How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Kambra Clifford, West Coast Editor
'The Talk' vs 'ATWT:' Which Does/Did Better? Plus Full Daytime Ratings

( — Time and time again we've been asked how daytime shows (those airing only on ABC, CBS and NBC) such as "The View," "The Price is Right," "Let's Make a Deal" and even "The Talk" do in the ratings compared to the daytime soaps that we report on weekly here at Soap Opera Network. So we thought we would compile ratings for daytime programming, separate from just the soaps, and also see how CBS' "The Talk" is doing when compared to "As The World Turns," the show it replaced this season.

For the week of March 8-12, 2010, CBS' now canceled "As The World Turns" had 2.47 million viewers watching the trials and tribulations of Oakdale's prominent citizens. By comparison,"The Talk," which replaced it in the 2:00 PM ET timeslot, had only 2.11 million viewers watching the antics of co-hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini during the week of March 7-11, 2011. While the difference of only 360,000 viewers doesn't appear like much, we must remind readers that total viewers means nothing – it is the demos that pays the bills, in particular Women 18-49. In year-to-year comparisons, "As The World Turns" rated 50% higher than "The Talk" in Women 18-49 (rating), while 19% higher in actuals (viewers). Meanwhile, in the all important youth demographics of Girls 12-17 and Women 18-34, "The Talk" has tied "World Turns" or increased on the soaps viewership. In Girls 12-17 (viewers), "Talk" is doing 69% better than "World," while in Women 18-34 (rating) both are tied.

What follows are the ratings comparisons of "As The World Turns" and "The Talk" for the week of March 8-12, 2010 vs March 7-11, 2011:

Category As The World Turns
Week of March 8-12, 2010
The Talk
Week of March 7-11, 2011
Total Viewers 2,468,000 2,111,000
Households/Share 1.8/6 1.6/5
Women 18-49 Rating/Share 0.9/6 0.5/5
Women 18-49 Viewers 613,000 513,000
Girls 12-17 Viewers 16,000 27,000
Women 18-34 Rating 0.5/4 0.5/4
Men 18+ Viewers 503,000 412,000

Ultimately, while "As The World Turns" had consistently rated better than "The Talk" in many key categories, the cost of producing "Talk" is significantly lower. Therefore, from a business standpoint CBS was justified in canceling the soap in favor of the low cost talk show.

In other daytime news, "The View" remains ABC's most watched program with an average 3.4 million viewers and a 2.6/9 in households. In Women 18-49, "The View" ties "General Hospital" with a 1.1 rating, though "View" held an 8 share while "GH" held a 7 share. In actuals (Women 18-49 viewers), "The View" trails "GH" by 50,000 viewers. "The Price is Right," which is broken up into two separate programs is daytime's most watched show. "TPIR: Part 1" averaged 4.4 million viewers, while "TPIR: Part 2" averaged 5.4 million viewers. "Let's Make a Deal," which is also broken up in two separate programs has dramatically improved on "Guiding Light," which it replaced in 2009. "LMAD: Part 1" averaged 2.5 million viewers, while "LMAD: Part 2" averaged 2.7 million viewers.

What follows are the full daytime ratings for the Week of March 7-11, 2011:

Total Viewers (Full Daytime)
1. The Price is Right 2 (CBS) 5,418,000
2. The Young and the Restless (CBS) 4,825,000
3. The Price is Right 1 (CBS) 4,443,000
4. The View (ABC) 3,378,000
5. The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS) 2,811,000
6. Let's Make a Deal 2 (CBS) 2,698,000
7. General Hospital (ABC) 2,687,000
8. Days of our Lives (NBC) 2,488,000
9. Let's Make a Deal 1 (CBS) 2,452,000
10. One Life to Live (ABC) 2,355,000
11. All My Children (ABC) 2,318,000
12. The Talk (CBS) 2,111,000

Households/share (Full Daytime)
1. The Price is Right 2 (CBS) 3.7/13
2. The Young and the Restless (CBS) 3.5/12
3. The Price is Right 1 (CBS) 3.4/11
4. The View (ABC) 2.6/9
5. The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS) 2.0/7
– General Hospital (ABC) 2.0/6
7. Let's Make a Deal 2 (CBS) 1.9/5
8. All My Children (ABC) 1.8/6
– Days of our Lives (NBC) 1.8/6
– One Life to Live (ABC) 1.8/6
11. Let's Make a Deal 1 (CBS) 1.7/5
12. The Talk (CBS) 1.6/5

Women 18-49 Rating/share (Full Daytime)
1. The Young and the Restless (CBS) 1.5/10
2. The View (ABC) 1.1/8
– General Hospital (ABC) 1.1/7
– The Price is Right 2 (CBS) 1.1/8
5. Days of our Lives (NBC) 1.0/7
6. One Life to Live (ABC) 0.9/6
– The Bold and the Beautiful 0.9/5
– The Price is Right 1 (CBS) 0.9/6
9. The Talk (CBS) 0.8/5
10. All My Children (ABC) 0.7/4
– Let's Make a Deal 2 (CBS) 0.7/4
– Let's Make a Deal 1 (CBS) 0.7/4

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    'Yes, it's true' Tyler Christopher is Leaving 'GH'

    ( — Over the weekend news broke that ABC's "General Hospital" had informed actor Tyler Christopher on Friday, March 18 that his contract would not be renewed. Christopher's contract was up for renewal in June and the soap had until last week to inform Christopher whether or not they had plans of renewing it, which they chose not to. In a statement released to ABC Soaps in Depth, Christopher answered the question everyone wanted to know with a simple "Yes, it's true."

    An ABC spokesman did not return a request for comment on this story.

    Tyler Christopher has portrayed the role of Nikolas Cassadine on ABC's "General Hospital" off-and-on since joining the cast in July 1996. He has been nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards.

    A last airdate has not been announced.

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      CBS to Air Daytime Emmy's for Second Consecutive Year

      ( — UPDATE: "All of us are excited to once again show America just how great and relevant daytime television is to all of us.  We look forward to a fabulous evening of television that will delight, entertain and enlighten," said Darryl Cohen, chairman of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in a statement in a CBS press release.

      “We are delighted to be working again with NATAS and CBS after last year’s great success,” said David McKenzie, executive producer and ATI president.  “Daytime television continues to be a dominant force in the industry and we’re proud that we’re bringing this special night honoring the daytime community to a wide television audience.”

      “The best of daytime will be joined by the best of Las Vegas as some of the greatest entertainers in the world will join us for a celebration of all that is great about daytime television,” said Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events, CBS Entertainment.  ”It will be a primetime event for television honoring daytime’s best with non-stop entertainment, guest star surprises and oh, yes, we’ll give out a few awards as well.”

      The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air from 8:00 to 10:00 PM ET/PT (recorded for the west coast). Nominations will be announced on Wednesday, May 11, but preceeding the announcement pre-nominated actors (for the daytime soaps) are required to submit two of their best episodes from 2010 to be watched and judged by their fellow daytime colleagues.

      PREVIOUS: After finding itself without a home for much of 2009 before landing on The CW in August of that year, The Daytime Emmy Awards once again returned to the Big three networks after CBS made a deal with the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) in 2010 to broadcast the annual program. As 2011 began, the fate of the Daytime Emmys was once again in doubt. Now is reporting that CBS has once again signed a deal to air the "38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards" live from the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday, June 19.

      The program will be produced by ATI Television International and will be executive produced by David McKenzie, ATI's president.

      "NATAS is once again delighted to work with CBS and ATI on the broadcast of the Daytime Emmy Awards," said Darryl Cohen, chairman of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in a statement released to

      A timeslot has not been revealed, but it is expected to air from 9:00 to 11:00 PM ET/PT (recorded for west coast viewing) as it did last year.

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        'All My Children' On Chopping Block?

        ( — UPDATE 8:28 PM ET: "The piece is just another story in a long line of stories about this same topic," said an ABC rep commenting on's article.

        PREVIOUS 9:08 AM ET: Talk of ABC canceling one of its daytime dramas in favor of a new talk show has escalated today thanks to reporter Nellie Andreeva, who is reporting that the network may cancel "All My Children" in order to debut a new talk show in the fall according to industry speculation. The information is not new to soap fans who as recent as four weeks ago learned through Daytime Confidential that "affiliates are getting antsy with Oprah leaving the airwaves with no clear cut successor. The decisions ABC will be making will have ripple effects throughout the ABC Daytime lineup and yes, the soaps will be affected," according to their sources.

        According to Andreeva, "with SOAPnet changing its format to the preschool-centered Disney Junior next year, Disney-ABC is clearly scaling back on its commitment to soaps, and the daytime lineup on the broadcast network will probably be next."

        As in the case of the DC report from last month, an ABC representative reminds us "there's nothing to comment on" and that all discussions of this topic are based on old news that has already been widely reported on, but with some new speculation added in.

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          It's Child's Play for Brenda as 'GH' Casts New Character

          ( — As posted on our Twitter page, ABC's "General Hospital" has cast child actor Elvis Martinez in the role of Lucian. The actor will share scenes with Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda Barrett Corinthos) and Laura Wright (Carly Jacks) that are set to air during the week of April 4.

          The length of the characters stay on the show is not known at this time, therefore making it unclear as to whether the character is the long thought to be dead child of Brenda's or what brings him into Brenda's orbit, but we can tell you that Brenda is clearly in the motherly mood.

          Giovinazzo recently announced in an interview with Access Hollywood Live that her time on "General Hospital" is soon coming to a close. The news has not been confirmed by ABC.

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            The Instability of Lily's Mind on 'Y&R'

            ( — Since the death of her husband last month, after he was murdered on CBS' "The Young and the Restless," Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) has been seeing what appears to be his ghost in various places – not to mention also hearing his voice. Lily's mind will continue to play tricks on her when actor Daniel Goddard returns to the CBS soap as the "ghost" of Cane in the coming weeks, but is it possible he's not a ghost after all?

            In Lynette Rice's report on the status of Goddard, which was posted on Entertainment Weekly's website over a month ago, the reporter made it clear that "Goddard remains a paid employee of 'Y&R' until further notice (or until they’re officially ready to boot him)," according to her sources. A week after Rice posted this news Goddard was seen on the set filming an episode set to air during the week of March 28. In the episode, Goddard's character is seen standing in an elavator as Lily looks on with her aunt Olivia (Tonya Lee Williams) and her father Neil (Kristoff St. John) by her side. Lily instantly becomes frazzled by what she's seen and begins to question if she's losing her mind.

            According to sources, "the storyline of Lily's mentality will continue to play out for sometime as the pieces of the puzzle become clearer as each day goes on." So what does this mean for Goddard fans who've been clamoring for the actors permanent return since it was announced the soap was "killing" his character off earlier this year? While there is still no definitive word on the actors status from the show or his representatives, we've been told that "the storyline is all part of a master plan by the writers and fans should continue to tune in to find out what happens next!"

            Thoughts? Questions? Comment below…

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              Is Tyler Christopher the Latest 'GH' Star Set to Depart?

              ( — Late Saturday night, Soap Opera Digest posted, via their twitter page, news that "General Hospital's" Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) had been let go from the ABC Daytime soap. The news came soon after Soap Central posted on their twitter page that they were hearing another big name "GH" star was on their way out.

              The possibility of Christopher's exit comes as no surprise as the actor recently learned his ABC Family pilot "The Lying Game" was picked up to series by the cable network and is set to debut August 15 at 9:00 PM. "Game" tells the story of a girl named Emma (Alexandra Chando), who finds out that she has an identical twin sister named Sutton Mercer (Chando in a double role), who was adopted by wealthy parents and supposedly living the high life until she goes missing. Emma takes it upon herself to find her sister and while in pursuit adventure ensues. Christopher will portray the role of Detective Matthews who is investigating the disappearance of Sutton. The series is being written and executive produced by former "All My Children" and "General Hospital" Head Writer Charles Pratt, Jr. and is based on the same name as the upcoming novel by "Pretty Little Liars" author Sara Shepard.

              Since it is the weekend, we are unable to get confirmation from either a "General Hospital" spokesperson or a representative for the actor on his status with the soap. We'll have an update for you on Monday during normal business hours.

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                DEVELOPING STORY: Was Soap Opera Digest Right? Is Guza Out?

                ( — You had to know there was something afloat when Soap Opera Digest posted on their website Friday that Robert Guza Jr. was out as "General Hospital's" head writer. While the news was later refuted by network insiders and a "GH" spokesperson, numerous sources have since come forward and revealed that while Guza is not expected to leave the show when his contract expires next month, thereby him not being out as the magazine's website had stated, his relations with network brass has greatly diminished.

                According to sources "there have been serious issues between the network and Guza relating to current storylines in recent months, and with Guza's contract up for renewal in April, there is also a matter of finances at play as well."

                Guza returned to "General Hospital" in April 2002 when he was named co-head writer alongside Charles Pratt Jr. He took over sole head writing duties in early 2006 after it was announced that Pratt had decided to leave the drama series. Under Guza's current reign, "General Hospital" won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team in 2003 and 2009. The series won for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

                Soap Opera Network will continue to follow this developing story as news breaks.

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                  Frank Valentini: The Man Behind 'Life' on ABC

                  (Link only. Copy/Paste not allowed)

                  ( — Frank Valentini is the "Wizard of Oz" of ABC Daytime. Not only does he serve as Executive Producer of "One Life to Live," but he is also the go to man for when the network needs oversight of some of their biggest side projects. In 2008, Valentini directed the ESPN commissioned "Endless Drama" campaign in which "All My Children" actors Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe) and "One Life to Live's" John Paul Lavoiser (Rex Balsom), David Fumero (Cristian Vega), Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan) and John Brotherton (ex-Jared Banks) all appeared in a series of commercials depicting the drama brought to fantasy baseball. In 2010, Valentini directed's "What If…" series which asked the question of what would happen if you're favorite characters from all of the ABC soaps were put together in situations unlike they've ever seen in their respective towns of Port Charles, Pine Valley and Llanview? In an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Network, Valentini shares his "Life" experience, provides insight in the audition process he follows for incoming actors, clears up talk of a new opening for his soap and where he sees the soap headed in the next six months.

                  Before taking on executive producer duties at "One Life to Live" eight and a half years ago, Frank Valentini had held numerous positions at the drama series including that of stage manager, associate producer and lead director. While being escalated to the top job of one of daytime's longest running soaps would be a dream come true for many people, Valentini took on the position with the understanding that he'd continue to do the thing he loved most – directing. "I've always loved directing. It is something I didn't want to give up," said Valentini. "I've directed all the auditions on the show for the past 17 years. I still believe that it is important for the executive producer to direct the auditions to see what the actors can really do. Sometimes people can do a good test and then not necessarily deliver. Directing in general is just really fun. It is a great creative outlet and it also helps me stay in touch with the actors and the crew and even get my hands dirty."

                  With the help of head writer Ron Carlivati, "One Life to Live" has finally founds its voice. The Buchanan clan lead by Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn) and Viki Banks (Erika Slezak) have once again been put in the forefront with storylines that rivals that of the Ewing family in the primetime soap "Dallas." The soap opera has aired groundbreaking storylines including that of same sex marriages/parenting, breast cancer and currently bullying in schools. The change in direction has brought in a new generation of fans to the long running soap opera and a clear message of where the show is going. So what was the turning point? What element can be credited for bringing out "One Life's" many voices? "It's interesting because I think the voice came from the fans," Valentini shared. "I think we really listened to the fans. I have a terrific head writer [Ron Carlivati] and a wonderful team of writers that are sensitive and emotional, intelligent and crafty, and are great storytellers. But I think we just listened to the audience. They told us what they wanted. They told us who they wanted to see. Of course the Buchanan's are a big part of 'One Life to Live' and always will be. The new generation is coming in and we're also balancing the Buchanan's out with other families by providing a show that reflects life in a much more realistic way. We're representing people who are not necessarily rich like the Buchanan's are and representing people who've had different kinds of challenges because I think that's our responsibility to mirror society," he continued.

                  In 2012 the Walt Disney Company will cease operations of SOAPnet which launched in January 2000 as the home to watch soaps at night, so what does Valentini think will happen when the channel becomes Disney Junior and SOAPnet's "One Life" fans are left without their favorite program? "I think we will all have to wait and see what happens in January, but it could potentially be great because we'll get that audience to come back. Even if they don't watch the show at 2 o'clock [when the show airs in the eastern time zone] or 1 o'clock [central and pacific time], they can DVR it, like they would sometimes DVR it on SOAPnet. It could really be a good thing," Valentini said while giving insight into the time frame left for the cable network.

                  In our everyday lives we are often asked "where do you see yourself in the next five years?" One can never say for certain they will be going from A to B to C during that time, but where does Valentini see "One Life to Live" in say six months? "We've got some great Summer stories going with the kids and a big story this Spring for Bo [Robert S. Woods] and Nora [Hillary B. Smith] and Matthew [Eddie Alderson]. Great stories for Tess and Ford [David A. Gregory] and John [Michael Easton] and Natalie [Melissa Archer], Todd [Trevor St. John], Blair [Kassie DePaiva], etc. All the people everybody wants to see. A lot of great stuff happening," said an enthusiastic Valentini.

                  The biggest question that fans have been wanting to know is whether or not "One Life to Live" will join "All My Children" and "General Hospital" in receiving a new opening sequence, so who better to ask than the shows top executive (remember Ron Carlivati told us to ask him)? "Not currently," the producer revealed. "It's not a huge priority. Our priority is to put out the best show that we can and if at some point an idea for an open hits us, that makes sense, then that is what we'll do," said Valentini. Though he did take the time to mention one of the most iconic themes the soap has ever had after being asked about the shows continued respect to its history and music as it did in the past year in original episodes and repeat airings. "People are always excited about the Peabo Bryson version of the open. They [fans] love that song, 'here's what you do when you don't find the rainbows end.' We've had Blair sing it on a couple of shows during the musical. We had Brittany Underwood [Langston Wilde], Jason Tam [Markko Rivera], Kristen Alderson [Starr Manning] and a whole bunch of different people sing it. It's just a fun thing to do. It's an extra treat. We're always trying to surprise and delight the audience."

                  Look for Valentini to go behind the camera once more as he revealed that he has recently been in the director's chair for some of the shows upcoming episodes. "I have a couple of episodes coming up that I've directed that are really fun."

                  "One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on

                  P.S. For fans of the Peabo Bryson theme, below we hope you enjoy Bryson singing the full theme in an episode that aired in the 1980's on the soap.

                  (Pictured: Erika Slezak getting direction from Frank Valentini during a break in shooting on the set. Photo: George De Sota/JPI)

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                    Brittany Underwood Says Goodbye to Her Fans and 'One Life'

                    ( — Brittany Underwood, 22, joined the cast of "One Life to Live" on May 17, 2006 in the role of Langston Wilde. Nearly five years later, the actress is set to make her final appearance on the soap on Friday, April 8 when her character is offered a movie deal. In an interview with Soap Opera Network after last Sunday's grand finale of "ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" charity event, Underwood dishes on what her fans mean to her, life after "One Life to Live" and the friendships she's created during her time on the ABC soap.

                    Underwood's "One Life" exit is said to tie in with the upcoming return of Jason Tam, who portrayed Underwood's on screen love interest Markko Rivera until last fall when his character moved to Los Angeles. While the news of his return came out after this interview took place, the actress made it clear that despite her leaving the show, she remains friends with all of her former co-stars. "I love Jason Tam, he's a great friend of mine – Brandon [Buddy, ex-Cole Thornhart] as well," Underwood said. "I'm going to stay in contact with Kristen Alderson [Starr Manning]. She was my best friend since the beginning and she'll still be my best friend until the end. We have our group of friends and we're a very good tight group of friends"

                    As all soap actors past and present have come to realize, soap opera fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate fans that any individual could ever expect to see. So what would Underwood like to say to her fans just before she makes her last appearance on the show? "I would like to say thank you for all the love and support that they have shown me throughout the years. We can't do without the fans and they are so amazing and so supportive," said Underwood. "No where else do you see fans so dedicated to to any genre. Just the fact that they are always willing to be there for you and so supportive is just so amazing. So thank you to them. I hope to see them in the future sometime."

                    Before she goes, Underwood took a moment to reveal what kind of storyline she would have liked to see her character play out. "Cole went through so much on the show, especially with the whole drugs storyline and the steroids. I really felt that when my character came on, because they had her so edgy, I really thought she was going to go somewhere with alcohol abuse or drug abuse," Underwood shared. "I think that would have been cool to see Langston go through that especially with her whole abandonment issues and just everything she had to deal with in her life. That would have been a cool thing to explore."

                    "One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on Check local listings.

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