THIS WEEK: A Blowup With Her Rival and a Long Awaited Reconciliation on ‘DAYS’


A Blowup with Her Rival, Will Sami Make a Deal With Her Nemesis? And a Long Awaited Reconciliation


Whoever predicted “'” Abigail Deveraux () would grow up to become Samantha Brady’s () rival over a man, or just about anything, might be one rich person today if they made a bet with a millionaire. In a promo highlighting next week’s episodes, Sami has had enough of Abby, but will she be the one forced to play nice?

Things aren’t all bad for Sami, however, as it looks like EJ () is ready and willing to reconcile with his lady love. But is she? “I don’t want to be back in your bed unless I’m back in your heart,” says the sexy DiMera. If Sami doesn’t want him, we know plenty of women that would take him in a heartbeat, sans the cheating aspect of course.

  • kay

    Doesn’t anyone ever proofread this before it gets posted? Your “staff” needs to do a better job.

  • Zoe

    Abigail was never Sami’s rival EJ didn’t persue Abigail why do y’all keep lying . Abigail was always the aggressor and thst Ejabby hook up only happened 2 times the constant pimping of Abigail’s character is destroying the show not only that Alison sweeny has put in 22 yrs of hard work and this is the exit s/ l she gets she has to have a 2 bit character like Abby pimped in her exit s/zloty how digusting no wonder the show has lost 735,000 viewers and counting. And the lying is totally over board because that’s exactly what it is Sami never had a rival for EJ he never wanted Abby he declined her offer to be his mistress and a affair is ongoing how can 2 hookups that Abby was the aggressor be a affair it wasn’t it’s a hook up nothing more and the more the show pimps Abby the more fans dislike her so you are doing the Abby character no favors all you are doing is making fans like me very happy to tune out when ejami are offscreen because you are trying to force the Abby character down our throats and we keep telling you no so stop . Try telling the truth for once the Ejabby s/l should’ve never happened and it’s gotten so bad your show has lost almost a million viewers was it worth pimping a trick pony and trashing your money train . Abby can’t carry a s/l and what are you going to do when she can’t ride EJami’s coat tails .

    • J.Harper

      TBH I’m hating on Will more than any other character right now, b/c of the spoiled brat, it’s all my mommy’s fault attitude. Get the F over yourself! YOU ARE NOT WORTH TUNING IN FOR…PERIOD!!

      • Nuke WilSon fan

        These horrible head writers have totally ruined WilSon with these distortions and dumb plots, just like they’re doing with everyone and everything viewers love. It’s so painful to watch.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    I agree with Zoe. Abby did the stalking & chasing. Sami is a gorgeous intelligent womantAbby behaves like the 16 year old babysitter who babysits their kids. Abby is absolutely not a threat to the beautiful intelligent courageous Sami G. DeMira