How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Errol Lewis, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Y&R PreVUE: Week of August 8 Edition


( — A look at what’s happening on “The Young and the Restless” during the week of August 8, 2011.


Daniel and Lily share another kiss, as she moves forward in ending her marriage to Cane, on Monday, August 8. That same day, Nina gets the shock of her life when she sees Ronan back in town. Genevieve and Victor meet for the first time. Tuesday, August 9, Jack breaks Kyle’s heart with the news about his mother. Jack and Victor play tug-o-war for Kyle.

The Inside Story: Scrambling to Hide the Truth
Ronan continues to investigate each suspect that would have wanted to see Diane Jenkins dead. His list of suspects start scrambling to keep out of trouble. Ronan notices that Diane had a bruise on her arm. The bruise has an imprint of a Harvard class ring. Meanwhile, Adam calls his one night stand, Elena, to request her to lie for him about his whereabouts. She goes along with the idea; until Ronan shows up, where she learns about Diane’s murder. After his questioning of Adam, Ronan returns with a search warrant. He finds the Harvard ring. While Ronan is busy gathering up evidence, Nick, Tucker, Victor and Ashley all remember their encounters with Diane at the footbridge. Nick remembers his threats to kill Diane; Tucker has a flashback where he is grabbing her fiercely, while Ash and Victor also recall their heated exchanges with the woman. Phyllis, who is also on the suspect list, finds herself being blackmailed by Deacon, who informs her he seen her that night.

A Closer Look: Billy Goes MIA
Jill becomes worried when she can’t get in contact with Billy, who she wants to tell about Chance. She soon learns from Victoria that Billy left Genoa City. When Jill becomes upset, Colin immediately comforts her. As for Victoria, she is heartbroken that he left without wanting to makr things work. Word gets back that Billy’s phone was found in Hong Kong. Billy’s being gone unsettles Chloe and it causes a strain in her relationship with Kevin.

What To Watch

  • Víctor acuses Adam of Diane’s murder
  • Ashley makes a deal with Kay
  • Cane vows to win Lily back

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Peter Porte has been cast as Paul and Isabella’s son, Ricky Williams. Porte’s first air date is Tuesday, September 13
  • Genie Francis has another project in the works and will briefly depart the show but will return
  • Debbi Morgan is joining the cast of the show. Her slated air date is to be sometime in September


  • Colin is torn between Jill and Genevieve
  • Lily continues to grow more closer to Daniel
  • Tucker’s long lost son could be close to finding


  • Nikki returns with a vengence
  • A new lady comes into Neil’s life
  • New lawyer Avery Bailey Clark could have past connections in Genoa City
  • Reconciliation could be thwart by new issues for Victoria and Billy
  • Tucker finds out who is his son is
  • Adam continues to be a problem for Sharon
  • Genevieve plays herself in the middle of Jack and Victor’s latest battle

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 27, 2011.


Victoria is stunned to see Abby doing a live interview about being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Abby tells the reporter that working together will not only benefit The Naked Heiress, but be booming business for her sister, Victoria, who is in charge of the company. Victoria calls Abby to see her; she tells her that while she was stunned about her impromptu interview, based on the web hits, it has shown great success. Their mini celebration is halted, however, when Genevieve comes to visit. After introducing herself, she talked on how she saw Abby's interview. As she attempted to offer her services to help better Abby's image, Victoria grilled her on any experience she has had, while Abby continued to gobble up what she had to say. When Victoria questioned if she was trying to seek a job, Genevieve quickly told her no. She simply wanted to help. Victoria was leery.

Diane met with Leslie about a lawsuit she is filing. Leslie warns her about trying to go after Victor when she's already in the hot seat with the SEC. As they were talking, Jack approached wanting to talk. Alone, he questioned as to where Kyle was. Diane said he was in summer school. Jack was annoyed that she didn't inform him. She countered that she didn't have to pass everything by him. Jack snatched her phone and demanded she get Kyle on the phone right then and there. When she refused, he threatened that she wasn't going to pull a fast one on her again; and said, she had better have Kyle with her when he returned from Los Angeles. When he huffed off, Deacon was there to witness the scene. When she went to the bar, he continued to talk her into going forward in getting even with everyone. He told her about finding the video of Abby's confession; when he showed it to her, she quickly paid him off to get her hands on it.

Sharon was surprised to see Sam paying her a visit. She asked why he didn't head back to New Mexico. He told her after he got her message, he had to come back to help her. She filled him in on how Adam did her and it set him off. He headed out, looking for him. Meanwhile, Victor paid Adam a visit and told him he was a man without conscience. Adam didn't show a care for what Victor had to say to him When Victor left, Adam got on the phone, demanding for Diane to get things going or he'll see to it that she regretted it.

After her meeting with Victoria and Abby, Genevieve ran into Jack in the park. Flirting instantly happened and he bought them both lemonade. She shared seeing Victoria and Abby, and started spilling the beans about Beauty of Nature and The Naked Heiress. Jack deduced that Victor wasn't aware of it an would have a fit if he found out. The two continued enjoying each other's company and when it was time for her to leave, Jack quickly called to get a copy of Abby's interview.

Sam showed up at Adam's suite, pounding on the door. When Adam opened up, he smugly asked Sam what he was doing there but there were no words exchanged as he shoved Adam into his suite, closing the door. Behind the closed door, it was obvious that Sam and Adam were in a fight. When Sam departed, Adam stared down the hall, bloodied lip and all.

Victor met with a new lawyer, Avery Bailey Clark. He wants her to take on Sharon's appeal case, but she is hesitant to do so. She had other cases to work with. A persistent Victor told her he'd double her money if she focused solely on Sharon. She said she'd read the transscripts and them meet with Sharon to see if she'd take the case. They made their way to the jail to talk with Sharon. Sharon was happy that Victor was going to help her. Sam, who was there, was glad that someone else was willing to help clear Sharon's name.

Adam is still nursing his bloody lip when his cell phone rings. He tells the person on the other end that they shouldn't be calling him on his phone; whoever is on the other end requested more money but Adam told them he wasn't going to send anymore. He instructed the person to keep low because someone was bound to recognize them.

On the Next The Young and the Restless…

  • Lauren and Jack head to make an appearance on The Talk
  • Tucker horns in on the opportunity to also be on the show
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Recaps

    Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 26, 2011.


    Adam floors Sharon when he rejected marrying her. When she asks for an explanation, he telsl her that while he was doing everything to prove her innocence, she was in New Mexico turning to another man for comfort. Sharon blinks back tears as he tells her she betrayed him and is geting what she deserves for that betrayal. Adam stalked out of the jail, leaving Sharon devastated.

    Standing in the office of Restless Style, Diane seethed as she watched Nick and Phyllis getting hot and heavy on the desk. In an instant fit of rage, Diane tears Phyllis off of Nick, pushing her to the floor. Phyllis gathered her bearings and lit into Diane for her crazy outburts, demanding to know why she's even at their job. A shirtless Nick tried his best to get Diane to calm down, but she lashed out that she was disgusted at the sight of them. As a way to get even, she lets Phyllis in on how she and Nick also had sex weeks before. Nick had no choice but to admit it was true. After more squabbling, Diane huffed off and Nick quickly followed. While she did that, Phyllis whipped out her cell phone to make a phone call.

    At the Abbott home, Victoria, who was there with Michael, met with Abby to discuss on how to have Beauty of Nature work along side with The Naked Heiress. Abby is stoked about the idea, however, Michael, warned both women that their doing this wouldn't be in the best interest; especially if Victor wasn't made aware of it. Unfortunately for Michael, his words of advice fell on deaf ears, as both Abby and Victoria thought of how to work together.

    Chloe went to see Kevin at Crimson Lights, where he and she discussed their date for the evening. The topic comes up about Billy and Delia. Chloe tells Kevin that with the way Billy has been acting and behaving, she's glad on the supervised visits. Meawhile, Billy, who is at the park, is calling in some bets when Delia wanders near him. Calling out to him, Billy is happy to see his daughter, scooping her up into his arms.

    Phyllis called Michael. Not interested in talking to her, he assumed she called to discuss Daisy and Lucy. She cut him off to inform him that his friend, Diane came to the office and attacked her. She told him that there were consequences for such behavior and Michael quipped on the irony on her comment about someone else. Phyllis said that if he didn't help, she'd find someone else who would help put Diane in her place.

    Nick follows Diane, wanting to know what she was doing at Restless Style to begin with. He tells her that it is over between them and that she needs to move on and stop coming by him. She lashes out how she hates him. As the two are exchanging words, Adam, who has come in, and watches the two of them from a distance, clearly ready to press Diane to up their plan. The minute Nick has left, Adam corners Diane at a table. Doing their usual plotting, Diane got jumpy when she saw Michael walk into the restaurant. Hurrying Adam away, Diane tried her best to leave but was stopped. Michael asked her to sit down with him. He handed her a restraining order, courtesy of Phyllis.

    Chloe received a call from her friend who has Delia at alittle play function. When she asked how she was doing, her friend informed her about how Delia wandered off and was with Billy. Both Kevin and Chloe head over to the park. He promptly took her back to the party, while Chloe took Billy to task for being with their daughter unsupervised. He scoffed at her attitude and they were soon approached by Abby and Victoria, who spotted them. Victoria stood up for Billy. Finished with Billy, Chloe left, followed shortly after by Abby. Billy and Victoria were alone together and he told her that he didn't need her to stand up for him any longer.

    Nick returned back to the magazine, where he tried to comfort and upset Phyllis. Phyllis told Nick that if Diane pulled anything else with her, she would take her out.

    Sharon tried to call D.A. Walsh but it was too late. The guard was arriving to come take her to the van to transport her to the state pen. When she got there, it finally hit her that she would be there for 30 years. As she sat with her head down, she received a visitor: Victor Newman.

    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

    • Jack demands to see Kyle
    • Genevieve approaches Victoria and Abby
    • Victor tells Adam his plans are for nothing
    • The Young and the Restless
    • Recaps

      Y&R Recap: Monday, July 25, 2011

      Y&R Recap: Monday, July 25, 2011

      ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, July 25, 2011.


      Jack startles a frantic Diane. She lied and said she had to take care of a phone call but closed the door to tell Kyle to keep quiet about his going to Switzerland. A worried Kyle wanted to know who was after her. Jack soon enters and asks Kyle if he wanted to do something together. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick were trying to find out for sure if Adam was sitting on the proof to clear Sharon. As they talked, Sam entered the magazine and wanted to know if it was true that Adam was deliberately hiding information.

      At the jail, Sharon gushed at Adam holding her engagement ring in his hand. He told her that Noah gave it back to him when he received all her personal belongings. He wanted to know if she will marry him. When she doesn't say anything, Adam wants to know what's going on. She tells him about the deal that D.A. Walsh made. Adam tells her to call Walsh and take the deal but she refuses to do it. He tries to warn her about what it is like in the state pen. He tells her again to take the deal but do it as his bride.

      Neil and Katherine meet up together for a meeting. She commented on how Sofia was still butting in on decisions she made regarding the aquisition. Sofia soon arrives and wants to know why she's being so diificult. When Katherine gets a phone call, Sofia bad mouths her to Neil. Neil tells her to cool her jets. Katherine returns and apologizes to her but Sofia continues to cool toward her.

      Kyle tells Jack that he can't go with him, that he is going to his friends. An unknowing Jack tells his son to have fun. Before Jack leaves, he gives Diane a warning not to play games with him when it comes to Kyle. Diane snips for him to leave. When he does, she tries to contain her cool.

      Tucker and Ashley are talking about the son he knows nothing about. He soon starts to put himself down about his character and the fact that he was with many women during that time. Tucker tells Ashley that the note he received was from an unknown woman telling him that he was a father. Ashley assures him that she loves him no matter what. He shares about about his rock star lifestyle. Tucker talks on the irony of how Katherine was never in his life, and now he's in the same position with being out of his son's life. Tucker is still upset about not knowing about his son when Sofia huffs in to complain about Katherine. Katherine, however, is having her own meeting with Jack. She is proud of the progress he's made with the new product. Jack fills her in on how odd Tucker's behavior was at the launch party. He thinks that something could be going on. Tucker, on the other hand, tells Sofia the truth about his condition and asks her if she's still by his side to give support. Sofia tells him that she is.

      After coming up empty in finding the memory card at Adam's suite, Phyllis and Nick return back to the magazine. The two feel the sexual tension and immediately go at it on the desk. As Phyllis and Nick do what they do best, Sharon broke Sam's heart by telling him that she's marrying Adam. She tells him that he should go back home. Disappointed, Sam walks out and Adam gloats a bit at his expense.

      At the airport, Diane spends time with Kyle before he is to head to Switzerland. She gives him a bracelet to remember her by. A teary eyed Diane kisses her son good-bye. She leaves the airport and heads to Restless Style where she gets an eyeful of Nick and Phyllis having sex.

      While Sam sits at Crimson Lights, he calls to tell Piper that he is coming back home. At the jail, Adam comes in with a chaplain and they are set to get the wedding underway. Sharon shares her vows with Adam and says 'I do.' When it comes time for Adam to say his vows, he stalls. Sharon is stunned when Adam says "Do I? Actually no, I don't. How the hell could I be married to you?"

      On the Next The Young and the Restless…

      • Phyllis and Diane go at it over Nick
      • Chloe and Billy bicker over Delia; again
      • Adam tells Sharon she betrayed him
      • The Young and the Restless
      • Recaps

        Y&R PreVUE: Week of July 25 Edition

        ( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of July 25, 2011.


        Jack and Lauren head out to launch the new Jabot line only for Tucker to show up. Sofia learns the truth about what's really going on about Tucker. Chloe and Billy go at it once again when it comes to Delia. Katherine makes her motives clear to Neil when it comes to her son's company. Nick and Phyllis once again can't control their hormornes and have sex at work.

        The Inside Story: Revenge Becomes Her
        Wanting to make sure that her son is safe, Diane has him packed and ready to board a plane to Switzerland, making it clear to keep Jack out of the loop on the decision. When she heads over to Restless Style to talk to Nick, she walks in on him and Phyllis having sex. Rage consumes Diane and she attacks. Diane and Phyllis go at it as Nick tries his best to break up the fight between them. Still seething, a vicious Diane lets slip to Phyllis about her and Nick also having sex with one another. Seeing red, Phyllis makes a threat against Diane. When Diane leaves, a fusrious Phyllis tells Nick that she'll take Diane down. Meanwhile, Diane heads over to Gloworm to cool off and work on her plan with Adam. While the two are talking, Michael shows up and hands Diane a restraining order: courtesy of Phyllis. Things don't look good for Diane when she has arguments with Victoria, Abby and Jack. When she comes face-to-face with Victor, she threatens to blackmail him with the information about Abby being the one to run Tucker down. She doesn't stop there, however, when she decides to take her revenge against Victor even further by going after Nikki when she files a lawsuit. Victor becomes enraged with Diane's antics and winds up going to jail because of her complaints.

        A Closer Look: Yet Another Blow for Sharon
        Adam wants to marry Sharon and Sharon accepts his proposal. D.A. Walsh soon arrives and once again makes the offer of admitting that Adam helped her escape. He tells her that he will need her answer on the deal. When Adam learns of the deal, he advises Sharon to take it. Meanwhile, Sam heads to meet Nick and Phyllis, wanting more information about Adam. They are more than happy to give Sam what he wants to know: that Adam is nothing but trouble. After he is done speaking with both of them, he makes his way over to the jail to talk to Sharon. She fills Sam in on the deal that D.A. Walsh offered her, but when she wavers on taking it, Sam tells her that she should take so that she can stay out of the penatirary. Sam is thrown for a loop when she tells him that Adam proposed to her and that she accepted. She tells him that he should go back home to New Mexico; and with nothing else to do, he leaves. With the deal gone, Sharon is set to marry Adam. When he and a chaplain come back, they are set to get married. Set to say her vows, Sharon is set to wed. Unfotunately, things take a different turn when it comes time for Adam to say his vows and it leaves Sharon devastated.

        What To Watch

        • Victor takes Adam's board seat away
        • Sharon is set to be sent to the state pen
        • D.A. Avery Bailey Clark steps into Genoa City and ready to defend Sharon

        The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

        • Paul Keith plays a Chaplain on Monday, July 25 and Tuesday, July 26
        • Lauren Sanchez plays gossip reporter Giselle on Tuesday, July 26 and Wednesday, July 27
        • Jessica Collins joins the cast as Avery Bailey Clark on Wedneday, July 27
        • The Talk's hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini play themselves on Thursday, July 28
        • Randy Thompson plays Judge Kelsey on Thursday, July 28 and Friday, July 29
        • Robert Curtis Brown plays the judge in the custody of Delia on Tuesday, July 12 through Thursday, July 14

        Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF AUGUST 1, 2011

        • Everyone has a bone to pick with Diane Jenkins
        • Things take an intimate turn for Billy and Victoria
        • Tragedy once againt plagues Genoa City


        • Heather comes back to Genoa City
        • A new lady comes into Neil's life
        • New lawyer Avery Bailey Clark could have past connections in Genoa City
        • Katherine and Ashley put Tucker in the middle
        • Tucker finds out who is his son is
        • Lily may be safe but Cane wonders if she will ever reach out and forgive him
        • Ronan heads back to Genoa City
        • Adam and Diane's dirty deeds against Victor stirs up serious end results
        • Diane leaves Genoa City in dramatic fashion
        • Nikki returns back to Genoa City
        • The Young and the Restless
        • PreVUE

          Y&R Recap: Friday, July 15, 2011

          Y&R Recap: Friday, July 15, 2011

          ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, July 15, 2011.


          Chloe's win was bittersweet when she headed back to the Chancellor mansion with Esther and Delia. Esther gave Chloe some time alone to gather her thoughts. While sitting in the living room, Katherine entered and started to talk to Chloe about the custody case. Katherine pointed out that Chloe went for the jugular against Billy due to her own past of not having a father in her life. Chloe didn't want to hear what Katherine had to say, but Katherine was relentless. She wanted to know if Chloe was planning to eliminate Billy from Delia's life for good. Chloe admitted to her that she was going to drop the whole custody case until she discovered that Billy had resorted back to his old habits; drinking and his arrest from the night before. Katherine couldn't believe that Billy had taken a turn. Katherine realized that Chloe was genuinely worried about Billy, but Chloe sniffed that her priority was to care for Delia. When Esther returned with Delia, she started to aske about her father. Chloe lied and said that she wouldn't be able to see him because he wasn't feeling too good.

          Billy arrived to see Victoria. He told her that lost the case and that he had very restricted visitations with her. She offered up sympathy but asked him if he thought he had a chance even after being arrested for solicitation. Billy was shocked that she was aware of his arrest but assured her that he didn't propsition the woman; that the officer assumed he was because he handed the woman cab fare. Victoria told him that she believed him. While Victoria was offering her support, she admitted that it was hard to see him slowly ruining his life. Billy told his wife that she should have better and she agreed. She mused that she thought they would be the one Abbott/Newman relationship that would last. Billy told her that they could if she gave him a chance to make it work. Victoria said he had a lot to prove to make that happen.

          At the hospital, Tucker complimented on how good Ashley looked tonight. She wanted to keep him company. He asked if all was okay and wondered if Abby was taking the news of their marriage hard. Ashley told him that Abby wasn't aware. He offered for them to share the news together after he was released. The topic of her taking over for him once again came up and he wanted her to say yes. Ashley said that if he hadn't been in his accident, they wouldn't be worried on running his company. She said that Jack was the right fit to get things back on track but he was leery of the idea. She reassured him to give Jack a chance. Tucker soon decided that he wanted to attend the Jabot Launch party with him. Ashley however, wanted him to rest.

          Lauren and Jack were seeing on the final details of the Jabot Launch party when Jill showed up, preoccupied. Lauren asked Jack to see how Jill was doing while she handled things with the press. Jack learned from Jill about Billy losing custody of Delia, as well as his arrest for solicitation. Jack wanted the lauch party to soliidfy that the Abbott family was back, but was disappointed that none of the family would be there. Meanwhile, at Gloworm, Abby ran into George an Shiva, who wanted to know if she was going to the launch party. When she said no, they told her about a "Where Are They Now?" blurb, which prompted her to go. When she got to the party, she assured Jack she would be on her best behavior.

          Things were going well at the Jabot Launch party. George an Shiva commented to Lauren that the new Jabot cosmetics line was going to be the sure thing that everyone would want to have. Meanwhile, Jill was handling press, and Abby dodged questions about rehab and the whereabouts of Ashley. When Shiva and George were heading out, they offered for Abby to join them but she said she was going to be there to support her family. Meanwhile, Katherine made her way into the event and talked to Jill briefly about Billy.

          Still worried that Ashley was a no-show, Jack had but no choice but to have Lauren take her place when they made their announcement of the new line. Lauren announced Jack as CEO of Jabot. Sofia soon arrived, excited to see what was going on at the launch. As all listened to Jack talk on the future of Jabot and the new line. Jack was ready to have Katherine say a few words, but her moment was stolen when Tucker and Ashley arrived, obivously ready to steal the scene, leaving Jill, Katherine and Jack all dumbfounded.

          On the Next The Young and the Restless…

          • Cane offers Billy advice
          • Reporters put Tucker in the hot seat at the launch party
          • Victoria asks Victor's advice on when to let go
          • The Young and the Restless
          • Recaps

            Y&R Recap: Thursday, July 14, 2011

            ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, July 14, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Victoria found herself fast asleep on Billy's couch. When she woke up she realized that he wasn't anywhere around. At the courthouse, Chloe and her lawyer were also wondering where Billy was. As for Billy; he was at the jail visitation room talking to Rafe about how he was not soliciting a prostitute. Rafe explained to him that with his arrest, it could prove costly in getting Delia.

            Noah showed up at Gloworm to talk to Adam. Noah wanted to know the progress of the memory chip; hoping that it would clear Sharon's name. Adam told Noah that he didn't have any proof of clearing her name; that nothing panned out as he had hoped. Adam soon thought on his tossing the memory card in the water. Noah was crushed that Adam didn't have what he needed. When he went to go sit down, Eden, who was on the phone with Michael, spotted him and went over to talk to him. The two commented on the other not leaving Genoa City. When Noah shared the news about Adam and the memory card, Eden touched his hand and asked if there was anything she could do; Noah told her there was nothing she could do. She was slightly crushed, however, when she saw Hunter arrive and embrace Noah.

            Victor showed up at Diane's suite, asking about Kyle. Diane didn't like that Victor was trying to get close to her son and pointed out that he betrayed her with the promise to take care of the SEC for her. Victor asked her what would happen to Kyle once she and Jack went to jail. After another round of bickering, Victor left. Not long after, however, Diane found Adam on the other end of her door. He wanted to know why she went to the DA. Diane quickly lied and told him that she was seeing D.A. Walsh because he still had questions for her about her involvement with the IPO scandal. The two talked on a plan on sticking it to Victor. Adam told her not to double cross him, to which she reassured him of not doing. The minute he walked out the door of her suite, she was on the phone with D.A. Walsh, wanting to know who in the office dropped the news to Adam about their talk.

            At the courthouse Jill arrived asking Esther why she wasn't informed of the court case. Esther assumed that Billy had already told her. Jill soon took swipes at Chloe for making things hard for her son; but Chloe pointed out she had no regrets because Billy was showing once again that he is an irresponsible parent. The judge comes in and is ready to present his ruling. When he sees that Billy and Rafe are not there, he tells the baliff to find out what's going on. After a bit of time, the two men arrive. As they are taking their seats, the judge learns that Billy has been arrested for solicitation. He announces that with the new information, he will return with his final decision. Jill tries to have a heart-to-heart but Billy isn't interested in listening to his mother. When the judge does return, it's bad news for Billy. Chloe is granted custody of Delia. Billy vows that it isn't over and walks out.

            Victoria is surprised to see Victor on her doorstep. She suddenly remembers that the two of them have a meeting together. She admitted that she was glad to be back; and Victor shared the same sentiment. A short time after, Victor received word via his phone about Billy's arrest. He pretended to show sympathy toward his daughter about the matter. A stunned Victoria asked her father to leave her alone for a bit. Victor left and was headed to the park. There, he met with the prostitute who 'hooked' up with Billy. She told him that she did her job and it was time to be rewarded. Victor handed her an evelope full of cash. While Victor was giving out the cash, Billy showed up at Victoria's. Seeing his face she knew he lost Delia. The two of them embraced.

            On the Next The Young and the Restless…

            • Lauren and Jack get ready for the Jabot Launch party
            • Tucker wants to announce Ashley's running of his company at the party
            • Chloe and Billy fight again over Delia
            • The Young and the Restless
            • Recaps

              Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

              ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              While busy at work at Fenmore's, Jill and Jack were happy when Daniel and Lily arrived wit hthe twins. Jill gave Lily a array of Jabot products when she learned from her that it was her birthday. The moment was ruined when Colin arrived, shortly followed by Genevieve, each focusing their attentions on the twins. At Lily's request, Daniel left with the twins and Lily lashed out at Colin to stay away from her. She stormed off. Jill, in turn, took a verbal swipe at Genevieve. She decided to leave, shortly followed by Jack, stating he had some more business to see after. Alone with Colin, she questioned why he was there; he said he needed to get some new suits since Katherine got rid of his. Jill wasn't buying it; nor was Colin buying the fact that she wasn't happy to see him.

              With Victoria's arrival in court, she was aske to take the stand. She spoke highly of Billy, pointing out that he was a wonderful father. She shared that Delia and Billy had a wonderful bond with one another, and felt that if taken away, it would only hurt the little girl. Rafe soon asked on Lucy's adoption and she said that because the adoption wasn't legal, the baby went to Daisy and Phyllis. Rafe soon brought up the topic of Jana being Lucy's nanny. Victoria did her best to point out that they were never aware of the danger she posed, even when Chloe borught it to their attention. After Rafe ended his questions, Chloe's lawyer begins to grill Victoria as to why she no longer had Reed and again brought up Billy's buying a baby on the black market. After the cross-examination, the judge left and informed them that his decison would come in the morning.

              At Lily's Malcolm and Devon were decorationg for Lily's surprise birthday party. Things were going well until Devon started to talk on the twins. Malcolm admitted that he didn't want to become a father. His mood soured even more when Neil arrived, followed minutes later by Sofia. Once Devon left the apartment to get the cake, Malcolm began to question when they would be able to find about the paternity. Meanwhile, Lily and Daniel arrived at the door. He let her know that they were going to throw her a surprise party and to act surprised. He left to get her gift as she walked in to be greeted by her family. As they embraced her and wished her a happy birthday, someone outside was looking at her.

              Angelo returned and a surprised Kevin wondered why he came back if he was avoiding the authorities. Angelo gloated that business was back and that he made a killing with one of his big time clients. He wondered if Kevin would be interested. Chloe, headed over to the coffee house and quickly said hello to Angelo. When she and Kevin were alone, she told him about Victoria testifying for Billy. She voiced nervousness of what the judge may decide. She feared that Billy wouldn't be able to be a responsible parent if the judge awarded full custody to him. Billy, meanwhile was grateful for Victoria's testimony. While she was happy to help him, she did let him know that things hadn't changed between the two of them.

              Back at Lily's birthday party, Devon and Lily could tell that something was wrong between Malcolm, Sofia and Neil. Daniel, returning back to the apartment, saw the gift that Cane left for her. He quickly hid the card that was attached and walked into the apartment. While opening gifts, Lily made the suggestion of having a little fun with a few party games, but Malcolm wasn't interested. Knowing that something was wrong, Lily wanted to know what was going on. Unable to hide the truth any longer, Neil, Sofia and Malcolm all confessed that the reason why things were bad between them is because of the fact that Sofia's baby could be Neil's.

              Jack's meeting was with Genevieve at Crimson Lights. He asked briefly on Colin but she changed the subject. She told Jack that she wanted to have their official first date together there. Jack was pleased that he was spending time with her. Genevieve complimented him on his upcoming lauch of Jabot. He was impressed that she was in the know about the cosmetics business. She continued to compliment him but Jack wanted to know a bit more on her. She suggested they hold off until they had their second date.

              Leaving her apartment after learning the truth about her father and Sofia, Lily and Daniel went to Gloworm. Lily said that she was disappointed that her father chose to lie about the baby. She found it hard to forgive him after what she went through the same thing years ago regaring who her father was. As they were talking, Daniel confessed that he lied about the gift he found at the door. Lily let him know that she was aware that the gift was from Cane. Handing her the card, Lily read Cane's words.

              The beautiful blonde that saw Billy back at Jimmy's bar, approached him while he was at Gloworm. Billy told her he wasn't interested in any company. She tried her best to sway him but he left after his drink. Not giving up, she followed him out of the restaurant/bar. Once again, he told her he wasn't interested in her company. He handed her one hundred dollars to get her own ride home and to get away from him. When the blonde grabbed his arm, a police officer, who was on the street noticed and approached them, arresting Billy for solicitation of a prostitute. While Billy was being hauled down to the police station, Victoria, was unable to focus on work. She decided to go see Billy. When she saw that he wasn't there, she spotted his spare key, letting herself in.

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              • Billy's arrest damages his chances at a win
              • Noah is crushed by Adam's lie
              • Adam discovers Diane's actions
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                Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

                Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

                ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                Rafe showed up at Victoria's to find out if she had seen Billy at all. She said she hadn't seen him, and he said that today was the custody case, but he didn't know where he was. Back at Crimson Lights, Chloe was talking about how she was doing the right thing and didn't have any regrets in her decision to obtain sole custody of Delia. Back at the trailer, a passed out Billy, obviously on a drinking bender, didn't hear his cell phone.

                Sam was talking to Sharon when Victor made his presence known. Interrupting their conversation, Victor asked how Sharon was doing. He soon focused his attentions on Sam, asking her about him. Sharon told Victor that Sam was the one that helped her when she found herself in New Mexico. She introduced Sam, but Sam surprised them both when he said he was very well aware of who Victor Newman was. Meanwhile, back in his suite, Adam was still sulking over Sharon's new man and his decision to toss out the memory card. He was still stewing when Diane knocked on his door. When she sauntered in, he made it clear he didn't want her around. She tried to convince him that they needed to work together to get even with Victor, but Adam had a new motto: "Do unto others before they do it to you." He told Diane if she didn't want to be one to get on his bad side, it was best she left. Outside of his suite, she hurriedly called to make an appointment to see D. A. Walsh to bring down Adam.

                Noah told Eden that he didn't have a reason to stay in Genoa City; that just yesterday they were scattering another person's ashes, believing it to be his mother. With a little talking to, Eden convinced Noah to stay.

                Victoria went to the trailer and found Billy already dressed to head to the courthouse. She showed concern for him and he admitted that he was nervous. She gave him a pep talk and told him to focus on how much he loves Delia and just be honest when he takes the stand. At the courthouse, Chloe and Rafe were both wondering if Billy would even show up.

                Adam was at the bar of Gloworm when Sharon called him. Adam wasn't all that thrilled to hear from her but she convinced him to see her; she had explaining to do about why she stayed away, as well as Sam. As for Sam, he was being grilled by Victor. Victor wanted to know what he was trying to achieve by coming back to Genoa City with Sharon. Sam was slightly insulted and told Victor that he didn't have any motivation; he wanted to know what was going on. He started to tell of how he first came in contact with her and as he was talking, Victor realized that Sam truly cared about Sharon. Sharon, in the meantime, saw Noah in the hallway and the two embraced.

                D.A. Walsh met up with Leslie and Diane. He told her he didn't like being ordered around and said she better have something good for him to go on in order to pin Adam with a crime. She shared about the ambulance and how she knows that Adam was the one that was behind everything. She said she had a reliable source who Adam paid to set things in motion. With Leslie's help, they convinced D.A Walsh to take things into consideration.

                Noah and Sharon talked in the visitation room. She admitted that she didn't know how he would have reacting to her coming back after how they left things. Over the course of their conversation, Noah told Sharon that he would be there for her. After he left, Sam went in to talk to her. He lectured her on always running away from her problems and asked her if she was so willing to do that to him and Piper. Sharon told Sam that he didn't need to be involved in everything that was going on with her and that it would be best for him to leave for New Mexico. Sam, however told her he was going to stick around; he'd make his own decision on when he was going to leave. When he walked out, Adam spotted him.

                Adam talked to Sharon, who explained about Sam. Still trying to hide is disappointment, Adam told her that he understood that she turned to someone else who wanted to help her. Things seemed to be going well until Sharon admitted that she saw him in New Mexico at the fair. He wanted to know why she didn't come to him. She said she believed it was best for him to move on and that she wanted to make a new life for herself. She told him that Noah informed her about the proof he came up with. Ego bruised, Adam told Sharon that Noah had it all wrong; he never found anything to clear her name. Sharon was crushed.

                Billy walked into the court room, apologizing for his tardiness. Chloe was the first to take the stand and she told the judge that she was the best suited person to care for Delia. She listed all of Billy's faults and crimes and said he wasn't responsible. Rafe took her to task and asked her on her crimes. She said that she was cleared of all those; he turned the tables and said, if she was cleared of all those crimes and still a good parent, Billy clearly is one too. Billy too to the stand and unlike Rafe, Chloe's lawyer went at him hard, damaging his reputation. As the custody case was going, Victoria ran into Esther and Delia. Victoria made an attempt to try to get Esther to talk to Chloe to drop the case, but Esther pointed out she needed to look out for the best interest of her own daughter.

                Outside in the police station, Victor saw that Sam was getting ready to leave. Noah said that he was most likely going to head back to New Mexico. When Victor looked over his shoulder at the closed door of the vistor's area, he told Sam that he thought it was in the best interest for him to stay: Adam was nothing but trouble. Sam was surprised that Victor would talk so negatively about his own flesh and blood, but Victor said that the only thing that mattered was that someone be there for Sharon, and it was clear that Sam was the one.

                On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                • Lily has a confrontation with Colin
                • Chloe has reason to worry; thanks to Victoria's testimony
                • Billy pays Victoria a visit at the house
                • The Young and the Restless
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                  Y&R Recap: Monday, July, 11, 2011

                  Y&R Recap: Monday, July, 11, 2011

                  ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, July 11, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  A stunned crowd watched as Marco and Lee approached Sharon, cuffing her. Sharon sputtered her apologies to a confused Sam, who wanted to know what was going on. Meanwhile, in Genoa City, Phyllis and Nick were getting ready to have desk sex when each received phone calls: Phyllis, from a source, giving her the news about Sharon, while for Nick, the detective on the case, letting him know that his ex was very much alive and being sent back home.

                  While listening to the audio on the memory card, Adam became happy to know that he would finally have proof that Sharon didn't kill Skye, but rather was trying to help her. He soon received a news blurb on his computer and was thrilled to find out that Sharon wasn't dead. As he was rejoicing over the news, back at Jabot, Jack, who was on his computer, was interrupted by Victor, who was there to harass him about Ashley possibly wedging him out of his job. Jack pointed out that he had three months to prove himself; and he planned on doing that. Their bicker session took a backseat however, when they got word about Sharon.

                  At Crimson Lights, Noah walked in to see Ashley with Faith. She asked him on how he was doing and he admitted it was hard for him scattering Sharon's ashes for the memorial service. When he looked up at the televison screen, he saw the breaking news. Both he and Ashley watched in stunned silence.

                  Phyllis, was the first on the scene at the police station, attempting to squeeze in to get the first interview. D.A. Walsh blocked her and told her she wasn't permitted anywhere inside. Depite her insistance, she was escorted out and she got her first look at Sharon, who was being escorted into the preceinct. Phyllis left the room and ran into Adam and immediately started to nag him. Not phased by her, Adam told her he was going to be there for the woman he loved. At that moment, Nick showed up and both he and Adam walked into the room to see Sharon for the first time.

                  Jack ran into Ashley and seeing her with Faith, begin to question her sudden bond with the little girl. Ashley assured her she was there only because Nick had a situation with the baby-sitter. Jack was still not convinced but shelved the worry to discuss with her about the news of Sharon being alive. Ashley didn't mince words on how she felt, pointing out that Sharon put herself before her children. When Jack started to place the blame solely on Adam and Victor, Ashley said that Sharon had a mind of her own and she used it to run away from everything and everyone.

                  Victor met up with Michael to discuss Sharon. Michael pointed out that now that Sharon is alive and back in Genoa City, it could spell trouble for his company. Michael advised Victor to stay away from Sharon and everything pertaining to what was going on with her. Despite his warning, it was clearn that Victor was going to involve himself.

                  At the jail, D. A. Walsh grilled Sharon, determined to get her to admit that Adam helped her escape. She told him that it was all her, but he laughed, saying it was impossible for her to do all of that on her own, that it was clear that she had some help. Sticking to her story, she said she was the one that left. Nick started to talk to Sharon and admitted that he was glad she was alive. When he slowly learned from her that she knew that everyone thought she was dead, he lashed out at her and said he was done. Adam, who was there, told Sharon he understood and was there for her.

                  Ashley and Jack were talking when Nick called to ask her to continue watching Faith for a bit. She asked him if he had seen Sharon and he told her he did and shared that she intentionally let everyone believe that she was dead. When she hung up the phone, Jack asked on the phone call. Ashley repeated what Nick and said. She said that Sharon was selfish to put her family and friends through so much pain; abandoning Faith and Noah because of her own needs. Jack tried again to place the blame on Victor and Adam but Ashley blocked it; Adam and Victor didn't make her decide to stay away; she did that all on her own. Meanwhile, Noah was on the phone trying to set up plane reservations to get out of Genoa City as soon as possible. Eden, who overheard, tried to convince him not to abandon his mother.

                  Sharon tried to talk to Adam about being in New Mexico, but Adam was too busy gushing on how he had her back. His gush fest was cut short when Sam walked in and called out to her. He told her he couldn't leave things the way they were without knowing what was going on. Adam saw the instant attraction between the two of them and realized that she moved on with Sam. Without a word, Adam walked out. He soon was at the bridge where the memorai was done. In a fit of anger, Adam threw the memory card; the only proof of helping Sharon into the river.

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                  • Adam has a new motto for Sharon
                  • Bill and Chloe's custody case begins
                  • Victor wants to know what's Sam's real motivation
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