How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Errol Lewis, Publisher and Editor in Chief

AMC PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

The Stranger Amongst Us
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 11:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Danger looms close by.



A startled Kendall finds “her biggest fan” waiting for her when she exits her hotel room shower. As the situation in Kendall’s room grows increasingly volatile, Aidan finally realizes something is off and races to get to Kendall. Kendall valiantly fights off her would be rapist. After finishing up the job on Walt, Aidan insists on staying the night on a shaken Kendall’s couch. Aidan convinces Kendall that she’s not to blame for what almost happened to her the night before and the pair’s friendship seems to finally be back on track. After finagling a set of keys, Ryan shows up in Kendall’s room where he finds a tipsy Aidan and Kendall in a seemingly compromising position.


Jesse, Angie and Tad have no idea just how close their enemy really is as they plan their next move. Tad meets his Uncle Robert, who claims to be Ray Gardner’s brother but is secretly connected to the mystery surrounding Jesse. Jesse insists that Tad accompany Angie when she goes to question Remy’s mother. Meanwhile, Opal warms up to Robert, who subtly probes her for information. Although wary at first, Mrs. Remington begins to open up to Tad and Angie. Mrs. Remington shows the duo a special pendant that her son gave to her before his death. Close by, one of Robert’s armed henchmen keeps an eye on the meeting. Jesse comes face to face with Robert.

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Zach and Greenlee get too close for comfort after she coaxes him into taking a spin at pole dancing. Erica leaves Samuel speechless as she admits guilt to her indictment while simultaneously putting the press under her spell. Richie grows dark after JR cuts short his chat with Babe. Annie is overly optimistic about the future after waking up in Ryan’s arms. Dre and his father, Samuel, have an icy reunion. A smitten Colby finagles her way into working side by side with Frankie. Greenlee’s jealousy is peaked as she believes Ryan had a memory of Annie and not her.


Monday: Robert is one step ahead of Frankie. Tad comes up with a wild idea to keep Krystal and Jenny safe. Aidan refuses to allow Ryan to spend time with Kendall.

Tuesday: Kendall can’t turn her back on Ryan. Adam gloats that he can do for Krystal what Tad can’t. Jack and Erica grow closer as her court date looms.

Wednesday: Krystal fights the passion she feels for Adam. JR manipulates the situation to be closer to Babe. Jesse struggles to uncover the mystery surrounding his “death.”

Thursday: Zach is privately upset when Kendall lies and denies spending time with Ryan. Annie unleashes her fury on Ryan. Greenlee keeps her and Ryan’s kiss a secret from Aidan.

Friday: Zach is annoyed that Kendall is still keeping secrets from him. Tad and Jesse uncover a clue. Erica learns her fate in court.

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Pine Valley is a Battlefield
Thursday, February 21, 2008 3:28 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Can the residents of Pine Valley survive the perilous situations set in their paths?



The bad news keeps on mounting for Erica who learns that New Beginnings has been cancelled. Erica blames Adam for her predicament and demands he help her. Erica shows Samuel just what she’s made of as she calls a press conference where she both addresses the charges against her and aptly turns the table on her prosecutor.


Richie spins a tale to Babe as his henchmen take JR hostage and prepare to extract his bone marrow. Babe assumes the worst about JR when she learns that he never showed up at the hospital. A calculating Richie arranges it so Babe and Krystal find JR in a hotel room with a prostitute. Richie is confident that he can have it all.


Jesse believes Remy’s death may somehow be connected to what happened to him. Angie lays down the law to both Jesse and Frankie. Jesse decides to take action to reclaim his life. Tad, Jesse and Angie search the hospital files to find out who was on duty in the morgue the night Jesse “died.” Jesse realizes that the people who are after him know that he’s back in Pine Valley.


Despite an emotional scene between father and daughter, Annie remains adamant that Ryan move out as planned. Greenlee enjoys the easy rapport she shares with Zach. Meanwhile, Kendall and Aidan remain uneasy over their impending travel arrangements. Zach encourages Annie to fight for Ryan – who Kendall and Greenlee later push in Mrs. Lavery’s direction. The tension spills over as Ryan, Annie, Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Greenlee find themselves stuck in the Fusion elevator together. Later, Greenlee sidles up to Ryan in an effort to get him to remember, while a tipsy Annie sidles up to a stranger in an effort to forget. Zach prevents Annie from making a mistake she’ll regret. A frustrated Greenlee pulls Ryan into a steamy clinch in an effort to make him remember the love they shared. Zach, Annie, Ryan, and Greenlee end up at Zach’s casino. Ryan reaches out to Annie. Kendall and Aidan get past the awkwardness between them.

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Monday: Kendall is terrorized by an overzealous male fan. Annie and Ryan’s anger soon gives way to passion.

Tuesday: JR is frustrated by Babe’s refusal to believe him. Someone has ominous plans for Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal. Aidan insists on keeping a close eye on Kendall.

Wednesday: Annie sets herself up for major disappointment. A confident Erica gets in the last word with Samuel. Adam sets out to find out more about Samuel.

Thursday: Tad wants to get Krystal and Jenny out of the line of fire. Richie is certain his scheme will turn out exactly how he wants it to.

Friday: Tad senses danger when he realizes he and Angie are being watched. Frankie lets Jesse know exactly how he feels.

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The Past, the Present and the Future Collide
Saturday, February 16, 2008 4:35 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Shades of the past.



Jack’s misgivings about Samuel prove to be foretelling as the U.S.D.A. ends Erica’s night at the “Go Red for Women” fashion show by fitting her with a new accessory – handcuffs! Jack follows Erica to the police station where Ms. Kane fails to take Montgomery’s advice and manages to get herself into even more legal trouble courtesy of a smug Samuel. Erica is no more open to suggestion at her bail hearing where she unleashes a tirade against Samuel.


Annie can’t ignore Ryan’s longing for Kendall and neither can Zach. Convinced that Ryan poses a threat, Zach hires a reluctant Aidan to be Kendall’s bodyguard on her book tour. Kendall is aghast to learn of Zach’s arrangement. The Slater’s and Lavery’s are overjoyed when Spike’s cochlear implant is successfully turned on and he can hear again. A tortured Ryan witnesses the close family unit Zach, Kendall and Spike have become. Things remain strained between Annie and Ryan.


Babe lays down the night’s agenda to JR: a poker game – if she wins he donates his bone marrow to Richie, if he wins he gets whatever he wants. JR up the stakes and turns their match into a game of strip poker. After having some fun, JR finally admits to Babe that he was planning to donate his bone marrow to Richie all along. Things turn passionate between Babe and JR. Meanwhile, Richie learns JR is his donor match and sets an ominous – and unnecessary – plan into motion.


Jesse is unable to walk away from Angie and the two embrace for the first time since his “death.” Angie counters Jesse’s claim that he can’t stay with her by explaining that her life means nothing without him in it. Jesse and Angie make love. Angie insists she, Jesse and Frankie can go into hiding together after Jesse tells her his sordid tale. Frankie follows Tad and Krystal and comes face to face with his father. Tad, Frankie, Krystal and Angie convince Jesse that together, they can defeat any enemy. An enemy lurks nearby.


Monday: Richie is certain he’s going to get everything he wants. Annie insists Ryan move out as planned.

Tuesday: Erica swears to make Samuel pay for what he’s doing to her. Zach urges Annie to fight for Ryan.

Wednesday: Zach not so subtly pushes Ryan away from Kendall. Someone is keeping a close eye on Frankie.

Thursday: Greenlee tries to get Ryan to remember their love with a kiss. Only Krystal believes JR may be the victim he claims he is.

Friday: Angie’s anger and frustration finally comes rushing to the surface. Erica sets out to prove she isn’t down for the count.

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One Less Lavery on ‘AMC’

Branson makes it official!
Wednesday, February 13, 2007 11:15 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Ryan Lavery loses his last remaining sibling…

Ending months of rumors and speculation, an “All My Children” spokesperson has finally confirmed that Jeff Branson has been let go from the soap. Branson will officially disappear from the “AMC” canvas this spring. The Emmy nominated actor has not taped a single episode of the soap this year and has not appeared on a single episode of “AMC” this year. For fans of the actor and character, the good news is that unlike Ryan’s (Cameron Mathison) other sibling, Erin (Connie Fletcher), Jonathan will leave town with his pulse still beating.

Jeff Branson began playing Jonathan Lavery on June 15, 2004. As Jonathan, the actor played everything from an abusive boyfriend to a serial killer to a mentally challenged victim of a brain tumor. During a 2005 hiatus from “AMC,” Branson filmed a movie titled “The Big Bad Swim.”

Branson becomes the fourth contracted actor to part ways with “AMC” since December 2007. Stacy Haiduk, who played Hannah Nichols, Brent Weber, who played Sean Montgomery, and Alec Musser, who is still said to be playing Del Henry in a recurring capacity – though sources close to the actor don’t expect Musser to make any more appareances on the daytime drama – preceded Branson in finding the door out of Pine Valley.

In other casting news, Cornelius Smith Jr. is now on contract with “AMC.” Smith plays Frankie Hubbard, son of Jesse and Angela Hubbard (Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan). And expect to see James Mitchell, who plays Palmer Cortlandt, make another one of his very rare “AMC” appearances at the end of this month.

Pictured: Jeff Branson courtesy ABC

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    Pole Dancing ‘With The Stars’

    Dancing Synergy
    Thursday, February 7, 2008 4:54 PM | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Maksim Chmerkovskiy joins his former “Dancing with The Stars” co-star, Cameron Mathison, on “All My Children.”

    “Dancing with the Stars” alum Maksim Chmerkovskiy will appear on “All My Children” on Tuesday, February 26. This will cue a reunion with his “DWTS” co-star Cameron Mathison. Mathison, who plays the amnesiac Ryan on “AMC,” was one of the dancing stars in Season 5 of the hit reality series. In a story swing that may very well make Minnie Mouse blush, Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig), co-owner of cosmetics company Fusion, hires they sexy Chmerkovskiy to teach her and her co-workers the finer points of pole-dancing. Cue Ryan Lavery’s entrance into that tantalizing scene. An ABC spokesperson curiously suggests that Mr. Lavery will then proceed to “get inspired seeing the woman dancing the pole.”

    Chmerkovskiy has danced with a star in four of the past five seasons of ABC’s popular reality series “DWTS.” His star partners have included actress Tia Carrere, singer Willa Ford, boxer Laila Ali and most recently not so scary “Spice Girl” songtress Melanie Brown. Chmerkovskiy made it to the finals with Brown but ended up finishing in second place.

    Chmerkovskiy isn’t the first “DWTS” professional dancer to participate in this particular form of Disney/ABC synergy. “DWTS” regular Louis van Amstel appeared on “AMC” in the spring of 2007.

    Pictured: Cameron Mathison courtesy ABC

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      AMC PreVUE: Week of February 11 Edition

      Love Story
      Thursday, February 7, 2008 12:07 AM | By Angela Rosa

      ( – More than twenty years after their last encounter, the long road home finally leads Jesse and Angie back to each other.


      Babe sets off on a life-saving and possibly impossible mission after Krystal assists her with hacking into Joe’s computer. Aidan gives Greenlee the medicine she needs by making an early return from his trip. Sparks fly between Erica and Samuel during their after hours interview. An amorous Zach surprises Kendall at her book signing in Chicago. Ryan and Annie try to get to know each other again by going on a “first date.” An emotional Kendall confesses to Erica that she may be pregnant – and that Aidan may be the father. Kendall, Greenlee and Erica kick off the Campbell’s “Go Red for Women” fashion show.


      Jesse remains adamant that no one can ever know that he’s alive, but later risks his secret coming out when Angie is in need of his help. Jesse disappears after he gets Angie into good hands. Dr. Hubbard has logical answers for everything as her son questions her about her recent Jesse sighting. Meanwhile, Jesse remains tightlipped as Tad urges his tormented pal to explain to him about why he has to remain dead to the world. Tad and Jesse’s conversation is cut short when Angie arrives at Tad’s door. Later, a hidden Jesse listens on as Angie recounts her and Jesse’s touching love story to a sympathetic Krystal. Tad and Jesse’s are aghast when Krystal invites her new pal, Angie, to stay the night. An oblivious Krystal further strains the situation when she locks Jesse in the Martin basement for the night as Angie sleeps on the upstairs couch. The next morning, Krystal comes face to face with Angie’s not-so-dead husband. Jesse informs Krystal that if she doesn’t keep quiet the lives of everyone he cares about will be in danger. Jesse and Angie separately ready to leave Pine Valley with help from a reluctant Tad and Krystal. Tad and Krystal each decide to push the hands of fate a little and set their pals on a collision course. Out of escape routes, Jesse faces the stunned love of his life – Dr. Angela Hubbard.

      D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 18

      Monday: Angie won’t let Jesse leave her again. Erica is arrested for insider trading.

      Tuesday: Babe has a life or death wager for JR. Erica’s legal woes continue to mount.

      Wednesday: Babe takes JR to bed as part of her grand plan. Kendall is aghast to learn of Zach’s plans for her and Aidan.

      Thursday: Ryan is tortured by memories of Kendall. Jesse comes face to face with his son.

      Friday: Angie refuses to allow Jesse to walk out of her life again. Richie plans on getting what he wants from JR no matter what.

      Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy ABC

      The Plot Thickens…
      Friday, February 1, 2008 1:12 AM | By Angela Rosa

      ( – Ryan’s brain injury turns Pine Valley’s messy quadrangle into an even messier sextet.


      Angie has a life-saving epiphany as Jesse prays for their son’s life at his own grave. Jesse makes a plea to Tad. Jesse’s mind struggles to overcome his heart when he sees Angie approaching Tad’s car. The government freezes one of Erica’s financial accounts. Tad sends Aidan out on a mission to get him the answers that Jesse won’t give him. Jesse privately recalls the night of his “death.” Knocked unconscious after coming to a battered woman’s aid, Jesse is rushed to the hospital where Angie just happens to be on duty.


      As Ryan’s behavior leaves Kendall befuddled, Annie clues Zach in to the fact that Ryan can’t remember the last four years of his life and believes he and Kendall are engaged. Zach’s news about Ryan’s memory backtrack prompts Greenlee to remind her pal that his wife and her ex-husband share a powerful connection. After convincing a reluctant Kendall to go to the launch party for “Charm,” Greenlee recaps her, Kendall and Ryan’s history to Zach who listens on intently. Meanwhile, Ryan looks to Kendall for answers and is stunned to learn that they share a son. Kendall explains to a lovelorn Ryan that his friendship with Greenlee was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Greenlee and Aidan make time for romance. Annie’s hopeful determination turns into devastation when Ryan confesses to her that he feels nothing for her. Zach convinces Kendall to attend her first book signing and as the fates would have it Kendall ends up on the same flight as Aidan. Ryan questions Greenlee about their past. Zach offers to help a distressed Annie in any way he can until Ryan regains his memory. Believing it’s truly best if Zach and Greenlee never learn about their trangression, Aidan implores Kendall to let go of the guilt she feels.

      D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 11

      Monday: Ryan is mesmerized when he meets Spike for the “first” time. Kendall fears she’s pregnant.

      Tuesday: Angie can’t shake the feeling that Jesse is alive. Sparks fly when Erica meets Samuel Woods.

      Wednesday: Ryan and Annie try to get to know each other again. Jesse hides as Angie arrives at Tad’s door.

      Thursday: A shocked Krystal meets Jesse. The women of Fusion prepare for the Go Red Fashion Show.

      Friday: Ryan accuses Zach of stealing his life. Angie and Jesse finally come face to face.

      Pictured: Aiden Turner courtesy ABC

      Critical Moments
      Saturday, January 26, 2008 7:55 PM | By Angela Rosa

      ( — While Angie struggles to save two lives, Jesse struggles to stay hidden at Pine Valley Hospital.


      JR realizes how much Adam cares about him but continues to plot to unearth his father’s secrets as he recognizes that Adam will never get over his vendetta against Tad. An equally faithless Adam gives his son a “family heirloom” which is merely a listening device. Erica orders Val to find a previous correspondence concerning her finances. A desperate Richie manipulates Emma into wanting to be a donor for him. Erica’s fire to book Samuel Woods, a charismatic politician who vows to make the rich and powerful pay for their crimes, only intensifies when he rejects her invitation to appear on her show. Adam is both hurt and infuriated as he listens in on JR and Krystal’s meeting. Annie is alarmed when she realizes that Ryan doesn’t rememeber her or Emma…or anything else from the last four years of his life.


      An exhausted Angie assumes Frankie was hallucinating when he tells her about seeing his father. Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Jack sit vigil for Greenlee whose condition takes a turn for the worse. Tad tries to bolster Angie’s spirits. Angie prays to Jesse to see Frankie through after administering the experimental treatment to their son. Frankie goes into cardiac arrest. Angie and her team remain baffled on how to treat Frankie and Greenlee’s illness without killing them. Angie informs Jack and Aidan that the potentially deadly antidote is Greenlee’s only chance of survival. Zach supports Greenlee as she’s faced with the life and death decision of whether to proceed with the treatment. A stoic Angie insists to Joe that she’s up to the task of treating her own son but then breaks down in his arms. Greenlee is moved when Kendall brings Spike to see her before she undergoes the potentially deadly treatment. Greenlee’s condition takes a swift turn for the worse after Angie administers the antidote. Jesse barely escapes being caught by Angie as he watches over Frankie. Her condition deteriorating, Greenlee has an out of body experience in which she encounters Erica, Aidan, Zach, Jack and Kendall. Angie jumps into action to save Greenlee. Tad sees Jesse while sitting vigil by Frankie’s bedside.

      D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 4

      Monday: Kendall is bewildered by Ryan’s behavior. Tad comes face to face with Jesse.

      Tuesday: Greenlee is on the road to recovery. Jesse leaves Tad with more questions than answers.

      Wednesday: Ryan can’t shake his feelings of love for Kendall. Adam continues to spy on JR.

      Thursday: Tad investigates Jesse’s return from the dead. Ryan’s blunt honesty leaves Annie devestated.

      Friday: Greenlee takes Ryan on a trip down memory lane. Jesse and Angie are on a collision course.

      Pictured: Michael E. Knight courtesy ABC

      ABC Dramas ‘Go Red’

      By Angela Rosa

      ( — “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” prepare to send out a colorful message.

      Erika Slezak

      In partnership with the Campbell Soup Company, “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” will “Go Red” for February Sweeps – “Go Red For Women” that is. “Go Red For Women” is a national movement to raise awareness among woman of all ages about the dangers of heart disease – the No. 1 killer of American women, promote early prevention of heart disease and raise money to fund further research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

      Beginning on the week of February 11, legendary Llanview dames Victoria Davidson (Erika Slezak) and Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) will host the “Go Red Ball” on “OLTL,” while the women of “AMC’s” Fusion will host the “Go Red Fashion Show” in Pine Valley. Along with a lot of drama, expect to see an ocean of beautiful woman and handsome men sporting the representative color of this worthwhile cause as these events get rolling. “GH” will tackle the issue of how heart disease effects women with a more practical approach as a noteworthy member of the General Hospital staff suffers a heart attack.

      To learn more about “Go Red For Women” visit the American Heart Associations official site for the cause at

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      • Alicia Minshew
      • One Life to Live
      • General Hospital
      • Erika Slezak
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        The Revolving Door – Out!
        Friday, January 18, 2008 4:55 AM | By Angela Rosa

        ( — Three more actors due to exit as “All My Children” cleans house.

        Brent Weber who plays Jackson Montgomery’s (Walt Willey) handsome and horny nephew, Sean, has been let go from the cast of “All My Children.” Weber began portraying Sean Montgomery on August 15, 2006. Before joining “AMC,” Weber was best known for his role on the short-lived supernatural show “Point Pleasant” which aired on FOX. Webber played “Terry” the best friend to former “AMC” actor Sam Page’s character “Jesse.”

        Alec Musser who joined the cast of “AMC” after winning the 2005 season of “I Wanna Be a Soap Star” has been demoted to recurring status. The muscular actor debuted on “AMC” on August 19, 2005 and parlayed a 13-week contract into almost two years of portraying the quirky Del Henry. Musser last aired on September 27. Sources close to the actor report that Musser has most likely made his last appearance on the ABC drama despite the recurring status label.

        Soap Opera Digest reports that “AMC” sources are buzzing that Jeff Branson’s exit is basically “a done deal.” The Emmy-nominated Branson has played Jonathan Lavery since June 15, 2004. Prevailing wisdom tells us that Jonathan will most likely leave town with his current love-interest, Ava – played by the Emmy-nominated Leven Rambin. Last fall, Rambin made it clear that her intention was to leave the show once her contract came to a close. The Ford Model who will turn 18 in May joined the cast of “AMC” in June 2004 as Lily Montgomery and began playing Lily’s identical half-sister, Ava Benton, on March 30, 2007.

        Pictured: Brent Weber courtesy ABC

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