‘Days of our Lives” Chad and Abigail: 10 Moments to Remember


'” Chad and Abigail, as portrayed by actors and , have emerged into the soap’s most popular young couple. It’s a combination of their chemistry, the powerful storyline the they’ve shared since Flynn took over the role of Chad, and, of course, ‘s insertion as Ben – the perfect psycho spoiler and rival for Abigail’s heart.

In honor of the twosome, who have finally reunited and are happily planning their wedding, here are 10 “Chabby” moments to remember.


1. A Kiss at the Mansion

  • missmocha15

    Will be interesting to see if Abby is recast, will that same chemistry still be there.

  • Jennifer Gailey

    I love all the Chabby moments mentioned but in my opinion the 12-15-15 episode with Chad telling Abby the bedtime story should have been included, that was the sweetest thing ever to me, I rewatch that episode at least once a day, I’m a Chabby addict, lol.

  • Juliet

    The actress who plays Abby is just ugly, very weird looking with big features..and i don’t buy this couple at all…it is quite disturbing actually so all this prop Janet is pathetic..ha.

    • Robert Pollock


      • Jailey915

        VERY RUDE!!!! We can tell Juliet and Anonymous both took their nasty pills.

        • Robert Pollock

          Indeed…you do not need to wonder why some log in as anon…

          • Jailey915

            By signing Anonymous they must be a “closet” Chabby fan and also a member of another forced couple fan base that I won’t name (cough) that’s mad because Chabby is more popular than their couple. #Chabbyisforever

          • Robert Pollock

            oh some just are not computer savvy but other are brave people … when on the computer and being rude in the shadows…

    • Jailey915

      I don’t know what you look like on the outside but your comment tells me you are VERY ugly on the inside.

  • Annonymous

    One would assume by the publicity this forced pairing got that they were the be and end all of Days since it can only manage to concur up 4 comments now 5 including mine speaks volumes. C

    • Jailey915

      From your comment it appears you don’t like the Chad and Abby pairing, so why would you be reading an article about 10 Moments to Remember about them?