How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Kambra Clifford, West Coast Editor

GL PreVUE: Week of January 21 Edition

Jonny Comes Marching Home…
Thursday, January 17, 2008 6:12 PM | By Venus Stone

( — A familiar face returns home to settle an old score…


Bill and Coop have a confrontation but is interrupted when Lizzie storms in announcing she’s having Bill’s baby. Alan wants Beth to attend the memorial service with him and offers the invitation to Rick. Once alone, Alan calls in a few favors to make sure Rick will be too busy to attend. Natalia learns that Olivia and Alan are working together to keep her from marrying Gus. When Cyrus wavers in wanting to marry Marina right away, Marina calls on Remy to continue their scheming. After seeing how much Coop truly loves Ashlee, Doris offers Buzz a job.


Cassie turns to Josh for support when the memory of Tammy resurfaces which angers Will. Alan confronts Reva about the harrassing telephone calls he’s been receiving. Reva approaches Cassie with the information and when she denies having a hand in it, Reva soon worries that Jonathan could be doing it. While Bill is happy to learn that his vision will return, Lizzie is heartbroken to learn that she is not pregnant. As Reva is searching for Jonathan, she spots Sarah’s suitcase. When Alan offers his deepest apology to Cassie, she invites him to attend the memorial. As the memorial service is underway, an emotional Jon doesn’t notice Sarah crawling away. Lizzie finds it difficult to tell Bil the truth about not being pregnant. As Bill’s vision starts to return the first thing he notices is Johnathan. Lizzie believes she’s seen Sarah. Reva finally catches up to Jonathan and warns him to stop causing trouble and leave town. Lizzie, who has arranged for Bill to meet her at cabin, is close to walking in on Jonathan and Sarah. Reva, who has returned quickly diverts Lizzie’s attention but soon notices Alan’s car approaching. Frustrated with keeping a lie, Lizzie runs out of the cabin with Bill right on her trail. Struggling to break free from his hold, she finds herself falling into oncoming traffic.

Pictured: Tom Pelphrey courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

Mind Control…
Thursday, January 17, 2008 5:37 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Marlena continues her fight to bring John back to her…


Kayla gives news to Steve that she is more than ready to begin their baby-making. Phillip lends comfort to an ill Belle, who’s determined to find Claire. Shawn and Chloe do research on Rob’s tattoo. While Nick continues to put the pressure on Chelsea to tell the truth, Stephanie tells Steve what Ford did to her. Lucas tries to contact Sami who is slowly bonding with EJ. Bo and Detective Sullivan discuss what will happen regarding Ford’s case.


John’s desperation to break free are plagued when he begins having flashbacks of Stefano having his memories erased. Marlena holds out hope that she will be able to help John regain his memory. Marlena meets with Dr. Carrington and discuss that their next step to getting insides John’s mind is by using a truth serum. When John fails to reveal what Stefano has planned for him to do, Marlena confronts Stefano and injects him with truth serum. Meanwhile, tests come back on John revealing that he can not experience any form of emotion.

Pictured: Deidre Hall courtesy NBC

Y&R PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

Blindsided By Family…
Thursday, January 10, 2007 9:39 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Betrayal of a family leads to Victor’s quench for revenge…


Gloria devises a plan to set Jeffrey up for her attempted murder. Heather confides in April that she wished she had never learned she was Paul’s daughter. JT races to the hospital to see Reed take his very first breath on his own. Jana is released from prison.


Victor, feeling betrayed by his family, sets his sights on punishing Nick.
Brad can’t seem to keep his mind or his lips away from Sharon, as he continues to pursue her. Jack informs Sharon he plan on doing right by Gloria by giving her what John wanted her to have from his will. Sharon lets Brad know that she never was in love with him; she only was with him out of neediness. Meanwhile, Victor drops the bomb on Nick by firing him from Newman.

Pictured: Joshua Morrow courtesy CBS

GL PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

Evening the Score…
Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:09 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Revenge is the name of the game for some Springfield residents…


Jeffrey and Josh inform a stunned Cassie about Will’s role in Alonzo’s death. Natalia confronts Olivia on trying to sabatoge her upcoming wedding to Gus. Lizzie tries to help Bill learn how to do daily things on his own. Dinah makes the assumption that Buzz was the one that caused the explosion but he informs her he wasn’t involved. Gus and Natalia make the announcement that they will elope. Lizzie walks in on a half-dressed Ava and Bill. After learning that Alan plans on having a memorial for Sarah, Reva calls Jonathan, telling him not to return to Springfield.


Marina, still seeing the obvious closeness between Harley and Cyrus, continues to play the Phillip card. Realizing that Cyrus’s mind is elsewhere, Marina lies to him by saying that immigration called looking for him. The following day, Marina runs into Remy, who suggests that she get Harley out of town. When he sees Harley, he tells her that he heard Phillip was spotted in New York. Cyrus learns that Harley went to New York solo and immediately leaves, dropping a romantic day with Marina. Harley passes out after having another panic attack; awaking to see Cyrus by her side. The two give in to their desires and are about to make love. Putting on the breaks, Harley tells Cyrus he has to leave. After some thinking, Harley unable to deny what she feels for Cyrus, rushes back home, only to learn that Marina and Cyrus are engaged.

Coop confesses to Buzz that he was the one that caused the trailer explosion. Ashlee and Coop plan on leaving Springfield but Doris prevents it from happening. Coop tells Doris that he’ll confess to the explosion if she let’s Ashlee out. Frank assures Coop he will be there for him as much as he can. When Bill learns that Coop was responsible for the explosion, vengeance sets in, as he makes a call for Coop to pay him a visit.

Pictured: Daniel Cosgrove courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

DAYS PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

A Frantic Search Begins…
Thursday, January 10, 2007 8:37 PM | By Venus Stone

( — The kidnapping of Belle and Claire sparks the continuing rivalry between Phillip and Shawn…


Nick refrains from revealing anything concerning Ford’s death. Max kisses Stephanie but later apologizes. Sami is impressed by EJ’s courage in standing up to Stefano. Chelsea becomes upset by Nick’s constant pressure of her to confess. Hope issues a warning to Sami about her sudden trust in EJ. Ford’s father discovers that the police found his son’s contact lens at the sorority house. Nick’s refusal to keep quiet about Ford could destroy all those involved in his murder. Lucas gets a surprising new cellmate.


Determined to see what’s in the abandoned building, Bo and Roman return with a search warrant. Rob and Crystal plot their next move by shooting a guard and whisking both Belle and Claire away. Phillip purposely keeps the information about Belle and Claire’s kidnapping from Shawn, wanting to play hero on his own. When Sami discovers that Shawn wasn’t notified about his wife and daughter’s abduction, she rips into Phillip. As the police stake out the docks, Phillip and Shawn once again squabble with one another. Belle manages to escape Crystal but is knocked off the docks into the water. Shawn rushes to the hospital to be by Belle’s side, promising her he’ll find their daughter. Phillip later visits Belle and tells her he believes Crystal has Claire. Bo realizes that Crystal and Rob are not connected to Stefano. Claire’s prescription is found in the abandoned van. Meanwhile, Shawn remembers Rob’s interesting tattoo.

Pictured: Martha Madison courtesy NBC

GL PreVUE: Week of January 7 Edition

The ‘Good’ Son…
Friday, January 4, 2008 8:27 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Cassie has to face hard truths about what her son is capable of….


Alan upsets Natalia when he voices that she could be getting married just to hold on to the past. Gus continues to offer his support to Olivia. Lizzie rescues Bill; but all are shocked to learn that Bill is unable to see. Coop tells Ava that he’s responsible for Bill’s injuries in the explosion. Frank gives Marina the news that she’s been re-instated to the police force. Marina tries playing on Harley’s anxiety by having her think Phillip was responsible for the explosion.


Josh and Cassie don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Will. Josh, still believing that Will was the one responsible for Edmund’s accident, A suggestion to go inspect Edmund’s room is made. Will, using a voice distortion gaget contacts the police and sets Reva up. When Mallet arrives, he discovers Edmund’s buttons in Reva’s purse and names her his number one suspect. Jeffrey shows doubt about Reva’s innocence while Josh shows her his support. A game of rough housing between RJ and Will sets off another fight between Josh and Cassie, who believes that Josh has it out for the young boy. Fed up with Will, Josh contacts Reva to begin their plan to get the truth out of him. Reva pretends to be Cassie in order to get Will accepted into Fairmont Academy but busted by Mallet. Daisy, who is caught up in a conversation with Rafe doesn’t notice that Will has taken her car keys. After another attempt to get at the truth, Josh and Reva manage to get Will to confess pushing Edmund; to which Cassie hears. Jeffrey suggests having Will moved to a facility but for Cassie’s state of mind, Josh goes against the idea. When Cassie walks in on Will holding a pair of scissors, she suddenly realizes that she is scared of him. Jeffrey studies the DVD of Alonzo’s death and is startled at what he sees.

Pictured: Nicole Forester courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

DAYS PreVUE: Week of January 7 Edition

The Warning Signs…
Friday, January 4, 2007 8:51 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Hope sniffs out a possible fraud, while her son could be letting his guard down to the wrong person….


Nick learns the truth about Ford’s death from Chelsea. Marlena talks to Bo, Abe and Roman about defeating Stefano once and for all. EJ prevents Stefano’s bodyguard from harming Lucas. Max encourages Stephanie to go see a therapist. Phillip and Kate visit Lucas and make the suggestion that he plead temporary insanity. Sami is against helping in Lucas’ defense. EJ learns that Stefano had his furniture removed from his apartment. Kate pays Sami a visit with a letter for her.


In an effort to stay out of trouble, Chloe agrees to help Phillip by getting closer to Shawn. Hope runs into Crystal at the pub and issues out a warning for her. Crystal says that Marlena could be in serious danger. Bo and Roman sleuth around and learn that a new guy named Rob is helping renovate Crystal’s place. Chloe spends time with Shawn and immediately bonds with Claire, which instantly irks Belle. When Phillip tries to get Belle to talk to him, she lashes out, letting him know she will never trust him. Shawn’s curious to know just how much help Phillip is willing to offer Chloe. Meanwhile, Belle and Hope find themselves coming to a mutual understanding with one another.

Pictured: Brandon Beemer courtesy NBC

GL PreVUE: Week of December 31 Edition

A Good Man Disgraced..
Saturday, December 29, 2007 5:38 PM | By Venus Stone

( — As Buzz loses everything he’s worked hard for, Coop’s actions puts someone in danger…


Dinah, still in the rehab center, tells her fellow patients how deeply connected she is to Mallet. Lizzie seduces Bill, only to lock him out on the patio. Harley awakens to find herself in bed with Cyrus. Marina comes to Harley’s aid when she suffers another anxiety attack. Lizzie warns Ava about using Bill. Cyrus tells Marina that he helped get her badge back.


As the inauguration gets undeway, Bill again puts the pressure on Buzz to approve his project for Main Street. Buzz, worried that Bill won’t be able to keep quiet about the rigged votes, requests the help of Cyrus to keep Bill at a distance. Mallet, who is on his way to the inauguration, lets Buzz know that Einstein was hired, then quickly fired by Doris. The minute Mallet leaves, Marina gives news that Einstein was in fact the one that helped rig the election. Buzz soon starts putting the pieces together, and realizes that Ashlee was behind the election tampering. As he is being sworn in, Buzz can’t keep up with the lie and confesses all; but leaves out Ashlee’s role in the vote rigging. A revenge seeking Doris promises that she’ll see to it that not only Buzz paying for the election scandal, but anyone else that was in cahoots. Unable to hide what she has done, Ashlee admits to what she’s done. Coop learns that Ashlee will be arrested. Drunk and angry, Coop douses Bill’s Main Street plans with alcohol and tosses it into a trailer. Unbeknownst to Coop, Bill is inside.

NOTE: “Guiding Light” will be pre-empted Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Justin Deas courtesy PGP

Truth and Consequence…
Friday, December 28, 2007 11:18 PM | By Venus Stone

( — The truth has a way of coming out to destroy families…


Stefano wants to spend more time with Johnny, which upsets EJ. Marlena receives another veiled message from Crystal. Lucas admits to Sami that he was the one that shot EJ. Stefano requests that his bodyguard take care of Lucas. Marlena received a call from Crystal to meet her. Sami turns away from Lucas. EJ tries to get word out to the police that Lucas could be in serious danger.


Belle, unable to hide the truth, confesses to Shawn that she slept with Phillip. A furious Shawn walks out on Belle, telling her he wants a divorce from her. Chloe tries to get Phillip to help her regarding Brady, but he wants her help in return. Belle goes looking for comfort from Marlena while Shawn is stunned to learn that Hope knew all along about the affair. After some thinking, Chloe tells Phillip that she will help him in whatever he wants her to do.

NOTE: “Days of Our Lives” will be pre-empted Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Bryan Dattilo courtesy NBC

An Arrest for the New Year..
Saturday, December 29, 2007 5:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Victor is arrested for a crime; did he commit it?


Brad needs Phyllis’ helping hand in getting what he wants; Sharon away from Jack. Ashley corners Jack, demanding he admit using John’s health to get what he wanted. Paul has a warning for JT. Despite all that has happened, Sharon decides to stand by her man. Gloria tries to stay one step ahead of Jeffrey; while he is thinking of doing the same thing.


Victor makes Nikki an offer; on the condition she dump David. Ashley pays Victor a visit and tries to get him to drop his revenge against Jack. Not pleased with Nikki’s attitude, Victor moves forward with his countersuit. Meanwhile, new evidence in Ji Min’s murder comes to light and Victor is arrested. Nick heads to the police station to post his father’s bail. Once out of jail, Victor points the finger at Jack for setting him up.

NOTE: “The Young and the Restless” will air the 2006 episode featuring Cassie and Nick, Monday, December 31 and be pre-empted Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Eric Braeden courtesy CBS

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