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If you are a fan of “,” and have not been living under a rock, you are probably aware of , manager, current series, ABC Entertainment. But what you may not be aware of is recent allegations that the executive may have allegedly crossed the line when it comes to revealing intimate details surrounding contract negotiations between the network and its actors, particularly in regards to (Elizabeth Webber).

Rebecca Herbst
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According to Wubs.Net, which published an alleged screengrab of a conversation between the executive and a fan, wherein Varni allegedly shares personal knowledge of negotiations between Herbst and the network, Varni is quoted as saying, “We’ve done everything we possibly can to entice her to say [sic] and now it is Becky’s final decision. I would hope the fans of ‘GH’ would be more mature to stick with us if a certain actor or actress leaves. But at the end of the day I respect people’s decision not to watch and we can all watch ‘GH’ sail into the sunset. Now more than ever we need support though, we don’t need people shutting off the show. I would encourage fans of ‘GH’ to keep watching but that’s only my wish, I do understand I cannot force people to watch. Thank you for your feedback, have a wonderful weekend.”

UPDATE: Since outcry over the above first came to light this morning, Varni has since posted that his Facebook account had been hacked.

“Just a heads up my account has been hacked. I will not be answering any further private messages,” wrote Varni. “Private messages are just that, private. Information in private responses is not something that is a statement for the public. Thank you for your understanding in that ALL private messages will no longer be returned. As always thank you for your viewership of ‘General Hospital.'”

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Outside of “GH,” Varni, who previously revealed in an interview with Soaps In Depth that offline viewership thwarts online, is also in charge of the day-to-day operations of “Once Upon a Time” and “The Middle” from the network side.

You can see the alleged exchange for yourself below:

  • Salem Spectator

    It’s as if Varni is saying GH will leave the airwaves if RH leaves GH. He and all others behind the soaps should keep their mouths shut. Emotional blackmail shouldn’t be part of his job.

    • Stephen Dark fox

      To be fair, that was a private email for one person to see. Writing that type of response for one person wouldn’t do much of anything. Had the person not sent out the email, this mess would not have happened.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        If a reporter does an interview with a person, unless that person says off the record anything is open for public use. Varni was corresponding with a person he didn’t know personally. It could have been anyone. Whether you are talking in private or in public … any of us have to know that anything we say or put into writing can come back to haunt us. Varni is a network executive. If he doesn’t know that by now …. in his position …. then he is very very incompetent at his job.

        Varni is not sorry about what he said…..he’s just sorry he got caught.

      • Annie Logan

        Varni shouldn’t be messaging people he doesn’t know about Becky’s contract-he so unprofesional.

        • robert

          exactly. contract negotiations are supposed to be private. this is grounds for termination. since he came to GH,i’ve felt like the show has gone downhill

      • Liason4Real

        If your boss sent a private email about your contract or salary to me, would you be okay with that?! I hope not, especially if I turned around and sent the email out to several contacts.

        • Stephen Dark fox

          If I didn’t know, what is there to be mad about? That is my point., the email was sent in private and was not meant to be reveal to anyone. What he did was of course unprofessional, but like I said before, that email wasn’t suppose to be screenshot and posted for everyone to see. So the person who did that can take some of the blame as well.

    • Annie Logan

      If Varni really thinks that he should be doing everything he can to make sure she doesn’t leave.

  • Richgeana White

    Well not that many people like her right now anyway so I don’t think to many would be upset if she disappeared however I do not agree with spilling her contract dispute on social media plus we all know a lot of the writing with a few of these soaps still left is what’s going to cause the show to get shut down whatever she decides is up to her but making it like it’s all her fault is not cool she has been on the show a while and her pay should reflect that however I don’t think that many people will stop watching if she’s gone some possibly but not a lot I hope it does get resolved

    • curacaoman

      Not many people like her? I hate the character of Liz but I love Becky. If I were her, I would walk!

      • robert

        i would walk to. her storylines have not been very good. last year Liz was almost ruined for a bad plot

        • Liason4Real

          Exactly, and the reason why BH is being offered a crappy contract which is on the TIIC and NOT the actress doing her job.

          This smells like the 2011 attempt to get rid of BH and bring on ReBu who by the way is now on the show, while their tried to remove a legacy character.

      • Liason4Real

        No, BH should fight like hell since she’s been at the show a heck of alot longer than FV, NV, and the current network team.

    • Annie Logan

      Let me guess, you are a Sam fan? Becky has a huge fan base and a lot of people love the character Liz. I don’t understand how Sam fans can be so dismisive and clueless. I could care less if Sam were killed off the show and I never had to see Kelly Monaco again, but I know she has a lot of fans and would never try and say no one else would care just because I wouldnt.

  • MaximumUniverse

    Pay her properly and she’ll stay. The Mouse House is stashed with cash. Varni is a typical TV suit.

  • robert

    what he did was unprofessional. contract talks are supposed to be private between the network and the actor. he obviously lied about his facebook being hacked because he got caught. this should be alarming to other actors on the show that he would share personal information. he should not be blaming fans for getting GH cancelled. the fact is the creative of the show is bad and it started when Varni came

  • Lorraine

    NV does private DMs with Jason and Sam fans all the time. He told them what was coming up for their couple months ago. He always tells them everything that’s happening. This is why they never wavered in their support and always keep a positive outlook because he told them also the head writers told them too. This is the most unprofessional group of executives in the entertainment industry.

    • Dawn9476

      He does it with Julian & Alexis fans, too. That’s why they are are so cocky & confident that their couple is untouchable.

      • Lorraine

        Yes he does; and this is why Young and the Restless will forever be the cream on the crop. Everyone is treated with respect. Believe or not they actually listen to their viewers and try to be as fair as possible. One of the many reasons I hope YR give Rebecca Herbst a shot; not because of Steve Burton or Jason Thompson, but because she is a shining star, a team player and deserves to be apart of that great Exective team. I have no doubt she will come in with her head down, working hard.

  • Mystery

    Standard line when someone’s typing comes back to haunt them “I was hacked!”

  • kenikstone

    The ABC network has to fire this guy. He`s bad for the show and the network.

  • Richgeana White

    To bad it is what it is if her contract dispute isn’t straightened out she won’t be on the show I don’t care how you Liz fans feel about Sam Jason & Sam belong together Liz can be with Franco him and her son who is turning out to be evil will get along good together

  • Dawn9476

    Varni went to far the moment his presence on Twitter increased in early 2014 and he started talking to a certain “army” about focus groups.

  • SoapArmageddon

    There must be a vast Anonymous conspiracy against ABC executives and daytime stars. Those poor people are always falling victims to hacking. 😉

  • JayTN

    “I was hacked” has become the go-to explanation for anything & everything that happens in this digital/social media age. As a professional, Nathan Varni, should know better than to discuss private information, even in general terms. What makes me think that his “hacking” excuse was just that – an excuse – is his decision not to answer private messages anymore (most likely a firm directive from his ABC superiors). Varni’s actions may have unintended consequences and make actors and their representatives distrustful that ABC, or a network executive, could potentially give out information that is supposed to be private & confidential. I would not be surprised to see Varni quietly relieved of his duties when dealing with GH in the not-to-distant future.