Get Ready For the September Casting Blitz At ‘Y&R!’

 Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

’” Genoa City became a powerhouse place today with the return of ’s Ashley Abbott, but she’s not the only one set to turn the canvas completely upside down in the weeks to come!

In addition to a return by Davidson (who’s recently been playing “'” Kristen DiMera), “” actress is also headed to “Y&R.” As previously reported, she’ll begin stirring up trouble as Maureen — the drinking buddy of Nikki () — on Monday, September 8.

Meanwhile, the Winters family can look forward to a surprise visit from Malcolm when “” star returns to Genoa City on Wednesday, September 10 and Thursday, September 11.

Catch all of the action when “The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS!

  • Welcome back Eileen!

    • sands of time

      Eileen is better as Kristen on DAYS. Traci is far more interesting than Ashley on…The Young and the Restless. I’ve always been drawn to the non run-of-the-mill soap characters. Traci had all the quirkiness needed to sustain my interest in the mid 1980’s, which included her overdosing on diet pills…back then, her weight was her issue.

      Eileen is back as Ashley, but she’ll still be seen for a couple more months as Kristen on…Days of our Lives!!!

      • Patrick Ferrando

        It’s a shame that ED has been wasted on Days so far. And with so little time left, the ratings haven’t reflected her visit this time.
        I hope the show’s okay going into renewal year!

        • sands of time

          I don’t think she has been wasted. Why make her the focal point for a three or four month stint? I loved her scenes with Dr. Dan!

          DAYS will be fine going into the renewal year of 2016!

          • Patrick Ferrando

            I hope so. I loved Days when Bell was writing it in the 70’s.

          • sands of time

            And you loved Y&R when Bill Bell was the writer…Is that why it’s been so bad for 10 years now?

          • Patrick Ferrando

            Well it’s pretty much always still been the best of what’s left. And still the most popular.

  • Tom Kidd

    They could cast Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dame Judi Dench, Angela Lansbury, Kathy Bates, Kelsey Grammer and Jessica Lange on “The Young and the Restless”, but if the writing is still bad they’re just wasted talent. Fire Jill Farren Phelps NOW!

  • Darlene

    Who cares anymore? Fans have been so disrespected all of this year, there’s really no reason to watch.

  • Tre’s Felon Forehead

    I just read on another site that Jill Farren Phelps is firing Christian LeBlanc. She is the worst thing to happen to daytime Soaps. I don’t know who she is blowing that she still has a job, but it’s maddening.

    • don

      It is not confirmed yet, just speculations but it would not surprise me if she does this maybe in the next coming months she will be on her way out soon if the ratings goes down. Glad that General Hospital is picking actors that Phelps fired or let go maybe it will GH ratings to go up.

    • Myles Stevens


  • PassionQueen77

    Jill Farren Phelps just want to destroy every character storyline. Nikki drinking again is a repeat storyline. If Austin and Summer marriage has broken up because of Mariah nobody would care anyways. Mariah seems like she wanted Austin for herself. I don’t really care for Austin and Summer marriage anyways. I think it is dumb. Summer should have had Austin as her boyfriend. Ashley came back to create a perfume that is desirable to men. Anyone can create a perfume for men. That perfume assignment is so dumb. The writers are running out of ideas for this show. Eileen Davidson is better off on Days of our lives then the young and the restless.

  • Myles Stevens

    And of course this has become another anti-JFP troll thread. So predictable. Anyone who thinks JFP is the worst thing to happen to Y&R wasn’t watching during Maria Arena Bell or Lynn Marie Latham. If people would calm down and listen to basic common sense they’d see that JFP has done A LOT of good for this show.