How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:30 PM ET by Scotty Gore

( — A backstage look at “Starr X’d Lovers.”


Kelley Missal (Danielle) takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the rehearsing and taping of “One Life to Live’s” recent “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” special event.  

You can view the video clip by clicking here.

This Week on One Life to Live…

  • “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” wraps up.
  • Jessica has a rude awakening.
  • Cristian proposes to Layla.
  • Markko walks out on Langston.
  • Natalie and Brody have drunken sex.
  • Jessica’s memory returns.
  • Starr’s prom wish comes true.
  • Rex and Gigi have a chance of luck.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime at and Check local listings.

ABC Daytime’s Memorial Day Leftovers

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:30 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — For many it is the unofficial start of summer, or a day to remember deceased friends and loved ones, but Memorial Day is also a time when ABC Daytime gets to remind viewers of some of the key moments from recent storylines. 

On Monday, May 31, instead of showing first-run episodes of your favorite ABC Daytime dramas like “All My Children,” “General Hospital” or “One Life to Live,” the network has opted to air repeat episodes of the soaps. These episodes are said to be defining moments in each soaps current storylines. In addition, ABC will provide “All My Children” viewers with a special treat by converting the encore episode, which was originally broadcast in Standerd Definition, to HD. 

So if you want to relive Hayley bringing Pine Valley together, David running Kim out of Llanview, or the fallout as Sonny shoots his own son Dominic in Port Charles, then this Memorial Day ABC has you covered.  In case you missed these episodes the first time around, here is preview of what to expect:

  • “All My Children” Episode #10282 (original air date 01/05/10 –Part 2 of “AMC’s” 40th anniversary special) — Many familiar faces, including Brooke, Maria, Greg, and Nina, take part in Hayley’s special episode of “Wave” celebrating Pine Valley. The town’s leading citizens, such as Erica and Adam et al, share their stories and reminisce about living in Pine Valley as they’re interviewed for the segments Hayley has titled “My Home,” “Love and Marriage,” “Family Friendly,” “Loss,” “Saying Goodbye to Pine Valley,” and “Hope.” As Hayley’s show comes to a close, everyone speaks from the heart about life in their beloved hometown.
  • “One Life to Live” Episode #10656 (original air date 04/02/10) — David hides while Kim tells Clint she cheated on him and is leaving. Kim vows to get Clint back and find a way to destroy David. Starr reluctantly keeps Langston’s secret when Cole and Markko question her and Langston. Schuyler lures Gigi up to the cabin as Bo and Brody realize that Allison’s gun is missing. Bo tells Rex that Oliver is Sierra Rose’s father and Rex tells Bo he doesn’t know who his parents are. John tells Natalie that Marty is moving in with him. Allison tells Kelly and Todd that she went to California to murder Melinda but Melinda was already dead when she got there.
  • “General Hospital” Episode #11983 (original air date 01/29/10) — Everyone gathers for Josslyn’s christening. Dominic makes a bold move when he realizes Sonny is planning on having him meet an untimely demise and their confrontation takes a tragic turn. Lucky admits to Jason he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to be a good father to Jake. Robin advises Nikolas to keep his distance from Elizabeth.

Original episodes of your favorite ABC soaps return Tuesday, June 1st.

“All My Children,” “General Hospital,” and “One Life to Live” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and  Check local listings.

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Friday, May 14, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( – More than a year after she joined the show as Destiny Evans, “One Life to Live” places Shenell Edmonds on contract.   

Last summer Edmonds told Soap Opera Digest that “I love playing Destiny. It’s easy to relate to her because she’s a lot like me.”  The teen actress first aired on February 27th, 2009. “OLTL” marks her first soap role.

No word on what this means for the rest of Edmonds onscreen family, all of whom (with the exception of big brother Greg [Terrell Tilford]) remain on recurring status.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

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Friday, May 14, 2010 1:53 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — “One Life to Live” temporarily brings back the show’s most popular opening. 

From 1986-1991, each episode of “OLTL” began with the infamous Peabo Bryson song, which reminded viewers “what to do when the rain won’t end, this time.”

Paying homage to the memorable opening, “One Life” is bringing the theme back for all three episodes of “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical,” on May 14th, 17th, and 18th.  Only this time, it will be sung by various members of the cast, including Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Jason Tam (Markko) & Brittany Underwood (Langston), and Mark Lawson (Brody).   These three versions are availalbe for download with the rest of the “Starr X’d Lovers” soundtrack on iTunes.

The show will return to their regular opening sequence on Wednesday, May 19th.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

Llan-’View’ Prom Night Preview

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Friday, May 14, 2010 9:00 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — “One Life to Live’s” teen set to preview the show’s upcoming musical “Starr X’d Lovers” on “The View.”

Mark your calendars. This Friday (May 14th), Llanview’s younger generation will be giving fans a special sneak peek at the three-day musical exstravaganza. However, don’t expect the actors to be performing live on stage of the popular ABC gabfest. The number will be taped the day before at “The View’s” studios, which are in the same building as “One Life to Live.”

Among those set to perform on “The View” are: Kristen Alderson (Starr), Eddie Alderson (Matthew), Kelley Missal (Danielle), Shenell Edmonds (Destiny), Lenny Platt (Nate), J. J. Singleton (Darren), and several extras.

“Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” will air on “OLTL” May 14th, 17th, and 18th, and will feature eight original songs, along with several others. It will also contain choreography from Broadway’s A.C. Ciulla. The soundtrack is currently available on iTunes. The sound track also includes a special bonus feature — three versions of the widely popular 1986-91 “OLTL” opening (originally sung by Peabo Bryson) — performed by Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Jason Tam (Markko) & Brittany Underwood (Langston), and Mark Lawson (Brody).

In addition, the May 18th episode will all be available with special online commentary from Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brandon Buddy (Cole) on the full episode player at once that day’s episode has aired on ABC and SOAPnet.

Click here to view a photo gallery of images from the musical. You can watch cast interviews, promos, and more here. And Broadway World has two video clips up from musical for fans to watch.

In related news…

Teddy Toye and Ellenore Scott have each revealed on their Twitter pages they will taped scenes for the musical recently, and will also appear on “The View” with the those listed above.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010 7:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children’s” Bianca returns to Pine Valley with a new face.

On the heels of Eden Riegel making it clear that she isn’t returning to “All My Children” by joining the cats of time-slot competitor, “The Young and the Restless,” the ABC soap has stuck to its word and hired a new actress to play the role of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) youngest child. TV Guide Magazine is reporting that stage-actress Christina Bennett Lind will be playing daytime’s most iconic gay character, Bianca Montgomery, starting next month.

“AMC” executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers acknowledges that the search for a new Bianca was extensive and difficult, but “when Christina came in to read for the part she was Bianca.” The executive appear to mean that in a literal sense. Lind bears a strong resemblance to Riegel and according to Carruthers, the actress also embodies some of the stand-out qualities Riegel brought to the role of Bianca. Lind, herself, sings Riegel’s praises for her work in the role of Bianca, but hopes to “breathe [her] own life into [the character].” Following almost a decade of the popular and talented Riegel playing Bianca, Lind will be just the second adult actress to take on the role.

Bianca will return to town frantic about her missing mother’s fate on Monday, June 14. Concerning Bianca’s romantic life, Carruthers adds that the Reese (last played by Tamara Braun in 2009) and Bianca relationship will still be at play, but Reese, as well as Bianca’s two-children, will remain in Paris for the time being.

“All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings. “AMC” now also airs online at and which can be accessed 24/7.

Llanview Casting Gossip: May 11 Edition

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:00 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — A new character is named from a chance encounter, some upcoming minor casting notes, several new auditions scripts and more, all in this edition of Llanview Casting Gossip.

“One Life to Live” fans can expect a new minor character named Virginia Burdett to come to Llanview in the near future, after the soap’s Executive Producer Frank Valentini met a woman with the same name while on vacation in Costa Rica recently.

According to the Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette, Burdett and her husband visited a national park while touring the Central American nation, along with four other people (one of which happened to be Valentini). While having lunch together, the group introduced themselves to one another, at which point Burdett expressed that she was a fan of “One Life to Live.”

“He asked me to write my name down and said I think I’ll name a judge after you,” Burdett tells the newspaper. On May 3rd she received an e-mail from Valentini, who told her that he was currently working on how the character would be introduced, and told her that the role may end up being a mass murderer instead of a judge. “If it’s a judge, I asked if he could say her law degree was from WVU,” Burdett responded.

To read the entire article, click here.

In other casting news…

Patrick Allen Cole just taped more scenes as Jeff the Rodi’s Bartender for an upcoming episode.

On Tuesday, May 25th, Kevin Kolack and Leo Kin portray EMT 1 & 2 respectively, when a certain Llanview “player” is severely beaten and left for dead. The episode was directed by Danielle Faraldo.

Steph Garcia stated Monday on her website that she “Filmed 5th appearance as the Buenos Dias waitress to air May 28th & June 1st.”

John Rochette portrayed a delivery man on Wednesday, May 5th.

Sandra Santiago is back again as Carlotta on Friday, May 14th, when she questions Cristian on his feelings for Jessica.

“OLTL” is casting the dayplayer role of “Bonnie,” who is described as a working class mom, who is warm and kind, works hard and will sacrifice anything for her children. The show is looking for a white woman who is in her mid to late 40′s for the character. The scene opens with her being portrayed as poor and unable to pay her mortgage. Her son “Tim” asks her how they will be able to pay their bills. Bonnie tells him that the economy is bad and she can’t find a job, but that he doesn’t need to worry about her problems. However, Tim remains concerned and reminds her that the bank is on the verge of taking their home. His mother tells him that she has faith they will get a miracle. Tim surprises her when he hands her a check for $55,000. Shocked, Bonnie asks her son if it is real and, if so, where did he get it. He tells her that he won the lottery the day he met “Cara,” and that he put some money on the date and won big. But Bonnie doesn’t believe him, saying that lottery tickets aren’t sold to minors, and they don’t hand them over free money either. As the scene ends, Bonnie asks Tim once again where he got the money.

Other recently released casting calls include “Emily,” “Saundra,” and “Chief Lynch.” While details of these scripts remain sketchy, SON will bring you more details as they develop.

Makahla Ross has uploaded her audition video for the dayplayer hooker role of Fawn on Youtube. You may view it here. Click here for a summary of the script.

In other news…

“OLTL” debuted new mid-show bumpers on May 3rd. Each bumper is specifically tailored to the personality of each contract cast member.

Matt Walton‘s (Eli) stock is rising.  He recently appeared in an episode of “As the World Turns,” and is the new spokesperson for Old Navy.

Some sad news to report. Veteran stuntman and stunt coordinator Danny Aiello III, passed away on May 4th from pancreatic cancer. Aiello had been a part of the “OLTL” crew since 1990. His work was also featured on “All My Children,” “Rescue Me,” and “Sex and the City 2.”

On a happier note, Bree Williamson (Jessica) reveals that her baby is a boy!

From the Twitter files…

“OLTL” Musical Director Paul Glass has made numerous tweets recently about the taping of the upcoming musical “Starr X’d Lovers.”

Kristen Alderson (Starr) comments on how excited she is about her upcoming musical numbers on the show.

Brandon Buddy (Cole) jokes about fans who have been complaining that he is getting a little chubby.

And Tramaine Montell Ford talks about his final days on the set following the taping of the musical.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

ABC Soaps Cross Over on the Web

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Monday, May 10, 2010 10:15 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — Ever wondered what would happen if Viki Banks chatted with Luke Spencer, or if Erica Kane met Sonny Corinthos?  Well wonder no more.  This summer, ABC Daytime is taking your favorite characters from Pine Valley, Llanview, and Port Charles, and having them interact with one another in a series of scripted online webisodes.

According to Adam Rockmore, Senior Vice President of Marketing for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet, “We are always looking for ways to drive deeper viewer engagement with our fans.  These webisodes are a fun way to answer a long-standing fan question about what would happen in a soap-mash-up.”

Scheduled to be taped next month, the series of 10 four minute online episodes will feature cast members from “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” and “General Hospital” crossing over into one another’s soap towns.  They are set to air in July on and (and in abbreviated form on ABC and SOAPnet), and will be directed by “OLTL” Executive Producer Frank Valentini. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the pairings for the webisodes are as follows:

“AMC’s” Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and “GH’s” Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

“GH‘s” Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and “OLTL‘s” Viki Banks (Erika Slezak)

“AMC‘s” Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison) and “GH‘s” Carly Jacks (Laura Wright)

“AMC‘s” Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) and “GH‘s” Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

“OLTL‘s” John McBain (Michael Easton) and “GH‘s” Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)

“OLTL‘s” Todd Manning (Trevor St. John) and “GH‘s” Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson)

“AMC’s” Angie and Jesse Hubbard (Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams) and “OLTL’s” Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson)

“OLTL‘s” Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and “AMC‘s” Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight)

“OLTL‘s” Tess (Bree Williamson) and “GH‘s” Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)

“GH‘s” Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and “OLTL‘s” Rex Balsom (John- Paul Lavoisier)

“All My Children,” “General Hospital,” and “One Life to Live” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

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Monday, May 10, 2010 1:00 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — The former “Guiding Light” starlett moves to Llanview to take on a new recurring role.   

The 34-year-old Leccia is best known for her portrayal of Natalie Rivera Aitoro, one half of the popular same-sex couple Otalia on “GL” from 2007-2009.  Ex-”OLTL” actress Crystal Chappell played Olivia Spencer, the other half of the couple. Leccia and Chappell currently star oppostie one other on Chappell’s webseries “Venice: The Series.”  She has also appeared on “As the World Turns.” 

Beginning Friday, June 18th, she will take on the role of Inez, mother to Llanview High newcomer Nate Sallinger (Lenny Platt) who arrived in town early last month.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

‘OLTL’ Prom Dress Contest

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