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My View of Llanview: January 2013 Edition

Monday, January 28, 2013 3:35 AM EDT
What a difference a year makes, huh "One Life to Live" fans? Looking back through the Soap Opera Network archives, I happened upon the last column that I had written. It was November 30, 2011, nearly two weeks after Prospect Park made the now infamous decision to scrap their plans to revive "OLTL" online, just five days after the soap wrapped production on its ABC run. And now here we are just over a year later, with that plan seemingly resurrected and "One Life," along with sister soap "All My Children," a month away from resuming production for new episodes on the internet.

My View of Llanview: July 30 Edition

Monday, August 1, 2011 12:52 PM EDT
( — “One Life to Live” does what it does best – comedy. And even if the storyline is absurd and vulgar, the show still manages to give fans a chuckle and poke fun at itself, all without skipping a beat. I’ll be the first to admit that this whole Nate and Deanna do porn storyline idiotic, nasty, and just downright stupid. I have routinely shaken my head and sighed each and every time it has been mentioned on screen these past few months, and taking notes on the inconsistencies in the story and holes in the plot. For instance, why does a porno movie producer live and tape movies out of the same motel room, or why was we so desperate to convince those two in particular to star in one of his movies, going as far as to show up at Nate’s high school graduation to try and...

My View of Llanview: July 15 Edition

Friday, July 15, 2011 12:01 AM EDT
( — "One Life to Live" gets a last minute reprieve and will continue to air new episodes online. But will it mean that the show's second life will be as good as its first? First of all, it was 43 years ago today that "One Life to Live" made its television debut so Happy Anniversary! Nearly three months of protesting, boycotting, and keeping "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" in the forefront of everyone's minds came to an abrupt end just over a week ago when fans received the shocking news that ABC had agreed to license both show to upstart production company Prospect Park. The deal means that both shows will continue to live on past their final airdates on the network, and relocate exclusively to the Internet. In what has been largely been the only piece of official information released by either party thus far, a joint...

My View of Llanview: June 30 Edition

Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:01 AM EDT
( — Rex Balsom proves in one day that he is more of a Buchanan than he will likely ever admit. The more Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) keep trying to prove he is nothing like his father, the more they seem to have in common. Rex, like Clint, and Asa for that matter, has proven that he can be ruthless, selfish, and take drastic action in order to get whatever he wants. And he has shown that he that will go out of his way to protect his family and seek his own brand of justice if any one of them is placed in harm's way. Based simply on those facts alone, Rex has more than proven that he belongs in the Buchanan fold. However, don't think that just because he is a "chip off the old block," that he has suddenly become one of my favorite residents of Llanview. The boy...

My View of Llanview: June 15 Edition

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 12:01 AM EDT
( — Must see TV? More like must miss TV. The more I watch "One Life to Live" these days, the more I am convinced that the show itself is bi-polar. From week to week and even day to day this show goes from entertaining to choppy and idiotic. It seems to have more ups and downs than a roller coaster. And lately, it has been on a serious downturn. Take Tuesday's (June 14) episode for example. As much as the thought of Tess and Ford dressed in nun habits making out in a padded cell at a mental hospital excites me (only it really doesn't), it is exactly what is wrong with this show right now. The Ford invasion of Llanview continues, even with the show winding down in mere months. Time would be much better spent focusing on the core characters and long-time veterans that have basically carried the...