottled up, and is still in the closet.  Afterward he says that he is not usually this bitter and that he can take care of himself.  When Griffin replies that he knows, Daniel asks where he heard that since they only met earlier that day.  Griffin says that after Daniel left the gym, a male cop approaches him and urges him to watch his back.  Daniel asks him if the cop was cute and had short blond hair.  When Griffin responds in the affirmative, Daniel confesses that he and the cop have a long history together.  End of scene.  Hmmm….who could this script involve?  Kyle and Fish perhaps?  Only time will tell.  Remember that this role has yet to be cast, and that “OLTL” regularly tapes about four to six weeks in advance.  So it will be a few months before we will see this play out on screen. 

      “One Life to Live” airs weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

      Discussion: Will Gina Tognoni Find New ‘Life’ in Llanview? 

      Thursday, June 4, 2009 11:24 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

      ( — Actor Darin Brooks is headed out of Salem when he takes his “Days of our Lives” character, Max Brady, to London after Max thinks over Chelsea’s (Rachel Melvin) idea of him moving in with her seriously.

      In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Brooks revealed that his time on “DAYS” was a wonderful learning experience. “You can’t pay for a class to teach you what I learned there,” he says.

      Brooks is leaving the NBC drama to take on the role of Alex, a talented quarterback content with riding on the bench, while enjoying college parties, in the Spike TV comedy series “Blue Mountain State.”

      Produced by Varsity Pictures’ Brian Robbins (“Norbit,” “Varsity Blues,” “Smallville”) and Sharla Sumpter-Bridgett and Lionsgate, the comedy series is scheduled to premiere this summer.

      “‘Blue Mountain State’ contains four key ingredients to being a guy…football, partying, women and hazing,” said Kevin Kay, president, Spike TV. “We’re thrilled to be working with Brian Robbins, Varsity Pictures and Lionsgate on this outrageous comedy that combines college football with ‘Animal House.’  And we think it’s a perfect fit for Spike’s young, male audience.”

      “Mountain” is a scripted series surrounding three college freshman who join the Midwestern college football team of Blue Mountain State University, and must adapt to college life while juggling football, girls, classes and hazing rituals. Brooks will play Alex,  The pilot was written by Chris Romano and Eric Falconer (“The Sarah Silverman Program”). Romano will play Sammy, Alex’s best friend,  who aspires to be the school’s mascot.

      Brooks’ last appearance on “Days of our Lives” is now scheduled for Tuesday, June 16  – previously it was reported to be Thursday, June 11).

      “Days of our Lives” airs Weekdays on NBC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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        Thursday, June 4, 2009 10:43 PM ET | By Errol Lewis

        ( — After exiting CBS’ “As The World Turns” after tough contract negotiations, Martha Byrne is ready to hit the ground running this month when she debuts as Andrea Floyd on ABC’s “General Hospital.” Andrea is the wife of the town’s prestigious Mayor Garrett Floyd, played by Jon Bolger.

        In an exclusive interview with TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, Byrne reveals how lucky she is to have not only found a job on “GH,” but also how her interest in writing has led her to a writing position at CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

        Playing the role of Lily Snyder on “World Turns” off-and-on for 23 years in New York, Byrne found herself looking for a challenge. She found that challenge when the she started writing scripts for California based “B&B” Head Writer Bradley Bell. “I feel very blessed that Bradley Bell gave me a chance to write. It’s what you do with that kind of opportunity that makes you shine — or fail. I’m still ready to fail,” said Byrne.

        Since her first episode aired on April 14, the actress-turned-writer has penned three scripts to date for the soap. Her second episode aired on May 5, the same day Douglas Marland, the famous Head Writer of “As The World Turns,” would have celebrated his 74th birthday. What would Marland think of Byrne’s new endeavors? “I think Douglas would be very happy that I’m embarking on all these new adventures.”

        Her work with “B&B” led to an offer from “GH,” after her former colleague at “ATWT” asked her via Facebook if she’d be interested in a role on the ABC soap. “Lisa Kaseff, who works at ‘GH’ in production, asked me if I would ever consider a role on ‘GH.’ She used to work on ‘World Turns’ for a long time and we’ve always maintained our friendship,” stated the actress. “A week before she asked me that, I had signed with [Talent Manager] Michael Bruno to see if any soaps had any interest in casting me.”

        While holding the title as the longest running television series on the west coast, what sets “GH” apart from other other shows, in particular the remaining daytime soaps? “At ‘GH,’ writers write, producers produce, directors direct, and actors act. There are so many jobs to undertake putting out a daily soap, so why take on more responsibility? If you hired a capable and talented cast and crew, there is no reason to interfere,” Byrne stated firmly.

        When Martha makes her debut on the Thursday, June 18 episode of the soap, viewers can expect to see a “a very in-your-face, full of attitude, and opinionated character. Andrea’s the opposite of Lily right down to the clothes. Andrea is the wife of a politician. She’s the woman behind the man, and she needs to be heard — and boy, is she ever! A scandal brings Andrea out from the shadows. She’s busy trying to troubleshoot the situation with Robin [Kimberly McCullough] and Patrick [Jason Thompson]. Andrea doesn’t take no for an answer.”

        For the full interview, head on over to the TV Guide Canada website.

        “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

        Discussion: It’s Martha’s ‘World’ on ‘General Hospital’

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          Thursday, June 4, 2009 9:58 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

          ( — “One Life to Live” is now confirming that Tuc Watkins will reprise the role of David Vickers this summer, and interact with “several of the show’s core families.” 

          In an update to a story SON first brought you on Wednesday, Tuc Watkins will make yet another of his brief returns to Llanview in the coming months. Since originating the role of David Vickers in 1994, Watkins has returned to his “One Life” roots on ten separate occassions. 

          Both Soap Opera Digest and SOAPnet are reporting that, while the exact length of Watkins’ latest stint remains uncertain, it appears that he will be back long enough for David to spend some time bonding with his newfound kinfolk, chat with best friend Viki, and drop in on ex-wife Dorian.  This marks Watkins second return to Llanview since discovering he was the biological son of Bo Buchanan, a member of one of the town’s wealthiest families (in April he breezed through Llanview to confront his lady love after she sent him a picture of her kissing Ray Montez, before returning to Hollywood as spokesman for Have-a-Seat hemorrhoid creme). 

          No first airdate has yet been announced, however look for Watkins to return to “OLTL” some time this summer for a limited engagement. SON will continue to follow this story, and update as conditions warrant.     

          “One Life to Live” airs weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

          Discussion: It’s Official: Tuc Watkins Returning to Llanview


          ( — Mark Hapka marks his steamy debut on Wednesday, June 17 as Nathan Jannings on NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” In this photo released by JPI Studios, Hapka gives actress Molly Burnett and her character Melanie Layton a welcoming surprise after the two meet under unusual circumstances.

          SOAPnet Audience Continues to Grow

          Thursday, June 4, 2009 2:37 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

          ( — Primetime viewership for SOAPnet, the network for soaps, increased in May for the fourth straight month, and reached a new high in several key demos.

          In a press release issued Tuesday by the upstart cable/satellite network dedicated to the daytime drama, viewership for the month of May reached record highs in total viewers and the all important women aged 18-49 demographic. Also, viewership for the channel increased for the fourth consecutive month. Below are a few highlights from the press release.   

          Record or near-record viewership for “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” on SOAPnet gave the network their most watched May ever in the women 18-49 demo. in the channel’s nine year history.  Ratings in the category for May 2009 increased 27% over one year ago, with an average of 142,000 viewers. Additionally, last month also marked SOAPnet’s most watched month ever in terms of total viewership, with an average of 361,000 viewers tuning in, a 15% increase over the same time last year. 

          “All My Children,” which airs weeknights at 8:00 et, experienced their second highest rating ever on SOAPnet in the women 18-49 demo., falling only 8,000 viewers short of February 2005′s record of 201,000.  Also, May 2009 was “AMC’s” highest rated month ever on SOAPnet, and the fifth highest in terms of overall viewership with 464,000 people tuning in to watch the latest happenings in Pine Valley.  And, thus far in the 2008-09 season, “AMC” has experienced its five highest consecutive months in terms of SOAPnet viewership, which reached a record high 500,000 viewers back in March.  Even more impressive is the fact that “All My Children” is up 72% in the total viewers and 80% in terms of women 18-49, versus last year.   

          “One Life to Live,” which airs weeknights at 9:00 et, also saw significant gains in viewers and demos for the month of May on SOAPnet.  The primetime audience for “OLTL” increased for the fifth straight month, giving May 2009 the soap’s highest rating in the women 18-49 category, with 179,000 viewers, an increase of 33% over last year.  Also, since the beginning of the 2008-09 season, “OLTL” has notched their three highest rated months on SOAPnet in total viewers.  And it marked “One Life to Live’s” largest ever May audience on the network, and third highest overall, with 392,000 total viewers, creating an increase of 14%.

          SOAPnet, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation, airs same-day repeats of soaps “All My Children,” “Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital,” “One Life to Live,” and “The Young and the Restless,” along with classic soaps such as “Ryan’s Hope.”  In recent years, the network’s programming schedule has expanded to include primetime dramas “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “One Tree Hill,” “The O.C.,” and “Gilmore Girls,” combined with original programming such as “MVP,” “1 Day With…,” “Soapography,” and “Southern Bells: Louisville.”

          Click here to read the press release in its entirety.

          “All My Chilren” airs weekdays on ABC.  Weeknights on SOAPnet.  Check local listings.

          “One Life to Live” airs weekdays on ABC.  Weeknights on SOAPnet.  Check local listings.

          Discussion: SOAPnet Audience Continues to Grow

          Thursday, June 4, 2009 1:28 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

          ( — In 2005, drama teacher Lisa Glide appeared on the verge of a promising acting career, with small roles on “Dawson’s Creek” and the ABC soaps “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” However all that changed this week, when she plead guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

          In an article posted on the New Jersey On-Line News Website, which first broke the story, the 35-year old Glide was accussed of engaging in a four month sexual relationship with one of her male students last year.  The Howell Township, New Jersey resident, and teacher at Old Bridge High School, admitted on Wednesday to New Brunswick Superior Court Judge Frederick De Vesa, that she and the student had sexual encounters on two separate occassions, neither of which were reportedly on school property. 

          Pleading guilty to endangering the welfare of a child in the fourth degree, Glide could be sentenced up to 364 days in the Middlesex County Jail.  Formal sentencing will be held in August.  In addition, she has also agreed to forfeit her teaching certificate and recuse herself from re-applying for certification at any New Jersey public school.  And, as per her plea agreement, Glide is to be place on probation for five years, receive counseling, and have only supervised contact with males under the age of 18.   

          Since Glide pleaded guilty to the charges, Christie Bevacqua, the Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor, stated the state went with the lesser endangering charge of the fourth degree rather than the third, and dropped the second-degree sexual assualt charge, all because “the victim wanted to be spared having to testify.”  The student, who was 17 at the time of his affair with Glide, graduated from the school last June and is said to be “fine with this plea agreement.” 

          As the school’s drama teacher, Glide was frequently in charge of organizing plays and rehearsels.  Last December, she was arrested, and later suspended, after details of the relationship leaked out.  Glide had been a teacher at the high school since 2004.  The sexual rendezous with her student were believed to have taken place between February and May of last year. 

          Glide embarked on her career in education in 1999 as a substitute teacher in Weehawken, New Jersey.  In 2000, she was employed by Jersey City schools, and by the Marlboro Township School District the following year.  Majoring in theater at Montclair State University, she studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, Glide earned $50,943 annually as a teacher at Old Bridge High School.   

          In a 2005 interview with the Old Bridge newspaper “The Suburban,” Glide discussed her budding acting career, which included bit parts on the daytime dramas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” along with a guest shot on “Dawson’s Creek.”  The interview was conducted following Glide’s directing of the high school’s production of Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite.” 

          To read the full New Jersery On-line report, click here

          Wednesday, June 3, 2009 3:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

          ( — Chrishell Stause has made her (final?) decision.

          Chrishell Stause made quite a few “All My Children” fans very happy on Tuesday evening. That’s when the actress reported on her Twitter page that she’ll be staying with “All My Children” through the end of the year.

          Stause joined the cast of “AMC” in May of 2005 as the sexy, grown-up version of Amanda Dillon. Since April, the actress has extended her contract twice; the previous extension was reportedly through September 2009. On Monday afternoon the actress left her fans a curious note saying that she was on the cusp of making an important decision – that decision clearly being to extend her stay on the show through 2009. Co-star Ricky Paull Goldin (Dr. Jake Martin) reports that he’s so “excited that [his] TV girl is staying on AMC for a little more love.”

          The next seven months should be full of heavy baby drama for the character or Amanda.

          “All My Children” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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