• Crag Sjodin/ABC
    Crag Sjodin/ABC

    Editor’s Notebook: ‘The Chew’ Debuts Today and I’m Pissed!

    "All My Children's" replacement show "The Chew" debuts today, just three days after "AMC" aired its final episode on ABC, and I can't help myself in wishing it would just go away. No, it isn't the show or what...

  • Soap Opera Network
    Soap Opera Network

    My View of Llanview: September 15 Edition

    With the Prospect Park era about to begin for "One Life to Live," the show appears to be in better shape than its sister soap "All My Children."

  • Soap Opera Network
    Soap Opera Network

    My View of Llanview: August 30 Edition

    Just another abnormal week of "One Life to Live."

  • Soap Opera Network
    Soap Opera Network

    My View of Llanview: August 15 Edition

    What happens when real life interferes with reel life?

  • Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos
    Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

    New Site, New ‘DAYS’ and Big Scoops!

    What started out as a typical week that began on July 25 ended up being one of the worst in Soap Opera Network history, but you wouldn't have known it from a behind the scenes perspective.

  • My View of Llanview: July 30 Edition

    ( — “One Life to Live” does what it does best – comedy. And even if the storyline is absurd and vulgar, the show still manages to give fans a chuckle and poke fun at itself, all without skipping...

  • My View of Llanview: July 15 Edition

    ( — “One Life to Live” gets a last minute reprieve and will continue to air new episodes online. But will it mean that the show’s second life will be as good as its first? First of all, it...

  • My View of Llanview: June 30 Edition

    ( — Rex Balsom proves in one day that he is more of a Buchanan than he will likely ever admit. The more Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) keep trying to prove he is nothing like his father, the more they...

  • My View of Llanview: June 15 Edition

    ( — Must see TV? More like must miss TV. The more I watch “One Life to Live” these days, the more I am convinced that the show itself is bi-polar. From week to week and even day to...

  • My View of Llanivew: May 30 Edition

    ( — Hate Nate? Welcome to the club. My hate of Nate didn’t start on any particular date, but instead I feel it was simply an act of fate. At any rate, whenever I see him on TV, my...