How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Errol Lewis, Publisher and Editor in Chief

OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

Secrets abound in Llanview.
Sunday, April 20, 2008 10:44 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — That’s what friends are for.


Cole puts two and two together and frantically searches for Starr at the clinic. Markko and a still disguised Langston panic upon learning that Todd is headed for the diner to spend time with Starr. Meanwhile, Starr and Cole come to a decision about the baby. Starr narrowly manages to switch places with Langston before Todd arrives. Cole lies to John about needing money for football camp and asks Markko where he can get fake IDs for he and Starr. Starr nearly confesses the truth to Blair before being interrupted by Todd, who shocks her by allowing her to see Cole if she stays away from him for six months. Blair is pleased with the change in Todd. Langston tries to assure Starr that everything will work out. Cole’s letter brings Starr to tears. Cole shares his future plans with Starr.

Gigi stands up for herself when Adriana claims that she can’t stay away from her man. Gigi and Adriana pretend to get along in front of Rex. Jared asks Gigi out to Capricorn as a friend after seeing Natalie and Miles having a drink together. After getting intimate, Rex and Adriana also stop by the club. Back in Missouri, Dorian and Layla interview Brody’s sister Nadine, who shocks them with the news that their mother lied to Gigi about Brody getting killed overseas. Adriana’s head spins after learning that Brody is alive, and later her mood darkens when Rex leaves for BE. Clint receives information about Calvin Jenkin’s son from Rex. Gigi tells Rex that he should spend less time around her and Shane since Adriana does not like them. Shane draws a comic book villainess that closely resembles Adriana. Dorian and Layla track down Brody Lovett, and tell him that Gigi left town because she thought he was dead. However, they are stunned to discover that he knew she was pregnant at the time. Adriana bubbles as Rex believes she has no problem with his friendship with Gigi. Marcie hides her true feelings when Adriana asks her to watch the guest book at the wedding instead of being a bridesmaid. Gigi manages to cover her true feelings for Rex when warns Rex to stay out of her personal life.


Cristian tells Antonio that there is nothing going on between Sarah and Cristian. Llanview reacts when John and Talia appear to flaunt their relationship in front of Antonio at Carpricorn. Cristian snaps and punches John when he kisses Talia, and later gets arrested after accidentally punching Eddie. Adriana stews as Rex rushes to help Gigi, who is knocked down in the confrontation. Back at the station, Ramsey scolds and insults Talia. Antonio is assured by Ramsey that, while Cristian will have to spend the night in jail, that no charges will be pressed against him. Jessica informs Cristian that she’s there for him. While tending to his cuts and bruises, Blair tells John that he is a piece of work. Ramsey continues to tend to his bedridden guest. As John and Talia work to establish a connection between their boss and Caitlin, Ramsey informs Janet of just how much Caitlin meant to him. Ramsey shocks everyone, except Antonio, by announcing that no charges will be filed against Cristian. Jessica and Cristian continue to be bothered by Sarah and Nash’s closeness. Michael gives Antonio the devastating news that Jamie is seriously ill with a heredity disease that is costly to treat. Ramsey overhears Michael and Antonio’s conversation about Jamie.


- Bo believes he has managed to persuade Calvin Jenkins to stop his attack on BE.

- Dorian vows to destroy Calvin if he doesn’t follow through with her plan.

- Bo doesn’t agree with Clint’s business tactics, however he does understand why his brother is doing what he’s doing.

- Jared challenges Natalie to kiss him and prove that she feels nothing for him.

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Monday: Cole tries to assure Starr that his plan will work; Gigi confesses her true feelings for Rex to Marcie; Natalie gives in to her feelings for Jared.

Tuesday: Bo agrees to fight dirty in order to protect BE; Antonio is temped by easy money; Starr and Cole put their plan in motion.

Wednesday: Starr and Cole’s future is uncertain; Antonio makes a surprising decision; Nash gets in deeper with his secret business partner.

Thursday: Adriana plots against Gigi; Todd and Blair discover what Starr is hiding; Calvin refuses to give in to Dorian’s demands.

Friday: Natalie can’t fight her feelings any longer; Blair blames Starr’s problems on Todd; Langston and Markko go to great lengths to keep Starr’s secret from Dorian.

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My View of Llanview: April 15 Edition

Glory Days
Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:51 PM| By Scotty Gore

( – An examination of Andrea Evans’ popularity in Llanview.

Hello everyone. My sincere apologizes for this column being a few days late, but there has been a lot of excitement around here lately. From meetings and classes to homework and illnesses to an earthquake. Yes, that’s right….I was one of those people who was jolted awake last Friday morning at 4:38 am by the 5.2 magnitude quake. While it caused no damage or injuries here, it did shake things up…..literally. That was the first earthquake I remember going through, and it was both scary and fascinating at the same time. On a separate note, I received some very good news yesterday. For those of you who are familiar with the PRAXIS exams, then you’ll know what I’m referring to. For those who are not, it is a required test in order to become a certified teacher. I have to take three parts of the test, social studies, language arts, and classroom management/discipline (PLT). I take the last two next Saturday. Anyway, I took the social studies part back on March 15th and finally received the results in the mail yesterday. I passed the exam with a 178 (passing score is 149). I am so excited!!!!

So, because of homework, and in honor of Andrea Evans return to “One Life to Live” as Tina Roberts, here is a look back at an article from August 19, 1985 explaining the popularity of Evans and her character Tina. The article was written by Alan Carter and is entitled “It’ll take more than a bubble bath to clean up Andrea Evans’ act as daytime’s diva of dirt.” Hope you enjoy…….

As daytime’s answer to Alexis Carrington, Evans doesn’t wear dresses as fancy as Joan Collins’, but she certainly wears fewer clothes than any other actress in the afternoon soaps. For one recent shower scene, even the ABC censor visited the set. “I thought the scene was very sexy,” insists Evans. “People were coming up to me for weeks after that scene and saying, ‘Were you naked in there?’ and I’d say, ‘Well, do you wear clothes in the shower?’” Despite her sass, in Evans’ case the answer is affirmative: She wore a body stocking for the scene. With Evans, ABC’s “One Life To Live” has undressed for success, now ranking a strong third in the competitive daytime soap ratings. “She makes a tremendous difference to our show,” says producer Paul Rauch. “Her ability makes her go beyond the ordinary viper. In large part, she’s responsible for the show’s recent success.”

Evans sees herself as “a tigress,” which is in marked contrast to the “scared doe” one reporter called her four years ago. At that time the University of Illinois theatre graduate was making news by marrying her older (30ish) “One Life” co-star, Wayne Massey. They Valentine’s day ceremony took place in Evans’ hometown, Downers Grove, Ill., and was attended by her mother, Audrey, a piano teacher at Chicago’s American Conservatory of Music, and her father, Robert, a semi-retired apartment building manager. “I was very young then,” says the strawberry blonde. “I depended upon Wayne quite a bit. He took more control of things and I was like a scared doe. Now I’m on my own. The scared doe doesn’t exist anymore.”

Having played Tina Clayton since 1978, Evans left “One Life” in December 1981 with Massey, and the couple moved to Nashville. While Massey pursued a career as a singer (he now duets with his new wife, country crooner Charly McClain), Evans took it easy for a year. Then she landed the role of Patty on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, which is filmed in Los Angeles. “I don’t think it’s possible to run a marriage across the country,” says Evans, and hers didn’t travel well. The couple divorced last year.

Evans returned to “One Life” last January. “I’m more confident,” she explains. “I’m able to have fun with the character and have fun with myself.”

Like Tina, she’s also shrewder than she was in an earlier incarnation. In the tradition of her trade, Evans likes to shave four years off her past and give her age as 24. She insists that there is a typo in her college records. While in college she entered and lost the Miss Illinois pageant back home. “I’m not against beauty pageants,” she says now, “but I’m torn because I tend to be feministic in a lot of ways. Is feministic a word?” Savvy about cross-promotion as well as self-promotion, Evans recently signed with the Elite agency as a model. On the subject of romance, she is circumspect. Her current man is a publicity-shy L.A. producer. Though her marriage couldn’t withstand long distance, this relationship “gets a lot of help from GTE Sprint, People Express and MCI,” says Evans.

The steadiest males in her life are still Grompit (a nonsense word used by her father) and Uff da (a Norwegian expletive). The dogs even accompany Evans to work. “They sit in the makeup room under a sign that says, ‘Permanently reserved for the Evans boys.’ Bob Woods [a "One Life" co-star] said that if he’s ever reincarnated, he wants to come back as one of my dogs. Of course he said that after he found out they sleep with me.” Arf, arf.

Saving the best for last, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the plotlines coming up on “OLTL” a couple of weeks down the road. A jealous fiancé is responsible for bringing unwelcome visitor to town. Llanview’s leading lady convinces her enemy’s puppet to stop his attack on BE. A cop is tempted by cash recovered in a drug bust. And, as one couple goes on the run, another nearly gives into passion.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. That’s all for now; please be sure and join me again on April 30th. See you next time.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Pictured: My View of Llanview courtesy Matt Smith/Soap Opera Network

OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 14 Edition

A young girl’s heart wrenching decision.
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 2:47 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Why must I be a teenager in love…. and pregnant?


Langston uncovers Starr’s pamphlet on abortion and wonders if her friend is seriously considering it. Cole accuses Todd of attempting to ruin Starr’s life. Todd boils with anger as Cole tells him that he would never hurt Starr the way that Todd hurt Marty. As Starr overhears Todd threaten Cole with jail time, she realizes what she needs to do. Starrs asks Langston for her help in her quest to terminate her pregnancy. Starr informs Langston that they will switch places in order for Starr to sneak out of the house without Shaun following her. Later, after putting their dangerous plan into motion, Starr dodges a few close calls but successfully manages to sneak out of the house. Cole and Markko encounter Langston at school dressed as Starr and demand to know what is going on. Cole confronts Langston, who points him in the right direction. Starr nearly has a nervous breakdown as she prepares to follow through with her plan.

Once more Gigi’s attempt at telling Rex the truth about Shane is interrupted following a visit from Adriana. Once Rex leaves, Adriana makes subtle threats to Gigi. Layla tells Dorian that she has noticed changes in Adriana. Dorian sets out to find more information on Brody Lovett. Rex and Adriana make love, and afterwards he learns that Adriana doesn’t plan to ask Marcie to be a part of the wedding. Gigi is affected by Shane’s closeness to Charlie, who she believes to be her son’s grandfather. A frigid Adriana mistakenly believes that Gigi summoned Rex to BE, prompting Rex to explain to her that it was actually Clint who had contacted him. Dorian informs Adriana that Brody Lovett was from Joplin, Missouri. Adriana refuses to rest until she uncovers the truth, and is enraged to learn that Rex has invited Gigi and Shane to the wedding. Seeming to become more and more like her mother every day, Adriana orders Dorian and Layla to go to Missouri to find out what Gigi is hiding. Gigi, meanwhile, continues to receive warnings from Adriana to stay away from her man.


After finding his two friends in a motel room together, Antonio and John have it out. Later, back at the station Ramsey admits to Antonio that he set him up to find John and Talia together in order to show him the type of man John McBain really is. Both John and Talia suffer the consequences of their ‘affair’ as news spreads around Llanview. At the Diner, John and Cristian nearly come to blows. Bo tells John how disappointed he is in him. Ramsey makes it clear to Antonio that he wants John thrown off the force. Jessica and Antonio share a touching moment. Natalie demands answers from John. Talia and Jessica have a bitchy confrontation. Natalie has a difficult time believing that John would sleep with Talia behind Antonio’s back, and believes there is more to the story. John talks Talia into joining him at Capricorn. Jared isn’t too happy to see John and Natalie together, and admits his jealousy to Natalie. Antonio asks Jessica if she can really trust Nash. Cristian continues to be troubled by Sarah’s closeness to Nash. Charlie is filled with guilt as Viki tells him that he could never be as sneaky or underhanded as Clint. Nash and Sarah bump into each other half naked. Jessica and Cristian work to convince themselves that they have nothing to worry about. Nash believes he and Sarah make a perfect team. Jared refuses to give up on the woman he loves, while Natalie continues to fight her feelings for him.
Charlie worries that he will lose Viki if he confesses the truth.


- John informs Natalie that Allison may never emerge from her coma.

-The friction increases between Marcie and Michael.

- Clint defends his actions when Nora confronts him with Todd’s article in The Sun.

- Clint hires Rex to search for dirt on Calvin Jenkins when Lindsay’s file proves useless to him.

- After chatting with Lindsay, Dorian once more contacts Calvin Jenkins.

- Todd presents Ramsey with notorized statements from himself and Gigi outlining Ramsey’s misdeeds.

- Jared bubbles when Natalie agrees to have a drink with Miles.

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Monday: Cole and Starr have an emotion and heartfelt reunion; Gigi denies Adriana’s accusations; Jared’s jealousy grows when he sees Natalie with Miles.

Tuesday: Cristian springs to his feet when John kisses Talia; Adriana is furious when Rex rushes to Gigi’s aid; Dorian and Layla uncover one of Gigi’s secrets.

Wednesday: Todd has a proposition for Starr regarding Cole; John and Talia work to uncover Ramsey’s tie to Caitlin; Antonio fumes when John plans to press charges against Cristian.

Thursday: Dorian refuses to back down from her attack on BE; Michael delivers heartbreaking news to Antonio concerning Jamie; Gigi tells Rex that she doesn’t need his help.

Friday: Dorian and Layla come face-to-face with Brody Lovett; Clint reminds Bo that they must get their hands dirty in order to protect BE; Cole wants Starr to run away with him.

Pictured: Kristen Alderson courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

The truth is closer than you think.
Sunday, April 6, 2008 10:44 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — The person out to destroy Buchanan Enterprises is revealed.


Clint meets with Calvin Jenkins, who appears to have it out for Buchanan Enterprises. Lindsay informs Dorian of all she’s done to help BE. Dorian, meanwhile, is revealed to be partners with Calvin. Viki confronts Clint with a distasteful article about him that Todd plans on running in The Sun. Much to Viki’s dismay, however, Clint admits that most of what Todd says in the article is true. Meanwhile, Clint asks Lindsay to search for dirt on Calvin. Dorian has Calvin completely under her control. Calvin comes to the realization that Dorian will stop at nothing in order to exact her revenge. Dorian, meanwhile, looks forward to seeing both Clint and Viki destroyed. And later, while doing Adriana’s dirty work, Dorian discovers from her PI that Brody Lovett really does exist.

With Langston by her side, Starr receives the results of her home pregnancy test. Cole suspects that Langston isn’t being truthful about Starr. Natalie spies Jared telling Cole that he understands how it feels to not be able to be with the woman you love. Starr breaks down in Blair’s arms after having a dream about Cole. Langston keeps Starr’s secret. Cole and Markko suspect that Langston and Starr are hiding something. Langston worries about what Starr will do now that she is pregnant. Langston and Starr are thankful for one another. Meanwhile, Todd discovers that Ramsey is threatening Gigi, and considers joining forces with her in order to bring down Ramsey. Gigi throws Rex a curveball concerning Shane. Todd storms in on Ramsey and issues him an ultimatum. After he leaves, Ramsey beings to wait on and read to an unseen woman. Gigi is remorseful that she will never be able to tell Rex that Shane is his son. Gigi is concerned with Todd informs her that he has already told Ramsey that they have teamed up against him. Rex quizzes Gigi on why she is upset, who tells him that she dreams of having a real family. Adriana grows increasing jealous of Rex’s closeness with Shane.


Viki and Charlie agree that it is too soon to get married, but that he should move back to Llanfiar. Jared reassures Charlie that he won’t take him down with him. Natalie fumes when Jared attempts to put the moves on her. After taunting Jared with the knowledge that she can reveal his secret at any time she pleases, Natalie orders Pamela Stuart to Llanview. Upon her arrival, Pamela is confronted by Natalie who demands to know why she is in cahoots with Jared. Pamela informs her that Jared’s abusive stepfather was her brother. Charlie confesses to Viki the tragic story of Jimmy’s death. Meanwhile, Pamela’s recollection of the events surrounding the boy’s death leaves Natalie shaken. Later Pamela introduces herself to Charlie when she encounters he and Jared at the Palace. Jared informs Pamela of Charlie’s true identity, who then gives Charlie the cold shoulder. The sexual tension is high between Jared and Natalie.


- Blair enjoys her first night as owner of Capricorn.

- Jessica is clueless to the fact that Sarah and Nash are splitting a two-bedroom suite in Napa; Nash and Sarah have a great first day at the convention.

- Cristian is shocked when Nash answers the phone when he calls Sarah’s room.

- Antonio continues to give Talia the cold shoulder and defends Ramsey over John.

- LPD cop Eddie, as well as Cristian, pick up on how close John and Talia seem to have become.

- Cristian informs Jessica of Nash and Sarah’s sharing a suite, and work to convince themselves that they have nothing to be worried about; Sarah and Nash are having a great time in Napa.

- Ramsey sees John kissing Talia, and continues to try to win over Antonio; Ramsey sets up John and Talia for a fall.

- John receives some interesting information concerning Caitlin.

- Marcie and Michael continue to grow apart.

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Monday: Cole blames Todd for ruining Starr’s life; Gigi contemplates confessing to Rex; John and Antonio duke it out.

Tuesday: Adriana spirals out of control with jealousy; Lindsay provides Clint with dirt on Calvin Jenkins; the mood between Sarah and Nash turns awkward.

Wednesday: Ramsey admits to Antonio that he wants John kicked off the LPD; Nora is not pleased with the changes in Clint.

Thursday: Starr and Langston put their desperate plan in motion; John talks Talia into going out on a date; Antonio asks Jessica about her doubts concerning Sarah and Nash.

Friday: Adriana threatens Gigi; Jared is jealous of Natalie’s decision to spend more time with Miles; Cole orders Langston to tell him what is happening with Starr.

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Evans Brings Tina Back to Llanview

Beloved actress returns to soap
Friday, April 4, 2008 4:36 PM| By Scotty Gore

( — A fan favorite returns after an absence of nearly two decades.

Following years of speculation, and an eighteen-year absence from Llanview, Soap Opera Digest is confirming that Andrea Evans is returning to “One Life to Live” as Tina Lord Roberts. Evans orginated the role in 1978. After leaving in 1981, she would return again in 1985. In 1990, Evans left “OLTL” once more, this time removing herself from public life for nearly a decade after revealing that a crazed fan had been stalking her.

During the 1990s, Evans appeared in the films “A Low Down Dirty Shame” and “Ice Cream Man.” In 1999, she returned to daytime as Tawny Moore on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” where she remained until 2000. Later that same year she replaced former “Brady Bunch” star Maureen McCormick in the recurring role of Rebecca Hotchkiss on “Passions.” Following that soap’s
cancellation by DirecTV, fans have been flooding online message boards with speculation that Evans might return to her Llanview roots. The character of Tina has been absent from Llanview for than a decade, having last been seen in early 1997, despite the fact that much of her family (including siblings Todd and Viki, and daughter Sarah) remains in town.

In June of 2007, Evans told Soap Opera Digest when asked what her favorite role was, said “That’s an easy one … Tina Lord Roberts on “One Life to Live” because in every actor’s life, you hope for a role that becomes bigger than yourself and for me, Tina was that role.”

Details on Evans return to Llanview are sketchy, but sources are indicating that she will share a connection to a character that viewers love to hate. No first airdate has been announced.

Pictured: Andrea Evans courtesy NBC

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My View of Llanview: March 30 Edition

Back to the past
Sunday, March 30, 2008 11:23 PM| By Scotty Gore

( – A look back at Erika Slezak’s early days in Llanview.

Hello everyone. Student teaching is still keeping on my toes, so here is another article I found recently about “OLTL.” Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of the spring season. I hope all these April showers bring plenty of May flowers. Now that spring is here, I can hardly wait for summer to begin.

Due to that fact I am again taking a trip down memory lane with my column. My apologizes once more for the improtu column. The following article appeared in Daytime TV, in May 1972. It features Erika Slezak,
and is about her parents, childhood, and landing a role on “One Life to Live.” It was written by R. Marian Rose. Hope you enjoy…….

“Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord) lets you know every chance she gets, that she adores her family. Right now the family is a little scattered. Her dad, Walter Slezak, and mom, Joanna, live in Switzerland; her sister Ingrid, is married to a doctor and lives in Canada with her two sons; brother Leo is now in college but spent time with Erika last summer. However, Switzerland is not too far away for any of the Slezak offspring and, whenever they decide to go home, off they go to Mom and Dad.

Born in California on an August 5, Erika spent most of her young life attending boarding schools. They were not the kind that kept you from your family, though. She went to the Convent of Scared Heart in Greenwich, Conn., but didn’t like it there too well so she transferred to the Convent of Scared Heart in Philadelphia.

“I like the Pennsylvania school better because the girls were much nicer and the school had a pleasant atmosphere. I was always worried about being accepted by the other girls because I was younger than most. The school was a five days boarding school and the family was together on weekends.”

When did Erika first decide she wanted to act?

“I can’t recall a time when I didn’t want to act. As a child, I knew I’d act, but of course, I didn’t realize that it was difficult. When I was in my sophomore year in high school, Dad talked to me about training for a career in acting. At that time, Mom stayed out of the discussion, but today I’m more nervous when my mother in the audience because she’s very objective. “Dad goes to pieces when he sees me on stage. One thing he did for me at that time was let me have no illusions about the acting profession. He explained that it was going to be harder for me because I had a famous father. I would have to prove myself more than others and, as usual, he was right.

“All the fame did for me was get me in to audition, but once inside, I was on my own. I knew most of the producers because I had met them when I was a child, and I had to go through the charade of being introduced all over again. One thing Dad did ask of me was: ‘If you discover you have no talent, get out of the business. They’ll be twice as hard on you.’ He also added: ‘If I feel that you have no talent, I’ll tell you.’”

So for that hasn’t happened. And, it probably never will, because Erika is talented and has worked hard over the years preparing for her career. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England, and was a member of the Milwaukee Repertory Company for three seasons. During those three years, she was a leading lady in everything from Chekov to Noel Coward.

“It was a marvelous experience; also rewarding. Theatre for me is most fascinating because it’s before an audience but I find daytime television wonderful, too. I’m glad I did repertory work first, though, because if you’re thrown into daytime television too quickly, it’s extremely hard. In repertory work, you’re given time to polish a performance. With time and experience, you find the easy way to do things. Everything I learned in repertory work can be applied to my daytime work and I find that it makes the load easier to carry.”

How does she feel about being on a daytime serial?

“I love it! I get a little peeved too because too many people think daytime actors are secondary people, but that’s not true. Some of your finest actors are on daytime shows. I’m enjoying everything about the show. I love my colleagues and the professional atmosphere in which I work.”

Erika, as beautiful as she is talented, is tall, slim, blonde-haired and blue eyed, so it was only natural the next question be about her social life. Is there anyone special on the scene?

“I have many friends but no one special. Actually, I don’t want to marry yet. I prefer to wait until I’m settled down. I enjoy being on my own and because of my work, my schedule keeps me from a more active social life. When I know I’m performing, I get to bed by 11 p.m. the latest because I have to be up early and in top notch shape.

“I guess I can also say that I’m waiting to find a man with whom I can have the same relationship that my parents have. Daddy never went anywhere that he didn’t take my mother along. Many times, the children also went. But he never was away from any of us for more than a week. Marriage is not easy and whatever my parents have together, they’ve worked hard for. I want the same kind of family life that I grew up in. uses that’s the European upbringing in me. One thing I still enjoy is watching my father and brother, Leo, who’s 23 now, kiss when they meet. Why shouldn’t they? They’re father and son, and showing love and affection for each other doesn’t make them less masculine. I rather like it myself.

How does Erika feels about the Women Liberation Movement?

“A great deal of it is legitimate but, in some instances, they’ve gone too far. The arts such as acting, singing and ballet really don’t require Women’s Lib to help them. These are fields that equal pay is a standard practice and almost every play has love somewhere in its theme, so male and female, both, are required. The publishing field, secretaries and nurses need Women’s Lib to help them establish themselves on an equal basis with the men. I think one thing that the movement has done is call attention to the fact that women are very capable in the business world. Too many people have been led to believe that a woman leaves he mind at home with her family when she reports for work. That is definitely not true. The movement also called the public’s attention to the valuable role women are playing and can play in politics.”

What about the world situation?

“What can I say except to elaborate on the fact that the whole world seems to have been governed, since time began, by men fighting. War is a single, predominant, force in history. I don’t feel the Vietnam War will stop in communism. The original policy was not to interfere, but it turned into just that – interference – because of politics. When we leave the country, the people will do just as they please, anyway. When our young people grow up, the world will have to change. And, if the youth of today maintain their ideals, the world will be a better place by far. They are more alert at a younger age and that’s good.”

It was on this note that the interview indeed – a most enjoyable two hours spent with a lovely, talented young woman. It was also very heartening to hear a young woman speak about her family with such love and devotion. Her eyes lit up every time she spoke of home (and that is wherever her parents happened to be living).”

Saving the best for last, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the plotlines coming up on “OLTL” a couple of weeks down the road. A vendictive female is revealed to be the mastermind behind the recent troubles at BE. A young Buchanan summons her former step-grandmother back to Llanview. Capricorn’s new owner enjoys her first night on the job. And a husband and wife continue to drift apart.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. My apologizes again for posting another article instead of rambling on like I usually do. But there are only so many hours in the day, and so many things to do. That’s all for now; please be sure and join me again on April 15th. See you next time. Enjoy the warmer weather.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Pictured: My View of Llanview courtesy Matt Smith/Soap Opera Network

OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

Confessed secrets
Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:33 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Will Natalie reveal Jared’s secret now that she knows the truth?


Bo and Nora reminisce while stranded on the side of the road. Lindsay’s accusations that Bo and Nora still have unresolved feelings for one another gets under Clint’s skin. Bo and Nora are rescued by Clint and Lindsay and the quad head for the lodge. Bo pleads with Lindsay to get over her jealousy of Nora. Lindsay, meanwhile, strikes a nerve while talking to Nora. Lindsay offers to help Clint with yet another crisis at BE. Nora and Lindsay butt heads when Lindsay accuses Nora of having feelings for both Clint and Bo.

Starr confides in Langston that she may be pregnant with Cole’s baby. Langston, meanwhile, pledges to stand by her best friend. Blair manages to convince Todd to do what’s best for his daughter. Starr fears that Todd will spot the pregnancy test, and manages to hide it, but not before it get ruined. Todd agrees to allow Starr to return to school as long as she stays away from Cole. Langston dodges Blair’s questions about Starr. Cole and Starr struggle to keep their distance at school. Starr asks Langston to get her another pregnancy test. Cole gets into a fight with a boy at school when he makes an inappropriate comment toward Starr. Meanwhile, Starr tells Langston that she’s not sure what she’ll do if she is indeed pregnant. Starr and Langston panic upon thinking Todd will find the test. The two friends anxiously await the test results.


Finally giving in to temptation, Jared kisses Natalie and confesses to her that he’s not really a Buchanan. Natalie is floored to discover that David Vickers is really her uncle, and that Jared and Nigel have been lying to the family. Jared’s apology to Natalie falls on deaf ears. Jared has something to say to Clint and Bo. Natalie confronts a horrified Nigel. Later, she stops Jared from confessing to the family, but tells him that nothing will ever happen between them. Jared informs Charlie of what he has done. Charlie, meanwhile, prepares to come clean with Viki. Natalie reminds Jared that she is only keeping his secret to protect Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie considers calling Pamela when Jared tells her that he really did grow up with her. Viki jumps to the wrong conclusion when Charlie attempts to confess. Jared warns Charlie to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, across town, Rex drops by Llanfair to visit Gigi and Shane while claiming he came to see Charlie. Gigi is on the verge of making a confession to Rex when he receives a call from Adriana, who is on her way back to Paris. Later, Adriana orders Dorian to dig up dirt on Shane’s ‘supposed’ father. Viki, Dorian, Roxy, and Charlie go over plans for the wedding. Rex and Shane continue to bond. And Dorian hires a PI to investigate Brody Lovett.


- Cristian and Jessica try to convince themselves not to be jealous of Sarah and Nash’s trip to Napa.

- The tension between Talia and Antonio continues to grow, while John works to establish a connection between Caitlin and Ramsey.

- John realizes too late that Ramey set him up by leaving him alone with the evidence following a drug bust.

- John confronts Ramsey, who pushes his buttons by taunting him about Caitlin.

- Antonio and Talia argue about Ramsey at the LPD.

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Monday: Langston makes a pact with Starr; Rex confronts Gigi about Shane; Natalie overhears Jared pouring out his heart.

Tuesday: Jared wants to take things to the next level with Natalie; Todd stand up to Ramsey; Cristian discovers that Nash and Sarah are staying in the same room.

Wednesday: Clint enlists Linsday’s aide once more; the person behind BE’s troubles is revealed; Gigi regrets the years Rex lost with Shane.

Thursday: Ramsey increases the tension between Talia, Antonio, and John; Jared challenges Natalie to tell his secret.

Friday: Todd teams up with Gigi to take down Ramsey; Langston ponders Starr’s dilemma; Ramsey arranges for Antonio to find John and Talia together.

Pictured: Farah Fath courtesy NBC

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

Like mother, like daughter
Sunday, March 23, 2008 3:10 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Adriana is ready to sever ties with Dorian, who begs her daughter for another chance. Adriana gives Dorian one last chance, but with strings attached–she must ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch or she is out of her life for good. Rex and Jared come to blows at the diner. Layla informs Adriana of what happened between Jared and Rex. Gigi treats Shane to a special birthday breakfast, and dodges his questions about his father. Adriana proves she is her mother’s daughter when she confronts Gigi and demands the name of Shane’s father. Rex’s curiosity is quipped when Dorian is overly nice to him. Just as Adriana is about to get the truth from Gigi, Shane enters the room and states that his father was Sgt. Hogan McNair. As Dorian covers for Adriana, Rex confronts her on her sudden interest in the wedding. Layla’s arrival pokes a hole in Adriana’s cover plan. Adriana, meanwhile, tells Rex that she and Gigi had a nice friendly conversation. Dorian notices changes in Adriana.

Blair narrowly succeeds in keeping Todd from spotting Cole, and reminds he and Starr what Todd will do if he finds them together. Cole manages to sneak back out of the house. After confronting Markko, Blair seeks John’s aid in keeping Cole away from Starr. Todd finds wisdom in Addie’s words about Starr. John receives warning from Blair that Todd knows about Cole shooting Miles. John forces Cole to realize that he must stay away from Starr. Langston is shocked to discover Starr bought a home pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Antonio gives Talia and John the cold shoulder. Ramsey gets to John when he warns him that his job is in jeopardy and wonders how many people will go down with him. Antonio’s jealousy continues to build. Talia slaps Antonio when he tells her that John only wants to sleep with her. Ramsey and the other cops at the LPD watch as John confronts Antonio about his attitude toward Talia. Later, Ramsey makes a cryptic phone call.


Viki and Charlie are blissfully happy together. Charlie responds to Dorian’s overt threat with a stern reminder of whose holding all the cards. Roxy confesses to Charlie that she has no clue as to the true identity of Rex’s father. Charlie and Roxy come to the realization that they were both in Atlantic City and heavy drinkers around the time Rex would have been conceived. Clint gives in to temptation and uses the information Lindsay gathered on Warren Cobb. Bo tells Lindsay he wants them to take things slow and see where they lead. Nora’s blood boils when Lindsay suggests that she knows Clint better than Nora does. Bo is disappointed to watch Clint gleefully destroy Warren Cobb. The tension begins to mount as Clint defends his actions to his brother. Jared agrees with Clint, while Natalie sides with Bo. Natalie tells Jared she doesn’t like people who pretend to be someone they’re not. Clint organizes a BE business meeting retreat at the Buchanan Lodge. Jared and Natalie are rattled after almost sharing a kiss. Jared tells Charlie that he is unsure how much longer he can pretend to be a Buchanan, and wonders if Natalie and Viki could forgive him. Viki continues to be happy with Charlie. Jared and Natalie find themselves stranded at the lodge in an ice storm without power. Jared gives in to his feelings and kisses Natalie. Lindsay demands Clint take her to the lodge upon learning that Bo and Nora are on their way there. Meanwhile, Bo and Nora’s car swerves off the road.


- Blair buys Capricorn.

- Marcie and Michael find themselves growing apart.

- Blair offers to buy Capricorn.

- Nash’s business partner continues to offer him money.

- Nash hires Sarah to help him organize an event in Napa.

- Sarah is surprised by Nash’s offer.

- Jessica and Cristian bond over their shared past.

- My View of Llanview: March 15 Edition. READ MORE


Monday: Jared confesses to Natalie; Lindsay warns Clint that Bo and Nora may still have feelings for one another; Starr shares her greatest fear with Langston.

Tuesday: Natalie makes an unexpected decision concerning Jared; Adriana looks for info. on Shane’s father; Bo tells Lindsay to get over her jealousy of Nora.

Wednesday: Cole comes to Starr’s rescue at school as they try to steer clear of each other; Cristian and Jessica are shocked as Nash and Sarah head to Napa.

Thursday: John discovers that he has been set up by Ramsey; Jared informs Charlie that Natalie now knows the truth; Lindsay and Nora continue to bicker.

Friday: Starr receives the results of her home pregnancy test; John accuses Antonio of siding with Ramsey; Dorian does Adriana’s dirty work and investigates Shane’s father.

Pictured: Melissa Archer courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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My View of Llanview: March 15 Edition

Saturday, March 15, 2008 7:59 PM| By Scotty Gore

( – A study of Llanview’s silver anniversary.

Greetings everyone. Hope all my fellow “One Life to Live” fans are having a wonderful weekend and a great month of March. I cannot believe that it is nearly springtime already. My how time flies when you are swamped with work. The last few days have been very hectic for me with homework, field trips, papers to grade, and the PRAXIS Test. For those of you unfamiliar with the exam, it is a test you are required to take over your content area in order to become certified to teach in your state. It is a nationwide testing system, that is modified to fit the curriculum taught in each U.S. state and territory. For me, there are three parts, one over classroom management and discipline, one over language arts, and one over social studies (which I took this morning). You must have a certain score on each test before you gain certification. Here is the basic set-up, remember all the material you covered in your social studies classes in school from 5th-9th grades, and cram it into a two hour block of time, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Needless to say it was exhausting, and has put me a little behind in other things (such as my “OLTL” viewing).

Due to that fact I am again taking a trip down memory lane with my column. My apologizes again for lack of original comments and content recently in my column, but student teaching is very time consuming and important to me, and because of that, everything else has to set in the back seat for awhile. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but I do have a life outside of “SON” and “OLTL,” and I intend to continue to make it my number one priority right now.

So, since the 40th anniversary of “OLTL” is coming up in just a few short months, here is a look back at an article about another Llanview milestone-the 25th anniversary of “OLTL.” The date was July 11, 1993 (three days before “OLTL’s” silver anniversary), when the following article appeared in “Newsweek” magazine. It is entitled “ABC Serial Hits a Quarter-Century, Still the Soap with a Social Conscience,” and was written by Libby Slate. As you read see if you notice many similarities between the “OLTL” of 1993 and of 2008.

“I had a recurring nightmare when I took over the show, ” says Linda Gottleib, executive producer of daytime’s “One Life to Live ” for the last two years. “I would turn on the set and there was the opening logo and theme music — and then a blank screen, nothing but static. “

Gottleib needn’t have worried. On Thursday she will help celebrate the ABC soap opera’s 25th anniversary. During that quarter century, life in the fictional Philadelphia suburb of Llanview has overflowed with the romances, trials and tribulations of the families Lord, Wolek, Riley and Buchanan.

Along the way there have been side trips to heaven, the Old West and even a buried underground city named Eterna. The show made stars of Judith Light, who won back-to-back Daytime Emmy Awards in 1980 and 1981 as prostitute Karen Wolek, and fellow Emmy winners Erika Slezak as Victoria Buchanan and Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord. The first black actor to win a Daytime Emmy, Al Freeman Jr. in 1979, did so portraying police Capt. Ed Hall. Other “One Life ” alums include Tom Berenger, Tommy Lee Jones, Jameson Parker, Phylicia Rashad and Esther Rolle.

The show was created in 1968 by the venerable Agnes Nixon, after ABC asked her to come up with a soap for the network. Nixon proposed a serial called “Between Heaven and Hell, ” dealing with relationships among different social classes and ethnic groups rather than the traditionally WASPish daytime characters.

The name may have changed before its debut, but the premise remained. The soap initially spotlighted the wealthy Lord family, whose patriarch Victor published the town’s newspaper; the working-class Woleks, and the Irish-Catholic Riley clan.

“When I started, ” Gottleib recalls, “I asked Agnes what the core of the show was, in her view. She said, ‘The haves and the have-nots.’ ”

Nixon wasted no time delving into socially relevant issues as well, with a story about African-American secretary Carla Gray (Ellen Holly) passing as white and becoming involved with both a white man and a black man; numerous ABC affiliates refused to air the show. When Cathy Craig (Amy Levitt), the daughter of a Llanview doctor, became addicted to drugs, cameras showed the teen-ager at the New York rehab center Odyssey House in therapy with real addicts.

“Agnes felt a real moral responsibility to teach, to do something worthwhile for a half hour, ” says Slezak, who has been on the show since St. Patrick’s Day, 1971. “I agree. You can do that and entertain at the same time. ”

Slezak, the show’s longest-running cast member, plays stalwart Viki, who periodically has suffered from a split-personality disorder resulting in psychologically suspenseful Viki-Niki story lines. Slezak’s favorite plot twists: a 1987 out-of-body experience in which she went to heaven for two weeks, and an Old West fantasy the following year, in which she played her own great-grandmother.

The show first took on a Western flavor in 1979 — the era of the prime-time soap “Dallas ” — with the advent of the oil-rich Buchanan family. By the late 1980s, it took on a fantasy bent. But the ratings were anything but fantastic, with “One Life ” usually at or near the bottom of the Nielsens.

In 1991, ABC daytime executive Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin recruited Gottleib to resurrect the once highly rated show. They had worked together in the early days of the “ABC Afterschool Special. ” Gottleib, who had had no previous soap experience (her credits include HBO’s “Citizen Cohn ” and the hit film “Dirty Dancing “), in turn hired novelist and fellow serial novice Michael Malone as head writer.

The two have worked to develop existing characters, create new ones and return to Nixon’s original mission to be the soap with a social conscience. “One Life ” now consistently finishes in fourth, fifth or sixth place among 10 soaps.

“The show has an even richer tapestry of characters than it did before, ” says Robin Strasser, who in February returned as Dorian after a five-year absence. “Linda and Michael have filled out this town, peopled it with quirky, interesting, full characters. ”

Both Gottleib, who has brought feature-film editing and music- scoring techniques to the show, and Malone say they believe in taking risks. Last summer they launched a soap first — a story line about homophobia that generated thousands of letters of gratitude from gay teens and their parents and has since been studied in college courses on popular culture.

Thursday’s anniversary episode brings together many of the show’s characters, including a confrontation between longtime adversaries Viki and Dorian. A future plot line, Malone says, will focus on the right-to-die issue.

Why has the soap been on so long? “I think it’s because it’s character-driven and has had a string of good actors, ” says Strasser. “It has deserved to stay around 25 years, because it’s never been afraid to change and evolve. ”

Saving the best for last, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the plotlines coming up on “OLTL” a couple of weeks down the road. A mother admits that she has no idea who her son’s real father is. One brother is surprised by the other’s behavior. Someone gets slapped for a false accusation. A mother turns to the cops for help protecting her daughter. An ice storm traps two in a cabin. A possessive father receives valuable advice from his newly independent mother-in-law. A young lady spots her best friend with a pregnancy test.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. My apologizes again for posting another article instead of rambling on like I usually do. But there are only so many hours in the day, and so many things to do. That’s all for now; please be sure and join me again on March 30th See you next time. Take care and stay safe.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Pictured: My View of Llanview courtesy Matt Smith/Soap Opera Network

OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

Secrets lie heavy on the heart
Saturday, March 15, 2008 6:56 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Lies, confessions, and videotape.


Jared is placed on the offensive when he learns that Natalie recorded his conversation with Nigel, in which he confessed to not being a Buchanan. After unsuccessfully attempting to erase the tape, Jared panics when Natalie asks John to stop by her office. Jared jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes the worst. John starts to become suspicious of Jared. Covering his behind, Jared claims to Natalie that he wanted to erase the tape because he confessed his true feelings for her on it. Natalie decides to erase the tape without even listening to it.
Jared attempts to cheer up Gigi….with a kiss. Jared and Charlie continue to bond. Charlie’s mention of a childhood accident unnerves Jared. Rex sees red following Jared and Gigi’s kiss, and punches him. Jared makes a shocking confession to Charlie concerning the untimely death of his baby brother.

Starr tells Langston that she had no choice but to break up with Cole. The break-up leaves Starr heartbroken and Cole miserable. Todd receives a jolt when he discovers Ramsey is still living in the penthouse. In a plot to get even with her father, Starr tells Marcie that she needs to have Sam taken away from Todd because he abuses the boy. Starr’s plan however quickly falls apart when Marcie calls John.
Although Starr apologizes for the incident, Marcie is left visibly shaken. Langston and Markko develop a plan for Starr and Cole to be together. Blair catches Cole sneaking into the house to see Starr. Ramsey refuses to sell the penthouse back to Todd. John is angered when Antonio refuses to stand up to Ramsey. Antonio, meanwhile, apologizes after blowing up at Talia. Later his anger bubbles when Ramsey assigns John and Talia to lead a task force to combat gang violence in Angel Square. Ramsey’s erratic behavior continues, meanwhile it is revealed that he now has a female roommate. Later, Ramsey makes a mysterious phone call. Antonio struggles to control his anger as John and Talia begin investigating Ramsey.


Bo is perturbed when Ramsey takes over the investigation of embezzlement charges against Harris York involving Buchanan Enterprises. Lindsay’s actions continue to anger Clint, especially when she tells him to step down off his pedestal and do what needs to be done to protect BE. Nora’s sudden arrival at Clint’s office forces Lindsay into hiding. Bo warns Nora to stop badmouthing Lindsay. Although
managing to cover her actions in front of Bo, Lindsay gets drenched in the process. Lindsay continues to urge Clint to use the information she has obtained on potential BE adversaries. Later, Bo, Lindsay, Nora, and Clint find themselves at the diner, where Viki is filling in for Carlotta. Gigi helps Viki at the diner. A smug Dorian drops by the diner with the Mayor after learning Viki is waiting tables again. However, much to Dorian’s dismay, she is unable to get a rise out of Viki. Viki, meanwhile, enjoying waiting tables again.


- Gigi comes clean about Shane just as Adriana returns from Paris, unfortunately neither hears her confession.

- After making love, Adriana tells Rex she wants to get married sooner rather than later.

- Blair offers to buy Capricorn.

- Learning of Adriana’s return home, Dorian sets out for Rex’s apartment.

- Although she manages to get Adriana to delay the wedding, Dorian is disgusted at the thought of having Rex as a son-in-law.

- Sarah saves the day by showing Nash a design of Cristian’s that is exactly what he is looking for.

- Adriana angrily confronts Dorian after learning the reason for her recent stay in Paris.

- Layla tries to tell Adriana she has nothing to worry about as far as Rex and Gigi are concerned.

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- My View of Llanview: March 15th Edition. READ MORE


Monday: Blair keeps Todd from finding Cole; Dorian begs Adriana for a second chance; Antonio gives John and Talia the cold shoulder.

Tuesday: Clint can’t resist the urge to use Lindsay’s information; Adriana demands answers from Gigi; Charlie warns Dorian to keep her mouth shut.

Wednesday: Adriana lies to Rex about Gigi; Bo and Clint butt heads; Marcie and Michael feel they are beginning to drift apart.

Thursday: Frustration builds between Antonio, John, and Talia; Natalie is shaken after almost kissing Jared; Blair confronts Markko about helping Cole sneak into the house to see Starr.

Friday: Natalie and Jared find themselves alone and in a cabin; John manages to convince Cole to stay away from Starr; Antonio accuses Talia of getting hot and heavy with John.

Pictured: Catherine Hickland courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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