How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, May 24, 2011.


Jack talked to Traci, wondering how Ashley was doing. She sternly forbad him from going to Ashley to talk to her about Jabot. Jack said he was merely concerned about her and only wants to be there regarding the company. Traci again told him to focus on family, not Jabot. He wondered where Ashley could be and was stunned when Traci said that she most likely was there at the hospital. He was shocked that she would go there, especially with Katherine there. Traci left to go see Billy and Victoria, leaving Jack alone at Crimson Lights. Shortly after she left, Victor arrived and Jack started to prod him on Katherine's sudden reign of Tucker's company. Victor, knowing that Jack was pressing for information about Jabot, continued to let Jack run his mouth. Jack warned Victor not to get too happy about possibly getting Jabot from him; Victor in turn told Jack that he needed to curb his enthusiasm. Jack gloated that if Ashley were to step down, Katherine would more than likely let him step back in, especially with the new product that they are testing out. Victor told Jack he doubt that Katherine would ever give him Jabot again.

Ashley continued to beg Katherine to let her see Tucker but Katherine refused. She said she heard what she said to her son shortly after the accident and was concerned that she could be a hinderance to his getting better. Ashley explained that what she was telling Tucker was that she was sorry for what Abby put him through: setting him up with Diane. Unfortunately, her explanation fell on deaf ears, and Katherine said she needed to start looking out for the best interest in Tucker and his business. She crushed Ashley by telling her that she was fired from Jabot. Ashley was furious that Katherine would do that to her. Katherine calmly told Ash to focus on what's going on with her instead.

Nina excitedly tells Chance that she has vacation plans with one another but is crushed when Chance told her that they wouldn't be able to go; he'd be going back in the military. She asked why he'd want to go back and he stated he needed a clean slate for himself; to find himself. She wondered why he didn't want to stay on as a cop but he said with everything that happened, nobody would respect him on the force. Heather arrived and asked how the two of them were doing. The minute Nina looked at Heather, she realized Chance was doing it because of her. She quickly placed the blame on her shoulders.

Victoria wondered aloud to Billy why Daniel hadn't called them about Lucy. Billy told his wife to be patient, that Daniel would grant them what they want in due time. Victoria wasn't so sure. When Billy received a phone call, she assumed it was Daniel but was crushed when it was just the office calling. Traci arrived and asked how the two of them were holding up. Victoria said she just wanted to know that Daniel has the baby so that he can sign over the papers for them to have her. When they learned that Daniel received custody of Lucy, Traci was happy for them, because it would mean that Daniel would stick to their original agreement. Billy, however, explained that things had changed since then, thanks to Phyllis's interference. Rafe showed up to tell Billy that there has been a gag order put on the case; nothing can be written or said about the case or who are involved. Billy agreed to keep quiet but is hit hard when Rafe warned him that the D.A. wants him to stop avoiding his questions regarding his illegally buying Lucy. Billy foolishly thought that Rafe could simply find a way around the matter, but Rafe said that the charges against him would be serious, so answer what the DA wants answered.

Phyllis arrived at Daniel's to find out when he'd get Lucy. Still annoyed with her constant pushing, Daniel told her that Lucy would be arriving there at the house. Still not wanting to give up having Lucy in the family, Phyllis told her son that it was time for him to truly bond with her. Daniel said that Lucy already had great parents in Billy and Victoria. Phyllis balked and said they bought her, they didn't adopt her, therefore,the right place would be with him. Lucy finally arrived and when Daniel held her in her arms, Phyllis automatically assumed that Daniel's mind would be changed.

Victor arrived at Katherine's to see how she was doing. She shared her concerns, especially where Ashley were concerned. He asked her about the status of Jabot and gave her advice on how to keep Jack away from the company if and when he tried to sway her. Katherine wanted to know if Victor already knew of someone that would be interested in helping with the company. Victor, thinking of himself, quickly piped up that Victoria should be the one to run the company. Katherine was surprised that he'd be pitching his daughter in to be in charge. Victor quickly asked his friend to keep quiet about his suggestion. When Victor departed, he ran into Jack, who was also on his way to plead his desires to be back at Jabot. Once inside, he told Katherine that he would be the one to step into the position of CEO. After telling her about the latest product that Ashley was working on, Jack stresses he just wants what's right for Jabot. Katherine said she'd give it some thought.

Ashley, still at Gloworm, is having coffee when Victor arrives to see how she is doing. She told him the news of her firing, to which, Traci, who had also arrived, overheard. Victor told her that he was going to be there for her no matter what. She thanked him and soon greeted Traci, who said she overheard their conversation. Traci told her sister that whatever comes their way, they will survive.

Phyllis continued her gush session and speech of being a daddy to Lucy with Daniel. When she left to get the diapers and formula for the baby, Daniel played the phone message that Victoria left for him. In the message she stated she was sorry for forgetting that Daniel is the birth father and that he has the ultimate say in what happens in Lucy's life. After he listened to the message, he took Lucy and her belongings and headed over to the Abbott home. Billy and Victoria were overjoyed when they saw him with her. He told the couple that he still stood by what he wanted: for them to have Lucy. Meanwhile, Phyllis arrived back at the house and saw that Daniel had left with Lucy. She quickly panicked, realizing that Daniel was over at the Abbott home. At the Abbott home, Daniel asked if he could reside upstairs in the garage apartment; promising that Lucy could stay downstairs with them in the main house. They happily agreed and Daniel gives Lucy over to Victoria. While they hugged and kissed the baby, Phyllis, arrived at the Abbott home in time to see the Abbott couple holding the baby.

On the Next The Young and the Restless…

  • Nina continues to attack Heather
  • Sharon accidentally calls Piper Cassie
  • Adam rubs Diane in Nick's face
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    Y&R Recap: Monday, May 23, 2011

    Y&R Recap: Monday, May 23, 2011

    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, May 23, 2011.


    Michael met with Ashley at the police station to talk about her case. While there, he noticed that Ashley abruptly cut Abby off when she attempted to try to talk to her. When they sat down in the visitor's area of the police station, he told her that she needed to come clean with him about the accident. She told him that she was being honest: she accidentally hit Tucker with her car. Michael commented on her coolness toward Abby, and she explained to him that she was the one that sent the fake text messages between Tucker and Diane as a way to break them up and stop the wedding. When Abby refused to leave without talking to her mother, Michael instructed the guard to let her in. Leaving them alone, Ashley and Abby had it out about what she did. Abby told her mother that if Tucker were to die, she'd be facing murder charges. A stubborn Ashley refused to admit the truth.

    At the hospital, Katherine remained by Tucker's side when Sofia arrived. She wanted to talk to Katherine about still going forward with Tucker's business plans for McCall International. Instead of talking about business, however, Katherine asked on the fact that Tucker had a son. It was then that Neil arrived, hearing a portion of the conversation. He commented how Tucker, like Katherine, herself, were separated from their children. With Neil there, Katherine began giving out instructions: she wanted the paperwork on all dealings that Tucker had going on; and the first course of her action was for them to pull out of the Newman Enterprises IPO takeover. Sofia balked at her request, stating that Tucker would have wanted business to go on. Katherine, however, told Sofia, that now that she was at the helm, she was doing as she saw was fit. When Sofia and Neil left the hospital room, Sofia whined about how Katherine was destroying the company and that Katherine didn't even want to reach out to her son when he needed her the most. Neil, siding with Katherine, told her that they were doing to do what Katherine requested.

    Colin met up with Caleb to discuss how Lily was slowly falling apart. Caleb made the suggestion that they get things moving sooner, rather than later and get the grandchildren and get to Australia quick. Colin told him that he was going to do things the way he wanted; he wanted to make sure everything was in order to the point where Lily's family would have concern for the well-being of the children. A frustrated Caleb said that they should just get rid of Lily, Neil and Jill and just get the grandkids that way. Colin fiercely disagreed and stated that it was Caleb's rash actions that killed Samantha. Before living, he told his son to do as he was instructed. Once out of sight, Caleb made a phone call and told the person on the other line that they needed to move fast.

    Lily ran into Jill at Crimson Lights. Jill voiced her concerns about her and asked her if everything was alright. A slightly frustrated Lily told Jill that she's fine and wished everyone would stop worrying about her. Shortly after, Lily's therapist showed up to talk to Lily and see how things were going for her since her last visit. Lily lied and told her that everything was much better, but the therapist found it difficult to believe, especially with what Lily had shared. She is furthered troubled when Lily told her that she would no longer be needed her counseling. When she left the coffee house, the therapist contacted Neil with the news. Neil, in turn shared the news with a still complaining Sofia. When he headed to leave the hospital to go see Lily, he ran into Jill, who also shared her concerns about his daughter.

    Michael met up with Abby, who was having coffee at Crimson Lights. He told her he was very well aware of the trick she pulled on Tucker and Diane and the ramifications it had caused. Abby told Michael that she wanted to help her mother by telling what happened. He, however, pointed out that her testimony could go either way, especially with it looking as if Ashley had a motive regarding Tucker. A determined Abby still wanted to be there for her mother, but Michael told Abby that she needed to keep her mouth shut and let him do what he needed to do to help her mother's case.

    Jill learned from Katherine that Tucker has a son he knows nothing about. As they are talking, Colin walks in, interrupting their conversation. Katherine is rude to him, but learns from him that he's heard that Ashley has been charged with attempted murder. Jill asked Katherine if she believed that Ashley would do anything like that but Katherine tells her she's no longer sure. Colin and Jill leave her alone in the room, and when Katherine steps out she sees Ashley, who is on her way to go to Tucker's room. Katherine told Ashley that she isn't allowed to be in the room; Tucker needed to do whatever to get better; and her being there would prevent that. Ashley is upset that Katherine won't let her see him and snaps that she wasn't even there for her son when he needed her the most. When she attempted to go see him, a guard that Katherine has appointed prevented her from going in.

    Lily arrived home and begged out loud for Cane to come back, apologizing that she told him to go away. As she is talking, Neil arrived, knocking on the door. Lily opened the door and nervously greets her father. He asks her why she no longer is seeing her therapist. Lily lied and told him that she was fine and that her therapist was aware of that. She continued the charade of being upbeat and although Neil seemed to have bought her act, he still stated he was going to check up on her. When she saw 'Cane' beside the door, Lily hurriedly got rid of her father so that she could be alone with him. He told her that she had to prevent her family from keeping them apart, since they wouldn't understand how she was feeling. Lily promised she wasn't going to let anyone come between them.

    Sofia told Tucker that she wasn't going to let him down. She was going to do things the way that he wanted them done. When Neil arrived, she assumed that he was there to tell her to follow what Katherine wanted, but he told her that he was seriously concern about Lily's condition. Meanwhile, Jill told Colin she felt it was time for him to get to know his family. He agreed and immediately tossed in having Lily and the twins going with them.

    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

    • Katherine gives Ashley the boot from Jabot
    • Victoria tells Traci she wants her daughter back
    • Phyllis presses Daniel to bond with Lucy
    • The Young and the Restless
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      Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 23 Edition

      ( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 23, 2011.


      Katherine and Sofia have it out over Tucker's wishes on Monday, May 23. Victoria has a heart-to-heart with Traci when it comes to her yearning for baby Lucy to return home. Heather feels Nina's anger on Wednesday, May 25 when she learns Chance wants to go back to the military. Phyllis's latest stunt sets Billy off and on Friday, May 27, Nikki stumbles onto all things Abby and Ashley.

      The Inside Story: Colin and Caleb Plot to Break Lily
      Colin celebrates how proud he is of Caleb for getting Lily to believe that she's talking to her dead husband. As the two talk, Caleb tells Colin that he believe it's time to get the ball going sooner in snatching the twins from Lily, even admitting that it might be best to do away with Jill, Lily and Neil. Unfortunately for Caleb, Colin is dead set against it, especially after the last plan they did together killed his daughter, Samantha. Meanwhile, Lily continues to spiral out of control the more Caleb toys with her mind by telling her that her loved ones doesn't want them to be together. When Colin learns that Lily's family are growing increasingly concerned about her mental health, he tells Caleb that they are closer to getting what they want. Caleb asks his father if he can have Lily for himself once their plan has been achieved, to which Colin agrees to. When Lily has a breakdown, she asks Neil to take care of the twins because she's falling apart. Neil agrees to be there for her daughter. In the meantime, Colin's plans slowly start to unravel when Caleb has a secret meeting of his own, and his own agenda with Genevieve: Cane and Caleb's mother.

      A Closer Look: Ashley's Lie Plague the Status of Jabot
      While Tucker stays in a coma, things continue to hit hard for Ashley. Det. Mauro continues her investigation of the accident and she begins again with Abby, who still doesn't know she was the one that hit Tucker. During the interrogation, Abby snaps and tells Det. Mauro that she was the one that caused the accident to begin with: she set up Tucker and Diane to meet that night at the cabin. The detective finds this as proof that Ashley had a reason for wanting to get even with Tucker and has Ashley arrested. Unfortunately, with her arrest, and with the fact that she refuses to tell the truth, things continue to worsen for Ashley. Katherine takes things into her own hands when it comes to Tucker and decides not only to keep Ashley from visiting Tucker, but tosses her out from Jabot. Not missing a beat when learning of Ashley's firing, Jack tries to work on the charm with Katherine in hopes of stepping in as the one to run the company. While Katherine is impressed,Jack, who decides to go gloat the possible success of having the compnay back to Victor, isn't aware that the Dark Knight has his own plans to take Jabot. With Jabot in limbo of being run, Katherine finds herself face-to-face with the ghost of John Abbott to steer her in the right direction.

      What To Watch

      • It's revealed that Tucker has a son
      • Sofia steps in to do Tucker's wishes
      • Nick and Adam continue to work together regarding Sharon

      The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

      • Jerry Douglas begins taping Monday, May 9 as the ghost of John Abbott.
      • Genie Francis's first air date as Genevieve Atkinson begins Friday, May, 27
      • Lisa Waltz plays Dr. Mason Monday, May 23
      • Karla Droege plays Claudia on Tuesday, May 24
      • John Siciliano plays Sergeant Goldman, Wednesday, May 25
      • Karen Hensel returns as Doris on Friday, May 27
      • Claudia Stedlin plays an AA group leader on Friday, May 27
      • Thom Bierdz returns as Phillips Chancellor on Monday, May 30

      Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 30, 2011

      • Nick and Diane find themselves up close and way personal
      • Colin's plan to steal the twins goes into effect
      • Genevieve has her own plans and they stir trouble all around


      • Colin's actions could prove too late in preventing when they take a terrible turn
      • Lily's loved ones rally to her side when Maddie and Charlie are snatched by Caleb
      • Revelations come out into the open due to the kidnapping
      • There's another twist that comes out for the Ashby family
      • As Billy and Victoria fight hard to keep their daughter, Phyllis and Kevin pose a problem at every turn
      • Phyllis lures Daisy back to Genoa City
      • With Daisy's return, things may not go the way as some may want
      • The marriage of Billy and Victoria continues to crumble
      • Billy turns to the bottle for solace
      • Adam and Diane could wind up being more than just scheming partners when things get closer between them
      • The truth about Sofia's baby could come out when health issues strike
      • The Winters family face turmoil during a time when they need to stick together
      • The Young and the Restless
      • Daniel Goddard
      • Tristan Rogers
      • PreVUE
      • Genie Francis

        Y&R Recap: Friday, May 20, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Friday, May 20, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, May 20, 2011.


        Sam and Sharon were able to find Fanny and bring her back to the barn. Piper was happy that she was back and asked if she could stay with Sharon for the night. Sharon initially declined but when Sam returned and told Piper that he called her family to ask if it would be alright for her to stay there till the storm passed, she was excited. As Sharon and Piper bunked together in the barn, Sharon asked for Sam to stay with them. He said he would until they drifted off to sleep. Sharon kindly expressed how she liked being around him.

        Traci arrived at the hospital to see how everyone was doing. She brought clothes for Abby to wear back home once she was released from the hospital. When she entered the room to see her niece, she broke down in a flood of tears, remembering her last time with Colleen. Abby quickly gave her a hug to soothe her and Traci excused herself. Seconds after Traci left, Detective Mauro entered and started to pump Abby for answers about the condition of Tucker and Ashley's relationship at the time of the rehearsal dinner. Abby quickly deduced that she was trying to place the accident solely on Ashley's shoulders. She told the detective that everyone was happy about getting married, but it was she that didn't want them to be together. When Det. Mauro asked about the trashing of the wedding site, Abby said that it only brought her mother and Tucker closer, even being on the same side of being fed up with Abby's actions. Ashley walked in just in time to hear Abby admit that she was the one that set up Tucker and Diane to meet each other at the cabin. She immediately halted the interrogation and told Abby to keep her mouth shut.

        Diane cooked soup for Adam and thanked him for letting her stay there. Adam liked the fact that he had her around and couldn't wait to see the look on Victor's face when he learned that she was staying there. Diane decided on taking a run on the grounds, while Adam enjoyed her cooking. When she returned she asked Adam if it would be fine with him to have Kyle come to the house. He agreed to let him stay there as long as he didn't give him any problems. Before they could continue their conversation, though, there was a knock on the door. Diane opened it up to see Victor, who wanted to know what she was doing there. Adam told him that she was his new roommate. Victor threw out how Diane was nothing more than a user, sleeping her way around. He goes on by naming himself, Nick, and Jack as her conquests. Diane balked and told her ex that she and Adam were nothing but roommates, but Adam, however, had fun making Victor believe they were hitting the sheets, too. Victor warned him that he wasn't going to let them play him and walked off.

        Sofia visited Tucker's room and saw Katherine there by his bedside. She was stunned to see him back on a ventilator and Katherine explained that due to the loophole, he could have a feeding tube. Sofia showed her gratitude to Katherine by giving her a hug. The two started to talk on how Sofia and Tucker first got to know one another. She shared how her father and he were friends and when he died, Tucker cared for her as his own.

        Jack told Traci that with Tucker lapsed in a coma and with Ashley not at her best, they seriously needed to find out the status of Jabot. Traci snapped and told him that his family was more important than his obsession with the company. Jack told her that he does care about the family but he does know that they can't let their family legacy fall apart. Unfortunately for Jack, his words fell on deaf ears when an upset Traci walked out on him. Not giving up on what he wanted, he spotted Katherine and asked on Tucker's condition. She is touched that he is concerned but that those feelings changed when he started to question her about who was going to oversee Jabot. Katherine told him that it wasn't the time to be putting business on the table; her son was her first and only priority.

        Abby told Ashley that she was sorry for what she did; she never meant to cause her any pain, but she wanted to prove to her that Tucker couldn't be trusted, especially if he did go to Diane. Ashley was angry that her daughter would do so much to cause her pain and make her doubt the love that Tucker had for her. She left her daughter to go see Tucker. She quietly told him that she had to do whatever she could to keep Abby out of trouble for hitting him.

        Victor showed up at the hospital to see about Ashley and Abby when he ran into Jack. Jack filled him on on how they were doing; as well as Katherine and Tucker. He then started to talk to Victor about how Tucker's company and Jabot would need to have someone overseeing them. Jack was insulted though when Victor smugly pointed out that with Tucker in a coma, Jabot could be the company that suffers. When Traci returned, he vented about his conversation with Victor. Annoyed once again, Traci told Jack that he'd choose Jabot over his family if he had the chance. Before they could get into it, Abby showed up and told Jack and Traci about what she did. When Victor showed up, he wanted to know what was going on; but Jack stopped her from talking by telling him she was just overtired. Alone with his daughter, he offered for her to stay with him, but she declined saying she needed to be with her mother. When Victor left, he received a call telling him that the order went through to keep Adam and Diane from being able to enter the house.

        Katherine returned to Tucker's room, shortly followed by Sofia and Tucker's lawyer. He shared that there were other portions of the will that they needed to discuss. The lawyer told them that in the event that something were to happen to Tucker, Katherine would be the sole controller of all of his businesses. They were shocked however, when they learned that 20 million dollars was set aside in the event that the son he was searching for comes to light.

        Jack tried to talk Ashley into giving him the reigns of Jabot. Unfortunately for him and her, their conversation is interrupted when Detective Mauro showed up with a police officer to arrest Ashley.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Abby talks to Ashley about her fate behind bars
        • Katherine once again tries to put Sofia in her place
        • Abby wants Michael's help to make things right
        • The Young and the Restless
        • Recaps

          Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 19, 2011

          Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 19, 2011

          ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, May 19, 2011.


          Colin and Jill had dinner at Gloworm together, and he made mention that she needed to be there for Katherine at the hospital. Jill initially balked at going but when Colin pointed out that she not too long lost her son, she soon changed her mind. They were set to go to the hospital when Neil arrived. Jill told Colin that he should share what he saw regarding Lily. He didn't want to do so but when Jill pushed him, he took Neil aside and told him that he had something to tell him. Meanwhile, at Lily's, she told Cane that she believed he needed to leave, fearing that since the twins are able to see him, others who visit could start questioning their behavior as Colin did with hers earlier. Instead of leaving, though, Cane instead pulled Lily into a kiss.

          Katherine was pleased that Tucker seemed to be breathing on his own, but the doctor told her things are still touch and go and time would only tell if his health would improve. In another area of the hospital, Det. Mauro is headed for Abby's room, only to be disappointed that she isn't there for questioning. When she tried to get more questions out of Ashley, she backed off when Ashley told her that if she kept harassing her further, she'd have no other option but to call an attorney. When Detective Mauro left the room, Abby soon after was wheeled in; she started to question what her mother told her regarding the accident and told her that she remembered being the one that was driving; not Ashley. Ashley, however, continued the lie and told her daughter that she wouldn't remember what happened due to being passed out drunk.

          Colin told Neil that he believed that Lily was having a conversation with someone that was obviously not there. Neil quickly brushed it away by telling him that he at times would find himself talking to Dru and even pointed out that Jill may have done the same from time to time with John. As they continued talking, Jill received a call from the hospital about Tucker and she quickly left. Leaving Colin with Neil, he told Neil that he simply cares for Lily and didn't want to see anything happen to her. Neil shot back that he barely knew his daughter. While the two men went back and forth about the condition of Lily, Lily, back at her apartment, was getting hot and heavy on the couch with her supposedly dead husband.

          Katherine went to the chapel to pray, unaware that Tucker had another relapse. When she returned and discovered that Tucker was gone, Jill walked in at that moment to comfort her. The doctor came out to tell him that Tucker was rushed to emergency surgery due to more bleeding. He further explained that while they do have him intubated, they eventually will have to have it removed. Katherine is crushed.

          Ashley informed Abby that a detective may want to question her about the car accident but told her that she didn't need to talk to her, since she wouldn't remember anything. A doctor showed up to check on her and told her that she would be set to go home soon. Abby apologized for being the one to tell her mother the truth about Tucker, but Ashley told her that it didn't matter. Jill soon interrupted and gave Ashley the status of Tucker's condition. Ashley rushed out of the room to go check on him, leaving Abby alone.

          In the midst of passion, Lily pulled away from Cane, still unsure on whether if he is real or if she's truly imagining everything that is going on between them. He told her that he'd do whatever she wanted as long as he could be there with her. As they were talking, Neil, concerned with Lily after his conversation with Colin, stops by. When she turned around to answer the door, she noticed that Cane had disappeared, making her believe that she could have been imagining things after all.

          Kevin and Chloe resorted to using a Ouija board to contact Jana. They start 'spelling' out words until they spell out the word good-bye. They both believe that her spirit has moved on.

          Katherine took Ashley aside and consoled her, telling her that despite what happened to her son, she knows that Tucker deeply loves her. The two of them embraced. Meanwhile, Abby, who took her turn praying in the chapel, openly admitted out loud that she was to blame for causing the disaster with Tucker. As she finished confessing, Det. Mauro arrived and told Abby she had some questions for her. When Mauro asked her about the accident, Abby told her that she didn't remember much, since she was passed out. When the detective mentioned the argument she had with Ashley, Abby slowly started to remember parts of the accident. Before she is able to get more out of Abby, Ashley returned and stopped all questioning. Detective Mauro left and so did Abby, who went to Tucker's room. Seeing his condition, the younger Abbott broke down.

          As Neil worried about Lily, Colin, who was at the park, talked to the fake Cane, telling him that once he's gotten Lily over the edge, he'd be more than happy to take the twins back home with him and raise them as his own.

          On the Next The Young and the Restless…

          • Abby defends her mother to Det. Mauro
          • Sofia and Katherine fight over Tucker
          • Victor learns of Adam's new roommate
          • The Young and the Restless
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            Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

            Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

            ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            A frustrated Billy talked to Rafe about the latest regarding Lucy. He said that things hit an ugly snag at the hospital chapel and that Phyllis was acting as if she, not Daniel, was the only one with a say about who Lucy should be with. Rafe told him that they would simply have to wait it out until they are told on what else can be done, but that maybe he and Chloe could come to some agreement regarding Delia. Billy took up that advice. As Rafe was leaving, Adam was arriving, making a beeline for Billy. He wanted Billy to write up an article to state that Sharon didn't commit suicide. Billy agreed, but pointed out that he wasn't doing it just to make Adam happy; he was doing it primarily and only for Sharon and her family.

            Diane begged Victor to let her stay and come through on his promise to take care of her and her son. Not caring about her one bit, Victor told her that she could either gather her things and leave or be tossed out. Angry at the way she was being treated, Diane said she was going to call a lawyer but Victor told her she'd be wasting her time. She tossed in how he would be treating Kyle with kicking them out, but Victor, having some compassion, said that her son could stay but she'd have to leave. Without any other option, Diane started to pack up her stuff.

            Sharon continued to enjoy her time on the farm and helped Sam when brought in a dog that was seemed to have run off. She and Piper, who returned to get Fanny, started to wash the lost dog. The two started to bond while Sam went to see if anyone may have lost the dog. Sure enough, a young girl comes to the farm to collect her pet, while Piper, asked if she could take Fanny home with her. Sam asked her if she were able to care of her; she said she could and Sharon watched as Piper took her little lamb back home.

            After his conversation with Billy, Adam spotted an upset Diane on her cell phone getting an earful from Jack. After getting him to agree to keep Kyle for a bit, she turned and asked Adam what he wanted. Taking full advantage of the situation that she was in regarding Victor, Adam told her that he'd help anyone that was done wrong by his father. Diane told Adam she had no place to stay and he offered to let her stay with him. When they arrived at the house, Diane offered up thanks and a bit of empathy regarding his feelings of losing Sharon. Adam wasted no time in telling Diane that he'd might some time soon need a favor of her; obviously clear that he planned on using her to get back at Victor.

            Michael arrived at Crimson Lights to tell Chloe and Kevin that after the police looked at all of the evidence and the medical examiner's findings, they are in the clear of any criminal charges. When Kevin called the medical examiner to discuss making funeral arrangements, he and Chloe learned that the body was taken by a possible relative.

            Lily was stunned to once again see Cane in her home. She asked if he could talk to anyone else. He told her that she was the only one that could talk to him. While she was talking to him, Colin, who came with gifts for the twins, spotted her through her window animately talking to herself. When he showed up and asked her who he was talking to, she lied and said that she was just praying. As Cane stood right across from him, Lily started to believe that she was the only person that could see him. After Colin left, Cane confirmed to her that nobody but her can see him. As they played with the twins, Lily was surprised to see that the babies were looking directly at Cane.

            Billy arrived at Crimson Lights to talk to Chloe about coming to some form of an agreement about Delia. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen when their conversation about his poor judgement in hiring Jana and her poor judgement in staying with Kevin escalated into an argument. When Billy blasts her for having their daughter around a nutcase such as Kevin, she threw in his face the fact that he had no room to talk, as seeing that he bought a baby off the black market. Billy said he wasn't going to let her keep Delia around bad influences. Chloe told him that she was definitely going to go for full custody.

            Victor called Michael and asked him to make changes to the agreement that he made with Diane at the time that he and she were married. Michael asked if Victor was sure about making such changes; Victor stated that wasn't the only thing that he wanted him to take care of. He wanted Michael to see what legal actions he could find in getting Adam off of his property. After some careful research, Michael told Victor that he believed that he found a sure-fire way to eliminate Victor; Victor smiled saying that he couldn't wait to see the look on his troublemaking son's face.

            Colin returned back to see Jill and told him that he believed that something was seriously wrong with Lily. Jill at first thinks that she is merely having a hard time still having Cane gone; even admitting that they both know she 'talks' to Cane from time to time. Colin, however, believed that Lily was on the deep end and started to question who would care for the twins if anything were to happen to her.

            On the Next The Young and the Restless…

            • Neil gives Colin a warning when it comes to Lily
            • Abby tells Ashley she knows that she was behind the wheel
            • Katherine discovers Tucker isn't in his room
            • The Young and the Restless
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              Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

              Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

              ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              Sofia tried to call Tucker but was unable to get in contact with him. She, Malcolm and Phyllis shared lunch together, where they shared the good news of her pregnancy. Phyllis in turn shared that she was going to get Daniel's daughter back. Meanwhile, at the church, Victoria and Billy prayed that he bless them with the return of their daughter.

              Ashley, still with Abby, tried her best to get her to wake up when Daniel arrived to pay her a visit. He told her that Tucker was soon to be brought back up to his room from recovery. Ashley decided to head there but asked Daniel to come get her if Abby happened to wake up. While Ashley made her way to see Tucker, Diane made her move on bad mouthing Ashley, implying to Detective Mauro that she saw everything, and that Ashley purposely hit him because she knew that they were having a romantic meeting at the cabin together.

              Jack showed up in the waiting room and found Victor there. He made a comment on what was to happen to Tucker's businesses now that he was in grave danger. Victor told Jack to concerns elsewhere. As the two of them talked about Tucker, the doctor, who arrived to see Katherine and Ashley, told them that Tucker wasn't out of the woods, even though he made it through surgery. They are shocked to see that he's been placed on a ventilator.

              While Daniel told Billy and Victoria he wished he had done things differently, Phyllis was boasting to Malcolm and Sofia that hopefully one day, her grand-daughter would be playing with their child one day. Their conversation was cut short when Katherine called to break the news to them about Tucker. A stunned Sofia told Katherine that she'd be there with his lawyer as soon as possible.

              Jack entered Tucker's room to find Ashley crying. She informed him that Abby was right about Tucker, that on the night before the wedding, he lied about going to meet the guys for a bachelor party, only to instead, make plans to meet with Diane. Diane, however, continued to fill Detective Mauro's head with her 'thoughts' on Ashley. The detective, however, wanted to know why she was there to begin. As she shared her information with the detective, Jack shared Ashley's news with Victor. Both men minced no feelings on what they really thought of Diane and Victor headed out of the waiting room to find her. Instead, he found Detective Mauro interrogating Ashley and promptly interrupted her. When Det. Mauro threatened to have charges pressed for his interfering in her investigation, he tossed out a threat of his own: to take his complaint of her to her boss, who would take his word over hers.

              Tucker's lawyer arrived at the hospital and announced that Tucker stated that he issued out a DNR if anything were to happen to him. Katherine demanded that they bypass that and give Tucker a chance to fight for his life. Shortly after, his lawyer also announced that he would be conducting a meeting with certain parties regarding who would be overseeing any of his businesses. He and Sofia left to discuss what Tucker's wishes were.

              Jack caught Diane slinking around the hospital and called her out on trying to hook up with Tucker. Diane said she wasn't to blame for what happened but he thought otherwise. Victor showed up and told Jack about Diane going to the detective, telling her that Ashley intentionally tried to kill Tucker. A livid Jack walked out of the room so Victor could have his say with Diane. Victor snapped at her, telling her that she was nothing more than a tramp. She called him a hypocrite for his actions but he got the last word when he told Diane that he wanted her out of the house immediately.

              Jack found Ashley in Abby's room and shared the news of what Diane told the detective. Just then, Murphy called Jack to tell him that the doctors were pulling the ventilator off of Tucker. The two of them were headed to go see him when Abby woke up. She slowly started to remember everything that happened that night. When she admitted that she hit Tucker, Ashley quickly corrected her and told her she was driving. Meanwhile in Tucker's room, the doctor prepared to remove the tube. Everyone waited on bated breath to see if Tucker would be able to take his first breath. Katherine is overjoyed when he is able to.

              In the church, Daniel shared the results with Phyllis. She begged Daniel not to give custody to Billy and Victoria. They both walked in at that moment to hear everything. When Billy asked what Daniel was going to do now that he received the results, a fed up and frustrated Daniel said he was tired of the three of them and that he was going to get the documents to get custody of Lucy for himself; after that, he'd see what he'd want to do.

              On the Next The Young and the Restless…

              • Victor wants Diane off his land
              • Billy and Chloe go at it over Delia; again.
              • Cane appears to Lily; again.
              • The Young and the Restless
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                Y&R Recap: Monday, May 16, 2011

                Y&R Recap: Monday, May 16, 2011

                ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, May 16, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                Billy and Victoria took a walk in the park when they spotted Lucy in the park with the foster mother that is caring for her. She initially balks at them seeing her, but later relented to their request. Victoria started talking to baby when she became upset. As the baby started to cry, the foster mother told them that it was time they got going; taking Lucy with her out of the park.

                Jack and Traci commented on the sudden change of heart Abby managed to find for Ashley and Tucker getting married. Traci realized that Jack still had his reservations about their future brother-in-law. She pointed out that they might just have to swallow their pride and accept that Ashley and he are to be married. Meanwhile, Ashley comes to and sees Tucker lying out in the middle of the road. She tried her best to wake Abby, but she's unconscious from the crash.

                Katherine still debated on making peace with Tucker, despite Murphy's insistence. She realized that he is correct and promised that she would talk to him before the wedding gets underway. Unfortunately for her, Tucker and she won't have that conversation. Back at the scene of the accident, the police officer, who had spoken to Tucker moments earlier, tries to see if Tucker is conscious. When Diane emerged from her car, she tells the officer that she wasn't that far behind the car that is on the scene of the accident. He told her to stay with Tucker while he checked on the people in the other car. Diane is floored to see Ashley coming out of the driver's side.

                Billy and Victoria return back to the Abbott house and shared the news that they saw Lucy. Jack realized that the foster mother is someone close in the area of where they saw her. Traci offered Victoria and Billy encouragement that they can see that Lucy is being taken care of until they get her back. As they talked, Jack received a phone call from Diane, telling him that Tucker, Ashley and Abby have been in a car accident. Sharing breaking the news, Traci, left with Billy and Victoria to meet them at the hospital. Jack, meanwhile, called Katherine to give the grim news to her.

                Victor is ready to head up to bed when his phone rang. Choosing to ignore it, he proceeded up the stairs until he heard Diane's voice on the other end. He too is told about the accident and he quickly picked up the phone, wanting to know exactly what happened. When she hung up the phone, Diane waited until Ashley was in the ambulance with Abby to tell him that she witnessed the car swerving out of control on the road. He officer quickly asked how it was possible to be on the same road at the same exact time of the victims. She said it was mere coincidence. He took her statement, while the paramedics check on Tucker.

                At the hospital, everyone awaits to see what actually happened to Abby, Ashley and Tucker. Tucker is the first to arrive and the doctor told them that he needed to get into surgery immediately. Katherine told him that she was his mother and he said he would need for her to sign the appropriate paperwork. Shortly after wheeling him out, they see Abby and then Ashley. Before they can get anything out of her, Det. Harriet Munro interrupted, wanting to get Ashley's statement immediately. It is there, Katherine and the Abbott family learn that Tucker was hit with the car. When Ashley refused to leave to take the blood test, the detective threatened to take her down to the police station. Backed into a corner, Ashley goes to get her blood drawn, making sure to point out that she drove the car because Abby was the one drunk.

                Katherine and Murphy headed to Tucker's room and get the grim news from the doctor. He told Katherine that he needed her consent in order to do the surgery. She tells him to do whatever to save her son. Alone, she talked to Tucker, telling him how she wanted to talk to him and apologize for her actions earlier that day. She begged him to do whatever he could to fight to survive.

                Ashley returned back from her blood test with the detective, who tells the family that she passed. She still, however, wanted to know why Ashley was driving Abby's car. A frustrated Ashley told her that she drove because Abby was drunk. Probing her for more answers about what happened,Det. Mauro couldn't get anymore answers from Ashley, when the doctor arrived to tell all the condition of Abby. Everyone is happy to know that she is fine. Victor and Ashley headed to her room to see her, while nosey Diane, continued to lurk about, anxious to stir up trouble.

                Realizing that there wouldn't be a wedding, Traci and Jack took the task of canceling the wedding. Billy and Victoria opted to help too, and departed from the hospital, while Katherine and Murphy went back to the waiting room. With everyone gone, Diane emerged from her hiding space and approached Det. Mauro, telling her that she believed that Ashley intentionally hit Tucker with the car on purpose.

                On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                • Diane purposely tries to set up Ashley
                • Det. Mauro wants answers from Ashley.
                • Victor lashed out at Diane for her troublemaking.
                • The Young and the Restless
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                  Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 16 Edition

                  ( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 16, 2011.


                  Billy and Victoria see Lucy for the first time since her being taken away, on Monday, May 16. Adam finds another person to scheme with when it comes to focusing his hatred on Victor. Despite tragedy in the family, Jack continues to focus his attentions on Jabot. Phyllis may have a spring of good news in her favor.

                  The Inside Story: Tragedy Strikes the Abbott Family Once Again
                  Hell-bent on proving that Tucker and Diane have something going on with one another, a drunk, yet relentless Abby drives with Ashley to the Abbott cabin. With the car racing out of control on the road, Ashley spots Tucker, who is on the side of the road by his car, emerge. Ashley screams for Abby to stop the car, but it's too, late, as she has ran right into Tucker, knocking him unconscious. With Tucker on the side of the road and Abby also unconcious behind the wheel, a frantic Ashley carefully moves her daughter's body into the passenger's side and she takes her daughter's place in the driver's seat. Meanwhile, Diane, who is on her way to have a nother opportunity with Tucker, sees the accident and stops the car. As she does, she witnesses Ashley coming from the driver's side of the car, and is floored. When the paramedics and police arrive, they quickly rush both Abby and Tucker to the hospital, while Diane takese the opportunity to call Jack to tell him about the accident. When he gets off of the phone with Diane, Jack calls Katherine to tell her what happened. She is devastated, primarily for the way things were left when she and Tucker had last spoken. She and Murphy head to the hospital, while back at the Abbott home, Traci and Jack work on cancelling the wedding. Meanwhile, at the crime scene, the police start looking inside of the car and spot a vokda bottle. They quickly tell Ashley that she needs to take a Breathalyzer test. She agrees to do it and it comes back clean. Diane, in the meantime, wanting Tucker for herself, plots on ruining Ashley by telling the detective on the scene that Ashley deliberately hit Tucker with her car. The detective takes her statement and begins the process of investigating Ashley. As for Ashley, she's at the hospital, by Abby's side, in hopes that she wakes up so the two of them can get their stories of the accident straight. She is unable to, however, when the detective arrives at the hospital, wanting to talk to Ashley. As for Tucker, things don't look good; as he has come out of surgery fine, he has lapsed into a coma. Katherine calls to break the news to Sofia, who arrives at the hospital with Tucker's lawyer. It is learned that Tucker has a living will that has the clause of a DNR. When Katherine finds out, she is further heartbroken. With Sofia in the room with the lawyer, the two discuss who would oversee McCall International and decides that that a meeting is in order to discuss the change of hands. After Sofia leaves the room, she and Katherine get into words about what Tucker wants, and she is later upset to see the doctors removing his breathing tube. Meanwhile, Abby awakens from the accident and slowly learns what took place. Distraught by her outcome of her actions, the young Abbott breaks down, while her mother tries her best to keep her lies from being discovered.

                  A Closer Look: Colin's True Motives Come to Light
                  When Cane shows up at the house, Lily becomes unhinged. As she is talking to him, she is unaware that Colin has arrived to the house to pay her and the twins a visit. Inside of the house, Cane lets Lily know that while she can see him, nobody else can. When Colin comes in, he questions Lily on who she was talking to, seeing that nobody else is in the house but her and the twins. Lily quickly covers and tells him that she was saying a prayer out loud, while Cane, who is in plain sight only to Lily, watches Colin and she talking. When Colin departs, he takes his concerns directly to Neil, telling the father of what he's overheard. He points out that there could be something seriously wrong with Lily. Neil, listening to what Colin is telling him, however decides that something could be wrong with Coliin, and begins to put up the red flag, calmly telling the older gentleman to refrain from talking about Lily in a negative light. Meanwhile, back at Lily's apartment, she and Cane are getting hot and heavy on the couch when Neil, after talking to Colin, decides to see what's going on. Hearing her father, a startled Lily quickly gets herself put back together and nervously welcomes her father. As one father shows concern for his daughter, Colin, however, begins to plot on how to get his grandchildren away from Lily.

                  What To Watch

                  • Victor lashes out and gives Diane the good ole 'heave ho'
                  • Abby can't keep the truth hidden and decided to tell it
                  • Kevin and Chloe have a hard time putting Jana's death behind them

                  The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

                  • Jerry Douglas begins taping Monday, May 9 as the ghost of John Abbott.
                  • Genie Francis's first air date as Genevieve Atkinson begins Friday, May, 27
                  • Jeremy Denzlinger plays a park ranger Monday, May 16
                  • Michael Monks plays Dr. Charles Monday, May 16, Tuesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 19
                  • Ben Bode plays Dr. Berkseth on Monday, May 16 and Thursday, May 19
                  • Erica Gimpel plays Det. Mauro Monday, May 16, Tuesday, May 17, and Friday, May 20
                  • Nelson McGinnis plays Tucker's attorney Tuesday, May 17 and Friday, May 20
                  • Ethan Phillips plays Nelson Tuesday, May 17 and Friday, May 20
                  • Ellery Sprayberry plays Piper Wednesday, May 18 and Friday, May 20
                  • Hope Allen plays a nurse for Tucker Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20
                  • Joel Lambert plays Frank Friday, May 20

                  Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 23, 2011

                  • Chance's new decision has Nina pointing the finger at Heather
                  • Cane's mother, Geniveve comes to Genoa City
                  • All things about Cane come to the light

                  Y&R ALERTS BONUS: SPRING 2011

                  • Jack continues to plot against Victor and gets an unlikely hand
                  • Olivia gets tangled in the love triangle of Malcolm, Sofia and Neil
                  • Chloe may be fighting Billy for custody, but her own legal drama could be Billy's saving grace
                  • As Billy and Victoria fight hard to keep their daughter, Phyllis and Kevin pose a problem at every turn
                  • The loss of Cassie continues to plaque Sharon
                  • Sam and Sharon continue to grow closer
                  • Cane's mother Genevieve to town seeking to avenge her son's death
                  • Colin and Genevieve face off against one another
                  • Victor’s marriage to Diane is on shaky ground
                  • Phyllis strains her relationships when she seeks custody of Lucy
                  • Daniel doesn't have his mother's back in her custody battle
                  • Adam and Nick work together to clean up Sharon's reputation
                  • Phyllis uses Restless Style as a tool to ruin Billy
                  • Diane works hard to stay married to Victor no matter what
                  • Sam's presence in Sharon's life could be some competition for Adam
                  • Sharon will begin to think about finding a way in clearing her name and being with her family
                  • The Young and the Restless
                  • Daniel Goddard
                  • PreVUE
                  • Genie Francis

                    Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 12, 2011

                    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, May 12, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    A police officer found a drunken Abby in the destroyed park. He quickly pulled her up and carried her to the police station, while Traci, in the meantime, lectured for using Abby once again to get what he wanted when it came to his obsession with Jabot. He denied that he did any such thing, but she further pressed the subject when she pointed out that Abby felt that everyone has turned or betrayed her to benefit themselves.

                    Nikki ran into Katherine as she was debating on heading into an AA meeting. Katherine offered to go with her but Nikki quickly declined, stating that she wanted to go in alone. When she entered the room, she spotted Deacon Sharpe there, who obviously was still pining over her. Nikki took the podium and shared that due to her lack of judgement, she stated she let her life get out of control. She swore that she was going to get back on the right track to reclaim her life. It was clear, as Deacon watched on, that she had referred to how he betrayed her as for her reasoning to backslide.

                    Diane headed back to the ranch in hopes of convincing Victor that the two of them could stay a couple, regardless of his feelings for his ex. Victor told her that there was no need in putting it off any longer and announced that he had annulment papers drawn up. Michael then emerged with the papers for a displeased Diane. Victor received a phone call from the police station regarding Abby and told Michael they needed to head that way. Left alone, Diane looked at the annulment papers.

                    Tucker once again took pleasure in humiliating Katherine when it came to her declining working together in getting a large chunk of the Newman stock. She learned that he went behind her back to go before the board, convincing them to side with him. As he continued to belittle her, neither he, nor Katherine saw Traci appear, listening in on their conversation. It was at that moment that Traci realized that Abby could have been right about Tucker all along. Tucker left when he got a call from Ashley and Traci made her way over to Katherine to console her.

                    At the police station, Jack tried to talk Abby about her behavior, but she, still feeling betrayed by her uncle, disregarded his advice. She told him that she was aware that he gave Tucker the stocks she gave to him and that he, just like Ashley and anyone else that likes Tucker so much, can't even see the truth about what he really is. Just then a furious Ashley arrived and gave her daughter a swift slap to the face, telling her that she was embarrassed by her bratty behavior. As she continued to lay into her daughter, Victor arrived, shortly by Tucker. Tucker asked why he was there and Victor told him that Ashley didn't need his help in handling their daughter. Victor suggested to Ashley that what Abby needed was a good dose of reality, and sitting in a jail cell would serve her right. Without another word, Victor left and Michael, seeing that Abby needed someone on her side, sidelined everyone and took Abby aside to talk to her. He advised her that if she wants her mother to see what Tucker really is, maybe it was time she stopped doing anything and just let it happen.

                    Nick, who was still at the Athletic Club, asked his father how he was doing. Victor let his son know that he was cutting ties from Diane and that hopefully he and Nikki could get back together again at some point. Nick was apologetic regarding his father's situation but wasn't surprised that his parents found their way back to one another. Diane, meanwhile, returned back to the ranch after a quick little shopping spree, whipped out a little black nightie, curious on who she'd wear it for. She spotted the newspaper featuring an article on Tucker and quickly started to set her plan in motion to snare him. Taking out her phone, Diane texted Tucker, unaware that Abby, who was still at the police station, spotted the text on his phone, and purposely set up a meeting between the two of them.

                    After her AA meeting, Nikki took the first step in fighting her addiction. At the park, she whipped out her flask and poured out the contents on the ground. Just then, Deacon emerged and offered up a small congratulations for taking that first step. When she grew annoyed by his following her, he told her all he wanted to do was make amends with her for being the cause of her drinking. When Nick, who was with Summer, showed up at the park and saw Deacon and Nikki together.

                    Michael returned back to the ranch and told Diane to stop fooling herself when it came to trying to get Victor to keep her in his life. When he spotted her sexy little outfit, he questioned who she was going to wear it for. He told her that Genoa City wasn't for her, clearly making the suggestion for her to leave town. Clearly not going to take his advice, focused her attentions on the missed text message she received from Abby, pretending to be Tucker.

                    Victor met Katherine for dinner, where she expressed her deep hatred for what Tucker was doing to the both of them. Victor vowed that he wouldn't let Tucker McCall win. While Katherine and Victor had Tucker on the brain, Traci and Jack also had the man on their minds, as Traci explained to Jack what she saw happen between him and his mother. Before they could into the conversation further, Tucker and Ashley brought over champagne to toast in the upcoming wedding. The celebrating took a quick halt though when Abby arrived all dressed up. She gave both Tucker and Ashley her apology and asked if it was too late to be there for the both of them. Ashley and Tucker both pleased with her change of heart, welcomed her to the pre-wedding celebration.

                    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                    • Deacon ruins possibilities for Nikki and Victor
                    • Diane drives to her latest prey: Tucker.
                    • Ashley demands Abby to pull over.
                    • The Young and the Restless
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