How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Kambra Clifford, West Coast Editor
Miss Semi-Independent Woman…
Friday, March 7, 2008 6:40 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Nikki steps into her new role at Jabot…


Brad meets up with Walter to get the goods on David’s past; at a reasonable price. Amber tries to convince Daniel and Kevin to let her keep the stolen money. Lily decides it’s time to move out to have a life of her own; preferrabaly with Cane. Jack and Sharon realize that someone has removed their spy cam flash drive. Jeff admits to Jack that he’s fallen in love with Gloria. When the suggestion of obtainiing celebrities for Restless Style’s pre-launch party is tossed out, Phyllis immediately thinks of Danny Romalotti.


Katherine proposes to help Amber launch her new fashion line. Neil sees how much pressure is being put on Lily and steps in. Jack opts to find a new ‘ghostly’ way to drive Gloria out of the Abbott house. Nikki gets settled in her new role at Jabot. While conducting business, Nikki finds herself in a heated confrontation with Jill, who is not too pleased she’s there.

Pictured: Melody Thomas Scott courtesy CBS

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A donor is found…
Friday, March 7, 2008 6:19 PM | By Venus Stone

( — As Bo’s life slowly deteriorates, someone could be the one that saves it…


Stephanie spots Steve chatting it up with someone shady. John’s ego takes over as he plans on expanding the DiMera empire. Victor has a meeting with John at the hospital. Rolf hits a suspicious nerve with Shawn. Steve is unsure if he should fill Kayla in on Ava. John invites Marlena, Shawn and Belle to the DiMera mansion for dinner.


Kayla and Lexie work hard together to save Bo’s life when they dicover a experimental procedure. Bo and Hope talk about the romantic times they had with one another. When Bo’s condition takes another drastic turn for the worse, his family rally around him. Daniel learns of the experimental procedure that Kayla and Lexie have looked into but is dead set against doing it. Alice comes to visit Bo and urges him not to give up hope. The suggestion to operate on Bo is turned down by Daniel who stresses that an operation could kill Bo. Bo, requesting to see Steve alone, asks him to be there for his family when he is gone. Kayla and Daniel work hard to find a donor match for Bo. Shawn begs his father to continue to fight so he can have a life with his granddaughter. Daniel and Lexie find a perfect match.


- Ava takes a sudden interest in Hope after seeing pictures of he and Steve

- Victor goes to therapy

- Chelsea can be the one to give life to Bo

- Everyone is in search of a missing Chelsea

Pictured: Rachel Melvin courtesy NBC

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Heaven help the man that has hurt Marina…
Friday, March 7, 2008 4:42 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Jon’s pushed to the edge and Lizzie could get caught in the crossfire…


After discovering Olivia with two men on a night out, Gus finds himself consoling, then kissing her. Mallet wants to try again with Dinah, but when she pulls back, he debates on taking a position as Police Chief in a different city. Billy informs Bill about the deal Lizzie made with Alan; no more independence and no more Bill. Cassie jumps to the wrong conclusions when she sees a unconscience Josh and Reva on the bed together. Will confesses what he did to them and a fearful Cassie decides Will needs to be taken somewhere. Alan text messages Philip with the request that he help him deal with Rick.


Furious that Cyrus has dumped her for Harley, Marina storms off after he confesses his love for her aunt. When Marina sees Harley, she has some very choice words as to what she thinks of her, pointing out that Cyrus will do her the same way at some point. An emotional Harley comes home to find Cyrus waiting for her and the two immediately embrace. A woman by the name of Phoebe corners Cyrus demanding $100,000 from him for stuff he stole from her. Daisy and Ashlee are hanging out with one another when they spot Harley and Cryus kissing. Cryus tried calling in favors to get the money for Phoebe when he discovers Will. Marina calls Phoebe to ask if their revenge against Cyrus and Harley is working. Phoebe gets under Harley’s skin about the man Cyrus truly is. Cyrus tries to comofort Cassie when she breaks down about Will. Wanting to pay off Cyrus’s debt, Harley take out another mortgage on her house.


- Cyrus offers to help Cassie get out of town with Will.

- Beth gets a message from a past love

- Alex talk to Billy about a deal she made with Alan

- Reva and Cassie have a bonding moment over their children

Pictured: Mandy Bruno courtesy Robert Milazzo/PGP

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GL PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

Who’s double-crossing who?…
Friday, February 29, 2008 4:36 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Pushed to the limits…


Gus’s liplock with Natalia could get him in hot water with a suspicious Olivia. Marina plays mind games with Harley. Alan continues to wear Beth down regarding having a rightful place in Peyton’s life. After charges are dropped against Will, Cassie tells him that he will temporarily stay with Reva and Jeffrey. Rick learns that a friend from the past helped him get out of jail. Reva refuses to turn her back on her son.


Bill pleads Lizzie’s case to Reva, requesting she talk to Jon about letting her have a part in her daughter’s life. Reva immediately refuses to turn her back on her son.. Lizzie’s plan to seduce Jonathan go bust when he catches on and kicks her out. Lizzie gets the boot the second time when she tells Bill about her backfired plans. Reva tries to talk sense into Jonathan but he won’t budge. Cyrus calls Jonathan to let him know there is nothing he can find to use against Lizzie. Coming up with a plan of his own, Jon buys dope from a dealer. Bill, however, defeats Jon’s attempts of planting the dope in Lizzie’s dresser drawer. With nowhere else to go, Lizzie turns to Alan for help in getting Sarah back. Alan agrees and soon meets Jon, suggesting they team up in double-crossing Lizzie. After a job interview with Billy, Jon goes to pick up Sarah but learns that Lizzie has her. Mel and Bill meet up to discuss Lizzie when they hear Rick yelling from the jail cell below them. Several people get text messages to meet at Old Mill. Lizzie strikes up her own deal with he grandfather; he help her get Sarah and she’ll do the same regarding Peyton. Alan sets it up for the cops to arrive at Old Mill to have Jon arrested for the murder in Tourmaline. Unable to follow through with the plan, Lizzie hands over Sarah to Jonathan. A distraught Lizzie admits everything to Bill and the two begin to make love.

Pictured: Ron Raines courtesy Robert Milazzo/PGP

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Y&R PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

Newcomers always seem to stir up trouble…
Friday, February 29, 2008 4:21 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Little brother is getting under folks skin, while Victor pours on the charm…


Nikki has a forgiving heart for David, so much that she’s willing to pay off his debts to Walter. Chloe digs deep into Lily to curb her eating habits. Jack discovers that Gloria married Jeffrey due to blackmail. Neil declares his love for Karen by asking her to move in with him. Heather thinks it may be time to leave Genoa City. Kevin wants Paul to dig deeper than deep to get the goods on Jeffrey. Daniel discovers the money Amber has been hiding. Jana learns that Gloria and Kevin plan to do away with Jeffrey and place the blame at Jack’s feet.


Adam does his best to keep his attraction to Phyllis under wraps. When Victoria meets up with Adam, she lets him know how she feels about him trying to handle Beauty of Nature. Nick has a confrontation with Victor that ends in a shouting match. Adam finds himself opening up to Phyllis but soon learns about how Nick and she truly became an item. Victor impresses Victoria’s friend, Sabrina by taking her on a tour of his private art collection.

Pictured: Amelia Heinle courtesy CBS

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DAYS PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

A lady with a hidden agenda makes her move…
Friday, February 29, 2008 4:07 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Steve works hard to get the goods on the woman of his past…


Philip picks up some interesting information after he secretly records Chloe’s phone conversation. Chelsea’s personal life could put Nick’s grant proposal in jeopardy. When Tony lines up hiring someone for his new business, it’s Morgan that pays him a visit. Immigration has some questions for both Sami and EJ. Marlena offers to be Victor’s doctor. Victor offers to contact his friend, Dr. Daniel Jonas to see Bo. Belle and Shawn make plans to recommit to one another. Philip drops the bomb to Chloe that he knows what she’s up to. John offers Rolf a job as his butler. Max’s fate in his role in Ford’s death is announced.


Steve meets with Abe and learns that Ava’s rap sheet is quite lengthy. Ava thinks that Hope is Kayla after looking through some pictures. Steve, fearing that harm will come to Kayla, requests that she be protected. Abe and Steve work hard to try to find where Ava is. Ava makes it her mission to reunite with Patch.

Pictured: Stephen Nichols courtesy NBC

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Y&R PreVUE Week of February 25 Edition

New in town and already has eyes on a certain someone…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 9:09 PM | By Venus Stone

( — There’s a new Newman in town and heads are gonna roll…


JT and Nikki work together to prepare a surprise for Victoria. Neil persuades Karen to sing at Indigo for him. Lily receives some harsh critcism from Chloe at a photo shoot. Daniel loses all hope on Amber. Jack and Sharon head off to Los Angeles for business. Jeffrey and Gloria make an unlikely pact with one another. Nick and Phyllis try to get Abmer to work for them.


Victor Jr. introduces himself to Victoria as Adam. Victor and his son bond together over business. Victor decides to keep Victor Jr.’s identity quiet. Phyllis and Nick have their first encounter with Adam. Victoria and Adam don’t see eye to eye at Newman Enterprises. Nikki and Victor have dinner with one another.


- Eric Forrester meets Jack and Sharon to discuss business

- Adam finds himself very attracted to Phyllis

- When David reveals his secretive past to Nikki, she begins to have doubts

- Thanks to Victor, Eric declines to work with Jack and Sharon on Restless Style

- Reed gets sick, which worries JT and Victoria

Pictured: Michelle Stafford courtesy CBS

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DAYS PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

A son shoulders the guilt…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 8:49 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Grief and illness consume Bo Brady…


After Steve is confronted by Ava, he asks Abe to do a check on the woman. The sorority girls determine if Chelsea can stay at the sorority. Anna shows up to work at her brand new job. John wonders about his marriage to Marlena. Steve insists that Kayla take care of herself and avoid stress for the baby’s sake. Marlena and John pay Stefano a visit.


Bo admits to Caroline that he feels the blame should be put on him for the loss of his father. Lexie promises Bo that she won’t give up until they find out what’s truly wrong with Bo’s health. Bo’s health takes a turn when he nearly passes out and is instructed to go back to the hospital. After getting back the test results, it’s discovered that Bo’s pancreas is failing.


- Sami tells EJ she wants an annulment

- Caroline bids a tearful good-bye to her husband

- Stefano shares how he and Rolf erased all of John’s memories

- Caroline and Victor share a tender moment with one another

Pictured: Peter Reckell courtesy NBC

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GL PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

Double-crossing Jonathan is Lizzie’s huge mistake…
Saturday, February 23, 2008 8:17 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Jon’s pushed to the edge and Lizzie could get caught in the crossfire…


Gus and Natalia sneak to be together, but agree to continue to pretend that they are on the outs. Olivia keeps up her hopes in having Gus all to herself. Angry at how the situation between Gus and Natalia has become, Rafe lashes out by seeing Daisy against Nat’s wishes. Harley and Cyrus escape from getting caught by Frank, which ticks Marina off. Marina and Dinah get together to plot how to get the men they love back in their lives. Gus is torn when he hears Emma asking Oliva about dying, which then prompts him in staying the night with them. Ashlee is stunned when Doris admits she had a wonderful time lunching with Coop and Buzz.


When Billy asks Bill about his feelings for Lizzie, he dismisses him, telling him Lizzie means nothing to him. Lizzie asks Jonathan if he was involved in the murder in California. Jon doesn’t deny that he was involved in the crime. When Bill gets a visit from Jon, he warns him that he will tell Lizzie the true reason why he wants to marry her. Lizzie makes the suggestion that she and Jon leave town after the wedding. Jon tells Jeffrey that he plans on getting out of town once married to Lizzie. While getting prepared for her wedding, Lizzie see Bill and assumes he’s there to talk her out of getting married. She’s immediately crushed when he’s there to pick up a nail stylist. Jeffrey meets with Bill, persuading him to end his investigation on the Tourmaline incident. While the men are talking, Jeffrey slips about Jon and Lizzie’s leaving town after the wedding. As the wedding gets underway, Beth receives a call about Alan and Bill interrupts the nuptials, begging Lizzie not to marry Jon. Reva, trying to stop Bill from ruining the wedding, is floored to learn of Lizzie and Jon’s plans to split Springfield with Sarah. Billy escorts Bill away from wedding, but Lizzie gets cold feet. When she finds Bill she admits she couldn’t go through with marrying Jon, as he admits he couldn’t let her go. The two kiss, and as Bill is going to his car, a furious Jon whisks Lizzie away. He tells her that took Bill’s side, she became his enemy.


- Lizzie is left stranded in the woods by Jonathan for double crossing him

- An unlikely friendship is formed between Josh and Jeffrey in hopes to put Will in his place

- Cassie and Reva have a face-off with one another and wind up getting lost

- Rick finds himself behind bars, courtesy of Alan’s manipulations

Pictured: Tom Pelphrey courtesy Steve Vaccariello/PGP

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Y&R PreVUE Week of February 18 Edition

Playing dirty can get you caught…
Friday, February 14, 2008 8:57 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Victor’s namesake comes to Genoa City and Jeffrey gets the upper hand yet again…


Jana decides to play cupid for her friends. Heather could lose her job when she makes a costly mistake in the Ji Min murder case. JT begins his first day on the job as head of security for Newman Enterprises. Nick shares news of the building he bought for the new business with Sharon, Jack and Phyllis. Kay gives Amber the job of helping her write her memoirs. Brad hands his soul to the devil. Victor puts the kabosh on the Beauty of Nature account. Victor talks Victor Jr. into coming back to Genoa City with him.


As Kevin and Gloria continue to plot and scheme against Jeffrey, both are unaware their deeds are being video-taped. Michael comes with news about Jeffrey’s mystery woman who lives in Korea. Jack and Sharon come to the Abbott mansion and are floored to see that Gloria and Jeffrey are nowhere to be found. Michael smells a rat when Kevin comes to him voicing his suspicions of Jeffrey poisoining Gloria. Meanwhile, Jeffrey gets the upper hand on Gloria and Kevin when he watches the footage of their plotting to set him up.

Pictured: Greg Rikaart courtesy CBS

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