How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Errol Lewis, Publisher and Editor in Chief
By Angela Rosa

( – What lies beneath.



JR is extremely upset to see a drunken Colby. Dre surprises Cassandra with a kiss. Adam challenges Krystal to embrace her true feelings. Babe decides to remain at the mansion. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Frankie is desperate to protect Randi who fights her growing feelings for Dr. Hubbard. Erica and Kendall share an emotional moment as Erica is allowed to hug her daughter for the first time since her incarceration. Samuel’s father, Melvin (Melvin Van Peebles), questions his son about his interest in Erica Kane. Carmen pushes Jack to pursue Erica. Babe continues to complain about her position at Fusion which prompts JR to offer to buy the company for her. Angie and Frankie get into it after mother Hubbard finds Randi on Cassandra’s bed.

Main Story: Getting Away with Murder

Jesse isn’t pleased to learn that Zach has taken off in search of Richie. Kendall fears Zach will take matters into his own hands if he finds Richie. Zach calls Jesse to report that he found Richie dead on the road. Jesse questions Zach at the scene of the crime. Annie is at a lost about what to feel upon getting the news of her brother’s death. Zach and Kendall drop in on Ryan and Annie to offer whatever support they can give. Zach privately begins to suspect that Annie is hiding something. Jesse doesn’t believe that Richie’s death was merely a hit and run accident and calls Zach in for more questioning. A nerve wrecked Annie remembers back to what really happened the night of Richie’s death as she and Ryan wait on the results of Richie’s autopsy. Zach maintains his innocence to Jesse. Jesse grills Annie about the night of Richie’s death after discovering that Novak’s last call was to Annie’s cell phone. Kendall becomes furious at Annie when she deflects blame on to Zach with some very damaging statements. Zach ends up in handcuffs after challenging Jesse to arrest him.

Dre and Cassandra panic after learning that Richie died in a hit and run. Dre and Cassandra explain to Colby that they hit something with her car while driving her home the night before. Colby, Dre and Cassandra are almost certain they’re responsible for Richie’s death and contemplate doing the right thing. The teens ultimately decide not to tell anyone about that fateful night but can’t keep their minds off Richie. Colby is surprised when Pete Cortlandt (Daniel Kennedy) stops by. Pete makes a disturbing observation as Colby tries to get rid of him.

Rocking the Boat

Aidan insists on spending the night outside of a shaken Greenlee’s door. Jake urges Greenlee to give his pal a second chance. A flirtatious Aidan begins to wear Greenlee down with the help of cue cards. Ryan is hit with more memories of Greenlee. Aidan and Greenlee begin to find their way back together but Greenlee wants to take things slow. Greenlee goes sailing to try to sort out her feelings for both Aidan and Ryan. Ryan is horrified when he sees Greenlee fall and hit her head.


Monday: Ryan is filled with memories from the past four years. Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty of murder. Pete’s discovery spells trouble for Colby, Dre and Cassandra.

Tuesday: Ryan remembers his love for Greenlee. Angie and Frankie search for a missing Randi. Adam takes control when Colby and Cassandra come clean with him.

Wednesday: Kendall figures out that Ryan loves Greenlee. Samuel has good news for Erica. Annie questions Ryan about his feelings for her.

Thursday: Kendall is faced with a dilemma where Greenlee is concerned. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Randi is reluctant to open up to Frankie.

Friday: Annie warns Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the scene of Richie’s hit and run. Ryan gets some surprising news at the hospital.

By Angela Rosa

( – Moments of impact.



Angie tries to get through to Randi. Jake confronts Frankie on his feelings for Randi. A drunken Colby manages to get in the way of both Cassandra and Dre, and Ren and Corrina’s growing closeness. Carmen begins working for Adam, who is certain he’s going to come to regret hiring her. Dre and Cassandra set out to drive Colby home from the lodge.

Stolen Moments

Adam would like nothing more than to comfort Krystal over the situation with Babe, but Krystal refuses to let her ex get close. Adam assures Krystal that Babe is a survivor. Krystal finally allows Adam to comfort her. Adam and Krystal kiss. Krystal guilt is apparent as Tad tells her how important she is to him.

Erica and Samuel open up to each other while locked inside the prison cell. Samuel tells Erica about the day his wife died. Erica and Samuel share a kiss just before they’re freed. Erica is amused by Samuel’s bashfulness about their kiss. Samuel makes it clear that he has feelings for Erica as the two enjoy flirting with each other.

Main Story: Criminal Minds

Kendall, Greenlee and Amanda realize Babe is missing after the lights come back on at Fusion. Zach informs the women that Richie is on the loose. Jesse quickly takes charge of the search for Babe after being sworn in as Chief of Police. Richie heads to a cabin in the woods with Babe locked in the trunk of his car. Richie’s threatens to expose every single one of Annie’s misdeeds unless she meets him at the cabin to hand him over more cash. Zach regrets not killing Richie when he had the chance. Kendall and Greenlee decide to take matters into their own hands. Kendall finds a picture of Babe and Richie at a cabin and feels certain that is where Richie took Babe. Babe plays along with an increasingly unhinged Richie. Zach, Aidan and JR head out to try and track down Babe and Richie after managing to trace a call JR made. Babe’s escape attempt makes a bad situation even worse. Greenlee and Kendall arrive at the cabin and brace themselves to rescue Babe. Greenlee, Kendall and Babe manage to overpower Richie and tie him up. A hidden Annie continues to watch the situation unfold. Greenlee, Babe and Kendall each give Richie a piece of their mind at knife point. The women leave Richie alone in the cabin to call for help. Annie approaches her brother with the knife … and frees him. Richie and Annie sneak out of the cabin unseen. Jesse is perplexed when he doesn’t find Annie at home. Zach takes off after Richie after he, Kendall, Aidan, Greenlee, JR and Babe return to the cabin and discover Richie is gone.

Friday, July 4 Encore Presentation:

In this episode, that originally aired on February 18, 2008, Jesse and Angie reunite at the train station and then go to a cabin where Jesse explains that he really is alive. The Campbell’s “Go Red” fashion show takes place. Annie is disturbed at the connection Ryan has with Greenlee and Kendall. Kendall denies to Aidan that she is pregnant. Erica is arrested.


Monday: Jesse calls Ryan and Annie with alarming news. Kendall fears Zach might have gone too far. Dre surprises Cassandra with a kiss.

Tuesday: Zach grows suspicious. Aidan is determined to win Greenlee back. Colby, Dre and Cassandra get some disturbing news.

Wednesday: Jesse begins an investigation. Sparks fly between Erica and Samuel. Annie has some very revealing memories.

Thursday: Greenlee and Aidan start to get back on track. Erica shares an emotional visit with Kendall. Carmen urges Jack to go after Erica.

Friday: Greenlee comes to terms with her feelings for Aidan and Ryan. Jesse pays a visit to Annie. Frankie defends Randi to Angie.

By Angela Rosa

( — The citizens of Pine Valley put their cards on the table.



Tad manages to cheer up a withdrawn Kathy while trying to convince Jake to stay in town. Colby benefits when Adam tries to secure her votes at Chandler Enterprises with some expensive early birthday gifts. JR and Babe continue to grow closer. Tad knows that Kathy is missing Julia.

In the Name of Love

Frankie refuses to believe Randi is a prostitute. Angie and Jesse take notice as their son refuses to leave his new friend’s side. Angie observes as Jesse tries to get answers about Randi’s beating. The cops end up giving Jesse a lead after initially brushing him off. Randi comes clean with Frankie; meanwhile, Jesse sets a trap for Randi’s pimp. Realizing it’s the only way he’ll truly be happy, Angie tells Jesse to go ahead and take the Chief of Police job. Frankie’s involvement with Randi concerns Angie.

Harem Mayhem

Annie is sure a missing Greenlee is with Ryan and ends up getting into it with Kendall over her business partner. Meanwhile, at the marina Greenlee surprises Ryan with a boat ride and the two friends confide in each other. Greenlee insists to Aidan that she just wants to be friends but is flustered by his flirting and makes a hasty retreat. Wanting to prove to herself that she can be friends with a man, Greenlee tries to convince Jake to move in with her. Jake is resistant to Greenlee’s offer but has a change of heart after learning that Richie is walking around a free man. Aidan admits to Jake that he wants Greenlee back and asks his friend to keep a close eye on his ex.

Sibling Dysfunction

Zach roughs up Richie but gets little satisfaction in doing so. Myrtle tries to talk sense into Zach, pointing out he would never be at peace with himself if he takes further action against Richie. Annie, Ryan, Zach, Kendall, Babe and JR gather in the courtroom for Richie’s arraignment. Richie destroys Annie’s credibility on the stand when he forces her to admit that she gave false testimony against him when he was sent to jail several years earlier. Richie is released on bail but is ordered to wear a monitoring device. Annie feigns shock at the turn of events. Zach decides to bring Ryan in on his plan to make Richie disappear once and for all. Annie reminds Richie to make good on their deal before he skips town. Richie heads to Fusion where a tentative Kendall, Babe, Greenlee and Amanda are pulling an all night brainstorming session. Zach and Ryan find an unconscious Annie in Richie’s motel room. Zach grows suspicious of Annie. A lethal Richie prepares to make his move.

In & Out of Lockdown

Jack informs Erica that the judge won’t allow Carmen to be released to work for either one of them. A determined Erica later blackmails Adam into employing Carmen at his mansion and giving her room and board. Carmen and Erica share an emotional goodbye. Erica’s new cellmate could spell trouble. Samuel visits Erica to take a look at the conditions in solitary confinement in an attempt to bring reform. Samuel and Erica end up locked in the cell together when the prison suddenly goes into lockdown.


Monday: Things don’t look good for Babe. Krystal pushes Adam away. Erica and Sam find a way to pass the time while in solitary.

Tuesday: Babe plays along with a delusional Richie. Zach, JR and Aidan are hot on Babe’s trail. Angie makes Randi face some cold hard truths about herself.

Wednesday: Richie is no match for Kendall, Greenlee and Babe. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Krystal feels guilty after sharing a kiss with Adam.

Thursday: Annie tries to cover her tracks. Too much liquor really loosens Colby’s lips. Kendall, Greenlee and Babe’s joy is short lived.

Friday: Encore Presentation of February 18, 2008 Episode.

By Angela Rosa

( — War and peace.



Jack and Samuel go to the prison to watch Erica’s new show. Sparks fly as Erica interviews Samuel again. Kendall and JR begin to mend fences. Tad offers to turn the business over to Aidan. Tad seems happier than he’s ever been now that Kathy is in his life. Adam learns that JR planted the damaging stories about him in the press but decides not to confront JR just yet. Erica promises to lend Carmen a helping hand after Jack gives Ms. Morales some good news. Ryan gets some bad news from Jake.

The Facts of Greenlee’s Life

Greenlee finds Annie waiting for her in her apartment. Annie tells Greenlee in no uncertain terms to stay away Ryan. After returning home, Annie admits her insecurities to Ryan who in turn whisks his wife into his arms and carries her to their bedroom. Greenlee and Kendall talk. Greenlee isn’t ready to completely forgive Kendall but the two women make some headway. Greenlee can’t stop herself from feeling jealous when Ryan jumps to Annie’s defense and later admits it to Zach. Aidan realizes Greenlee slept with Josh. Although unable to forgive what he did, Greenlee tells Aidan she would like to be friends but he wants more and kisses her passionately. Jack’s suggestion catches Greenlee by surprise. Greenlee runs into Ryan at the marina.

The Evidence Against Mr. Novak

JR fills Zach in on what Richie did to him. Zach remembers Richie mowing him down with his car and then sealing him and Greenlee in the bunker. A lethal Zach threatens to kill Richie as he forces a confession out of him. The walls close in further on Richie after Treena gives her statement to the cops and Angie gets the go ahead to draw Richie’s DNA to prove he stole JR’s bone marrow. Zach informs Greenlee that Richie is the one who trapped them in the bunker. Zach and Greenlee take off after hearing that the DNA tests have incriminated Richie and he’s being arrested as they speak. Everybody involved gathers at the hospital, where Richie refuses to let them see him sweat. Richie informs Annie that she’s putting up his bail or he’ll inform Ryan of her duplicity. Annie and Richie strike a deal. Zach is Richie’s worst nightmare. Kendall mistakenly believes she’s succeeded in talking Zach out of getting revenge on Richie.

No Justice For Jesse

Angie refuses to even consider letting Jesse rejoin the police force. Jesse tries to make Angie see things from his point of view but she remains unrelenting and storms off. Jesse seeks advice from Tad, while Angie confides in Krystal. Angie remains resolute. Angie is thrilled when Jesse tells her he’s accepted the position of Professor of Criminology at Pine Valley University. Frankie and Cassandra have their doubts that Jesse will be happy in the classroom.

The Love-Sick Doctor Hubbard

Frankie is determined to help Randi. Jake and Frankie bond over wanting to right the injustices in the world but Jake informs his pal that he can’t help somebody who doesn’t want it. Frankie shows up at the law office where Randi works and invites her out for coffee. Frankie tries to help Randi, who wishes the doctor would just mind his business. Randi is accosted by a man on the pier. Frankie tends to a badly beaten Randi.


Monday: Zach roughs up Richie, who denies any wrongdoing. Angie and Jesse take note of Frankie’s interest in Randi. Annie suspects a missing Greenlee is with Ryan.

Tuesday: Aidan knows that he and Greenlee are more than just friends. Tad convinces Jake to stay in town. Erica blackmails Adam into hiring Carmen.

Wednesday: Greenlee tries to convince Jake to move in with her. Opal has an ominous warning for Richie. Randi comes clean with Frankie.

Thursday: Annie reminds Richie of the deal they made. Erica’s new cellmate could spell trouble. Zach and Ryan plot to take care of Richie once and for all.

Friday: Richie is closer than the Fusion women realize. Zach grows suspicious of Annie. Erica and Samuel find themselves in close quarters.

Friday, June 6, 2008 10:21 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Summer brings in a wave of new faces to “All My Children.”

Beth Ehlers has signed a contract to star on “All My Children.” Ehlers, a four-time Emmy nominee, is best known for the role she has played off and on for more than twenty years – Harley Cooper on CBS’s “Guiding Light.” Ehlers was initially scheduled to be a recast of Liza Colby, formerly played by Marcy Walker, but head writing shifts scrapped that plan; the characters name is yet to be determined. Ehler’s has not begun taping at the ABC soap.

June 16: The July 1 issue of Soap Opera Digest reports that Ehlers will play soldier Taylor McBride on “AMC,” a new character. Taylor comes to town with a purpose and upon waiting for her next tour of duty will become side-tracked. Ehlers will begin taping this month and her first air-date will be Thursday, July 24.

The beaten and battered beauty that premiered on the May 29 episode of “AMC,” where Dr. Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith Jr.) tended to her wounds, is played by Denise Vasi. The 27-year old actress was cast to play the contract role of a prostitute named Randi. If her frequent visits to the hospital are any clue, Randi isn’t getting any respect from her pimp. Vasi’s character is slated for a hot-and-heavy romance with Frankie.

Soap Opera Network has learned that the role of Peter “Petey” Cortlandt has been cast. The character will begin airing during the week of July 7 and will be involved in storyline with Colby, Dre and Cassandra (Brianne Moncrief, Sterling Sulieman and Yaya DaCosta). Opal (Jill Larson) and Palmer Cortlandt’s (James Mitchell) son was last played by Mitchel Federan in 2002. Stay tuned for more information.

June 11: Soap Opera Digest Online is reporting that Daniel Kennedy will premiere in the recurring role of Petey on Friday, July 11.

“All My Children” airs weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

  • All My Children
  • Denise Vasi
  • Cortlandt
  • Beth Ehlers

    By Angela Rosa

    ( — Foul play.



    Aidan helps get Amanda out of a jam. Jack is saddened by the fact that Lily will soon be leaving for college. Samuel offers Jesse the job of Chief of Police. Erica gets the idea to do a new show, New Beginnings: Behind Bars. Angie makes an impassioned plea for Jesse not to return to police work. Frankie tends to Randi, a woman he suspects is being abused.

    Into The Light

    Only Adam is able to comfort Kathy after she’s told about Julia. Tad later explains to Kathy that he’s her father. Alone in the chapel, Tad senses Dixie’s presence and is certain she helped reunite him with their daughter. Dixie tells Adam not to give up hope. Krystal shows up at Adam’s door. Dixie assures Tad that she is at peace. Dixie wants Tad to be happy and knows he’ll find love again. Tad and Dixie share one last kiss before she dissolves into the light.

    Marriage Baggage

    Greenlee asserts to Josh that their hooking up was just a one time deal. Greenlee’s good mood doesn’t go unnoticed by Amanda. Aidan professes his love to Greenlee. Zach is pleased to find Greenlee in better spirits but questions her thinking when he discovers she had a one night stand. Zach thinks Aidan still loves Greenlee, but she doesn’t want to talk about her ex. Aidan resigns from his position at Cambias. Zach doesn’t think Aidan is good enough for Greenlee and warns him to never hurt her again or make another move on Kendall.

    Zach wonders why Kendall always tries to push him away. Kendall would initiate lovemaking but Zach just wants to hold her in his arms. Kendall turns to Erica. Kendall is unsettled when she sees Zach and Greenlee in a playful moment. The tension between the two women escalates as Greenlee teases Kendall about her “mystery” romp. Greenlee and Kendall warm up for their tennis match. Consumed with memories of seeing Zach and Greenlee together, Kendall ends up slamming Greenlee in the eye with her serve. Greenlee later has Kendall served with legal papers charging her with assault. Kendall advocates Josh pursuing Greenlee.

    Annie injects herself with the fertility drug and fantasizes about getting pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Realizing what she’s up to, Richie blackmails Annie…again. Ryan makes plans to leave town to consult with a doctor about restoring his memory. Annie convinces Ryan to postpone his plans and anticipates seducing him later that night. Ryan takes Greenlee on a motorcycle ride. Ryan believes that Greenlee wants to be friends with Kendall again. Furious that Ryan hasn’t returned home, Annie heads out to confront Greenlee.

    The Justice Files

    JR rescues Babe in the nick of time. Treena tells Babe and JR the truth about Richie. JR has Richie beaten up and then holds him hostage. JR threatens to kill Richie while getting him to confess to his crimes. JR plans take an unexpected turn when Richie goes into convulsions. JR tells Jesse, Babe and Angie that Richie stole his bone marrow. Jesse wants to get to the bottom of JR’s story. Richie feels the walls closing in on him but runs into Zach as he tries to leave the hospital.


    Monday: Annie accuses Greenlee of wanting Ryan for herself. Zach forces a confession out of Richie. Kendall and Greenlee make some headway towards rebuilding their friendship.

    Tuesday: Angie and Jesse remain at an impasse. Erica proves she’s a star even behind bars. Richie’s crimes begin to catch up with him.

    Wednesday: Ryan defends Annie to Greenlee. Krystal has no intention of walking away from Tad. Richie’s web of lies is quickly unraveling.

    Thursday: Adam learns of JR’s duplicity. Aidan asks Greenlee if there’s any hope for them. Randi wishes Frankie would just mind his own business.

    Friday: Jesse tries to make things right with Angie. Annie makes a bargain with Richie. Frankie finds a badly beaten Randi at the hospital.

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 1:58 AM | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Five characters exit Pine Valley as “All My Children” moves into the hot and heavy months of summer.

    Leven Rambin, 18, will last air on “All My Children” on Tuesday, June 10. The Emmy-nominated actress joined the cast of “AMC” in May 2004 as Lily Montgomery and began playing Lily’s identical half-sister, Ava Benton, in March 2007. Rambin taped her last scenes as Lily during an “AMC” location shoot in Long Island on May 19; Ava’s last appearance on the show was during Pine Valley’s Go Red Fashion Show in February. The young actress announced her decision to not re-sign with the show in the current issue of Soap Opera Weekly..

    Multiple sources are reporting that Billy Miller has been let go from “AMC.” Miller started his stint in Pine Valley as Wes, the bartender who would soon be revealed to be sociopath Richie Novak, sister of Annie Lavery (Melissa Claire Egan). Opal’s (Jill Larson) ominous tarot card reading along with a long string of very bad deeds going unpunished seemed to foretell this bad boy’s faith months ago. Miller began playing the role of Richie Novak in August 2007. The handsome young actor will tape his last scenes as Richie in the not too distant future; do not expect Mr. Novak to make a quiet exit.

    Charles Parnell who began playing Derek Frye in September 2005 last aired in the role this past March. The role, previously played by William Christian from 1991 to 2005, will not be recast. In the upcoming weeks, look for Jesse Hubbard, played by Darnell Williams, to step up to the plate and take on the job of Pine Valley’s newest Chief of Police.

    Cady McClain last airs in her short-term stint as Dixie Cooney Martin’s ghost on Thursday, June 12. When asked about a potential longer Pine Valley stay for McClain in the future, “AMC” executive producer Julie H. Carruthers responds that she’d never rule it out.

    “All My Children” airs weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    • Billy Miller
    • All My Children
    • Cady McClain
    • Charles Parnell
    • Leven Rambin

      By Angela Rosa

      ( — Lingering effects.



      Friends and family gather to celebrate Spike’s birthday but thoughts of Tad and Julia weigh heavily on everyone’s mind. Erica is frustrated that she can’t be there for her family. Tad learns of Julia’s death. After hearing JR talk about Richie, Babe calls Amanda to put her plan in motion. JR gives Adam his word that he’s not trying to steal Chandler Enterprises away from him after word of the elder Chandler’s institutionalization leaks. Treena introduces Babe to her pimp. Babe quickly finds herself in over her head.

      No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

      Despite heavy resistance, Adam is determined to do the right thing. Krystal thinks Adam has lost his mind when he orders Babe and JR to bring Kathy to the hospital. Tad is ready to go into the light and be with Dixie forever. Dixie tells Tad that he needs to go on living for the sake of both of his daughter and disappears as Adam arrives in Tad’s room. Adam’s admission brings Tad back to life. Tad absorbs the revelation that Kathy is really Kate as word spreads across the hospital. Krystal realizes Adam has known the truth about Kate for quite awhile and is disgusted that he deliberately kept Tad away from his daughter. JR disowns Adam…again. Looking for validation that he isn’t an evil man, Adam turns to Erica. Later, an unapologetic Adam arrives at Tad’s room where he proceeds to justify his actions. Tad thanks Adam for telling him the truth about Kate and the two men shake hands. Tad challenges Krystal to be honest about her feeling for Adam.

      Home Wreckonomics

      Ryan and a newly single Greenlee’s closeness irks Annie. Ryan can’t force himself to muster up feelings for Annie, who feels like an outsider at Spike’s birthday party. Greenlee agrees to talk to Aidan but remains unforgiving. Aidan theorizes that Greenlee is sabotaging her own happiness because she has never really gotten over Ryan. After giving Aidan back his engagement ring, Greenlee surprises Ryan on the beach. Ryan admits to Greenlee that he isn’t sure that he ever really loved Annie. Greenlee covers her hurt when Ryan asserts that he isn’t the man for her. A determined Annie visits a fertility doctor. Greenlee puts forth a successful effort to push Kendall’s insecurities to the surface as she makes implications about her and Zach’s special bond. Greenlee doesn’t return home alone after she and Jake drown their sorrows at ConFusion.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF JUNE 9, 2008

      Monday: Aidan tells Greenlee that he still loves her. Zach wants answers from Kendall. JR comes to Babe’s rescue.

      Tuesday: Zach is pleased by the changes he sees in Greenlee. Angie hopes Jesse doesn’t become Pine Valley’s new Chief of Police. Erica’s blood boils when she learns she’s been booted off New Beginnings.

      Wednesday: Greenlee fuels Kendall’s insecurities about Zach. Tad tells Kate that he is her father. Adam tries to convince Krystal that he’s a changed man.

      Thursday: Dixie takes Tad on a magical journey. JR puts the screws to Richie. Erica proves that nothing can keep her down.

      Friday: Babe is shocked by the extent of Richie’s crimes. Annie is fed up with Greenlee’s attachment to Ryan. Kendall believes Greenlee is out for revenge.

      AMC PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

      By Angela Rosa

      ( — The aftermath.



      Zach finds Greenlee purging her place of all things connected to Aidan. Zach calmly helps a distressed Greenlee remove her engagement ring as she rants against Aidan and Kendall. Greenlee impulsively kisses Zach. Kendall turns to Ryan for help. Zach pulls out of Greenlee’s kiss knowing she’s just acting out over the hurt she feels. Greenlee insists to Zach that they need to get Kendall and Aidan out of their lives. Kendall’s arrival sends Greenlee off into the night. Ryan picks Greenlee up after she runs into a flat tire. Greenlee suggests that she and Ryan ride off into the night together but Ryan knows she’s just acting out of the hurt she feels. Annie is upset to find Greenlee in Ryan’s arms. Kendall attempts to make peace with Greenlee. Greenlee would rather dismantle Fusion than work with Kendall.

      The Inside Story: Between Life and Death

      Jake and Frankie work valiantly to stop Tad from bleeding to death, as Aidan and Greg try to calm the crowd in the ballroom. Frankie airlifts a critically injured Tad to the hospital. Krystal has the unfortunate task of informing Joe of Tad’s dire condition. Jake prepares to operate on his brother. Tad’s friends and family hold vigil at the hospital as Joe, Jake and Angie work to save his life in the operating room. Tad’s loved ones plead with him to wake up and come back to them. Dixie shows Tad what their lives would have been like if she had lived.

      Dixie appears before Adam as he watches over Kathy. After learning about Tad, Adam goes to the hospital to be there for his loved ones. Jesse and Aidan are determined to find Kate before it’s too late and in the process find letters that Tad had written to his little girl. JR accuses Adam of anxiously waiting for Tad to die. Adam is unsettled when JR informs him that he’s going to make it his life’s mission to find Kate. JR’s words hit Adam, who heads to the hospital. Jake stops Adam from going to see Tad.

      Around Town:

      Jesse engages Robert in a life or death battle as Angie struggles to keep the helicopter from crashing; Frankie restrains Robert, who tries to taunt Jesse into killing him; Krystal stays by a dying Julia’s side at the hospital; Zach and Kendall are grateful for what they have together as they prepare for Spike’s birthday party; Angie finds comfort in Jesse’s arms.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF JUNE 2, 2008

      Monday: Annie is annoyed by Ryan and Greenlee’s closeness. Tad hears a voice telling him he needs to return to his loved ones. Krystal makes a shocking realization.

      Tuesday: Adam tells Tad the truth. Krystal blasts Adam for his treachery. Greenlee can’t bring herself to forgive Aidan.

      Wednesday: Aidan surmises that Greenlee has never really gotten over Ryan. Erica gives Adam plenty to think about. JR wants to settle the score with Richie.

      Thursday: Tad and Adam share a rare moment of peace. Greenlee plays on Kendall’s insecurities. Babe sets her plan in motion.

      Friday: Kendall hopes she hasn’t pushed Zach away for good. Babe finds herself in a dangerous situation. Greenlee and Jake drown their sorrows.

      By Angela Rosa

      ( — Love and tragedy in the afternoon.

      Michael E. Knight


      After finally connecting at the Hubbard wedding, Aidan tells Greenlee that what’s most important to him is being with her, with or without children in their future. Jack inadvertently reveals that Aidan and Kendall slept together after misinterpreting Greenlee’s emotional state. The depth of Kendall and Aidan’s betrayal sinks in for Greenlee who unleashes her anger on the two. Greenlee becomes even more furious when she realizes Zach knew the truth. Zach forces Greenlee to leave with him and urges her to accept what can’t be changed. A confrontational Aidan accuses Zach of sending him to Darfur with a death wish on his mind. Zach punches Aidan. Greenlee lets Aidan know just how deeply he hurt her and then asks Zach to take her home.

      The Main Event: The Beginning and the End

      Dixie urges Jake to stay in town for Tad’s sake. Tad is certain Adam is losing his mind when he claims to see Dixie. Dixie leaves Adam with a chilling warning and reminds him that time is running out. Angie is ecstatic when Jesse brings Greg home. Greg, Angie and Jesse visit Jenny’s grave. The Hubbard family anticipates Jesse and Angie’s wedding the following day. Stuart gives Adam some sound advice. JR takes Adam home after he’s released from Oak Haven. Jesse and Angie’s friends and family gather in the ballroom at the casino for the wedding. Jesse arranges for R&B singer Ne-Yo to serenade Angie. Angie and Jesse exchange heartfelt vows and are married once again. Dixie watches wistfully as Tad spends time with their daughter. Fretful over Dixie’s warning, a disruptive Adam desperately tries to get his children to leave the wedding reception with him. Tad and Jake threaten to get physical with Adam. Dixie dances with Kate.

      Robert snaps Cassandra out of the hypnotic state he put her in and quickly sneaks away before being spotted. Robert spies Stuart and Little Adam returning the stuffed elephant to Cassandra. Jesse becomes suspicious when Cassandra explains the symptoms she’s experiencing. Angie warns Jesse not to look for trouble where none exists. Robert shoots and kills the FBI agent that arrives to question him and then arrives at the Hubbard wedding intent on finally getting what he wants. Robert drugs and locks up Opal. Jesse finally puts together that Robert is Papel and confronts him at gunpoint, but Mrs. Hubbard’s arrival changes fates. Robert exits the hotel room holding Angie at gun-point. In the hallway, Robert shoots at an oblivious JR. Robert makes his way to the crowded ballroom with Angie. Aidan fails to get a clear shot at Robert. Chaos breaks out in the ballroom as an unhinged Robert makes his presence dangerously apparent. Dixie protects Colby and Kathy. Tad, Jake and Frankie give chase as Robert heads to the helicopter on the roof with Angie. A horrified Dixie looks on as Robert takes aim at Tad.

      Around Town:

      Intent on getting pregnant, Annie tries to seduce Ryan but he gently rejects her; Zach wants JR’s help in trying to figure out who ran him over and framed JR for it; JR and Babe make love.

      SON ALERTS: WEEK OF MAY 26, 2008

      Monday: Encore Presentation.

      Tuesday: Jesse is Angie’s knight in shining armor. A distraught Greenlee pulls Zach into a kiss. Dixie is grateful that Kate is safe.

      Wednesday: Ryan reaches out to Greenlee. Everyone tries to cope with the tragic turn of events. Annie is determined to have a baby with Ryan.

      Thursday: JR accuses Adam of being on a death watch as they wait for word on Tad. Greenlee would rather abandon Fusion than work with Kendall. Aidan and Jesse team up to locate Kate for Tad.

      Friday: Dixie shows Tad what their lives would have been like if she had lived. Adam’s eyes are finally opened where Tad is concerned. Jesse comforts an emotionally drained Angie.

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