How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Samii Ryan Auditions for Role on ‘One Life’

Photo: ABC

Wednesday, January 9, 2010 1:37 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — The aspiring actress reveals that she has screen tested for an unnamed new role on “One Life to Live.”

Ryan tells the Pocono Record that “I just went to an audition for the soap opera, ‘One Life to Live.’ I got a call back from them and now I wait,” she said. “Waiting is horrible…”

That audition came nearly a month ago, according to a December 10th post by the actress on her Twitter page, “‘One Life to Live’ audition tomorrow. Kinda super excited..>.<” Three days later she tweeted “CALL BACK AUDITION TOMORROW! I’m so excited, staying positive, and staying warm. I want this so badly! Wish me luck.”

While Ryan does not reveal exactly which role she audition for, it could possibly be for the role of Hannah, who appears to share scenes with Starr and Cole. “One Life to Live” released an audition script for the part around the same time as Ryan’s audition.  However, that has yet to be confirmed.

Here are more details about the casting call for Hannah from an earlier SON report: The scene opens with Hannah working on a school project with “Eric.” Seeing toys all over the floor she asks him if he is a babysitter. Eric responds that he is a father, which takes Hannah by surprise. Amazed, Hannah asks Eric if the mother is in the picture and, if so, is it someone she knows. Eric answers in the affirmative and goes on to say that they are married. While Hannah is still in shock, Eric says that “Serena” had a family engagement, “Hayley” is sick, and that he is has an average life. Trying to lighten the mood, Hannah jokes that having a family really kills one’s social life. Eric laughs and says that he doesn’t really miss the wild parties and late nights, but he does wish he could sleep past 7:00 am some morning and stay out all night once in awhile. Hannah asks him if he thinks those days are gone forever, to which he responds that they will be at least until Hayley is grown up. She goes on to say that he is the only person her age that she knows that is responsible and mature. Eric responds “Hell no,” when she asks him if he ever anticipated his life turning out like it has. He also confesses that there have been times when he has pondered giving her away and what it would be like had she not been born, however he can’t imagine life without his beautiful baby girl in it. Hannah apologizes for being so nosy about his personal life and tells him that he would make a good sociology project. Eric says that he has been trying to teach Hayley to blow her nose. Hannah reveals to Eric that she broke up with her high school sweetheart (whom she thought was her one true love) just before Christmas because he wanted his freedom. Eric confesses that he and Serena broke up once, and it was a nightmare. However, Hannah claims that the ending of her relationship was the best thing that could have happened to her. Remember that “OLTL” often changes names in audition scripts in an attempt to throw off viewers. The role appears to be recurring.

The 18-year-old Ryan is a 2009 graduate of Pocono Mountain High School in northeast Pennsylvania. She is currently working in New York City, with hopes of furthering her acting and modeling career. To read more of her interview with the Pocono Record, click here.

Ryan landed a principal role in the film “Blue Valentine,” which will be released later this year. She began filming the day after her high school graduation. “Blue Valentine” also stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and will be screened during this year’s Sundance Film Festival from January 24th-29th. In addition, she says that “I did a short film with Rich Sommer from ‘Mad Men.’ I played the lead role. I also did a cruise ship promo in Brooklyn. I walked the runway for ‘New York Coutour’ during Fashion Week, and recently did some background work on the movie ‘Wall Street 2.’”

For more information on Samii Ryan, along with pictures of the potential future “OLTL” actress, click here to visit her official MySpace page.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 9:46 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( – Stars from the ABC soap “One Life to Live” set to appear on “Good Morning America” to participate in coat drive for needy.

On Tuesday, January 12th, Eddie Alerderson (Matthew Buchanan), Kelley Missal (Danielle Rayburn), and Shenell Edmonds (Destiny Evans) will appear on the popular morning news program to participate in “GMA’s” annual “Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Drive,” “OLTL” publicity director Lauri Hogan tells SON

For the third straight year, “Good Morning America” is teaming up with Burlington Coat Factory and the non-profit group “One Warm Coat” to distribute free coats to those in need all across the United States.  Organizers are hoping to surpass last year’s total of 177,339 coats (175,125 were collected in 2007).  Currently, this season’s total stands at 174,803.   

Donations will be accepted through January 15th at more than 400 Burlington Coat Factory locations nationwide, and “GMA” audience members can drop off their coats at the show’s studios in Time Square in New York City. 

New and gently used coats will be accepted, along with other types of outer wear (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc…) and hats and gloves.  In the coming weeks the donated coats and other items will be distributed across the country by charaities working closely with “One Warm Coat.” 

For more information on how you can participate in this event, click here.  Individuals who have received donated coats from this drive are also encouraged to share their experiences with “GMA,” who may choose to showcase some of your stories on air. 

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 3:40 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children” brings Julia Barr, or as she’s known in Pine Valley: Brooke English, back in 2010 – for more than a day!

Soap Opera Digest and SOAPnet are reporting that the extraordinary Julia Barr will return to “All My Children” for what is promised to be “a great story arc” beginning on Tuesday, February 23. Hallelujah! The missed actress just appeared on “AMC’s” 40th Anniversary episode on January 5th.

Barr played the very popular character of Brooke English on “AMC” from 1976 to 2006. In 2006, several “AMC” actors, including Barr, were told they were being dropped to recurring status. The eight-time Emmy nominee, and two-time winner, did not appreciate the status change and opted to give the show notice that she was departing. The soap opted to not give Brooke a proper exit, the character simply disappeared one day. Brooke’s rivalry with Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) is one of soapdom’s most legendary. The character, a magazine editor, has also enjoyed popular romances with Adam Chandler (David Canary) and the now deceased Edmund Grey (John Callahan), and less memorable romances with Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight) and Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey). Brooke shares a son with Tad, Jamie. Barr has been part of many memorable stories on “AMC,” but none more memorable than the death of Ms. English’s daughter, Laura Cudahy, due to a drunk driver.

“AMC” currently does not have an official Head Writer. Following the pre-holiday firing of the very unpopular Charles Pratt, Jr., former “AMC” head scribe, and multiple-time Emmy-winner, Lorraine Broderick was rumored to be filling the seat - but ABC has since announced that Broderick is currently just one of the shows Associate Head Writer’s. Pratt’s work will air through January, with February-on promising to be at least a fraction more encouraging. Coinciding with the firing of Pratt, the ABC soap has obviously been trying to regain goodwill with a frustrated audience. The soap went out of their way to give one of the soaps most tortured and popular pairings, Zach and Kendall (Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew), a happy ending upon the actors exit (Minshew is on an extended leave; Kaye opted out of his contract); the soap has also recently put the popular Jill Larson, who plays quirky Opal Cortlandt, back on contract; popular Erica husband Jackson Montgomery, played by Walt Willey, is expected to be appearing a lot more in 2010; and now of course the announcement of Julia Barr’s return stint.

Rumors are abundant that David Canary, who plays Adam Chandler, is planning to exit the soap in the spring of 2010 due to “AMC’s” production move from New York to Los Angeles. These rumors leave us suspecting that Brooke’s return may lead her to the Chandler Mansion where the love of her life (and we believe the feeling is mutual) resides with Pine Valley’s pariah, Annie (Melissa Claire Egan), as his current wife.

Update (1/8/10): Barr’s return stint will last for approximately three months, according to the latest reports from SOD

“All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings. “AMC” now also airs online at and which can be accessed 24/7.

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    ‘One Life’ Casting a New Stripper

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 11:39 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

    ( — Llanview may be about to lose one Vegas show girl, but a replacement is on the way.

    “One Life to Live” released a new audition script on Monday afternoon for the role of “Leah,” who appears to be a acquaintance of Stacy and Kim from their Las Vegas callgirl days.

    The scene begins with “Beth” telling Leah that she is getting married very soon, even though “Rich” hasn’t had time to buy her a ring yet. Leah, sounding a bit skeptical, asks Beth if she is certain that this guy wants to marry her. Beth responds that she would not have taken the jet out to get her if she wasn’t sure. Leah sounds impressed, especially when Beth tells her that Rich sent the jet because she asked him to.

    Leah inquires about the horses the jet’s pilot told her that Rich owned. Beth says that he has a dozen thoroughbreds, and that Leah will have an entire wing of the mansion all to herself, including several fireplaces and balconies. She goes on to say that there is a great view of the mountains from the house, along with many other luxuries.

    When Leah accusses Beth of marrying for money and selling out to the highest bidder, Beth asks her friend exactly what she is hoping to accomplish by being a stripper. Leah fires back that she is an artist and that when she marries it will be for love and not money. Beth tells her to wait until she is 35 and Stan (their boss, whom viewers saw shortly after Stacy arrived in Llanview) tosses her to the curb. Leah says that yeah it could happen, however Beth assures her that it will.

    After saying that she meant that she could still find true love someday, Leah inquires as to where “Tracy” is. Beth sounds a bit confused. Leah goes on to say what a love story that was, how Tracy gave up everything for “Tom.” His name was “Tim,” Beth responds. Leah says whatever, and asks if she finally got her man. Beth then breaks the news that Tracy is dead. As the scene ends, Leah asks if she was murdered, to which Beth responds that “it wasn’t like that.”

    Remember that “OLTL” frequently changes the character names in these audition scripts in an attempt to throw off viewers. However, it is safe to assume that Beth is Kim, Rich is Clint, Tracy is Stacy, and Tim/Tom is Rex.  It remains to be seen if Leah is contract or recurring role. 

    In other casting news…

    It appears that Brian Kerwin still has plenty of life left to live in Llanview as Charlie Banks. Although earlier rumors claimed that the actor might soon be leaving the role of Charlie Banks, it now looks as if Kerwin will remain a part of the cast.

    Lorna Price will play a cop on Friday, January 29th.

    Erinn Holmes comments on her website that she will return to “One Life” as a nurse sometime in February. Holmes was last seen when Nick Chavez (Nicholas Rodriguez) stumbled into the ER after being beaten up by a trio of homophobic thugs.

    Kristen Alderson tweets that she and Brandon Buddy taped scenes Monday in which Starr and Cole make out. She also notes that her scenes during the New Year’s Eve episode were taped around the same time she came down with a bad cold back in the fall.

    Look for another dayplayer role on Thursday, January 28th.

    From the grapevine….

    Rumors continue to swirl that Pine Valley residents Zack Slater (Thorsten Kaye) and Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew) may soon be Llanview bound, since both actors have reportedly chosen not to relocate when “All My Children” moves to L.A.

    According to the Soap Whisperer, fans may get one more glimpse of ghost Jared soon, and that John Brotherton was fired because “They wrote him into a corner and took his edge away, totally got away from what he was supposed to be.” Also, it appears that when a severe snow storm hits Llanview in February, several people will find themselves trapped together, including Todd, Téa, and Danielle; Rachel, Shaun, and Greg; Nora and Clint; & Rex and Gigi. Also, it looks as if Natalie and John will reunite and that Florencia Lozano has decided to extend her stay on the show after initially signing only a short-term contract.

    Soap Opera Digest reports that when Gina Tognoni reprises the role of Kelly Cramer on February 12th, she will return with other fan favorites at her side, and that she will become involved in a huge storyline that will already begin playing out on screen at the time of her arrival. Also look for Laura Bonarrigo and Melissa Fumero to briefly return as Cassie and Adriana around the same time as their onscreen cousin. A spokesperson for “OLTL” would not comment on speculation that Kelly’s infant son Zane will be returning as well.

    ABC Soaps in Depth comments that Roscoe Born will continue to air as Mitch Laurence “into Februay sweeps and possibly beyond.” Also, Michael Lowry‘s (Ross Rayburn) upcoming scenes were taped at the end of last year. A show spokesperson had no comment on how much longer Lowry is expected to be a part of the cast.

    Click here to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of Snoop Dogg‘s upcoming (February 24th) return to Llanview. In the clips, he is rehearsing with Robert S. Woods (Bo), Hillary B. Smith (Nora), and Eddie Alderson (Matthew).

    And “OLTL” Music Director Paul Glass tweets that the song on December 30th that played during the Kyle/Fish love scenes was “My Confession,” and that it is now available on iTunes.

    “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

    The 2009 Daytime Airhog Awards

    Bob D'Amico/ABC

    Bob D’Amico/ABC

    Who hogged the most airtime in all of 2009? After years of coming in second to his female counterparts, did “General Hospital’s” Steve Burton edge out the competition in 2009?

    As the year 2009 came to a close, so did a years worth of tracking appearances of contract and recurring actors on daytime’s remaining soap operas. “General Hospital’s” Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and “Days of Our Lives” Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) top the list of appearances in 2009 as the duo respectively appeared in 208 and 207 out of a little over 250 episodes of soap opera hours produced for each soap (except for the canceled CBS sudser “Guiding Light”) last year.


    Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC

    Friday, January 1, 2010 9:30 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Many familiar faces from Pine Valley’s past will help “All My Children” ring in 2010.

    “All My Children” celebrates its 40th Anniversary on Monday, January 4th and Tuesday, January 5th. The popular ABC soap is marking the anniversary by bringing back many of its former stars. As previously reported by Soap Opera Network, those stars include Kelly Ripa, who played Hayley Vaughan from 1990 to 2002, Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos, who played Mateo Santos from 1995 to 2002, Julia Barr, who played Brooke English from 1976 to 2006, Eva La Rue, who played Maria Santos from 1993 to 1997 and from 2002 to 2005, Laurence Lau, who played Greg Nelson from 1981 to 1986, Taylor Miller, who played Nina Warner from 1979 to 1984 and from 1986 to 1989, Leven Rambin, who played Lily Montgomery from 2004 to 2008, and Eden Riegel, who has played Bianca Montgomery off and on since since July 2000. James Mitchell, who last appeared in the popular role of Palmer Cortlandt in September 2008, has since been added to the list. The aging Mitchell retired from “AMC” in 2008, after 29 years of kicking butt and taking names as the devious Mr. Cortlandt. Ripa and Consuelos will air throughout both special episodes, all the other participants will air in brief interview style segments on the January 5th episode, where past and current residents of Pine Valley reminisce about and reflect on their hometown.

    Walt Willey, who has played Jackson Montgomery since 1987, will also appear on the special January 5th episoide. Look for Willey to also pop up on the Wednesday, January 6th episode where Jackson’s daughter Greenlee dreams of being reunited with her shockingly problem-free loved ones back home in Pine Valley. While wide spread reports that Willey had been taken off contract this past summer were supported by Jackson vanishing for the past several months, the actor was never removed from the shows credits. Via his Twitter account, Willey reports that he’ll tape four episodes in Los Angeles, “AMC’s” new production home, in January. Those episodes should air in February. Source indicate that powerful forces, including “AMC” creator Agnes Nixon and the soaps biggest star Susan Lucci (who plays Jackson’s on-again, off-again love interest Erica Kane), are making a case for the actors permanent return.

    Zach and Kendall will be making a brief reappearance or two in Pine Valley this January, as previously reported by SON. The popular on-screen duo, whom left town with their children on December 29th, will join Jackson in making an appearance in Greenlee’s unique dream on Wednesday, January 6th. The duo will also appear on the January 5th anniversary episode. Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew taped these scenes during “AMC’s” last week of production in New York. As previously reported, Minshew is on a maternity leave that sources indicate will run until the summer of 2010. Correlating with the move to Los Angeles, Kaye has opted to part ways with the ABC soap.

    The other contract actor “AMC” lost due to the move is, of course, original cast member Ray MacDonnell. MacDonnell will make his last contract appearance on the soap on the special 40th Anniversary episode on January 5th. Sources tell Soap Opera Digest that MacDonnell is open to making guest appearances on the soap he premiered on in 1970 in the future. The sporadically seen Lee Meriwether, who plays Joe Martin’s wife Ruth, will exit with MacDonnell.

    In other casting news, Anna Koonin will continue to air regularly as Nurse Gayle through January. Look for Jim Horigan to put in several more appearances as Krystal’s (Bobbie Eakes) new boyfriend, Rob the architect, in January. Michael Malone, who plays Erica’s favorite assistant Val, will also pop up several times this month. George McDaniel will wrap up his stint as Madison North’s (Stephanie Gatschet) father on Monday, January 4th.

    Update (1/8/10): Yes, that was Timothy Adams fans recognized with Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and David (Vincent Irizarry) on the Wednesday, January 6th episode of “AMC.” The former “Sunset Beach” and “One Life to Live” star will continue to air in the role of Dr. Clayton throughout January.

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings. “AMC” now also airs online at which can be accessed 24/7.

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      “All My Children” Head-Writer Charles Pratt, Jr. has been released from his duties at the ABC soap.

      Soap Opera Digest confirmed on Friday afternoon that controversial “All My Children” Head Writer Charles Pratt, Jr. has been released from his position with the ABC soap. Sources close to the matter indicate that the official announcement from ABC will be made this Monday.


      Important ‘AMC’ Garage Sale Update

      Photo: ABC

      Photo: ABC

      Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 8:40 PM by Angela Rosa

      ( — Important new information on the upcoming ”All My Children” garage sale.

      As previously reported, on Monday, November 23, “All My Children” will team up with “The Rachael Ray Show” to host a garage sale. The garage sale will take place at the studio where the “The Rachel Ray Show” tapes located at 222 East 44th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan and will be taped for a December or January segment on the talk show. For sale will be props, set pieces, wardrobe and other items that the ABC soap will not be taking with them to Los Angeles. The start time for the taping-sale is 11:00 AM Eastern Time and it will last until 3:00 PM Eastern Time or until every item is sold. All of the money made from the event will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

      In an updated press release, “The Rachael Ray Show” has announced that access to the ”AMC” garage sale will now be ticketed. You will not be allowed into the event without arranging to get a ticket in advance. If you are interested in attending the garage sale and will be in the New York area on Monday, November 23, call Karina at 1-917-332-3188 as soon as possible to check on ticket availability.

      Keep in mind, that while this is not an actual taping of “The Rachael Ray Show,” the “AMC” garage sale will be taped for a piece on a future airing of the talk show which means there’s a chance that anybody who attends the sale will be shown on camera on that upcoming airing.

      Cash and credit cards will be accepted at the garage sale.

      “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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        New Role Cast on ‘AMC’

        Photo: Steve Fenn/ABC

        Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5:30 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

        ( — Baby Stuart’s biological mother has been cast on “All My Children.”

         The Pine Valley Bulletin is reporting that Sofia Black-D’Elia has been cast in the role of Bailey on ABC’s “All My Children.” The actress is a 17-year old model; her character, Bailey, is the biological mother of Liza Colby’s (Jamie Luner) son, Stuart. Ms. Colby may have to refocus her energy because according to “AMC” headwriter Charles Pratt, the young mother will come to Pine Valley with a strong desire to reclaim the child she gave birth to.

        Look for Black-D’Elia to debut in the role of Bailey on Friday, October 2.


        “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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          Monday, August 24, 2009 11:16 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

          ( — “One Life to Live’s” longest running cast member announces that she has signed a new contract with the show to keep Viki in Llanview for the foreseeable future.

          Erika Slezak has revealed the news to fans on her official website that “I am very happy to be remaining with ‘One Life to Live’ for the next few years – and am looking forward to good stories and lots of fun.”

          The actress, who joined “OLTL” on March 17, 1971, portrays the 41-year-old soap’s sole surviving original character Victoria ‘Viki’ Lord. The six time Daytime Emmy winner is the third actress to play the role, which was originated by Gillian Spencer in 1968 (Spencer left the show in 1970, and was replaced for six months by Joanne Dorian).

          Speculation spread like wildfire earlier this year that ABC and “One Life to Live” may be planning to put Viki out to pasture by letting Slezak go. However, the actress doused those rumors in her June fanclub newsletter by stating that the show was ready and willing to negotiate a new contract with her.

          While details of Slezak’s new contract are sketchy, longtime “OLTL” viewers can rest assured that Viki’s ‘Life’ will continue to go on in Llanview.

          “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

          Discussion: Erika Slezak Re-Ups with ‘One Life to Live’

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