How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Monday, August 23, 2010 at 6:25 PM ET by Errol Lewis

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( — Just a little more than a year has gone by since actor John Driscoll joined the cast of CBS' "The Young and the Restless," and now Soap Opera Network has learned that Driscoll's time is almost up, at least that's what it appears to be.

After months of rumors and speculation, sources are confirming that Driscoll's character, Chance Chancellor, is being killed off of the drama series during a shootout set to take place on the Thursday, September 9 episode. In the episode, Chance is working a case alongside Ronan Malloy (Jeff Branson), and while things appear to result in a near successful bust, Chance soon learns that he has mere seconds to live after he is shot by Ronan in what appears to be a double-cross.

With the way things are being handled by "Y&R's" current writing regime and their desire to bring back "dead" characters to life shortly after their death, there is always a chance (get it?) that Chance isn't dead after all. Tune in to "The Young and the Restless" on Thursday, September 9 to find out what the true case may be.

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    Video: The Paley Center for Media Honors 'As The World Turns'

    ( — The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in New York and Los Angeles, recently sat down with cast members, producers and writers of CBS' long running daytime drama series, "As The World Turns," for a tribute to the soap opera as it gets ready to broadcast its last episode in September.

    Dubbed "Farewell to 'As The World Turns,'" Executive Producer Christopher Goutman and Co-Head Writer Jean Passanante along with cast members Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti), Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman), Kathy Hays (Kim Hughes), Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes), Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi), Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan) and Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) sat down for lively discussion on the cultural, creative and social impact that the drama series had on every day lives.

    "As The World Turns" airs its final episode on Friday, September 17 on the CBS Television Network.

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      Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 5:30 PM ET by Angela Rosa

      Photo: ABC

      ( — Get ready for All My Children's 2010 Fan Club Weekend.

      "All My Children" will hold it's annual Fan Club Weekend from Thursday, September 23 to Sunday, September 26, 2010 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Van Nuys, California.

      The following is the list of events that have been scheduled for the All My Children Fan Club Weekend:

      THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

      • Kick off the weekend with the AMCFCW Kick Off Cocktail Reception 2010. Enjoy drinks with some of your favorite "All My Children" stars from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. Check in is at 7 P.M. Tickets to attend this event are $85.00. Click on 2010 Kick Off to order your ticket.

      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010

      • From 1 to 4 P.M. enjoy an afternoon with the handsome Adam Mayfield who plays Scott Chandler on "All My Children." E-mail "All My Children" and "General Hospital" Fan Club President Debbie O'Connor for more details on this event such as pricing.
      • Next, join the "DVoted Circle" for food, beverages and fun from 4 to 7 P.M at An Evening With Friends hosted by the stunning Denise Vasi (Randi Hubbard). Vasi will bring along her real-life "All My Children" pals Stephaie Gatschet (Madison North), J.R. Martinez (Brot Monroe), and Cornelius Smith Jr. (Dr. Franklin Hubbard) for the event. Tickets to this event are $75.00 (plus a $3.00 sur-charge) Click on 2010 DVoted Circle to order your ticket.
      • Gatschet then moves on to AMCFCW Karaoke Night. Gatschet hosts this event with Christina Lind (Bianca Montgomery) and Brittany Allen (Mairssa Chandler) from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. Expect a few other "All My Children" stars to show up for the night of singing. Tickets to this event are $65.00 which includes two drink tickets and bar snacks. Click on 2010 Karaoke Night to order your ticket.

      SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010

      • The All My Children Fan Club Weekend Main Cast Event runs from 11:30 to 4:30 P.M. with a Check-In & Botique being held from 9:30 to 11:15 A.M. Tickets are $115.00 for members of "AMC's" Fan Club and $125.00 for non-members. Similar to the "All My Children" Luncheon in New York City in previous years, this is the weekend's main event and you can expect a large majority of the "All My Children" cast to attend this event where fans will enjoy food, beverages, a Q&A with the stars and an autograph session. Click on 2010 Main Event to order your ticket. Fans are encouraged to bring the vintage art photos of "All My Children" characters and couples they ordered and received from ABC earlier this summer to get them signed by the cast in person. If you haven't ordered photos yet, order by August 27, 2010 at to receive your photos in time for Fan Weekend. In correlation with this event, ABC is releasing two additional "All My Children" vintage art photos at on September 25, 2010. The catch is these two photos will only be available through September 26, 2010.
      • After the weekend's main event, take a small nap and get ready to join Bobbie Eakes (Krystal Carey) at Krystal's Country Bar-B-Q. Enjoy great country music, line dancing and a delicious buffet with Eakes and some special guests from 6:30 to 10:30 P.M. Tickets to this event are $85.00. Click on 2010 Bar-B-Q to order your ticket.

      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2010

      • Finish up your weekend with the sexy (albeit dysfunctional) Chandler clan at Breakfast with the Chandlers. From 10:00 A.M. to 1 P.M. enjoy breakfast and conversation with Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler), Adam Mayfield, Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler), Natalie Hall (Colby Chandler) and Brittany Allen. Tickets to this event are $75.00. Click on 2010 Breakfast to order your ticket.

      Talent schedule is not guaranteed. All tickets are Non-Refundable. For more information contact Debbie Morris. Soap Opera Network will keep you updated as additions or changes are made for the weekend.

      "All My Children" airs Weekdays on ABC. "AMC" also airs 24/7 online at

      Zimmer’s First ‘OLTL’ Tape Date Revealed

      Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 12:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

      Photo: PGP

      ( — Less than a week after news broke that longtime “Guiding Light” star Kim Zimmer was returning to “One Life to Live” to reprise the role of Echo DiSavory (which she last played in 1983), comes word that she has already begun taping scenes for her October 1st return to Llanview.

      Zimmer posted the following message on her fan site last week “Hi all! Yes it’s true I will be re-visiting the halls of One Life To Live starting this week on Thurs. [August 19th]. I’m very excited to be working with old friends and new ones. I believe Oct. 1st is my first air date.”

      In addition, her new co-star Melissa Archer (Natalie) tweeted on the same day that “I had a great morning working with Erika Slezak, Brian Kerwin, & KIM ZIMMER!!!!” Archer then proceeded to embrace Zimmer, tweeting “Welcome to ‘OLTL!!’ Great working with you today!!”

      Terrell Tilford (Greg), who worked with Zimmer on “Guiding Light” from 1998-2001, also welcomed her to the set saying that he was “thrilled Kim Zimmer is joining ‘OLTL’ … one of the absolutely most down-to-earth people in this crazy business. Her whole family is great! Can’t wait to kiss her face! Just had the most incredible moment with Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer…Icons! And so down to earth…love ‘em! Great to see all the fans outside of ABC/NY studio…wow!!! Heading to set…let’s get ‘em… Yeah? But who?” And Matt Walton (Eli) wrote that “Kim Zimmer in da house!!!!!!”

      The 55-year-old Zimmer has won four Daytime Emmys, in addition to several Soap Opera Digest Awards and Soap Opera Update MVP trophies.

      In other news…

      Andrea Sooch has been cast in the dayplayer role of Dorian’s Secretary and will air on Monday, August 23rd. The actress appeared as Lena in two episodes of “All My Children” in 2007, and as Alice Henry in a 2007 episode of “Guiding Light.” She has also guest starred in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “The Shield.”

      Jason Tam (Markko) will be returning to “OLTL” this fall according to, despite rumors that the actor, who took the summer off from his day job to participate in a Shakespeare theater program, was leaving the show.

      It appears that the stars of “OLTL” aren’t the only ones pimping the show these days. Late last week Laura Wright (Carly) tweeted that “I heard from. Really good source to watch One Life to Live this week!!!!! It’s gonna be GREAT!!!! Watch it and tell me what u think!!! Don’t forget to watch One Life to Live. Crazy great week!!!”

      The song “Talk Like the Streets” by Imaginary Friends, which was played during the Todd/Téa New York City ‘bucket list’ scenes, is now available for purchase on iTunes.

      From the Twitter file…

      Melissa Archer hints that there are some John and Natalie scenes ahead in the coming weeks, tweeting that she “Had so much fun working with Michael Easton today [August 17]!! Maternity clothes are pretty cute these days, maybe I should by a pillow & hang out in the expecting stores…thoughts? Had a great day [August 18th] working with Mr. Easton again!! I love this forensics stuff!” Also look some more scenes featuring Natalie, Jessica, and Brody tweeting to co-star Bree Williamson that “it was so nice working with you & Mark [Lawson] today [August 20th]!! I miss you!” And on August 17th she wrote that “I had fun working with Hillary [B. Smith] and Bobby [S. Woods] yesterday!! Have an awesome week beautiful!!”

      Kassie DePaiva (Blair) tweeted on August 18th that she “Worked all day with Trevor [St. John], Billy [Warlock], Matt [Walton], & Michael [Easton]. Home relaxing with glass of wine. Jimmy took JQ to Jonas Brother’s Camp Rock 2 Premiere.”

      And Lenny Platt (Nate) commented on August 17th that he had a “Great day. Had my first scenes with Michael Easton. Been looking forward to working with him since I started.”

      “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

      Friday, August 20, 2010 at 11:45 PM ET by Errol Lewis

      Photo: IMDb

      ( – We previously reported that actress Erin Chambers was joining the cast in the recurring role of Siobhan, and now it looks like Wednesday, September 15 is turning into a big day on ABC's "General Hospital" as a number of other recurring characters swarm into the town of Port Charles on that same day in what appears to be a Port Charles High School related storyline.

      Maitland McConnell will begin airing on Friday, September 3 in the role of Ali. The actress has appeared in numerous CBS series including "Ghost Whisperer," "CSI: NY" and "Rules of Engagement."

      Relative newcomer Chad W. Smathers is set to start airing on Wednesday, September 15 in the role of Bryce. Smathers' TV credits includes roles on such series as "Zoey 101" and "Without a Trace." He also appeared in the Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. film "Men of Honor."

      Michael Chieffo, who just completed filming on the upcoming 2011 film "Beginners" starring Ewan McGregor and Goran Visnjic, will play the role of Mr. Buckley starting on Wednesday, September 15.

      Newcomer Simon Potter will play the role of Liam beginning with the Wednesday, September 15 episode.

      "General Hospital" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on

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      • Beginners
      • Men of Honor

        Alisia Packard Photography

        ( – Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) may have found himself involved in more baby daddy drama courtesy of long-time love Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), but ABC’s “General Hospital” has cast actress Erin Chambers in the recurring role of Siobhan, who plays a part in the upcoming early fall Lucky storyline, according to an ABC representative.

        In addition to her upcoming work on “General Hospital,” Chambers had a recurring role on NBC’s “Days of our Lives,” where she portrayed the role of Lacey Hansen. In addition to her apeparances in episodes of SciFi Channel’s “Stargate: Atlantis” and CBS’ “Medium.” More recently, she appeared in CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer” and “MIami Medical.”

        Chambers’ first airdate is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15.

        “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on

        Friday, August 20, 2010 at 10:09 PM ET by Errol Lewis

        Photo: Paul Smith Photography

        ( — Andrea Marcovicci, 61, has been cast in the recurring role of Sophia on ABC's "General Hospital" beginning next month. According to the soap, she will be part of the upcoming Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Brenda Barrett storyline, which recently kicked off with the return of Brenda's portrayer Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo.

        Marcovicci is best known for her roles in such shows as "Berrenger's" and "Trapper John, M.D." The actress appeared in the 2009 film "Irene in Time" and was part of the Motion Picture Soundtrack, in which she sang the song "Forever In Time We'll Be."

        Her first airdate on "GH" is scheduled for Friday, September 3.

        "General Hospital" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on

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          Kim Zimmer Returns to ‘One Life to Live’

          Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 2:34 PM ET by Scotty Gore

          Photo: PGP

          ( — In a suprising casting move, “One Life to Live” has managed to snag long-time “Guiding Light” star Kim Zimmer to reprise a role she hasn’t played in nearly three decades. 

          Zimmer, who will step back into the role of Echo DiSavoy this fall, tells Soap Opera Digest that “I’m so excited.  I feel like its all come full circle.” The role is actually the actress’ second on “OLTL” (she played Bonnie Harmon in 1978).  She is perhaps best known for the role of Reva Shane on “Guiding Light,” which she played on and off from 1983-2009.  In addition to her roles on “GL” and “OLTL,” Zimmer has appeared on “The Doctors” and “Santa Barbara.”

          For those unfamiliar with Zimmer’s last stint in Llanview, here’s a little recap: In 1983, Echo made her Llanview debut as an intriguing countess/photographer who put the moves on Clint Buchanan (then portrayed by Clint Ritchie).  However, Clint was unaware that the woman who was trying to seduce him was actually trying to lure him into a trap, since she blamed him for her mother’s death.  After taking him to a bridge, they got into a huge argument, after which Echo jumped to her “death.” The incident was witnessed by Dorian, who told the police that Clint was to blame.  Eventually, Viki located a very much alive Echo, who in turn confessed to her crime and promptly left town in October of that year, leaving Viki and Clint to repair their marriage. 

          Expect Zimmer to interact with several familiar faces in Llanview, including Viki, Dorian, and Clint, among others in a “big” storyline.  It is rumored that she is back for only a short-term stint, however a spokesperson for the show had no comment. 

          SON will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as conditions warrant.   

          “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

          ‘OLTL’ Early September Casting Notes

          Monday, August 16, 2010 at 10:30 PM ET by Scotty Gore

          Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

          ( — Fall begins to heat up in Llanview.

          Kearran Giovanni returns as Dr. Vivian Wright on Thursday, September 2nd, when the doc and her colleague and former lover Greg each vie to become Llanview Hospital’s new Chief of Staff. Also look for Vivian to give Jessica some medical advice. The character was last seen in February when she accompanied her current boyfriend (and Greg’s brother) Shaun to watch Snoop Dogg’s performance at Capricorn.

          Remember the audition script that was released last month for a Tahiti Cop? While the name of the actor cast in the bit part is unknown, expect the scenes to play out on screen starting on September 2nd as well. Watch for John to arrive in Tahiti after learning that Eli has been taken into custody on the tropic Pacific island, only to discover that the man under arrest is really Eli’s brother Ross.

          Kassie DePaiva reveals that she recently taped a bunch of scenes, tweeting on Monday (August 16th) that she was “Coming off work week where I shot 14 episodes” before going on vacation. DePaiva also states that gets “Do a little fundraising 4 CHC & write beautiful song (hopefully 4 ‘OLTL’) with great songwriter Victoria Shaw.”

          Jerry verDorn revealed last week in his fan club newsletter that “What a storyline we just started for ‘OLTL’/Clint. Family in-fighting, dirty play, a new romance and a new employee at Buchanan Enterprises. Plus some bombshell castings news.” While the casting part of his statement remains a mystery at this time, we can tell you that Clint wants to groom a certain member of the next generation of the Buchanan clan for a future at BE. His decision will be met with resistance from family and friends, however, who feel that the youngster is crossing over to the “dark side.” Also, Clint meets and takes a shine to a certain young lady who shares a connection to another member of his family.

          And Matt Walton and his wife Alecia have become parents for a second time. On August 4th, they welcomed baby boy Greyson James into the world. Walton commented to Soap Opera Digest shortly before the birth that “It’s been wild. Everything’s been falling into place.” The Waltons also have another son, Ava, who is five.

          “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

          Friday, August 13, 2010 at 11:00 PM ET by Scotty Gore


          ( — Two of Llanview’s newest and most popular recurring characters reveal that their “One Life to Live” isn’t over yet.

          Fans can expect Max Tapper, who first aired as John McBain’s sidekick Detective Price on May 27th, to get a lot more screen time in the coming weeks. On July 19th, Tapper mentioned on his Facebook page that he was taping a steam room scene. And on Friday (August 13th) he commented that he was “up early shooting on location for ‘OLTL.’ IT’S a GOOD MORNING.”

          It is speculated that this location shoot also involves Eli and Blair, and is separate from the one last week that involved Kristen Alderson (Starr), Brittany Underwood (Langston), and Nic Robuck (James).  On a related note Melissa Archer (Natalie) tweeted Friday that “I had the best time on the remote today!! Can’t wait till they air!!!!!”

          Tapper went on to say that “to all my Det. Price fans out there! I have no control over when Price shows his face. But rest assured Ill be back soon. It should be this week or next since I already shot a bunch of new stuff that hasn’t aired yet, plus Ill be back at the studio this Friday.” The character has developed a large fan following, despite the fact that he has only appeared in four episodes thus far.

          And, despite rumors that Meghann Fahy (Hannah) has wrapped up taping with “OLTL” in order to focus solely on her role as Natalie in the play “Next to Normal” (she was previously the understudy), Fahy rebuffs the claims in a new interview with In fact the 20-year-old starlett, who made her Llanview debut in February, states that she is often taping at “One Life” two or three days a week.

          It’s not easy because sometimes I have to get up at 6 to go to the studio, film all day and then do the show, but both jobs are rewarding in different ways. I just try to get as much sleep as I can when I’m not working,” the actress comments. She always says that her parents “love watching me on TV. I find it hilarious.” Fahy was originally only slated to appear in three episodes of “One Life to Live,” but the show decided to expand the role partly based upon fan response to character of Hannah.

          Lastly, Kathy Brier tweeted Friday “I can’t come back to ‘OLTL’ unless they ask me back. They fired me.”  This was in response to a fan asking her if she was coming back to the soap anytime soon.

          “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

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