‘GH’ EP Frank Valentini Teases Steve Burton Return — Jason Who?


” is said to be embarking on territory that has been told several times before, including by the show itself, “,” “” and others. But are they really?

Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Many have presumed that with the return of to the canvas that he would resume his role as Jason Morgan (now portrayed by ), but will the show bring us the Tale of Two Jasons, or is something completely different in the works? You’ll be surprised to find out it might be the latter.

In an interview published by TVLine, “GH” executive producer says that despite many theories being kicked around online, “No one has guessed right. They think we’re making it up as we go along, when it’s all been laid out.”

Valentini also notes that plans for Burton’s return began four months ago. “When we knew that he was available and interested, we started to brainstorm ideas about what we wanted to do,” said the producer. After coming up with a story that stuck, “We thought, ‘That’s interesting, that’ll work, and that will fit in with what we’ve got going,’ so we just ran with it.

“We’re really excited to work with Steve, because he’s a really important part of the show.”

While not elaborating on what the eventual outcome will be, other than that effects will be felt for the better part of a year, the producer told TVLine during ABC’s summer TCA party last night, “Jason’s life affects, like, 30 people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by his return.” He added, “That whole paradigm — ‘Who’s the real Jason? How will people react to him?’ — I find to be very interesting, and it will be fun for the audience.”

For more from Valentini on what might be in store on “GH’s” Jason storyline, and how it might be similar to “OLTL’s” Tale of Two Todds, check out the rest of his TVLine interview.

  • JD

    While I love Steve Burton’s Jason, I sincerely hope writers don’t bring Burton back as Jason. I really like what writers are doing to develop Billy Miller’s Jason. I hope this storyline is not the beginning of Miller’s end on the show or with Sam.

    I would like to see Dante go undercover to dismantle the cartel working to take over Sonny’s territory. Cop gone rogue handed Sonny’s business by Sonny. Burton may be part of new cartel in town working with Dante to bring down the real threat.

    • Taylor Roberts

      I feel completely the opposite. I hate the NuJason, the mumbling, the sarcasm and constant face making is so jarring and not Jason it’s unwatchable for me. They changed the character to suit BM and that was a huge mistake. Jason now has no layers and he’s not unique anymore. For a great part of his return he has been such a hypocritical bully. So, I’m really hoping BM isn’t Jason. Jason Morgan was the most unique character on daytime and he has been ruined. Let Billy be someone else. Although, if he is Jason at least it will make it easier to forward through Jasam scenes because they just offend me and are so freaking boring. They always were. Putting 2 people with zip for personality together is snoozeworthy. If Steve is back so that they will put his character with Sam, then I’m not watching that for sure as much as I love him. I never thought I’d start watching again. They destroyed all the characters I love. I don’t trust the writers because they suck.

      • dawnd13

        I disagree. Nobody kicked Burton to the curb. He left of his own accord. I don’t know what happened on Y&R since I don’t watch it, but despite your personal opinion, to kick Miller to the curb would be patently unfair just because Burton is now available. Let him play another character. GH has done it before, the should do it again. I didn’t care much for, as you say, “NuJason” but he has grown on me and I like his performance in the role. Burton CHOSE to leave–he should not replace another actor just because he is suddenly available again. He walked away, if he wants to come back, fine, but make it someone else.


    Only one Jason and thats STEVE BURTON dont screw this up GH

  • dawnd13

    I don’t know what kind of contract Billy Miller has, but I think replacing him with Steve Burton is unfair. Burton chose to leave GH of his own accord, and kicking Billy Miller to the curb is patently unfair. Certainly, GH has brought people back in different roles (John McBain/Cyrus Clay/Finn) and surely there is room for another character. I understand SB fans loyalty, but to just toss Billy Miller out would really, REALLY suck.