How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Kambra Clifford, West Coast Editor

Guest Stars Offer Helping Hand

By Angela Rosa

( — Various guest stars offer a helping hand to some of Pine Valley’s most beleaguered.

Susan Lucci

Starting on April 14, real-life doctor Gail Saltz begins playing the role of Ryan’s psychoanalyst. The amnesiac looks to be in good hands as he struggles to deal with the quandaries of his memory blockage. In the real world, Dr. Gail Saltz M.D. is a renowned practicing psychiatrist, columnist, bestselling author, and television commentator. NBC Nightly News achor Tom Brokaw once referred to Saltz as “a voice of wisdom and insight in a world of confusion and contradictions.”

On the Friday, April 25 edition of “AMC,” a group of Erica, Erica Kane’s biggest fans gather outside of the fashionista’s prison to rally for her freedom. Amongst that groups of fans will be real-life R&B boy band “B5.” The band made up of five brothers, who happen to be fans of the daytime drama, will perform their song “Erica Cain,” – Susan Lucci’s alter ego makes an appearance in the video to the track – from their album Don’t Talk, Just Listen at the “Free Erica Kane!” rally.

Though a nice thought, the rally is an unsuccessful tactic – so Opal brings in the big guns: the richest person on the planet earth. Conglomerate Warren Buffet, the head of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., will make his third “AMC” appearance in May. He will play himself, of course. Opal hopes her friend, who is worth no less than $62 billion, can use his influence to get her best gal pal off the hook for her insider trading conviction. Buffet, an “AMC” fan and a close friend of “AMC” creator Agnes Nixon, first appeared on the soap in 1991 with then-ABC chairman Thomas S. Murphy.

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    McClain Makes a Spirited Return

    With the ABC soap operas profusely bleeding out viewers, “AMC” has seemingly chosen a path of goodwill in an attempt to bandage the situation. Fans of one of “AMC’s” all-time greatest super couples, Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Dixie, will reap some benefits from that effort. Many shocked and disappointed fans vividly remember that Dixie’s last go-around in Pine Valley ended with the former Mrs. Martin abruptly killed off before she and Tad could share a long-awaited reunion with their daughter. ABC promises that Tad and Dixie will get that reunion as Dixie guides her oft-time husband into “the loving embrace of their daughter, Kate.” Understandably some fans aren’t pleased because Dixie will be facilitating this reunion as a ghost and not in the flesh. McClain, though, asks fans to “please give the story a chance” as she’s had the chance to discuss the story with the powers that be and feels it will be “very uplifting, fun and rewarding for fans.”

    Expect Dixie to also interact with her former brother-in-law, Jake Martin – who will be played by Ricky Paull Goldin as of May 2. In the newest issue of TV Guide, “AMC” Executive Producer Julie Hanan Carruthers explains that Dr. Martin has spent the past few months being held captive in an enemy camp in Darfur, where detective Aidan Devane (Aiden Turner) will go on a potentially deadly mission to save him. Once home, “emotionally scarred and carrying a very big secret,” Jake will be in no mood to reunite with his family or to stay in Pine Valley. Dixie, who has “a lot of work she must do before her spirit can be free,” according to Carruthers, will be instrumental in helping Jake see things differently.

    McClain played Dixie Cooney Martin on “AMC” from 1988 to 1996, from 1998 to 2002 and from late 2005 to January 2007. For her work as the beleaguered heroine, McClain earned a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Ingénue in 1990. When not on the popular ABC drama, McClain could regularly be seen on the popular CBS sudser “As the World Turns” (from 2002 to 2005, and from July 2007 to January 2008). As Rosanna Cabot on “ATWT,” the actress earned a 2004 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

    Pictured: Cady McClain courtesy ABC

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      Secrets Kept, Secrets Told
      Wednesday, April 2, 2008 7:05 PM | By Angela Rosa

      ( — Smoke prepares to make way for fire.



      JR vows to prove to a disbelieving Babe that Richie has framed him not once – but twice. After reading his tarot cards, a disturbed Opal warns Richie that he won’t be able to cheat death for a second time. JR tries to convince Amanda to help him get the goods on Richie. Richie privately panics when Babe reveals to him that JR has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Novak’s temper once again flares when Babe reveals that she slept with JR. Opal’s warning comes back to haunt Richie.


      Erica’s suggestion quickly warms Louisa’s cool temper. The prospect of fame having gone straight to her head, Louisa begins spilling everything to Erica – who is secretly recording every word. Louisa and Mando grow suspicious when Erica’s bra begins smoking. Jack and Zach come to Erica and Carmen’s rescue in the nick of time. A clever Zach turns the tables on Louisa and Mando who will pay for their crimes after all. Erica and Jack share a loving goodbye before she’s led off to serve her prison sentence.


      Moments after sharing a passionate kiss, Ryan and Greenlee both agree that it’s best if Greenlee goes back to Aidan to try to make things right. As she starts to leave, Ryan’s memories of his romance with Ms. Smythe comes rushing back. Ryan lies to Greenlee. Aidan gently turns down Greenlee despite her change of tune on marriage. Ryan tells Annie he’s going to start living in the present and the couple finally seems to be making progress. Annie decides against giving Ryan the divorce papers she had drawn up but Ryan sees them when they accidentally fall to the ground. Greenlee becomes frustrated when Zach questions whether she truly wants to marry Aidan or just wants to be with someone, no matter who it is. Ryan asks Annie to give their marriage a little more time. Greenlee successfully seduces Aidan back into her arms.


      Kendall does her best to cover after a drunk Aidan almost slips and reveals their indiscretion in front of Annie. Zach is incredibly wonderful with Kendall, which only intensifies the guilt she feels. Erica is aghast to learn Kendall’s plan and fears her daughter is making the wrong decision. Kendall returns home to face Zach, who is already slightly suspicious after a conversation with Annie.


      Jesse and Angie head home for an attempt at a honeymoon after their try for one at one at the Valley Inn proves to be cursed. The Hubbard’s plans are once again interrupted – this time with a surprise party in their honor. Although touched by the sentiment, Angie and Jesse are happy to finally get a moment alone together. Colby stuns Frankie with a kiss. Tad and Krystal throw Jenny’s first birthday party. Jesse meets Jenny for the first time and becomes wistful as he recounts the story of his and Jenny Gardner’s everlasting friendship to the child. Adam reaches out to JR. Tad and Krystal allow Adam to stay at Jenny’s party. Krystal and Adam fight their attraction.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2008

      Monday: Zach knows the truth. Greenlee and Aidan’s wedding is back on. Ryan is left with plenty to ponder after a visit to the therapist.

      Tuesday: Ryan asks Annie to tell him how they fell in love. Jesse wants to tie up all the loose ends concerning his ordeal years ago. Kendall emphatically refutes Zach’s concerns.

      Wednesday: Erica demands that Samuel use his influence to help Carmen. Jesse sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to him. Adam and Krystal can’t hide their mutual attraction.

      Thursday: Zach tells a guilty Kendall they’ll make it through this rough patch. Ryan does his best to recapture the chemistry he and Annie once shared. Krystal has sound advice for Adam.

      Friday: Erica had better “make it happen” – or else! Jesse tells Tad about his plan to dig up his own coffin. Despite his anger, Zach agrees to hire Aidan.

      Pictured: Alicia Minshew courtesy ABC

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      Bruening Gets His Ride

      Test well is exactly what “Knight Rider” did. The back-door pilot, starring former “All My Children” star Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur – KITT’s new companion and the son of Michael Knight – scored the highest 18-49 rating (5.6/14) for a made-for-television movie, multiple-part movie or theatrical film on any network since the March 6, 2005 airing of “Their Eyes Were Watching God” on ABC. Both Variety and The Wall Street Journal are reporting that when NBC President Ben Silverman reveals the networks Fall 2008 schedule this Wednesday, “Knight Rider” will once again be a network television series. It’s fully expected that both Bruening and the voice behind new KITT (now a Ford Mustang), Val Kilmer, will return to star in the series this fall.

      Bruening, now 28-years old, landed a job as a Abercrombie & Fitch model straight out of college. In the summer of 2003, Bruening began playing the role of James “Jamie” Martin on “AMC,” a role he played until the summer of 2007. Bruening met his future wife, Alexa Havins (ex-Babe), on the ABC drama.

      Pictured: Justin Bruening courtesy ABC

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        AMC PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

        Taking a Stand
        Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:36 AM | By Angela Rosa

        ( – Are the residents of Pine Valley making the right decisions or taking wrong turns this week?



        Erica’s deft knowledge of fashion forces the truck driver to rescind his threat of calling the cops. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings as they settle in for the night at the discount superstore. Erica manages to release herself from her bind and snatch the gun after Carmen gives way to sleep. Kendall and Zach are relieved to hear from Erica but dismayed when she informs them that she’s going to stick with Carmen for a bit longer to help her out. Erica holds her ground with Mando’s mother, Louisa, who is none too pleased to have uninvited guests in her home. Carmen melts at the sight of Mando. Louisa gets the upper hand on her visitors after she manages to snatch the gun away from Erica.


        Frankie and Colby rush JR to the hospital where Angie investigates the marks on his body. Richie’s anger boils over when instead of taking him to her home, Babe takes him to Opal’s to recuperate. Babe sets Richie straight about their relationship. Babe stays by JR’s side as he remains delirious with fever. Angie determines that JR is suffering from Hepatitis A. JR begins to remember what happened with Richie the night Zach was run over. Opal has a bad feeling when she gives Richie a tarot card reading. Richie starts to develop a high fever.


        Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal have a double date at the Comeback. Samuel wants to meet with Jesse. Although appreciative, Jesse turns down Samuel’s job offer. Samuel opens up to Jesse and reflects on how lucky Mr. Hubbard is to have such a caring family. Jesse surprises Angie by taking her to the home of the Justice of the Peace that originally married them and even though he’s no longer alive, they romantically renew their wedding vows.


        Zach defends his actions when Kendall takes him to task for the unorthodox method of “memory rejuvenation” he used on Ryan. Ryan is hard-pressed to believe Greenlee’s claim that he wasn’t the horrible man he believes he was. Greenlee’s feelings for Ryan come bubbling to the surface as she recounts their history. Elsewhere, freshly rejected by the detective, Annie questions how Aidan can be so accepting of Greenlee’s behavior. The tension between the Lavery’s remains thick. Ryan visits his sister’s grave where he vows to make amends for his mistakes. Aidan’s romantic proposal to Greenlee is interrupted when Ryan’s first act of amendment leads him to make an important call to his ex-wife. Aidan reels straight to Annie’s door after Greenlee turns down his proposal. The Slater’s agree to disagree about the tactics Zach used with Ryan, but an angry Greenlee is less amicable about Zach’s behavior. Kendall urges Greenlee to keep her distance from the situation with Ryan but Greenlee has other ideas and tracks down her ex. Greenlee refuses to let Ryan walk out of her life. A drunk Aidan reveals a little too much information infront of Annie.

        SON ALERTS: WEEK OF APRIL 7, 2008

        Monday: Greenlee wants to know where she stands with Ryan. Zach and Jack are hot on Erica’s trail. Jesse and Angie’s romantic evening is anything but.

        Tuesday: Jack and Zach come to Erica’s rescue in the nick of time. JR tells a disbelieving Babe he remembers what Richie did to him. Colby’s attraction to Frankie continues to grow.

        Wednesday: Ryan finds Annie’s divorce papers. Greenlee tries to make things right between her and Aidan. JR enlists Amanda’s help in his quest to expose Richie’s crimes.

        Thursday: Ryan makes a heartfelt and honest appeal to Annie. Zach questions Greenlee’s feelings for Aidan. Erica sets out on a mission to help Carmen.

        Friday: Greenlee uses seduction to win Aidan back. Rob tries to get information out of Jesse. Zach grows suspicious of Kendall and Aidan.

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        Captured Hearts
        Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:30 PM | By Angela Rosa

        ( – Are some of Pine Valley’s finest doomed to remain prisoners?



        After killing him, Robert claims that he Rafael was really Papel, the drug lord after Jesse, and that he is an undercover FBI agent. Angie implores Jesse to accept that his nightmare has finally ended. Jesse and Angie are affected as they face Jesse’s photo on the wall of fallen officers at the police station. Tad remains wary of Robert, who is still secretly after Jesse and is clearly not what he seems to be. Angie is overcome with emotions as she and Jesse adjust to living a “normal” life together free of danger. Joe reveals that Mrs. Remington was murdered. Opal continues to be charmed by a deceptive Robert.


        A jealous Greenlee ends up saying too much as she reveals to Annie that she kissed Ryan and admits that he’s been faking getting his memory of her back. Annie is furious that Ryan lied to her. Ryan turns to Kendall as a friend and admits that he lied to Annie about starting to get his memory back. Zach returns home and comes face to face with Ryan. Zach pulls no punches with Ryan as he forces him to face his past. Annie pretends to forgive Greenlee.


        Krystal is concerned for Adam’s health and the connection between them is very much alive. Moving day arrives at the mansion. JR makes it clear to Babe that he’d like her to stay right where she is. Meanwhile, Adam and Krystal try to hide their true feeling as she packs to leave. Elsewhere, Colby’s attraction to Frankie grows.


        After sharing a heartfelt goodbye with Kendall and Zach, Erica finds herself in a major jam when the van transporting her to federal prison skids off the road rendering the guards incapacitated. Carmen’s powers of persuasion prove to outweigh Erica’s who decides to cease her protest of Carmen’s plan – for them to hunt her ex-fiancé down and kill him – in exchange for not getting shot. Kendall fears Erica is in trouble after suffering a nightmare. Zach receives word of a clue Erica left behind from a clerk at the convenience store. As they stow away in the back of a truck headed to Chicago, Erica and Carmen begin to bond as they discuss the men in their lives and after a literal bump in the road prompts them into an impromptu fashion show. Back home, Jack blames Samuel for Erica’s predicament. Erica is relieved when Carmen assures her that she won’t hurt her but alarmed when Carmen picks up the gun to deal with the approaching truck driver.

        SON ALERTS: WEEK OF MARCH 31, 2008

        Monday: Erica proves she’s a force to be reckoned with. Greenlee grows more and more attracted to Ryan. Annie sets out to seduce Aidan.

        Tuesday: Angie starts to piece together what really happened to JR. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings. Richie lashes out when he doesn’t get what he was hoping for.

        Wednesday: Aidan romantically proposes to Greenlee. Babe finds herself drawn to JR. Although free to leave, Erica decides to stay and help Carmen.

        Thursday: Greenlee gives Aidan an answer to his marriage proposal. Ryan cuts his ties to Greenlee. Angie and Jesse enjoy a little romance.

        Friday: Greenlee won’t simply allow Ryan to walk out of her life. Erica and Carmen set out to confront Carmen’s ex-fiancé. A drunken Aidan pays a visit to Annie.

        Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy ABC

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        AMC PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

        A Game of Chicken
        Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:27 AM | By Angela Rosa

        ( — Will Jesse Hubbard end this hectic week as a free man?



        GET SET-UP: Tad and Jesse arrive at the warehouse where Jesse was held prisoner, just as Robert wanted them to. Joined by Angie, Jesse and Tad uncover a creepy shrine dedicated to Jesse. Jesse and Tad finally realize that someone wanted them to find the warehouse. Meanwhile, after working a little of his charm over on Opal, Robert proceeds to make Frankie and Colby disappear. The voice on the digitally enhanced voice recording challenges Jesse to come back to the warehouse alone. Jesse, Angie and Tad are horrified to discover Frankie and Colby have been kidnapped. Robert and Rafael discuss their plan to use the kids as bait to lure Jesse out of hiding.

        DEVELOP A PLAN: Tad swears to an enraged Adam that he’ll bring his daughter back to him. Jesse goes to extremes to prevent Adam from contacting the authorities. Jesse prepares to trade himself for his son and Colby. Meanwhile, Krystal and Angie team up to find a clue that will lead them to the kids and end up at Mrs. Remington’s house where they make a shocking discovery. Jesse’s luck get even crappier as Adam and Tad get derailed off his trail after Adam suffers a sudden cardiac episode. Back at Mrs. Remington’s wrecked house, Krystal and Angie find Mrs. Remington dying of a heart attack. Meanwhile at the airstrip, Robert holds Mrs. Remington’s necklace in his hands. Jesse is hit with blinding lights as he arrives at the airplane hanger to meet with his enemies.

        …AND GO!: A lethal Adam insists that Tad get back to the matter at hand and drive. Meanwhile at the hanger, Jesse challenges Robert to finally reveal himself. Their escape attempt having flopped, Frankie and Colby are led to Jesse by gunpoint. Although clueless as to what he has been looking for and where to find it, Jesse does his best to bluff Robert. Chaos ensues and gunshots ring out as Adam and Tad arrive at the hanger. Colby and Frankie are saved. Mrs. Remington slips away. A distraught Angie and Krystal realize Mrs. Remington’s necklace may hold the answers to Jesse’s disappearance twenty years ago.


        Samuel gets his fill of Kane women as Kendall unleashes on him and Erica proceeds to mock his successful conviction. Meanwhile, Jack is stunned as Greenlee suggests he start playing the field while Erica is incarcerated. Annie and Richie realize nothing has changed between them when Mrs. Lavery’s visits with an ailing Richie quickly takes a nasty turn. Zach breathes a sigh of relief when Kendall finally tells him about meeting with Ryan in Los Angeles. Adam and Krystal have honest conversations with each other’s children. Greenlee knows Ryan is faking when he claims to Annie that his memory is returning but promises to keep his secret. Things turn lethal after JR arrives at Richie’s hospital room to taunt him. Jack does his best to bolster Erica’s spirit before her transfer to prison. Erica has her hands full with Carmen, her new cellmate who refuses to be ignored.

        SON ALERTS: WEEK OF MARCH 24, 2008

        Monday: Greenlee clearly has unresolved feelings for Ryan. Tad and Jesse are dubious of Robert’s claims. Frankie and Colby form a new bond after their harrowing ordeal.

        Tuesday: Carmen forces Erica to go on the run with her. Ryan continues to lead Annie to believe he’s getting his memory back. Greenlee’s jealousy gets the best of her.

        Wednesday: Erica manages to leave a clue as to where she and Carmen are headed. Jesse appears to finally be a free man. Krystal has a hard time moving out of Adam’s.

        Thursday: Carmen gets Erica to open up about her feelings for Jack. Ryan comes clean with Kendall. Annie isn’t going to let Greenlee off the hook so easily.

        Friday: Zach forces Ryan to face the man he really is. Greenlee and Kendall vow not to repeat their past mistakes. Jesse wonders if he’ll ever get all the answers he seeks.

        Pictured: Michael E. Knight courtesy ABC

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        Decision Time Arrives
        Sunday, March 9, 2008 3:38 AM | By Angela Rosa

        ( — Every action has a consequence.



        A nervous Erica tries to keep a brave face about her impending court date. Jack implores Erica to rethink her decision to plead guilty. Later, a session of reminiscing leaves the ex’s on the brink of love-making. Judgment day arrives, and Ms. Kane’s judge is convinced that the deal Erica’s been handed is way too sweet. Jack and Samuel work together to convince the judge to stick to the original terms of the deal. Erica shocks the packed courtroom with her announcement.


        The anxiety rises as Tad reveals that he’s positive that he and Angie were being watched outside of Mrs. Remington’s house. Robert infroms Tad of the his earlier sighting of a man who could be the “late” Jesse Hubbard’s twin. Robert plays on Tad’s sympathies in an attempt to shut down his suspicions. Later, a lethal Robert arrives at Mrs. Remington and dupes her into believing he’s trying to track down her son’s killer. Meanwhile, a heartbreaking letter leaves Jesse with a sincere desire to uncover the truth about Remy. Jesse shares with Tad a potential clue he uncovered in Remy’s date book as the men try to figure out just where Jesse was held after he “died.”


        Adam is surprised to find Tad waiting for him when he returns home from visiting JR at the hospital. Adam makes sure to have great fun at a desperate Tad’s expense before he agrees to allow Krystal and Jenny to move back into the mansion for their protection. Elsewhere, word of Krystal’s sudden move prompts Babe to pack her and Little Adam’s bags and join her mama in her former in-law’s mansion – a move that in turn prompts JR to come running back home. A persistent JR is confident he’ll win Babe back. Krystal admits to Babe that being in such close quarters with Adam is more difficult than she expected.

        TRUTH & LIES

        Zach and Annie enjoy an impromptu play date with Spike. Meanwhile back in L.A., an honest conversation seems to be on the menu after Kendall sneaks out to meet Spike’s daddy. Kendall recounts for Ryan the details of how he broke her heart. Ryan confesses to Kendall that he’s been misleading Annie. Back home, Annie unleashes on Ryan upon learning of his recent deceptions. Zach’s temper rises after Aidan finally confesses to him that Kendall’s claim about not seeing Ryan again once he left her hotel room is false. Kendall and Greenlee agree not to let any residual desire they have for Ryan to still have some feelings for them get in the way of their current relationships. Greenlee keeps her and Ryan’s kiss a secret from Aidan. Aidan warns Ryan to back off Kendall but Ryan has other ideas.

        SON ALERTS: WEEK OF MARCH 17, 2008

        Monday: Jesse faces the horrors of the past. Zach is relieved when Kendall finally comes clean with him. Erica struggles to stay brave as she’s led off to the slammer.

        Tuesday: Tad, Jesse and Angie make a disturbing discovery. Robert has Frankie and Colby right where he wants them. JR is left unsettled by Richie’s violent outburst.

        Wednesday: Angie and Krystal are desperate to find their missing children. Adam holds Jesse responsible for Colby’s kidnapping. Ryan has the best intentions when he spins a tale of lies to Annie.

        Thursday: Babe finds JR on the verge of killing Richie. Jesse will sacrifice himself to save his son. Frankie and Colby work together to try and escape their captors.

        Friday: Jesse faces his tormentors as chaos and gunfire break out. Angie and Krystal realize a necklace could be the clue to solving the mystery. Erica finds herself stuck with a woman with murder on her mind.

        Pictured: Colin Egglesfield courtesy ABC

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        ‘AMC’s’ Newest Cast Member

        Elizabeth Rodriguez’s television credits include roles on “Oz,” “The Shield,” “ER,” “NYPD Blue,” “Six Feet Under,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Third Watch,” and “Law & Order.” Her film credits include “Dead Presidents,” “Blow,” and “Miami Vice.”

        Rodriguez’s Carmen first airs on March 13 when she meets her fabulous new cellmate (or is that her new partner in crime?), Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).

        Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy ABC

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          Goldin Joins the Cast of ‘AMC’

          Goldin started his daytime career on NBC’s “Another World” where he played musician Dean Frame. His next daytime role would be on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” where he played Gary Dawson. In March of 2001, Goldin moved on to what would be his most popular role to date – officer Gus Aitoro on CBS’s “Guiding Light.” Goldin’s other television credits include “V.I.P,” “21 Jump Street,” “MacGyver,” “Kate and Allie,” “Alf,” and “Hail to the Chief.”

          In a statement released by the actor in late February, Goldin told “GL” fans of his plans to leave the soap at the end of his contract. Most likely aware of what the future would hold, the actor ended his statement with this comment “stay tuned and I’ll be back real soon, just wait and see! It won’t be long!”

          Ricky Paull Goldin will be the fifth actor to take on the role of Tad Martin’s (Michael E. Knight) baby brother, Jake. Michael Scaleri played the role from 1983-1988. Michael Brainard played the role from 1988 to 1991. Michael Lowry played the role from 1996 to March 2000 in which time Jake was involved with Liza Colby (Marcy Walker). J. Eddie Peck stepped into the role in the summer of 2000, in which time the character was involved with Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) among othera, and lasted in the role until 2003.

          Pictured: Ricky Paull Goldin courtesy CBS

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