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Rebecca Budig Out as ‘GH’s’ Hayden Barnes

Despite signing a four-year contract with the soap last summer, is out as “’s” Hayden Barnes.

While ABC is not commenting, except to say they do not comment on actor contracts, it’s understood that before the soap goes dark for an expected three-week summer hiatus next week, Budig will finish her stint later this week as she tapes her final scenes. A final airdate has not been set.

Joining “GH” in May 2015, in what was supposed to be a limited run, Budig was upped to contract status with the soap last summer.

Budig is best known for her run on “,” where she played the conniving Greenlee Smythe off-and-on from August 1999 through the soap’s final episode on ABC in September 2011. Prior to “AMC,” Budig portrayed Michelle Bauer on “” (1995-1998).

In between soap stints, Budig has appeared in episodes of “,” “,” “,” “” and “,” among others. Budig was a contestant on ABC’s “,” a winter 2010 competition series that tested celebrities and their skating skills. Budig eventually won the competition at its conclusion.

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  • Brad Jones

    Wait; G.H. is going on a 3 week summer hiatus???

  • bonniemdm

    OMG I can’t stand this anymore..plz bring Tyler Christopher back..and I am sick at the thought of Rebecca Budig leaving GH.she is such a smoothe actor…glad that Steve Burton is coming back..I know he wants new part…plz Keep Rebecca! 🙂

  • Lilly Odonnel

    I like the character, Hayden Barnes. Tyler Christopher was also a favorite of mine. If leaving the show is not Rebecca’s decision and she is leaving because they are killing off the character….u have to wonder why. She and Finn seem to have good chemistry. She also worked well with Tyler Christopher and she can act. If they are booting her off the show, you have to wonder what is going on internally. Seems a number of popular actors have left. I also like Sabrina’s character and they suddenly killed her off. It made me wonder because there are some actresses they allow to stay on the show who can’t act at all and you wonder how they keep their jobs. I fast forward through those scenes. I won’t mention any names. Maybe it is brown nosing …. sort of what goes on at some places of employment. Hmmm. It is like some internal someone who makes the calls decides they don’t like the person even though the actor is fitting in well and they are suddenly gone.